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The story continues; after being fucked by my uncle he takes me to the bathroom, ostensibly to clean me up, but boy was I in for a surprise.
As soon as we reached the bathroom Uncle Phil turned on the tap in the tub, getting the water to the right temperature as I stood there trying to cover my naked body with my arms as much as possible.

Once he'd gotten the water ready he turned back to me and I could see that he already had half a stock.

I was shivering a little as he easily lifted me off my feet and deposited me in the old clawfoot tub.

The water felt nice and warm on my feet as he stepped in with me and pulled the clear shower curtain.

He turned on the shower and after wetting himself thoroughly we switched places and I sighed as the warm water ran over my skin.

As I showered Uncle Phil was soaping up a washcloth and soon we'd switched places again, him blocking the shower as he lathered up my my perky little titties, my arms, my tummy my back, and of course he spent extra time on my ass and pussy before finally doing my legs.

As he rubbed the soapy cloth all over my body he was soon fully erect, his cock pointing north.

My cheeks flushed as I got a good look at his manhood for the first time.

I'd had it in my hand and up inside me but not really in my line of sight yet however I has about to get a much closer look.

He switched places with me again and as I rinsed off he began lathering up his shoulders, arms, and chest, the parts I couldn't reach without him kneeling or bending down.

Once I'd finished rinsing he handed me the washcloth and I immediately went to work.

I reached up first to show him that I could reach most of his chest, I wasn't that short, and I just wanted to touch his big chest.

When I got to his erect penis I got excited because even though I was still struggling with this new aspect of our relationship I had to admit that Uncle Phil had a nice cock.

Having watched plenty of porn recently I'd seen more than a few and this one was as good as any of those.

In fact looking at it I suddenly realized why it had felt so big inside my pussy, because it was pretty big.

Once I'd finished lathering him up we switched places again and he rinsed off.

And once he was done he turned off the water and pulled the curtain open.

I started to reach for a towel but Uncle Phil sat me down on the edge of the tub as he explained, "Gotta make sure your clean sweetheart."

He crouched down spreading my legs open, and I yelped because at first I thought he might tip my off the edge of the tub, but instead he smoothly wrapped his arms around my thighs, parting my thick outer labia with his thumbs, his face right in between my legs.

Face to face, so to speak, with my freshly cleaned little pussy.

I closed my eyes, turning my head as my face flushed with embarrassment.

"Oh Sabrina, you have such a beautiful pussy." Uncle Phil sighed with admiration in his voice.

"Really?" I asked dubiously, looking down at my little snatch curiously.

I had begun shaving almost as soon as hair started growing down there so my prominent pubis was smooth and hairless.

"Oh yes baby." he assured me as his head slowly moved in towards me. "It's so beautiful I want to kiss it."

With that he planted a little kiss right over my tiny clit causing my body to quiver.

He took a deep whiff of me and sighed, "Mmmm, smells good enough to eat."

And then he did.

He French kissed my pussy, immediately tongue fucking my little honey hole before going to work on my clit.

I honestly can't remember what all he did next because I was quite overwhelmed by the stimulation.

This was the first time anyone had ever licked my pussy so I had no standard for comparison but he got me off so quickly that I couldn't imagine they got much better than Uncle Phil.

The way he was holding my thighs I could bend my knees but my legs were just hanging out there quivering as I started to cum.

A high pitched little shriek escaped my lips before I threw a hand up, sticking it in my mouth, hugging his head and rolling my hips.

He was holding me up, sucking at my pussy as my hips rolled in the air just above the edge of the tub.

I was coming down from the climax when I suddenly felt another coming on fast.

I was almost there out of nowhere, then stayed just this side of it for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few seconds, so that when I did pop it was crazy.

It was like a light exploded behind my eyes, my body shook, and I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming.

The term "freight train" comes to mind, as in I was getting off like one.

I drifted off on the ecstasy and didn't even realize I had been gone until I suddenly found myself leaning back into space, holding on to Uncle Phil's head, rubbing my pussy in his face as he lapped it up.

I was coming down, the spasms of my orgasm becoming weaker, and spaced further apart when Uncle Phil gently deposited my little butt back on the edge of the tub, suddenly pulling his head back.

