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Father and daughter spend another night together after all these years and Tom is surprised by how much his daughter grew up.
How Traditions Start – Part 14

An original story by Starrynight.

The heavy door to the house swung open and Presley walked in, carrying a large duffle bag. She looked around, smiling to be back at her parents' house, and put the bag down with a thud. "Hey, I'm home." She called out, looking around, but there was no answer, the only sound coming from the animals outside.

It was strange weather, like nature had not decided if it was leaning towards summer or towards winter, and despite the sun shining, there was a chill in the air. Presley closed the door behind her, hauling the heavy bag up to her old bedroom, and dumped it there. The last time she was home and slept in her room was at Christmas, and it was amazing to see that it stayed exactly like she left it.

Presley knocked on her younger sister's door, opening it when there was no answer, but found the room was empty. She looked around confused, then headed downstairs. It was still empty, and after checking her parents' bedroom and finding no one there as well, she grabbed a jacket and headed outside.

"Dad!" Presley called out cheerfully after she finally spotted a familiar face. He was in their small stable, tending to the horses.

"Presley!" Tom called out happily and held his gloved hands out as his daughter hugged him. "I thought you were getting here tomorrow." He said with a wide smile, smelling her fragrant feminine scent as her hands lingered on him for another moment.

"Yeah, I had some last-minute change and decided to surprise you. Where is everybody?" She asked and pulled away, looking up at her old man.

"Well, your mother went with your little sister to checkout college, they were supposed to return this morning, but ran into some bad weather. Their flight was cancelled. Hopefully the weather will get better over there and they can catch tomorrow's flight. Molly was supposed to join them there and come with them. The boys should be coming either tomorrow or the day after, I can't remember which one of them is getting here when. And that's it I guess." Tom said chuckling, his eyes lighting up.

Presley and her father caught up on everything as he finished up in the stables, Tom filling her in on everything that's been going on around the farm, and Presley updated her father on her new job, and how she was getting along.

"Any boys I should know about?" Tom asked with a teasing grin.

"There is this guy I'm dating, but it's still new, we'll see." Presley answered blushing and her father nodded, not pushing the subject anymore.

Presley went to take a shower, then a nap, tired from her long drive, as her father finished taking care of things around the farm. He was excited to have his girl home, a wonderful surprise after assuming he would spend another night alone.

Tom finished his work, exhausted as usual, and entered the house. He wiped his dirty hands on his work jeans, grabbed a beer, and sighed as he sat back on the couch, enjoying the first cold sip. He kicked off his boots, placing his feet on the footrest, and reclined on the couch, sighing as he took another sip of the cold beer.

Presley woke up from her nap refreshed. She noticed she always slept best in her childhood room and threw off the covers. She was wearing just a bra and panties and stepped over to her bag. She grabbed a tight red flannel shirt, the kind she would only let herself wear at home, a pair of tight blue denim jeans, and grabbed her old slippers from the closet, running her hands through her dark hair. She had started cutting it shorter a few months ago, into a medium bob cut, and though she liked her new look, it still felt strange not having her long hair to play with.

The stairs creaked and Tom looked up from his daydreaming to see Presley climbing down, a sleepy look on her face. He was still drinking his beer and smiled at her as she got to the bottom of the stairs and sat down on the sofa across from him.

"Dad, what did you have planned for dinner?" Presley asked, looking at her father, and eased herself into the sofa. She hadn’t eaten much all day and was getting quite hungry.

"Um…well, to be honest, I didn't really have anything in mind. I've pretty much been having beans and bacon or eggs for dinner for the past days. You know I'm not much of a cook." Tom said, smiling apologetically as Presley frowned at him. "Oh, you know what, we have some steaks Carl brought over yesterday, I can grill those up for us. What do you say?" Tom suggested.

"Mmm, yummy, steak sounds good." Presley said smiling. "Why don't I make us some mashed potatoes and a salad to go along. You can go take a shower while I do." She added grinning.

"You're just like your mother." Tom said laughing and chugged the last of the beer. He got off the couch, shaking his head in amusement and headed for his room.

Tom striped out of his dirty clothes, throwing them into the hamper, and stepped into the shower. It was an end to another long day, and he let the warm water caress his tense muscles. As Tom stood naked under the shower, his mind wandering, he could not help thinking about his youngest daughter's upcoming eighteenth birthday. It was a troubling subject to think about, one that was often on his mind these last weeks, and as much as he tried to fight it, he could not help imagining what it is going to be like to have sex with his little girl. It was almost a week since Liz went off with Lisa, and the lack of sexual contact with his wife made him have disturbing thoughts even more often.

Tom stood in the shower, eyes closed, letting the warm water cascade down his strong body, and before he noticed, he was starting to get hard. He opened his eyes, taking a deep breath and looked down at his penis as it began to harden. He tried to calm down, taking deep steamy breaths, but seeing his dick harden got him thinking about his youngest daughter and what her reaction to seeing it might be, which only made it worse, and within less than a minute, Tom was completely hard.

He sighed in frustration as he looked down at his thick six-inch shaft standing in full salute. He took a few deep breaths, trying to get it to come down, but his impressive manhood refused, sending signals all across his body, begging to be touched. Tom gasped as he gave up and finally wrapped his hand around his hard shaft. He grumbled with pleasure as he ran his hand along his it then released it. He squeezed some soap on his palm then returned it to his thick shaft, stroking it timidly.

Tom slowly masturbated his thick hard penis, building up the pleasure inside of him. Though he didn't need much encouragement, he thought about his beautiful wife as he jerked off, imagining her naked body under his. He started stroking faster, the pleasure growing as he recalled her image. He found his youngest daughter slipping into his thoughts as he continued to masturbate, tugging on his fat dick, but each time was intent to think back to his wife.

Tom released a loud groan as he came, intense pleasure hitting him as he squirted his first load down the shower drain. He then remembered Presley was home, and though he was quite certain she wouldn't hear him, he stifled his sounds of pleasure, clenching his teeth as he stroked his spouting penis, ejaculating all over the shower floor as the warm water washed it all away.

The mirror was fogged up and Tom took in the steamy air as he stepped out of the shower. His penis softened in satisfaction and he grabbed the large towel, rubbing his wet body. He stepped out of the bathroom, into his bedroom, the towel at his waist, and walked over to his closet. He pulled on a pair of boxers, black jeans and a plain navy-blue t-shirt. When he opened the door, he felt a chill and went back to get a light brown jacket.

Presley was mashing potatoes as her father came into the living room, looking fresh and clean. "Smells good." Tom said, smiling towards his daughter and walked over to the front door. He opened it and looked outside. "It's quite chilly tonight, you want me to light the fireplace?" Tom asked his daughter, closing the door behind him.

