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A MILF scientist inadvertently becomes a futa. She's eager to fuck a mother and her daughter.
Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters

Chapter One: MILF's Throbbing Futa Surprise

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

In the basement laboratory, Jolene Harland held up the glass vial staring at the reaction happening in the solution. What had started out as a deep blue liquid was now transforming into a bright, almost hot, pink. The twenty-year-old girl pushed up her glasses with her free hand as she waited for the reaction to come to an end.

The solution settled into that pink hue. An exciting color. The brunette girl shuddered in delight.

“Mom, I think we have it,” said Jolene. She whirled around to her mother sitting at another station taking notes.

Dr. Kayleen Harland pushed back from the desk. The mother wore a white lab coat, identical to the one draping her daughter's form. It was cinched tight about her waist. A fall of brown hair spilled about her lush and mature face, a ripened version of her petite daughter. The busty woman stood up, her bare calves flexing, the tail of her lab coat swaying right above her knees. Her heels clicked on the bare, cement floor of the unfinished basement. The cinder block walls reflected the sound of her steps.

She took the vial from her daughter's hands and gave it a critical eye.

“I think you're right,” she said. “Syringe.”

“Are you sure you want to do this, Mom?” asked Jolene. “What if there are any side-effects?”

“There won't be,” Kayleen said. “This is just what we need. There are so many delicious women on our block.”

A naughty grin spread on Jolene's lips. “And their daughters, right.”

Kayleen winked at her. “You know me too well.” MILFs and their sexy daughters...

Jolene produced a syringe and thrust it into the liquid. She drew out 25cc of it while her mother undid her belt. She thrust open her lab coat revealing her naked flesh beneath. Her large tits quivered, nipples thrusting fat and pink from her areolas. Jolene bit her lip and groaned her delight, her eyes traveling down her mother's flat stomach to the brown bush that hid the delicious pussy she loved.

“My inner thigh,” said Kayleen. She lifted her lush and long leg, placing it on a stool. Her pale thigh begged to be touched and licked.

And pricked.

Tapping out the air bubbles, Jolene approached her mother. She brought the syringe to her mother's thigh. A nervous ripple ran through her. She swallowed, not sure if this would give her mother what they desired or if there would be any side effects.

I want to enjoy Mrs. Holt and her two daughters, too, thought the naughty Jolene.

She thrust the syringe into her mother's thigh and injected the solution.


Autumn Holt

My day began like many others, making sure that my two daughters got to their college without killing each other.

“Come on, girls,” I growled to Christine and Anabella. “Get a move on it. Go, go, out the door. You have to get to your classes.”

“Where's my hairbrush?” shrieked Anabella. My eighteen-year-old daughter tore through her backpack. “It was right in here. Where is it?”

“You were brushing your hair when you were supposed to be eating your breakfast,” I said. “Look to your left.”

She glanced over at the table where her brush lay and snagged it up, a few strands of her black hair tangled in the teeth. She had the darkest hair in the family, too much of her father in her. She thrust all her stuff back into her bag in a haphazard mess and zipped it up, her pigtails dancing. She was a cute thing but already an adult and heading to college.

“You, too, Christine,” I said to my twenty-year-old daughter. “You can text once you've reached school.” She drove herself and her sister to their college, my condition for letting her drive one of my cars. “Now, Christine.”

“Just a second,” she said, furiously typing. She had brassy-brown hair, a hue closer to my deep red. Her blue eyes, something all three of us had in common, was locked on her phone, the screen reflected in her eyes.

“Not just a second,” I said. “Now! Your sister is ready—”

“Where's my phone!” squealed Anabella.

“How did you lose your phone?” I groaned in exasperation.

“Never mind,” she said, pulling it out of her pocket. And then she was texting on it.

I suppressed my annoyance and stamped my foot, my housecoat rustling around me. “Now, girls. I won't repeat myself. You have to get to school. I'll snatch that phone out of your hand, Christine, and shove it into the garbage disposal.”

The look my daughter gave me was full of shocked horror. She clutched her phone to her chest and the tight crop top she wore that hugged her plump breasts. “You wouldn't!”

I arched an eyebrow.

“Fine, come on pipsqueak,” she said, whirling around.

“Just a sec,” Anabella said, typing.

“Now,” Christine said and snagged the phone out of her hand.

“Christine!” shrieked Anabella who flowed after her older sister, pigtails dancing behind her. “Give that back!”

I sighed my relief. At least they were out of the house. I heard them arguing in the garage while the outside door rattled open. Their fighting muffled, so I assumed they were in the car. I headed to the couch and sank down with a groan.

