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Susie invites Travis and his brother Donnie over to our house for a surprise (to me) gangbang.
It occurred to me as I sat down to write this next chapter that I hadn’t told you why I decided to call my wife Susie in these stories (nobody uses real names). It’s because when I saw a picture of Susie Diamond, it reminded me of my wife when she was younger. Of course they are not identical; but they both have that delicate facial structure, jet black hair, and killer legs. My wife has slightly bigger tits, especially now after having two children, but they are still very firm for a woman with just over 30 years on her clock. Anyways, on with the story.

After the weekend at Travis and Donnie’s house I made Susie retell the story just about every night after the children were asleep. Of course, this always ended up with a great fuck and lots of orgasms for both of us. I was never jealous that she enjoyed that weekend so much or that she still came a lot more after talking about it. In fact, I was overjoyed to see her so sexually satisfied and uninhibited.

But eventually she grew restless for more teen cock, so she contacted Travis and arranged to meet him at a local park so she could drive to a more secluded location and fuck him. She did this several times, and enjoyed it, but the car was very limiting and she wasn’t able to meet with Donnie. She also told me she wanted to be double fucked by them again and was a little frustrated that she had not been able to arrange that.

Then providence interceded in the form of her parents. They offered to take us to Florida for a one week vacation, including full days at Disney World and Universal Studios. I was in the middle of an important project at work and couldn’t get the time off on such short notice, but I encouraged Susie to take the children and go. She decided to just send the children, saying that her parents would appreciate the “grandparents time” with them alone. She also thought it would be good for us to get a break from them as well. In reality, she was thinking of something else entirely.

They picked up the children on a Saturday morning, giving us an entire weekend alone. We hardly knew what to do with all that time. We fucked, of course, in the middle of day and made plenty of noise. We walked around the house nude, when out to dinner and enjoyed a good local band at a bar downtown. It was great not having to worry about when we had to be home.

Sunday was less frenetic and much more relaxing. A little lawn work, some UFC on the tube, and a quiet dinner at home with some good wine. I made sweet love to my wife starting in the kitchen bent over the sink. Then we moved to the living room and 69’d on the couch. After she came on my tongue, I bent her over a chair and fucked her slowly for a good long time.

The next morning when I was on my way out to work, she promised me a surprise when I got home. It was hard to concentrate all day, wondering what she had planned for me. As she requested, I called her just as I was leaving work. The 30 minute drive seemed to take forever, with all the slowest drivers in the world getting in front of me.

When I got home and opened the garage, I was in such a hurry that I didn’t notice the two unknown bicycles. I went inside and didn’t see Susie anywhere, but I could hear her voice coming from upstairs, so I followed the sound into our bedroom. The scene in front of me is etched on my brain forever: my beautiful wife was sandwiched between Travis and Donnie. Travis was on the bottom with his cock sliding in and out of her cunt, while Donnie was on top fucking her ass.

She was moaning and babbling incoherently as they sawed their young cocks in and out of her holes. I had never before seen her in such a state of erotic bliss. My cock was instantly hard and it took all my will power to not take it out and start stroking. As I stood there watching, she came over and over on their teenage dicks. It was amazing; I never knew she could cum so much. I had also never heard her make sounds like that before.

This debauchery continued for about 10 minutes before Donnie deposited his load in her ass. After he pulled out and got off the bed I watched for another minute as his spunk dribbled out of her stretched anus and Travis continued to pound her cunt from he bottom position. After he shot his load, Susie barely had the strength left to just roll off of him. He kissed her one more time and then left the room with his brother in tow, saying something about food.

I had my clothes off in a flash and was on the bed with my wife. She looked so incredibly hot with cum leaking out of both her holes. I looked at her gaping ass and saw a rare opportunity. I got between her legs and hooked them over my shoulders. I got no complaints from Susie until I started pushing my cock into her ass.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She asked weakly.

“Don’t worry, you’re all ready pretty stretched out back here and I’ll go slow.” I reassured her.

Her ass was so tight. Once I got it all in, it felt like my cock was in a vice. My wife grunted a few times as I worked it in, but now she was starting to moan again. I was determined to make her cum one more time, so I had to stop several times when I felt like I was almost there.

“Oh, fuck, I feel so full! Keep fucking me.” She gasped.

I could sense she was close now, so I decided to pick up the pace and just hoped she popped before I did. Fortunately for both of us, she got there first, but only by a few seconds. As her ass muscles massaged my cock, I could take no more and added my load to Donnie’s. Now we were both satiated, at least for the moment.

“That was incredible, babe.” I said as I kissed her. “Thanks for the great surprise.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” She sighed.

“I loved it.” I replied. “But I thought you didn’t want any of the boys to know where we lived; so why did you bring them over here?” I asked

“I couldn’t see any other way to make this work, except getting a motel room, and you know how cheap hotels gross me out.” She explained. “Besides, I know I can trust Travis and Donnie to keep a secret.”

“OK, but if this decision comes back to bite you, don’t complain to me.” I warned.

“Don’t worry about it.” She said. “If you are hungry, I made some finger-food before the boys arrived. Just nuke anything that is too cold.”