"Sure dad," Presley said cheerfully and looked up at him. "The potatoes are done so I just have to finish up the salad, you want to get the grill running?" she asked her father.

"Yeah, okay sweetie." Tom said as he kneeled next to the fireplace and organized some firewood. He put some Firestarter, lit it with a long match, and watched the flames lick the wood until it caught. Tom smiled to himself then walked out the backdoor and turned on the grill. "You want me to open us a bottle of wine?" Tom asked as he walked back in to get the steaks.

"Ooh, really?" Presley asked wide-eyed.

"Sure, if we're going to have a nice meal we might as well do it right." Tom said smiling.

"Yeah, okay." Presley said cheerfully and watched her father disappear into the storage room and come back with a bottle of red wine. He brought out two large wine glasses, opened the bottle, and poured each one of them a glass.

"Cheers." Tom said, clinking his glass to his daughter's. They both took a sip, then Tom grabbed the steaks and walked back outside, wineglass in hand.

Presley and her father talked and laughed around the dinner table. It was a nice meal, just the two of them, father and daughter time. They continued to catch up on everything that's been going on, eating the food hungrily and drinking the wine.

"Honey, everything was great." Tom said happily after taking the final bite. He leaned back in his chair, glass of wine in hand, and watched Presley as she finished up.

"Thanks dad. The steak was really good too." Presley said with a smile and wiped her mouth with a napkin. She reached for her own glass and took a long sip. She took a deep breath, feeling full and content, and smiled at her father. "I'm guessing dessert would be too much to hope for?" Presley asked mocking.

"Um, actually, there is cherry pie in the fridge. Marge, Carl's wife, made it." Tom said.

"Thank god for Carl." Presley said giggling and raised her glass. "May he continue to bring us meat and desserts." She added and Tom started laughing.

"I'll go get it." Tom said smiling broadly and slowly rose to his feet. "Why don't we move to the living room, it's warmer." Tom said, noticing Presley looked cold and she agreed happily. "Grab the bottle." He added as he moved to get the pie.

"Oh wow, it looks amazing." Presley said as she stared at the pie her father brought over.

"Last time Carl was here your mother sent him away with peach cobbler she made. I guess his wife wanted to return the favor." Tom said as he cut each of them a slice of pie. He handed it to Presley, poured some more wine into both their glasses, and grabbed his own slice.

"Oh god, this is so good." Presley praised with a mouthful as she chewed on the first bite.

"Yeah, Marge's pies are excellent." Tom said, enjoying his first bite. He looked at Presley, each smiling back at the other guiltily as they ate.

Presley finished her pie, the delicious tart sweetness of it lingering in her mouth as she picked up her glass and took a swig of the wine. It was her third or fourth glass, the bottle almost empty, and she was feeling it. She sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, wine in hand and watched her father eat. "So, dad, are you nervous about Lisa's upcoming birthday?" Presley asked with a grin.

"What?" Tom asked, choking on the pie. He coughed, washed it down with some wine, and looked up at his daughter. "What do you mean?" he asked her nervously.

"You know what I mean. It's Lisa's eighteenth birthday and I guess you'll be having the… traditional father daughter…um…sleepover". Presley said blushing.

"I don't know if that's what to call it, but yes, your mother and I decided I would do it with Lisa too." Tom mumbled, blushing.

"And are you nervous about it?" Presley asked.

"Um…Yes." Tom admitted.

"What are you nervous about?" Presley continued asking, curious, and her father looked at her, taking a deep breath.

"Well, you know, it's not the most…natural thing in the world, for a father and daughter to…to…have a sleepover, as you so delicately put it." Tom started saying, blushing. "Quite the opposite really. I don’t know how she'll react. It's true you and Molly both took it well and ended up agreeing, but it could have taken a much different turn." Tom explained, staring into his daughter's big brown eyes.

"Does the thought of it…excite you?" Presley asked. She had quite a bit of wine, and along with making her slightly tipsy, it was also making her horny. Alcohol often had that effect on her.

"That's a bit inappropriate for you to be asking, don’t you think?" Tom asked his daughter in a strict fatherly tone as he studied her. He wondered if his response was a giveaway.

"Right, sorry." Presley said genuinely and took another sip of her wine. "Were you also nervous before your night with me?" she asked.

"Yes, very much." Tom admitted, taking a large gulp of the wine. He was getting warm from the wine, the fire, and the conversation, and removed his jacket. He tossed it on the couch next to him, and Presley took another sip as she looked at his broad chest and muscular arms.

"Did you…um, like it?" Presley asked blushing as she kept staring at her father. She had almost forgotten how handsome he was, his body strong and manly.

"Did I like it?" Tom asked, repeating his daughter's words. He had no idea how to answer that. "You mean did I like…um…sleeping with you?" he asked, his throat growing dry as his daughter nodded shyly. "I'm…um, not exactly sure how to answer that." Tom finally said after a pause, blushing.

"You didn't like it?" Presley asked, lips quivering, and stared at him, looking hurt.

"Well, no, I…I didn't say I didn't like…having…having…sex with you." Tom said flinching as he spoke nervously. "It's just that, it was something I did for you, to help, to prepare, to teach you, not to make myself feel good. Do you understand sweetie?" Tom asked and Presley nodded shyly, her face still looking uncertain. "But yes, if you really want to know, I…I did like it." Tom added, looking at his daughter as he spoke, his heart racing.

Tom and Presley looked at each other, blushing nervously, and both turned to their glasses and took another sip. "Dad, can I ask you one more thing?" Presley started after a long awkward pause, her voice hushed and careful.

"Alright I guess." Tom said, almost afraid of what his daughter would ask him.

"Did you ever…do it…with Molly again, after her birthday?" Presley asked anxiously. It was something that she had been wondering for a while and was reluctant to ask her sister about.

"Of course not." Tom said deliberately. Aghast by even a mention of such an idea.

"What about mom, did she ever…with Zach or Jack?" Presley asked, turning a bright red.

"No, of course not." Tom said decisively as he looked at her sitting across from him, looking at him with her big beautiful eyes, her flannel shirt tightly hugging her curvy body, her large rack stretching it. "Why would you ask that?" He asked, almost sounding hurt.

"Just curious." Presley said casually, her voice low. Being alone with him, remembering how handsome he was, talking about this with him, was getting her intensely aroused. She felt the wetness growing between her legs and clamped them tightly together. "Dad, would you ever consider doing it again…having sex…with Molly or, with…with me?" Presley asked, her throat going dry.

Tom realized he was beginning to sweat. He felt something stir in his pants and took a deep breath. "I…I'm…um. Why are you asking?" He stuttered, shame and uncertainty on his face.

