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A horny son is trapped in quarantine with his mother. When he finds a sexy pair of panties, he realizes there's a way for him to get laid.
Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine

Story Two: Quarantined with His Hot Mom

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Who would have thought having no school, playing video games, and masturbating to porn would get boring?

Three weeks into quarantine, and I missed doing things.

My mom was paranoid. She always made me use hand sanitizer and wear a mask. The only time I could leave the house was to go shopping with her. When did going to the grocery store with my mom become something to look forward to just to get out? To move and do shit.

I was horny all the time. There were no girls at all to hang around with. Porn was fine, but that wasn't the same thing as being with a girl. I was eighteen, my hormones bursting through me. I just wanted to rut. To fuck. To get a simple handjob.

God, that would be nice.

I stumbled into the bathroom on what felt like day 501 of the quarantine but was really only day twenty-three. That didn't seem like a long time, but our apartment wasn't all that big. My room felt like a coffin. The living room a prison. Mom was always around.

My warden.

I had just woken up. Time was losing all meaning. I wasn't sure what day of the week it was. All the daily routine that mattered, especially weekday versus weekend, had lost all meaning what so ever. Mom might have to work from home via the computer, but I just had to exist.

The urine streamed out as I blinked my eyes and stared at my phone. I browsed the tedium that was social media. All these dumb posts about staying home, staying safe. Some of the Instagram THOTs I followed were in crazy prepper mode like they were survivalist thinking the world was going to collapse.

Maybe it was.

I yawned and stretched. As I did, I spotted the pair of panties lying on the floor. They were red and made of silk. I blinked at that. Those couldn't be my mom's panties. They were too... sexy. They had black lace on the waistband.

“Fuck,” I groaned, my cock going full erect in a half a second. I swallowed as I stared at them. I snagged them up.

The fabric felt so smooth on my skin. Cool. Sleek. I rubbed across them and then held them up before me. They were cut narrow. They would show some butt-cheek in the back. These weren't the sort of panties a mom should be wearing.

My dick throbbed and ached as I held them. I pictured my mom in them. I shuddered. She was a good-looking woman. I had always known that. She didn't get fat like some of my friend's moms. She stayed in shape. I supposed she was busty. I had a feeling a few of my friends liked to come around to ogle her, but they didn't make it explicit.

Probably because they knew I'd kick their asses if they did.

I slid my fingers over the fabric some more. I heard the shower drip. There was still some condensation on the mirror. Mom must have missed picking up these panties when she finished taking her shower. I shuddered. She had just taken a shower, hadn't she?

She had been wearing these recently.

My finger stroked down to the gusset. I felt the fabric that pressed against her pussy. My dick ached. Throbbed with such painful need. I had to cum. There was no stopping it. I swallowed, wanting to grab my cock.

But I was holding Mom's panties. They were so nice. Felt so good. What would they feel like on my cock?

“Jesus,” I muttered, glancing at the door. It was locked. I could hear Mom bustling through the house. She was always doing something. Cleaning. Cooking. Working.


I brought my mom's panties down to my dick. I shouldn't be doing this, but I was so horny. So in need of something feminine. I wrapped the cloth around my dick. I shuddered at how cool the fabric felt on my hot cock. I wrapped my mom's panties around my junk.

I stroked myself.

I closed my eyes as I ran that sleek fabric up and down my dick. I tried to think of anyone else. Some of the girls in my class. My busty English teacher who always wore the most low-cut dresses. Margo Robbie in that sexy Harley Quinn outfit from Suicide Squad, and not that garbage bag she wore in the second movie she was in. The delectable Scarlett Johansson in her skin-tight suit. I groaned, stroking faster and faster.

I thought of all those women, but who was it that kept intruding?

The owner of the panties.


Smiling with brown, curly hair falling around her motherly face. She was seductive, wearing these panties and nothing else. Big boobs swaying naked. Nipples fat and hard. Her hips curving. Ass plump and looking hot.

“Mommy knows what you need, Eric,” whispered through my mind. “Mmm, your mommy knows how to please you.”

It wasn't something I wanted to think about, but I couldn't drive it away. I stroked the panties up and down my cock faster as I imagined my mother sauntering to me, her breasts swaying. So big and plump. A MILF in all the right ways.

“Just let Mommy suck on that cock,” she cooed in my mind. “Mommy will help you cum. I know. You can't get those sluts at your school to do it right now. But I'm here. Let your Mommy make this easier for you.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, pumping faster with the panties.

