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Love returns and the fun begins
Skeletons in my closet part 18

Skeletons in my closet chapter 18 Love returns and the fun begins

We all laughed together. Keith then asked if we all were ready to go to dinner. Linda got up and whispered something into Keith's ear.

Keith shook his head yes then said, ”Take Kate to the truck and you two stay behind as I want to talk to you both,” pointing to Megan and Sara.

Linda took my hand leading me outside. I asked her what that was all about. She told me Keith was giving them both a lecture about no trouble between them tonight or else. I asked her what else meant?

”Believe me, Kate you don't want to know,” Linda replied walking me to Keith's SUV.

She opened the door and trash, pop cans and God knows what else fell out. Plus the smell was like something died in there. I told her hell no, then walked her to my car.

We stood beside my car. Keith came out with his arms around both Sara and Megan. They all had smiles on their faces. I handed Keith my keys.

”We will take my car your SUV fucking stinks,” I said to him.

”Told you, daddy,” Megan added.

Keith opened the back door to my car. He placed Linda in giving her a kiss on the cheek. He walked Sara to the other back door. He opened it kissed her on her cheek placing her inside.

Keith walked back to Megan and I. He walked us both to the passenger door. He stood there for a second looking at us.

Keith said, ”Rule one you both take turns.”

He opened the door kissing Megan on her cheek placing her in telling her to slide over. He kissed me on my cheek placing me in telling me I could sit next to him on the way home. He closed the door and walked to the driver's door and got in.

He looked at everyone and asked if everyone was happy. We all shook our heads yes. Megan cuddled up to him as I cuddled up to her. Linda and Sara cuddled up in the back seat.

Keith started my car as he looked at Megan and me. He told us let's see what this beast will do. Keith punched it squealing the tires going down the driveway. I told Keith he wrecks it he buys it.

”He already did mom,” Megan said laughing.

Keith drove us to a brand new steakhouse. The place was packed. I told him maybe we should find another place. Megan told me no she had made our reservations. Keith parked and got us each out of the car individually.

We all sort of just stood there. Sara laced her arm through Megan's as Linda laced her through Megan's other arm. They started to walk to the door. Keith smiled at me as he told me I guess you're stuck with me as he laced his arm through mine. I told him I could have done worse.

As we got to the door Megan froze in her tracks. Linda and Sara sort of jerked on her arms. Megan shook her head no. Linda and Sara looked at Keith.

Keith whispered in my ear that Megan was afraid to go inside. I went to her and told her it was ok just to relax. I asked her if she wanted to walk in with her daddy and me.

Megan shook her head yes. We put her in the middle of us. We each laced our arms through hers.

We continued to and through the door. Megan gave them her name sort of almost hiding behind her daddy. They told us all welcomed and a waitress took us to our table. Megan grabbed Keith's arm tightly as she pressed up against him hanging her head as we walked to our table.

I looked around to see most of the men checking us all out. Even a few women's heads turned our way. I had missed this attention very much.

To see 4 knock out gorgeous women walking with one man will make any man turn his head. Maybe even envious of him unless perhaps he is gay. I was concerned about Megan as one could see the fear upon her face.

Fear, sometimes it’s a very helpful thing that keeps us from harm. But many times it’s an inner voice and barrier that keeps us stuck. It keeps us from getting what we want and becoming who deep down we honestly what to be inside.

Each of us has fear. In my case mine was the opposite of Megan’s fear. That being the fear of men or women not checking me out. I needed that attention, even just one man checking me out was enough to suppress my own fears.

I heard Keith telling Megan she was OK and we were almost there. They sat us at the table. It was a table for 6. Keith, Megan, and I sat on one side. Linda and Sara sat across from us.

The waitress was about Megan's age dressed in a fairly short skirt and a top that showed some tit. She gave us menus. She then asked if we wanted drinks. Keith told her two strawberry margaritas, a screwdriver, and two ginger ales.

As she walked away I told Keith he could drink I was ok with it. I had no problems with others drinking in front of me. He shook his head no telling me ginger ale would do him fine.

Keith turned to Megan as he said, ”You did very good Princess,” kissing her on her forehead.

Megan almost immediately became at ease. I thought that strange but then we were no longer strutting our wares so to speak. Once again that thought of someone so lovely being afraid of men even just looking at her. My mind was lost in thought about that looking at her.

