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Mrs. Goodwitch is getting crazy about giving detentions.
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY

Expect a lot of grammar mistakes, English is not my native tongue and I'm writing to slowly fix my troubles with the language. Comments are appreciated.

X - X - X - X - X

-Jaune's still in detention? - Ruby asks the JNPR team, curious about the amount of detentions the blond's having with Professor Goodwitch - it's the third time this week, and it's Thursday! - The little hunter really wants to know what the blond did to have such bad luck.

-Jaune's training with Ms. Goodwitch - Pyrrha responds calmly, while everyone has lunch in the dining room. The beautiful redhead is also curious, and somewhat annoyed, for all the time Jaune spends with the older Huntress now- He says it helps him increase his stamina-

-Fearless leader's getting better- The Valkyrie exclaims while eating her pancakes, not at all affectted by her leader's absence. After all, more pancakes to the queen of the castle.

- I see that you've been training Mr. Arc- Glynda tells her student, on her knees watching the virile member of the blond move between her breasts. The blond breathes roughly, sitting in her office chair, while he saw those perky tits, barely contained by a white bra, moving from top to bottom on his cock, each friction taking him closer to the edge. - Your performance lately has been more, well, satisfactory.

Glynda licks the tip of the blonde's cock, Jaune only squeezes the saddles of the chair, trying to not cum yet, until he saw the green eyes of her teacher,full of mischief, and her sultry smile. Jaune loses control and grabs the head of the huntress, who widens her eyes in surprise at the sudden movement and the sudden jizz that floods her mouth.

The student collapses in the chair, watching the teacher open her mouth and proudly show him the entire cum of the blond, uncaring of a few drops of semen falling onto her cleavage, swallowing it easily. - Very good job Mr. Arc- the teacher gets up and looks out for her shirt, Jaune watching as the perfect figure of his teacher leans down and picks up her blouse, her huge butt highlighted by that black skirt she's always wearing. - We will continue tomorrow.

-Ughh- Yang suddenly groans

-Yang, what happened - her baby sister asks her, concerned

-It's that idiot - the blonde bombshell points to Winchester, who walks with his team, looking even more smug than usual - seeing his face ruins my day.

-Lately he's also been training with the teacher - Weiss comments while sipping her tea - it must be why he acts more arrogant than usual.

-It's good that you've arrived on time Mr. Winchester - the attractive woman tells her student, who enters with a visible bulge between his legs. The blonde closes the door using her semblance and approaches the wall, lifting her skirt and exposing her big and round ass, just covered by a white panty. -Let's see how much you've improved - she winks - You choose.

The Bully quickly approaches the hot teacher. He lowers his pants and boxer and slaps the teacher's butt with his prick, who only giggles at the action - I'm going to make you scream prof - the brunette tells her as he moves her panties aside and slowly fills the woman's wet pussy. - It's tight - the young man growls as he starts to move.

-Don't cum inside - the blonde whispers to her student, who buries his hands inside her blouse to grab her breasts as if they were handle bars and begins to increase his thrusts, his balls hitting the woman's clit, to both's pleasure. - wait until tomorrow. - The blonde emits a scream when the big cock hits at a sensitive spot, and the young man leans on her back, biting her white neck.

Jaune and Cardin once again have an encounter with their beautiful teacher, who summoned them together. Both boys quickly left Port's classes and went to their favorite teacher, who received them as the Gods brought her into the world, wearing only her glasses and black stockings. The older woman smiles at the lucky guys, who have their yaws on the floor at such a sight.

-just in time- both boys look dumbfounded as the woman sits at the desk and spreads her legs, slowly fingering her pussy with two fingers, both holes clearly lubed - I see you have something for me- she sees with satisfaction and licks her lips watching both young men approaching, pulling down their pants and showing their rock-hards poles.

Jaune ... Jaune -Ruby's looking for her bestie, weirded out by his sudden departure. the little student approaches the teachers' offices, lowering her voice to avoid problems.