In my mind, she kissed at the tip of my cock. Mom stared up at me, her brown eyes full of such desire. She grabbed my cock in one hand, fisting it. Her tongue swirled around the crown, stimulating it. My balls tightened.

I fisted my cock as fast as I could. The panties caressed my dick with cool delight. The pressure swelled in my balls. It was too hot. Too exciting. Incest. Her lips slid over the crown. She sealed them around my shaft and sucked hard.

I erupted.

I groaned as my cock pumped load after load of my cum into my mom's panties. I shuddered, pleasure slamming into my mind. Mom moaned around my cock. She drank down my cum in my fantasy. She loved it.

“That's just the best cum I've ever had,” she purred through my mind.

I hit the peak of my orgasm. I sucked in breaths, swaying. Darkness washed over my vision for a moment. As it cleared, I descended down into panting bliss. I sucked in deep breaths, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Fuck,” I groaned, sucking in deep breaths. I swallowed, shocked by what I had just imagined. It was insane. I didn't just fantasize about that. I couldn't have pictured mom doing that. I panted, my heart pounding.

Mom sucking my dick?

I stared down at the panties and groaned. Cum had bled through the fabric. More soaked it. I ripped it from my cock and thrust it under the faucet. I turned it on and washed my jizz off while I shuddered from the intensity of it.

I couldn't remember the last time masturbating had felt that good. Thinking about my mom had set me off like nothing else. I panted, my heart throbbing. I glanced at myself in the mirror, my face flushed. I had a shadow of whiskers. I had shaved yesterday. I could probably shave again today. I ran a hand through my brown hair.

“Fuck,” I muttered, gripping the wet panties.

What to do with these?

I pulled on my boxers and then opened the bathroom door. Mom's humming came from the living room. I swallowed and headed to her room. She had a clothes hamper in there. I slipped through the open door. Her bed was neatly made. There was a picture of my dad, killed when I was five over in Afghanistan, in his dress uniform on the dresser. A hamper was next to it. I opened it and dropped the panties in.

There was an even slinkier pair. I picked up this purple satin. It was a thong in the back but cut wide in the front. I held the dainty thing. My mom wore thongs? My dick throbbed in my boxers. My heart hammered.

“Eric,” Mom called. “I hear you moving around. Want some breakfast?”

“Yeah, Mom,” I gasped and bolted from her room before she found me. I ducked into mine, the thong still in hand.

I thrust it beneath my pillow, my dick already hard again. I shuddered and grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I dressed quickly, wanting to masturbate again, but I could hear Mom making something for breakfast. If I didn't go out there, she would come for me in here.

And if she found out I had stolen a pair of her panties.

I headed down the short hallway to the living room. The kitchen and little dining area were all one large space divided more by furniture. Mom was at the stove. She wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing sexy, but my eyes were on her ass.

What sort of panties was she wearing? A thong? Something lacy? God, I couldn't believe the sort of underwear she had. My dick pulsed and throbbed as I sank down on the couch and turned the TV on. I didn't care what was on as I kept staring at her cooking.

“So,” she said, her back still to me, “you going to do any schoolwork?”

I rolled my eyes. My school had assigned a bunch of pointless busywork. It was even more useless than most of the time. “Maybe.”

“No maybe,” she said, turning around. Her t-shirt fit tight around her torso. Her breasts were big. They had a perkiness to them. Was she wearing a push-up bra? My dick throbbed. If she had on sexy panties, her bra must be a matching affair. She wagged a spatula at me that had bits of scrambled eggs stuck on it. “You're going to get it done.”

“Yeah,” I said. “After breakfast.”

“You better,” she said and then turned around, her hair swaying.

Ideas popped in my head of just coming up on mom and saying something corny like, “Here's a better way of passing time in quarantine: worshiping my dick!”

It was something straight out of porn. It made me so hard. I closed my eyes, seeing her in the thong now. The cloth vanished in between her bubbly butt-cheeks. Her bra lifting her tits into a jiggling shelf of cleavage. Her nipples pressed on the material, just needing me to pull the cloth down and suck on them.

Then I could bury my face between them. A set of tits that big needed to be worshiped. Motor-boated. My sweaty hands rubbed on my shorts. My balls ached with another load of cum that needed releasing. The itch tingled across the tip of my cock.

I didn't want to masturbate. I wanted—

“Breakfast is done,” Mom said. “Go wash your hands.”

I snapped my eyes open and groaned. “Yes, Mom.”

“And no sass.” She waggled the spatula again. “You don't want to spread it. Wash your hands and don't touch your face.”