”Mom, you OK?” Megan asked looking at me.

I smiled kissing her on her cheek as I replied, ”Just thinking how beautiful you are.”

Megan smiled and whispered into my ear, ” You're beautiful too and you make me horny.”

I whispered back into her ear, ”If your good maybe we will share tonight.”

Megan hugged me as she whispered into my ear, ”I would love that.”’

Keith looked at us as he asked us if we were keeping secrets. We both shook our heads no giving a little laugh as well. The waitress returned with the drinks asking who was getting what.

She leaned in toward Keith as she sat his ginger ale in front of him. She was giving him an ample view of her tits. Keith paid her giving her a twenty-five dollar tip.

I had noticed that she sort of flirted with him as well. Megan noticed it as well. She bent toward Keith giving him a shot of her own over spilling tits.

”Do I get twenty-five dollars to daddy?” Megan asked shaking her tits.

We all laughed as Keith told Megan the girl was just trying to make a living. Megan told him sure just like mom and look what she ended up with.

”A loving husband, two wonderful loving lady friends, and a crazy daughter,” said Megan hanging her head.

I hugged her telling her she wasn't crazy. I told her we all were here for her. Just to give us a chance. Linda and Sara both reached across the table. They each took a hold of one of her hands.

”I know you don't think it all the time but even me,” Sara said smiling at her.

”Thanks Sara that means a lot coming from you,” Megan replied.

I looked at Keith. He was smiling maybe even wiping a tear from his eye. Our waitress came back asking us if we were ready to order. We did and in a little bit, she brought us our food.

We all agreed that it was excellent and we had found a new place to have dinner. When the waitress brought us our bill she handed it to Keith. However, Megan grabbed it telling her she was getting this.

Megan told her we all had enjoyed our dinner as well as her. She told her we would be back again for sure. Megan then got into her little purse and pulled out a huge round wad of cash. Mostly hundreds and fifties. She paid the bill then gave the waitress a hundred dollar bill telling her that was for her.

”Thank you very much, my name is Joyce and just ask for me anytime you come back,” Joyce said hugging Megan tightly.

We all got up to leave as we did Keith kissed Megan on her cheek. He told her that it was very nice of her. Megan told him she had thought about offering her a job but hadn't as daddy has to many girlfriends already. Keith looked at her with that glare of his.

”I meant that with respect and was not being disrespectful, Keith,” Megan said to him.

I think that was one of the few times Megan actually saw him for who he was. Megan rushed to Linda and Sara getting between them. She laced her arms through theirs.

In a way, I thought she was almost hiding from the man she just called Keith. Perhaps she feared she would be punished for her word. However, those thoughts left my mind quickly.

I laced my arm through Keith's pulling him toward the door with the girls behind us. We walked out the door. Keith stopped as we all exited the door there was still a long line waiting to get in.

I noticed men in line eyeing me up and down. I smiled at them all as their eyes looked upon me. I got that feeling between my legs.

Keith looked at me then whispered into my ear, ”Go ahead Ms. K you know we both want you too,” smiling at me.

I smiled back at him as I knew what he meant and wanted me to do. I then sort of searched the line. I saw an older man early 50’s I would guess. He stood there alone in line.

I walked Keith and me to him. I stopped removed my arm through his. I stopped and bent over in front of that man placing my hand on Keith's arm for balance. I made it like I was adjusting my boot.

My 38C tits hanging before him giving him an excellent view of them. This new shirt was wonderful it was from that custom shop where I got all of my tank tops. However, this one had a different type of built-in bra. They felt free inside my top just the right amount of movement.

It felt like it held the girls tightly in place as well. I thought the perfect top to dance the girls in. I know you guys know what I am talking about.

I stayed down long enough to jiggle and shake my tits at him. I knew the tops of my breasts were rolling and shaking like a bowl of jello. I stood back up following his head panning from my tits to my eyes.

Now if you are a true tease you do this. As you want to see that look on their face. No, You want and need to know you have their attention. It is almost like a drug to you. However, if you're a slut you are already addicted to it.

My eyes met his for a split second, his eyes then abruptly went back to my tits. My pussy was leaking into my jeans. I also realized it felt a bit cooler out.

I looked down to see one of my tits hanging out my tank top. So much for that bra holding them in. A true tease or slut does not freak out in cases like this instead she uses it to her advantage. I scooped my tit with one hand slipping it back into my top giving my nipple a little tweak as I did.

