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Cathy tried missionary position with Horas but fails. She gets help for a stranger.
My wife tried missionary position with Horas but it didn’t work. More practise needed.

Poor Horas was looking very downcast after failing to mate with Cathy. After we had dinner I looked over and he looked at me and I could see he was unfulfilled. I mentioned this to Cathy and she said she understood. Quickly undressing she “entertained” Horas in the lounge room. I swear I saw his smiling as he humped her. I sat watching as wife and dog became one. Grunts and moaning and whimpering filled the room. It only lasted maybe 10 minutes and Horas was lying down licking his weapon and Cathy was in the shower. Of course I got my turn and then we both had a shower. I slept well that night.

Monday dawned and I heard Cathy telling Horas we both had to go to work. She put him in the backyard and we had breakfast, got dressed and headed to work. She worked fairly close to home so I dropped her off and picked her up after work. Once home we shared dinner duties, washing up duties and then settled in for the night. Horas had been feed and watered and he lay in the corner watching us. Probably thinking “am I going to my bitch”. Well of course he did. Cathy decided that she couldn’t resist having him with us. We watched the news, the TV went off and so did Cathy’s clothes. Horas was equal to the task and showed her how much he missed her.

So it was that we settled into a routine. Dinner, clean up, TV news, doggy sex, Brad & Cathy sex, sleep. It worked well Tuesday and Wednesday night. Come Thursday night and the news was on. Cathy was feeling particularly randy (her words) and she went into the bedroom to undress. There was a knock on the front door. I opened it and found our next door neighbour standing there. “Hello, do you mind if I come in?” she asked. Now I had seen her a couple of times just to say hello. She was maybe 40, quite tall, not really slim but the thing that stood out was her bust. Very nice indeed. I led her into the lounge room and she introduced herself. “I am Elizabeth but people call me Lizzy” she said. I introduced myself.

Cathy heard voices and put on a bathrobe and came out to see who I was talking to. “This is my wife Cathy” I said “This is Elizabeth from next door”. Cathy sat down trying to hold her bathrobe together. “I just stopped by to say that you should be careful when you are in your backyard. I noticed you last Sunday”. Cathy went bright red. I was wondering what would come next. Was she going to blackmail us or something. “It is very difficult to have sex with a dog in the missionary position love. It took me quite some time to figure it out” Elizabeth said. Cathy and I looked at each other in shock. “You saw us” Cathy said. Elizabeth laughed “yes honey I did and may I say I enjoyed the view” she said.

It took a couple of seconds to register what she was saying. Cathy finally spoke up “you said about the missionary position. Were you saying….” She was cut short. “Yes Cathy I was saying I understand. Please let me explain. I was married and about a year ago my husband came home and found me and our German Shepherd, Barnie, together. He called me a dirty filthy whore. He packed his bags and left me that very day”. “Oh I am sorry” Cathy said. “Oh don’t be sorry love. Barnie was a better lover than my husband. Then about 6 months Barnie was hit by a car and he had to be put down. I was devastated. He was so kind and satisfied me like my useless husband never could”. Cathy sat listening intently to her. I just sat stunned.

“He really is a lovely dog isn’t he? Elizabeth said, looking at Horas laying in his corner eyeing us off “I bet is very energetic”. Cathy, having got over her embarrassment, said “yes he is a very good boy. I love him to bits”. Elizabeth turned to me “and you are fine with your wife’s passion for him?” I smiled “yes, if Cathy is happy then I am happy”. She chuckled “what a lovely way to look at it” she said. Cathy thought for a minute or two. “Why don’t you come over Saturday morning for coffee” Cathy said. I immediately realised that coffee wasn’t the only thing she was thinking off “Brad can go shopping and we can get to know each other better”. Elizabeth smiled broadly. I guessed she was thinking the same as me.

Elizabeth said she had to get home so we said goodnight and she left, promising to call back on Saturday for “coffee”. Cathy and I looked at each other and laughed. Who would have thought our next door neighbour was also a dog lover. Cathy came and sat beside me on the couch “I am so lucky to have you darling” she said “poor woman’s husband caught her like you but he left her. Now she doesn’t even have a dog to pleasure her”. She looked over at Horas “you will pleasure her won’t you boy” she said “but right now I need some doggy love”. Slipping off her robe she got down on her hands and knees in front of me followed by cries of “Horas lick” and then “Horas mount”. I undid my pants and slowly stroked my cock while Horas and Cathy groaned and grunted. Cathy looked up at me “don’t you cum you bastard. I want you next” and them squealed as Horas tied with her. Me? I was watching Cathy with Horas but imagining how Lizzy would look under him.

Later Cathy and I lay together having also “mated”. I told her I was initially worried that Lizzy was going to blackmail us or report us or something. We cuddled. “You don’t mind sharing Horas?” I asked her “I know she wants him”. Cathy smiled “why do you think I invited her on Saturday. You go shopping and she and I will entertain ourselves with Horas. I know he will be happy. After all he has enjoyed both Leena and I many times”. I nodded. I was just upset that she was chasing me out of the house. I really did want to see them both with Horas. We dozed off and slept soundly. Maybe I would get the chance to see them sometime.

Saturday morning arrived and I was given a shopping list with strict instructions to not get extras. I had a habit of doing that. We had finished breakfast and cleaned up when Lizzy arrived. It was only 9.30 so it was obvious that she was eager. I said goodbye and walked through the lounge. Horas was finishing his breakfast. “You are in for a treat this morning you lucky bugger” I said. I drove to the supermarket and worked through the list. But my mind was elsewhere and I had a hard-on that ached. I thought about those two women being fucked by Horas. I wished I was there watching. “Concentrate Brad” I told myself as I tried to adjust myself without being seen.

The shopping done I headed home and unpacked the car. I walked into the kitchen to find both Cathy and Elizabeth sitting there in bathrobes, drinking coffee and both smiling broadly. I saw Horas in the lounge as I came in. He looked worn out. “Those two bitches wore you out did they” I said. Cathy called out from the kitchen “yes and these two bitches couldn’t be happier”.


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They need another dog, and we get to see it getting trained._.

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