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Part 3 in a series. Please read in order to get the whole story.

This is a plot driven story.
Chapter 3

Aly and Shianne made their way to the cafeteria. They entered and scanned the room, and spotted their group of girls sitting at a table. Aly and Shianne made their way to them, dodging kids and tables along their journey.

"Aly! Shainne!" Erin yelled out, as she saw them nearing the table.

"Hey girls! Did you have a good afternoon?" Aly asked, energetically.

The girls all answered at the same time. Aly barely heard each response.

"I won a trophy!" Suzy said proudly. She held up a small trophy.

"Alex and Suzy both won events!" Erin added, cheerfully.

"Awe, that's awesome!" Aly congratulated them.

"What events?" Shianne asked.

"I won the soccer goal kicking." Suzy beamed.

"I won the short distance running." Alex added with a smile. Aly gave her a side hug, congratulating her and she hugged Aly back tightly. She seemed a lot more comfortable as she talked and joked with the others. The girls went on to tell about the afternoon of sports.

"Next week there is a cheer competition. Each cabin is supposed to plan a routine and then we will perform and there are prizes!" Becca explained happily.

"Yeah! Becca used to do cheer so we might have a good chance at winning!" Erin added.

"Well we will plan it out and practice a bunch." Aly enthused.

"What did you two do without us?" Suzy asked Aly and Shianne.

"We went on an outing with the other counselors." Aly answered.

"Where did you go?" Alex asked.

"We went to the mall!" Shianne happily replied.

"Awe, I love the mall." Becca groaned.

"Well we may or may not have gotten you all a surprise." Aly added sneakily.

"Ooo! What?!" Erin yelped.

"Its a SURPRISE." Aly laughed out. The girls all groaned, but in an excited way. The group continued to chat and ate dinner together.

After dinner the group went back to the cabin.

"We have some free time until campfire. What would you like to do?" Aly asked the girls.

"Let's practice our cheer for the competition!" Becca suggested.

The girls agreed. The group made their way to a grassy field near the their cabin. It was somewhat secluded from the other wandering kids. The girls were adamant about wanting privacy so they could practice without any other groups seeing or copying them. Becca took charge and started asking what everyone could do. From somersaults to cartwheels, handstands to splits. The girls tumbled around, trying new things and trying to perfect their flips and spins. Aly and Shianne just watched as the girls planned and practiced.

"Can you do cartwheels?" Suzy hollered, slightly out of breath, at Aly and Shianne.

"I sure can!" Shianne said back.

"I haven't done a cartwheel in years." Aly said, with a bit of a laugh.

"Come do some with us!" Erin beckoned.

"Ok I'll try." Aly said, heading out towards where the girls were. Shianne jogged past her and did a perfect cartwheel for the girls. She spread her legs wide as she flipped over. Her short skirt flaired out and her bare bum and pussy peeked out momentarily, she didn't put her underwear back on since her wax that afternoon.

"Looks like Shianne doesn't wear undies either." Suzy laughed out.

"See! I'm not the only one!" Erin said matter-of-factly.

"Oops. I forgot." Shianne giggled.

"Awe, I wasn't watching." Becca said. The girls laughed and Shianne just shrugged.

Aly attempted a cartwheel, and after a few tries, she got better recalling the technique. The group continued to tumble and dance around. The girls, especially Aly, got good looks at Shianne.

The sun began to set and an evening breeze began to blow gently, cooling the air.

"Ok girls, looks like campfire will be starting soon." Aly informed the girls.

"I'm going to take Alex to shower, Shianne will take you to campfire and Alex and I will meet you there after.

"Aw, I wish I could have another shower, all these sports and everything made me sweat." Becca groaned. Aly looked at the time.

"Ok well I guess if we hurry and shower quickly we can all rinse off before campfire. But we have to hurry." Aly said. The girls liked that idea, they all jogged to get their shower stuff quickly from the cabin. Aly quickly grabbed Alex's new bathing suit and hid it in a towel. They all rushed over to the shower room. Alex took her seat in the centre of the room while the others stripped down and quickly showered. Shianne and Aly also joined them.

"Oh, it burns a bit." Shianne said, not meaning to be outloud.

"What burns?" Becca asked.

"Oh, just the water." Shianne answered.

"Then turn it colder silly!" Erin said.