The man’s eyes returned to mine as I tucked my tit away. I licked my lips as I smiled at him. He just stood there mouth open getting that tent in his pants. My pussy tingled and dripped in my jeans.

I had my fix, I had perhaps missed that the most. Knowing Keith enjoyed me showing parts of my body to others. It is totally different when your actions give you and your man as well as who you are teasing pleasure.

I laced my arm through Keith’s. We took a few steps as he smiled at me. I stopped him and motioned him down to my size. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Keith’s arms went around me. We kissed passionately in front of everyone.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Linda and she said, ”You two really should get a room,” as she walked by.

Sara went to Keith and sexily ran her hand on his face as she said, ”You know your zipper is down,” in a most serious tone as she walked to Linda.

Keith broke free of me and he looked at the front of his pants. I must admit I did too. Guys seem to have that problem from time to time and it's always at that most awkward moment for them. Megan laughed walking to Linda and Sara.

Sara held out her hand to Megan. She told her to pay up. I told you he would look. Megan got into her little purse giving her a fifty. Sara kissed it and then tucked it down between her own cleavage.

Sara looked at Keith as she said, ”Sorry tinman, you lose again,” as all three girls laughed running for the car.

”One of these days, Sara one of these days,” Keith said to her shaking his finger at her.

Keith took my hand as we followed them. Once at the car, Sara and Linda were already in the back seat. Megan stood by the front passenger door. Keith walked me to it.

I opened the door before Keith, I looked at Megan and said, ”I think I will ride in the back you can ride up front alone with daddy.”

Keith opened the back door I piled in the back seat. My hands roaming freely on both Linda and Sara. Keith returned to Megan placing her in the car. Keith got in and Megan cuddled up to him.

”Where to now Princess?” Keith asked her.

”Back to OZ daddy to see the wizard,” Megan replied with a laugh looking cutely up at him.

Sara, Linda, and I started to sing all together,

”We're off to see the Wizard

The wonderful Wizard of Oz

We hear he is a whiz of a wiz

If ever a wiz there was

If ever, oh ever a wiz there was

The Wizard of Oz is one because

Because, because, because, because,

Because of the wonderful things he does.”

Keith shook his head from side to side as he started the car and drove us home. The three of us kissing in the back seat. We all had our tits out of our tops. We kissed and licked at each other tits.

We all sort of teased cars beside us as well which only made my pussy drip. Our hands went between each other's legs. Megan even told Keith we needed tinted windows as people next to us were able to see us all.

When we arrived Keith removed us all from the car as he had placed us into the car. Each of the girls kissing him on his cheek. He walked us all into the house.

He took us all into the family room he turned some music on. Linda went behind the bar making a pitcher of Margaritas. Keith and Megan went to the pool table. They played as I sat at the bar.

Linda handed me a glass of ginger ale. I sat there looking around. It felt good to be home. I watched Megan tease, daddy, with those huge tits as they shot pool. I must say when she wanted to tease she knew the art well. Daddy giving her that attention like me that she needed. Linda, Sara, and I talked while watching them play.

Linda told me it had been a while that happiness had filled this house. I told her it had been longer that happiness had filled my heart. Sara smiled at me. Then kissed me passionately upon my lips.

Sara broke our kiss as she asked me if I wanted to join her and Linda tonight. I looked at Keith and Megan. I then told her thanks but no I had another mission tonight.

Between listening to them I thought back to how I used to do that with Keith when we first got that pool table. I thought about that first fuck on that pool table. I thought not only was this home but it was family as well.

I excused myself to slip into something comfortable. As I left the room everyone grew silent. They all watched me leave the room. As I went to our bedroom I thought that a little strange they all had done that.

I entered the bedroom and walked to my sexy clothes closet. I hoped Keith had not threw them in the trash. Most I had left here buying new stuff instead when I left. However, I didn't bring any of those with me.

I had sexy dresses, leather pants, high heel shoes, boots, nylon catsuits, and sexy lingerie hanging in there. A true slut fantasy wardrobe closet full of sexy clothes. I was sure I could find something sexy that would fit me to slip into. I opened the double door closet.

I stood there in shock as my eyes scanned the rack. Every single piece of my clothing was torn or cut to shreds. It looked like someone had taken a knife to them. Tears flowed down my face as I inspected how ruined every single piece was even my sexy high heels and boots ruined.