A few minutes of peace before I had to clean the house. Then I could get some work done on my scented candle business. I had to mail out a few boxes on order. I was finally clearing out the inventory I had crammed into my small office. Boxes of Bonfire Delight, Hollyrefic, Cinnamon Daze, and Lavender Relax.

I could use some Lavender Relax after dealing with my daughters.

The silence was wonderful. Being a single mother was not something I had been ready for. Was any widow ready? The insurance paid for the house and—

The growing blare of sirens had me sitting up. They were getting closer and closer like they were coming down the street. I stood up and headed to the window, pushing aside the gauzy curtains to see an ambulance rushing down the street to the end of the cul-de-sac. It stopped before my new neighbors' house.

Kayleen Harland and her daughter.

I spotted Jolene out front wearing what looked like a lab coat. She was waving her hands, talking to the paramedics. I frowned, watching the commotion. The paramedics pointing at the house, but she shook her head, a bright smile on her lips, her glasses flashing in the sunlight.

Then, at the door, Kayleen appeared. She clutched at the banister for the steps off her porch. She looked unsteady, clutching it like she needed the support. She held her lab coat tightly closed with her other hand.

One of the paramedics came up to her and started examining her. I watched as her blood pressure was taken and they listened to her chest with stethoscopes. Then she signed something on a clipboard and the medics packed up and left.

Kayleen and her daughter went inside.

I frowned, wondering if everything was okay. Nothing stirred and I sighed and headed about my housework, my thought itching at what could have happened. I hummed and started vacuuming downstairs when my phone chirped.

I smiled. I had another order. Today was shaping out to be a great day.


“Are you sure you'll be okay, Mom?” Jolene asked. The girl clutched at her lab coat, her heart beating fast. “You collapsed. I was so scared.”

“You shouldn't have called 911, though,” Kayleen said.

“What?” The girl bit her lip. “I know it's not exactly legal what we're doing, but I was scared. You frothed at the mouth.”

“I think we still had some impurities in the solution. You need to get to school. I'll be fine, okay? I'll work on refining it.”

“You sure, Mom?” The girl swallowed and pushed up her glasses. “What if there are any other side-effects?”

“Other than the nice scent in the air, there's not.”

Jolene breathed in that nice scent. It was lovely. What they were going for. Proof that humans could have aphrodisiac pheromones. Her mother's sweat glands were producing it. Jolene shuddered and wanted to fall to her knees and lick her mother's pussy.

“Go, honey,” Kayleen said. “I'll be sure to write you a note.”

“Fine,” the girl said and scampered off to change into her school clothes. Like her mother, she was naked beneath her lab coat.

Kayleen opened hers and sighed. This was certainly unexpected.


Autumn Holt

I was glad to be back from the post office. It was a nightmare today, but my orders had been shipped off to the world. My customers would be happy to have their candles. I had made some money. It was a good day.

I glanced at the new neighbor's house. Part of me wanted to go down and see if everything was okay, but another part wanted to clean my upstairs bathroom. I hadn't gotten to it yet and my daughters always left it a disaster.

My decision made, I marched upstairs to do battle.

How did my daughters wreck it so badly every morning? They left their towels and dirty clothes strewn about, a pair of Anabella's panties hanging from the back of the doorknob instead of the hamper that rested behind the door. I shook my head at that. Makeup lay across the counter along with wads of toilet paper and scraps so sponges. A wring of soaps suds in the sink. The expanded capsule of Christine's razor blades that she left on the rim of the bathtub.

Whoever said girls weren't slob never had two daughters.

I waged war on it. Armed with Comet scrubbing powder and Scrubbing Bubbles foaming cleaner, I attacked. I scoured the bathroom and made it fit for human use once more. It was fifteen minutes of furious cleaning, but I did it.

I washed my hands and headed downstairs with the hamper to start the weeks' laundry. I sorted out our clothing, delicates in one pile—and some of Christine's panties were really delicate—and started a load of brights. I hummed to myself as I headed out of the laundry room. The girls would be home soon.

Well, Anabella would be home soon. If I saw Christine before she came home to crash for the night, I would be shocked. I was just about to dust some furniture when the doorbell rang. I changed course. It was probably a package. There was always something from Amazon being delivered here. I opened the door.

It was my neighbor. “Oh, hi,” I said. “You're, uh, Kayleen, right?”