"I know, but it's because I got a wax today." Shianne said matter-of-factly.

"Oh? You did?" Suzy commented. All eyes then dropped to look at Shianne's body.

"You did! Now you have no hair!" Becca said. The girls still continued to look, they tilted their heads and took steps towards Shianne to get a closer look.

"I see why you did though. It does look better with no hair." Becca said honestly.

"Why thanks." Shianne laughed back, allowing the eyes to look her over. The girls slowly took their gaze off Shianne and finished up their showers, quickly gathering up their shower items.

"We'll drop this off at the cabin then head to campfire girls. Aly and Alex will meet up soon." Shianne directed and the girls scurried out of the room. Aly got dressed and sat beside Alex.

"Ok Alex. I went to the mall today and I got everyone a special surprise. But I want to give you yours first." Aly said, while looking to Alex, who sat beside her. Alex smiled and got excited. Aly unwrapped the towel and took out the new bathing suit, she stood and held it up for Alex to see. Alex just looked at it. Her smile faded a bit.

"I got you a new bathing suit. It's cute. And a cute girl like you deserves a cute suit." Aly said, not noticing Alex's expression change. Alex took a slow breath in.

"Oh. Umm. Thanks. But I think I'll just wear my other one." Alex said, sounding sad. Her head hung low.

"Oh... you don't like it? I'm sorry.." Aly responded, a tone of saddened rejection in her voice.

"No. I do like it. It's.. pretty.. but..." Alex mumbled out.

"But I don't think it'll fit..." She added, still looking towards the ground.

"Oh no, I'm sure it'll fit. May be a bit different feeling than your shorts and shirt, but it'll fit. I promise." Aly said motivationally, thinking she was referring to her flat chest.

"No. Like... ummm.. I mean.. I'm... I'm a..." Alex mumbled, sounding like she was nearing tears. Aly knelt before her, placing her hands on Alex's knees.

"What hun?" Aly asked lovingly, ducking down to look into Alex's watery eyes. Alex took a big, shakey breath.

"I don't want to get kicked out of camp." She said, as tears began to fall.

"Oh, no, Alex, you won't get kicked out of camp. You can wear whatever bathing suit you want, that won't mean you have to leave." Aly spoke, concerned that she made Alex feel like she needed to wear a proper 'girly' bathing suit.

"No it's not that.... I'm just... not like the others..." Alex said, looking up into Aly's eyes. Aly had a confused look.

"What do you mean not like the others? Everyone is different, you're all beautiful." Aly said, trying to boost her young confidence.

"No... ugh...." Alex grumbled frustratingly.

"I'm a... a pun." She blurted out.

"A what?" Aly asked, confused.

"A pun... you know... something that seems like one thing, but is actually something else." Alex said, quoting Aly from the first day at camp.

"Umm... a pun is word thing.. not a person thing..." Aly tried to explain, while still confused. Alex arched her eyebrows and gave a frustrated 'pouty' look. Aly gave her another confused look.

"Ugh." Alex groaned and stood up. Aly removed her hands and leaned back, still kneeling before Alex. Alex took a deep breath and pulled down her shorts and underwear, right in front of Aly. Aly's eyes widened and nearly popped when she looked between Alex's legs that, up until now, had always been covered. Aly's jaw dropped and her mouth remained open as she saw what Alex had been 'hiding'...

A penis.

Aly took a gasping deep breath. Her eyes darted up to Alex's face, then back down to the smooth little penis and testicles that were only inches away from Aly's eyes.

"I'm a boy." Alex blurted out, breaking Aly's stare. Aly looked up to Alex's face and Aly had an expression that was a mixture of surprise, confusion, and enlightenment.

"See.. I'm not a girl... but my parents couldn't afford the boys camp. So they made a deal with me to pretend to be a girl, so I could go to camp. Otherwise I couldn't go... " Alex stumbled out, feeling nervous, scared and relieved all together. Aly was silent, trying to establish the new situation. Her eyes kept darting back and forth from Alex's eyes to her, or his, genitals.

"Does this mean I have to leave camp?" Alex asked, holding back more tears. Aly blinked a few times, thinking, or more so, registering the new information. She drew her eyes away from the boy's genitals to Alex's sad face. Aly's heart broke for the boy's situation.

"No. Of course not. I'm not going to take the camp experience away from you." Aly said kindly.