Shock turned to pure disgust as I sat upon the bed crying. My slut clothing being destroyed to me was like someone had ripped my heart out from my chest. It was like someone taking a sledgehammer to their priced vintage car or what they held dear to their heart. My disgust then turned to anger.

I thought how could Keith do that? Why would he destroy what I loved and what I thought he enjoyed too. My anger boiled over as I stormed back to the family room.

I entered yelling at Keith, ”Now I know why you gave me these jeans and top. You were stopping me from opening that closet.” ”Why Keith? Why destroy all my sexy clothes?” I asked in a mad tone.

Megan got up and ran from the room quickly. Technically I didn't notice her, as I wasn't paying attention to her. I was just looking at Keith. I was waiting for him to say something.

Sara took Linda's hand as she told us good night as this was between us and not them. Keith came to me taking my hand sitting me on the sofa. He told me sorry he should have kept a better eye on her.

”It wasn’t me Kate, Megan did it,” Keith said.

Keith walked away and got that scorch bottle he poured himself a shot glass and kicked it back. He told me sorry Kate he needed that. He came and sat down beside me taking my hand into his once again.

Keith told me he awoke a couple of months one night after my run-in with Megan at that restaurant to find Megan with her work knife in her hand. She was standing there in front of my opened closet. Keith told me he yelled for her to drop the knife.

She did then turned to him as she said, ”There daddy that fucking slut can't hurt you anymore.”

Keith told me that she blamed me for the pain he had in his heart and the love she was no longer getting from him. Keith told me that was another reason he had forbidden her to have any contact with me what so ever.

Keith said, ”Kate, I was worried and afraid of what she might do to you.”

”Keith, Megan is no threat to me,” I said to him.

”I know Kate she isn't but Princess could be,” Keith replied.

Keith explained her shrink had told him it had to do with Megan having daddy issues and her seeing him and herself as two different people. One kind and loving and the other one not so loving.

So that was Princess who had come to see me not Megan I thought. Just as Princess didn't like Sara. She didn't like me, however, without me, she can not have her daddy.

”Where the hell is she Keith?” I screamed at him still wanting to give her a piece of my mind.

”Right here mom,” Megan said from the doorway in her pajamas.

She walked over her head hanging down. She handed me that big roll of wadded up cash. She told me sorry mom and while this won't cover it all, it was a start. I promise to replace every single piece.

”I am truly sorry but I couldn't help myself,” ”You had hurt daddy I was only protecting him as he does me,” Megan said tears running down her face.

I looked at her as my anger left my body. It filled with the emptiness she must have felt on the inside without daddy. I remember my own drunken dreams of killing her, my thoughts of wrapping my hands around her pretty little neck.

I thought I was no different than her in some sense. While my thoughts where mere dreams. Hers was reality at least in her mind. Megan believed daddy belonged to Princess. That is also why she had problems with Sara.

Megan didn't see Sara’s joking as just playing around. She saw her as a true threat to Princess being with daddy. She was jealous that Sara had daddy's attention. Just as I myself used to be.

All I really knew was my daughter was broken and I might be partially to blame. If not fully to blame as I was never there for her. Perhaps it was that moment in everyone's life when they think what if.

I took that wad of cash as I said, ”Go to our bedroom and wait for us, to decide your punishment.”

As she left the room I turned to Keith asking him why he kept my ruined clothing. He told me Beth had suggested he did. To use it to remind Megan why she couldn't see or talk to you.

”It had worked up till now,” Keith said.

I held up that roll of cash asking him where she got this type of money. Keith told me she doesn't spend the money he pays her from work. He told me as far as he knew she hadn't been shopping for over a year. Her clothing drawers are full of money and only work clothes.

”She orders her stuff from catalogs and uses his credit card paying him back in cash like those boots you have on,” Keith said.

”Why don't she bank her money and why doesn't she have her own credit cards?” I asked.

”She does have a bank account but daddy cashes her check or gets her money when he goes to the bank as our bank is mostly male tellers now,” ”I guess you could say daddy is her bank,” ”No need for a credit card if you don't go shopping I guess,” Keith replied.

I told him I would talk to her about the money as I didn't think it safe for her to be carrying around that much money. I would also see about maybe getting her some sexy clothes herself. After all, I get to replace mine now I told him.

