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This is my first time writing erotica, I hope everyone enjoys it. Please leave comments either good or bad or if i need work. Thx.
I was 16 years old, 5’10” and 170 lbs. Straight ‘A’ student, captain of the basketball team, popular and good looking. So what the hell was I doing in the principal’s office about 5 minutes away from getting suspended?


I could see Principal Thomas was not happy with Mr. Stevens bellowing and said, “Ok Mr. Stevens, that’s just about enough, you can go back to your classroom and I’ll take it from here”. Principal Thomas walked over to his office door, opened it and gestured to Mr. Stevens to leave. As Mr. Stevens stomped out of the office, Principal Thomas stuck his head out the door and asked his secretary to call Ms. Niles and get her to come to his office immediately. The principal shut his door and was making his way back to his desk, while saying to me, “Well Mr. Sanchez, you certainly have a way of getting under Mr. Stevens skin. Why do you continue to torment him like this”?

I paused for a second, contemplating whether I should tell the truth or give a politically correct answer. Screw it, I’m telling the truth, “Because he is an arrogant asshole with a Napoleon complex and a really bad comb over”.

A slight smirk escaped from Principal Thomas, but gathered himself and calmly said, “I understand Mr. Stevens is…not the most popular teacher, but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect him”

“Wow” I said, “Mr. Stevens picks on kids in class when they don’t know the answer and continues to demean them. All I do is correct him when he gets history facts wrong. It’s not my fault that he’s a history teacher that doesn’t know that much about history! He just hates the fact that I make a fool of him in front of everybody and give him a dose of his own medicine”

Just then, there was a knock on the principal’s door. “Come in” said Principal Thomas. “Ahh, Ms. Niles, would you please join us”. Ms. Niles was the English teacher. She was in her mid-30s, about 5’5” and around 150 lbs. with dark hair just past her shoulders and glasses with rims that matched her hair. Above average looking, but certainly nothing special. Ever since she was divorced a few years ago, she has headed up almost every extra-curricular activity or event, most likely to keep herself busy.

Principal Thomas had a devilish look on his face as he waited for Ms. Niles to take a seat. “I’m sure you know Ricky Sanchez” he said to Ms. Niles, as he gives me a nice healthy slap on my back. “Ricky was just telling me how much he likes history. That got me to thinking about our discussion Ms. Niles, where you were saying you were one person short for the academic team”.

Oh god, I know where this is going. All I could do was put my head in my hand and close my eyes. Principal Thomas continued, “Since Mr. Sanchez is so good at history and has A’s in all his other classes, he kindly volunteered to be the last member of your academic team”.

“That’s wonderful” said Ms. Niles. “We have four days to prepare for the Regional Competition and if we do well enough, we would then get to compete at the National Championship”.

“That sound great” exclaimed Principal Thomas. With a big, sarcastic smile on his face, he turns to me and says, “Ricky, it looks like you’re going to be having a lot of fun for the next two weeks”.

“TWO WEEKS” I yelled. “But sir, I have basketball…that means I’m going to miss two games”!

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to your coach” said the principal. “Besides, it’s better spending two weeks on the academic team, then two weeks suspended. Plus I know colleges don’t like seeing suspensions on your record, no matter how good your grades are or what sports you played. Maybe we should call your parents to ask for their opinion. What do you think Ricky”?

What choice did I have, “fine I’ll do it” I groaned. My plan was really not to do much of anything for this academic team. If we didn’t do well at the Regionals, then I wouldn’t have to go to the Nationals which would mean only one week I would have to be in hell.

Instead of going to basketball practice after school, I now have to go to this ridiculous academic team. I didn’t even know who was on the team or how many kids there were, all I could think about is how much I was going to get teased for this from all of my friends. I make my way to room 156, walk in to see Ms. Niles and two other girls.

“That’s it” I said. “Only three people on a team”?

“Welcome Ricky”, said Ms. Niles. “You know Krista and Linda, don’t you”?

“Yes ma’am, I do”, sighing as I took a seat. Krista has been the smartest kid all throughout school, so I really wasn’t that surprised to see her. Linda on the other hand, I knew was a good student but not what I would consider a braniac. I am pretty sure I had better grades then her. Krista was about 5’6” and 120 lbs. blonde shoulder length wavy hair and blue eyes, with smallish tits and a decent body. Linda was about 5’3” and maybe 110 lbs. blonde shoulder length curly hair with greenish blue eyes, again small tits but decent body. They did have one feature they shared…absolutely wonderful heart-shaped asses. They could both easily fit the designation of the German schoolgirl next door. Mind you they weren’t bad looking, they were cute, but I didn’t see them that way because they weren’t part of the ‘in-crowd’. Yes I was shallow back then, but what kid wasn’t who was part of that crowd. Plus, gossip would fly if you dated anyone like Krista or Linda.

If I was interested in either of them, I probably wouldn’t be able to talk to them. You would think I would be the typical arrogant, loud mouth, high school jock…but I wasn’t. In fact I was just the opposite, a bit shy. Especially with girls that I liked. I pretty much had ‘no game’ when it came to talking to girls I liked. Every girlfriend I had was because they pursued me. Whenever I would try to talk a girl I was fond of, the words just wouldn’t come out or they would come out all wrong. So with Krista and Linda, we got a long fine because there was no expectations.

After the first hour of Ms. Niles drilling us with questions, it was clear what each of our strengths were. Linda was really good at geography and oddly…religion. It didn’t seem like she was religious and she certainly didn’t act that way. I was good at general history and since I was into sports and the girls were not even close, I landed all the sports questions. Krista pretty much handled everything else. I did get one or two science and math questions, but just because I beat Krista to the punch. It’s not like she didn’t know the answer.