X - X - X - X - X

Completely oblivious to this, the milf finds herself once again sandwiched between her young lovers,her lower holes gripping their cocks tightly. She closes her eyes while massaging her breasts, fingers pinching her nipples, moaning and yelping any time one of her boys hits a sensitive spot.

Ahhh ... ahhhh ... I love your ... cocks- a moaning Glynda says while her holes are impaled by two big dicks. The blonde is riding Cardin, her tits pressing on the chest of the brunette that just feels glory. Jaune, meanwhile, lies on the back of the huntress, pressing her against his classmate, enjoying the woman's tight ass. Both boys, tired, stand still and feel how the beautiful woman moves her hips back and forth - you ran out of strength ?, How disappointing - the blonde mocks them, as she buries herself against Winchester's cock, and leans back , Arc's penis sinking into her pink anus. - maybe i have to find someone else - she wonders, smirking when she got the responses she wanted.

Both boys begin to move again, accompanying the movement of the blonde. Both students, already accustomed to sharing Glynda, coordinate and alternate the onslaught, to give her more pleasure, one in the other out, and repeating . Only moans and grunts are heard in the office, until they hear the calls of the young Rose, looking for the leader of team JNPR.

-shit, it's Ruby- the blond exclaims annoyed- well, end up without me

-Alright, but keep her away as much as you can - Cardin answers irritated. The busty woman is silent, waiting for the inopportune girl to leave.

OK- The blond thrusts a few times in Goodwitch's ass, who only bites her lips, before pulling out. Cardin and Glynda both stand still and smile at each othe while they feel how the Arc dresses and walks away. The stunning woman begins to ride her lover, putting a hand on his chest and shaking her waist.

Ahhh ... aahh ... - the blonde moans of pleasure, until the Winchester grabs her by the back with his right hand and pulls his member out from her pussy-OHHH !!! - the blonde squeals when her student directs with his left hand his thick pole to the woman's used anus, the tip slowly entering the pink hole. Grabbing her hips, Winchester drives his cock up her ass with all his strength, her buttocks shaking with each thrust. The blonde just groans and rests her hands on the floor, getting up a little so that her lover has greater ease in her thrusts.

I'm cumming - Cardin starts to pant and his thrusts become more erratic. The woman upon hearing this gets up with shaky legs and orders him

-Get up - The teacher gets on her knees and opens her mouth while Cardin jerks off furiously, the blonde closes her eyes waiting for her creamy prize. Groaning, the students cums on his teacher's face, and sees how the busty woman opens her mouth and welcomes all the jizz, part of it dirtying her glasses and eyes. The blonde just smiles, already thinking about what they will do next time.

X - X - X - X - X

-Mr. Winchester, mr. Arc - Professor Goodwitch called them at the end of class- a moment please - both, already knowing what's coming, tell their teammates to not wait for them. When only the three remain in the gym. The teacher grins at them - don't make plans this weekend - The teacher arches her back, highlighting her figure, very much to the pleasure of her horny students - I have a surprise for you.

X - X - X - X - X

Cardin had no problem explaining to his team that he would be busy on the weekend. Jaune was not so lucky, with the curiosity of Ruby and Nora, he had them attached to him all week until convincing them with tickets for the new premiere of the weekend.

Both boys arrive at the same time and glare at each other. They may have the best teamwork ever , as Glynda exclaims, sometimes with shouts, but they still don't get along. Knocking on the door, they see how the teacher, in her usual dress, opens it and lets them through.

-Wait a moment- the mature woman directed them to the bed, enjoying how both boys groped her body above her clothes, both boys firmly grabbing her asscheeks. Seeing both boys undress, the beautiful huntress moves them to her bed using her semblance - tonight, it's only for you.

Both students see how the teacher goes to the bathroom, while slowly they begin to masturbate their semi-hard members. Neither wants to admit defeat to the other, and they show no signs of discomfort. Also, they have fucked the teacher together so many times, often double teaming her ass, that they are used to see the other.

-So, Arc- Cardin tries to start a conversation - you fuck Nikos or not?

-Jealous? - the blond answers, amused.

