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A normal day at the beach takes an unexpected turn, one that might scar me and my family for life.
The spring sun was burning my back to a crisp. A soft breeze lifted the smell of salt in the air. It wasn’t peak season, but with such a nice weather, Nice’s beaches were already crammed with tourists. Ours was not so crowded, but still, I knew I could find a topless girl if I looked hard enough.

There she was! A six feet tall brunette flashing her D cup to the other shore, in the shadow of her sunshade. She placed it next to a rock, far from the eyes of passersby.

She clearly wanted to be left alone, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I placed my towel next to her, pretending to gaze at the coastline.

My eyes were glued to her body. She was lying prone directly on the sand, her arms obstructing my view to her naked chest. She looked in her thirties. Her facial features made me think she was a local, but it was hard to tell with her sunglasses on. Her skin was like bronze. She must had been sunbathing long before my arrival. Her face was covered in freckles and she had a large mole in the vague shape of a heart on the side of her left boob.

She was out of any seventeen years old league, but I was happy just looking at her for half an hour or so. And so I did. As blood left my head, I hid my boner in the sand and began to move my hips slowly, pretending to fuck her. My mind drifted away in lust and torpor.

“Julian! Julian!”

The yelling of my name woke me up from my fantasies. My mother was standing next to me with her arms crossed. She was a blonde woman in her forties, about the same height as me. Her eyes were the same dark blue as the sea at night. Her breast was a large C cup. I would have found her very hot if it weren’t for her tan lines.

“I’ve been looking for you for hours! I told you not to go all by yourself in crowded places!” She was looking down at me with a frown on her face.

“But mom I’ve been by myself for just ten minutes! And I never ventured too far!”

I stood on my feet, looking her face to face, forgetting about my raging boner.

“Whatever! You must always stay within my sight!”

“Mom! Come on! I’m old enough to drive! Give me a break!” I told her as I saw her blushing. She must had noticed the bulge in my swimming trunks. I felt both embarrassed and proud at the same time. It was about time she saw me as an adult.

“Just come with me. Now.” She avoided eye contact with me. Her face was completely red.

I sighed and nodded, taking one last glance at that woman’s tits. She led me to our parasol, where my sister was waiting for us, while playing with marbles in the sand.

My sister was about a foot shorter than my mother, but she had her same eyes and hairs, only she wore pigtails instead of a ponytail. Her nipples were bulging out of her one piece. She was only a B cup at the time, but her tits were going to grow nicely.

“What took you so long?” Said the little brat.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting Stacy. I thought I lost your brother. He was… looking for seashells.” I didn’t expect my mother to say anything about I was doing, but she couldn’t had picked a dumber lie.

“Where are them?” Said my sister looking at me.

“Where are what?”

“The seashells you found, Dork!”

“Stacy! Don’t talk to your brother that way!” my mom screamed. “I had him toss them into the sea, they were nothing special”

“That’s not fair, I wanted to make a necklace out of them”. My sister was throwing a tantrum like a little baby and causing a scene.

“You can make one out of the shells you find here, Stacy” said my mom trying to calm her down.

“But there are no seashells here. They have all been taken already. Let’s look for them along the coast.”

“Stacy, I’ve been running around the beach looking for your brother up until now. Please, let my legs rest for a while. Why don’t you build a sandcastle instead?”

“I don’t wanna. People are just going to stomp it with their feet. And even if they don’t, the tide is going to take it away”.

“Ugh, fine. Julian will come with you” Great, just what I had in mind, babysitting my younger sibling.

“No way! She can go alone! She is just two years younger than me!” I said.

“Julian, please. I don’t trust either of you alone yet. But I know that if one of you gets in trouble, you will both help each other out”.

As she spoke, Stacy put her marbles back in her purse. Then she pulled my hand. There was no point arguing anymore. “Fine” I sighed. I took a water bottle from my bag and reluctantly followed my sister.

We had already walked a couple of miles by the time she could her first seashell. I was walking with my feet in the water, while she didn’t seem to mind going barefoot on the scorching sand.

As we walked, I drank from the bottle, pretending to suck that woman’s nipples.

“Look I found one!” My sister walked towards the sea, until she was waist deep in the water.

Then, she let out a deafening scream and fell prone. As I ran towards her, I barely avoided tripping over a sea urchin, the same one Stacy had stepped on.

I pulled her out of the water and laid her down on the sand. She was crying in pain, with several spines on her feet and even more around her belly button. They had pierced through her swimsuit like it was nothing.

“We need to get you back to the beach. The lifeguard will treat your wounds. Can you walk?”

“Do you think I can walk with all these needles on my feet?” She shouted.

She pulled her one-piece swimsuit down to her waist. The spines around her belly button came off with it, but not before leaving deep scratches on her skin.

I couldn’t help staring at her soft pink nipples, but she was too in pain to notice.

“We need to disinfect that” I said. I grabbed my water bottle only to realize it was completely empty. “Try to pee over your injuries, the alcohol will disinfect them”

“How am I supposed to pee on my belly button, you jerk!” she yelled.

I had no choice. “I guess I have to do it then”

“What? Ew, no! That’s gross!”

“Look, do you want the pain to go away or not?”

“Ok, fine just hurry! I can’t stand it any longer”

I whipped out my penis, just to realize that it was hard as rock. Fuck! Why did it have to get hard right now? Was it because I saw a topless woman or because I was about to piss on my little sister?