"Even with this." Aly said acknowledging Alex's 'parts'.

Alex smiled, and wiped away the tears.

"Thanks." Alex said relieved.

Aly's eyes were drawn back to the penis and testicles. The shaft was about 2" long, propped up by taut, hairless balls, tightly held together.

Aly's eyes adjusted and she felt another rush throughout her body. She had many new feelings for girls, but now this caused yet another surge of new feelings.

Alex cleared his throat, not obnoxiously, more just to break the awkward silence. Aly looked at his face.

"It'll be our little secret." She said, smiling. Alex smiled back.

"Well I guess you should shower and we can catch up with the others, don't want to be too late." Aly said, standing up, taking another look at Alex's package. Alex stepped out of his shorts and underwear that were around his ankles, and started to take his shirt off.

"Did you want me leave the room?" Aly asked, as he finished disrobing.

"No. You've already seen me and know now... it's ok if you stay." Alex said as he placed his clothes down and started to shower. Aly watched him from behind. She looked at his cute butt, it was the first time she saw it bare. She felt nervous but also very excited about the new knowledge. She couldn't help but try to catch glances at his little member. She wasn't sure how much time passed, but Alex had finished his shower and came back to the bench and dried off.

"So now you understand why the bathing suit won't work." Alex said, as he looked at the new suit on the bench.

"Oh.. umm.. maybe..." Aly stumbled out her response. Her attention still drawn to the boy's crotch.

"Maybe?" Alex asked, placing his towel down, turning to Aly. He stood naked before her.

"Maybe it could fit. If you tuck it." Aly said, she bit her tongue at her surprisingly outspoken self.

"You think?" Alex asked, looking down at his 'privates'. Aly just shrugged. Not wanting to say anything too forward. Alex thought for a moment.

"Maybe we can try." Alex suggested optimistically.

"Yeah, maybe try at least." Aly said. She felt a rush of guilty pleasure run up her spine. She wanted to use it as an excuse to continue to examine Alex's genitals. Aly removed the bathing suit from the plastic hanger it was on. She handed the top to Alex. Even though the bottoms were what may not fit, Aly wanted to take as much time as possible. Alex shyly put on the top. Blushing a bit, struggling with the foreign article of clothing.

"I know you don't technically need a top, but if you wear it, it won't draw as much attention." Aly said as Alex adjusted the top. Aly handed him the bottoms. He bent down and stepped in, slowly pulling the tight bikini bottoms up his legs. Aly bit her lower lip as she watched the boy wiggle his hips, pulling up the bottoms. His little member wiggled back and fourth as he did. He pulled the bottoms over his package. Both Aly and Alex looked at his crotch. There was a bit of a noticeable bulge.

"See. You can see my ding-a-ling." Alex said as he thrusted his hips forward. Aly let out a giggle from his wording.

"It's not that funny." Alex said sarcastically, also letting out a laugh as he continued to thrust. Flaunting his small bulge.

"Well not when you push yourself out like that." Aly giggled.

"Well then, what should I do?" Alex asked through a little laugh. He seemed very relaxed and more happy. 'Must be because he was no longer having to hide something.' Aly thought.

"Can you tuck it down a bit?" Aly asked, eyeing his bikini covered penis and testicles.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked, looking down at himself.

"Like, kinda push it all down a bit, and see if the bottoms hold it down." Aly tried to explain.

Alex put his palm flat on his bulge and pushed lightly. His bottoms sunk a bit lower, his smooth mound poking out.

"No, not like that." Aly said.

"Well I don't know what you mean. Can you do it?" Alex asked.

"Ummm..." Aly thought aloud, surprised by Alex's suggestion.

"It's ok. I don't mind. Just don't hurt me." Alex said, looking towards Aly as she eyed his package.

"Please? I want to wear your present if it will work." Alex added. Aly looked at his pleading eyes.

"Ok." Aly agreed. Her eyes dropped back down to assess the problem.

"Umm. Do you mind if I touch you?" Aly asked.

"That's fine. It's not like I'll pee on you. Just don't hurt me." Alex said again.

Aly swallowed hard and knelt before the boy again. She tentatively reached out. Aly pulled the top of the bottoms outwardly. She reached in and lightly tucked his member and balls a bit lower. Her fingers brushed against his smooth mound and soft penis. She put a bit more pressure and closed the bikini bottoms, she slowly slid her hand out. She gave Alex a few light pat's on his, now less obvious, bulge.