I pulled my hands from scratching at my nose. “I'm not getting it stuck in the apartment all the time.”

“That's right,” she said, smiling at me. “Now go. Wash your hands. Thoroughly.”

I swallowed my retort. Part of me wanted to bend my mother over the counter and fuck her hard, the other part wanted to tell her to fuck off about the disease. I was sick and tired of it. I wanted my life back. I wanted to be free. If I wasn't stuck inside, I wouldn't be bethinking of my mother...

“Just let Mommy suck that cock and take care of that hardon,” whispered through my mind. “I told you, whatever you need to get through the quarantine. Your mommy's here for you.”

“Fuck,” I muttered as I pretended to wash my hands. I let the water run. Splashed around under it once or twice. Then I wiped my hands off. “I need to get out of this fucking apartment.”

I headed back out to find a plate full of scrambled eggs and bacon, along with a glass of orange juice, at the table. Mom sat at the head, staring at her phone. I sat down, glancing at her. She was still relatively young. She had married Dad at eighteen. Had me a year later. She hummed as she browsed at her phone.

She shook her head. “Why are so many people complaining about the quarantine. It's for our safety. That's more important than anything else.”

“Maybe because they want to fucking do things,” I said.

“Language, Eric,” she said, not looking at me. “And you do things. Didn't you spend all day yesterday killing your friends in Call of War.”

“Duty,” I muttered. “And it's not the same.”

“I seemed to recall you complaining when I would make you stop playing your games, now you are unhappy because you get to play them all you want?”

“It's not that,” I groaned. “I'm just tired of being in this apartment.”

“Well, if there's anything you need me to do to help out,” she said. “I'm going shopping this afternoon. We could get you...” She frowned.

“Nothing,” I muttered. “It's not like you can...” I swallowed. I almost mentioned how horny I was.


“Nothing,” I muttered and took a sullen bite of my scrambled eggs.

“It's always nothing when you're eighteen.” She sighed. “I have to get to work. You clean up and do that schoolwork.”

“You're not going to work. You're going to your bedroom to sit at your computer.”

“Yes, work.” She stood up and bustled out. I turned, my head staring at her ass. What sort of panties did she have on now? My dick throbbed.

I didn't do homework after breakfast. Instead, I coated her thong in a load of jizz. After, I lay there, wondering just how horny quarantine had made me. I grabbed my phone and Googled mother and son incest. I got a lot of hits. Stories. Videos that claimed to be incest but were probably fake. Comics.

There was so much out there. I couldn't believe it.

I jerked off again. That thong wasn't big enough to take two loads of jizz.

I became restless over the next week. Horny all the time. I kept stealing Mom's panties. She had so many different types. They were all sexy. She had one pair with a bow on the front, another with little holes in the fabric over her pubic mound that formed a heart. Her bras were equally exciting. Low cut. Lacy. I spurted cum all across them thinking I was jizzing on her tits.

She filled my mind.

“Just yank down Mommy's jeans and slip into my pussy if you're horny, Eric,” would pop into my mind when I would see her at the counter. Or, “Let Mommy massage your cock with her big tits. That will help you relax.”

The idea of incest wouldn't leave me. It made me want to avoid her as the guilt swelled. I kept snapping at her over dumb shit. The apartment was too small. It was nearing the end of the month. Quarantine was supposed to end.

But our asshole governor seemed to take gleeful joy in extending it another month.

“Fuck!” I exploded as I sat in the living room watching the press conference. “Another month of this shit?”

“I know, it's not ideal,” she said. “But the governor is just trying to keep us safe.”

“Fuck safe, I need to get out of here!” I needed to get laid. There were a couple of sluts at my school that I just wanted to slide into.

“Eric,” Mom said. “I know it's annoying, but you need to calm down.” She smiled. “We can make it through this. Just have to work together.”

“I don't want to work together. I want to go fucking hang out at my friends.”

She gasped. “And what if one of them has it?” She stood up and shook her head. “It's just for another month. This is serious.”

I grunted.

“Eric,” she said. “I'm sorry, but you're eighteen. A man. You have to understand that life doesn't give you what you always need or want. Now, what can I do to help you out.”

“Let me go to the park,” I growled.

“The parks are all closed,” she said. “Besides, you could run into sick people.”

I rolled my eyes. “I need to run around, Mom. I got all this fucking energy in me.”


I balled my fists tight. “Fuck my language. You don't get it. I'm so... so...”

“What?” she demanded. “What is so bad about staying home for another few weeks with your mother? I give you your space. I don't barge into your bedroom. Let you play your dumb video games. What don't I get?”

