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This is a story about explicit sex and other adult only things. If you are underage or offended by such material you should stop reading now. The story, setting and characters have been made by the author and all rights are reserved.
Carmen Elisa Needs to Die

Chapter 5/5

I have been searching for Carmen Elisa for years. A search that has taken me to so many places that I have lost track of most of them. My current whereabouts was the armory of Lord Netter’s castle.

Armories for the soldiers of noblemen are you not your average place, but with my noblemen background I have actually spent quite a lot of time in such places so the surroundings felt kind of familiar despite this being my first visit.

I suppose you wonder how I managed to get access to the castle dungeon after I had spent so much time to find a way into the castle. The answer is that I raped Cecile Netter and Lord Netter’s daughter had gone from pious and devout worshiper of the gods to my accomplice in the blink of an eye. Actually it was not really a blink of an eye, but more like a burst of magic cum from the magic cock I get when my demon sword transforms.

I had assaulted Cecile Netter when she had come to the temple to make her confession and the memory of the sex still filled me with wicked satisfaction.

After the sex I had ordered Cecile Netter to wait for the night and then open a door to the castle. It almost felt too easy after all the previous trouble to get inside; the nobleman’s daughter had assisted us with every information I needed about guard movement to take us safely through the castle without discovery.

Getting into the dungeon was more tricky since Cecile Netter had no legitimate reason for ordering the guards to leave in the middle of the night. I needed the guards unable to interfere and killing them would be messy and might attract unwanted attention.

Luckily it turned out that Cecile’s sister Nadia Netter was a trained witch and alchemist so it had been easy for Cecile to sneak into her chamber and steal a sleeping potion.

It was not like the guards could say no to the whims of one of the nobles of the household so soon they were sleeping like happy little pigs and we could proceed with my plan.

“So what now?” Elenore asked as we waited in the armory. She looked at me with a wide smile on her lips.

I gave my little love slave an affectionate smile in return. I loved to watch her long dark hair tied into a knot and the black servant clothes stretched around her round pregnant tummy.

No, it is not like I have the hots for pregnant girls in general, but knowing that I put the child inside her made me feel kind of warm and fuzzy.

Still I longed for our first weeks together when we had gone to sleep every night with us just touching each other without any magical cock included in the action. I must say girls is really my thing if I get the choice even if I don’t mind sex with males.

Elenore gave me a curious stare, most likely wondering what I was thinking. It made me realize that I needed to share the bad news with her.

“I have realized I have made a mistake,” I began. “The sword handle is equally warm as it was at Navore’s home, but the demon said the sword handle would grow warmer for every step I took towards my prey.”

“What does this mean?” Elenore wondered.

“The sword is still slightly warm so we are still reasonably close to Carmen Elisa, but she cannot be present in the castle or even in the city. Even more irritating it turns out that Cecile Netter actually knew there is no Carmen here but I failed to ask her before we came to the dungeon. There is just one prisoner, Carmen Elisa’s husband Philip Highrose,” I answered

“Where did you send Cecile Netter?” Elenore wondered.

“I sent her on an errand to fetch Philip here,” I replied with a wicked smile on my lips.

“Getting Philip here? Why?” Elenore asked.

“Cecile thinks he knows where Carmen was sent. Himself, he thinks he is here to get a weapon so they can escape, but I have something other planned,” I told her as I directed her to hide herself. Myself I had already found a good hiding place in a tall cabinet close to the door.

“You have a new plan?” she wondered. I gave her a stare since I could hear the sound of people approaching. She nodded and hid herself before I shut down the lantern light.

A short while later Cecile Netter and Philip Highrose entered the room. She walked first with a small candle and he came limping after her.

The prison time had not been good to him. He did not look famished, but being locked in a tiny space without the sun for a long time takes a heavy toll on the body.

On the other hand he still had the handsomeness that had attracted me when he became my fiance many years back. Not like I have any remaining feelings for him after all this time, but eye candy is always nice and even now he looked good.

“I am still not sure about why you are helping me, we barely spoke at all before the Lord lost faith in me,” Philip commented as he went to a rack with swords and tried to locate a suiting weapon despite the dim light.

