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A story within a story. This is a continuation of the Naked Day series. If you were tired of the story line it may not be for you.
Early this year

Cindy is standing behind me, arms around my neck looking over my shoulder as I type this. We're outside in our private yard, under a clear late winter sky somewhere north of LA. It's unseasonably warm, even for southern California, so we're enjoying our first Naked Day in quite some time. We woke up this morning looked out the window and thought, 'It's too nice for clothes - Naked Day!" We made love in our bed as we have so many times over the years, unrushed, taking care of each others' needs. Then giving in to the realities of age, the days of endless sex were in the past for me, I took up this spot to do some more writing.

"Working on your lascivious memoir?"

"I think of it as The True Adventures of America's Sweetheart."

"You can't possibly release this."

"What if I change all the names?"

"I don't think so."

"Then what if it's just for me in case I get forgetful in my old age?"

"Well ok, maybe."

"I could do readings at private parties. Only inviting people who are in here?"

"That could be....interesting. So, did you include the all women's Bacchanalia with Beth as centerpiece?"

"I can't include everything that happened those 10 years. This would be longer than Moby Dick."

"I never did Moby's dick."

"You missed one!" That earned me a slap.

In reality, and one reason this wouldn't be published, while Cindy and I were free with our bodies, it was within a tight knit group for the most part. Cindy didn't actually have sex with as many men as her behavior in these pages might indicate. "I wasn't that much of a slut. I just had a lot of energy. And compared to how many times you've had my pussy it's nothing. How many times do you think we've done it?"

"We might need Sandy here to check the math. Let's see, many many times early days, a bit less the past few years, can we say once a day average for 36 and a half years now?"

"Don't forget leap years"

"Yes leap years. So I have us at something above 13,000?"

"Doesn't seem like enough. When do we get to 15?"

"Current pace? Something like 10 years. Right about when you hit retirement age."

"A goal to shoot for. Let's do it in 9." My Cindy. I think she slowed down only in deference to me. She still thoroughly enjoys a good fucking. I've mentioned the horrible incident with Waters, and a couple of others that may make it seem that Cindy was often taken advantage of. But there was a lot of good sexy fun in those days too. We were together and did look out for each other. Like the time at Peter's when that charming and extremely well hung porn star took interest in Sandy. She gave me that look, and that time I gave her a look back that said, 'No, not a good idea'. When she later asked why, I told her there was no need to be notch number 100,000 or whatever on his bedpost. I told her if she really wanted to try a ridiculously large one like that we'd keep it on the to do list. But we had sex, with each other of course, and with others. And let's be honest. I got my fair share too. More, and way better than an average kid from New Jersey rated.

Like that 28th birthday present Cindy arranged for me.......

"Tim, what do you want for your birthday?"

"Oh Cindy, I have everything I want. You gave me some of it already this morning. And it's only 28, not any special year."

"MMm, that was nice this morning. But come one. I know you don't like me buying you stuff, but can I arrange something, a party, or maybe I'll be your sex slave for the day?"

"Well you already do anything I ask, so sex slave doesn't really work. Maybe just a nice little party? A few friends? Really, I don't need much."

Cindy did set up a small party, very intimate. And all the guests were female. In costume. There was her sister Sandy, as Catwoman. He partner Beth who had recently moved to LA, as Wonder Woman, my sister Nikki in some kind of tight Star Trek outfit. I'm not quite sure who Angel was, but she seemed more devilish in her tight costume which showed her lack of curves. Then there was Cindy.

Not to be outdone by her sexy guests, she wore a special costume just for me. Her blue with white polka dot bikini. Boring you think? Then you don't know Cindy. This wasn't THE famous bikini that got it all started. It looked just like it but it was painted on. Literally. She later told me it took hours. With a decidedly NOT gay man painting her best parts. "But he's the very best. And he took his time to get it just right." Yes, yes he did. So, while the other guests would be in costume, at least for awhile, entertaining me, Cindy would be nude, except for the paint, the whole time.