“That I...” I couldn't say it. “It's nothing you can help me with, Mom.”

“You don't know that.” She folded her arms. “I used to be young, too. I understand things. I can be hip.”

“You can't. You're my mother. You are the one person that can't help me.”

“Try me,” she said. “What is it, Eric? You can tell me. Don't keep it bottled up. It's just me and you.”

Her arms folding across her chest had pulled her t-shirt even tighter about her bra. The thin material let the straps bleed through. The lace. I had cum into the cups of that bra before, I realized, recognizing the trim. My dick throbbed so hard, almost exploding. Why did she have to wear sexy underwear?

“I'm fucking horny, Mom!” I growled. “I need to go out. Meet some girls. I need to... to...”

Her cheeks went pink. “Oh. You're not...” She trailed off. “I mean, I know what you do in there.”

Embarrassment washed over me. “No, it's not fucking enough. I'm going to explode. Let me go out. There's got to be someplace I can meet a girl or... I...”

She bit her lip. Then she thrust her hand out and cupped my cock through my shorts. “I can... give you a handjob. Just... Just this one time. Because of the quarantine. I know how backed up boys can get.”

I stared at my mom in shock. She looked as stunned as me that she was doing it. She bit her lips. Her thighs rubbed together. Then I realized something. She wore sexy underwear for a reason. Did she get horny, too?

What had been going through her mind for the last few weeks? Was she hooking up when I thought she was out working?

Her hand slid up my shaft, the pleasure racing down my balls. I stood there, chest rising and falling, as she shoved her hand into my shorts and then my boxers. She grasped my cock with her bare hand. I groaned at the contact of someone other than me touching my dick.

Warm palm. Delicate fingers. A woman's hand. My mother's.

I groaned as she pulled me out. She gasped as she stroked up and down me. Was she shocked by the size, or that she was actually jerking me off? Either way, her hand felt amazing pumping up and down my cock.

It felt fantastic every time she stroked to the pinnacle and caressed over the mushroom-like crown of my cock. pleasure shot down it. My hands balled into fists. My chest rose and fell. Mom panted as she worked her hand up and down my dick.

“Mom,” I groaned.

“I know,” she said. “You're horny. This will help you out, okay?”

“Yeah.” My chest grew tighter. “Damn, that hand...”

She pumped up and down my cock with such stroking intensity. It was incredible. I groaned at it. My heart pounded in my chest, pumping wild blood through my veins as my mother stroked me. She built and built that ache at the tip.

My fantasies crashed into the reality of her hand. My balls tightened. It was incredible. I groaned at her stroking touch. I stared at her face. Her cheeks flushed red. Her lashes long and dark. She licked her pink lips.

“Suck it,” I growled.

Her grip tightened on my shaft as she gasped, “What? No!”

“I need more than a handjob, Mom,” I panted. “Please. Just suck it. That's what I need.”

She swallowed. Then she sank to her knees. I trembled there as my mom stared at the tip of my dick up close. Then she kissed the crown. I shuddered at the softness of her lips. She smooched around me. I closed my eyes, my heart beating faster and faster.

Her tongue flicked out, sliding over the slit. A shiver ran through me. That felt amazing. My mom knew how to love a cock with her mouth. Her tongue was practiced. It was so weird thinking that my mom knew anything about sex.

She'd made me with sex, though.

Her lips kissed and licked around it. She stroked the base, moaning as she worked. She squeezed her eyes shut and then slid her lips over the crown. I groaned at the intensity of it. My balls tightened as my mother nursed on my cock.

“Fuck, Mom!” I groaned as she suckled, making such wet and naughty sounds. “Damn.”

She bobbed her head. She slid her lips up and down my shaft. Her tongue fluttered around the crown. It was incredible. The pressure grew and grew in my balls. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. The heat rushed through me. This incredible surge of bliss.

My fingers flexed as Mom sucked. She nursed on my cock. She worked her lips up and down it. I closed my eyes, loving every moment of it. Her tongue danced. She swirled it about my crown, stimulating it. My balls tightened.

“Damn, Mom,” I groaned. “You're good. Fuck, you're good.”

She sucked harder. She moaned as she did, the humming sound vibrating around my cock. I groaned, my nuts tightening. The pressure grew faster and faster. I wanted this to last. I wanted to keep enjoying this forever, but...

I was eighteen and it had been a month since a girl had touched my dick.

“Mom!” I gasped as my balls erupted fast.

They exploded.