"I don't know. I thought maybe you and I could…" she started saying, turning a bright red and turned her gaze away from her father as she trailed off.

"Could what?" Tom asked, almost afraid to but already knowing the answer.

"Never mind, it's stupid." Presley said blushing.

"…Have sex?" Tom asked cautiously, staring at his blushing daughter as she looked back at him and nodded nervously.

"I thought maybe I could like; help you get ready for Lisa. You could practice on me or something. If you want." Presley said awkwardly, the need between her legs getting stronger. She looked at her father as she spoke, his eyes going wide, not sure what to say or do.

"What would your mother say?" Tom asked his daughter, not believing what he was hearing, the allure hard to resist.

"I wouldn't tell her." Presley whispered with a straight innocent face.

"You know I don't keep anything from your mother." Tom said sternly, his voice chiding her for the mere suggestion of keeping it from Liz.

"I just figured that you're nervous about your night with Lisa," Presley started, placing her glass down, slowly rising to her feet, "and it has been a few years since you did it with me." She added, taking a step towards him. "I thought maybe you can practice with me or something. Plus, it's not like you would be doing something you've never done to me before." Presley added with a low seductive voice. She grabbed her father's empty wineglass from his hand and placed it on the table. She lowered herself onto him, sitting down on his lap, then placed a finger under his chin and held his gaze. "What do you think?" She asked her father, looking straight into his eyes. "Please dad, I really want to." She added in a pleading voice, looking straight into his eyes and leaned in. She closed her eyes and went for it, leaning forward until their lips met.

Tom accepted his daughter's mouth, opening his own mouth as their lips touched. They engaged in a passionate kiss, father and daughter locking lips with a ferocious intensity, arousal growing.

Tom looked dazed into his daughter's eyes as she broke their kiss. Her lips were so soft, so plump, her mouth tasting of Cherry pie and red wine. He nodded, unable to resist, and a naughty smirk spread across Presley's face.

Presley got up, off her father's lap and onto her feet. She grabbed his hand, pulling him up, then guided him over to the sofa. She made him sit down, noting her father still looking uncertain about the entire thing, then took a stand right in front of him, a seductive look in her eyes, and started undressing.

Presley gave her father a shy yet naughty look as she started unbuttoning her shirt. She moved slowly, sensually, seductively moving down her shirt, her fingers releasing the buttons one by one, exposing the front of her white bra as she did. She gave her father another naughty glare, then slowly slid her shirt off. She pulled her hands through the long sleeves, then tossed it aside. Presley studied her father, waiting for a response, but when he said nothing, she moved to her pants. She unbuttoned the top of her tight jeans, releasing the zipper to expose her crème colored panties, then slid her fingers into the jeans and started pulling them down. Her hips wiggled, shaking from side to side as she pulled her pants down, shimmying out of them, completely exposing her panties, then blushed as she pulled her jeans down her legs and stepped out of them.

"Dad?" Presley said, watching her father as he stared at her silently, almost in shock. "Is this okay? Do you want me to take the rest of my clothes off?" she asked cautiously.

Tom stared at his beautiful daughter, wearing just her bra and panties in front of him. She was standing there, wanting to reveal herself to him, wanting him to do nasty things to her, and he could not find the will power to say no. "Yes." Tom croaked, looking at her and watched a smile form on her pretty face.

Presley reached behind her back, her eyes on her father's, and unclasped her bra. She held the cups to her breasts, then removed it, blushing, exposing her large tits to her father, and tossed the bra on the couch. She was left standing in just her light cotton panties, the fabric almost see-through, and slid her thumbs into the waistband. She took a nervous breath and quickly pulled them down, revealing her vulva to her father as she stepped out of them, exposing her naked body to her father once more.

A bulge formed in Tom's pants as he ogled his young daughter. Beside catching a naked glimpse of her a few years back, while they were on vacation, the last time he really looked at her naked body was on the night of her eighteenth birthday, and he was amazed by how much older she now looked. She was sexy, there was no missing that, but where on their special night he saw a cute teenage girl, he now saw a sexy woman, and could not stop staring.

Tom took in every naked inch of the woman standing naked in front of him, hardly recognizing his little girl. It was the same pretty face, but her shorter dark bob cut hair, gave her a much more elegant grown up look. He stared at her slightly darker complexion, all along her nude body. He gawked at her large round breasts, still defying gravity despite their size, dark erect nipples topping each tit. He ran his eyes along her womanly curves, her flat stomach, and her smooth feminine thighs. He blushed as he looked between her legs, his eyes meeting his daughter's womanhood. Her pubic mound was covered in a meticulously trimmed upside-down triangle of dark hair, pointing down to her vagina, her wild teenage bush just a distant memory now. Her smooth labia were parted teasingly, giving her father a seductive peek at the pink interior, as she just stood there on display for him, letting her daddy get a good look at what a sexy woman his little girl had become.

Tom's breath caught in his throat as his daughter gave him a smile and moved to her knees in front of him. His heart raced as he watched her, inching towards him, then reached out. There was no hiding his erection now, and Presley grabbed it through his jeans, outlining his shaft. She grabbed his belt, using her nimble fingers to unclasp it, and began unbuttoning his jeans once the buckle was loose. Tom looked down at her, stunned, as she unzipped his pants, then slid her fingers into the waistband of his boxers. she started pulling them down, jeans and boxers together, and before Tom realized what he was doing, he raised his hips. He watched his daughter tug on his pants and underwear, pulling them down. She exposed his dark pubic hair, followed by the base of his manhood. She pulled again and blushed as half of his shaft became visible, then tugged on it again, harder.

Presley's eyes went wide as her father's mostly hard erection sprung free. She looked at it, excited, and pulled his pants down around his ankles. She moved closer, on her knees, then wrapped her hand around her father's thick shaft. She tightened her hold on it, not able to wrap her fingers all the way around and started stroking it. Her father let out a soft moan and Presley watched with awe as his manhood continued to grow in her hand, straightening up even more until reaching a full erection.

Her father's penis throbbed in her hand and Presley stared at it mesmerized. She studied the engorged head, the bulging veins, feeling them under her hand with each gentle stroke, and felt the wetness between her legs growing from the sight of his girth. Since losing her virginity to him on her eighteenth birthday, with every passing year, and after having sex with several partners, including both her brothers, she was certain her memory of her father's penis had been exaggerated. His was the first cock she ever saw, the first she ever touched, took in her mouth and the first to enter her. She remembered it being huge, but with each penis she encountered, larger ones and smaller ones, thicker ones and thinner ones, she began thinking her father could not actually have been that big. Now, holding him in her hand once more, she realized she wasn't too far off. In her mind her father's penis was huge, at least eight or nine inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. Seeing him again, she realized he was not that long, a little over average, maybe six inches long, but his dick really was as thick as she remembered, and it turned her on so much.