“Yes, I am,” she said, grinning at me. She had this wonderful perfume on, it was almost like Lavender Relax, one of my scent candle aromas. I breathed it in and smiled. It was such a wonderful scent. “It's... Holt, right?”

“Autumn Holt,” I said. “Are you and your daughter okay? I saw the ambulance there this morning.”

“Oh, yes, yes, I'm just fine,” she said. “I'm just stopping by to say hi. Meet the neighbors. You're the only one home.”

“Yes, well, I'm a stay at home mom.”

“Lucky you,” she said.


“Out of work chemist.”

“Well, would you like a nice glass of white wine. I have this box Zinfandel that, well, it's not terrible. It's more than fine, in fact, for the price.”

She smiled at me. “I would absolutely love one,” she said.

I stepped back, letting her flow in. She wore a loose skirt that flowed down to her knees but a very trendy blouse. It was a bright red and wrapped close about the front, a large button on her left hip keeping it shut. It showed off her breasts nicely. They had a jiggle to them as she walked. The skirt was something you'd wear going to the grocery store and the top something you'd wear on a hot date.

Such a weird fashion sense.

Her brown hair swayed down to her shoulders as she strode by, more of her lavender perfume filling my nose. If I could capture that exact scent, everyone would want my Lavender Relax candles. And if she were a chemist...

I had to learn sooooooo much about chemistry. Esters and alcohols. It was so shocking just how much science went into making things smell pretty. It would be gauche to just ask her for help, but if it came up in a conversation.

I swept to the living room, my slippered feet rushing across the carpeted floor. I wore a comfortable pair of mom jeans and an old t-shirt over a sports bra. My red hair was a little mused from cleaning. If I knew I would have company...

But she was a mother, so she would understand. It wasn't like she were a guy...

It had been so long since I had been with a guy. A momentary wave of loneliness washed over me as I headed into the kitchen to pour us those glasses of wine. I bit my lip and fought against the sudden horny ache that suffused me.

I flipped the spigot on the wine box and out poured the white-gold delight. It had a nice, dry taste to it. I filled up the second wine glass and headed back to the living room. She had taken a seat at one end of the couch and flipped through the photo album I had laying out on it. An old vacation when the girls were little. Disneyland.

She had a smile on her lips but then closed it.

“Oh, no, I don't mind,” I said, handing her the glass and taking my seat beside her. “Look, look.”

“They just grow up so fast,” she said. “Mine's already twenty.”

“I have one of those and a precocious eighteen-year-old.” I sighed. “Not sure which one vexes me more sometimes.”

She smiled.

I breathed in that wonderful scent again. It was amazing. I sipped at my wine and shifted my body to face her more. Her breasts rose and fell. Boy, she had a large set of breasts. As big as mine. Maybe bigger. And she wore no bra, her nipples outlined against the thin fabric. They were fat and plump, just the sort that begged to be sucked on.

What a strange thought.

“So, an out of work chemist,” I said. “What happened.”

“Oh, well, my boss thought I was crazy and was wasting 'valuable company money.'” She sighed. “If you're not making the company some new patent that will make them billions of dollars, they find a new chemist with a fresh doctorate and pay them half what you make. Then they kick your ass out the door with a six severance package.”

“Ouch,” I said.

She shrugged. “It was a dead end. A trap. They tell women that we can have it all. Man, career, family. But it's a lie. I don't know why we thought we'd be better than our fathers. They worked all the time and were never around while our mothers resented it. Now I know why... You got to show the company they own you or...”

“Ouch,” I said. “I never rested my husband working.” I swallowed. “Well, not much. Not enough to be mad about him and now...”

“He left you for his secretary.” She shook her head. “I swear men—”

“He died. Accident at work. Unsafe...” I bit my lip and breathed in that wonderful scent again. It was so relaxing. The perfect lavender. I needed her to help me break down this scent.

“You poor thing,” she said and threw her arm around me. I sat my wine glass on a coaster on the coffee table and let her pull me into an embrace.

She pressed my face into the nape of her neck and rocked me, making a soothing sound. The welling of grief vanished beneath this sudden heat. Her skin was so warm, and she smelled so good. I breathed in again and let out a hot, little sigh. My pussy was on fire. My cunt clenched, the heat soaking through my panties.

She stroked me as I struggled to think, but her lavender perfume filled my nose. I savored it, a smile growing on my lips. This was a heavenly scent. Just a perfect delight to inhale. I groaned, pressing my nose deeper into her neck.

“That's it,” she said. “Mmm, I'm here for you, Autumn,” she cooed. Her voice so gentle. So sultry. “Just whatever you need.”