-No, I just don't see how that hottie sleeps with someone like you - the brunette bothers him - besides, she looks boring. - The blond doesn't answer him, and the Winchester smirks and laughs- the great champion is a bad lay.

-She just doesn't like to experiment.

- That, I can believe, nobody is like the teacher - the brown-haired boy admits, and both boys nod at each other. The teacher sets the bar very high.

The bathroom door opens and the hunters see with surprise how Glynda Goodwitch, Beacon's most feared teacher, approaches in a tight school uniform. the shirt had two buttons undone, letting some cleavage be seen, and a skirt so short that they could see her ass with every sudden movement.

-I see that you like the surprise- the smiling beauty approaches them, getting on the bed and grabbing their cocks, harder than they ever been- now, just relax - the blonde leans in - and leave everything to me.

Glynda started sucking Jaune's thick cock, slowly masturbating Cardin's. Staring at Jaune, she takes every inch of the large prick until her nose touches his pubic hair, and slowly moves up, stopping to suck Jaune and switching to Cardin, stroking theirballs with her soft hands. The boys gape at their lover demonstrating her unmatched skill in oral sex, paying equal attention to both dicks.

Seeing her beloved students try to get up, the teacher shakes her head and squeezes their cocks, making them gasp in surprise - I told you - the woman gets up and stands up, showing her back to the Winchester, grabbing his pole and firmly inserting it into her warm pussy , both sighing with pleasure. Leaning forward, the huntress begins to wiggle her hips without getting up, her ass shaking wildly. The brunette lifts the skirt and grips that butt he loves so much, and growls when Glynda starts to take him in, slowly bouncing on his hard cock. The blond slowly masturbates, watching the show waiting for his turn, knowing it will come soon.

The blonde gets up, a small pop is heard when Cardin's cock comes out of her cunt, and turns around to face Jaune, grabbing his long prick and introducing him into her intimacy in a blink. Taking off the sweater and shirt, the woman is left only with her black bra on, lowering it to leave her bust shake free. The mature woman smiles at him and presses her arms on her lover's chest, pressing her boobs together and giving a show to the younger blonde, moving her hips from top to bottom, her boobs bouncing with each thrust. The blonde woman groans when she feels the blonde student accommodate and take hold of her hips, raising and lowering on his cock.

-Mr. Winchester - she grind at the bully, between moans - I haven't forgotten you - she accommodates the brunette and lies on the blond, opening her mouth on the still member of Cardin. He doesn't waste time and grabs her face, thrusting with so much strength his cock sinks into her throat. The blonde chokes and tries to move, but Jaune grabs her by the back and increases the ferocity of his thrusts, his balls colliding with the asscheeks of his gorgeous teacher, the Winchester again fucking the face of the beautiful woman, as if she were a cheap doll.

Any other woman could not have endured such roughness on the part of her lovers, but Professor Goodwitch was not anyone. Adjusting herself, the woman relaxes and simply stops moving, leaving the boys in control of the situation.

-Does Nikos do this to you Arc !!? - Cardin asks his partner, sinking his penis into the oral cavity of the Goodwitch- could she endure something like this? -

-No! - The blond answers, spanking the woman fiercely, his palms leaving marks on the white skin of the teacher- nobody is like the teacher-

Both boys feel the teacher start moving, clearly pleased with their comments. The students lift her up and take off her remaining clothes. Now, with all three kneeling, the blonde starting to jerk off her boys while Cardin grabs her ass and Jaune grabs her tits. The three moan as they grab their second air, the boys's hands run through every part of Glynda's divine body, putting her on her hands and knees. Cardin fingers her pussy and her ass, the blonde jerking off the Arc and sucking his, the blond stroking the huntress's hair.

Glynda feels when the brunette replaces his fingers with his big cock, slowly sinking into her tight asshole- Oh Gods yeah !! - The scream of the beauty's interrupted by Jaune's cock, which takes advantage of the moment to plow her throat with his phallus. The blonde's being rammed on both sides, her body moves from one cock to the other. The leader of the JNPR team then lies on the bed and moves to grab the teacher's tits and press them around his cock - Mr. Arc- the blonde says amused- you really aahh ... likes my tits… .ahhh… - leaning on the legs of the Arc, the beautiful woman sees how the tip of the blonde's cock appears and disappears between her tits.

