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This is a story of a woman Zeenat who told me this story when I met her in the course of my business and with some added imagination, a combination of reality and fantasy which contains adult content including prostitution, exploitation, virginity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, CFNM, masturbation, consumption of alcohol, public sex, vaginal fingering, cum eating, anal sex , and hand-jobs.etc
This is the story of Zeenat, she is around 27 years old. Married, but have not yet become a mother even after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then She decided to secretly meet her Ex-lover Rizwaan and get pregnant from him. She Learns that Rizwaan traps innocent girls by his good looks and then pushes them in flesh trade. Zeenat thought she is indeed very lucky that she escaped out of his clutches and has a loving husband now. Then they planned to teach Rizwaan a lesson. Zeenat meets Rizwaan and He tried to seduce her. Zeenat has recorded all the conversations with Rizwaan on secret camera and Voice recorder. When she showed this recording to her cousin in police he told her that Rizwaan will not punished .. He will easily come out and then she may get into trouble, so she dropped the idea of using that evidence.

Then She got Rizwaan trapped by her Boss for fraud and got him jailed.

In Part 4 you Read

She too, like a professional prostitute, said to Rizwaan Boss with a slight smile - No sir, I am new. I don’t have so much practice of putting condoms.

As soon as the condom climbed on his cock, he pulled her forward, lifted her sari, petticoat, took off her panty and pushed his black cock in her white pink pussy… and started fucking her.

Probably he has taken some medicine. He fucked her well for more than 10 minutes and his cock was rubbing in the pussy, so she also enjoyed it, She also started releasing her juices.


Now Further

Rizwaan boss fucked her 2 more times in that night and he was very happy with her.

On the next day she had her meeting with the rich client of Rizwaan. Rizwaan has told his Boss that tomorrow Zeenat has to go to meet his rich client. Rizwaan boss said don’t worry Zeenat even if Rizwaan has now been arrested you will keep on getting good clients and you can keep all the money you receive.

In evening a car picked her and took her to a Hotel. His name was Vijay Kumar. He was a big business man. He was around 30 years very smart and handsome.

His wife had died three years ago and had not remarried. He liked her very much and on that day he only discussed her about her life . Zeenat told her entire story to him. And how she remained childless even after 2 years of her marriage and how she was ditched by Rizwaan.

On That day he just kissed her and both undressed and did some oral sex. Vijay Kumar said he liked her very much and wanted to meet her regularly.

Vijay kumar asked her to come again next day and stay with him for few days and agreed to per her good money. Zeenat liked the respect she was given by Vijay kumar.

On the same night her husband told that his new clients in Surat has liked his collection of pearls and have given him a good order. He transferred Fifty Thousand Rupees in her account and told her to go to his shop tomorrow and get more photographs of his collection. Zeenat took a leave from her office and went to shop of her husband and took a lot of photographs of all his pearls and jewels with her as Model.

The change was that this time she was nor reluctant to Model but she enjoyed it and flaunted her body and readily volunteered to do Nude Modelling. And seeing her modelling Husband fucked her in the shop by closing all doors. Her Husband again went for a tour of Surat on that day.

In the noon she again went to the Farm house of Mr Vijay Kumar. He told her to strip and then he stripped nude and fucked her and after fucking her, he ruled that when ever they will be in his Farm House they will both remain totally Nude throughout. The first task there in will be that neither of them will wear clothes. As long as she stayed with him , They both remained bare naked.

Even if someone goes to the Toilet or bathroom, the doors will not be closed. So that if anyone wants, they can see their partner and taking a bath together was another Rule for them .

He never went without taking a bath with her. He fancied her. What to say when you love each other to this extent.

" All Time Nude ?", Zeenat asked with a confused look when He told the rule for first time to Zeenat..

" Yes , All Time Nude ", He replied, " We remain nude We go to Bed nude, we get out of bed Nude as they are now and go about there day in Farm House wearing nothing at all. It's not like they're going anywhere today."

"You just want to look at her body all day."

"Can you blame me? You look beautiful and sexy as hell."

"You'll have a hard on all day ."

"well, if you see something you are free to do what ever you want."

So they did it. All Time Nude. And they did it always when they were together in the Farm House. A few times at other places as well . And she was hot.

Like the day he called All Time Nude for the first time, there was no one else at home. The servants were granted leave for the day. Initially, they decided to try it for a few hours may be till lunch time. So initially for first time it was a half day try of Nude day . He kept on looking at her all day and a hardon for almost full day.

They both started with a massage with both giving massage to the partner. By Breakfast they already had a session after deceleration of Nude Day. And then a shower together in nude at the house terrace as it started to rain and then a session in the rain.

In lunch they decided to have a fruits lunch. Zeenat has not had her breakfast because she was not feeling hungry to have a breakfast. He went with her in kitchen and ***********ed a few things for lunch. It had lots of fruits, chopped ripe mangoes, grape bananas and strawberries along with other exotic fruits, chocolates, cakes, milk shakes, and honey, Indian sweats, and along with the pudding that she made especially for him.

He told Zeenat to enjoy her lunch, but she said she is not hungry. So he gave her mango to eat, but she didn't eat that either, so he said let me feed you. He asked her to close his eyes. And if she opens her eyes she will be punished. She would then have to eat the stuff which she was reluctant to eat at first. Zeenat did not show much enthusiasm on this plan and said, I eat very little. I said we will both eat together and trust me.

She said that you have given everything to her and if she do not trust him, where will she go. So he gave her a some milk shake to drink which she drank quite a bit and said “just that much I do not drink much milk.”