”Good luck, Kate, the girls have tried the sexy clothes part.” ”Didn't work out real good as it drew too much attention to herself,” Keith said.

”Perhaps Ms. K can get her too,” I replied. ”But it is playtime now,” I added smiling.

”What about her punishment?” Keith asked.

I told him I had it covered. But he had to go along with it. I smiled telling him he might even enjoy it. Megan was sitting on our bed, her head hanging down.

She raised her head telling me she was sorry again. She told me she would go to the bank Monday with daddy. She would draw more money out so I could replace them all.

”That will be fine but only if you go shopping and perhaps get yourself something sexy to wear,” I said to her.

”I don't do sexy as well as you do,” Megan replied starting to get up to leave.

”Just a minute young lady there is your punishment for destroying my clothes,” I said to her.

Megan told me daddy had already punished her. However, they were my clothes, not his. Whatever punishment you give me mom I will accept she told me hanging her head.

”Your punishment is joining us tonight in a threesome,” I said smiling at her.

Megan raised her head as she replied, ”That not punishment that is a reward, Mom.” ”But if you insist I am ready,” Megan added standing by the bed.

”Not so fast there is more,” I said to her.

I told her she had to be totally naked. I had nothing to wear because of her, so naked play or no play. Megan thought for a minute then shook her head ok.

I looked to Keith who already had his clothes off and laying in bed covered by the sheet. I told Megan to undress. As she slipped her bottoms off I slipped from my own clothes.

I was naked and she still had her pajama top on. I went to her and removed her top. She hung her head. Those huge lovely tits hung perfectly as her nipples started to grow hard. She hid her scars with her hands and arms.

I raised her head as I said, ” You're still beautiful and sexy.”

I pulled the sheet from Keith as I told her daddy thinks she is too. I was showing her his ever-growing cock. I grabbed her hand as we climbed into bed with Keith.

I place her on one side of him with me on the other side. I told her to do as I did. I kissed his face as my hand rubbed at his chest. Megan did the same.

I kissed him passionately then she did. I had noticed Keith kissed us back with the same amount of passion. He didn't give either of us more than the other.

We each worked our way down his chest. We used our lips kissing at his chest. We both licked at his nipples. Our hand met on his now hard throbbing cock.

We both were on our knees beside Keith. We kissed across him as our hands worked up and down his cock. I noticed Megan's one hand was covering her scars. I pushed her hand from her tummy.

I moved it to Keith's cock as I removed my hand from it. Megan started to use both her hands on his cock. She would run her fingers at the tip and around the head of his cock on each stroke of his cock.

I watched as I thought she knew how to give a hand-job. Giving a great handjob can be very rewarding for both parties if the woman knows what she is doing.

Many women adore a slow build-up of sex. Sexual tension, slowly amped up throughout an evening, day, or even whole week. A slut like me enjoys that. It makes my juices run down my thighs. A true slut gives you teasing foreplay but not letting you reach a climax of lust and passion.

I am again the center of attention. I control that man and his cock. I could probably have him spraying his cum in mere minutes. If I truly want you I will prolong the fun.

Megan straddled Keith's leg. She rubbed her blonde hairy pussy on his leg. Her juices already flowing down her thighs. I suddenly realized that Megan was enjoying this as well as I would have been.

I climbed from the bed telling her not to let him cum. I told her I would be right back. I went to my closet. I picked up that doctor’s type bag. I opened it.

I thought at least my favorite toys were OK. I spied that strap on. It is has a little nub that fits up in my own pussy as well a longer end which slips into her. Since she sucks like a slut let's see if she fucked like one, I thought. I made a quick stop in the bathroom.

I washed it just being safe. As I did I could see Megan still toying with Keith. She looked as I always have. Almost like it was me but in her body playing with his cock.

This girl had watched me well as she used all the techniques I do. Plus she was enjoying it as much as I would have. Perhaps she had that slut talent and skill in her. I slipped into my strap-on stepping from the bathroom.

I watched Megan's hand slap at Keith's dick. with her hand. It wasn't really hard but hard enough. Keith pushed her hands away from his cock.

”Dam girl,” Keith sort of moaned out.

”Mom said not to let you cum, sorry daddy had to follow mom’s orders,” Megan said smiling at him.