Tom stifled a moan as his daughter tugged on his cock. He was hard, very hard, and watched her as she stared at his shaft, her soft hand going up and down, her eyes glued to it. Tom stared at his daughter's magnificent breasts as she jerked him off, the sight of her hard nipples behind his hard dick getting him even more turned on. He kept staring and felt a flush creep to his face as his daughter looked up at him. She grinned, her eyes on his, her hand sliding down to the base of his shaft, then she leaned in, opening her mouth, and engulfed the head with her full lips.

"Uh sweetie!" Tom whimpered with pleasure, closing his eyes as his daughter's warm mouth wrapped around his cock and she sucked on it. She slowly pulled her warm lips off and Tom opened his eyes, watching as his girl stuck her tongue out and started licking his cock. She had a firm grip around the base, holding his hard shaft in place, and Tom continued to stare, the disgusting pleasure of it amazing, as his daughter ran her warm wet tongue along his manhood. She licked him all over, thoroughly, a nymphic smile on her face as she did. She swirled her tongue along the head, sucking briefly on the tip, then traced it expertly along the bottom of his shaft and down his thick rod. She played with his balls, licking and sucking on them, using her free hand to caress them, before licking her way back up.

"Wow dad, I almost forgot how big it is." Presley said, holding it up to her lips as she studied it from up close, and took it back into her mouth. It was so thick, just to take the head in she had to open her mouth wide, and she slurped it in hungrily, moaning. Warm spit dribbled out of her mouth as she sucked on her father's cock, sliding her lips down his shaft. She twisted her right hand along the base, making her father moan, then slid it up, twisting. Her hand coated his shaft with her spit as she stroked him, running her hand up and down as she gave him a blowjob.

"Oh god!" Tom moaned in pleasure as his daughter closed her lips around his shaft and started taking more in. She slid her mouth down, taking him in deeper, and used her hand to grasp the base. She took another inch of him in her mouth, then started bobbing her head up and down. Tom moaned, deep and low, the feeling exquisite, and continued to watch aroused as his daughter sucked him off.

Presley bobbed her head up and down, a third of her father's shaft in her mouth, and slowly started taking more in. She pushed a little more, then continued bobbing her head. After that, a little more, and then a little more, each time bobbing her head along, adjusting to the length before continuing. She took half of him in her mouth but refused to stop. She continued pushing herself down, making her father cry out in pleasure as she sucked his dick. She persisted, intent, managing to take another inch in until his girth was too much. Presley gagged, not able to breathe anymore and pulled up, leaving strings of saliva dangling from her mouth and her father's cock as she breathed in, her face red.

"Oh, wow sweetie, that felt amazing." Tom said breathless, amazed by how good of a cock sucker his daughter had become since the inexperienced blowjob he guided her through on their night together. He watched her wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, then slowly get up, grinning guiltily.

"Dad, what are you looking at?" Presley asked in a 'busted' tone as her father looked at her vagina, it was leveled with his eyes now that she was standing.

"I…nothing." Tom mumbled blushing and quickly looked up at her eyes.

"Daddy!" Presley said with a smirk, a teasing look in her eyes. "I know what you were looking at." She said, slightly spreading her legs and looking down herself. "You want to taste me dad?" Presley asked kinkily and moved a hand between her legs. She brushed her middle finger along her slit, pressing into it a little. "You want to taste your daughter? " she asked in a low seductive tone and pulled her finger away from her pussy. She moved her finger to her lips, her father looking up at her, and pushed it into her mouth, moaning at the taste as she licked her own juices off with delight.

Tom's eyes went wide as he watched his daughter. He wondered how his innocent little daughter had become such a seductive minx. He nodded, speechless, and his daughter's naughty smile widened. He watched her as she took a step, her naked leg brushing against his knee, then she turned around and took a seat on the sofa next to him.

Tom kicked his pants and underwear off hastily and got to his feet, dick bouncing. He pulled his shirt off, jumbling it in both hands before tossing it aside. He stood there naked, broad chest and strong arms bare, cock hard, and looked down at his naked little daughter. She looked up at him pleadingly, seductively, and Tom got down on his knees in front of her, placing his hands on her knees.

Presley relaxed her body, breathing in, and let her father pull her legs apart. He spread them wide, exposing her nubile vulva to him, and stared at her cunt, heart racing. A shiver ran down Presley's spine as her father slid his hands along her thighs. They were strong and warm, his rough callused palms grinding along her smooth skin. She let out a little moan as he ran his hands along her delicate thighs, eliciting more wetness from between her legs. She held her breath as her father reached the top of her legs, his thumbs on her groin, less than an inch away from her vagina, and paused. He slid his palms around her bare hips, wrapping them around her, and placed them on her ass. Presley's voice trembled as her father grabbed her butt. She looked down at him, her legs spread to him, then squealed in surprise as he pulled her to the edge of the sofa.

Tom's body burned with lust as he moved his face between his daughter's spread legs. He slid his hands along her midriff and back to her legs, placing them on her inner thighs, and started caressing them. His daughter leaned back on the sofa, looking at her father, and she could feel his warm breath on her intimate region. Tom stared at his daughter's perfect pussy with awe, admiring the sexual beauty of her pink flower. She gasped audibly as he slid his right hand along her body, moving it between her legs. He inhaled deeply, sniffing her, taking in the intoxicating scent of her body, and moved his hand to her mound. His daughter whimpered as he touched her, ruffling her trimmed bush, running his knuckles along it and continuing down. He reached her vagina, using the knuckle of his index finger to trace lower, running along her vaginal lips, then pulled his finger away. He moved his mouth closer, her aroma overpowering, then opened his mouth and pressed his lips to the top of her pink slit.

"Oh dad!" Presley moaned, shuddering, as her father's mouth met her twat. His lips seared her pussy where they met, pressing into her, and she cooed as her father slipped his tongue out and started licking her. Presley moaned again, watching intently, and felt another wave of shivering pleasure rush through her as her dad licked her, his tongue gently sliding along her wet slit. He placed both hands at the top of her thighs, keeping them spread open for him, and commenced tasting every inch of her.

Tom ate his daughter's pussy, thinking back to Presley's eighteenth birthday, and to the first taste he got of her sweet young vagina. He could clearly remember the taste of both his daughters' virgin pussies and could not believe he was indulging in Presley's cunny once more. He moaned with satisfied delight as his tongue darted around his daughter's vulva. He traced it up and down her slit, pressing his tongue in, and ran it along her folds. He brushed it along her smooth labia, inside and out, and used it to lick her clit. He pressed his lips to her womanhood, kissing her folds, her mound, her clit, and playfully took her lips in his mouth, pulling at it sensually before releasing.

