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She was teetering on the edge of another orgasm and I knew I could push her over the edge; her passion was pooled deep inside her womb waiting to boil over. I attacked her clit with my mouth and jammed three fingers in her cunt then brought her quickly to the boiling point.
“Come on loser, you gotta do what I want” my sister Tia taunted me. We’d bet on the World Cup; I was confident that my team was going to win so I bet my younger sister who liked the other team. The winner got to order the other around for 24 hours, the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted. I begrudgingly acknowledged that her team won but I my mind was racing, trying to figure out how I could get out of doing anything her fertile 17-year-old mind could come up with, “I have a whole list of things you’re going to do for me” she continued.

“That’s not fair; I only had two things on my list if you lost.”

“Yeah, what?” she challenged.

“Wash my car and wait on me hand and foot while I watched TV.”

Tia tried to hold back her scorn, “That’s not like you, I’d bet your list included licking your boots and scratching your ass or something disgusting like that.”

I wanted to shock her, to piss her off so she’d get out of my sight, “Actually my list included a strip show and blowjob. Good thing for you my fucking team lost.”

She reddened slightly around the ears as she groaned, “Oh, that’s novel, just how unoriginal can you get? I wouldn't suck your cock if you'd won the fucking Mega Lottery!” She paused then slowly began to smile, “But you just gave me another idea for my list.”

“You can’t do that, you already made it out.” I was troubled by the look in her eyes, the devilment that danced in them while she schemed.

“I haven’t shown you the list yet, I can change it. The first thing is you will be here tonight to serve me, just like a slave.”

Tia didn’t say anything else about our bet so I tried to sneak out just after dinner. She caught me at the door, “Just where the hell do you think you’re going you worthless scumbag? You get your bitch ass back in the house, it’s fucking time you started paying up.” Our parents had just left to go bowling so Tia wasn’t afraid to use her arsenal of gutter language.

I followed her back into the front room to await my fate at the hands of my sister. Even though I figured the little bitch would try to fuck me up several different ways, I would honor the bet. I knew she would have done the same, so welching wasn’t a real option. She sat on the sofa then demanded, “Get me a shot of whiskey.”

“You want me to sneak booze from dad’s cabinet and give it to you?”

“Yeah, and don’t be stingy, in fact you get some for yourself too.”

Well, that request was good with me. I grabbed two short tumblers and dropped two ice cubes in each then splashed them half full with Jim Beam. I handed one to Tia then held my glass high in a silent toast, she returned the salute then took a sip.

“Take my shoes off” she ordered. I bent to do her bidding while she swallowed more of the amber fluid.

Once her feet were bare, she allowed me to sit and drink my whiskey. I relaxed back and waited for my next task. I didn’t have to wait long. Tia inspected her toes then left the room. A minute later she came back with a bottle of nail polish and tossed it at me, “Quit sitting around looking dull you piss-ant sluggard, paint my toe nails.” She was piling the verbal abuse deep. She plopped her butt on the sofa, stretched her legs across my lap so her heels were firmly entrenched in the gap between my thighs. The skirt she was wearing wasn’t very long when she was standing but now it had drawn up far enough I could see a hint of her white cotton panties under the shadow of the hem. Tia’s legs were long and shapely but not very smooth, I noticed a hint of dark stubble along the inside of her calves. She wiggled her toes, “Do a good job and I’ll scratch something vile off my list.” She reached for the bottle of booze and poured us both another round. As she handed me my glass she said “Okay, paint me up peon.”

I looked at her from the long blonde hair, to her pretty face, then over her body and down her legs. A quick shutter, as light as wings on the wind, vibrated from my heart to my balls. I shook up the vial of polish and went to work. I couldn’t get her feet in the right position so I scooted myself a few inches closer to Tia who bent her legs up at the knees; her feet flat on my thigh. Once we were done readjusting ourselves, I could work on her toes easily. I could also see clearly the crotch of her panties at the junction of her thighs. I twisted my body slightly toward her so I could get a better view of my sister’s bod while I polished her nails glossy purple. My cock started swelling as my heart picked up a few beats.

