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Lisa's escort services sees her with a high powered couple.
Lisa meets Andy Ridges and his attractive wife Isobel at a meeting. Later she has dinner with them and Barry and Ellen. Later still she goes to Andy and Isobel’s room where she is seduced by Isobel and finds Andy naked. Things are hotting up.

Lisa has visions of pleasure with Andy taking her but Isobel tells her again that Andy likes to watch. Watch what she wonders and her question is answered when Isobel again begins to fondle her breasts and rub her clit. She returns the favour and soon they are kissing and fondle each other. Andy watches intently as the two women pleasure each other. “Lick my pussy” insists Isobel. Lisa hesitates. “I know this is a first for you darling. Just lick me like you like to be licked”. Lisa realises that to do this she must get on all fours in front of the couch. Getting down she moves forward as Isobel spreads her legs. Lisa begins to lick Isobel’s pussy and then moves her tongue to Isobel’s clit which is now erect. “Oh yes Lisa. Yes. Yes” she moans.

Lisa waits for Andy to slide behind her and give her what she wants, what she needs, but he doesn’t move. Isobel is now moaning loudly and Lisa knows what comes next. With a squeal Isobel orgasms and is shaking. “Oh darling that is so good. Please don’t stop” and forces Lisa head harder into her crotch. Still no movement from Andy as Lisa works hard to make Isobel come again which she does amid squeals and moans. Isobel releases her hold on Lisa. Lisa lifts her face and see Isobel with a blissful look on her face. “Oh sweetheart, for a first timer that was so good. Let me do it to you now”.

Lisa gets up and sits on the couch. She looks over at Andy who has stopped stroking himself but his cock is still standing proud. “Damn, I wanted that” Lisa says to herself as Isobel takes the position. Lisa spreads her legs and Isobel zeros in on her now soaked pussy. Isobel runs her tongue over Lisa’s pussy and clit. She moans. Lisa then sees Andy stand up and get down on his knees. Moving forward to thrusts his erection deep into Isobel’s welcoming sex. She groans but doesn’t stop her work on Lisa. Lisa and Andy lock eyes as he begins to pound Isobel from behind. This, in turn, causes Isobel to ravage Lisa’s crotch. The room is filled and moans and groans as the three of them are caught up in the sexual energy of a glorious threesome.

Lisa can feel her orgasm building and closes her eyes and throws her head back. “Oh Isobel” she moans and then groans as her orgasm washes over her. Meanwhile Andy is cursing stroking his cock as he can feel his own orgasm building. “Oh Isobel your pussy is so wet darling” he moans and then groans as he makes it wetter with his seed. He is reticent to stop and continues to fuck his wife until his cock goes limp. “Don’t stop” screams Lisa as another orgasm has her in its grip. Moments later the three of them are basking in the afterglow of their sexual adventure.

Andy flops back in his chair and Isobel sits back on the couch. “You better go and have a shower before you leak on the furniture” Andy suggests. Isobel chuckles and grabs Lisa’s hand. Let’s go honey” she says and leads Lisa to the bathroom and the shower. They start to giggle as they wash each other. Kissing sometimes and fondling each other at other times. By the time they finish their shower and get dry they are horny again. “Let’s go and see if we can get Andy hard again” suggests Isobel. Lisa laughs. “I think you only want to fuck with him again” she says, rather jealously. “Sorry Lisa. I know I was selfish but I only want him to fuck me. I hope you are not too disappointed”. Lisa admits to wishing Andy wasn’t so honourable.

Walking back into the room Isobel tells Andy to get on the bed on his back. She and Lisa get on the bed and both start to grope his cock and balls. He moans and suggests they are wasting their time but soon his cock begins to rise again. Isobel leans over and sucks his cock and then invites Lisa to do the same. The two women take it in turns to bring Andy back to life. Soon it stands proud and Isobel smiles. “See darling” she says to Andy “all you lovely cock needed was some TLC. With that she straddles him and eased down on his cock. She moans softly and then addresses Lisa. “Honey, why don’t you sit on his face? I know he would like to lick that lovely sweet pussy of yours”.

Lisa eagerly follows orders and soon both women are lurching back and forth while Andy’s muffled moans lay testimony to his own pleasure. Lisa leans forward and begins to lick Isobel’s erect nipples. “Oh that is so nice” moans Isobel as Lisa enjoys the tongue probing her soaked pussy. Coming with a squeal she doesn’t let up and strives to come a second time. Isobel is rubbing her clit as she rides cowgirl style. Very soon she is also moaning, overcome by her own climax. The two women continue to use Andy for their own pleasure until he grunts and comes deep in his wife’s pussy. They lay on the bed, all three linked by their mutual pleasure. Lisa finally kisses them both and heads for the shower. Out and dry she retrieves her clothes and dresses as she watches the two naked bodies on the bed smile at her. Now dressed she is escorted to the door by Isobel and they kiss again. “Thank you Lisa” Isobel says “you are so wonderful”. Lisa smiles and heads downstairs and gets a taxi home. Weary from the night’s adventures she slips into bed and falls immediately to sleep.

Saturday and Lisa sat in the kitchen trying to concentrate of cooking breakfast but her mind kept going back to last night and her introduction to lesbian sex. Her pussy tingled as she recalled licking Isobel’s sweet pussy and then having her pussy licked. Then watching Isobel ride on Andy’s cock while she, Lisa, was pleasured by his tongue. She couldn’t help it. She slide her hand inside her bathrobe and began to masturbate. “Oh Lisa you dirty slut” she moaned as she quickly orgasmed. “I have to stop think about it” she decided and finished her breakfast. Later she went grocery shopping and returned home and put the shopping away. Still her mind was buzzing. Another session naked on the bed before lunch satisfied her longing.

The afternoon passed quickly as she cleaned the apartment and then prepared dinner for one. She started to feel lonely. Her new life hadn’t improved to circle of friends, in fact it had reduced it. She thought about going out but the later it got the less she thought about. She finally had a shower and had just dried herself when the doorbell rang. She glanced at the clock on her bedside table. “Who the hell is this at 9pm” she said out loud, slipped on a bathrobe and walked to the door. Opening it she gasped with surprise. “Hello. What are you doing here at this time” she said.

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-06-30 01:30:18
Great the way your "cliffhangers"make me ( & others) check the updates daily. Eager to see what happens next. Like, "Who's at the door & what challenge does the next client present?"

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