“I just miss him,” I said, hardly feeling those emotions. “Especially at night. In my bed all alone. I need a man.”

“Mmm, yes, I understand. Dildo's just not cutting it.”

I blushed. “I don't have one of those.”



“So you're only au naturel cock, huh?”

I nodded. I breathed in again. “Your perfume is heavenly. I would love to know its formula.”

She stiffened. “Formula?”

“Of lavender.” I closed my eyes, feeling like I was drifting away. “If I had this exact formula... Oh, the things I could do with it. My candles would be best sellers.”

“They would,” she said, her hand sliding up to my head. She pressed me tighter against her neck. “So you’re lonely.”

“Yes,” I groaned, squeezing my thighs together. This heat swept through me. I shifted my face and stared down her chest at her cleavage. Those large tits, the inner slopes curving together, appeared so inviting. They were so big and soft.


“You have no idea.” My pussy blazed. It ached. I would have such a huge orgasm if I touched myself. If I fed that wicked and naughty itch between my thighs. Just scratch myself until I burst with orgasmic delight.

“And you only have your poor fingers?” she asked, her hand on the back of my neck. She pulled my face down towards her cleavage. “You poor, poor thing. I think you need something more substantial than that.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned as she pushed my face into her breasts.

I didn't resist her. She smelled too good, and I was sooooooo horny. My pussy clenched as I pressed my face between her breasts. They were so soft. So warm. I grabbed them and squeezed them about me. They engulfed my head. I breathed in that wonderful, lavender aroma.



I let out a heavy sigh, a big smile on my lips. I rubbed my face back and forth as she just moaned her delight. My hands squeezed her boobs through her top. She shifted, one hand still holding my head down though she didn't need to. Her blouse suddenly felt loose. Like she'd unbuttoned it.

I pushed the cloth away and grabbed her naked boobs. I had never reveled in a woman's breasts before, never lusted after them. This was amazing. My fingers sank into her softness. My cunt clenched, the heat rippling through me.

It was intense. Insane. Delicious. My entire body blazed with the heat of this moment. I groaned, clenching my twat tight together. My pussy burned with passion. This was so heady. I felt drunk on her presence.

“That's it,” she cooed, her fingers stroking through my hair. “Mmm, yes, yes, just surrender to what you need, Autumn.”

Kayleen's words soothed me.

I squeezed her breasts tighter about my face. As I did, my lips brushed her flesh. It was only brief contacts, at first. Then I kissed her. I smooched right on her flesh. My lips savored the taste of her. The pecs became sucks.

I planted a hickey on the inner slope of her tit, a soft brown mark.

I sucked and nibbled and loved her boobs. My tongue licked out. The more I did it, the more I loved it. My mouth rose up her breast, lost to this wonderful delight. I stared up at her green eyes. They had a lovely sparkle to them.

“That's it,” she purred, her hand gripping my hair. “Just enjoy yourself, Autumn.”

“Yes,” I mewled right before my mouth slid over her hard nipple.

I sucked on her fat nub. Like a baby with a pacifier, I nursed on her. Memories of my daughters suckling at my breasts rushed through me. I groaned, loving this. My soft lips nibbled on her hard nub. I caressed her with my tongue. I did all those things I liked my husband to do to me.

She liked them, too.

She moaned and groaned. Her hand released me, letting me suckle at her. She shifted, like she was lifting her rump up. Cloth rustled. Was she taking off her skirt? I didn't care. I just nursed on her nipple, utterly lost to this wonderful delight.

I suckled and slurped. I loved her nub. It felt so relaxing. So wonderful. My pussy clenched. This did little to satisfy my horniness, but my loneliness fed on this moment. I sucked as much of her areola into my mouth as I could before my lip popped off with a wet smack.

Then I re-engulfed her nipple and did it all over again.

“Mmm, you know how to suck, Autumn,” she moaned. “I bet you just worshiped cocks with your mouth, didn't you?”

I froze.

“Yeah, you did,” she said. “I bet you wish you had one to suck right now.”

I whimpered, nodding as I suckled.

“Mmm, how would you like to suck mine?”

I froze.

“And I don't mean a dildo. An actual girl-cock. A clit-dick. I'm a futanari. That's a word I learned today.”

Confusion rippled through my lust. I ripped my mouth off her nipple to object that she couldn't have a cock when I caught a glimpse of something thrusting hard and fleshy from her thighs. I stared down and saw what her bulky skirt had been hiding.