Tia seemed oblivious to my eyes on her body, she relaxed with her eyes closed, taking sips of whiskey while I lavished her feet with my attention. When I finished with the left foot, I tickled the instep with a fingertip, “Move it, put the other right here.”

My sister opened her eyes, moved her feet around which caused her knees to fall apart. Her legs separated wider and I got a stunning view of her panty covered crotch, “Is this how you want them?” she asked demurely. I got the distinct impression she knew full well that she was displaying, the semi-hard in my pants grew solid; my cock began to hurt in the cramped space.

I almost fucked up the paint job on the second foot because I wasn’t concentrating on the toes. Tia had closed her eyes again so I was inspecting her legs and body under the skirt intimately. I took a little extra time making sure I did a complete job but eventually I had to let her know her feet were decorated. “Okay, I’m done, now you have to let them dry.” I copped a feel of her leg when I ran my hand from her ankle to her knee before lifting it off my thigh.

Tia swung her legs off my lap and sat up. She ogled her feet then smiled up at me, “Good job errand boy, that’s one thing off the list.” She paused for a second then frowned into my eyes and continued, “Don’t think I didn’t feel you stroke my leg you perverted monkey's ass. You weren’t supposed to do that, but it reminded me of something else. Come on, follow me.” She got off the couch then walking on her heels to keep her newly tinted toes off the floor, left the room.

I followed her to the bathroom where she sat on the lid of the stool, grabbed a can of shave gel and a razor, “Shave my legs” she demanded, “I felt the stubble when you rubbed your hand on me.”

She was sitting on the toilet lid like she was mounted on a horse saddle; knees separated wide by the seat, her skirt barely covered her panties. Tia leaned back to straighten her legs but when her back came up against the ceramic tank she recoiled quickly, “Go get me something to put behind me, I don’t want the edge of the top digging into my back.”

I pulled a large bath towel off the rack by the tub and folded it then rested it over the edge of the tank top so she could lean back on it. Tia relaxed back then stuck her legs out, her heels resting on the floor, fresh painted nails pointed toward the ceiling. “Now make yourself useful you useless fuck, shave me. But don’t cut me!” she admonished.

I sat on the floor in front of my sister and picked up the can of gel, shot a glob on my hand then spread it on her left leg from the knee to ankle. She inched her butt closer to the front of the seat when she eased further back on the towel padding, “Mmmmm, take your time” she said softly.

I was starting to have fun. As I shaved my sister’s leg carefully, I was stealing glances at the panties again. When I was done with the left leg Tia sat up and demanded another shot of booze. I hurried out of the room to get us both a drink. When I returned, she was lying back waiting for me to finish the shave. She took her glass with a polite, “Thank you cock bite,” then sucked about half of it down in one swallow.

I went back to the floor on my knees in front of her where she rested her right heel on my thigh disturbingly close to my cock which was bloated and cramped in my pants. I smoothed a layer of creme on her leg and attacked the light stubble with the razor. I cleaned up the outside of her calf then went to work on the inside. I was sitting at an awkward angle so I lifted her leg high and put her heel on my shoulder which straightened her leg from hip to toes. Not only did the new position give me access to shave the rest of her leg, I had a clear, unobstructed view of the junction between her long smooth thighs. I could see hints of her cunt lips under the thin cover of cotton, wisps of light yellow pubic hair peeked around the crotch. I took a deep breath then finished my work; my hard-on was throbbing with high pressure blood.

As with the nail polish, I took extra-long to finish the task at hand. When I put the razor down and her foot back on the floor, Tia opened her eyes and barked at me, “You’re not done, rinse the shave creme off me.” I got a washcloth and soaked it in hot water then slowly wiped the residue gel of her legs. Again, I did it slowly, methodically; if she had been any other girl in the world, I’d say I was making a bold pass at her. When she was clean again, I stroked both calves carefully feeling for any missed stubble. I didn’t find any.