I almost laughed as it was sort of comical. Her slap at his cock came out of nowhere. In a way, she was telling him she was in charge. I knew Keith would just roll with it as I had done it many times to him. At least she had broken his train of thought. That being the thought of cumming.

I stood by the bed as I said, ”Don't hurt daddy we still need him yet.” ”Now suck daddy's dick while I fuck you,” I added jacking on that fake dick around my waist.

Megan rubbed that cock with her hand as she bent her face down to it. She licked the length up and down. All the while still riding his legs. Her juices coating his leg. I told her to get between daddy’s leg as I got behind her.

I rubbed at her pussy from behind. Her moisture coating my hand. This girl was super wet. Only a true slut leaks this much pussy fluid. I coated my fake dick with her own juices.

Megan had Keith's cock in her mouth. She was slowly teasing and taking his cock into her mouth. This girl could suck cock.

She had over 3/4 of it in her mouth before running her mouth back up to the head. She would flick her tongue at his pee hole as she pulled her mouth from his cock. I was amazed at the skill in which she sucked dick.

”Suck daddy's dick like the slut you are Megan,” I said slapping at her ass then her pussy.

Megan removed her mouth as she replied, ”Mom the spanking is great but please call me Princess,” before devouring that cock again.

I realized suddenly Princess had joined us. Megan was not the slut it was Princess. It all sort of fell into place in my mind. I remember when Megan came to see me as this alter ego of hers.

She had even told me she was a slut. She needed that fix just like this slut did. Princess would agree to anything or do anything for that fix just like I would. While gone I had tried to get mine from other men. However, that never turned out as planned.

Megan had the ultimate cure right beside her. That being her daddy who to me is Keith. However, he wouldn't give it up as he needed and wanted me back.

I realized I was pumping and rubbing my fake dick between her legs. Megan was sucking the full length of his cock. She rubbed and squeezed at his balls as her saliva coated his hard throbbing cock.

”Suck him, Princess, ” I said smacking her pussy with my hand from behind.

Her juices flowing freely from her pussy with each wet smack. It dripped to the bed below. Megan used every technic I used when sucking Keith's dick.

Megan looked over her shoulder at me as she said, ”Stop teasing mom and fuck me as Ms. K would.”

Megan's mouth went back down on Keith's cock. Slurping sounds from her sucking filled the room. Suddenly my mind took me to that day I had caught them.

I grabbed my fake dick and placed just the tip into her pussy. I placed my hands on her hips. I pushed no I slipped my fake dick slowly into her wet pussy. I did so until it was fully and deeply buried into her pussy.

”Ahhhhhh MOM,” Megan moaned out never removing her mouth from his cock.

I slowly fucked her from behind. Her own wet sounds soon overtook her slurping sounds at daddy’s dick. I reached under her toying with her swollen clit.

I start to fuck her harder her pussy started to fart as I did. The little nub rubbing at my own special spot. My juices started to flow freely as a new sensation came over me. Not that loss of control but one of being in control.

Just as Megan controlled Keith's orgasm I was in control of hers. However, that slut in me was taking over me. I took her clit between my fingers. I pulled her hood back and forth on her clit. Jacking it like it was a cock. I pinched and squeezed at it as I played with it.

I felt it start to swell greatly as she started to rock back against my fake cock. I started to plow her pussy from behind. I gave her all my fake dick ramming it as hard as I could.

That girl only moaned telling me to fuck her harder. This was not a loving fuck but revenge one I thought. I squeezed hard pulling on her clit. I wanted her to remember this fuck.

Megan was taking all his cock in and out of her mouth. His pre-cum and her own saliva pulling away each time her mouth came off his cock. Keith's hand tightly gripping the sheets. There was no need for his hands on her hand as she was taking him deep into her mouth on her own.

From experience, I knew that part of his cock was in her throat. Especially when her mouth bottomed out into the hair around his cock. Megan had the art of cock-sucking under her belt. My body shuddered as my orgasms washed over me.

I buried my fake cock deep in her pussy. I held it there just shaking as my orgasm hit me hard. My juices exploded from my pussy. Squirting all over Megan’s ass and the bed. That only caused me to have another orgasm.

”Mom I am going to cum,” Megan yelled out removing her mouth from Keith's cock.

Ahhh fuck me too,” Keith yelled as well.

