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Disclaimer: All people in this story are 18+ and consented to the RP previous to the tale.
While attending college I met my friend Jenna. She lived on a farm and would often tell me stories from her childhood there. I had always been a city girl, so the horses, hay bales, and tractors sounded like great fun. In our final year before graduation, Jenna invited me to come out to the farm for the summer. I loved the idea and agreed to stay with her. When we arrived at the farm it was all I had hoped for, we built a maze in the hay bales, went swimming in the pond, and hung out with her siblings and cousins. One hot summer day Jenna, a bunch of her friends, and I were hitching a ride from the pond back to the farm. We were all laughing and having a great time when someone, I can’t remember who, dared Jenna to flash her tits to the neighbor boys as we passed by. Jenna said no at first, but after all of us kept at her she finally agreed, under one stipulation, that I also flash them with her. My face went beet red when she said this, all the girls looked over at me expectantly. “Fine,” I said, “I will flash them too”. They all cheered and Jenna and I positioned ourselves on the edge of the tractor-trailer.

Soon the neighbor's farmhouse came into view, there the boys were, working in their front yard bare-chested. The sweat glistened off of their bulging muscles instantly making me wet. My hornyness only made me want to do it even more, and when we passed them I lifted my tank top up revealing my perky firm breasts, the nipples hard from my arousal. Jenna seemed hesitant, but when she saw me do it she also lifted her shirt. I had never seen her breasts fully nude before, they were quite large compared to mine, her nipples also just as hard. The neighbor boys whistled and cat called us as we passed them, causing both of us to grow red. We quickly lowered our shirts and jumped back down with the other girls. For the rest of the day, I felt intensely horny and could not shake it. As Jenna and I entered the farmhouse and headed downstairs we were stopped by a sharp call. “Jenna, Anna, come here please!” It was her father, and he did not sound happy. “Oh, shit” Jenna whispered, “We are in trouble!” We both timidly walked into his study and sat down on the couch. “Do you know what I want to talk to you girls about?” her father asked. We both shook our heads no, but our guilty faces revealed the truth. “The neighbor just called me, he says that you girls acted very inappropriately today.” My stomach dropped as my face got redder than it ever had been before. “I’m sorry Daddy” Jenna whispered, “we won’t do it again.” Her father looked sternly at us, “I know you won’t” he said, “because I am going to punish you both for this.” I just sat there, shocked by his words, and not sure what to do. Punish us? What did he mean? Jenna just looked resigned as she got up and kelt on the floor, her face in the couch and her plump ass in the air. Her father stared at me, his stern eyes boring a hole through me. “Anna, please kneel down and join Jenna at the couch.” Not daring to disobey, I complied and knelt down beside Jenna, my ample ass raised beside hers.

I could not see her father, but as I knelt there I could hear him removing his belt. I felt my pussy tingle in anticipation. I was mortified, why could I never control my body, now was not the time to get wet. Footsteps came up close behind us, then suddenly I felt my shorts and panties get pulled down to my knees in one quick motion. I just knelt there, unable to understand what was happening. I heard the snap of Jenna's panties also being jerked down. We both kelt there, asses and pussies fully exposed to her father. There was a loud cracking sound, and Jenna’s whole body jolted. Before I could react I felt an extreme pain tear across my own ass. I gave out a yelp as his belt struck me again, this time grazing the top of my pussy. I felt the tingling sensation grow in my pussy as he struck us again and again. Why was I feeling this way I wondered, shifting my legs to try and hide the wetness flowing down my leg. Beside me Jenna was sobbing, tears staining her makeup as red welts formed on her ass and pussy. My own ass was just as red with welts like hers, but for some reason, I was not crying. A heat had formed in my belly and an aching need in my pussy. With one final strike, he made me gasp into the couch. On the verge of an orgasm, I was in pure torture as the strikes ceased. “I hope you girls learned your lesson today,” said her father. “Yes” whispered Jenna, “we learned our lesson Daddy.” “Alright then,” he said, “Pull your shorts up and get to bed.” We both pulled our panties and shorts up over our aching behinds and began to leave his study.

“Not you Anna,” said her father, freezing me in my tracks. “I want to discuss this with you a bit more.” Jenna scurried off leaving me alone in the study with her father. Shakily I returned to the couch and sat down, wincing at the pain from my battered ass. “Anna, you do know that a spanking is supposed to be a punishment, don’t you?” he asked. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself just a bit too much.” I didn’t know what to do or say, I just sat there, my face as red as a strawberry, my heart beating a mile a minute. Jenna’s father walked over to a drawer and removed a short braided tassel riding crop, then sat back down in his chair. “Come here Anna,” he said softly, “You still need to be punished.” I glanced at the door, now closed from Jenna’s exit. What could I do? I had to just do what he said and take the punishment. I slowly got up and walked over to him, noting the painful-looking tassels on the crop in his hand. He patted his lap and said, “Right here, bend over Anna.” I silently knelt on the hardwood floor, placing my slim frame over his lap. My breasts pushed up against one leg while he pulled my shorts and panties back down to my knees. CRACK! The riding crop came down on my poor behind with a sharp pain. My whole body jolted as I cried out, but his other arm held me firmly in his lap. Again and again, it came down, forcing my body to grind into his lap with each strike. Tears began to stain my cheeks as the pain began to overcome my pleasure. He kept at it, battering my poor ass and pussy with blow after blow. Suddenly I felt something change, at first I was not sure what it was, but a realization dawned on me. With each strike, I felt a protrusion push up against my belly, growing larger and larger. Jenna’s father was getting hard as he spanked me.

I could feel his hardening cock throbbing through his jeans, stretching them out and emerging from out of the top. The naked tip of his cock began to push up my belly and extend toward my burning pussy. Each time the crop came down I was forced to push up against him, stimulating his cock even more. At this point the arousal began to return, his cock being so near my pussy was putting me over the edge. Suddenly his jeans burst open, unable to contain his fully erect cock any longer. I felt it slam into my pussy, smearing it with precum. He was breathing heavily now and I heard him drop the riding crop. “You are a bad girl, aren't you Anna,” he said in a deeply erotic tone. I felt his powerful arms lift me up off his lap and twist my body, positing my pussy just above his throbbing hard cock. “Yes sir” I whimpered, “I am a bad girl.” With the force of a mad man he slammed me down, impaling me on his huge member. I tried to scream out, to beg him to stop, but his hand was in my mouth. Using it as a grip to lift me up and slam me back down on his cock. I began to moan out loudly as the pleasure shot through me. He covered my mouth to keep my quiet as he continued fucking me like an animal. An orgasm racked my body, then another one. I hung limp in his grasp as he continued to use me like a fleshlight. On my third orgasm, he came with me filling my insides with his hot sticky goo. I felt the spurts of cum filling my womb, causing my belly to swell as his sickly sweet scent filled the room. Panting, he dropped me to the floor, I lay there as his cock continued to pump out streams of cum all over my slim body. Finally, he finished his orgasm and stumbled out of the room. I managed to stand up from his sticky pool of goo and made my way from his study back down to Jenna’s room. She was sound asleep and didn’t stir as I collapsed onto the mattress by the foot of her bed. I pulled the covers over my bruised body and curled up in the fetal position. I could feel cum leaking from my pussy, staining the sheets in his cent. My mind was blank as I drifted off, not able to process the events of the day.


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