At this point he kissed her lips and passed a grape from his mouth to her mouth. . And after holding a bite she pushed the rest back into his mouth. . So she closed her eyes while anticipating how he was going to fulfill his plan to feed her.

He took a piece of mango in his lips and pushed it into her mouth. She ate a small amount and tried to put half back into his mouth but he rolled and returned it. She ate it and then he gave her another piece, then she pushed the whole into his mouth which he also ate and she told me “You will spoil his habit like this”.

He told her that his love you are worth spoiling. And you should be ready to go bad this weekend. After this He gave her lots of strawberries, grapes and then watermelon and other fruits.

He could use a spoon to feed her, but he decided to feed her with his hands and mouth . He Moved even closer to her. She was really eating with his hands and mouth. She used to lick his hands his fingers when he fed her with his hands.

Every time he used to feed her, he also used to eat with her and some pieces of fruits fell between her breasts.

Every time he fed her with his mouth, she gave a deep kiss on his lips. He was feeding her with his hands and his mouth, he took a mouthful of fruit slices in his mouth and pushed it into her mouth with a deep kiss . The combination of saliva and food got them into a frenzy.

Her big round breasts were also licked and the nipples were stirred with excitement, which he sucked heavily.

He tore a packet of chocolate, placed the chocolate in his mouth and brought his mouth near Zeenat's mouth! Seeing the chocolate, Zeenat's mouth became watery and Zeenat too went ahead and started eating chocolate from his mouth. Now he put all the chocolate on his mouth and on Zeenat's mouth, he started eating chocolate on Zeenat's mouth, Zeenat also started licking the chocolate on his mouth, they licked each other's mouth till they cleaned their mouths by licking.

He gave her some milk shake to drink but again she drank very small amount and said that he does not like milk. Then he poured the honey over the cake and fed it to her with his mouth. Which they ate half-and-half.

Then he took a small piece of green chili coated it in honey and touched Zeenat's lips with chili and then put it in her mouth. She screamed loudly as soon as green chili went in her mouth! But she did not open her eyes.

She was screaming and crying out of burning sensation caused by the chilli. Uh! Ahh ! foooh foooh ..

She cried a lot but she did not spit green chillies out of fear that she might have to eat more chillies.. fooh fooh aaah aah blowing air and she asked him for something sweat. He teasingly kissed her, She said no give some food please. He gave her some milk shake after mixing lot of honey. Which she drank plenty this time and said now it feels good, her mouth and tongue got burnt due to chilli and then he asked her to take out her tongue. He put a lot of honey on her tongue. She felt some relief. But the honey also spilled and spread on her face, breasts and thighs.

He hugged her and pressed her against his body and as a result some of the honey also sticked to his chest and thighs.

He started kissing her lips and then licked the honey on her face and breasts, cleavage and then licked her thighs. And said, now open the eyes and look at him, she opened her eyes and smiled, her smile was very innocent, charming and beautiful.

They started kissing again. It is very difficult to tell how erotic it was. He could not stop himself and kept looking at her. It was ultimately extended to a full nude day with both of them forgetting time restrictions.

He made two glasses of champagne and they both picked up a drink to celebrate their first nude day.

On that day they painted a small room together . That was hot and led to a vigorous fuck session on the paint dripped drop cloth. Then a follow up when they showered together to get the paint off.

Till her husband returned from his tour, she stayed with Vijay Kumar and stuffed her pussy with lot of hot stuff of Vijay Kumar . When the husband came, she also had a lot of sex with him and she was also secretly earning lot of money. .

Initially there were simply no other rules, when Vijay Kumar & Zeenat started it. Simple only one rule. Just no clothes all day. Absolutely no clothes all day for any reason. If the doorbell rang, it was ok to put on a robe to go down the stairs from our second floor of the mansion to the outside door. One exception was guests and children . they'd dress for them.

Slowly they added rules as situations developed and rules were evolved.

and they did add rules, or options, as they went along just to keep it interesting. There was the time he called for a no hard on option. An experiment of sorts. All day long, if he got a hard on, Zeenat would take care of it. Every Time. He got a blowjob, a handjob (with facial), fucked in every room and in numerous positions. By night time he could barely dribble any cum. Zeenat had certainly met the challenge. Another time Zeenat called no boner rule, with a Zeenat option. he wasn't allowed to get a hard-on, no matter what. If I did, He owed her a Rs 100 for every minute hard. She collected a good bit from him while teasing him with her amazing body all day..

All time Nude was a standard norm when they were together for a full day. Something they did on days with no reasons to go out, or when they were travelling and not expecting any visitors and with no one else in home. They will give leave to all servants or send them outside house for some work in such a way that they will not return for that day. But they had some great fun.

He became her regular customer Otherwise, people generally take a call girl once, they will take another call girl next time.

But some people think in another way that if they like a Call girl, they befriend with her and enjoy the love of her completely.

Now Vijay used to call her often and would enjoy sex.

During the day, she used to go secretly and meet Vijay kumar, and in the night, her husband would fuck her . Then wait when her days are up, and then she get her pregnancy test done.

But do not know why the god was not being kind to her and the result was same ZERO.

When the friendship of both Zeenat & Vijay Kumar deepened, She started to call him to her house. He used to pick her from her office In the evening, the two of them would stay together for the evening and for night whenever her husband went on tours. ,

She would often talk to him and his family and about her husband and family . He had a daughter and son who study in school. Both children lived with him. She has also met Mr Vijay Kumar’s children once or twice. She met the children as a friend of Vijay Kumar.

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