The cum fired out of my dick and splashed against her mouth. She moaned and swallowed. Her hazel eyes stared up at me as she gulped down my cum. The incestuous rush of cumming into my mother's mouth hammered my mind.

It was incredible. Fantastic. The best blowjob ever. She gulped it down. My mother wasn't a spitter. She moaned as she drank my cum, her cheeks hollowing as she nursed. She sucked hard, working out every drop I had.

“Oh, fuck,” I panted.

She slid her mouth off my cock with a wet plop. She stared up at me, panting. Cum stained her lips. She licked the spunk off, her eyes wild. Then she gave my dick a quick kiss on the tip and tucked me into my shorts.

“There,” she said and stood up. “That will get you through quarantine. Okay. Just this once. We can't ever do it again, Eric.”

“Yeah,” I said, stunned. I sank back down on the couch, the news anchors on the TV were discussing the governor's latest stay at home order.

“I have to do a Zoom call for work,” she said. “So no interruptions.”

I nodded as she hurried off. It was only later that I wondered if she had another reason for not wanting any interruptions, but at the time, I was too stunned and feeling too good from my orgasm to think of anything.

My mom gave me the best blowjob of my life.


“I know you said only once,” I groaned to Mom the next day. It was morning. “But... It was just so good. And... And... it really helped to make quarantine pass.”

She looked up from washing the breakfast dishes. She swallowed, wearing a tight blouse with a scoop neckline and a pair of jeans that seemed to hug her rump. She stared at me, her eyes falling on my crotch.

“Just one more time?” she asked.

“Yeah, just one more time, Mom,” I groaned. “It really, really helped. I just need a little more to get me through quarantine.”

“Okay, but this is it,” she said, wiping her hands off on a dishtowel. Then she fell to her knees before me and loved my cock.

Of course, it wasn't the last time she did it. Two more times that day, she sucked my cock. She nursed on my dick with hunger, hardly putting up any fight when I came to her. She kept saying it would be the last time, but there she was, on her knees and my dick in her mouth.

And soon my cum would be in her belly.

She always had a Zoom meeting after blowing me. I had caught on by then what she was really doing, but I was just too happy getting blown to care about her. I was getting off. It was amazing. A wonderful treat to enjoy from my mother.

The next day, she blew me for times. I didn't even have to ask. I just had to pull out my cock, and she would be on her knees nursing on my dick like it was the greatest thing in the world. My perception of my mother slowly changed.

She was submissive. She enjoyed having a man gripping her brown hair and fucking her mouth. She sucked and slurped and gulped down my cum with hunger. I also noticed the clothing shift. Tighter tops. Skinnier jeans. She was dressing to tease me.

I even caught a glimpse of that purple thong peeking out of the back of her pants when she bent over to pick up something she'd dropped. The one I had cum in she now wore. It instantly had me whipping out my cock and getting my third blowjob of the day.

“That'll be the last one,” she told me with cum dribbling down her chin.

“Yeah, thanks,” I said.

“Now, I have a Zoom meeting. So no disturbances.”


The third day, I needed more than a BJ. They were great, don't get me wrong, and I had enjoyed two of them already, but I was staring at Mom and wanting more. Wanting to find out what was beneath her clothes.

Today, she wore a skirt. The first time she'd worn a skirt all quarantine. It was short, too. I had never seen her wear it before. It had folds like pleats and fluttered as she moved about the house. A halter top hugged her large breasts. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra. Her bouncing tits excited me.

“Do you need anything?” she asked after we had lunch. Her nipples poked fat against the fabric. She licked her lips. “Anything you need your mommy to do?”

I considered her. Was this the time?

“Yeah,” I said. “Stand up, brace your hands on the counter, and thrust your ass out at me. I want to get a good look at it.”

“Eric!” she gasped in shock. “That's something you shouldn't ask your mother to do.”

“I just don't get to stare at any girls' asses in quarantine,” I said. “Not in person. And you do have a great looking ass in that skirt.”

“Well...” she said like she wasn't horny to do it for me. “Okay. Just this once.”

I winked at her.

She stood up and moved to the counter with a sexy sway, her hips rocking back and forth. She reached the counter and bent over, thrusting her ass right at me. The skirt swayed. Her thighs were toned, her legs shaved and sleek.

I groaned as I stood up, my dick throbbing with incestuous need. I licked my lips as I sauntered to her. I had to enjoy her. I had to take her hard. But first, I had to make her cum. I hadn't gone down on a girl in a month, either.

Some guys didn't like to eat pussy, but I loved it. You devoured a girl's snatch, then she would let you do the wildest shit to her. I bet my mom was the same way. There was a whore in her begging for someone to let her out.