Tia was past tipsy, she was well on her way to drunk, but then so was I. She struggled up from the toilet and stared down at her legs. When she raised her eyes, they paused at my crotch and saw the evidence of my arousal. Her eyes finished the journey to my face “Ooohh dear,” she whispered, “did I turn you on slave boy?” She looked into my eyes, “You liked looking at me didn’t you, I knew you would.”

“You gave me a show?”

“Of course, just a little test, to see if you like girls.” She managed to stand straighter and held her hand out, “Come with me slime ball. You got a boner playing with my legs, now you have to do the next thing on my list.”

She led me to my room, my mind was tumbling in free fall, fantasies about my sister were erupting in hot blooming visions as I watched her ass swaying in front of me. Was she going to fuck me? I’d had thoughts for years about screwing her but I never thought she would want to, now she was leading me to my room after purposely turning me on. If sex was next on her list, I had no problem with that.

She stopped short of the bed and turned to me, “Are you ready for the next thing?”

Oh hell yes, I was ready, my prick was swelling even larger as she looked at the bulge. She rubbed two fingers on the denim covering my erection, leaned close to my ear and whispered “Jack off for me.”

“What!?” I almost shouted

Tia stepped away from me and the coy seductive girl evaporated into thin air, “Do it,” she ordered, “I want to see you masturbate. I never saw a boy do it, so, jerk off and squirt all over the floor.”

“But …..”

“But what? Did you think I brought you in here to fuck me?” She started to smile, “I’m not going to fuck you slave brother, I’m fucking with you. Do I have to remind you that you lost the bet?”

I was getting pissed off, angry that she could be such a bitch, my balls hurt and it was her fault. Tia urged me again, “If you do this it may be the last thing you have to do for me.”

I was losing my sexy mood fast, “You want watch while I beat meat?”

“Right to the end. I’ve had three pricks fill me up but I don't make a habit of watching them get off.” Then she cheated by putting a hand over the bulge in my pants, “This will be the last part of the bet, but if I’m asking too much, I’ll go away and not ask you again.” That did it, I couldn’t break my word even though she gave me an out. Besides, I might win the next bet and want her to do something personal, she couldn’t say no if I gave myself the hand job. I opened then dropped my pants and stepped out of them. Tia moved so I could lie down on my bed. I asked her to turn the light off which she did before she sat on the edge of the mattress. My door was open so light from the other room spilled across my lap, illuminating my briefs and the tent over my erection, but my face was in a shadow, she wouldn’t see my embarrassment. I closed my eyes, pulled my cock free and started stroking it slowly as Tia sat beside me.

“Wait!” she cried then bolted from the room. In seconds she was back carrying the bottle of Jim Beam. She took a long pull then handed it to me. I took a hit from the neck of the bottle and handed it back. Fortified with a fresh slug of alcohol, I started whacking off for my sister.

She was watching me intently as I pulled on my cock, “What do you think about when you do this?” she asked.

“About getting fucked. I think about a girl I’ve screwed or want to screw and imagine how her pussy feels when I slide in and out of her.”

“How long does it take?”

I looked at her, “A lot longer than normal if I have to have a conversation while I’d do it.”

“I’m sorry,” she pouted, “but I’m curious.” Then she changed the game again, “I can’t see it all, take your underwear off.”

“You want me naked?”

“Only that part of you, I want to see your hard cock and balls, do they flinch or jerk when you cum?”

I said as I pulled my shorts off, “Wait and watch, maybe you can tell me.”

The whiskey was working on me. The longer I played with my equipment the better I felt about it. In fact, having my sister sitting beside me aroused me even more than an imaginary girl could. I relaxed back, closed my eyes and concentrated on the pressure building in my nuts. “Tell me when you are ready to finish.” Tia said to me. I hammered my shaft harder.

The pressure built to the overflow point, I stopped pulling on it and turned to her, “I’m ready, are you watching?”