"Yes daddy!" Presley called out, clawing at the cushions as her father ate her out hungrily. He was so naughty, his tongue, his lips, going all over her pussy, inflicting pleasure every place they touched. She watched him move, devouring her young cunt and cooed as he continued. Her father traced circles around her engorged clit, making more and more of her juices flow out. He tightly gripped her upper thighs, her body burning with heat, and she watched as he moved away from her clit, kissing her pussy lips sensually. He sucked on her labia briefly, then moved his thumbs in, placing them on her lips and spread them apart, opening her pussy to him. "Fuck!" Presley whimpered as her father dipped his tongue into her open honeypot, getting a mouthful of her tangy flavor. He pulled his tongue out and slid his hands up her body as he looked up at her.

"Sweetie, you're so beautiful." Tom whispered, looking up at his daughter, and slid his hands up her body. Her skin was so warm, beaded with sweat, and she breathed heavily as she watched him. His hands reached the bottom of her large breasts and he slowly cupped them, taking one in each palm. His daughter continued moaning, sweet sexy sounds as he squeezed her tits. He was tender and loving, and she let out a soft squeal as he ran his finger over her nipples. He smiled as he teased her erect nips, pinching them between his fingers, then turned his gaze to her cunt and latched his mouth onto her clit.

"Oh my god!" Presley whined, closing her eyes, a surge of pleasure shooting through her body as her father sucked on her clit. She placed a hand on the back of his head, holding him in place, and moaned as he sucked on her again. Presley shivered as her father's hands left her boobs, his fingernails scratching along her skin as he pulled them down her body. His mouth was on her clit, sucking it, devouring it, and his nose pressed into her bush. She jumped as he bit on her clit softly, divinely, pressing her back tighter into the sofa as her breath faltered. His hand continued to slide down, the left moving to her thigh, while the right moved between her legs. He released his clit from between his lips, taking rasped breaths, and moved his thumb over it. Presley moaned as her father played with her clit, rubbing it masterfully to her growing pleasure. His eyes were on hers, an intense glare in them, and she held her breath as they locked on hers. He gave her a reassuring smile that made her pussy even wetter, then moved his thumb away and pressed his mouth back to her clit.

Presley's moans grew louder, intense and whimpering, as her father attacked her clit. Her body was becoming hotter and hotter, every inch of her becoming more sensitive, and it became harder to breathe. Her father moved his right hand to her slit, caressing it as he continued to devour her clit. He held a finger out as he continued to lick her, running it along her pussy, sending a tingling sensation through her body, then pressed it to her hole.

"Oh god!" Presley whimpered, holding her breath, then exhaled with a low grunt as her father pressed his digit into her vagina. Tom extracted himself from her clit and looked at her face as he pushed his finger in. She grimaced, her body tensing, and shivered as her father's finger penetrated her sacred hole. He pressed it deep into her, feeling her wetness, then slowly pulled it out. She moaned in pleasure and Tom repeated the action. He started to finger his daughter faster, finger-fucking her twat, then pressed his lips back to her clit. "Oh daddy! Daddy!" Presley moaned aloud, the pleasure growing even more intense. She bucked her hips into her father, pressing her clit into his mouth and pussy into his finger, then exploded.

Presley's pussy and thighs started to shiver around her father's head, followed by a scorching wave that burned through her young body. She let out a deep groan, filled with lustful pleasure, and began to shake more violently. She screamed as another wave of pleasure tore through her, sending shivers all along her body, and continued to look down at her father. He kept on licking her and fingering her, making the pleasure last, her stomach and legs spasming uncontrollably. She breathed through the raw sexual pleasure, embracing it, and continued to whimper in pleasure until it was over. When she had finally stopped shaking, her father pulled his mouth away, looked at her satisfied expression, and removed his finger from her drenched cunt.

"Oh, wow dad." Presley said softly, her face red and brow sweaty. She sat up on the sofa, her chest moving quickly as she breathed, and looked at her father as he got to his feet, his thick hard shaft towering over her.

"Come on." Tom said, giving his naked daughter a lustful look and offered his hand out to her. She grabbed it and he pulled her up, then pulled her after him. He led them to the master bedroom, Tom and Liz's, and ushered her in, pulling her next to the large bed, then let go of her hand.

The room was chilly, but they were both hot, their arousal making it even warmer. They stood facing each other, father and daughter, staring at each other's naked bodies desirably. Presley stared at her father's impressive member, eager to feel it inside of her, and Tom gawked at his daughter's amazing breasts. He reached for them, grabbing the large round tits in both hands and leaned in.

Presley cooed as her father closed his lips around her right nipple, sending a jolt of pleasure between her legs. He had a hand on her other breast, cupping it, squeezing, caressing it, and she closed her eyes, melting with pleasure. She slid a hand between her legs as her father continued to suck on her nipples like a hungry little baby. He moved from one to the other, squeezing her boobs sensually as he teased, licking them, flicking them with his tongue, sucking on them and biting them to her moans.

"I bet all the guys just go crazy over these." Tom said with a naughty smile as he pulled away, his hands still holding his daughter's breasts.

"Yeah, pretty much." Presley admitted shyly, blushing, and her father chuckled as he reluctantly let go.

"Give me a sec, I think I have condoms in here somewhere." Tom said, looking around the room, then darted over to the nightstand and opened the first drawer. He looked through it but there were no condoms in it.

"Dad." Presley said to her father as he moved to the second drawer, rummaging through it. "Dad." She called out again, louder, making him stop and look.

"What?" Tom asked, on his knees next to the nightstand, and looked over at his daughter.

"It's okay, you don't need condoms with me." She said shyly.

"Oh." Tom let out, staring at her blankly, and slowly got up to his feet. Some part of him still thought of his daughter as the same innocent teenage girl, but she was not, and the nervous excitement of what her words meant where dawning on him. "You're on…?" Tom started as he approached her.

"Yes." Presley said casually, studying her father's gaze. She watched him take the final step towards her and her heart started thumping loudly.

Presley took a deep nervous breath and climbed onto her parents' bed. She got on her hands and knees, giving her father a great view of her juicy ass and moved up. She turned around, laying on her back, head on a pillow and spread her legs apart. She folded her knees, laying her feet flat on the bed, and licked the tip of her middle finger. She looked across at her father, watching her, and with a naughty grin slid it down and started rubbing her clit teasingly.