After a month of quarantine, her own son could do it.

“Mmm, how's that?” she cooed, wiggling her ass like she was one of those THOTs on Instagram desperate for attention.

“Gorgeous,” I said and flipped up her skirt. She gasped but didn't object. She wore those red panties that started it all, the satin hugging her rump. “Just gorgeous, but... These are in the way.”

“Eric!” she gasped in shock as I peeled down her panties. The bubbly delights of her rump appeared first, two plump hillocks pressed together. Then came the brown bush covering her pussy. The scent of her tart pussy filled the air.

I inhaled it, savoring the aroma.

“Do you need to look at your mommy's pussy, too?” she moaned as I knelt down behind her, shoving her panties down to her knees. They dropped to her ankles. She stepped out of them.

“Yeah,” I groaned and grabbed her ass. I kneaded her butt and then buried my face into her bush.

“Eric!” she gasped. “What are you doing.”

“Eating your pussy, Mom,” I said. “You don't need those Zoom calls any longer.”

She shuddered as her silky pubic hairs rubbed into my face. My lips nuzzled through and found her thick pussy lips. I reveled at how wicked this was. How taboo and depraved. I came from this juicy hole.

I wanted to be back in my mother.

I licked at my mother's pussy. I lapped at her incestuous folds, savoring the tart flavor of her cunt. I licked and lapped at her. I fluttered my tongue up and down, savoring every moment of caressing her pussy lips.

“Eric!” she moaned, her butt-cheeks clenching. “Oh, my god, Eric, this is so wrong. I'm your mother.”

“Mmm, exactly,” I growled and thrust my tongue into her pussy.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, Eric, your mommy likes that.”

I savored her moans as her hot pussy squeezed about my tongue. Her tart juices soaked my taste buds. I reveled in them. I swirled around in her cunt. I caressed her silky walls. She groaned as I did, her silky hairs rubbing on my face.

I had never gone down on a girl with bush before. All the sluts at my school were shaved. This was a new experience. My mother's yummy muff covered in that silky fur. The strands tickled my face as I lapped at her thick labia. She tasted so good.

Just perfect.

My hands grabbed her rump. I kneaded her ass as I plundered her pussy with my tongue. My dick ached and throbbed. I couldn't wait to be in her. I would fuck my mom so hard, but first I would make her cum with my tongue.

She groaned as my tongue stirred around in her. She whimpered, her hips wiggling from side to side. Her bush rubbed on my face. Her juices ran down my chin. I feasted on her, and she made such wicked sounds that echoed through the apartment.

“Eric!” she gasped. “Oh, Mommy is impressed. Ooh, eighteen, and you already know how to eat pussy!”

“Are you going to cum, Mom?” I growled and then licked up her slit, caressing her clit.


I smiled and fluttered my tongue up and down her slit. I caressed her clit again and again. That bud throbbed beneath my touch. She had such a delicious cunt to feast upon. The pussy that birthed me now soaked my taste buds with delight.

I sucked on her clit. I nursed on her bud. She moaned, her butt-cheeks clenching beneath my fingers. Her passion echoed through the room. I loved how they resounded back and forth around us. Her hips wiggled from side to side.

“Eric!” she moaned. “You're going to make mommy cum.”

“Good.” I sucked harder.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Eric!”

Her tart juices gushed out of her pussy and flooded my mouth. I groaned and drank down my mother's passion. The incestuous cream spilled over my chin and ran down my neck. My dick throbbed in my shorts, aching to burst out. I wanted to fuck her so hard. I drank down more and more of her cunt juices.

She shuddered. Her butt-cheeks clenched and relaxed beneath my fingers. She moaned and whimpered. Her passion echoed through the room. It was such a delight to hear. I loved every moment of listening to it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, that's perfect. That's beautiful, Eric!”

“You're going to love this next part,” I panted and stood up. I ripped off my t-shirt.

“You're not?” she groaned.

“Oh, I am,” I said, shoving down my shorts and boxers in a go. They fell down my legs. My cock popped out and smacked her rump.

“Okay, you can fuck your mommy's pussy,” she moaned, “but just this once. To help you through quarantine.”

“Uh-huh,” I grunted and nuzzled the tip of my cock through her silky bush to touch her cuntlips. She sucked in a breath while I groaned at the wet delight of her folds. I slid around and found the entrance to her cunt.

I thrust into my mother.

I moaned as I re-entered her pussy. I slid back into my mother's tight twat. She groaned, clenching down on me. Her brown hair swayed about her shoulders. The friction was incredible. I had never gone bareback on a girl, and it was a delight. Being my mother only made this better.

