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This is part one of three, which will be posted soon.
Tia cursed herself for ever agreeing to join this project as she maneuvered over a fallen log, camcorder in hand. She balanced it carefully on her shoulder as she slid her legs over the log, landing softly on the mulch of the forest floor. She, along with a small crew, had been hired by some upstart of a TV director, who flew them down to the Chilean Andes for his pseudo-documentary. Supposedly, they were hunting for evidence of a creature called the "stringworm", a local cryptid. She snorted a laugh as she thought of the name. It didn't sound remotely terrifying. In fact, it reminded her of those silly, googly-eyed pipe cleaner things. Maybe it sounds scarier in Spanish she wondered.

Tia had figured that the job would be easy money: take sweeping shots of the forest, the occasional shaky sequence as she pretended to run or look around in a panic, then profit. Whatever she filmed, some overly dramatic narrator would voice over it, surely insinuating some terrible creature was stalking the helpless camerawoman. On top of that, the company flew her here for free, so she figured she would get some time to be a tourist between filming sessions. What she had not accounted for, was the forbidding terrain of the hills and valleys, and how deep into the rainforest they were expected to set up camp. They all carried GPS trackers and on a good day, you could even get service if you climbed the hill next to camp. Still, the crew and their gear had to be flown in by helicopter, and as far as Tia was concerned, they were in their own little world out there. It was far from the cushy vacation-job she'd been imagining.

She continued making her way through the rainforest, checking her GPS every few minutes to keep track of where she was. Tia swept the trees with her camera as she walked, but she was getting bored of filming empty forest. She stopped to take a close-up of a millipede that trundled its way through the loam, when she smelled something peculiar. Pausing, she took a deep breath, trying to identify it. It smelled organic, almost like wet leaves, but there was a sweet, cloying undertone that reminded her of some type of flower. Lilacs? She wondered. She took another breath, and the sweetness became overpowering, making her dizzy. She sat down hard and relaxed her breathing, heart pounding. The sensation quickly subsided, and she got to her feat. Oh god, I hope I'm not coming down with something. She thought. It couldn't be heatstroke: the damp air of the rainforest was pleasantly cool for now, though it often got hot and oppressively muggy as the day wore on. Maybe I'm just tired she reassured herself. Though she tried, she couldn't pick up that strange scent again, just the aroma of rotting wood and forest soil.

Continuing on, the ground began to slope downwards, and she decided to follow it. At the base of the little valley, she came across a small stream, which trickled over the mossy rocks with a pleasant burbling sound. Tia took shots of the water and birds that flocked to the trees nearby, chirping and cawing. She caught a faint whiff of that same, strange smell, which grew stronger as she followed the stream to its source. She began to feel hot, and she paused, seeing down her camcorder to undo a few buttons on her top, exposing her cleavage to a light breeze as she started to sweat. She pulled the elastic from her hair as well, letting it fall loose, frizzy from the humidity.

Still unable to cool down, she bent down at the water's edge. She knew she shouldn't drink water from the rainforest, but she was getting desperate, and the water seemed clear enough to be harmless. Cupping her hands, she splashed some on her face, breathing a sigh of relief as the cold water soothed her skin. Refreshed, Tia turned to retrieve her camera when she noticed something upstream. The water was coming from a cliff up ahead, where it spilled from the entrance of a cave. Walking closer to investigate, she found it was more of a crack in the rock, wide at the bottom, but narrowing to just a sliver as it neared the top of the cliff. The scent grew stronger as she approached the cave, almost intoxicating, but Tia was too distracted by the sight to take much notice.

"Oh, that director is going to flip when he sees this." She mumbled to herself. Dark spooky caves? He'll eat that shit up. Realizing she had left her camera downstream, she turned to get it, when something struck her.