Since both my hands were holding onto his head at this point he pulled me more upright.

Then in one smooth motion he unwrapped his strong arms from around my thighs and stood up, grasping my arms on the way up, and pulling me into a sitting position.

As I said I was still kind of getting off, experiencing a tiny pulse of ecstasy every few seconds, so once he sat me up I maintained a grip on one of his muscular forearms to steady myself, letting my other hand fall into my lap.

I looked up at this man who'd loved and cared for me all my life before raping me in my bed and then licking me to orgasm and I suddenly felt grateful and wanted to please my Uncle Phil.

That's when he said the most perfect thing, "Happy birthday Sabrina. I love you."

He flexed his groin muscles causing his cock to bob and get my attention.

Now that I could really see it well I had to take back what I'd thought about Uncle Phil having a nice cock, he had a beautiful cock.

A thick strong shaft with rope like veins running throughout and a wide bellend creating a nice thick ridge between the head and the shaft.

It was the kind of cock that I had dreamed of sucking, and here it was right in front of me for the taking.

Without thinking my hand flew up to grasp the base of his shaft, pulling it down to point towards my lips.

Now as dumb as this may sound at that moment I was suddenly unsure of myself.

Despite the fact that he'd fucked me in his bed, and cum inside me, and just licked me to orgasm I was hesitant to just suck his cock.

Like, he was still my Uncle Phil and this was all uncharted territory.

I didn't want to inadvertently overstep my bounds with him so I looked up at him, biting my bottom lip and knitting my little brow.

He gently stroked my cheek with his hand before burying his fingers in my hair and saying sweetly with a nod of his head, "That's right Sabrina, that cock is all for you baby."

My pussy was still tingling from my recent orgasm and I experienced a minor aftershock when he said that causing me to moan and give his thick shaft a friendly little squeeze.

I began slowly running my fist up his length when a bead of clear fluid emerged from the tip of his cock, dropping into a silvery string that I quickly intercepted with my tongue, dipping my head down to catch it, and then following it back to it's source, licking the head of his cock.

As I swirled my tongue around his bulbous head he cooed, "Show Uncle Phil how you suck a cock baby."

If I hadn't already, now I really did want to show him.

I wanted to suck his beautiful cock well, and I wanted him to be proud of me.

So I opened my mouth and took his glistening head inside, closing my lips around his swollen shaft, covering my bottom teeth with my tongue before I began bobbing my head and sucking him off.

I involuntarily moaned around his meat in my mouth and soon streams of saliva were dripping from my chin as I sloppily sucked his cock, pumping his shaft with my hand.

I finally felt steady enough to let go of his arm and immediately brought that hand down to fondle his balls.

His other hand came up to also grasp my head, and looked up into his eyes as I continued blowing him.

"Oohh yeaah Sabrina honey!" he moaned, beaming with pride. "That's so nice baby."

If felt like my heart swelled inside my chest and my pussy got all moist and tingly, and Uncle Phil's thumb came down to brush aside the tear that came trickling out of the corner of my eye.

If I hadn't had a mouth full of cock I'd have been grinning from ear to ear.

I was so excited that my eyes rolled back in my head and I started bobbing faster, sucking hard on his fat cock, and eventually gagging myself.

I had been taking as much into my mouth as I could and just got carried away, tapping the back of my own throat with a, "Gugh!"

I immediately opened my mouth quickly pulling off of his with a little cough before spitting on it, and stroking the shaft with my little fist as I dipped my head down to lick and suck on his balls.

When I pulled one of his "eggs" into my mouth, suckling it gently, Uncle Phil sucked in a hissing breath and sighed, "Oh yeah, that's nice baby!"

I opened my hand, running my tongue flat up the full length of his shaft, then swirling it around the head, smiling up at him as I began stroking again.

"You have such a nice cock Uncle Phil." I cooed, sincerely grateful for my "gift."

My cheeks flushed and I bit the corner of my bottom lip apprehensively, suddenly feeling like a silly girl for saying such a thing, but Uncle Phil was so cool.