She looked into my eyes, nodded, then murmured “Let me finish it.” She pulled my hand off my erection, wrapped her fingers around it and began to pump it rapidly. The touch of her hand on me caused a massive spill of adrenaline into my blood and my cock began to jump and seize in her grip. Pressurized fluids churned through the shaft of my hard-on; she watched closely as I came, my cock shooting gobs of viscous juices into the air like a roman candle blowing off sparks, spilling streams of boiling cum all over her hand and my legs.

When I was done convulsing Tia gripped my cock harder and stroked it more while she smiled into my eyes, “That’s a lot of little babies you just shot out of your prick; how does it feel when you do that inside a girl?” She let go of my still stiff erection and put two fingers into a glob of cum and spread it over my balls. My cock jerked at the feel of her fingertips caressing my nut sack.

“Jesus, Tia, you do that again and you’ll get another show.”

She shot me a sharp glance and said “You’ll give me another show only if I demand it, don’t forget, you don’t get to do anything willingly tonight. Go clean up then bring me a washcloth, my hand is sticky.”

I grabbed my underwear and pants but she stopped me, “No, I want you to walk around totally exposed, I want to see it swinging free.”

I was fine with that, “What about my shirt?”

“Keep it on; I’ve seen you without a shirt before.”

She and the bottle were back in the front room after I came out of the bathroom. I handed her the wet washcloth and pulled another swallow of JB. We were both getting pretty drunk and I knew we’d have to stop drinking; the level of fluid in the bottle was noticeably lower, and dad might notice. I was wearing only my shirt so my sister could see that my prick had shrunk to its normal condition but my balls were still high and tight.

She stepped in front of me and stated “I want you to get it up again, this time I want to see how it hangs when it’s completely stiff, but not when you are lying down.”

“It doesn’t hang, it stands long and tall, looking at the pussy it’s going to fuck.”

“Then get it up pussy fucker, or are you just a weak dick, single shot prick? Girls hate single shot pricks.”

“How about some motivation bitch? You’ve been acting like a slut giving me hints and shots of your pussy, now show it. You can’t just demand some guy get a hard-on. We’ve got to have some nice sexy encouragement, like when you flashed me while I was doing your toes and legs, that worked really well as if you didn’t notice.”

Tia stood looking at me; I could see her mind working, thinking about what I’d said. She reached to her side, unclasped the hook holding her skirt then pushed it to the floor. In seconds she was standing with just the brief white panties below the top she was wearing. Blood started flowing to my cock again.

“Will this do it for you?” she asked as she twisted around showing me her panty covered ass. Her long smooth legs moved sensually while she pirouetted for me.

“You’re getting there but I don’t have any underpants on, come on, let me see what your boyfriends are shoving their pricks into.”

“Hey you slimy creep; this is my party, not yours. I just took my skirt off against my better judgment now you want me to drop my panties?”

“Yeah, if you want me to get a big fucking woodie for you, take them off.”

Tia tossed a big smile toward me, the fake annoyance fading from her eyes, “Okay ‘big’ brother, let’s see how ‘big’ you can get.” I had the impression she was only too willing to pull her lingerie off.

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of the underwear but stopped, “No, I won’t take them down,” she hesitated slightly “you have to do that. Get on your knees in front of me then take them down, slowly. And if you don’t do it nice enough, I’ll kick you hard in your fucking nuts.” Tia stepped closer to me while I went to my knees in front of her. I caught the scent of her body, a musky, pheromone charged air that surrounded her, I got another rush to my groin. I hooked a finger in each side of the panties and pulled them over her butt then down her legs, sliding my hands over smooth warm skin. I could only stare at the junction of her legs; she had almost no pubic hair. The light blonde down was trimmed short and covered only a small patch over the slit of her body; no doubt my sister was a natural blonde. The part of her pussy I could see looked swollen, soft, and glistened with moisture.

She put her hands on my head for balance then lifted her feet one at a time so I could take the panties off. I had an overwhelming urge to lick her cunt, I wanted to taste the honey flowing from her, I wanted to dip my tongue into her body; it didn’t matter anymore that she was my closest living relative, I was hot for her. My erection expanded massively as it lusted for the girl in front of me.

