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Dedicated to my boyfriend, Kevin Healey, a talented champion of autism, we could've got married if it wasn't for the Chinese virus. these commie cunts owe us an apology. Hope you like my story, contact me [dot] keith.harris [at] telford [dot] gov [dot] uk
He was lying on the cold slab in the middle of the room. He was alone. I walked slowly over to him, thankful that the mortician had allowed me to see him this late at night. I gently pulled the sheet off him and stood back, admiring his body. He was beautiful, even in death.

I still felt bad about his suicide. This young man had been under my care and I’d failed him. I hadn’t wanted him to die. I should have been there with him that night he took the overdose. I should never have left his side. I should have been able to help him. I stood by his side and cried over him until I ran out of tears.

I don’t know why it occurred to me, but I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and let it slide down my arms. The chill air of the mortuary prickled across skin that was suddenly alive and sensitive. I unbuckled my belt and stripped the rest of my clothes off quickly.

Shivering, I paused by Kevin’s head and kissed him again, on the lips. A strange sensation I had been aware of for the past couple of minutes pushed itself into the forefront of my mind and I reached down, without taking my eyes from his face, and gently stroked the base of my stiffening cock. I was feeling something I’d never felt before.

I did love him. We had been friends, nothing more. Maybe I’d always wanted more out of our relationship, but had been afraid to take it. Now I didn’t have to be afraid. We were alone together at last.

I lay down next to him on the cold slab and pressed my hot body to him. It amazed me how cool and still he was. I nuzzled through his hair, holding him close in a last embrace. I didn’t want to let him go. Tears flooded my eyes again, but we were pressed together now and I took comfort in that. I murmured his name over and over again into his hair.

After a while, I sat up and, looking down at him, my eyes still filled with tears, pressed my lips hard to his. His cold lips parted easily under mine and my tongue slipped into his mouth. He accepted me. I continued kissing him, caressing his body, moving slowly until I sat astride him. He was limp under me, but somehow that didn’t matter. I reluctantly pulled my lips from his and, sitting up a little, moved my hands further down his body.

I paused there for a moment, my right hand coaxing his soft cock and slipping down between his slightly parted thighs. His balls were tight and hard, the skin shrunken tightly over them. I rubbed my fingers through the coarse hair below, then moved down a little so I could take his cock in my mouth.

I moved my lips to the base of his cock, feeling the whole soft length of him in my mouth, tickling the back of my throat. I started moving my lips and tongue back and forward over him until my saliva trickled down his shaft and collected in his hair.

He couldn't feel it, I reminded myself, pressing my fingers further down between his legs. I felt him under my fingertips, and his coolness somehow felt natural. I gently pushed one finger inside him. He was dry, and I couldn't get in very far, so I pulled out and took my mouth off his cock. Standing up, I wandered around the room, looking into the cabinets and along the walls until I found a small bottle of something that would do as lubricant.

Returning to Kevin, I whispered an apology into his ear and, moving his legs a little further apart, poured some of the thick liquid onto my fingers and moved back into him again. There was a lot less resistance this time. He was quite relaxed under me and I could get three fingers into him easily. After a few moments, I slowly withdrew and wiped off my fingers.

Taking a deep breath to steel myself, but unable to resist my desires any longer, I mounted him again. My cock was so hard by now that it was painful, but I wanted to delay the release as long as I could. I stroked myself over him, letting my balls slide over his belly, rubbing myself until a couple of drops of pre-cum dribbled from my cock and landed on his skin.

I groaned and slid down Kevin’s body. I gently look his nipple in my mouth and sucked it. My cock was now between his cool, white thighs. I sighed and lay down gently on top of him, kissing him again on the mouth, sucking his lower lip between mine, pushing my tongue in between his teeth. He gave no sign of wanting me to stop. I knew this would be ok. The head of my cock, swollen and naked, pressed against him. I could feel my heat against him, and I almost came then, feeling the ring of muscle slowly give to admit me.

‘Kevin...’ I sighed as I pushed in deeper until the entire head of my cock was inside him. I don’t know what I had been expecting; where he held me, the flesh was cold, but slick with lubricant, and, though slack, seemed to hold me close. Locked at last into my lover’s embrace, I whispered endearments into his ear, kissing his cheek, throat and lips as I slowly moved my hips back and forwards, working myself in. He felt better than anything I’d ever experienced before.

I could feel that I was fully in now; the head of my cock pushed up against something soft inside him and I could feel his balls pressed to my groin. I sat up a little and began moving faster, feeling my own balls contract and burn as if they were on fire. I let my eyes slip half-closed. The sensation was ripping through me like threads of ecstasy, twisting in my gut, and I knew that I was going to empty my balls in a second if I didn’t stop.

Hating that I had to slow down, but wanting to prolong this pleasure for as long as I could, I lay down on top of Kevin’s cold body and started kissing his dead lips again. But then, feeling my lover against me, I could no longer hold back, and started fucking him slowly and deeply. He responded to me; I slowly began to force my way even deeper into him as the muscles that had held me warmed up and slid open around the base of my cock.

I was pumping harder now, panting and groaning inside my dead lover. In another five minutes, I felt the feeling begin to build at the base of my cock, spreading from my balls up my shaft, slowly engulfing the head of my cock. My back stiffened and I thrust forwards violently, no longer caring for my lover as my orgasm built to its peak. I think I cried out his name as I pumped what felt like everything I had into his bowels.

Shuddering, still in the grip of my subsiding climax, my cock still jerking, shooting out jets of sperm, I sagged over his chest. We lay still together. Kevin’s body didn’t expel my softening cock; it slowly slipped out, threads of my warm come sticking to it.

I lay there for a long moment, exhausted. Eventually, I forced myself to get to my feet and pull my clothes back on. Reluctantly, I cleaned him up and pulled the sheet back over him. I didn’t want to leave him for the coroner’s saw, but I didn’t have much of a choice.

I promised I would see him again soon and slipped out. I had to do something, and soon. I just couldn't live without him...

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