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My high school experience had so far been a hellish experience. I was constantly beat, teased and isolated. At that time, I was 1.65 metres tall and weighed 57 kg. People in my neighborhood often called me handsome and at home, I was kinda cool you know but at school, I was an outcast, why you would ask. Well picture this you pull up at your school in your fathers 2002 Audi A4 that has seen better days whilst other students are driving G Wagons, Bentleys and some other fancy cars. What I'm trying to say is every student in my school except me was filthy rich. Well you would ask why I was going to a school for the rich in the first place, the truth is the company my dad worked for offered me a scholarship right after I had finished primary school, not because I was a genius but because the CEO liked my dad.

Everyday I would make sure I was at school at 6am because there would be fewer students at the school at that time and I would go into the classroom and would read romantic novels until it was time for the lessons to start. I didn't even raise my hand in class because I knew that would draw out a few snickers and taunts from my classmates.

One afternoon after school, I was in the school library doing my Chemistry homework, I was concentrating so much on it that I failed to see that someone had taken a seat beside me. My concentration was broken by what sounded like a forced cough, as I looked up to find the source, my eyes connected with a very beautiful girl. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was light skinned, had brown eyes and had shinny black hair. I could imagine myself running my hands through her hair and smelling it, I'm sure it would smell heavenly.

"Excuse me, I was pulled out from my trance by her voice. I found the girl looking at me with a shit-eating grin. "You know it's considered rude to stare at a girl for a minute without saying anything."

If I was white, I'm sure I would have looked like a tomato, I let out an awkward laugh and looked down as I was afraid to look her in the eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare," I said whilst collecting my stuff from the table, I wasn't going to wait around for her to call me a pervert, that would add up to the pile of shit I endured everyday at this God forsaken hell of a school.

"Whoa, hold on there you leaving already? Come on, it's not like I bite,"

I looked up at the girl to find her making the worst pout I've ever seen, we as Africans really shouldn't pout. "Come on don't leave yet. Please, I'm new here and so far I got no friends, so please don't leave."

"Well, since you are new I'm gonna give you some good advice. If you really wanna have friends at this school you have to stay away from me." I was almost done stuffing my things in my backpack, when I felt a cool hand on my wrist, which sent tingles right up to my head. "Please stay," she whispered.

I found myself sitting down. "Good, let's get to know each other. I am Megan, I'm a Form 4 and you?" she had already reached out her hand. "I'm Tinomuda,butt just call me Tino and I'm in Form 3" I replied as I took her hand and shook it awkwardly.

"OK, so when are you going home?" Megan asked. "In an hour, I just have to finish up my Pure Mathematics homework,"

She groaned, "Aghh, that's boring you will finish it tonight, come with me. She was already pulling my hand. I wasnt used to this type of attention from girls but I picked up my backpack and allowed myself to be dragged out of the school library.

"What's up with all the stuff you were blubbering about, about me needing to stay away from you if I wanted to have friends?" she asked as we were making our way to her car, which was a fancy BMW. 'Well there goes my chance to make friends.' I thought. "I'm poor," I replied dryly. I was waiting for a snort or some kind of curse but I heard...nothing.

I looked up to Megan to find her giving me a look that shouted, 'You are a fucking idiot,'

"Dude, what the fuck? So all that stuff was because you are poor. Aint nothing wrong with not being rich and I think you aint poor, cause poor people can't afford food and clothes and I believe you can afford them.

"Well, people at this school believe you have to drive a Bentley or a Benz to be considered a human being," I answered. "That's stupid," Megan remarked. I just shrugged. Megan unlocked the car and we got in.

After a thirty-minute drive, we arrived at an enormous mansion. "Wow, your house is huge." "Yeah, but I think its unnecessarily big since its just me, my dad and a couple of maids. Come on let's get inside." she said.

Megan gave me a quick tour of the house, which was even more impressive in the inside. Ten minutes later, we ended up in her room. She motioned for me to sit on the bed whilst she made her way to her dresser where she put on some music on the small speakers.

She came to the bed and sat beside me, "Can I ask you something?" "Sure," I replied. "Do you think I'm sexy," she asked. I turned to look at her to make sure she was serious and she was. I didn't know how to reply because if I said she was sexy which she was she might think I was a perv, and if I said she wasn't I would offend her somehow, so I decided o be honest. "I think you are beautiful and sexy," I gulped waiting for her reaction. What happened next completely melted my heart. She gave me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my entire life.

"Thank you, but tell me what you find to be sexy about me,"

"Well for starters you are confident and friendly," I shrugged, I couldn't tell her that I liked her small perky breasts, her cute round ass and her hour glass figure. "Don't try to be smart, I wanna know if I look sexy. What do you think about these?" She was holding both of her boobs looking straight into my eyes.

I swallowed loudly, "I think they look, nice." "Ah, come on Tino you cant tell me that's all you got."Before I could reply, Megan took my right hand and put it on her breast, "How does it feel?" she asked with a sexy smirk on her face. I couldn't speak she just felt so soft and I really wanted to feel them without the shirt and the bra covering it. "Wow," I finally said.