Tom got on the bed, his heart racing, and followed his daughter's lead. She was not the shy virgin girl whose virginity he took, but a sexy confident and provocative woman. He advanced towards her, moving on the bed, excited, nervous, until he reached her. Nervous butterflies fluttered in his stomach as he got on his knees between his daughter's spread legs, straightening up. She moved her hand away and they stared deep into each other's eyes.

Goosebumps covered Presley's skin as her father ran his hands along her thighs. She looked up at him, then down at his erect cock and took a deep breath. The bed creaked under them as her father moved, getting ready, and she shivered as his legs touched her thighs. Her father shifted closer, their naked bodies now touching, and Presley gasped as her father's shaft touched her, resting on her vulva, the head on her trimmed bush.

"Are you sure you want to sweetie?" Tom asked nervously, feeling he had to.

"Yes dad. Do it, fuck me again." She said, her voice dripping with arousal.

Tom nodded, his body sweating nervously despite the chill in the air and grabbed his penis. He never thought it would happen again, never thought he would spend another night with his busty daughter, but here they were. He took a deep breath, wrapping his hand around the base of his shaft and moved his body back. He slid his manhood along his daughter's intimate area, sliding it along her bush, over her clit and between her lips until he reached his destination. He slid the tip along her slit, coating it with her slick juices, then held it to her opening. He looked his daughter in the eyes, expecting to encounter the same frightened look that had hunted him since his last time with her, but it wasn't there. Instead he was met by a knowing lustful look of a woman wanting to be fucked, and it made his cock twitch in his hand. He pressed the tip into her, the warm wetness of her vagina incredible, and as he looked into his daughter's eyes he thrust forward, penetrating her forbidden hole once more.

"Oh dad!" Presley whimpered, cringing in delight as her father entered her. She was wet and ready for his thick shaft, and a surge of pleasure shot through her as his penis breached her. She moaned as he entered her, his unprotected cock stretching her pussy incredibly. He kept pushing, moving deeper into her, and moaned again at the perverse pleasure of it. Her father grunted as he penetrated her, shoving his dick and stretching her snatch, sliding his shaft along her delicate folds until he was all the way inside her, his heavy balls touching her ass.

Tom looked down at his naked daughter, his cock buried to the hilt inside of her. Her young cunt was wet and warm, tightly hugging his manhood. He looked at her face, the way she was biting her lower lip in pleasure, then ran his gaze down her nude body. He gripped her thighs loosely as he looked at her, studying her gorgeous tits, her flat stomach, her sexy bush, and finally, at her pussy. He marveled at the sight of his thick manhood inside her pink cunt, opening her up, spreading her lips. He basked in the incestuous glee of their merging bodies for a brief moment, then started thrusting his hips.

Presley whimpered and Tom groaned as father and daughter committed incest for the second time together. Tom slowly pulled his dick out, moaning as his daughter's muff gripped it as he did. He kept pulling until only the head was inside of her, parting her labia, then thrust back in, groaning. He continued like this, thrusting his hips slowly, moving his thick rod in and out of his daughter's pussy, listening to her moan and whimper in pleasure as he stretched her twat.

"Dad," Presley said, moaning, and looked up at her father's eyes, "you can go faster." She urged him, noting how gentle he was being. Her father looked down at her, surprised, then nodded. He kept forgetting she was not the same innocent virgin he bedded last time. He pulled his cock out, looking at her face, and pushed it into her in a single motion. "Oh yeah!" Presley squealed as her father shoved himself into her with an echoing slap. "Just like that!" She called out as he repeated it.

Tom groaned as making love to his daughter turned into fucking. She was so vocal, so sexual, urging him on as she whimpered and moaned. "Ugh baby, you feel so good." Tom grunted as he thrust into her, violating her womanhood to their mutual delight. He thrust himself into her, harder and harder, shoving himself into his daughter's vagina, his balls slapping her ass each time their bodies collided.

"Oh my god daddy yes!" Presley squealed as her father continued to penetrate her. "Oh fuck, I love how your thick cock is stretching my pussy." She whimpered. "Fuck me harder daddy, make your little girl cum!" She moaned and it made her father mad with lust.

"Yes baby, daddy will make you feel good." He cried out and began pounding his daughter's muff. She squealed again as he fucked her, hammering her pink pussy with his thick shaft to her curses and praises. He looked down at her naked body as he mounted her, watching her boobs bounce around with each thrust. He slid his hands down her thighs, closing them around her curvy waist, and groaned aloud as he slowed down for a moment, then started fucking her at full speed.

"Yes dad! Yes!" Presley moaned loudly as her father fucked her so good. She looked up at him, his strong body towering over her, and continued to moan as he continued to penetrate her. His thick shaft was going fast, pumping her snatch, stretching it so deliciously as it entered her, rubbing along her lips and insides with burning pleasure. "Oh, fuck dad, I'm gonna cum!" Presley called out as the pleasure was rising more and more with each passing second, reaching dangerously high.

"Yes sweetie! Cum for daddy!" Tom moaned, knowing he should be disgusted by his words, but he wasn’t.

"Oh my god, yes! Yes! Oh, fuck dad I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Presley squealed as she exploded. Her body began to tremble, legs shaking, stomach spasming and pussy convulsing around her father's thick shaft. She whimpered as the excruciating pleasure took her, elating her body to a plane of blissful pleasure. Her voice broke, sounding hoarse and weak as she moaned. Her father slowed down, switching to long slow thrusts to keep his orgasm at bay, until he pulled out completely. His dick was still hard as he pulled it out of his daughter's cunt, and he just watched her body spasm with orgasmic pleasure under him.

Presley tried taking deep breaths, the first ones shaky, until she managed to get her body under control, the orgasm over, and started taking long rhythmic breaths. Her father looked down at her, then moved to the side and laid down next to her. His shaft was slick with her juices as he slid his body on the bed next to her, laying on his side, and pressed his naked body to hers, placing his hand on her left tit.

"Oh, wow dad, that was amazing, you made me cum so hard." Presley admitted breathless. She rolled over to her side and faced her father, smiling contently.

"I keep forgetting you're not a little girl anymore." Tom told his daughter, an amused smile on his face. "Every time you say something like that it surprises me. It's strange hearing my daughter talking so…sexually." Tom confided in her, looking straight into her eyes.

"I'll always be your little girl dad." Presley said, smiling innocent, "It's just that, well, your little girl likes getting fucked." She added quieter and gave her father a devilish grin. Tom looked at his daughter, stunned for a moment, then started laughing. He looked down at her breasts, then grunted in surprise as she reached down and grabbed his dick. "I see your still hard for me." Presley said naughtily and started slowly stroking his cock. "Dad, can I ask you something I've been curious about?" Presley asked, still holding his cock.