The party was at our house, but I had spent the morning at Peter's country club; yes I eventually took up golf. Per instructions, he dropped me off at home at 3. "I wish I was joining you, I understand this is going to be quite a special event. Enjoy." There was a note by the front door requesting that I was to change into the silk shorts, nothing else, that are on our bed and join the party by the pool. I followed instructions, the shorts felt great, and went out back. I was greeted by Cindy. The paint job was amazing. She was nude, but not. "That fits almost as well as Felipe's designs." Cindy pondered that comment then greeted me with a sexy kiss, and a groping of my shorts. I was and would remain hard, for awhile. I was led to "my" chair to receive my guests. Catwoman came over and sat on my lap, reaching down to check my condition.

"MMM", Sandy purred in my ear, "Haven't had one of these in awhile. I just might need me some bro in law loving tonight." She gave me a deep welcoming, kiss, drawing my tongue into her mouth, running her nails across my chest. Wow, I might not survive the hellos.

"Make room Sandy". It was Beth, perfectly filling out the Wonder Woman costume. She settled in on my other leg and joined Sandy in stroking my silk encased cock. She gave me a nice kiss and said, "Aah, seems like the old times. Would Cindy let us borrow you from time to time?"

Cindy chimed in, "Not sure I can do without him Beth. But, I don't know, two against one..."

"Oh please, you come out looking like that and who has a chance. I still hate you a little." But Beth laughed when she said it.

"OK, OK, give everyone else a chance. I've never had a shot at this guy. Let me see what all the fuss is." Angel was correct, with all our escapades, I'd never been with her. I think for the most part her husband was her man and she strayed with women only. Maybe there are exceptions. She sat her thin body on my lap, hugged me tight and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She really was quite thin. Even at 36 there wasn't an ounce of fat on her and she still had what could most generously be called large A cups. She would be a dream for someone with certain fantasies. I put my arm around her and agreed.

"Nope, never had the pleasure with this Angel, or devil." She reached down almost hesitantly to slide her hand the length of my hard cock.

"Very nice birthday boy. The pleasure might be mine." Angel hopped off to make way for my sister. Nikki stood before me, blue shorts and matching skin tight top, somehow molded around her large breasts. It was a feat of engineering if I ever saw one. Her breasts were supported in such a way that they were held out from her, making not one tiny effort to minimize their size.

"Permission to come aboard?"

"You may cum anywhere you like." Nikki sat right on my cock squeezing it between her amazing butt cheeks.

"MMM, torpedoes loaded", she said, "and that's the extent of my Star Trek knowledge. Peter thought you would appreciate this and sends his regards."

"Wow, Nikki, this is, woo, something else. I wouldn't know where to start?"

"Anywhere you like. But I better let Cindy take over."

Reluctantly I let Nikki get up, but my reward was Cindy stepping forward. "Ok love of my life. You've stood by me, you've supported me, even encouraged me in some adventures. Tonight. And yes it's all night. Our lovely group of family and friends will entertain you for your birthday. Whatever you like, from whomever. Your wish is their command. I'm going to sit back, enjoy your enjoyment, and try not to mess up this paint job just yet. I'll be serving you food and drinks. Happy Birthday." Then she stood legs spread, arms out wide in a very welcoming stance. I was half tempted to ask the rest to leave and have her right there by the pool. But I had many gifts to open, which to do first?

"Cindy, I have an idea. I don't want to insult any of our guests or have to choose one over the other. So put their names in a bowl. I'll announce my desire then pick a name. Fair enough everyone?"

"Ask long as I get some cock tonight", Beth said while staring at my crotch.

"Beth, I guarantee, you're not leaving tomorrow morning without a good fucking. Deal?"

"Oh yeah. Deal."

Cindy, "Then let's get the party started."

I stood, the ladies were kind enough to whistle appreciation for my average 28 year old body, ok maybe a little better than average to flatter myself. "To start, I feel overdressed. I need someone to remove these shorts and show proper oral attention to what they find. Cindy, the pick is?"