“Oh, Eric, yes!” she moaned. “You're filling up Mommy's pussy!”

“God, you're so hot and tight...” I groaned, bottoming out in her. “Fuck, Mom! You're amazing!”

She clenched down on me and shuddered. She wiggled her hips, stirring her twat around my dick. The silky friction sent pleasure through me. If I hadn't had two blowjobs today, I would have cum right then and there. Instead, I got to enjoy my mother.

I grabbed the knot of her halter top and pulled.

It whisked. Then it fell away. I thrust my hands around and grabbed her breasts. She gasped as I squeezed and kneaded those big and lush mounds. At the same time, I drew back my cock, savoring the delight of her hot twat gripping me.

The friction was incredible. Way better than fucking those girls at my school. I slammed back into her, loving the way her snatch squeezed about my cock. She gripped me. The heat rushed through me. I groaned as I bottomed out in her. My crotch smacked her rump. Her butt-cheeks jiggled from the impact.

I groaned, loving the delight. Depraved passion flowed through me. I kneaded her big boobs and pounded her cunt. Mom moaned. She humped back into me as I fucked her hard. The slap of flesh on flesh echoed through the kitchen.

“Eric! Eric!” Mom moaned, her cunt gripping my dick. “Oh, Eric! Mmm, you're fucking your mommy hard!”

“Yes, I am!” I groaned. “Get used to it, Mom! You're going to get my dick day and night!”

Her pussy squeezed down hard on my cock. She shuddered and gasped, “If that's what my son needs to get through quarantine!”

“You are the best mom in the fucking world!”

I fucked her hard, slamming my cock into her pussy. I buried into her over and over again, my balls slapping into her flesh. They brimmed with all the cum that ached to burst out of me. I would fire so much jizz into her snatch. Just unload all that cum in her. It would be incredible. The ecstasy slammed through my mind.

I buried to the hilt in her. I slammed deep and hard into her cunt. I buried every inch of my dick into her twat. She groaned, her cunt squeezing down my cock. I fucked into her with passion. My balls tightened as I enjoyed my mother's snatch.

“Eric! Eric!” she gasped over and over again. “Oh, yes, yes, Eric!”

Her pussy grew hotter and hotter around my dick. Her wet cunt squeezed about me. My fingers slid up her breasts to her nipples. I found those fat nubs I suckled on as a baby. I pinched them. Twisted them.

She arched her back and gasped out in rapture. Her pussy convulsed around my dick. Juices gushed out, bathing my balls when I slammed into her. I groaned, feeling my mother's pussy climaxing around my dick.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I groaned, the pleasure hammering my mind. “Mom!”

“That's it!” she moaned. “Oh, that's it. Cum in me! Just fire all that jizz into your Mommy, Eric!”

“Yes!” I growled, slammed into her, and erupted.

My cum pumped into her snatch. Spurt after spurt of jizz slammed into her pussy. I groaned, the heat blazing across my thoughts. Sparks flared. They sizzled while I flooded her spasming pussy with my spunk.

My incestuous seed squirted into my mother's writhing cunt. I groaned, savoring every moment of cumming in my mother's depths. Into the pussy that had birthed me. It was incredible. I shuddered, enjoying every last second of spurting my jizz into her.

“Mom!” I groaned, her pussy rippling around my cock. “Oh, damn, Mom!”

“Mmm,” she cooed. “Eric. Oh, god, your mommy needed that.”

I nuzzled into her ear and whispered, “I bet you need more.”

She squeezed her cunt down around me and gasped, “You're still hard.”

“I'm eighteen. I'm so fucking horny. I haven't had pussy in a month. I'm going to get all the cunt I need, aren't I, Mom?”


I ripped out of her and then spun her around. Her big boobs heaved. I grabbed my mom and threw her over my shoulder. She gasped and squealed, her breasts rubbing into my back. Her nipples hard. I marched out of the kitchen to her bedroom. I threw open her door and tossed her onto her bed.

She giggled as she bounced on it, her breasts heaving, her halter top clinging about her waist. She spread her legs, her bush matted with my cum. I licked my lips, still tasting her tart pussy on them, then crawled over her.

I nuzzled my face into her tits. I rubbed her big boobs into my face. She groaned as I did. Her soft mounds rubbed over my cheeks. I hadn't shaved today. I could hear the rasp of my whiskers on her silky flesh.

“Eric,” she moaned. “Mmm, you used to nurse from Mommy. It was incredible.”