“So? Hurry up!” she cried.

“I can’t do it sis.” And I really couldn’t. It’s really difficult to pee with a boner, and it’s practically impossible to do it if you have phimosis.

“Why not?” she whined.

“Because I have an erection”

“No, you don’t! The tip isn’t even out! Stop messing with me!”

I was offended by her words but kept my cool. “Listen! Just shut up for two minutes and look the other way while I take care of this!”

I began stroking my cock as fast as I could, thinking about that topless girl I saw earlier. After beating my meat for over two minutes, nothing was coming out.

Stacy didn’t listen to me. She was trying to peek on me, but rather than turning me off, knowing that my sister was looking at me as I wanked just got me more excited. But this still wasn’t enough to make me climax.

“Stacy, I need your help” I grunted in frustration.

“With what?” she said.

“Don’t play dumb with me! You might as well give me a hand instead of just staring at me!”

I approached my injured sister. My stiffy was just a few inches from her face. She bit her lips and said: “Whatever! Let’s just get this over with.”

She grabbed my cock with her little hands. Her grip was soft and delicate. She tried to pull back my foreskin. It felt equally painful and pleasant.

“Just rub it up and down.” I said.

For once in her life, my sister was listening to me. She began stroking my dick slowly, following my bulging vein with her index finger. She was clearly a first timer, but she had talent.

She grabbed my balls and tried to squish them.

“It’s not going to come out faster this way.”

As I spoke those words, I noticed there was liquid leaking from her swimsuit to her thighs. Meanwhile, the rest of her body had dried up. I couldn’t believe it. She was enjoying herself while in pain.

I rubbed my hand on her tits, being careful not to touch any wound on her body. Her nipples became hard between my fingers. I was too deep into the rabbit hole to go back now, so I went all the way.

“Open your mouth wide, sis.” I ordered.

She kissed the tip of my dick instead. She let her grip on my shaft go, just to give it a lick from the ball sack all the way to the tip. I was getting close.

“Open your mouth, sis.” I repeated.

She wrapped the tip of my dick with her lips. Then, I felt her tongue going in circles around it, as if she were French kissing her boyfriend. If I hadn’t been phimotic, I would have cum right there.

I grabbed her pigtails to draw her face closer to me. My sister gagged as my cock penetrated her throat. I could see the bulge of my cock on her neck as It kept going up and down. That was my breaking point.

I felt the heat rising from my testicles. I clenched my butt cheeks and released my spunk in her mouth. She fell down, spitting cum and saliva, gasping for air.

“Are you ok, sis?” I asked.

“No, I’m not! I still have needles in me!”

I felt dumb for asking that question. Meanwhile, my dick became soft. It was time for me to disinfect her wounds.

I pulled my foreskin back as far as I could, letting out my yellow stream. It hit my sister in the abdomen, then ran down to her belly. She screamed so loudly I thought my mother could hear her from miles away.

“Stop! It burns! It burns!” she screamed.

I grabbed the tip of my dick to hold the piss in.

“Sis, I have to do it. The wound has to be disinfect-“

“Carry me back now or I’m telling mom everything!” she cried.

I tried to make her see reason, but it was pointless. It had been years since I saw her crying like that. She put her swimsuit back on. I carried her on my shoulders, trying not to touch her belly with my back. I walked in silence back to our mother.

“Oh Jesus! What happened?” she screamed.

“Stacy fell on some sea urchins, mom. I brought her back here.”

My mother’s hand swiftly hit my cheek.

“You should have run to me! To get help!”

A small crowd surrounded us. A young and muscular man with a lifejacket in his hand came forward.

“I’m a lifeguard.” He said. “What happened?”

Stacy was the first to reply: “I got sea urchin’s spikes in my body.”

“That’s a sign our sea is clean” the lifeguard replied.

“I could give a fuck about the cleanliness of the sea. My daughter needs an ambulance now!”

“That won’t be necessary. Have you rubbed something like alcohol, urine or water on them?” He asked.

That’s when I knew my life was over. That little bitch was gonna spill the beans. My mother slapped me in public just because my sister got hurt. I dreaded to imagine what she would do if she found out I forced myself on Stacy. I wouldn’t have to imagine it for much longer, however. I was about to find out.

“Yes.” She said. “My brother had a bottle of water with him. He poured some where it hurt the most, but I couldn’t bear it and asked him to stop.”

As she spoke, I felt like I was about to have a heart attack. Good thing I didn’t need CPR from the lifeguard.

“That’s bad” he said. “If you don’t know first aid, just ask for help, kid. Fresh water could have spread the venom further in your sister’s body. Luckily, there are no venomous species here.” He then told my sister: “Now, you have to be a brave little girl for me. Can you do that?”

My sister nodded.

The lifeguard drew a pair of tweezers from his pocket and held my sister’s legs down by the ankles.

“Scream if you have to, but don’t kick. And don’t bury your feet in the sand.”

My sister gave him her silent consent. One by one, He pulled the spines out of my sister’s feet with his tweezers.

Stacy bit her own tongue to avoid screaming like a baby. My mother’s face was livid red. She held her hand the whole time while looking away.

Once that was done, the lifeguard told Stacy to rub some sand on her feet and went pack to his post.

None of us were in the mood to stay any longer. We packed our things in silence and left, going back to our vacation rental.


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