Cindy reached into the pile of names and drew, "Sandy! Get over there and please your brother in law." The other women pulled pool chairs around in a semi-circle. There would be nothing private about these deeds. And likely a dirty comment or two. Cindy set herself up on a two person love seat with the pitcher of margarita's and the bowl of names within reach.

"OK now," Sandy announced pointing at Cindy, "Pressure's on. I'm performing in front of a world renowned cocksucker."

"Hey now. My man is going to expect some serious tonsil exercises here."

"I'm a bit out of practice, been living in the bush recently."

"Woooooo", Beth added.

Sandy knelt before me and made a show of groping my cock through the shorts, showing the outline and sliding the silk along its length. Then she grasped the sides and slowly for effect, pulled them down. When my cock popped out it smacked her in the face. I held it and smacked her a couple more times. "Careful there Timmy, that things going between my teeth in a moment." I quickly stopped.

She held my cock out for inspection, felt the smooth skin all around. "You know I was there holding this thing when it got it's first shave. Still got a little heft to it. What do you think girls?"

"Nice. I like that vein running up the side."

"Are you going to get on that thing or did you forget how?"

"Suck it bitch." That was Beth.

Sandy stuck out her tongue and licked all around the head. Then sucked my head into her mouth. Then back to licking my cock, following that vein, then to my balls, sucking and nibbling. Kissing and sucking on my shaft, working her way back up, then onto my cock, sucking more into her mouth, down she went, dribbling onto the shaft, lubricating it, taking more into her mouth. She was about 4 inches into me when she came up for air. "I'm no pro like my sister, so this is going to be an accomplishment. I'm going all the way ladies. Relax and be determined she says." Sandy went back down on my cock, down to where she'd been, tested a little more, I could feel her throat, just a tiny bit more. A gasp. Pause. She looked up, right into my eye, relaxed and pushed. I could feel her lips on my pubic area. I could feel myself in her throat. Then she came up quickly, sucking in some air. She smiled. Wiggled her tongue at Cindy and gave me a kiss. This was just as well. I didn't want to come yet. Need to space it out. I did however want to shoot a load into a tight pussy.

"That was great Sandy. Love it. Now on to the next "winner"."

"Right to the root mu-ther-fuck-ers." Then Catwoman gave us a little victory dance. "And now I'm getting out of this tight ass suit, having a drink and watching you ho's perform." She always makes me laugh.

"So now that Sandy has warmed me up so, I think I need a little release. A nice tight pussy to finish this job, please."

Cindy asked Sandy to sit next to her, then dramatically announced, "the lucky lady who will now fuck my hubby, is....Angel."

Angel looked just the slightest bit surprised. I didn't think this was a problem, she had done Peter's show before. Still I wondered if she'd only been with her husband for awhile. "You ok with this Angel? You don't have to."

"It's ok, I'd love to. It's, well, my husband is kind of small and well, I haven't had a big one like this in awhile."

"Oh ho, making the birthday boy feel like a stud."

"Now you know how I feel looking at Peter."

"It'll be ok, we'll take it nice and easy." Angel got on my lap, she barely weighed 100 pounds. I held her up and she guided my cock to her opening. Then I lowered her until she could control it. She was so small.

"Ohh, it's stretching me. Oh go easy, nice ok, more." She sat down on me until I was most of the way in. Then along with her motion I lifted her, then let her settle on to me. Getting comfortable, she increased the pace until she was moving freely on me. It was nice, tight. I pinched her nipples which caused her body to tense and her pussy to squeeze on me. I did it again for the same reaction.

She put her arms around my neck, her head on my shoulder and rocked, until I whispered to her. "I'm close, where?"

She moaned back to me. "Inside birthday boy. Our first time was all I imagined." I hugged Angel tight and shot my first load of the night into our good friend.

While this was going on I'd noticed that Cindy and Sandy we're making out at a feverish pace. I wondered if the past guest couch was going to be Cindy's way to relieve her natural sexual urges while watching the action over by me. Her hand was cupping Sandy's mound and she had inserted her middle two fingers into her sister. It sounded as though Sandy got some release of her own during that session. Sandy then went to sit by Beth. Angel moved over by Cindy. Cindy immediately pushed Angel back into the cushioned seat and dove into her pussy, vigorously licking my cum from her. Cindy was relentless until Angel's sharp breaths and arched back told us she too had gotten hers from Cindy. Angel sat up and "whew, talk about a win win. A hard fat cock and an expert tongue lashing. Thanks guys."

