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Janet's attempt to repair the TV goes horribly wrong and her boy takes advantage of her as she lie stiff on the floor
“Come here boy, lets watch some movies with mommy.” Janets voice was commanding and Milo knew he had no choice. His mother sat perched on the sofa with her morning coat loosely tied. He reluctantly sat down between Janets muscular legs and felt his mothers’ hands around his waist as she removed his shirt. He also noticed how her morning coat silently slipped open shivered as he felt his mothers warm breasts against his back. He also felt the scratching sensation from her pussy as it was grinding against his spine. He was torn between shame and arousal. He wished his mother would just stop enticing him and let him be an ordinary boy but his mother had no such intentions. Far too long had she waited for her boy to grow his cock stiff enough to penetrate her wet pussy and she would make sure he fucked her for all those years she had abstained sex just for him.

Milo knew a movie night with his mom only could end in one way and was feeling uneasy as he felt his mothers excited breaths behind his ears. Janet sifted through the online list for the movies but suddenly the screen turned all dizzy and blue. “Dammit, what the hell is wrong?” Janet cursed and tried to click the controller a few more times but nothing happened. She unfolded her embrace around Milo and rose to examine the TV. She walked over to the TV and bent over to examine it, exposing her thick and meaty pussy towards Milo who blushed in embarrassment. It was already glistening with wet fluids in the low light and he knew his mother intentionally exposed herself to entice him. Milo had mixed feelings about his mother’s massive meat cavity. He couldn’t deny she had an impressive pussy with thick labia’s and a resilient vaginal shaft, but he hated the way he was forced to chew on her meaty mound and choke on her thick fluids until his mom let him go.

Janet hissed and cursed as she tried to bring back the image to the TV while Milo watched with increasing anxiety. “Mom, shouldn’t we call a repair man instead?” asked Milo as he could sense something bad was about to happen. “Don’t be silly boy, this is nothing I can’t fix myself.” She looked back at him and smiled but was startled by a sparking noise from the TV. She looked at it in bewilderment and leaned forward. “Mom, don’t touch it!” Milo screamed but his warning was too late. Janets finger was already moving towards the TV when a massive spark erupted from the TV and struck Janet with a loud fizz.

"GIIIYYYAAAHHH!!!" Janet gave up a shriek of pain as her neural system got fried. Her body shivered like a leaf and the electric shock caused her to release all of her vaginal fluids with a violent splash. Her eyes rolled backwards as she stood frozen in place while the electric current rocked her body. Her body went totally stiff as she fell backwards and slammed into the floor with a hard thud. Her legs stretched into one final cramp before suddenly falling limp. Everything suddenly fell silent, the only sound was the hammering pour of piss as Janet’s pussy involuntarily emptied its last fluids. Milo rushed over in panic to check on his mom.

"Mom? Are you okay?" Milo crawled up beside his mother and gazed upon her limp body. She had collapsed on her side with her legs spread in a stiff cramp. Her short pubic hair smelled burnt. Fine wisps of steam escaped between her dark and meaty pussy lips. Her face was frozen in a grimace, eyes rolled back and mouth wide open. Milo crawled closer, straddling her legs and wet his knees as he got into the small pool of vaginal fluids. He poked Janet’s neck and tried to get a reaction but her body didn't move. Was she dead? Milo felt a strange mix of fear, arousal and relief as he thought of it. He leaned closer and put his ear against his mothers chest. She was still breathing. He suddenly felt embarrassed by his thoughts. If her mother would know she would punish him for even thinking of abandoning her. He brushed of the thought and focused on how to wake her up. He slipped his finger down his mother thick leg and into his mothers fried pussy. He felt how the muscles contracted and another jet of fluids soaked his hand and legs. A deep groan escaped her lips and she twitched a little.

"Mom! Are you okay? Can you hear me?" Milo cried out. "Mmmrrhhg..." Her growling moan was her only response, but she managed to put her tired arm around Milo's back. "Mom?! Are you okay?" Milo grabbed her around the shoulder and shook her. Janet moaned again and tried to hug him harder. " Just get me on the bed... Finish the job boy... I need you to do it!" she moaned as she clutched her hand around his shoulder. "But you can barely move, you need help and..." Milo was interrupted as his mother gripped him around the neck. She stared at him with an aggressive and intense gaze. Her mind suddenly clear. "Boy, all I need is to get that fucking cock of yours inside me and you know that." she hissed and gripped him even harder. "Drill this crisp cunt. I really need that soothing cum of yours inside my deep-fried pussy."

Milo was hesitant. He knew she would have fucked him either way at the end of the night, but he had hoped her injuries would have stopped her form forcing herself on him. But his mother was just too horny and he didn't dare to say no. Janet gave him a stern look. "Just do it boy!" she hissed. Milo grabbed her by her arm and tried to drag her heavy limp body towards the bed. Janet truly enjoyed being handled in this way by her boy and moaned in delight. "Mmmhh, such a good boy..." she moaned. "Mommy only needs you..." Her wet pussy left large strokes of fluids on the carpet as she was dragged across the room towards the bed. Milo heaved her onto the bed and she collapsed lying on her back. "Take of that underwear of yours." she commanded. Milo did as he was told reluctantly and revealed his stiff cock to his mom who smiled naughty. "Mmhh boy... That hard dick of yours makes mommy proud. How often do you get hard around mommy?" Milo didn't answer. He was too embarrassed by the whole situation. Everything was so shameful. That he was aroused by his own mother and that she teased and flirted with him, knowing he couldn't say no, and that he despite his embarrassment would enjoy it.

"Boy, don't just stand there, get to it." His mother spread her legs and revealed her wet pussy. Milo approached slowly and carefully let his dick touch the dark pussy lips. He felt the impatient gaze of his mother as he hesitated. "Just do it son, thrust that dick into my cunt! I obey you!" she spitted between her teeth. Milo closed his eyes and let his dick slide into his mother. "Yaaahhrrghh!" Janet moaned in pain, clasping her nails in Milo's shoulder, eyes rolling back." Milo was shocked by her reaction. "Oooh god... My fried little pussy is fucking sore... Oh god the pain..." Milo watched his mom with anxiety as his cock slanted in and out of her pussy. “It hurts so bad... but fuck it... I don't care... Just fuck this crisp cunt... Aaarrgghh" Milo felt how he got aroused by his mother’s horny groans. He began thrusting her harder. She groaned in pain but didn't let go of her tight embrace around his body.

"Don't you dare to stop. I'd rather die than have you deny my fried pussy that cock of yours... mmhhh...." Milo knew it was true, nothing except death would stop his mother's sexual drive and her savage abuse. She would always get what she wanted. He hated her and she loved her at the same time as he pounded her sore cunt even harder. "RIIIYYYAAAHHH!" Janet gave up a savage shriek as she came and contracted hard on Milo's swollen cock. He exploded inside her with an embarrassed groan and felt how his cum shot up the vaginal shaft of his horny mother. "Ooohh YES baby! Oh yes... Fill up my sore cunt with that cum of yours. Sooth my fried pussy with that thick white cream. Oohhh yeeess..." Milo collapsed upon his mother’s chest while she talked softly to him. "Such a good boy... Mommy loves you..." She stroked him across his back and gasped as her finished cunt contracted upon Milo's limp cock.

She groaned softly and ran her fingers through her son’s hair. "Take care of my sore pussy, that fried piece of meat needs more cum inside to heal. Tomorrow when you wake up you will fuck me again fill me up. But for now, you can sleep..." Milo passed out from the stress as his mother fell asleep on top of him with her fried cunt drooling with cum.
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