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This is a story of a woman Zeenat who told me this story when I met her in the course of my business and with some added imagination, a combination of reality and fantasy which contains adult content including prostitution, exploitation, virginity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, CFNM, masturbation, consumption of alcohol, public sex, vaginal fingering, cum eating, anal sex , and hand-jobs.etc
This is the story of Zeenat, she is around 27 years old. Married, but have not yet become a mother even after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then She decided to secretly meet her Ex-lover Rizwan and get pregnant from him.

In Part 2 you Read

Ameera also told Zeenat that she had a crush on Rizwaan and after Zeenat broke up with Rizwaan she had dated him and she told her that Rizwaan is involved in flesh trade and even tried to push Ameera into flesh trade but she some how escaped from it.

Zeenat was alarmed to hear it. She was nervous of course, but two things were going on in her mind, first that she wanted a child of her own at any cost.

But at the same time, there was a amother thing going on in her mind that she should not do something wrong for which her prestige should be lowered before her husband who was so loving and caring. Her husband was also trying his best , he was continuously taking medicines for a year.

Moreover, they have visited a infertility center too. There too, The Doctor there has promised that with his technology he would soon give good news to them.

Then why was she ready to fall from her conscience dignity and her character. Of course her husband does not know, but her conscious is watching everything. She felt like that she was finding it difficult to breathe at this place.


Now Further

She asked her friend Ameera to tell the whole story of Rizwaan.

Ameera told that Rizwaan is a cheater and he traps innocent girls by his good looks and then pushes them in flesh trade. While Rizwaan was dating with Zeenat he was also dating with many other girls in college and some were pushed into prostitution. Zeenat thought she is indeed very lucky that she escaped out of his clutches and has a loving husband now. Then they planned to teach Rizwaan a lesson.

Zeenat Cousin brother Arman was in Hyderabad police. She contacted him and told the whole story of Rizwaan. Arman suggested to her to get him arrested red handed. Then Zeenat told him she should not get involved in it as her reputation will also be ruined. So He suggested that he will deploy a Lady Officer with her. She should take her along with him and trap him using a hidden camera and Mike. So A plan was prepared. Zeenat took a leave from her office. She came out of her house wearing a burqa over a Punjabi suit holding a bag . After a journey of about 20 minutes she was standing in front of her old boy friends house.

As she rang the bell, he opened the door, seeing her standing at the door, he took her in his arms right thereon the door itself and kissed her.

"Oh Allah!" Her heart was in shock. Her husband who loves her dearly and Zeenat also loved him more than her life. After leaving him she has come to meet her Thinking this brought tears to her eyes.

Rizwaan encircled his arms around her. Made her sit on the couch, lifted veil of her abaya and gave her water to drink. Zeenat started to cry.

He asked- what happened Zeenat, why are you crying?

What did I say, I just said nothing.

He said - … What happened, Won’t you tell me?

She did not say anything, wept a little more, then he took her head from his chest and She also shed a lot of tears.

Rizwaan kissed her on the forehead and gave her great encouragement and made tea for her. After a little handling, She looked at his house, It was so disorganized.

She asked him - You have not married?

He said - I wanted to marry you When you left him , what else he would have done

She smiled lightly.

For a while they kept talking about their old days, from here to there on wasteful and meaningless matters . But She did not have the courage to tell him why she was here.

After some time he asked - How is the husband doing?

She said - very well, I love him very much!

He said - and children?

She just nodded her head

He understood and said- Can I do anything?

What could she say. So she remained silent.

So he got up and sat near her and rolled his arm over her shoulder and said - Look, I have always loved you more than his life. You can say anything about your heart to me. Do not be afraid, trust me.

And he took her in his arms and kissed her on the cheek, rubbing her back.

She felt scared. A person with whom she was weaving her marriage dreams two years ago, to whom she wanted to surrender her body and mind, today she was afraid to touch him.

He moved forward and he held her face in his hands and kissed her lips. He said don’t worry I have understood why you are here.