With me taken care of and needing a break, and Angel and Sandy relaxing after Cindy's efforts, we paused for some food and drinks. Now well lubricated with margarita's we started telling stories. Beth asked Cindy if there was ever anyone she couldn't do.

Cindy said, "Yes there was, once. But I made a damned good effort. Now that was an experience" Nikki chimed in, "Oh I think I know what you mean."

Cindy looked at me. I guess I'm the keeper of our tales.

"It was a couple years ago...."

At one of Peter's parties Cindy had gotten a look at a real porn star cock. We decided maybe it had too much mileage but Cindy was now really interested in an experience with a huge cock. So the next day I mentioned it to Peter and Nikki. I told them no porn guys. I also mentioned that while we were at it I didn't think Cindy was ever with a black guy so let's go full cliche.

They looked at each other and both said "David". Peter filled in the details. "He's just a guy I know from the club. He's been offered a fortune by the porn industry, but he's just a guy. A businessman, with a really fucking huge cock. A little thicker than mine but legit ten inches."

"Wow, I don't know what she'll do with it, but if the guy's up for a get together here with the shot at Cindy, I'll mention it to her."

Cindy was interested, so Peter arranged the party, one of his pool parties where sooner or later everyone's naked. Just seven people. Two other singles he knew might be interested in each other. I'd end up the odd man out. As usual, everyone gets comfortable. Bathing suits, drinks, light snacks. Music and conversation. David is a great guy. 6-3, muscular. He asked me if this was really ok with me.

I told him that we like to experiment, be adventurous. He was looking at Cindy. I called her over. "Cindy this is David, from Peter's club." Cindy gave him a hug and it was a sight just seeing her tiny body wrapped in the large muscular arms, her head barely to his chest. Cindy then went to find Nikki.

"You know, there's no way she getting much of me in her."

"Doesn't matter. Just being with you will satisfy her curiosity. And I'm sure she'll figure out how to give you both a good time."

"OK, if you're down with it. I sure don't mind. Quite a nice body she has."

"I think so. Just one favor, don't stand next to me when the shorts start coming off."

He laughed. Like I said, he's a good guy. And he was going to fuck my wife. After a bit more mingling, I had taken a seat by the hot tub. I figured we'd all end up there anyway. Cindy was talking to David again, running her hand over his well toned abs. He had his arm around her, his hand sitting just at the top of her ass, not getting all groping and too familiar just yet. I could tell that Cindy was very turned on. The contrast in size and coloring was distinct.

Nikki walked over to me. "That is a very hot image."

Peter gave a sign to the other young woman, I forget her name, and she jumped up, "Hey, let's get this party rollin'. Suits off, in the hot tub!"

Nikki and I quickly lost our suits so we could settle into the hot tub and watch the 'hot image' develop. Cindy, hooted some exclamation and stepped away from David to pull the strings on her suit. Now nude, she gave a spin to let David take in her body. Then she knelt before him and said, "Let me help." She slid his shorts down and, "Woooooow." Yes it was the biggest damn cock any of us had seen. Extending out then giving in to gravity David's massive slab of meat was thick, very thick, long, so long, dark brown, with veins visible on the side, a large head. With two hands Cindy grasped it at the base and slid both hands down the length, stopping at his head which was almost too big for one of her hands.

David said, "Come up her, let's join the others." Cindy stood and David easily scooped her up in his arm and carried her to the hot tub.

Taking in the scene Peter said, "At this time, I think I'll just sink into the water too."

