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Caleb has a crush on his stern superior Officer Yoko and as she gets fatally shot, he decides to take the chance to get one last fuck before she dies.
Caleb was covering behind Officer Yoko as the enemies kept firing on the bunker. The rest of the squad was dead and he found himself surrounded by the stiff corpses of his female comrades. The enemy neuro darts had found their way into their mommy bits and many of the dead women still clutched their poor pussies in a vain attempt to remove the poisonous darts. Their faces were frozen in silent death shrieks and Caleb could tell that they had all met a painful death. Their dead pussies were severely swollen and seeped with blood and stale fluids as the poison did its sinister work. The intense and dazing smell from their vaginal fluids grew heavier as their dead meat cavities continued to seep all over the floor.

However, despite the wet mayhem and heaps of corpses surrounding him, Caleb had his gaze fixed on Officer Yoko. He had been having secret crush on her ever since he was assigned to her unit. He watched in awe how her tight panties were all shriveled up and revealed her massive pussy glistening with sweat. He would do anything just to get inside of her juicy meat mound but knew it would constitute a clear breach of Protocol. Yoko saw his horny gaze and could read his intentions. "Don't even think about it." The woman gave him a stern look but didn’t try to hide her exposed pussy. Both of them knew it was against protocol to engage in sexual activities and Yoko had so far been very strict to make sure none of her horny subordinates had laid their hands on him. “I know you have been fucking those other sluts in their barracks, but you will never get into my wet spot as long as I have something to say about. She pointed at her pussy and raised a warning finger. “So stop staring at me boy and get on with the killing.”

She stood up and fired back at the enemies, her muscular body shaking with the recoil of the gun. Suddenly a neuro dart made it past her defenses and struck her right in her pussy. Yoko gave up a shriek of pain as the small dart penetrated her clothing fabric and buried itself in her pussy. “GYYYIIIIAAAHHH! Shot right in the PUSSY!” A massive gush of piss erupted from her meat cavity and quickly soiled her panties. The massive woman screamed in anguish as she lost her grip on her gun while the poison fried her neural system and caused her pussy to go into a violent cramp. Caleb stared in disbelief as his superior collapsed like a meat bag, squirting vaginal fluids all over the bunker as her body twitched violently. “Oh god… I’m dead meat...” she stammered as her fried pussy gushed out streams of blood. Caleb watch in shock as the red puddle grew larger and soiled her panties in deep red.

“Help me boy…” Yoko stammered and pointed at her poor pussy. Caleb fumbled as the pulled down her panties. The dried blood had become sticky and he had to rip the panties of with a violent tug. Yoko groaned in pain but tried to prevent herself from wetting herself even more. However, while Yoko expected Caleb to stuff her bleeding cunt with a healing plug, but Caleb had other intentions. He knew if he ever was to fuck Yoko before she died it was now. He decided to break Protocol just to get to feel his superior contract on his cock. Yoko’s eyes filled with dread as she saw how the Cadet instead of getting the medic pack unzipped his pants. “Don’t you fucking dare going there boy! Leave my pussy alone!" She was torn between fury and pain as she tried to talk Caleb out of it. However, Caleb knew this was his last chance. He pulled out his swollen cock and approached his officers bloody pussy. “Don’t you fucking dare! If that cock enters my pussy I’ll have you court martialed.”

Yoko could only curse Caleb as she was too weak to resist his sexual advances. Caleb ignored her pleas and slowly sank his cock into his superior’s dying cunt. “Yaarrhhggg! I fucking knew it!" Her pussy quivered as he slid deeper inside of her warm meat cavity and Yoko bit her lips as her body was shaking violently. "You fucking criminal! Get out of there!” she hissed under her exhausted breath as Calebs cock caused her meat cavity to leak fluids in an embarrassing stream. Officer Yoko grunted furiously as her collapsing cunt gushed blood and piss with every thrust. “I’ll fucking report you for this.” Yoko stared at him with fury in her eyes but Caleb knew she would not live long enough to make a reality of her threats.

Yoko tried to clench her pussy as hard as she could but couldn’t stop her Cadet’s cock from slanting in and out of her meat cavity. However, her fierce reluctance began to wane with each thrust of Caleb’s cock, and Yoko’s angry hissing slowly turned into a desperate moaning. She was torn between lust and duty and was deeply embarrassed over getting raped by her own Cadet. “Oohh boy… Don’t make me cum, just fucking kill me…” Her body was shaking as she tried clasp her pussy to prevent her from collapsing on his cock. She felt his cock thrust against her cervix and knew she would meet her doom impaled like meat on a spit. Caleb could feel how her whole body went stiff as his cock had pushed her to her limits. “Damn it boy, I can’t take it anymore…”

She finally gave in to the relentless pounding and relaxed her pussy and let Caleb slide deep inside of her. His meat shaft went straight into Yoko’s defenseless meat cavity and impaled her cervix with a loud squish. A violent gush of vaginal fluids and blood erupted from her meat cavity and Yoko gave up a chilling shriek of pain as her pussy collapsed on his cock. “YIIIAAAHRRRGGHH!” Her body shook like a leaf before she went all limb and collapsed on the floor with a stupefied face. A final gush of piss hammered the floor as life left her body and she gave up a heavy death moan of pain and relief.

Caleb continued to pound his dead superior and came inside her corpse, filling up her dead meat cavity with his warm boy juice. However, there was no reaction from his superior who stared emptily into oblivion. As the fighting ceased, the only sound filling the battlefield was the wet thrusts from Calebs violation of dead pussy. He dragged Officer Yoko’s corpse into cover where he spent the rest of the night mounting his dead superior and the rest of the dead squad mates.
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