Cecile did not answer, but moved over to the table behind him. She put the light there and then put her back towards the table and leaned backwards.

I looked intensively as she pulled her blue dress up. She leaned backwards, her upper body like floating in a pile of cloth. Her lower body was bare but mostly in shadow, at least until she pulled her legs up and put her heels on the edge of the table.

I could now watch her marvelous looking legs and just barely make out the blond curls between her legs. Cecile was following my instructions to the letter.

“That can...wait,” Cecile whispered, making every word sound like an invitation for sex. Philip turned and paused as he saw her.

“What are you doing?” Philip asked.

From my hiding place I could see them both, he was looking at her with a frown on his face. Cecile was lying on the table, her hips making impatient moves as she spread her legs for him. The candle light was coming from slightly behind her but there was no problem to see that she had no underwear.

“I want you to fuck me,” Cecile urged him with her hand sliding up and down over her legs.

“What is this? You are a noble, but still want a commoner like me to fuck you?” he asked.

“I have had the hots for you for so long, but with you in a relationship I never spoke up. With her out of the picture I decided it was time to deal with a certain urge I have,” Cecile replied.

“So you decided that you wanted a fuck,” Philip responded. I could literally hear male ego bleeding into his mind.

“Pretty much,” Cecile responded. “Give me a taste of what you can do in bed or the deal is off.”

He was literally tearing at the knots of his clothes to get his cock free. It was of course not the first time I saw his maleness, but as noble I had of course never gone the whole way while we were betrothed. I had to suppress a giggle when I realized this would be the first time ever I would get to see Philip fucking.

I was not like I was truly envious of Cecile, I have done enough fucking while traveling the roads to get over a former fiance that ran away with a nobody like Carmen Elisa.

On the other hand I did not mind getting a premium view of them fucking from my hiding place inside the cabinet. It was very nice to watch Philip standing there with trousers around his feet as he pushed his cock into the pussy of the daughter of Lord Netter.

“Ahhh….you are so large...more...I want more,” Cecile ordered. He took hold of her legs and started to slam into her. Their rhythmic motions soon made the flame of the candle flicker from the vibrations of the table. Myself, I enjoyed the view a lot.

Maybe it was the long abstinence or perhaps Philip did not have the staying power to begin with because soon he was panting in lust.

“I am...I very close. Want it on your belly or mouth?” he asked.

Cecile did not answer, but wrapped her legs around him.

“Ahh...what are you doing?” he mumbled and tried to distance himself.

His movement was interrupted when Cecile took hold of his arms and started to slam her hip into his groin. If he tried to protest anymore it was lost in the frenzy of the sex. Quite soon I could hear his grunts as he sprayed his load deep into her eager pussy.

Finally it was over and she let go of him. He literally collapsed down on the floor, spent from the hard fucking.

“Something is weird here. Why the fuck do you want me to impregnate you,” he complained as he struggled up on his feet. Keeping a healthy distance to Cecile that lay there on the table rubbing his cum into her sex.

I had hoped that Cecile could toy with him some more, but it seemed like he would not fall for it. Actually it was not really so surprising since Philip was actually pretty sharp. I would never have fallen for a commoner like him and taken him as my fiance if he did not have qualities that make up for his lack of birth. A daughter of a noble house wanting to get pregnant in the middle of a prison escape was not something that anybody would consider normal.

I considered if I should give Cecile another chance to charm him, but then decided against it. What if Philip decided to bolt since he smelled a trap and I was still inside the cabinet?

I burst out of the cabinet and Philip jumped back in surprise. The armory was ten steps wide so I was beside him within moments.

He actually had pretty good fighting reflexes and tried to land a punch on me despite still having his trousers around his feet. I could have let the armor take the blow, but instead I blocked him and swept his legs. He hit the floor with a grunt and before he could recover I took hold of his wool tunic and lifted him up.

I could hear his gasp of disbelief as I used my unnatural strength to carry him to the table without hiding what a small feat of strength this was to me. I slammed him down on the table besides Cecile, using a tad but too much force so I could enjoy his grunt of pain.