David sat on the edge of the tub, holding Cindy on his lap. His cock dangling into the water. Cindy's hands were all over him, stomach, arms, chest. She looked up at David with pure lust in her eyes and kissed him, tongue darting out to find his mouth. David shifted his eyes quickly to me, but I made a motion that it was ok. With that as encouragement, he returned Cindy's kiss. The audience of 5 transfixed by the action before us. Taking Cindy's lead, David began exploring her body with his hands, caressing her back, his dark hands cupping her tanned but still light ass cheeks. It was more than sexy, it was purely erotic. I sat in the bubbling water and yes I had a hardon watching my wife engage in this hot performance. Sensing this Nikki reached over under the water and gently stroked my cock. She leaned her head against me and whispered, "She's even more beautiful when she's sexually stimulated."

The prelims were done, Cindy had obviously decided that David and his huge member were what she wanted. She slid off David's lap and knelt in the water. Holding up his now firm cock she admired it, as someone praying to a pagan idol. She wrapped her hands, even her arms around it, kissing it, hugging it, stroking it, licking it. Precum glistened at the tip and Cindy sucked it off, savoring the flavor, sighing as if it were a life giving elixir. David whispered to Cindy. I think they were carrying on a quiet personal conversation. Almost as if we weren't there. I'm sure Cindy was now oblivious to anything but her feelings, her needs and her current partner. David may have still been playing to the crowd a bit.

"Oh that feels sooo good Cindy, but now let me get a taste of this honey pot." He then lifted Cindy by the waist, she spread her legs wide, he lifted her above, high in his arms, put his head back, mouth open wide, flattening his tongue, then sat Cindy right down on his wide tongue. He started wiggling his tongue left and right, forcing open her lips, making room, then curling his tongue, and dipping it into her pussy. He licking the full length of her slit and swirled his tongue on her clit. Cindy was now going through an extended body encompassing orgasm. She draped her legs over David's shoulders, threw her head back and "oooooooooooh, oooooooh, uuuuuuuuuh, uh uh uh, ooooooooh." David continued, lapping up her juices, holding her as if he were draining every drop from her pussy.

"ooooooh, uuuuuuuuuuh" then, "YES, FUCK YES". David gave one more lick and sat a drained Cindy back on his lap, holding her against his strong chest.

David, "That was the sweetest I've ever tasted. Wow she's like fireworks going off."

Cindy looked up at David. Kissed his chest. "More."

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, more."

"Alright then. From where I was I'd say your pussy is ready for action. Now we need to take this slow."

David spread his legs, Cindy knelt on his thighs to lift her up more. Still David lifted and held her so she could get them aligned. His head now rested against her opening. It alone was wider than my cock. This was the moment of truth. David lowered Cindy so she could feel him pressing against her. Again, small quiet comments between them. He allowed her weight to force his head inside, stretching her. Stretching her so wide, then he popped inside. Then lower still, his great giant cock entering her slowly, his dark penis contrasting with her pink pussy. Lower, maybe two inches now. Every inch stretching that part of her vagina wider than ever before. Cindy, now with a constant, growling moan, like a motor idling. "rrrrr, mmmmmmm, nnnnnn" We all watched, amazed at the sight, Nikki had stopped stroking my cock, just holding it, watching, two forces of nature meeting. Another two inches, deeper stretching, Cindy upper body undulating, her whole body feeling the fullness. David whispering in her ear, "It's ok, honey, take it slow, you're doing great. You're so tight, squeezing me" His hands supporting her holding her ass. Lowering her, deeper, deeper. Then finally with a good 7 or more inches gone, she stopped. That was all that would fit. Probably. Cindy was now writhing against David, testing, maybe just a little more. Her body was providing plenty of lubrication as it oozed out around the cock that was stuffed deep inside her.

David said, "This might be more comfortable for the little lady if we could move to a flat surface."