At first, it felt like someone had splashed her with a cup of warm water. However, it continued to spray her in a sustained jet, and she stumbled as she shielded her eyes, bruising her shoulder when she hit the ground. She tried to scrape off the clear, whitish substance with her hands, but it gelled quickly into glue-like stands. Soon, her hands were stuck at her sides. She strained her legs against it as well, but found she could only separate her knees a few inches, the rubbery strands stretching but refusing to break. The smell grew even stronger, as Tia panicked, squirming on her back but unable to escape.

She stopped struggling as she heard something approach. She sat up at much as she could in a crunch, just in time to see it emerge from the cave. The creature looked like a cross between a worm and a caterpillar, with segmented, purple-brown skin that glistened wetly. It had two fat antennae that probed the air around it, and a pair of blunt knobs that oozed the slime it had used to ensnare her. Tia froze in terror as it made its way towards her, undulating as it traveled on dozens of short, stumpy legs. She had seen one of these on her walk, but it was tiny. This was wider as a basketball, and almost a dozen feet long.

The worm crawled on top of her, lifting its front section to reveal a gummy looking mouth. Its front pairs of legs pressed down on her thighs and knees, and it's mouth opened wide, revealing a pair of curved mandibles hidden inside. Oh fuck, I'm going to die! Tia thought, but the only sound she made was a terrified whimper. She squeezed her eyes shut, bracing for the pain when it bit her. Instead, it simply used the mandibles to snip through the strands binding her thighs together, the worm's weight forcing them apart. Tia struggled to kick it away, but her feet were still bound at the ankles and pinned beneath it, and she couldn't get any purchase with her arms stuck. It continued to work, shredding her pants into taters with its mandibles, and hooking her panties, snapping them with the sharp edge.

The worm's fangs retracted deeper into its mouth as it lowered it's head between her legs. It's antenna slid over Tia's body, exploring. The scent, some kind of pheromone she realised, seemed to be coming from them. Breathing more of it in with each panicked breath, she began to feel dizzy and limp, and her struggling grew weaker. She couldn't see what the worm was doing between her legs, but she could certainly feel it.

She bucked as its mouth pressed against her labia, cold and wet. Unseen mouthparts worked furiously, running up and down and grinding against her clit. Despite herself, she began to get wet, her body betraying her, but her mind not far behind. Something like a tongue shoved it's way up her pussy. Tia bit her lip hard but she barely felt it, the intoxicating aroma dulling the pain, and overwhelmed by the sensation of its tongue probing her insides. Without warning, the worm pulled its back. As Tia's head began to clear she felt disgusted: part of her was almost disappointed it had stopped. Regaining her senses, she began to kick once more.

"Help!" She screamed, the sound startling birds from the trees. "Can anyone hear me! Help! Mmmph!" A well placed blob of slime landed on her lips, sealing them. She continued her muffled cries for a moment before giving up, the slime disgustingly bitter on her tongue. She breathed heavily through her nose, whimpering. Apparently satisfied with it's taste of her, the worm closed its mandibles around Tia's ankle, and began to drag her backwards into the cave with its slow, caterpillar crawl. Kicking and squirming, she was pulled inside.

The worm dropped her on the damp stone ground, next to the water. Light from the entrance barely illuminated the cave, and the scent was stronger with no wind to dissipate it. It fogged her head and made her sleepy, but she still kicked weakly as the worm once again loomed over her. What does it want with me? part of her wondered, but she knew that the creature's earlier violation was no accident. Swiveling the knobs on its head, the worm sprayed her with the slime again. The strands coated her across her torso, pinning her to the ground so she could only move her head and legs. The creature waved its antenna in the air again, filling the stagnant cave air with the cloying pheromone.