“Where is Carmen?” I intoned sharply as I took hold of the tunic and pulled him back up.

“Lydia? Are you the mysterious person that has been hunting us?” he responded in amazement.

“Nothing personal, but I will break every bone in your body if you don’t give me Carmen’s location,” I said and slammed him down into the table again a bit harder. This time I got a more satisfying grunted of pain.

I felt his fingers grasping at my hands to break my hold of his tunic, but with his inferior strength there was minimal chance he could succeed.

“Carmen?” I asked again while shaking him violently.

“I don’t know, she did a deal with Lord Netter and she was to become a nun,” Philip responded.

I froze as I heard his words. I had earlier heard about a nun named Carmen, but had dismissed the lead since I had already heard she was here in the Netter dungeons.

“When did this happen?” I asked.

“A year back or so, I lost track of time in the dungeon hold. Please don’t hurt me,” he responded, obviously starting to get really afraid after the display of my mysterious strength.

I groaned in frustration as I realized my real mistake. I had come to Netter’s Harbor since I recently heard about the events between Lord Netter, Carmen and Philip. Problem was just that I never stopped to consider that this kind of news was not something the Netter’s family would want to be made public. I had rushed to Netter’s harbor without considering that the lead must be stale if the information was already common knowledge among common soldiers.

“Elenore, we are leaving!” I ordered as I slammed Philip to the table a final time. This time I used enough force to make him dizzy from the impact.

“Are you satisfied?” Cecile asked.

“Very, keep the good work,” I told her as Elenore rushed past me to leave the room. Behind us Cecile Netter had started to trash her pretty dress, to make the sex seem more look like a rape.

We came outside and I handled Elenore the lantern as I closed the door and broke the key to jam the lock. Behind me Elenore had managed to get the lantern lit up so we had more proper light again.

“Why this ploy with getting him locked up in the armory together with Cecile Netter?” Elenore asked as she looked at the jammed lock.

“The prophetic warning from the priest does not tell who exactly will make the daughters pregnant. Letting Lord Netter find his daughter with torn clothes besides Philip will hopefully make him make the wrong conclusion and buy us more time to escape,” I explained.

“That is nasty, but will not the broken key give the game away?” Elenore wondered.

“Eventually somebody will start to wonder about that, but I am betting that Lord Netter will take a bloody revenge on Philip before any adviser manages to question that. Lord Netter finding Philip locked together with his nude daughter that is claiming to have been raped is given to make him quite angry,” I said.

“Sounds fun, but why not simply slay Philip yourself?” she asked.

“I don’t seriously win any favors from the demon for killing people. Getting him tortured for my crimes on the other hand should count for a lot,” I said with a grin on my lips.

“What about the daughter?” Elenore wondered.

“When a nobleman’s daughter gets accidentally pregnant it is standard procedure to make her give birth in secret so they must not marry her off to some lower class husband that does not care enough about the shame,” I answered.

“I mean, won’t she tell the truth?” Elenore wondered.

“Would you if I told you to make sure Philp gets the blame for the pregnancy?” I wondered.

“Ah...I see...she won’t tell a thing,” Elenore replied as she looked down at her round pregnant belly with a happy smile on her lips. I shrugged as I saw the look on her face.

This demon magic that made the woman I impregnate to behave like happy cultists serving me is sure handy. Very practical but it also made me kind of uneasy.

Would the children be born as humans touched by darkness or would they be born as half demons? So far Elenore’s pregnancy was progressing like something ordinary, but I could not help to remember stories about demon children growing so quickly that they cut themselves out of the woman.

What did I really know about the end game of the demon? Was the true goal really spreading the kind of mischief and sin that it has directed me to do along the roads, or was the demon planning for something much more sinister?

We reached the exit of the dungeon and the guards were still drugged. It seemed like we had a chance to slip away from the castle in secrecy without any combat. I had barely thought this thought as we entered the staircase when I heard somebody approaching from above.

I scrambled for some explanation that would take us off the hook, but eventually decided that with my sword visible it was hopeless. I raised my sword ready for combat.