A big, thick dick reared from her crotch. It looked like it to thrust a little lower than it would on a guy and... I could see the folds of her pussy wrapped around the base like it was her clit. Dew gleamed on her curls, her pussy cream.

“No balls,” I croaked, grabbing her girl-cock.

I held her in my hand, feeling the beat of her in my grip. The way she pulsed and throbbed in my hand was amazing. This was a real cock. I felt her heartbeat. It had the same skin over a spongy yet hard core. The tip flared like a mushroom and beaded with precum. And it was big. Way bigger than my husband's.

My jaw dropped. A strangled moan rose from my throat.

I didn't fight her as she shoved my head down. I didn't resist one bit. There was no way I could resist sucking on her girl-cock. Her transformed clit was too wonderful and the lavender scent of her perfume, mixed with the tangy scent of her pussy, overwhelmed me.

I licked my lips then opened my mouth wide. I engulfed her girl-cock. She slid into my mouth. My tongue swirled around her crown. Kayleen let out a long, slow groan of delight as I blew her right there on my couch in the living room.

“That's it,” panted Kayleen. “Oh, my god, that's so much better than masturbating my dick. Oh, yes, this is.”

Masturbating her cock? How long had she possessed this? Did that mean I was the first person, besides her, to ever touch it? Blow it?

That had my pussy clenching. This was a virgin cock in my mind. She was a mother like me, mature and gorgeous, yet I was giving her a first. The naughty scent of her pussy filled my nose. A wild aroma.

“Oh, yes, that's amazing,” she groaned. “Oh, my Autumn, that is just the best. Mmm, you have such a warm mouth, you know that?”

I groaned around her girl-cock.

“I bet your husband loved your mouths,” she purred. “I know I am. Ooh, having a cock and a pussy is amazing. This is incredible. I certainly wasn't trying to create this, but... Oh, yes, this is perfect.”

I nursed on her clit-dick. I sucked on her, bobbing my head, while my eyes stared down at her brown curls. I could see her pussy through them. The scent of her tangy twat grew stronger and stronger. My cunt clenched while my fingers itched.

Not to touch my own burning pussy, but hers.

I slid my fingers through her curls and brushed the hot folds of her twat. She really, truly had both. This was amazing. I sucked hard on her. I nursed with such passion on her clit-dick, bringing soft moans of delight from her lips.

“Mmm, that's amazing,” she said. “Having you touch my cunt while blowing me is intense. Oh, the two delights are mixing together.”

This was so wild. So intoxicating.

My digits slid up and down her folds. I pressed my fingertips into her labia, her cuntlips sliding around my digits. A heady rush shot through me. This was amazing. My cunt clenched. The heat rushed through me, a wave of delight that washed out of my cunt. This was so intense to do. I ached so much as I fingered her and blew her clit-dick.

I thrust my digits into her pussy. I sank them into her hot flesh. Her juicy twat squeezed about me. She gripped me. She held me tight. I thrust my digits in and out of her cunt. I loved how she clenched down on me. She whimpered and moaned, her voice echoed through the room, reverberating around us.

“Oh, my god, yes!” she groaned, her twat clenching on me. “You're going to make me explode. I'm going to—”

The front door to my house banged open.

I froze in mid-suck as footsteps raced from the door slamming shut. “Hey, Mom!” my youngest daughter Anabella shouted. “Ooh, something smells good. That your new lavender candle? I like it.”

I didn't know what to do. What to say. I was bent over on the couch, a big girl-dick in my mouth, while my daughter just raced by and headed up the stairs without commenting on what she saw, her shoes kicked off as she went, leaving them lying on the floor.

Just how I hated.

“Got homework to do!” she called from upstairs and then slammed the door shut.

“Mmm, she doesn't pay attention at all, does she?” purred Kayleen, her pussy clenching around my fingers.

I could only moan around her cock. Her hand pressed on my head not letting me up if I wanted to. Because I didn't. I wanted to suck her clit-dick. I nursed on her again. She groaned, her hand relaxing on my head as I sucked.

As I pleasured her with my mouth.

My thighs rubbed together, my pussy on fire. The heat built and built in me. This naughty ache swelling in me. My clit throbbed. I nursed on her futa-dick with such intensity as I thrust my finger in and out of her cunt. I buried into her juicy twat again and again, loving every moment of this. Every last second of it.

“That's it,” moaned Kayleen. “Mmm, yes, yes, you're going to drink all my cum, aren't you?”

I wanted to squeal, “Yes!” but I had her cock in my mouth. So I sucked with all my might. The taste of her salty precum swelled. My fingers thrust deep into her cunt clenching down on my digits. I wiggled them about in her.