"Whoa, you are falling in love with my boobs already," she let out a nervous laugh which if I was a little experienced at that time would have interpreted as her becoming turned on."Can I" as I reached for her top button. She nodded her approval.

I undid all her buttons slowly revealing her beige bra. I traced my fingers along a cleavage which earned me a low moan. I was busy being mesmerized by her bra-covered breasts that I didn't see her hands reaching back to unclasp her bra. As her bra fell on top the bed I couldn't help but to gasp at the sight before me. As if planned Ella Mai's, Naked started to play on the speakers. Megan looked at me with an unreadable expression.

Go ahead, those were the words I was waiting for all along. I made Megan lie on her back and started to softly caress her two mounds concentrating more on the two dark little peaks. Suck on them, she softly commanded. Without even thinking about I hovered over her took one nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it and she moaned. For five minutes I sucked both her boobs, I noticed that she had put her right hand inside her skirt, fingering herself slowly with her eyes closed.

I put my hand on top of her hand and softly removed her hand. She started to protest but became silent when she felt my two of my fingers entering her soaking lovehole. I fingered her using a slow pace, which seemed to drive her crazy as I felt her inner muscles try to swallow my fingers deeper. "More, please," Megan begged, I knew what I had to do. I had never done it as I found it disgusting but for Megan I would do anything. I lowered my head towards her pussy, Megan let out a gasp as she felt me deliver a kiss on her outer labia.

As I tasted her juices, I found them little sweet. They weren't bad actually, I liked the taste. I found myself using my tongue to dig deeper for more of her love juice. Megan was going crazy, her moans increased and her eyes were tightly shut. I brought my other hand on her protruding clit and started to rub it furiously.

Suddenly she grabbed my head pushed me deep in her pussy and let out a piercing scream and an, 'Oh, fuck.' Megan went stiff for a second and then her abdomen started to spasm. I looked at her face to find her eyes rolled back. I started to caress her smooth hair waiting for her to come down from her high. When she returned to normal she looked at me and smiled. I couldnt help myself but fall in love with her at that moment.

"Thank you, Tino. I really needed this," she said whilst getting up. "Now time to return the favor," she said whilst reaching for the button on my pants menacingly. I just lied down on the bed and let her take the lead. She unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers and reached inside my briefs to whip out my hard as rock cock.

"Wow, you are big, the biggest I've ever handled, this gonna be fun." I couldnt help myself but to let out a low groan as she squeezed my cock with her little hand.

She started to move her hand up and down slowly. Her hand felt heavenly on my dick, I felt pre-cum oozing out of my peehole. Megan used her finger to spread the pre cum on the head. I let out another groan. "Meg, please stop teasing you killing me here," I complained. Megan gave me a small smile, grasped my cock with both of her hands, and started to move them up and down. I started to feel the tell tale signs of my orgasm approaching.

"Megan!" I weakly warned her. She quickly put the dickhead in her soft mouth, and started to caress the underside of the head with her silk-like tongue. I felt cum rising up my shaft and shoot into Megans eager mouth. When the first spurt hit, Megan increased her sucking, I felt like a vacuum was sucking up my cream. I groaned as another spurt came out. Megan was swallowing everything I gave up. When the last spurt came out of my shaft, it felt like Megan had sucked out my soul. I was expecting the usual wave of shame to wash over me, but I felt nothing other than a strange feeling of satisfaction. I let out a happy laugh, everytime I came I would have this feeling of shame as the euphoria wore off but it seems like it was gone forever.

I felt the bed dip beside me as Meg flopped down beside me. “Wow, Meg you were great. Ive never felt anything like this," I remarked as I looked up at the ceiling. "Yeah, we should do this more often," she replied.

"Yeah,"I replied weakly. "Tino, I ask only one thing from you dont get attached please. I dont want any of us getting hurt, so lets just become something like fuck buddies because I can't handle any relationships right now,". A part of my heart broke off as I heard what Megan had said.

"Dont worry Meg, I aint looking for a relationship right now and I certainly don't wanna ruin your high school life by been seen with you," I lied through my teeth, my heart wanted Megan but my mind knew it was impossible, a girl like her could never be in a long term relationship with a guy like me.

"Thanks for understanding, but the stuff about ruining my high school life is pure bullshit, I will hang out with you at school and if those bastards have a problem with it, fuck them," said Megan enthusiastically. I couldnt help myself but smile at her words and also give a silent thanks to the heavens for sending me Megan. Even if I couldn't have her completely I would still be grateful for having her in my life.

"Earth to Tino," Meg snapped her fingers in my face. "I asked if you wanted anything to eat," Megan said whilst getting up, I simply nodded my reply. I noticed that she had fixed herself and was looking more decent than when here mouth was filled with my cock.My cock was still hanging limply outside my trousers. "Get that monster back in its restraints before I have it for dinner. Im going to the kitchen to fix us something to eat you can join me if you want."
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