We practiced for the next few days, where I was getting along fine with the girls and even Ms. Niles. Most of the time, I tried to figure out different ways to look at Linda and Krista’s assess. And to tell you the truth, being on this team wasn’t that bad and somewhat fun. But still not as fun as basketball. So, I decided to stick to the plan and try to not do too much at Regionals. The competition was over the course of two days and since it was locally, there was no overnight stay, just a 20 mile ride. The top 3 teams were going to Nationals, but there was only about 35 teams competing, which I thought was low. I asked Ms. Niles why there aren’t more teams.

She explained to me, “Believe it or not, not many schools have teams, because not a lot of kids want to join the academic team”

My response was a sarcastic, “Reeaally” in which I don’t think she got.

“Yes” she said. “If you didn’t join us, our school would not have sent a team. So, thank you Ricky” as Ms. Niles gave me a little one handed waist hug. She knew that I didn’t actually join the team, I was forced to be here, but I think in her mind she wanted to believe that I joined of my own free will. The nice thing was both Krista and Linda wore tight short skirts that accentuated there asses perfectly…so I was happy.

The rules were simple, one team plays another having to win 2 out of 3 rounds. Each round consisted of 5 minutes of questions and the winner having the most questions correct. If there is a tie, you continue in 2 minute rounds until there is a winner.

Okay, we’re up. Much to my dismay, the first question was about sports and the answer was so fucking obvious, it was Jim Brown, one of greatest football players of all time. I sighed loudly as I knew it right away, but stuck to the plan. I didn’t say anything, the problem was the other team didn’t say anything either. Both Krista and Linda leaned over to me and asked if I knew it. About 8 seconds went by and I couldn’t take it anymore and hit the buzzer. I just couldn’t do it. It was like intentionally losing a basketball game and I couldn’t live with that. My competitive juices took over.

The good news is we won…the entire Regional Competition. The bad news is, we won the entire Regional Competition. Sigh, basketball is just going to have to wait a little longer.

The best part about it, the girls were so excited, they were jumping up and down and hugging me. I decided to take advantage of the situation and grabbed each of their asses. They didn’t seem to mind (and neither did my dick) so I just kept my hands there for as long as possible.

A few days later, we are off to the National Academic Championship. It was being held in Montreal from Thursday to Sunday, so we we’re going to have stay in a hotel. Everyone was excited. I was still excited that I had Krista and Linda’s ass cheeks in each hand. When we got to the hotel, it was attached to the convention center so we really didn’t have to travel anywhere which was nice because it was really cold and snowing outside.

We were walking around the hotel and convention center, meeting other teams, coordinators and judges. I noticed a bunch of girls checking me out here and there. Most of them were pretty nerdy types, but there were a few who were really cute. I didn’t put too much thought into it because my name is Ricky ‘no game’ Sanchez. It’s not like I was going to talk to them. The other thing I noticed were a lot of guys checking out Linda and Krista. Hey, I knew they weren’t bad looking but I didn’t think they were that great. Or maybe I was wrong? It didn’t really matter because none of the guys were coming up and talking to them…they seemed just as bad as talking to girls as I was or maybe worse. The weirdest thing was Ms. Niles was pretty much flirting with every adult male she came in contact with. Linda, Krista and I noticed it and we came to the conclusion she was getting ready for a slutty weekend.

All of a sudden I get a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was a guy who worked for the hotel, probably in his early 20’s. He asked what was going on here. I explained to him about the National Academic Championship. We ended up talking for a while just going back and forth and found out his name is Roy. He then said, “Man, there are a lot of sweet girls here, I wouldn’t mind meeting some. Can you introduce me”? I told him that I didn’t know a lot of them here. “Doesn’t matter” Roy said, “you’re part of the competition, just go up to them, introduce yourself as a fellow competitor and say this is your friend Roy”. I didn’t have a good feeling about doing that and was hesitating. All of a sudden I heard someone calling me and it was Ms. Niles waiving me over. I told Roy, I’ll catch up with him later. Phew, saved by Ms. Niles.

The competition was about to start, well it was actually a mini competition. The champions in each Region were going to compete in a mini-tournament to determine seating position. It went really well for us and we ended up getting the #4 seed. Which was awesome, because that gave us a bye all the way to the final tournament on Sunday. Two days off! The girls were again really excited, jumping up and down and hugging me. Well, it worked once, let’s see if it works again! I grabbed Linda’s left ass cheek with my right hand and Krista’s right ass cheek with my left hand. This time, I put a little harder squeeze on them…which in turn they gave out a little yelp. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep it there as long as last time because Ms. Niles was running over to hug us.

We went to the hotel restaurant for a little victory party. Ms. Niles was going on and on about how proud she was of us. Everyone was in a great mood and it felt like we just won the whole thing although we had a long way to go. We were starving and looked at the menu to order something. Ms. Niles says, “You guys get anything you want and charge it to my room”.

“You’re not joining us”, I asked?

She said, “No, I am actually going to have dinner with some of the other coaches, so I am going to go upstairs and get ready. I’ll check in on you guys before I leave”. The girls and I smiled as we knew this was phase one of her slut weekend.

Once Ms. Niles left, we ordered and ate our food and continued with the good vibes. It was a bit of a bummer though since it was freezing cold and snowing outside and we couldn’t really go anywhere. Even if we could go out, we wouldn’t really know where to go for 16 year olds to have fun. I had an idea that I’m not sure if the girls would go for, but decide to pitch it anyway. “I think I can get us a bottle of booze” I said.

Both girl’s jaw dropped at the same time.

“Where” asked Linda?