Tia watched me grovel in front of her then grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled me roughly back to my feet. She moved back and inspected what she had caused. Her creation rose long, thick, curved, and angled upward slightly, a large glob of clear fluid hung from the end of it, ready to drip to the floor. She put one hand, then the other around the shaft, the head of my cock protruded from her fist. “I can’t cover it with both hands” she muttered in awe. I could see her pulse hammering in the veins of her neck.

My sister shuttered then dropped my cock, “You better put the bottle away” she said as she picked up her clothes. “I’m tired; I have to go to bed.” I could only stare at her butt as she left the room. Just like that the party was over, Tia had collected her debt.

I went to bed with the biggest, hardest cock I’d ever had. My sister was lying in her bed and I was seriously thinking I should go take what I wanted; she had to expect to get laid after what she did to me. I knew she got turned on while we played with each other, and I wondered how far she would go. I lay in the dark thinking dark thoughts about my sister when I heard a soft knock on my door. It could only be Tia, I snarled at the shadow standing in my door, “What? Did you think of something else I have to do?”

She pushed the door open, “What’s your goddamn problem asshole?”

I wasn’t feeling very friendly at the moment, “What the fuck do you think? You turned me on like true cock tease whore then walked off. What am I supposed to do with my aching nuts now?”

She ignored my rant, “I only have one more thing on my list tonight” she stated as she shut the door. “I want you to give me as many orgasms as you can, anyway you can.” She pulled off her blouse and tossed it over my face, it was saturated with perfume and musk. Tia crawled up on the bed, straddled my stiff dick and rubbed her crack over the end of it. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down while thrusting up into her. I split her thighs with my distended cock as she gasped deeply and moaned.

“What about me?” I asked as she began to slide her heated body on mine, “Do I get to have as many orgasms as I can too?”

She looked down on me, “Fill me up you filthy bastard, use me until your balls fall off you perverted sister fucker, I’m think I’m okay but even if you could make me pregnant tonight, I wouldn’t say no. From now on you are my sex slave.” She leaned down and kissed me with sweet, soft lips. She moved her mouth to my shoulder and bit me lightly as the first small climax shivered through her. “Let’s see if you can use that log between your legs, or if it’s just for show” she panted.

I arched my back, lifted my ass off the bed, driving my meat as far up my sister’s cunt as I could get, her body lips were kissing my balls. Tia bent her head back and cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain, “Owoohoo! Holy fuck! I can feel your prick banging on my backbone.” She fell over on me; her tits were mashed on my chest while we humped, screwing as if our lives depended on it. The well of semen in my balls was filling rapidly to overflowing. Tia was shimmering with the heat and sweat radiating from her body, she was huffing for air as her hips flexed, sliding her body on the shaft of my rod.

She began to shake. It started as a light quivering where my hard-on was caressing her clit then spread across her body. In moments my sister was a quaking mass of loosely jointed bones and flesh as the orgasm ripped all muscle control from her. She fell over and rolled to her back, holding me tight to her. Her legs went high in the air as I kept slamming her body. She pulled a pillow over her head and howled out the final body wrenching contractions that trembled through her gut.

She fell silent, pushed the pillow off her face and lay still gasping for air. I hadn’t gotten off so when I pulled my cock out of her body it was still massive and heavy with cum. I moved down between her legs and kissed the rise of her body at the top of her slit. I flicked my tongue over the crack tasting her lust then dipped it between the swollen lips and licked her again. Tia jolted then spread her legs wider giving me more room to eat her pussy. “Arrrahh” she choked, “What are you doing to me?”