Peter jumped up, showing that he too was enjoying the show, and distributed cushions on the floor near the pool. In an impressive display, David put one arm under Cindy's lower back and one under her shoulders and stood up, Cindy still impaled on his pole. He held her out, an extension of his body, her head rolled back, she moaned, "more, more, oooh, more". David walked with Cindy and lay back on the cushions allowing Cindy to kneel astride him. Nikki and I shifted positions for a better view, she never letting go of my cock. The other couple had set up at the edge of the pool, the girl leaning over and the young man now entering her from behind. Inspired by the scene before them, they both needed sex themselves, but could not look away from the show. Peter sat on a chair watching, casually stroking his own cock. Cindy began rocking on David's cock, stretching the edges of her pussy open as she pulled off of his cock then sat back down on it, the sight of 5 or so impossibly thick inches of cock appearing and then disappearing into the lithe form continued to amaze. With all the pressure from Cindy's tight vagina, David announced that he was cumming. He asked Cindy where. "Inside, inside, in me, cum in me. Don't stop." David grunted and released himself into Cindy. With nowhere to go, his semen escaped as it could and coated his lower cock. "More, I need more, don't stop."

"As tight as you are I can keep going if you can take it."

"More, oooh fuck me. Feed me your cock. uuuuuuuuh, yes, yes."

With the new lubrication, David was able to slide his cock in and out a bit faster, sending Cindy into further levels of ecstasy. I sat up on the edge for a better look. Nikki took that opportunity to suck my cock into her mouth. Watching Cindy and David, she also worked towards giving me much needed relief. Flagging only a little, David was soon back at full strength, keeping Cindy stretched. I was unsure how she didn't split open. Cindy came, and again. David caressed her, felt her ass, rubbed her back. Her tits disappearing in his hands. His muscular arms holding her, lifting her, then again, "I'm cumming." A grunt and another load unleashed into Cindy's well worn pussy.

"Oh fuck yes, give me your cum, yes, fill me. More, I NEEEEEED more."

With a sigh David laid his head back. He'd had quite the physical work out. This hot sexy insatiable woman, working him over.

"I'm going to relax here honey, you just go on doing your thing and using me as you need."

David relaxed, Cindy continued to ride his softened, but still very impressive, cock like an amusement park ride. Laying on David, her body looking so small on him, lifting her hips, moving his cock within her, trying to reach every part of herself, coaxing one more orgasm from herself. Reluctant to let that most impressive cock leave her and end this one of a kind experience. With Cindy now resting on David, Nikki sucked my cock with vigor, causing me to shoot my load into her mouth. "Thanks Sis, I needed that."

"I was inspired."

Nikki then got up and went to help Cindy off of David. She lay her on a nearby cushion. He legs spread, her pussy wide open, impossibly wide. The remaining cum from two healthy loads running from her. David got up, shit he STILL had a lot of cock swinging there. He sat down beside me.

"Damn dude, how do you survive that regularly. She's just amazing. Lucky man you are."

"You're doing ok yourself", I said, nodding at his cock.

"It can be a curse. Finding a woman who isn't afraid, who can handle it. Not wishing any bad luck, but if you two get tired of each other, drop me a line so I can see if I have a chance."

I laughed, said I would, then assured him we were going strong. He thanked me for sharing, then got up to talk to Peter. I went and sat by Cindy.


"Is that true?", asked Sandy? "How come I never heard that one?"

"Every word. I was there for the whole thing", Nikki assured her.

Cindy, "Well it is kind of the most wanton slutty thing I've done. Not a matter of circumstance, or a situation. I asked Tim for it. And damn if he didn't provide for his slut wife. But fuck, when David walked 15 feet with me attached to him. Holy shit."

"Not a slut", I said. "Highly sexed."

"Well my cunt is dripping", Beth announced.

"Speaking of which, the birthday boy is changing the rules. If Beth's pussy is wet, I have a hankering for some blonde bush."

"Long as you remember your promise."

"Would I lie to you? Now meet me at that lounger. I'm on my back, just sit that juicy pussy on my face."

For some reason, even though I've eaten my share of pussy, Beth's blonde wispy bush calls to me. I'd only enjoyed it once, but it was memorable. When I was in place. I instructed her, "I'll be enjoying this end, please just keep my other end ready."

"If you don't finish me like last time, I may take this cock home in my teeth. Hear me?"

"Not a problem." And yes Beth had gotten wet, very wet from the story. Oh the pleasure, sucking her juices out of her bush. Lapping her pussy looking for more, causing more. She leaned forward and licked lightly on my cock. Not enough to distract me from the honey pot in my face. Oh the joy. I hummed, I sucked, I licked, I probed and flicked my tongue and explored each fold and crevasse.