“How” asked Krista?

I said, “Don’t worry about it. The question is, are you guys willing to have a little celebration tonight”? They were looking at each other trying to figure out what the other was going to say. I mentioned, “Look, we have two days off. Ms. Niles is looking to get laid, so she’s probably going to be out all night. Why not have a little fun tonight? We don’t have to compete for a few days and by Sunday we’re good to go. So what do you say”?

“YES” they both yelled at the same time.

“Awesome” I screamed! “You guys wait here at the restaurant, I’ll be back in about 5 minutes or so”. I jumped out of the table and took off. I was running around like a mad man, searching everywhere!

There he is, “ROY” I yelled. “Hey buddy, I need a favor. If you buy me a bottle booze, I’ll give you $20 on top of whatever it costs. And tomorrow I will introduce you to a few girls like you asked for”.

Roy starts laughing and gives me a friendly punch in the arm, “you having a party tonight”?

“No man”, I said, “just a little celebration, I don’t have to compete for a few days, so why not. Is it a deal or what”?

Roy is humming and hawing and says, “Ok, it’s a deal”. I gave him $40 and told him to get a $20 bottle and he can keep the rest. He said it would be about an hour before he gets off work and that he would call my room to come and get it in the lobby. I intended to hold up my end of the bargain and introduce him to a few girls, but what he didn’t know, I was also going to privately warn those girls and let them know what he was all about.

I get back to Krista and Linda at the restaurant and gave them the good news. Just as we were ready to leave, Ms. Niles walks up to us. She is wearing a short, tight black mini skirt with black stockings, heels and a low cut sweater showing plenty of cleavage. Wow, did she look hot! She definitely doesn’t dress like that at school. We start whistling as she walks up, making her uncontrollably blush. She asked us what we were going to do tonight.

I said, “Probably just play cards or watch a movie in our room”.

She hugged all three of us and said, “That sounds great! I’ll probably be a little late tonight and you kids will probably be sleeping, so I won’t bother you”.

Exactly what I thought! “So where are you going tonight Ms. Niles” I asked?

She just smiled and said, “A few of us are going to take a cab to a restaurant a few blocks away where they also have a dance floor”. We wished her well and told her to have fun. I helped her to get her coat on and she heads to the lobby where another lady and three men were waiting for her. She definitely looked better than the other lady, so I liked her chances.

The girls and I head to the hotel gift shop to load up on necessary supplies for the evening…chips, soda, candy and beef jerky. Essential items for any teenage diet, while charging them all to Ms. Niles’s room. We still had about 40 minutes until Roy was going to get the booze, so we headed up to our rooms to shower and get into some comfy clothing. The girls were sharing a room and I had my own. Luckily we had rooms beside each other with an adjoining door. Ms. Niles’s room was all the way down the hall near the elevator, so she won’t even walk by our rooms. I told the girls I would knock on their door as soon as I get the bottle from Roy. I shower, get into my comfy sport shorts and a t-shirt. I quickly call home to check in with the folks but cut it short because I don’t want to miss Roy’s call.

After 10 minutes of pacing, the phone finally rings. Yes, it’s Roy. I pop on some sneakers and head down to the lobby. I give him a bro hug and he passes me a bag with a big bottle of Vodka inside. As I quickly head back to my room, my dick is already getting semi-hard from just thinking about what could happen tonight. I’ve been to 3rd base plenty of times with my previous girlfriends but never further. Still a virgin. As far as I knew, Krista and Linda didn’t have any boyfriends throughout school, but didn’t know anything about their private lives. It was possible they weren’t virgins, yet I was pretty confident they still were. I didn’t know how far things were going to go tonight and didn’t have really high expectations, given both of them were ‘good’ girls. However, I couldn’t wait to find out.

I knock on the adjoining door to our rooms and realize my hand was shaking. Linda opens the door with a big smile, hiding her body behind the door. I take a step inside and was immediately greeted by a waft of heat. They definitely had that heat cranked. As I walk inside, I understand why it was so hot as both of them were wearing very short nighties stopping at their upper thighs. My dick immediately got hard and I didn’t really care about the heat anymore. But I did keep the adjoining door open so I could get some type of airflow.

They already had a bucket of ice, so I go to their bathroom and get the plastic cups hotels leave for you. Coming back to the table, they’re each sitting in a chair, making their nighties rise up even higher. I make us drinks and asked them to stand up so we each can give a toast.

Krista starts first, “To the #4 seed” she enthusiastically says! We all cheers and take a drink. Both the girls coughed a bit but quickly recovered.

Linda was up next to toast, “To Ms. Niles getting laid”! We all laugh, cheers and take a drink.

My turn. “To Mr. Stevens”!! Everyone shouts out a big laugh, cheers and take a drink. I noticed the girls took a bigger drink then previous. Oh, this was a good sign!

We sit down and chit chat for a while, made another drink and dig into the snacks. I made sure not to make the drinks too strong because didn’t want any of us passing out soon, trying to prolong this night as long as possible. The mood was great, we’re all laughing and talking and as the girls laugh more, the higher their nighties rise up their thighs. I have to pull down my t-shirt to hide my crotch, because my dick is hard.

To me this was absolutely fantastic. No adults around, a bottle of Vodka with two girls in a hotel room wearing short nighties who are becoming better looking by the minute. And no ‘in-crowd’ around to give me grief.

We had the TV on in the background with the music channel on. The girls are now starting to dance in their chairs and it is obvious they are having a good time. As I took a deep breath, I had to virtually pat myself on the back as I coordinated this entire scenario.

Linda pops up from her chair and starts dancing even more, saying, “What do you guys want to do. I don’t want to watch a movie, let’s keep having fun like this”!