She gasped. Erupted.

As the salty jizz fired into my mouth, her pussy writhed around my fingers. She convulsed with passion. Her twat rippled about me. Her flesh sucked at my digits like they hunger for me to erupt in her. Like I had a cock she wanted me to bury in her.

Meanwhile, I gulped down her futa-cum. I swallowed that thick and creamy girl-spunk firing from her clit-dick. Kayleen unleashed so much of her spunk. It was incredible. I felt dizzy just from gulping it down. A heady rush that swept through my body.

“Oh, yes, yes, Autumn,” she moaned. “Oh, my god, that's so good. Mmm, just drink down all that cum. Yes!”

I swallowed it all down. It warmed my belly. My pussy was on fire. For a moment, I wished I hadn't sucked down all her spunk. That I had held off. My cunt needed that dick in me, and now she would go soft. It could be an hour before she could fuck me.

Maybe she would eat me out in the meantime...

Her pussy's convulsions around my digits slowed. I sucked out the last of her cum. I ripped my mouth off her cock and panted. Drool and jizz spilled down my chin. My breasts heaved in my sports bra and t-shirt.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned.

“How wet are you?” she asked.

“Soaking my panties,” I groaned. I pulled my digits out of her pussy. They gleamed in them. “Ooh, why did I make you cum.”

“Because you wanted to drink my girl-cum,” she purred. “And you did such a wonderful job.”

“But I need your cock in me!” I whimpered, too horny to care that my daughter was upstairs doing her homework.”

“You'll get it,” she purred. “Mmm, why don't you just drop those jeans. Get naked for me. I want to eat that MILF pussy of yours. Lick the hole that birthed the cutie who ran by. I want to taste the mother before enjoying the daughter.”

“What?” I moaned. I knew what she meant, but I didn't want to think that she would fuck my daughter. I was too horny to really care, but...

“Nothing, nothing,” she said, letting me push down that twinge of discomfort. “Get naked for me, Autumn.”

“Yes,” I moaned and ripped off my old t-shirt. My boobs bounced in my sports bra.

She licked her lips, sitting there in her open blouse and skirt bunched around her waist. Her green eyes were so intense on me. I peeled off my sports bra and she groaned, grabbing her clit-dick. She stroked her hard cock.

She was still erect.

My pussy clenched.

My big boobs swaying heavily, I attacked the buttons of my jeans. I ripped down the zipper then shoved off the baggy, comfortable pants. They slid off my legs, leaving me in a pair of white panties with little, blue flowers on them.

She bit her lip, looking at me with this look of abject lust in her eyes. She wanted to ravish me. I wanted her to ravish me, too.

I hooked my panties and shoved them down. My big boobs heaved as I unveiled my thick, red bush. The fiery hairs sprang out from beneath the panties, no longer flatten. I had to bend over to shove the panties down, my tits dangling before me.

Her hands grabbed my nipples. She pinched and kneaded them both. She squeezed them. I groaned as she twisted them. Pleasure burst through my body. My cunt clenched with the heat of this moment, my pussy on fire. She tweaked my nipples.

“Mmm, how wet does that make your pussy?” she asked.

“So wet,” I moaned.

She slipped off the couch and knelt before me, her face slid through my dangling tits before she grabbed my thighs. I shifted on my feet, spreading them apart. The spicy musk of my pussy filled my nose. I could smell how wet I was.

With a hungry growl, she buried her face into my bush. The sexy woman licked at my cunt. She lapped at my pussy with hunger. Her tongue felt so naughty. This nimble, wicked thing that lapped over my pussy folds.

I straightened up and grabbed my tits. I moaned, knowing I should be quiet because Anabella was home, but I wasn't able to control my passion. Her tongue felt so good in me. So wonderful. She thrust it into me, her lips rubbing on my pussy folds.

“Oh, Kayleen,” I moaned as she stirred her tongue around in my cunt. She licked and fluttered that naughty tongue in me. She did such wanton things to my twat. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. I would have such a huge orgasm. Just a mighty burst of pleasure.

“Mmm, what a yummy pussy,” she cooed. “I'm going to fuck you so hard.”

“Yes!” I moaned.

I glanced down at my digits wet from her pussy. She licked and lapped up her cream, loving the flavor. What did she taste like? I had never even really tried my own cream, let alone another woman's. I thrust my fingers into my mouth and sucked,

Her tangy taste filled my nose. I groaned, nursing on it. My pussy clenched around her probing tongue while this heady rush shot through me. She tasted so good. My tongue swirled around my digits, cleaning off her flavor.