The leader of Team CRDL, on the other hand, slaps the asscheeks of his teacher, appreciating how her buttocks shake with each penetration.- I am glad that you appreciate my ass, Mr. Winchester - the bully doesn't respond with words, but changes position. Leaning on the woman's back, the student increases the speed of his thrusts.-ohhh ... aahh...slow are going to break my ass !! - the woman screams, her body moving like a rag doll, her jugs bouncing like mad, bothering Jaune , who was enjoying a phenomenal titfuck.

Seeing Glynda moan with such pleasure, the blonde sighs and moves behind the pair, watching as his rival's cock enters and leaves the huntress's rear. Being careful to not touch the other student, the blond slowly shoves his big prick into the teacher's pussy- ohh ... shit! oh Shit! - The woman screams in surprise - you could not wait ... ahh ... your fucking turn - the blonde drops her face on the bed, her body receiving the double penetration easily, already used to the pleasure it gives her. The position was uncomfortable for her lovers, but double penetration is frankly quite common any time they make a threesome, so it's not hard to get used to it.

They find a rhythm that satisfies both of them, ramming the cocks in unison., her hole grredily taking every inch of cocks they could - Fill me with your sperm !! - the woman shrieks like crazy, feeling the virile members inside her start to shake. Her students start to cum, Cardin filling her ass and pulling out, and Jaune with a lot of effort pulling out of her pussy and ramming on her already filled anus, cumming inside too.

The young hunstmen see how their teacher's gaping ass expands and contracts, and how their sperm falls on the bed when the teacher gets up.- I hope you still have energy- the blonde is approaching the bathroom, her voluptuous figure moving elegantly, uncaring of how their jizz fall slowly down her legs - we still have all night.- Glynda smirks when she feels her boys coming closer and squeals when their hands fondle her behind and her sensitive holes.

X - X - X - X - X

Water fell on the trio, cleaning them after the intense action, the hot water emitting steam in the shower. Not that the Hunstmen are attentive to this at all, focused entirely on their precious teacher. The blondes look into each other's eyes, while the teacher lifts one leg over her student's waist, Jaune slowly sticking his penis into the intimacy of Goodwitch. The leader of team CRDL approaching from behind and pointed his member to the ass of the blonde, who stopped him before the tip even touched the hole.

- Not there, Mr. Winchester - Both guys understand. Jaune stands still and hugs the blonde while Cardin tries to put his cock in Glynda's already filled cunt . Jaune removes his member a little, so much that only the tip of his cock's still on the woman's pussy. Both young students slowly sink together into the teacher's twat.- aahhh ... Gods feels so good! How delicious !! You both feel so good in my tight little pussy.- Her lovers move slowly, not wanting to hurt their beloved teacher, ignoring how their cocks brush against the other, used to it. They soon tire of the position, however, neither fully able to thrust himself fully, the bombshell not noticing their discomfort, almost passed out from the pleasure.

-Mr. Winchester? .- The beautiful blonde blinks in confusion when both boys come out of her dilated pussy, and the brown haired man turns her around.- oohhh, you mischievous boy.- the teacher purred when her student grabs her by asscheeks and lifts her, Glynda wrapping her long legs at the hunter's waist, her pussy taking the cock filling her easily. The blond pressing himself on her back, grabbing her thighs and penetrating her sweet little ass. - You really like double penetration, don't you boys?. - the moaning Glynda comments, feeling her lovers lifts her up and down on their thick dicks, her pussy and anus squeezing the pricks as if they were gloves.

The blonde throws herself on the brown-haired teen and the lock lips, tongue dueling for dominance while she feels the blonde groping her tits, reshaping her anus with his dick. Truly, she thinks, as she felt both of her boys cumming inside her holes, this is the best.- C'mon boys - She breathes loudly.- The night's still young.

X - X - X - X - X

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