Krista shouts out, “Let’s play strip poker”! As now they are both up, dancing and laughing uncontrollably, shaking their asses left and right.

I knew Krista was being sarcastic, but I wanted to capitalize on this. “Well, let’s think about this for a minute”, I said, as I make another drink for all of us. “I have a better game that we can play then strip poker”.

They both immediately came to attention and asked “What is it”?

“It’s a simple card game”, I said, “where each of us have 5 trumps. For each round, the designated dealer…deals 1 card face down for everyone and the dealer has to call out what has to be done. For example, let’s say Linda is the dealer and deals us each a card and says, high card has to take a shot of Vodka. We then flip the card and that person with high card has to take the shot. Now, you can also choose to do 2 people to perform a task. For example, the dealer can say, middle and low cards have to hug. We flip and determine who has to hug each other. But, the dealer also has to call out how long. So, the dealer would have to say, middle and low card have to hug for 30 seconds. In either case…with having to do a shot, or 2 people having to hug, someone can use a trump. So, if you don’t want to do the shot, you can use 1 trump, or in the other case where if you don’t want to hug that person, you can use a trump. Only 1 trump can be used per round. So do you guys say, want to try”?

“Sure”, both girls said at the same time very inquisitively and brows furrowed.

I Could see the girls were a little confused, so I decided to do a couple of practice rounds and make sure they get the hang of it. Hey, we we’re the #4 seed in the National Academic Championship…I knew it wasn’t going to take long for them to catch on.

As I suspected, they caught on easily and we were ready to start the game for real. “Oh, I forgot”, I said. “How many pieces of clothing do you guys have on”? I already knew they had on only nighties, panties and socks. Their perky little tits were peeking up, so I knew they had no bras. I just had to make it look good by asking.

They both look at each other, giggle and said at the same time, “4”.

“Socks, count as one piece of clothing”, I reiterated.

They giggled again and said, “3”!

I bend down and take off my socks and throw them over my shoulder. With a big smile on my face, I say, “Now, we all have 3 items of clothing on. Just to make it even…in case the dealer decides to say one person has to take off an item”.

They both looked at each other wide eyed, took a drink and realized this could get serious! However, it seemed as they were up for the challenge and still in good spirits. The liquid courage we were drinking didn’t hurt with that either.

Round 1: I was the dealer and as I was shuffling, I said, “Middle card has to take a shot of Vodka”. Dealt one card to each of us face down, we flip and low and behold, I get the middle card. The girls jumped up, clapped and cheered, hugged each other, then Krista danced while pouring me a shot in an empty cup. This is not starting well, I thought to myself.

Round 2: I pass the deck to Krista. As she was shuffling, she said, “Low card has to take off an item of clothing”! I was thinking, this is getting good in hurry! She deals the cards, we flip and I get the low card. The girls both laugh hysterically and hug each other again. I give a wry smile as I knew they thought I was going to use a trump. Instead, I stood up, whipped off my t-shirt and threw it at them. They both gasped a bit as they were taken back by maybe me not using a trump or it may have been my wash board stomach. I was an athlete and trained hard to get where I was and didn’t have a problem showing off my upper body.

Round 3: Krista passes the deck to Linda. We pause for a minute as I stand up and make us each another drink. I mention that we’re almost out of ice and look at the girls as they were both ogling my body, cross legged with both of them rubbing their thighs together up and down. I give a wry smile again and think they are enjoying my body as much as I am enjoying theirs. Linda shuffles and says, “Low and high cards have to hug for 15 seconds”. She deals, we flip and the girls get the low and high cards. They laugh again. I ask the girls if one of them has a stop watch on their watch as I left mine in my room. Linda runs over to the night table to get her watch and passes it to me. I set it to 15 seconds and say go. They both stand up and hug each other laughing, but what they don’t realize is they are pulling each other’s nighties up where I can see the bottom part of their butt cheeks. My mouth drops and I grab my dick to try and control myself and didn’t comprehend the alarm going off on the watch. They both laugh and give each other a peck on the cheek and sit down.

Round 4: Linda passes the deck to me. I shuffle and say, “High card has to go get us some ice and they can’t put any clothing on but what they have on now…except for some shoes”. The girls scream and are laughing and clapping. I deal the cards, we flip and Linda gets the high card. We all laugh while Linda puts her head in her lap, realizing she is going to have to run down the hall in a short nightie.

Linda jumps up with her hands in the air and says, “Fuck it”! That’s the first time I heard her swear! She goes over to her luggage, pulls out some running shoes and puts them on. Grab’s the ice bucket and heads towards the front door of her room. Krista and I follow her so we can watch. Linda opens the door and sticks her head out the hall way to look around. Sees nobody and takes off like a bat out of hell. Krista is behind me with her arms wrapped around my waist laughing and peeking around my body to watch. Surprisingly, she decides to gently caress my abs. Combined with Linda running so fast, not knowing her nightie is flying up from behind showing the bottom of her ass and Krista caressing me, I immediately get a hard-on. This time, Krista definitely notices it. I put my left hand over my crotch, but Krista keeps rubbing my abs. Linda finally makes her way back with a full bucket of ice and we all sit down and laugh a while as Linda catches her breath.

Rounds 5 & 6 were uneventful. Shots and hugs.