The person interrupting our escape was a young red haired woman clothed in in a heavy decorated black robe. Did Lord Netter have a personal mage?

I had never heard that he did, but the woman surely had clothes that seriously hinted at her having spell casting abilities.

“I saw what you did to my sister. You will pay for leaving her like that in the armory!” the woman threatened. Her words left no doubt; this must be Cecile’s sister Nadia. That would mean she was both spell user and alchemist.

“Don’t do something stupid, I just want to leave the castle in peace,” I responded.

She did not bother replying but just started to intone some kind of spell.

We were standing in front of her in an open stair with no possible object to hide behind. I calculated the distance to her, but she was twenty steps above us and reaching her before she was finished was probably not possible.

I had almost decided that I should try to charge her despite this when she finished the spell. She raised her hand and a black cloud came flying our way.

The only thing I could think of doing was to wave my sword at the cloud. To my surprise it actually worked as the sword shone with red malign light. The sword consumed the cloud in front of me while I stood in a bubble of pure air. Around the bouble the rest of the stairs were covered by the dark smoke.

I heard Elenore’s grunt of pain as she was hit by smoke. She had not stayed close to me, but tried to run down the stairs to escape.

“Your...your sword absorbed my curse?” the witch stuttered as she retreated backwards.

I had the option to rush her and cut her down, but what about Elenore and the curse?

The rules for curses are simple, you either let the curse run it course or make the person casting the curse revoke it. Potentially you can of course also ask help from the temple, but with Elenore carrying the demon child that was not a good option. I did not want the priesthood to come hunting for me.

I needed the daughter alive to help with lifting the curse, cutting her in half in the middle of the stair was simply not an option.

The warning from the priest said I would cause both Lord Netters daughters to become pregnant and the mother mutilated. I had not understood why I should take the risk of impregnating both daughters, but now I had the answer why I also needed the second sister serving as my cultist servant.

“I am dying of thirst,” Elenore mumbled hoarsely behind me. I looked into her eyes and the desperation there told me everything I needed to know about the urgency; it was really a nasty curse.

I heard the sound of the sister running upwards in panic. I grunted in irritation, allowing her to escape had not been a smart move.

“Try to find a location to hide while I hunt a certain witch that needs to become pregnant before you die from the curse,” I shouted as I started my pursuit.

I could feel the sword humming with power as it anticipated the upcoming slaughter. I wondered how many people I would end killing before I had the daughter serving me. It felt like a good night to find out.

* * *

I burst through another locked door, not really caring if the sound of me reducing the door to tinder alerted people of my presence. Trying to find a little witch had seemed like a reasonable simple task, but so far I had just run into soldiers and servants.

Not that the soldiers really were a real bother to me, at most they carried chain mail and that was no challenge for my heavy sword aided by my supernatural strength.

Things would of course be different if they managed to come for me with heavy crossbows or similar that could penetrate even my sturdy armor. I needed to save that worry for another time, time was running out for poor Elenore.

I saw yet another door on the end of the hallway and this one looked promising since it was covered with runes. I suspected Nadia Netter had run for her magic sanctum to try to find a magic that could bypass the protective magic of my sword.

I walked forward with a smile on my lips, when I suddenly heard the clinks of metal armor behind me. I turned and discovered an enemy dressed in plate mail that was approaching with confident steps.

The enemy carried a large war hammer and the best armor money could buy. Actually it was not a male armor, but a woman that came to challenge me.

“Lady Netter, I assume,” I said as I raised my sword for combat.

“You are the stranger from the prophecy,” she responded.

“Then you know how this will end,” I taunted her as I evaluated her fighting posture. It did surely seem like she knew a fair bit about fighting, but hopefully I could make her lose focus by reminding her that the prophecy said she would be mutilated.

“You honestly think that Lord Netter did not take precautions?” she responded with an amused tone in her voice.

“Precautions?” I asked unsure as we circled each other looking for an opening.

“This armor has been enchanted with the most powerful healing spell that money can buy. Even if you try to maim me the healing spell will fix me and as a bonus I won’t feel pain in the meantime,” she explained.