It didn't last long.

I slid my digits out, panting. She fluttered her tongue through my pussy. She brushed my clit. Sparks flared from my naughty hole. I groaned at that. My breasts jiggled. I grabbed my boobs, my orgasm swelling so fast.

She knew just how to lick me to drive me wild. Her skilled tongue touched my folds in all the right places. She caressed over my clit, casual brushes as she lathered her tongue across my pussy folds. The pleasure sparked through me.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “Oh, that's good.”

She purred in delight and then latched onto my clit.

My eyes bulged from her sucking. My fingers dug into my tits. I shook them, loving the feel of them. I swayed in place, the pleasure rushing through my body feeling incredible. I groaned as she nursed on my bud. She sucked so hard.

The pleasure built with her ever nurse. I shook my boobs, whimpering. My face scrunched up as I hurtled towards my climax. The heat of her naughty tongue swirled around in my bud. I flexed my fingers. The rapture built and built in me. I would explode in ecstasy.

“Oh, that's so good,” I gasped.

She nipped my clit with her teeth.

I exploded.

“Kayleen!” I howled.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of my twat right into her mouth. The pleasure rushed through me. An intense delight caused by someone other than me. My juices poured into her mouth. They filled her up.

She moaned as she drank them down. Stars danced before my eyes. I gripped my boobs. I held them tight, my fingers massaging them. The dizziness swept over me. I swayed there, so close to falling. She held me up.

“Mmm Autumn,” she purred. “You ready for my cock.”


“Bend over the coffee table and I'll fuck that Mommy pussy hard. I'll plunder the hole that birthed your adorable daughter... Ooh, this will be amazing.”

I spun around and fell to my knees, my big tits heaving. I bent over the table and pressed my boobs into the glass. I savored the shocking cold on my nipples. I groaned, rubbing my tits into the glass. It felt so wonderful against me.

I trembled. I could feel her girl-cock poised behind me. I hugged the glass table, nipples aching against it. The tip of her futa-dick slid through my bush and pressed into my folds. I gasped at the hot contact.

“Yes,” I hissed.

My pussy lips spread over the crown of her dick. I groaned as more and more of her pushed into me. My cunt stretched so wide open. Her girth was amazing. Her dick slid into my twat. She went deeper and deeper and deeper into me.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped. “Oh, my fucking god. Pussy feels amazing around my cock. So much better than your mouth. Ooh, yes, yes, I'm going deeper and deeper.

More and more of her clit-dick slid into me. I couldn't believe how much of her there was. My eyes widened as she reached so deep into me. I quivered on the coffee table as she bottomed out in me. I groaned, rubbing my boobs into the glass, my nipples aching.

“Holy shit,” I gasped, hardly ever swearing like that. But her cock reached so deep into me. It was incredible to experience.

“I know,” she groaned, her futa-dick all the way in me. Her cock throbbed and twitched in my cunt. “That's an incredible pussy that you got, you know that?”

“Uh-huh,” I panted. “You're so big. Oh, god, why are you so big?”

“I really, really don't know. This wasn't supposed to happen, but here we are.” She drew back her hips.

“Oh, my god!” I groaned.

The stimulation was incredible. My cunt clenched down on her withdrawing futa-dick. The pleasure shot through my body. It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned, loving every second of this. She pulled out further and further. There was so much of her in me.

Then she thrust back into me. She rammed that big dick into my cunt. She buried it hard and deep into me. I groaned at the feel of her. The heat rushed through me. It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned, the heat swelling through me. I would have such a huge orgasm. Just a mighty burst of rapture.

“Oh, my god, Kayleen!”I moaned, my boobs rubbing into the coffee table. “That's incredible. You're fucking me so hard.”

“Mmm, I know,” she purred. “Yes, yes, that's what you want, don't you?”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my eyes squeezing shut. “That's incredible. Oh, my god, yes, yes!”

She slammed into my cunt. She buried to the hilt in me. It was amazing to feel. This hard thrust into my pussy sent rapture rippling through me. I groaned, loving the feel of her plowing into me. She buried into me again and again. Her huge shaft stretched me out.

My toes curled. I whimpered as she kept hammering away at me. My nipples rubbed into the glass, my boobs squeaking across the smooth surface as my body rocked. She pumped away harder. Faster. She buried to the hilt in me.

I groaned, clenching my cunt down on her big dick. She thrust with such might and power into my cunt. She buried to the hilt in me again and again. The pleasure rose in my depths. The heat swelled in me. I climbed faster and faster to my ecstasy.