Round 7: Back to me. As I shuffled, I say, “Mid and low cards have to kneel on the bed, hugging each other and kiss passionately for 30 seconds”. The room went quiet. I think there was also an uncomfortable pause on the music channel as well…until I chuckled and asked, “Are you guys ok”? They both nodded their heads yes. This was a win, win for me. If it were both girls, then great…maybe one of them would use a trump. If it were me and one of the girls…even better. The odds were in my favor. I deal, we flip and it’s Krista and me. Krista puts her hands over her face to try and conceal her blushing, but doesn’t work so well. I pass the watch to Linda and she sets for 30 seconds. Krista and I get into position and she is noticeably shaking, but she can’t stop staring at my eyes. Linda shouts go! I whisper to Krista, “Just close your eyes”. She does and I lean in and kiss her gently. She quickly reciprocates and it’s on from there. Our tongues are intertwined and I am rubbing her back up and down while her arms are squeezing me harder around my neck and shoulders. Well, it worked twice, let’s see if three times is a charm! I move my hands down to her ass and rub gently. She lets out a soft moan and squeezes me harder. Just as I was rubbing her ass firmer and try to slowly raise her nightie up to get only her panty covered ass…the fucking alarm rings. Krista pulls back immediately, breathing heavy and says she has to use the bathroom. I put my hand over my dick and say the same. Krista runs to her bathroom and I dash through the adjoining door to my bathroom. I turn on the faucet and splash cold water on my face, trying to figure out whether I should jerk off right then and there. It would probably only take about 10 seconds. Instead, I just took a piss and make my way back to the card game.

Round 8: Krista’s face was red and obviously felt embarrassed, while poor Linda was quiet and didn’t know what to do. I decided to try and break the tension, opened a bag of M&M’s and throw one at each of them and see who can catch in their mouths. That worked! The girls were laughing again and I passed the deck to Krista. She shuffled and said, “Low card has to take off an item of clothing”. That-a-girl, I mentally said. She was horny. She dealt, we flipped and it was Krista. She knew she had an out. Bent down and took off her socks and threw them at me.

Round 9: Linda is dealing. As she shuffled, she said, “Low and high cards have to make out passionately for one minute”. I knew Linda wanted to get in on the action and thought she was going to use a trump if it were me and Krista again. Dealt, flipped and it was Linda and me. Linda passed the watch to Krista as she anxiously jumped on the bed. We assumed the position. Linda wasn’t shaking, just breathing really hard and looking at me very intense. Krista says go! Linda immediately attacks me, not being gentle at all and starts kissing me vigorously. I’m rubbing her back up and down, but didn’t want time to run out like with Krista, so I go for Linda’s ass. Wow, 4 for 4! I’m so fucking horny, I don’t even try to be smooth, just raise her nightie and grabbed her panty covered ass cheeks. I’m just grabbing and clawing while Linda lets out a little growl instead of a moan. I decide to get bolder and reach deep under her ass and rub her pussy. She’s going nuts and presses her body harder against mine. No point in trying to conceal my hard-on because she definitely is feeling it. Just as I was about to put my fingers under her panties…you guessed it…the alarm goes off! But, Linda didn’t stop, she kept going. All I hear in the background is Krista shouting to stop! I was confused and didn’t know what to do, so I pushed Linda away. Linda says to Krista, “Sorry! I couldn’t hear the alarm over the music”! What a nice attempt to be cordial. But that didn’t help that I was about to shoot a big wad in my shorts. I said that I had to use the bathroom again and dashed to my room. Locked the bathroom door, pulled my shorts and underwear down and started jerking. I was wrong…it didn’t take me 10 seconds, it only took me 5 seconds. That was fine, because I knew it would only take a few minutes to get hard again. This way, I was in a little better control of my actions, as the pipe was now cleaned.

Round 10: As I get back to the table, I see the girls whispering towards each other. As they see me, they stop. Hmmm…what are they planning? I decided to make us all another drink, then start shuffling the deck. “Middle card has to take off an item of clothing”, I said. Dealt, flipped the cards and it was Linda. She took off her socks and again threw them at me.

Rounds 11-25: It seems as if all of us had the same plan. To try and get the other naked. By the end of round 25, I was in my underwear with my dick getting harder and harder. I didn’t try and conceal it anymore and I thought the girls would enjoy seeing my 8” python. We were still having a great time, just hooting and hollering.

Round 26: So let’s review. I was in my underwear with 1 trump left. The girls were in their nighties and panties with no trumps left. All of this happened in about 20 minutes while consuming another drink. I could see Linda was starting to fade with all the alcohol consumption. And her being only about 110 lbs. I’m surprised she lasted this long. Krista was surprisingly doing much better, but definitely drunk. I was on the verge of getting drunk but had this raging hard-on that was keeping me awake. The deck of cards were in my hands. I knew the girls were worried because they had no trumps left and completely thought I was going to get one of them to take a piece of clothing off, given the last 15 or so rounds. But, I had something else in mind. As I shuffled, I said, “mid and low cards have to get in the missionary position on the bed and dry hump while making out for 2 minutes”. They again, looked at each other wide eyed and took a drink. I dealt the cards, we flipped and it was me and Linda. Which was good with me, because maybe she might pass out soon. She drunkenly goes over to her bed and starts taking off the comforter and sheets. Gets in bed and asks me to join her. She starts trying to cover us back up with sheets and comforter. “Hell NO”, I said. It’s already really hot in here, I’ll just do the sheet and no comforter. She agrees. We assume the position and Krista says go! I immediately grind my dick in her pussy. She lets out a huge shout and I thought she was going to cum right there. But I kept going. Thrusting my underwear covered dick over her panty covered pussy. She starts breathing really hard. I knew at this moment, I could do anything I wanted. So, as I’m thrusting, I go for the bottom of her nightie and yank it up to her arm pits. Her little titties are now exposed as I keep grinding into her pussy and keep sticking my tongue down her throat. I now thrust faster and faster, stop kissing her and turn my attention to her boobs. I’m pinching the right nipple while sucking on the left all the while grinding my dick on her pussy. She starts moaning furiously and slightly arches her back and pelvis towards me. All of a sudden, she convulses and comes hard. I get surprised and stop everything as she continues to moan. I look over my shoulder towards Krista and see she is sitting with both feet up in her chair, in a crouching position, with her right hand close to her pussy. Should I continue? Beep, beep, beep goes the alarm.