Megan trembled as her own orgasm overtook her. She took half of Keith's cock into her mouth. She wrapped one hand around the rest of his cock. She pumped at his cock as she sucked deeply on it.

Megan took Keith's blast of cum fully and deeply in her mouth. At the same time, her own flood gates opened up. I removed my fake dick as I watched her pussy lips quivering. Her juices and pee flowed freely from it.

The room filled with the smell of our sex. That smell brings out the true slut in me. I love the aroma of a good lovemaking session. I gripped those lovely buttcheeks of hers.

I parted her butt cheeks burying my face between them. I lapped wildly at her pussy. Tasting her juices as I did. I poked my tongue at her asshole burying it as fall as I could.

My daughter was having that slut type orgasm just like my own. I removed my tongue from her asshole. My orgasm kicked in again as the thrill of knowing I had just fucked my own daughter came over me.

Megan removed her mouth from Keith's wet slimy cum drenched cock. She turned kissing me passionately upon my lips. Her tongue pushing Keith's overflow cum into my mouth.

Megan broke our kiss as she said, ”I love you Ms.K.”

We broke our kiss and slipped up alongside Keith. One of us on each side of him. Megan reached out and rubbed her hand on my fake dick.

She looked at Keith as she said, ”Your next daddy let mom fuck you,” smiling wickedly.

Keith laughed as he replied, ”Hell no you lucky you survived that fuck and ain't no way in hell she is going to fuck my ass, Princess.”

”How about if you let her fuck you, I will let you fuck me in my ass like the slut I am?” ”You know I am virgin back there,” Megan said smiling.

”Not tonight Princess, not tonight daddy needs some rest,” Keith replied grabbing us both pulling us tightly against himself.

I slipped from my fake dick tossing it to the floor. I kissed Keith deeply then kissed Megan deeply as he wrapped us both in his arm. I then cuddled up to Keith placing my head on his chest. Megan joined me placing her head on his chest.

I looked to Megan to see her mouth I love you to me. I mouthed it back as I closed my eyes. That lovely night was ruined in my dreams. As I drifted off to sleep. I dreamed, I saw Keith and Megan having fun without me. Once again they were fucking in his office.

I heard Megan say he belongs to me, you fucking slut, not you. I awoke suddenly sitting up in bed. I looked to see Megan cuddled up to Keith sound asleep. I realized it had been a nightmare. I also noticed during the night, she had slipped back into her pajamas.

I looked at the clock it was 9 am the next day. I thought of last night's fun. In some ways, it was very hot and satisfying but it troubled me at the same time. I knew it was that green-eyed monster growing within me once more.

The trouble with a true slut is that there is almost always one man. A man she doesn't like or want to share with anyone. As I said before a true slut needs to be at the center of attention. Keith was that man and I always had his attention.

I kissed Keith on his cheek and Megan on her forehead. I climbed from bed and went into the bathroom. I splashed water in my face. Then I went to grab a robe. I only found long white robes so I slipped into one of them.

I walked to the kitchen passing the kitchen island. Sara and Linda sitting there having coffee in long robes like mine. I grabbed a cup myself and joined them. I sat down without saying anything as I sipped at my coffee. I was lost in my thoughts of what happened last night.

”Are you OK Kate?” Linda asked.

I told her I didn't know whether I had enjoyed the night or hated it. Give us details Linda said to me. I explained the night how I had Megan suck Keith's dick. How I used a strap on fucking my daughter who seemed not to be my daughter. How she seemed to become a different person.

”Christ Princess is back,” Sara said shaking her head from side to side.

Love to hear your comments chapter 19 soon


2020-06-28 17:53:02
good story!

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-06-27 01:45:01
Read all of this series. If U checked my comments to#15 or 16, I told Kate to swallow her pride & go to Keith & get his view of the betrayal, look beyond what it looks like to his reasoning for what he did. The next episode, Megan came to Kate's address to start reconciliation. Here U show Kate using wisdom sharing Keith/Daddy with Megan. Megan said "Mom, your terms" , so the threesome is the best of sharing for all three! Giant strides were made for Megan's well being this night's threesome. Megan also taking responsibility for her actions is another healthy sign. U're showing a realistic reaction (especially in Megan & Kate) to the conflict between them, self- destruction, blame the other parties, & destruction of property cherished by others. Excellent portrayal of circumstances beyond one's control. Thank you for sharing; a job well done

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