I took my time. It was my birthday gift after all. I worked around her opening, I worked along the sides, then I worked on her clit. Lapping, opening my tongue wide and laying flat against her. Rubbing every inch. Her nectar was like a gift from the gods. Cindy, my Cindy is always best, but Beth's was a close second. I could live on her pussy. I could feel Beth's movements changing. Maybe anticipation, maybe a reaction to all the attention. She sucked a bit harder on my cock, drove her pussy harder into my face, moans and other sounds came from her. She was getting close. I licked from her clit to her opening. Catching all parts in between. Then I kept going, shifting my head, moving Beth just a little forward. Trailing my tongue along her underside, then licking around her puckered anus. She bolted upright, off of my cock, almost smothering me with her ass cheeks, forcing herself onto me. It left me no option, I inserted my tongue into her ass and pushed. As she pushed down, I pushed up with my tongue. She screamed. "Oh FUCK, he did it, Oh FUCK his tongue is IN MY FUCKING ASS. And then it happened. She came really fucking hard. And no small amount this time. She drenched me.

My face was wet, it ran down below me, she kept screaming, riding my face, squirting. Finally she let up and fell forward. I gasped for air. Catching my breath. The other girls had leaned in to see what had happened. They'd all seen or heard of squirters before but this was quite a show. Beth then jumped up suddenly and turned to face me. Grabbing my cock, she practically begged for it.

"Please Tim, please can I have a turn on it? Please."

"Go for it Beth. At least you can't drown me from there."

Beth rode me hard. Over the years, Sandy told me years later, they less and less often brought a man in to satisfy certain desires, but at that time Beth was still craving some cock. I lay there and enjoyed watching her big tits shake and swing as her hips gyrated on me. Then she put her hands on my chest and started bouncing her nice ass on me driving my cock up into her. She was getting off and I would too. A little longer, then, "Now Beth!" and I shot my load into her. Beth lay on me, my cum showing at the entrance to her pussy.

Sandy, "Oh fuck Beth you stopped the pill!"

Beth shot up and her hands came to her mouth.



"Got you ya freak. No worries, she's still protected."

I dropped my head back. Relieved. Yep they got me. And Cindy, and Angel, and Nikki.

"Hey but if we ever decide to have a kid, maybe could you provide the sperm?"

"I'm not opposed. Up to Cindy."

Nikki said, "Beth having Tim's kid? Would be some fine looking children."

We went back to relaxing mode. Nikki asked what was up for her. She needed to give me a gift too. "Don't worry Sis, I have an idea. But I need a break." I looked over at Cindy who was refilling drinks. It looked like the story may have had an effect on her too. Blue and white paint had run down her leg. About two hours later, the sun was down, the stars were out. I waved Nikki over to me.

"What's on your mind little brother?"

"I was thinking. But I wanted you to be able to say no." I caressed her ass. Tapped it with my fingers. "Do you do anal?"

"Oh, hmm, I'm not an anal virgin, sorry Tim, but it's been a long time, you know, with Peter?"

"I imagine. So no problem Sis, we'll do something else. Who else gets to fuck his gorgeous sister for his birthday?"

"No, no. It's ok. For you, anything. Have my ass. Really. I kind of forget if I liked it. Oh and easy at first. I'll let you know if you can go to banging on my ass."

"Cool, thanks sis. A little of everything on my special day. Cindy's the best for organizing this."

"Tim, really? For all you've done for her? I love her, but you're a better man than anyone deserves."

"If you say so. Now let's go entertain the guests."

We returned to the group. "Cindy, please get some lounge cushions on the floor. Thanks."

"OK now that we're coming to the end of the best birthday a guy could have, there's one more special person who is offering a special gift. My sister here is offering me her amazing ass. She says it's been a long time for her, so can my lovely assistant help with the lubrication?"