Round 27: We sit back in the chairs, with Linda looking physically spent. I pass the deck of cards to Krista. She shuffles and says, “Same thing…but for 5 minutes”. I’m the only one with a trump left and knew Krista wanted me to grind her pussy the same way. She deals, we flip and me and Linda again. Krista and I look over to Linda and both thought she couldn’t handle that again.

“Trump”, I said, “Krista, it’s you and me”. Krista smiles and passes the watch to Linda already pre-set for 5 minutes. Krista and I get into position. Linda, kind of quietly says go. I immediately thrust my dick towards Krista’s pussy as she lets out a huge moan. We kiss passionately as I thrust faster on her pussy. Pull up her nightie and decided to take it off all the way. Grab her little titties and start pinching her nipples. About a minute or so go by and knew there was going to be a problem. If I continued like this, I was going to shoot out another load…this time in my underwear. So, in an athletic move, I hop to the side of her and start sucking her nipple, while caressing the other and shoving my right hand down her panties and rubbing her pussy furiously. She didn’t know what hit her. First it was a surprise, then it was a huge yelp of pleasure. She started to shake…getting stronger and stronger. I knew she just had an orgasm, but I kept going. Krista struggled to get away, but I over powered her and made her cum again. As I settle down, Krista then over powers me and flips me on my back. Sticks her hand down my underwear, grabs my dick and starts jerking it.

Suddenly, the alarm goes off! Krista gasped and gets embarrassed, oblivious to the fact that Linda was probably looking at us all this time. Yet, we don’t hear the alarm stopping or any type of outcry from Linda. We look towards her and see that she is passed out cold in the chair.

Krista runs to the bathroom and I walk over to Linda…shut off the alarm, pick her up and place her in the bed. Now, I want Linda to be as comfortable as possible. So, I take off her nightie and her panties…stood up and just gazed lustfully for a second, covered her up with a sheet and kissed her gently on the lips.

I go sit in a chair and wait. Krista comes out a few minutes later…wrapped in a towel with a few tears coming down her eyes. She asks me, “is Linda OK”?

I stand up and say, “of course she is ok, she just fell asleep”.

“Look, come and see”, as I pointed to Linda on the bed.

Krista walks over and starts rubbing Linda on the head. The funny thing was, Linda kind of snorted and brushed away Krista’s hand.

We both laughed as I grabbed Krista by the shoulders and turned her towards me. “Look, there is nothing I would do to hurt either one of you. You guys are my teammates and that means a lot to me…more than you think”!

She smiled and hugged me…while her towel dropped.

I said, “Why don’t we go to my room and let Linda sleep”?

Krista kisses me and says, “OK”

I grab Krista’s hand and lead her through the adjoining door, to my room. Rip the covers off my bed and turn around to see Krista hugging herself and shivering. Yes, I didn’t have the heat cranked, but I think we can figure out a way to get warm. I pick her up and throw her into my bed, jump in and throw the covers on top of us. We’re both laughing and hug and kiss each other. We start to make out passionately and I’m rubbing and grabbing that beautiful ass. Move my hand over her waist and start rubbing her pussy. She’s going crazy and starts to get pretty loud. I had to put one hand over her mouth a few times and tell her to shush! I now move down and pay attention to her little titties...continuing down and lightly kissing her stomach. She is wiggling like crazy with both of her hands on my head, running her fingers through my hair. Slowly, I grab her panties and pull them down…take them off and throw them in the direction of my luggage.

Hey, I want a souvenir from this weekend!

Start eating her pussy and she is going crazy, takes her hands off my head and grabs her boobs and feverishly squeezes them. With my middle finger, I slowly insert it into her pussy. She arches her back, yelped loudly and squeezed her boobs even harder. My finger couldn’t go far into her as I felt her hymen. Still a virgin, just as I suspected. As I kept eating and fingering her pussy, she gets really loud now and took about another 30 seconds for her to cum again. I take off my underwear and move up her body. Placing my dick over her pussy, I slowly grind up and down…she has plenty of juices flowing that there is no friction. I gently kiss her and she said to me something no other female has said to me in my entire life.

“Wow”, Krista moaned, “This is the first time I tasted my own juices”. As she licked my lips and face, tasting her own cum. “It tastes great”, she says in a sexy voice.

Right then and there, I wanted to jam my dick in Krista’s pussy. But I knew I couldn’t do that. I continue to slowly grind my dick over her pussy, and now start going in a circular motion. She immediately lets out a strong moan. I say to her, “do you want to do it”? She continues to moan and says nothing. I slow down my grinding and ask again.

She whispers in my ear, “Do you have protection”?

Again, not being smooth at all, I jump out of bed and sprint to my luggage. Slyly, picking up her panties and threw them in my luggage, I open a zipper of one of the secret compartments and grab 1 of the 5 condoms I brought with me. I honestly didn’t think I would use them on Linda or Krista but had hoped for another girl at the competition. Well, that changed! As I come back to bed with Krista laughing and her eyes clearly on my dick, she holds open the covers for me to join her. I get in bed and rip the top of the condom wrapper off with my teeth.

She yells out, “WAIT”! “I just asked if you had protection, I didn’t say we were going to do it”, she says.