"Sure sweetie." Tom said, enjoying the feeling of her warm hand on his penis.

"Do you and mom have like a favorite position?" She asked blushing.

"What?" Tom asked surprised. "You mean if your mother and I have a favorite sexual position?" he asked his daughter.

"Yeah. I'm just curious." Presley said shyly.

"Well, I'm not sure. We each have a few that we like I guess." Tom answered.

"Is there one that's like…special?" Presley pressed her father.

"Where are you going with this?" Tom asked, sensing his daughter wasn't just asking out of curiosity.

"I thought maybe you could show one. We could try a position I've never tried before." Presley said looking at her father.

"Yeah, I guess we could do that." Tom said, staring casually at his daughter as her eyes shot up to meet his. "Oh, and I think I know just the thing." Tom said, a smile creeping into his face.

"Really?" Presley asked excited and her father nodded. She slowly sat up on the bed, releasing his manhood, and her father did the same, sitting up and leaning back against the headrest.

"Come on, I'll show you then. You'll love it." Tom said smirking and moved to the edge of the bed, grabbing a pillow and taking it with him. "Come stand over here." Tom said to Presley, sitting on the edge of the bed, and pointed to the floor at his feet.

Presley looked at her father intrigued and did as he said. She climbed off the bed to the side, and walked around, standing in front of him. "Does it have a name?" she asked.

"Um, I think it's called the amazon position." Tom said.

"Amazon position?" Presley asked, already liking the name.

"Yes, let me explain. Do you remember the position we were in when I…when you…our first time together?" Tom asked blushing.

"You mean the one we started with? Yeah, but it was just like regular missionary." Presley pointed out.

"That's right, it was a pretty common position. You were on your back at the edge of the bed, with your legs spread and I was standing." He said and Presley nodded along shyly. "Well, this is just like that except the other way around. The guy is on his back and the woman is standing." Tom explained.

"What do you mean?" Presley asked intrigued, but not quite understanding what he meant.

"Here, let me show you." Tom said and leaned back until he was laying on the bed, his head on a pillow. "Well, for the guy this position is kind of…awkward, but here it goes." Tom said and took a deep breath. He lifted his knees, raising his feet off the floor, and spread his legs. If a guy was flexible enough, he could place his knees flat against the mattress, but Tom was far from that flexible, and his folded knees just hovered in the air, his hard cock sticking up between his legs.

Presley snickered as she looked down at her father, his big strong body looking a little ridiculous as he lay there with his legs spread and cock pointing up. "What do I do?" She asked, still not sure where this was going.

"Just, you know, put it in." Tom said blushing and Presley looked at him suspiciously but did as he said. She grabbed his shaft, giving it a few strokes to keep it hard, then pointed it away from her father, towards her vulva. She licked the fingertips of her free hand, moved it between her legs, then rubbed the top of her pussy. She slightly spread her lips with her fingers, then moved forward. Presley pressed the tip of her father's dick to her clit, gasping, and rubbed it up and down her slit a few times, making her father groan. Once she was thoroughly wet, she nestled his head to the entrance of her sacred hole, and eased it in.

Presley let out a whimpering little moan as she inserted her father's shaft into her vagina, his head parting her lips, and moved into him. She pressed his penis in a little more, then let go of his shaft. Over an inch was already inside of her and Presley bucked her hips forward, pushing another half an inch inside her muff. "Oh wow!" Presley moaned as she pushed herself onto her father's thick member, the position and angle feeling incredible as it rubbed along her lips much differently than what she was used to.

"Now you can grab my legs." Tom told his daughter as he stifled a moan, noting the pleasure on her face. She looked at him and grabbed his ankles, holding his legs up. "Good, now just start…thrusting." Tom explained, looking at his dick inside his daughter, then up at her face as she nodded.

"Ugh yeah!" Presley whimpered as she thrust her hips forward, sliding her father's thick dick deeper into her pussy, stretching it. She pushed in more, and her father's manhood slid in deeper, then she pulled her hips back and her father's penis started sliding out. "Oh my god dad, this is amazing!" Presley called out, her mouth open in pleasure, and she let out a chuckling moan as she moved with more determination, making her father's dick slide in and out of her wet muff.

"Oh, fuck baby! I knew you'd like it." Tom groaned, his daughter controlling their incestuous union, making his throbbing member move in and out of her with every thrust of her hips. She tightened her grip on his ankles, pulling them apart a little more, making Tom feel the stretch, then pushed forward hard, shoving him deep into her.

Presley moaned, closing her eyes, a kinky smile on her face as she started thrusting her hips back and forth. It was incredible, she was fucking her father, thrusting her hips to make his dick glide in and out of her twat, and as much as she loved being on her back with her legs spread while a cock was pounding into her, this was even better. She pushed forward again, and her father's dick penetrated her, pulled back and he slid out. It was amazing and so incredibly hot, and she found herself gradually moving faster.

Tom groaned with pleasure as he watched his daughter take control. She was so sexy as she stood naked, thrusting her curvy hips back and forth. He moaned as his little girl was getting rougher with him and with herself, pressing her body into his, harder and faster, sliding her tight twat along his dick over and over. His dick stretched her young cunt as she continued to thrust, moaning and groaning at the pleasure of their fucking.

"Oh my god daddy this feels so good!" Presley moaned, penetrating herself with his manhood. "Your big cock is stretching my pussy." She said moaning, looking down at their merging bodies. "It feels so good!" she whined, almost sounding like a sob. She moved her hips madly, groaning as her face contorted with sexual glee. She shoved herself onto her father wildly, then slowed down until she pulled away. "Let's try it with me on the bed." Presley said sternly after her father's hard cock slipped out of her. "Scooch up a little." She said and her father did as she asked.

Tom quickly slid up the bed and watched his daughter climb up frantically and get in position. She took her place on her knees between his spread legs, grabbing his dick and shoved it back inside her. Tom moaned as his penis reentered his girl's vagina, and without wasting time she grabbed his legs and went back to thrusting, her beautiful breasts bouncing around as she moved.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Presley called out, the bed creaking under them as she continued to fuck her father. "Are you glad we did this daddy?" Presley asked with a kinky smile as they continued their depraved sexual act.

"Ugh, yes!" Tom whimpered, groaning as his daughter started moving faster.

"You like stretching my pussy with your big cock daddy?" She asked with a perverse grin. She leaned into her father, letting go of his legs and started rolling her hips with each thrust, making her father's groans deepen. "You like your daughter fucking herself on your cock daddy? You like the way my pussy feels, huh daddy?" Presley continued asking, talking in a childish voice that was driving her father mad.