Her cock stirred me up. She fucked me hard. Fast. She buried that big dick into my cunt with her powerful strokes. I groaned, squeezing my twat around her clit-dick. I savored the bliss of her ramming into me. The pleasure of her burning into my juicy cunt.

“Kayleen! Oh, my god, Kayleen!”

“I know!” she panted. “Oh, god, I know. I'm going to cum in you. Just spurt all my jizz into your cunt.”

“Do it!” I squealed. My pussy craved it. I hungered for this sexy woman to fire all that jizz into me. She and her impossible cock were the wildest things in the world. I couldn't believe how turned on I was. She excited me so much.

I would gush juices. Just have such a mighty climax.

She thrust faster and faster into me. She churned me up with her hard cock. She buried it into me with her powerful thrusts. I whimpered, my cunt clenching about it. I hurtled closer and closer to cumming, my pussy almost going numb.

So big. So thick.

Girl-cocks were amazing.

I breathed in that wonderful lavender perfume she wore, reveling in it as she drilled my cunt. She fucked me hard and fast. She buried into me again and again. Her silky bush smacked into my rump as she rammed that big dick into me.

I couldn't take much more of this. I was so close. I groaned, my face scrunching up as the rapture swelled and swelled in me. My toes curled. I could feel it coming. The big one that would have my entire body quaking.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, god, Auburn, your MILF cunt! Ooh, your daughters came from this pussy.

“They did!” I moaned. “And now it loves your girl-cock so much. I'm going to cum!”

“Then cum!” she howled.

She slammed into me and I climaxed.

My pussy convulsed around her cock. My cunt writhed and spasmed around the big dick thrusting into me. Waves of delight washed out of my cunt and throughout my body. I groaned and whimpered, my mind melting beneath the onslaught of that big dick plowing into me.

“Kayleen!” I gasped.

“Shit!” she moaned, thrusting deep into me. “You're so tight. So hot. Pussy is amazing! MILF pussy is the best!”

She erupted in me. She fired her cum into my cunt. I gasped at the feel of her hot futa-seed splashing against my cervix. I felt blast after blast of her jizz pump into me. I groaned at how good this felt.

I quivered there, savoring that wonderful cock unloading all that delicious cum into me. She filled me up with all of her spunk. It was amazing. I had missed this for so long. I felt so full. So complete.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned as my cunt milked out her spunk. “Oh, well, that's amazing to experience.”

She fired the last of her cum into me. My pleasure hit this wild peak of ecstasy. I floated there as she panted. Her fingernails scratched down my back. I whimpered my delight, pressing my cheek into the cool surface.

She had just fucked me so hard. She had given me what I needed. I shuddered, my eyes fluttering. I wanted to just lie here forever.


Anabella Holt

What was Mom watching?

It was so loud. I could hear the moans rising up from the floor. It sounded like two women were just killing each other. I shook my head and struggled to focus on my homework. Math. Why did it have to be math today?

What terrible, loathsome, abysmal person invented math.

“Probably Math Matherson who named the stupid thing after himself,” I muttered.

I stared at the equation, my mind throbbing. I just wanted to finish so I could hang out on my phone for the rest of the evening. There were TikTok vids to watch and Instagram influencers to follow. I had to see what Jaded Janelle was wearing for her makeup today.

And all that was between me and it was that stupid math.

The loud sounds went away. Giving me some peace and a chance to figure this out. I thrust my tongue through my lips and concentrated.


Autumn Holt

Kayleen ripped her girl-cock out of me.

I groaned as that big shaft left me feeling so vacant. Her seed dripped out of me. It ran down my side. I whimpered at that naughty feeling. My eyes fluttered as I shuddered on the coffee table. I didn't want to pull away from it.

She rustled in her purse and then she sat a syringe down in front of me. It was full of a pink liquid. “If you want a futa-dick, Autumn, inject yourself with that.”

“What?” I panted.


She spanked my rump. “Your choice. Now I'm off to fuck that sexy daughter of yours that ran off. Mmm, she's the same age my daughter was when I broke in her cherry pussy with my strap-on. But to do with a cock... This will be amazing.”

I shuddered. I should be mad at what she was saying, but... That lavender scent was so relaxing. I heard her padding away. She climbed the stairs as I stared at that syringe. My own futa-dick... What would I do with one?

I could hear Kayleen padding down the upstairs hallway. A door opened. Oh, god, what was about to happen up there?

To be continued...
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