In bed, beside her, I freeze…still with the top of condom wrapper in my teeth and the condom in my right hand. Wide eyed and not knowing what the hell to do now!

Krista, just starts laughing and says, “I’m just messing with you”! She continues, “We can do it, but you have to go slow and if I tell you to stop, you have to stop…don’t hurt me”!

I let out a huge SIGH! Spit the condom wrapper out of my mouth, put my lips to her neck and giggle. Wow, this girl has a sense of humor…and a bit of a mean streak! I look into her eyes, rub the side of her face gently and say, “I promise I won’t hurt you and will let you lead”. A slight tear comes down Krista’s face and she hugs and kisses me.

I am now so thank full that I jerked off about 30 minutes ago, because if I didn’t, it would take less than two pumps before I cum. I put on the condom (exactly how health class taught me) and place my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I look her into her eyes and asked, “Ready”?

She says, “Kiss me while you put it in”. I do and press forward, the tip of my dick is in. She sucks her breath in and arched her back.

“You OK”, I ask gently?

In a high pitched whisper, she says, “Yes, just go slow”.

I continue to rub just the tip of my dick in and out of her pussy. I could feel her hymen and after a few more pumps, I push through.

“OHHHHH”, she shouts as she digs her nails into my back. As I pump again, she puts her hands on my abs to stop me from going deeper and says, “Please, slowly”!

I acknowledge and just go slow, my dick is about a third of the way in and even pull back more just to get her use to it. I slowly bend down to kiss her and she throws her arms around neck and moans softly as I continue to pump slowly.

In a surprise move, she wraps both of her legs around my waist and says, “Stick it in all the way” while she is clearly pulling me into her body. I hesitate and pump a few more times and she says, “Just do it” as she tries to pull me in all the way. I couldn’t help it and slowly thrust all the way in. “AHHHHHH”, she screams as she sucks in her breath again! She puts her hand on my waist and yells, “STOP”! I do with my dick all the way in her. She says, “I just want to feel you inside me for a bit” as another tear rolls down her face.

I just lean down and kiss her, savoring the best feeling I had in my life.

“You OK”, I ask again?

“Yes” she groaned, “Just go slow”.

I slowly thrust in and out and she continues to breathe heavily. I continue to go slow…first and foremost, I don’t want to hurt Krista and secondly, I don’t want to cum too quickly. We go at it like this for another minute and it truly was the most beautiful and sensual experience I ever had.

Again, I was surprised, “Fuck me hard”, she says in my ear!

“What”, I asked?

“Just fuck me hard”, she demands!

What could I do! I was a gentlemen and acknowledged Krista’s request. So I do! Start going hard and fast.

She is screaming on top of her lungs, “OH...OH…OH…OH GOD, FUCK ME”! “CUM FOR ME RICKY”, she screams!

That did it! I pump furiously a few more times and cum harder than I ever had. I stop but continually seizure for a bit. Krista starts laughing and crying mildly at the same time.

“You ok”, I ask?

She continues to giggle and says, “I couldn’t be better”! After she wipes the tears from her face, she says, “I never thought my first time would be this good”!

“Neither did I”, I whisper.

Krista was surprised and said, “I’m your first”! She starts crying again, in a happy way and hugs me.

I pull my dick out of her pussy with her giving a soft moan.

“You want something to drink”, I ask?

“Water”, she says

I get out of bed, go to my bathroom and take the condom off my dick and throw it into the toilet. Take a long piss and throw my head back and smile widely. Wash my dick with soap, water and a small towel. Turn the faucet on, wash my hands, splash water on my face and put my lips down to the faucet and take a huge drink. Unwrap a plastic cup in my bathroom, fill it with water and go back to Krista.

Her eyes are closed with a huge smile on her face. I get into bed, she looks up and I hold her head up as I give her drink of water. I put the cup on the night table beside me, glance at the clock and notice it is only midnight. I thought it would be 1 or 2 in the morning. Wow, a lot happened in the last 4 hours. Turn off the light and get into bed with Krista, lie on my back and place my left arm around her. She cuddles up next to me and places her left hand on my abs and gently rubs. I guess that was the trigger for her, she definitely likes my abs. We fall asleep, both spent and happy as hell.

I must be dreaming about fucking Krista’s tight pussy. But wait! I wake up, look to my left to see Krista still sleeping, then look to my right and see a silhouette of a small female that is jerking my cock. She puts her left forefinger over my mouth and says, “Shh”, as she continues to jerk me, the light clicks on and its Linda…still naked.

I am still disoriented, look over to the clock and its 3:10 am. I throw the back of head down to the pillow and moan as Linda is still jerking my cock. Linda stops jerking and takes both of her hands, grabs my left arm starts pulling me up out of bed. As I stand up, she reaches up, bends my head down towards her and kisses me. Then stops and whispers, “Do you have another condom”, as she points on the other bed in my room to the empty condom wrapper.

“Yes”, I say, still disoriented and not sure if I was dreaming or awake.

“Good”, Linda whispers, grabs my dick and starts leading me away from the bed where Krista is sleeping. “Where is it” she whispery asks in a sexy voice?

I go to my luggage, open it, slide the zipper to the secret compartment and pull out another condom. Linda looks in my luggage and grabs Krista’s panties that I put in there, “Is this a souvenir”, she asks? I grab them from her and embarrassingly put them back into my luggage as I slam it shut. Linda giggles, reaches up and kisses me, and says, “Remind me to give you my panties from tonight as well”!