"Fuck baby yes!" Tom growled, the pleasure engulfing his body was intense. Presley smiled at him, moaning, and leaned closer to him, pushing herself as much as she could onto his cock with each forward thrust. She pressed her clit into his pubic bone, and a small orgasm tore through her, making her pause as she pressed her clit harder against her father, a shiver of intense pleasure running through her naked body.

Tom wrapped his hands around Presley's waist and lowered his legs, planting his feet on the bed with his knees folded. He slid his hands around her body, grabbing her luscious ass and pulled her on top of him. Presley squealed, moving her legs to both sides, straddling her father, and looked down into his eyes as he started thrusting into her from below.

Presley whimpered, body shaking with pleasure as her father hammered her pussy with his thick cock. She leaned into him more, her hands on the bed on both sides of him, and groaned as he pummeled her pussy, shoving his dick into her, hard. She squealed as another small orgasm tore at her, then looked down at her father as he let out a deep grunt.

"I'm gonna cum!" Tom called out, his face twisting as the disgusting pleasure began trickling through his body.

"Yes daddy, cum inside me! Fill your little girl's tight pussy." Presley whispered devilishly, her voice shaking.

"Oh god!" Tom moaned, his daughter's disgusting words making his blood boil. "Fuck!" Tom growled, still feverishly pounding his dick into his daughter's snatch. "Baby I'm cumming!" Tom moaned, the sound of his body slapping into his daughter's, echoing throughout the room.

Tom grunted with euphoric pleasure as he exploded. He looked up, seeing his daughter's pretty face and moaned as he shot his first load deep into her bare cunt. Searing pleasure tore through him, burning through his body, and a moment later he shot a second load, more powerful than the first inside Presley tight cunt. He continued to shove himself into her, groaning with primal animalistic lust as he ejaculated inside his girl. He moaned as the excruciating pleasure persisted, pushing himself into his own daughter's amazing pussy with disgusting bliss. His face contorted in delight as he came, his cock spouting endlessly, filling his daughter with load after load of incestuous fatherly cum until his balls were empty. He shoved himself into her one last time, grunting disgustingly as he held his penis deep inside her, then pulled down.

Presley crashed down onto her father, sliding down on his cock as she fell on top of him. Her breasts pressed into his chest; their naked bodies intertwined. Her father moved his hands along her back, tightly wrapping around her and held her body to his, embracing her. They gasped, breathing in much needed air, as their bodies continued to tingle, and Presley felt her father's warm sperm inside her vagina, his thick member softening inside of her. They held each other for a minute, calming down from their incestuous ordeal, until finally detaching themselves.

Presley pushed herself up, on top of her father, and looked down at him. They looked at each other's eyes, dazed, and he gave her a shy smile. He released her, moving his hands away, and Presley climbed off. A combination of their juices leaked out of Presley's cunt as her father's limp penis slipped out of her. His shaft was coated with it, and more leaked out of Presley's cream-pied pussy as she moved on the bed until finally laying on her back next to him.

"Oh god!" Presley let out dazed, breathing in heavily as a content smile formed on her face. "That was so hot!" she added, turning her head sideways to look at her father's face, then turned her gaze back to the ceiling.

"Your mother is going to kill me." Tom said casually, breathing heavily as he took in what he and his daughter just did.

"Really, because we had sex?" Presley asked. "It’s not like you cheated on her or something, and you can tell her it was my idea." Presley added, sounding worried.

"No, I'm kidding, it'll be fine. Don't worry about it." Tom said, turning to look at his daughter and gave her a reassuring grin.

"Oh." Presley said blushing and took another deep breath. "Dad, this was so much better than last time." Presley said smiling and looked at her father again.

"Yeah, it was much different than last time, that's for sure." Tom exclaimed. "Sweetie, can I ask what's with all the…um…dirty talk?" Tom decided to ask his daughter.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to do it with you. I guess I got a little carried away." Presley said embarrassed. "Did it freak you out?" she asked shyly.

"It definitely caught me by surprise, but I guess that it did kind of turn me on." Tom admitted, blushing as well. "Where did it come from?" he asked.

"Um…well…I kind of really like talking dirty when I'm having sex." Presley stuttered, blushing. "I think I started doing it with…um…Zach," She mumbled shyly, "and I kind of do it all the time now." She added.

Tom looked at his daughter, an almost shocked, uncomfortable expression forming on his face. He could not help conjuring the image of his eldest son doing nasty things to Presley while she talked dirty to him, calling for her big brother to fuck her hard, or to cum in her tight little pussy. It made Tom uncomfortable and he shook his head, trying to remove the image from it.

"Dad, are you okay?" Presley asked when her father didn't say anything back, just stared at her blankly.

"Huh? Yeah, everything is fine honey." Tom told his daughter, shaking off his wandering thoughts. He turned to look at her and gave her a warm smile.

"Okay, good." Presley said with a relieved smile and looked up at the ceiling, taking in a deep breath.

"Wait, what happened to practicing what I would do with your sister?" Tom asked with a teasing smile. "I doubt that's how my night with her will go." He added jokingly.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Presley said, giggling and turned on her side to look over at naked her father. As the sexual high slowly calmed down, Presley was getting cold and she pressed her body into her father's, draping her leg over him. She placed her head on his chest and yawned as she wrapped her left hand around him.

Tom wrapped his hand around his daughter too and pulled her into him. Her naked skin was warm on his, her breasts squeezed tightly against his sides, and her hair on his shoulder. He placed his hand on her lower back, sliding it down and rested his palm on her hips. Her vagina was warm and moist, touching his knee, her bush tickling his thigh, and he sighed in satisfaction as they laid there in silence, saying nothing.

"Can I sleep here tonight dad?" Presley asked her father. She was sleepy and already beginning to doze off.

"Okay I guess." Tom agreed, unsure if he should. He wasn't sure how his wife would feel about the fact that he had sex with his daughter again, just for the sake of sex this time, but he knew she wouldn't like them sleeping naked together afterwards. Still, looking at his daughter already asleep on top of him, he didn’t have the heart to tell her to go to bed. He reached for the blanket, careful not to wake Presley up and covered them both, then reached for the light switch and clicked it, the room turning dark. He took a deep breath, smelling his daughter's sweet scent, then placed his other hand on her and closed his eyes, holding her warm naked body to his.

Tom felt warm cum leak out of his daughter's pussy and down his leg. It was his incestuous cum, his seed, dripping out of his own daughter's vagina. He knew it should disgust and disturb him, but it didn’t, a stupid grin on his face instead. He took a final breath, Presley's breathing becoming shallow on top of him, then he too drifted off, thinking how in just a few days, it will be his youngest daughter in the bed with him.


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