"I think if you do this, no one will notice. Does it feel ok?" Aly asked.

Alex swayed his hips side to side, examining his package from different angles.

"Yeah. It should be ok. It feels a bit tight, but I kinda like it." Alex said. Aly smiled.

"Umm.. but what if it, you know, gets stiff?" Alex asked, looking up at Aly.

"Uh..." Aly thought aloud, surprised by Alex's lack of shyness.

"It's a boy thing." Alex said matter-of-factly, awaiting Aly's reply.

"Well I know that." Aly laughed out.

"Umm, when does it happen?" Aly asked, taking a step further into the conversation.

"It's just random. But usually always at night and in the morning." Alex said, his head then dropped and he blushed.

"And sometimes when everyone is showering.." He said quieter.

"Oh." Was all Aly said. Her body tingled as she realized that this boy had watched all the girls, including herself, change and shower, fully naked. Aly swallowed and felt a surge of sexual energy course through her body. 'Was Alex a voyeur, or was she an exhibitionist?' She thought to herself, and smiled.

"You could probably hide it. Like, just stay in the water until it goes down." Aly tried to give an appropriate answer.

Alex seemed to accept it and just nodded. The two stood there for a moment longer.

"Ok. Well we should probably head over to meet up with the others now." Aly reluctantly said.

"Ok." Alex responded. He then slowly removed the bathing suit bottoms and top. Aly found the situation surreal, as she watched Alex, who up until moments ago, was a shy girl, strip the girly bathing suit off, revealing a naked boys body. Aly couldn't help but stare. She didn't make an effort to hide her views either. Aly noticed that his little dick was a bit larger, slightly engorged and not resting tight against his scrotum. Alex began to get dressed. Aly watched him wiggle up his girls bikini style underwear, covering his smooth little penis and testicles. He had to pull them over his little member. He seemed to have been getting a bit hard from their conversation. She watched every bit of skin disappear as he covered himself up. Once dressed, the two walked back to the cabin, dropped off their things, and walked to campfire. The sun was already set and the trails were darkened as they walked. Alex held Aly's hand as they walked. Aly smiled to herself as she walked with her new 'secret'.

They arrived at campfire and it took them a few minutes, but they found their group. Shianne sat with the girls. Aly and Alex joined them. They sang some songs and had some snacks.

"What's up with you?" Shianne asked, leaning into Aly, whispering so no one else heard.

Aly broke her singing-

"Oh, uh, nothing." Aly cautiously answered. Shianne gave her a look of unamused disbelief.

"You just seem... off... since you came back. Are you sure it's nothing?" Shianne challenged.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just tired." Aly bit her tongue, really wanting to share the new knowledge, but thought she better not...yet...

"Ok. Well I still don't believe that, but I'm not going to push, just remember, you can talk to me about anything." Shianne said, trying to sound confident.

Aly just nodded and forced a 'thankful' smile.

Aly was happy she got out of the situation, but also sad she couldn't share the information with her new friend.

The campfire concluded and the group bid farewell to Shianne. Aly and her group of girls (and boy) headed back to the cabin. The girls jogged a bit ahead and zig zagged across the path as they journeyed. Aly walked a bit behind them and Alex joined her.

"What if the girls find out?" Alex asked quietly, breaking the silent walk. Aly looked down to Alex. She thought about how to respond.

"We can try to keep it a secret. You've done it this long alone, now I can help." Aly replied, trying to offer help.

"Do you think they'd be mad? Or grossed out?" Alex asked, continuing the discussion.

Aly thought for a moment.

"I don't think they'd be grossed out. They may be surprised, but I highly doubt they'd be mad at you. But I'm sure you don't have to worry about them finding out." Aly explained, trying to calm Alex's nerves.

"But what if they saw know... penis?" Alex said, sounding less hesitant.

"Umm..." Aly thought aloud, thinking Alex was nervous about them finding out.

"It'd be easier if I didn't have to hide." Alex said and shrugged in admission.

"Oh, ummm.. I don't know if they should know." Aly said cautiously.

"Oh..." Alex replied, his head hung down, looking sad.

"Do you want them to know?" Aly asked kindly.