I suddenly realized I WAS hungry, and thirsty, so I threw on my pants and headed for the kitchen while Susie held back to clean up; she didn’t want to leak cum all over the house. Good plan. When I walked into the kitchen I found the two boys there eating. I joined them and just to break the ice told them I’d drive them home when I was finished.

“You don’t have to do that.” Travis said. “We rode our bikes.”

“Wow, that’s what, five miles?” I asked.

“Six and a half.” Donnie answered. “No big deal.”

“Well, I guess you were plenty motivated.” I joked.

They both smiled back. Yeah, at their ages I’d have ridden that far and more to nail a sexy lady like my Susie. A few minutes later she showed up wearing a short, translucent robe that was loosely tied and showed more than it hid. I got the distinct feeling that my wife was not done for the night. As for the boys, well they were teenagers, of course they were ‘up’ for more.

After everybody was fed, we moved to the family room. I put on some “fuck music” to set the mood and the boys encouraged Susie to dance for them. She didn’t waste any time getting her robe off and soon she was running her hands up and down her naked body, paying particular attention to her tits and pussy. I could feel mister mojo rising, so I shucked off my pants.

Susie knelt down in front of me and sucked my cock into her mouth like a starving slut. I had my eyes shut while I was enjoying her mouth when I noticed a change in her technique. So I opened my eyes and saw that Travis was fucking her from behind. She loves doggy style and cums easily from that position. I actually didn’t mind that she was now distracted and not doing such a good job sucking my cock because I wanted to last long enough to fuck her again.

After he pounded her through one moaning, shaking orgasm, she stopped even trying to give me a blowjob and just put her head down in my lap. For his part, Travis never even slowed down; he just kept fucking her hard and fast. My wife was crying “Oh god, oh god, don’t stop” between the other pleasure sounds she was making. Then “Oh fuck I’m cumming again”, followed by squealing and gasping sounds. It was so hot seeing her in this sexual frenzy.

Travis started fucking her at a furious pace, his eyes shut tightly. Then he groaned loudly and stopped moving, obviously pumping his boy cum into my wife’s cunt, or at least whatever he had left at that point. When he pulled out, Susie quickly turned around and took his dripping cock into her mouth. After she finished cleaning him off, I pulled her into my lap and started fucking her reverse-cowgirl.

Actually I didn’t have to do much since she was doing most of the work, bouncing up and down on my cock as she rubbed her clit. Donnie, not wanting to be left out, walked up and put his cock into her mouth, which she greedily accepted. I was amazed at how easily she slipped into the role of slut-wife. That was the first time that I wondered, if only briefly, if she was becoming addicted to teenage cock. Then all thoughts vanished from my mind as I blew my second load of the day into her incredibly hot, clenching pussy.

Not done yet, Susie climbed off my lap, turned around, and knelt on the couch with her ass facing Donnie. “Fuck me.” She begged as she continued to finger her clit. He did as she asked and sunk his thin cock all the way into her snatch in one stroke. He had just gotten started when she said, “In my ass. I want you in my ass.”

Donnie slipped his cock out of her cunt. It was slick with her juices and our jism combined, so I knew it would slip into her already stretched ass just fine. And sure enough, he slowly buried it in her poop chute all in one go. “Oh god!” she moaned loudly.

While he was pounding her to another thundering orgasm, I got up to get something to drink. Travis said he was thirsty too and followed me. In the kitchen there was an awkward moment and then he said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” I replied.

“No offense, but why do you let your wife...well, you know.” He said.

“Fuck other guys?” I said.

“Yeah. I just don’t get it. If she was my wife, I’d keep her to myself.” He responded.

“I do it because I love her so much.” I said.


“OK, let’s put it this way. If you had a wife that just loved to buy shoes, wouldn’t you let her buy as many shoes as you could afford?” I asked.

“I suppose so.” He answered.

“Well, my wife loves teenage cock. It makes her happy, so I let her have as much as she can get.” I explained.

“Aren’t you jealous?” He asked.

“Of what, your youth? That would be stupid. Look, all she wants from you boys is your cocks, but she wants ALL of me. We love each other and I know she will never leave me for a cock, no matter how much she enjoys it.” I answered.

“OK, it still seems weird to me, but I think I understand now.” He replied.

We heard Susie cry out “Fuck I’m cumming again!” from the family room.

“Happy wife, happy life.” I quipped as we walked back.

The sweat was pouring off Donnie as he pounded my wife’s ass mercilessly. It looked like he was building up to his own orgasm while Susie was continually muttering “Oh fuck oh fuck”. When she came again, almost screaming this time, I think it triggered him, because he stopped moving and just grunted as he spewed whatever spunk he had left into her bowels. Then they both collapsed onto the couch, a quivering, blissful pile of naked flesh.

I was finished for the night and I think the boys would have taken another turn with her, but it was getting late.

“And you two still have 6 and a half miles to ride home.” I reminded them.

So they put their clothes on, got a sloppy kiss from Susie, and took off.

“I need a shower.” Susie announced.

“I’ll join you.” I said.

“Just a shower now.” She said with a laugh.

We did fool around a little, but it was just post-sex fondling, nothing serious. We were both too tired for anything else; at least I was. I didn’t realize it at the time, but another corner had been turned in our lives, and nothing would ever be the same.

The next chapter will be Susie recounting the rest of the week in her own words.
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