His eyes actually got a little misty, his brow furrowing with emotion as he replied, "Aww, what a sweet thing to say! You're just perfect Sabrina."

Although he'd had both his hands on my head he hadn't attempted to guide me at all until now, but more was just helping me keep my balance, but now his strong hands slid down to the sides of my face, holding it turned up towards me as he leaned it to kiss me.

I instantly opened my mouth to accept his tongue and as we kissed passionately I felt overwhelmed with emotion.

It wasn't as if I'd never been kissed before.

I had even gotten kind of hot and heavy with a couple of boys, but it had never felt like this.

Sharing a moment like this with a man whom you know loves you dearly is an indescribable emotional experience, regardless of who he is to you, but if he's your "uncle" it probably is a little more intense.

When he broke from our kiss, a thin stream of saliva momentarily connecting our mouths, and then I instantly went back to sucking him off, with the same passion he'd kissed me.

From the way he hissed and moaned, occasionally muttering something like, "Oh yeah Sabrina, that's so good baby" I figured I must be doing something right.

That's why I was surprised, and a little confused, when he suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth, and lifted me to my feet.

He spun me around, fondling my body as he wrapped his arms around me from behind and began bending me over.

His hands slipped down my arms, grasping my hands, and placing them on the edge of the tub as he explained in a growling whisper, "I hated to interrupt your fun but Uncle Phil needs some more of that good pussy sweetheart."

As he stood up behind me, spreading his feet apart to put him at the level for penetration I arched back, sticking my ass in the air, and presenting my little pussy to him, my hips wiggling with excitement.

I must admit to feeling quite a thrill when Uncle Phil said I had some "good pussy."

So good that he needed it.

I was already plenty wet just from having his cock in my mouth and the kissing and fondling, but when he said that I got all kinds of moist and excited.

A was so wet and ready that Uncle Phil just popped the head in causing a little yelp of surprise.

He pushed in a little, pulling back to the tip, pushed in a little deeper, then back again, then he just drove in all the way.

It wasn't hard or fast, but it wasn't slow either.

I drew in a deep breath gasping breath as he entered me, then let out a little whimper as he firmly gripped my hips in his strong hands as he warned, "Are you ready for a good fuck Sabrina?"

"Yes sir." I replied, tightening my grip on the edge of the tub.

After that he just started raw dogging me, pounding into my pussy, slapping my round little ass with every thrust.

I was barking out little yelps to the rythm of our sex.

At this point I didn't think shit could get any weirder.

Boy was I wrong.

Without warning the bathroom door swung open and my father walked in.

He was naked and looked kind of groggy as he shuffled towards the toilet.

As soon as the door had swung open Uncle Phil had stopped with his cock all the way up inside me, and I gripped the edge of the tub tight, my knees wobbling as my jaw dropped and my eyes practically bugged out of my head.

Fortunately Uncle Phil was holding my hips pretty firmly and that kept me on my feet as I watched dad reach the toilet, grasp his penis, and begin urinating.

Even in it's flaccid state I could see that my dad had a pretty nice cock which was an odd thing to notice about your father but perhaps the circumstances, my "Uncle" fucking me in the bathtub namely, were responsible for my altered perception.

I looked on incredulously as my dad finished pissing, shook out the last few drops, then walked over to the sink and turned on the tap without seeming to notice us at all.

I stole a glance back at Uncle Phil who was watching my father with what looked like equal disbelief to mine.

Dad washed his hands, then wet a wash cloth and began washing his cock and balls.

As he cleaned himself I couldn't help but notice his cock quickly becoming erect.

When he'd finished he put the washcloth down and acknowledged us for the first time, tuning his head and winking at me as he slowly stroked his stiff shaft before saying to Uncle Phil, "I guess I owe you a coke."

"I told you she was ripe!" Uncle Phil answered enthusiastically as he began fucking me again.

He wasn't slamming into me as he had been, but rather he was sliding into me with long, slow strokes as my father approached us, stroking his erect penis.

Now I was really confused.

What in the holy hell was happening here exactly?


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Can't wait til dad joins the fun.


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Oh good, anal is next!


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You made us hot and wanting...more.

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