As Tia’s head swam and lolled to one side, the worm paced a slow circle around her, running its antennae over her bound body. She watched as it passed her, her eyes locking on the long organ that protruded near the end of the worm. It can’t be she thought, straining her mouth against the glue that bound it shut, but unable to make more than a moan. It was longer than her forearm, and almost as thick. She groaned through the slimy gag as the worm finished its circle and began to climb on top of her. Its weight pressed down on her, though thankfully it was spread over its many short legs. Lowering its head, it exposed its mandibles again and began chewing through the fabric of her top. With the rest of the fabric still glued to her by the sticky strands, the shredded remains of her shirt and bra dangled down, exposing her chest and stomach. Her nipples stood stiff, from a mixture of cold, fear, and though she refused to admit it to herself, arousal. It sprayed her down with slime again to keep her secure, replacing the strands it chewed off to get at her clothes.

Sheathings its fangs, the worm latched its circular mouth around her left breast. Tia gave sharp whine as it sucked hard at her soft skin. Part of her still felt shame at the sensation she felt, but had never felt anything quite like this. The worm moved onto the other nipple, and Tia thrashed against her bindings, grinding her legs together. The teasing of it was driving her crazy, and quickly eroding any resolve she had left. Oh god, I want it so badly. She spread her knees apart, opening up to the creature's advances.

Whether it comprehended her signal or just saw the opening, Tia wasn't clear. But just moments after she opened her legs, she felt the cold, wet tip of the penis press against her aching pussy. She had a moment of doubt as she recalled its size, but she could hardly resist now, even if she had wanted to. The worm bunched up it's body, positioning itself for easier penetration. Tia felt the slimy tip jab at her, missing several times before sliding in. She moaned as it filled her, stretching her pussy wide. The tip hit her cervix, pushing against it hard and making stars explode behind her eyes. It pulled back agonizingly slowly, until she was practically begging for it to go back in.

One of the worm's back legs stretched out, revealing a small, sharp claw, which it used to slice through the strands binding Tia's ankles together. Once it snapped, she lifted her knees, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. More! She begged in her mind, still muted by the sticky gag. Please, I need it back! The worm thrust in again all and once, and she screamed with the sudden pleasure. She lifted her ankles and wrapped them around the creature's slimy back, as if she could pull it deeper inside her.

The worm repositioned again. Keeping it's shaft buried inside her, it moved its front section up her body, gripping each of her shoulders with a leg for purchase. Then, it pulled itself forward. The pressure on Tia's cervix grew stronger, then painful, until she felt it give way and the tip entered her womb. She let her head fall back, overwhelmed. The creature thrust a few more times, shallow so as not to leave her cervix, then held itself as deep as it could, her lips meeting the base of the shaft. Tia opened her eyes with a whine, wondering why it had stopped. She was so close to an orgasm, and now that it stopped, she felt it slipping away. She twisted beneath it, squeezing her legs around in an attempt to make the worm move.

She stopped when the entrance of her pussy started to expand, stretching wider than she thought possible. A bulge had formed in the organ, and it travelled up the shaft, stretching and massaging her as it went. She came hard as her cervix stretched to accommodate it. With her legs quivering and a buzz shooting through her body, she barely registered when the bulge reached the tip, spilling into her. As soon as it did, another began to force its way inside her. Were these...eggs? a flicker of doubt passed over her exhausted mind. It can’t, what’s going to happen if…? She lost her train of thought as the next one entered her womb, this one accompanied with a spurt of hot liquid.

After that, the eggs began to come faster, until two were coming down the shaft at a time, then three. They must have been nearly the size of her fist, rounded and pill-shaped. Tia twisted her head to the side to see, and watched mesmerized as her stomach bulged with the approaching eggs. The worm shifted, bunching up to relieve the weight on her belly, and Tia watched as it grew steadily with each. She moaned a contented sigh, laying her head back. Despite the powerful sensation, she was beginning to feel drowsy, the pheromone still filling the air finally taking hold. By the time the flood of eggs showed any sign of stopping, her belly had gotten huge: She wasn’t sure she’d be able to wrap her arms around it even if she were free. She wasn’t sure she’d even be able to move. By the time the last egg entered her womb, she was unconscious.