Alex just shrugged.

"Maybe... I just thought that it wasn't as big of a deal.. since you found out, and you're not kicking me out." Alex said. With his head still down. Aly thought for a few seconds.

"How about this. We keep it our secret for now. And if an opportunity comes up, maybe we can tell the others." Aly said, trying to ease the situation and appease Alex.

Alex looked up, thinking.

"Ok." He said and nodded.

They kept walking, Alex now held onto Aly's hand again. The girls got to the cabin first and ran in. The light turned on, light and shadows shone thru the window.

Alex stopped just before the few stairs to the door, that was ajar slightly. Since he still held Aly's hand, she also stopped and looked down to Alex.

"Can we tell Shianne?" Alex asked, looking up at Aly.

"Yes. We can tell Shianne." Aly smiled, knowing that Shianne will react positively to the new insight.

"Tell Shainne what?" The voice broke Aly and Alex's focus on eachother. They both looked to, the now wide open, door. Erin stood in the archway, fully naked, the light from the cabin outlined her slim figure.

"Don't worry about it, worry about being seen like that!" Aly said as seriously as she could, but cracked a smile.

"I don't care." Erin said with humorous sass. She tilted her head to the side and expressively turned around, she stuck out her bottom and gave it a perky bump, before taking her steps back into the cabin giggling. Aly and Alex glanced again at eachother and let out a small laugh before also walking into the cabin. The girls were dressing into their pajamas. Erin was still nude.

"Ok girls, let's go to the bathroom and then get to sleep. The girls gathered up their toothbrushes and started to file out of the cabin.

"Not like that miss. I'm sorry, but you gotta wear something if we are going out of the cabin." Aly said, holding out her arm towards Erin as she tried to leave, still nude. She threw her head back and exaggeratedly huffed "UGH!" As she turned back around and threw on a nightgown. Aly gave her a smile as she walked back by.

"Clothes are a hassle." She laughed and scurried to catch up with the others.

The girls finished at the bathroom, Alex changed into her pajamas in a stall. They made their way back to the cabin, the air was cooled and very breezy.

"Looks like it's going to rain." Aly said. Then there was a large thunder crack. The group jumped slightly at the loud sound. Then raindrops started to fall. The group picked up their pace. The rain fell harder and just as they stepped into the cabin, it started to pour.

"Whoh! That was close!" Suzy laughed as she wiped a couple drops of rain off her arms.

"Yeah it was!" Erin agreed with a giggle.

"Ugh, I hate storms." Becca said, her voice a bit shakey.

"You're afraid of storms?" Suzy asked.

"No!" Becca bit back.

"Its just the loud sounds makes it hard to sleep." Becca explained, in a softer tone.

Then there was a large boom from the thunder, the room flashed from the lightning. Becca jumped, letting out a mixture of a small scream and gasp. Her shoulders tensed. All eyes were drawn to her. She relaxed her tense body.

"Ok... so maybe storms make me.. a bit nervous." She admitted. The group gave her looks of sympathy.

"I have an idea!" Erin gasped excitedly. She reached and pulled her mattress of her bunk and it crashed to the floor with a plump. The others just watched.

"Let's put our mattresses together and make one big bed for the night!" She excitedly suggested.

"That's a great idea." Suzy added, also pulling her mattress down and placing it next to Erin's. Erin and Suzy both looked towards the others with expectant eyes.

"Ok. Sounds like fun!" Aly agreed.

"You should put your mattress in the middle since it's the biggest." Erin said to Aly. Aly nodded and placed her mattress I'm the middle. Alex and Becca placed theirs next. They tossed their blankets and pillows towards the mattresses.

"I'm still sleeping naked though." Erin announced, before removing her nightgown.

"Well maybe I will too. My pjs are a bit wet from the rain." Suzy replied.

Erin put her hands on her hips and looked towards Suzy daringly. Suzy looked at the others, Aly thought about saying something, but decided she couldn't since Erin had already been sleeping nude and she didn't want to condemn nudity all of the sudden. Suzy smiled towards Erin and stripped off her pjs, tossing them aside. Erin giggled and half hugged, half tacked Suzy down unto the mattresses. They stayed entwined as they cuddled into the blankets. Aly smiled at their display. Her body felt flushed as she watched the two naked girls cuddle in together. Aly's heart beat quickly. They both covered up and cuddled on the mattress next to Aly's. Aly turned off the light and arranged herself down on her mattress. She smiled and glanced at Suzy and Erin as they wiggled and cuddled right beside her, in the dim light. Aly clenched her legs together tightly. Feeling a bit horny. Alex laid down on the mattress on the otherside of Aly. Becca was on the one next to Alex. There was another crash and boom of thunder. Everyone seemed to jump a bit. Aly felt more movement near Alex.