“I’m kissing your fuck hole bitch, shut up and take it like a woman.” She was teetering on the edge of another orgasm and I knew I could push her over the edge; her passion was pooled deep inside her womb waiting to boil over. I attacked her clit with my mouth and jammed three fingers in her cunt then brought her quickly to the boiling point. Tia's legs started twitching while she held my head between her thighs. She pressed my mouth on her body as I sucked her hot button between my lips and ticked the tip of my tongue over it. She melted into the mattress and quivered violently when the dam of passion broke and flooded her. She didn’t cry out; her teeth were clenched tight as a long deep groan ripped from her throat. She heaved and beat the back of my head with her fists then quickly collapsed as the tidal wave of rapture broke then receded to an afterglow. I lifted my head and looked up over her fluttering stomach; she looked like she was asleep. The scent of her climax enraged my balls; my only thought was that I needed to fuck her.

I heard it before she did. Car doors slamming! Our parents were home and Tia was lying naked and hard fucked in my bed! She rolled her head and stared at me, “Was that the car?”

“Yes!” I hissed.

She started to get off the bed but it was too late to escape. We heard talking and footsteps in the house. I grabbed my sister and pushed her down beside me, away from the door and threw my blanket over us. Not five seconds later my door eased open and mom stuck her head in, “You awake?” she asked quietly.

The room was dark so I was just a shadow, a lump on the bed in the dark corner of the room, “You woke me up; do you and dad have to be so noisy?”

Just as my mother asked “Where’s your sister, she’s not in her room?” I felt an arm snake over my waist and fingers wrap around my erection, Tia’ began jerking me slowly as I talked to our parent.

“I don’t know, I think she’s out with Mickey.”

“She knows she’s not supposed to be out so late. I wonder what she could be doing.”

“Jesus mom, you wonder what she’s doing? The little slut is probably jacking some guy off right now.” The hand around my cock squeezed hard, finger nails pinched the skin.

My mother looked at me sharply, “Can’t you be nice? She’s your sister, she deserves some respect you dirty mouthed little ass.” The fingers moved to my balls, I felt hot lips caressing my back.

“Come on mom, you know she puts out. I’d bet she’s gonna suck some cock tonight.”

Mom shot me a look of disgust and slammed my door shut leaving me in the arms of the daughter she was looking for. Tia threw the blanket off her head and gulped cool air. She looked at me “Did you just tell mom I’m a cock sucking slut?”

“Yeah, something like that. Why, did that offend your poor sensitive psyche?”

“No,” she said as she gripped the baton in my lap, “You got it exactly right.” She laid across my lap and licked my pole from balls to head then bent over me and began to bob her mouth on me.

Tia put a lip lock on my erection and vacuumed it as deep as she could. My balls thrilled as she licked the shaft and teased the head with her tongue. She rubbed my nuts and handled my prick as she gave me awesome head. My cock stiffened even more and swelled with pending eruption, “Now, Sis, take it now!” I whispered urgently. Tia pumped my cock then dipped so far on me I could feel the end of it slide into her throat. I blew up. The eruption of cum slammed into her mouth and throat, flooding the hot cavity to overflowing. She swallowed as much as she could but the rush was too strong, a lot of my discharge leaked from her lips and over her hand.

I was completely limp except for my prick which was still half hard, still interested in the hot fucking girl I’d been playing with for several hours. My sister and I lay side by side listening to our parents grumble about her being out late. Tia turned to her side facing me and said quietly, “I might have to stay here all night if they don’t go to bed.”

“Fine with me, you going to let me fuck you again? You told me I could try knocking you up but I haven't cum in you yet.”

She smiled seductively, “I don’t know if I can do it again, my muscles are sore, all that exercise wore me out.”

Just the idea of splitting her thighs once more was causing a resurgence of lust; my man was getting long and hard, growing while she watched, “You don’t have to move, I can fuck you nice and quiet, slow and easy until I get off.”

Tia licked my ear then rolled to her stomach, offering me an awesome view her back and butt. I mounted over her and slipped my cock into her tight tender passageway. She cradled her head on her folded arms, I could see a small contented smile on her lips as I slipped in and out of her warm wet pussy.

Mom and dad gave up waiting and went to bed while I was trying to impregnate their daughter.


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