Cindy grabbed the lube and got down beside Nikki, who had set herself on elbows and knees on the cushions. "A spectacular ass. Anyone want to help?" Sandy and Beth joined her, three hands massaging her cheeks, dipping fingers into her pussy, tickling her anus. Angel was kind enough to rub some lube up and down my cock.

"Ladies I could let you do that all night, but I'm ready. Go easy brother."

I got behind my sister, caressed her ass, admiring her firm bottom. A regular swimmer ("easier on the boobs than running", she said) her legs and backside were firm and strong. This was going to be a different experience to Cindy. I put my cock against her lubed anus and pushed. I got nowhere at first. "Sorry Tim, let me relax. I can do this. Just not ready." Always the gracious host Cindy slid underneath us and gently lapped at Nikki's pussy. "Oh that's nice, whoever's down there. Mmm, ok Tim again." I approached again, this time leading with my finger, so she would react to that first. Pressing a finger in, she clenched, then relaxed, I replace the finger with my cock, pushed, the head opened her up just a bit. Pushed again. "OOh fuck, easy. Damn" A little more. "Oh your cock feels huge."

"Thanks, but more to go."

Cindy now had two fingers in Nikki and was sucking on her clit.

"Oh fuck, I'm buying a day at the spa for whoever is sucking on my cunt. Oh fuck yes."

Sandy, "Sure THIS time I'm not the one going down."

I now had most of my cock in my sister and was making small movements back and forth. Nikki was relaxing a bit and said to go harder. Needing no more encouragement I increased my pace, with a steady forward and back. She was damn tight and was about to cum from Cindy's attention. I only hoped she didn't snap off my cock when she did. Nikki began slapping the cushion with her hand, "Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck that's good. A whole fucking weekend at the spa." And now we were treated to the Nikki howl. It starts deep inside and the release is a force of nature. Beth and Sandy just stared at each other. I grabbed her wide hips and held on for the ride. Cindy, being Cindy, attacked with more force. "GODDAMN, FUCK FUCK, TIM fuck me HARD. FUCK MY ASS." So I went to town. Banging myself into her hard ass. Plunging my cock in over and over, fucking my sister's tight ass. I squirted what I had left into her. Then pulled out and sat back. Nikki rocked forward, "Thanks, Tim", then turned around, took Cindy's face between her hands and kissed her deeply. It was passionate, feverish, two fiercely sexual women attacking each other. Cindy wrapped her legs around my sister and pulled her down onto her, grabbing her ass, digging her nails in, all animal instinct, mouths locked together, tongues in a fight to the death. When we thought they'd never stop, Nikki came up for air. Breathing raggedly, trying to catch her breath, "Get a weekend open. You and me. Spa."

Cindy was recovering from having Nikki's pussy pushed into her face. But hey, a weekend at the spa! Cindy announced that everyone would be staying. A slumber party, sans PJs in our bed. But first she needed to get the paint off. I offered to help her wash off the paint and of course she agreed. Everyone else was moving to the bedroom. I pulled Sandy aside. "Have the ladies come into the bathroom in a few minutes. Something I always wanted to do, but you need someone on the outside to see it. And bring the camera on my dresser. "

"Ok master freak."

Cindy and I got into the shower and I particularly enjoyed that the paint was on all the good parts. I scrubbed her extra well. Then with her back to me I pushed her against the glass wall of the shower. I leaned my head on her shoulder, "Hmm?"

"Oh fuck yes, take me. I've been watching these babes fuck all day, Cindy needs some Tim cock. I slid into her from behind and began fucking her into the glass. Then the door opened and the room filled with our guests.

"Oh fucking hot."

"Look at her tits squashed on the glass."

Cindy braced herself with her arms. I was pumping into her keeping her on display.

"Fuck her Tim. Go birthday boy, get that hot pussy."

They cheered us on. I lifted Cindy as I rammed my cock up into her.

"Yes Tim. Oh that's it, fuck me hard. Happy birthday."

I came. My cum ran down her leg, into the shower. Then I hugged her, pressing her against the glass, letting them all see her. I heard the camera, click, click, click.

Happy Birthday indeed.


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