“Mmm, you miss it?” I asked and kissed up her breast.

“Yes, your mommy misses it,” she cooed. “To feel united with my son. Mmm, to nourish you and take care of you. It's special.”

I stared at her in the eye as I kissed over to her nipple. I flicked it with my tongue. “Same with blowing me.”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Your mommy just wants to make sure you are healthy and happy.”

“Very happy,” I groaned before I sucked her nipple into my mouth.


Her squeal of delight had me sucking hard on her nipple. I nursed on it, my dick aching to be back in her pussy. She squirmed beneath me as I nursed on her nub. I sucked on her. I loved the feel of her thick nipple between my lips.

What a wonderful delight to experience. I sucked hard on her, loving her nipple filling up my mouth. She moaned and squirmed beneath me. My hands squeezed her tits. They jiggled as I played with her nub.

“Yes, yes, Mommy loves this!” she cooed. “Ooh, it makes Mommy's pussy so wet.”

I popped my mouth off her nub. “And that's not because it's full of my cum?”

She giggled. “So much of your cum. Mmm, you soaked your mommy's cunt with all that jizz.”

“Language,” I said.

“Cunt,” she purred. “Mmm, you like fucking your mommy's cunt, didn't you? Yeah, you liked sliding your big dick into Mommy's naughty cunt and filling her dirty pussy with all that jizz.”

“Fuck!” I breathed, my dick aching. Hearing her say those words... Who was this woman? My mom was a whore. I loved it.

I slid up her and kissed her on the mouth. She didn't hesitate. She had to taste her own pussy on me. At the same time, I shoved my hand between us to grab my cock. I pressed it right into her cum-matted bush and found the inviting lips to her pussy.

I slid into her. She moaned into my mouth. Her arms and legs wrapped around me. She hugged me to her big boobs. They rubbed into my chest as I kissed her. I slid deeper and deeper into her sloppy cunt. I bottomed out in her.

I made love to my mother.

I pumped away at her, breaking our kiss so I could stare into her eyes and witness the passion in them. Her cunt clenched down around me while her hazel depths brimmed with delight. The veins of green amid her brown irises sparkled.

“Yes, yes, yes, Eric!” she moaned, her pussy clenching down on me. “You're so big. Ooh, you fill up Mommy's pussy.”

“Your dirty cunt?”

“Yes!” she gasped, clenching down on me.

I pumped away at her, the friction building and building another explosive ache at the tip of my cock. She shuddered beneath me, her thighs gripping my hips. She humped up into my thrusts. Her pussy massaged me. That silky sheath swelled the pressure in my balls.

I readied another load of cum to fire into my mother's pussy.

I thrust faster and faster. She moaned and gasped, her fingernails biting into my back. She gasped out my name as I pistoned in and out of her silky depth. Her juicy cunt gripped me. The crown of my dick ached as I plunged away at her. I came closer and closer to cumming.

I kissed her. My tongue thrust into her mouth as I pumped away at her twat. She held me tight. My balls smacked against her taint. The sound echoed through the bedroom. She whimpered and moaned, her pussy growing hotter and hotter around my dick.

I loved my mother's cunt. Best pussy in the world. I didn't want to ever stop fucking her.

But my balls came closer and closer to unloading my spunk.

I drove my cock into her pussy while kissing her with such hunger. She squealed beneath me. Her pussy rippled around my dick again. Her fingernails clawed my back. My mother exploded like a firecracker on my shaft.

I erupted in her.

I fired my second load of my seed into her unprotected depths. Spurt after spurt of jizz flooded into her. I basted her cunt. I trembled on her as the pleasure hammered my mind. I savored the ecstasy of cumming in my mother's pussy.

It was the best sex in the world. Her breasts rubbed into my chest as she kissed me with passion. Her cunt milked my cock. Her hungry snatch worked out every drop of seed brimming in my balls. I growled into her lips.

I hit that peak. I hovered there. Then I crashed. I broke the kiss and nuzzled into her neck, just savoring lying on her. She stroked my back, purring her delight. Her breasts rose and fell beneath me. It was amazing.

“That was wonderful,” she purred. “Mmm, Eric, I wish I had sucked your cock months ago.”

I smiled. “I hope quarantine never ends.”

She laughed. “You think your mother is going to stop taking care of you once that happens?” She nuzzled into my ear. “Has one of those schoolgirls ever let you fuck her in the ass. Your mommy will let you do that.”

Damn, my mom was a slut. My slut. I would never complain about being stuck with my mother again.

The END of this Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine


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