She freed herself from Rizwaan's grip and said - I have to go.

Rizwaan said - where do you want to go?

She said I want to go home.

He said - and what about your child?

She said - I am not ready for all this yet.

When She started to go, Rizwaan stopped her path and stripped off his lower body and got naked. She saw that his dark brown cock stood erect in front of her.

He shook his cock and said - You have to do something about it.

Zeenat said - what should I do with it?

He said - It is ready for you, now let it cool down.

She said - how do I cool it? You see, it is your thing.

He said - either cool it in your pussy or take it in your mouth or take it in your ass. It will settle down only when I will release my cum.

She felt very bad about Rizwaan. She used to think that he loves her, but she was just a sex object for him.

She said firmly - I will not do all this.

So Rizwaan was a bit irritated and grabbed her by the arm and said - why not? Do not you fuck your husband, do you not suck his cock, do not get him into your ass.

She said yes, I do all this with him, because he is her husband.

Rizwaan said - You came here to surrender your body to me or what else why the hell do you come here ?.

Hearing this Zeenat got very angry, She wanted to slap on his face. But She drank her anger.

When she looked very angry, then Rizwaan cooled down and said- Please darling, suck his cock a little.

She said- Look, Rizwaan, I came here to an old friend of mine for seeking your help, but you think I have become a slut and I will fuck you. It's not like this. You misunderstood her.

So Rizwaan completely changed his tone - Ok Ok, okay, I am wrong. But can it be that if you are not in the mood today, then may be we can met tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or sometime, and finish the work which could not be completed today?

Zeenat thought now her plan will work, She said yes May be some day we can do that. Actually I came for seeking some help from you.

Then she cooked a story .. She told him that they have bought a new house some time back, her husband business is not doing well so she is facing financial problems and needs some money to pay the loan installments and for household expenses and then she also wants her child as her husband has fertility problem. But frankly, She feel very strange to be deceive her husband like this. So she has not yet decided whether she really want to do it with you or not.

Rizwaan eyes lit up on hearing this from Zeenat mouth.

Rizwaan said - Okay, then when you say, we will do it. But for now, hold it in your hand for a while, Babe. Ever since my cock has been craving to make love to you.

She reluctantly held his cock in her hand and slowly started moving it. Rizwaan got very excited, kissed her many times, pressed her breasts, strangled her shirt, saw her milky white breasts inside, licked her cleavage with his tongue.

She got tickled, she got excited, but then she controlled herself, She stopped and left him high and dry. He also promised to help her financially. He told her that he does not have much money but he can arrange it for her if she agrees for some compromises.

He told her that he has some wealthy friends she will have to entertain them and they will help her financially. He called some one on telephone and told him that there is a very beautiful housewife who will entertain them and a meeting was fixed after 5 days.

Zeenat has recorded all the conversations with Rizwaan on secret camera and Voice recorder. When she showed this recording to her cousin in p0lice he told her that Rizwan will not punished .. He will easily come out and then she may get into trouble, so she dropped the idea of using that evidence.

She returned back to her house after rejecting all his pleadings to stay. Promising that the next time they meet very soon. But when She came home, She cried a lot at first because she could not believe herself how could she go to someone else than her husband for sex.

But when her emotions subsided, sexual urge started dominating her, she went to her bedroom and took off all her clothes and stood in front of the mirror and started thinking. While thinking, she started caressing her body and remembering the agonizing and agitating movements of Rizwaan, she became so hot that she started caressing her own pussy with her hand and kept stroking till she climaxed.

In the evening when her husband returned he told her that he will be going on a week tour to Surat, Gujraat. And he needs some photographs with a model to show his pearls and jewels to his customers who are big exporters. Since the tour has been finalised with very short notice he could not get a model for photographs and he cannot take all his pearls with him on tour as it will be too risky. So he requested her to model for him.

She agreed to model for her husband and he took a lot of her photographs in various Indian, muslim, traditional, modern, western dresses and in nude. After seeing the photographs he was sure to get big orders.

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