"Sorry." Becca whispered.

Aly looked towards the shuffle and in the dim light could see Becca had curled up beside Alex. She had her arms draped over Alex as she hugged him lightly.

"Its ok. We can share my mattress and blanket if you want." Alex replied kindly.

"Really? Are you sure?" Becca whispered.

"Yes." Alex replied.

There were a few more shuffles and movements.

"Thank you." Becca whispered. Aly smiled at the closeness of the group. But Aly did feel somewhat lonely as she laid by herself in the middle of two cuddle couples. She had a bit more room on her mattress then the others.

"Goodnight girls." Aly said.

"Goodnight." They all responded. Then more movement where Suzy and Erin were. Then a naked Erin plopped on top of Aly. She hugged Aly tightly. Aly hugged her back. She felt her smooth and soft skin as she trailed her hands along Erin's sides and back. Her hands slipped lower and she caressed the top of Erin's bum. Erin cuddled in closer and hummed. Aly continued to trace her fingers all around the exposed skin.

"Mmm.. that feels good." Erin quietly hummed. Aly moaned quietly as she felt turned on by the skin contact. Her hands came to rest on Erin's bottom. Aly clenched her teeth as she knew she shouldn't, but she lightly squeezed the pert bottom. Erin moaned and then giggled. She flopped off to the side of Aly, but stayed close, still on Aly's mattress. Aly turned her head and watched Erin lay beside her. Then Suzy's head popped up into view.

"I want cuddles too." She said, and shuffled tight up against Erin. They covered up, sharing a blanket. Aly laid beside them, under her own blanket. She couldn't resist and ran her hands down her body. Her right hand slipped into the waistband of her pajama shorts. She traced down her smooth mound. Her fingers slipped lower and slid up and down her slit. She was wet. The feelings of her fingers on her labia caused her to shift slightly. She bit her bottom lip, craving release. She felt guilt try to creep into her mind. She closed her eyes and recalled scenes from the showers. The girls and Alex. Then the voice of her subconscious echoed Shianne's advice of not denying her feelings. Aly's guilt transitioned to fuel for her sexual desires. Her fingers traced her slick lips. She kept her movements to a minimum but gradually put more pressure on her pussy and circled her clit. She was very wet. She slowly pulled down her shorts. Aly moved a bit away from Suzy and Erin, no longer touching them. She started to rub with more pressure on her clit as she used her middle finger to caress her slippery folds. She swallowed and listened to the rain and thunder outside, and the shuffling of cuddles and jumps from the roaring cracks of thunder beside her. Her eyes closed tightly as she slipped a finger inside of her. She gasped to herself, not audible over the ongoing storm. Aly's breathing increased as she moved a bit quicker. She spread her legs as wide as she could, her shorts were about halfway down her thighs. She squirmed a bit more as she fingered and rubbed herself. The room flashed from lightning and her mind flashed images of the girls, Shianne and Alex, in all their nude glory. Her imagination ran wild with possibilities, before long Aly felt the familiar feeling building up inside her. She moved a bit quicker, accidentally bumping the girls beside her, but light enough that it wouldn't attract a response. She gasped a few times and let out a moan. Louder than expected as she came. Her orgasm shook her from her core to her limbs. The rush of tingled numbness coursed through her. She slowed her hands and her breathing was very heavy. She twitched again.

"Are you nervous from the storm?" Alex's voice startled her.

"Umm, maybe." Aly replied in a whisper as her breathing was heavy and huffed.

Alex then moved closer to her, Aly wrestled with herself as she tried to pull up her shorts as sneakily as she could. Alex crawled under her blanket and cuddled up beside her just as she finished arranging her shorts. Aly glanced past Alex and saw that Becca was fast asleep, wrapped up in Alex's blanket.

"You smell nice." Alex whispered, Aly smiled and they fell asleep.

To be continued.


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