Good lord! If my dick wasn’t hard enough, it certainly got harder. Linda grabs my dick and leads me through the adjoining door into her room, towards her bed. She turns me around and pushes me onto the bed. Wow, I didn’t know she was this aggressive. She bends down and starts to suck on my cock. I’m going nuts but stop her. I say, “Turn around so we can get in a 69”. She does and I start to eat her pussy while she is sucking my dick like a mad woman. She is moaning profusely and I don’t think I’m going to last much longer the way she is sucking me. I stop eating her pussy and tell her to stop sucking my dick. She doesn’t comply and continues to suck harder, I couldn’t stand it anymore and cum hard in her mouth. She continues to suck and makes sure she gets every drop of cum out of me.

Swallows and wipes her mouth and says, “Ahhh”! Gets off of me and goes to the bathroom. I am breathing heavily, laying on my back, still trying to figure out if this was real or if I was still asleep. I start slapping myself in the face. Yuup, this was real. My breathing calms down and Linda comes out of the bathroom.

Goes to the table and pours us each a shot of a Vodka. Brings the cups over to me at the bed, straddles me just below my dick on my legs and tells me to sit up. I do as mistress says, while she passes me a cup. We look at each other, cheers and take the shot. We both cough for a few seconds, laugh and throw the cups away. I lay my head back down and continue laughing. Linda grabs my dick and takes a wet warm wash cloth that she brought back from the bathroom and starts cleaning my dick. She discards the wash cloth over her shoulder, spits in both of her hands and starts jerking my dick.

“You fucked Krista…didn’t you”, she asked inquisitively? As she continues to look in my eyes and jerks me.

No point in lying, “Yes”, I groaned.

“Were you gentle with her? You know she was a virgin”? She inquired as she continued to jerk me.

“Yes”, I moan as I wrap my hands around her waist.

“Good”, she growls. “Now we are going to fuck”, as she leans over to the night table and gets the condom I left there. She rips it open with her hands and starts to expertly put it on my dick.

“Are you a virgin too”, I ask?

She laughs and says no. “I lost my virginity this past summer at Religion camp”, she giggles as she moves up and starts grinding her pussy on my condom covered dick. “But, the guy I lost my virginity to had a small, thin 4” dick and I really wasn’t satisfied with that”. As she starts moaning and rubs her pussy faster and faster on my dick. “Nowhere near the size of your dick…he lasted about 20 seconds before he came”, she moans, “I purposely sucked you off, so you wouldn’t cum so quickly while we fuck”, as she continues to moan while she grinds. “But, now I want to control the situation”, as she continues to grind her pussy on my dick.

So that explains why she is so good at religious facts. Linda rises up and grabs my dick as she straddles me, places it at the entrance of her pussy and starts to push down. “Whoa”, she screams. “That’s a hell of lot bigger than I thought”! She takes both of her hands starts to fan her face. “Is it hot in here or is it me”, as she continues to fan herself.

It was hot hours ago when I first knocked on your fucking door I was thinking.

She pushes down further on my dick and surprisingly, she is just as tight as Krista and maybe tighter. Just about half way in she pauses and breathes heavily. “I have to take a break”, she mentions sorely. “Wow, I knew you were big, but not this big”. She continues to push down like a champ and yells even louder...stops again.

About three quarters in, I lean up to her and ask, “Let me take over”?

She whispers in a high pitched voice, “Yes”!!

I easily pick her up and turn her around to the missionary position while she is moaning the whole time. “Let me know if I hurt you”, I whisper in her ear. She starts to snicker and hugs me hard.

“Please, fuck me”, she says. I continue to fuck her slow as I did with Krista, learning the lessons from my first time. I move slowly and slowly until I’m fully inside of Linda. She says into my ear, “Go a little faster but not too fast”.

I oblige and start fucking her at medium pace. She whimpers softly as her pussy squeezes around my dick and I know she is coming. She cries out to me, “Don’t cum yet…please don’t yet…I want you to fuck me more”.

I immediately pull my dick out half way out of her pussy and grab the base of my dick, squeezing it, trying to hold back my orgasm. I manage to control myself and sigh a bit. “Now fuck me hard”, she whispers in my ear…just like Krista said to me.

Just as gentlemanly as I was to Krista, I fulfill Linda’s request and thrust deeply in her pussy. She lets out a huge yelp and I continue to fuck her hard…just pounding into her pussy.

She screams, “YES…YES…YESSS”, as I continue to pound relentlessly for the next few minutes. She starts to orgasm again, squeezing her pussy around my dick and uncontrollably convulsing.

That did it! I cum really hard and we both let out cries of joy. I get up, taking my dick out of her pussy, but she protests and wants me to fuck her more. I in turn protest and said I just came 4 times over several hours and need some time to recover.

She looks at me as I’m standing over her, smiles, pulls the covers over her and says, “What a pussy you are”, as she giggled and knew that I might attack her. Instead, I pull the covers off of her and slap her ass hard. She screams and pulls the covers back over her and moans as she cuddles up in bed. I make my way over to the table, grab a beef jerky, open it and start chomping.

Make my way to my bathroom to take a shower, trying to figure out who I was going to cuddle up and sleep with…Linda or Krista. If this was the biggest dilemma I was going to have…It was going to be a great weekend!

To be continued…….


2020-07-09 09:14:26
Enjoyed the game! Great way to build up. Lots of foreplay using the game and very good story and character development.


2020-06-30 10:31:41
Besides the game being a little convoluted this was a fantastic read. Definitely looking forward to the next edition. Great job.


2020-06-29 17:22:27


2020-06-29 14:49:52
Looking for the corrections in this re-post. Game is STILL too long with rounds where nothing happened,


2020-06-26 17:17:23
Game was too complicated. Too many rounds to get naked. Too many rounds where nothing happened.

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