Tia woke with a start, not recalling having fallen asleep. She tried to get up, but found herself still stuck as the memories came back to her. She looked around, but saw no sign of the worm. How long have I been out? she wondered. Daylight pooled at the cave entrance, but she had no way to tell if it was even the same day. The glue was gone from her mouth, and she took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. Her back was to the cave wall, and hardened slime bound her arms and shoulders to the rock wall on either side of her head. Her legs were free, and struggled clumsily to plant her feet on the ground. Thankfully, she was low enough on the wall to stand rather than hanging, but her legs wobbled, weak and having to support the added weight of her swollen stomach. It was even bigger than she remembered, taught and distended. Fluid dripped from her pussy down her thighs, but she could feel something in her pussy holding most of it: another blob of the creature’s slime, it seemed. It wasn’t just her belly though: her breasts felt heavy as well, though to a much lesser extent. The last of strips of her clothing had been removed, leaving her naked except for the threads of slime.

“Hello?” she called tentatively, the sound echoing in the confined space. There was no response from anyone. Tia gave an experimental tug to try to free herself, but was still stuck fast to the wall. She took a deep breath to shout again, when something in her womb shifted, making her lurch. She watched as her stomach stretched, something moving inside. She twisted in discomfort as it travelled down her birth canal, then stopped, apparently blocked by the gooey plug. Tia let out a gasp as the creature in her pussy started to squirm impatiently. Its kobby little legs rubbed inside her as it scrabbled to get purchase. She bit her lip, face flushing as warmth spread outward to the rest of her body.

The fluid leaking from her increased until it ran in rivulets down both her thighs. The creature was chewings its way through the plug, she realized, each movement it made inside her making her writhe with pleasure. She let out a little moan. Hatchlings from the other eggs began to move making the skin of her stomach roil as they searched for an exit. Suddenly, the sticky plug gave way, and a torrent of quite fluid began to pour out of her. It pooled at Tia’s feet, and her stomach deflated slightly as some of the pressure was relieved. The first worm hatchling was carried with it, landing on the ground with a wet plop. The flow began to lessened, but fluid continued to trickle out slowly.

The next worm began to make its way out, and the wriggling finally drove her over the edge. She came again, her whole body tensing before going limp. She let herself slump down a bit, her feet slipping on the slime beneath her. The second emerged more slowly than the first, crawling up her down her leg instead of falling. She knew she shouldn’t be enjoying this, but she couldn’t stop the pleasure that shot through her body each time they squirmed inside her. She stopped struggling, her moans and ragged breathing resonating through the cavern. The worms continued to crawl out of her one at a time, feeling like they'd never end, although her stomach was steadily flattening. Tia lost track of how many times she came as they wriggled through her canal. She was too distracted to push, but they didn't seem to need her help exiting.

She looked down to see that hatchlings gathered at her feet. They seemed to be lapping up the fluid on the ground. As the last few emerged, some began to climb up her stomach to her chest. One latched onto each nipple with their little round mouths and between to suck. Surprising her, milk began to flow, and the hatchlings suckled it greedily. As the fluid beneath her ran out, the rest of them began to climb up her legs as well, jostling each other for access to the milk, or licking up any that trickled down her breasts.

"Patience," Tia chided them, a tired and contented smile on her face as she watched the baby worms. Her babies "I'm not going anywhere."


“I hope nothing’s happened to her.” Monika said, creasing her brow with worry.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” Leon reassured her. He checked the gps tracker in his hand, making sure they were still going the right direction. “She probably just dropped it or something.” When they noticed Tia’s signal hadn’t moved in hours, they went out to find her. The two of them followed the stream up until they neared the cliff.

“How come she didn’t answer her radio then?” He didn’t have an answer for that one. “She should be just up here.” Monika called, jogging a few steps ahead of him. She picked up a small object off the ground. The gps. She wiped it on her pants and showed it to Leon.

“I told you so.” Leon caught up with her. “She just dropped it, she’s probably back at camp by now.”

“It’s covered in some gunk.” She said. “Hold on.” she looked around, taking a deep breath and looking around. “Do you smell something?”
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