“Oh,” I mumbled and she took the opportunity to strike me.

I had no problem blocking the war hammer’s head with my great strength, but I also had no good grip with my boots on the stone floor and the impact made me slide backwards.

The hammer head was shining with magic as she raised it to strike again. I took the moment to deliver a devastating cut towards her exposed right leg.

At least I meant it to be devastating, but despite my heavy sword literally breaking through her armor in an explosion of blood and flesh she made no reaction.

I paid for my attack by suffering a minor hit on my shoulder that sent me tumbling backwards. She had not penetrated my armor, but my head was ringing from the impact with the floor and I could feel an ache building in my shoulder.

I struggled up before she closed the distance as I realized there were not many steps behind me before I ran into the wall. If she could continue to bash me into the wall this could turn quite nasty.

Her bloody armor was already busy knitting her leg together. My attack might have left her leg exposed without any protecting armor, but the chances seemed slim that she would allow me to hit the same spot twice.

“You will not get the chance to make my daughters pregnant!” she shouted at me as she lined herself up for another magic aided attack.

“Too late!” I responded and the insult bought me a little time. Her strike came more predictable than before and I could put all my strength into blocking her attack and even push her slightly backwards.

“Nothing in the prophetic warning tells us that you will survive this so if you already have commited the crime to my daughters this is where you die!” she shouted and her next magically aided bash was so powerful that I lost half or the remaining space towards the wall.

Through the battle haze I realized that time must be running out for poor Elenore. I needed to make the daughter lift the curse very soon or all this would be for nothing.

Logic told me the power in her armor must be finite, keep this going for long enough and her armor would be powerless while my super natural strength remained. Problem was just that I did not have such time and if I fought recklessly to try to end the fight quickly it raised the risk that she would hurt me permanently.

I dared a feint to the right to get a good hit at her exposed hand, but I did not manage to cut the hand off. I might have broken her hand but her armor was busy healing her. Even with just one working hand she managed a weak return stroke. I decided to let my armor take the damage but soon learned that this was a big mistake. As the hammer barely touched my chest armor magic did blast out from the point of impact and made my body contract in horrible pain.

I realized I had collapsed down on the floor, not disabled, but my chest hurt a lot from the impact. I chipped for air as I tried to reach her foot to be able to use my strength to take her balance. With practiced ease she did the footwork to avoid my move.

I froze as I realized my mistake; I was totally exposed in front of her with my sword too far to the left to be able to block the strike of her war hammer. If her hammer slammed me down into the floor there would be no escape but potentially lethal injury.

The strike never came as my armor suddenly exploded. The demon’s whirlwind extended from the sword blade and ripped every bit of metal and cloth from my body.

I had experienced this many times before, but never had it happened with an enemy standing inside the whirlwind.

The flying metal pieces tore through Lady Netter’s armor, piercing her body and literally ripping her apart. The magic armor struggled for a limited time to heal the injuries, but the magic could not keep up with pace with the demon’s whirlwind that literally sent the pieces of her flesh flying.

When it was over she lay in a great splash of blood and armor bits. She had lost both legs and arms. Horribly enough the remaining armor still kept her torso alive with powerful healing magic that might not be able to conjure her legs and arms back inside the healing sphere, but still kept her alive.

I grinned as I thought about her probably being thankful this moment for the armor removing her pain.

I stood up on shaky legs, with nothing but my sword and lots of blood covering me.

“Quite maimed I would say,” I taunted her. “You want life like this or death?”

“Death, kill me please,” I heard her faint whisper. I smiled wickedly as I obeyed her request and cut her head free with a mighty strike. After that it was just to kick the head outside the healing sphere of the armor to make sure the armor would not interfere and heal her.

No, I didn’t do it out of pity. If she had lived she would be an actual witness that would have sent Lord Netter after me so I simply took advantage of her weakness. Her asking to be killed also gave the benefit that it was much harder for the priests to communicate with spirit afterwards. The gods don’t look kindly on those wanting to end their life prematurely.

I wondered if the demon did approve, for the moment I did not care since I was mentally spent after losing the fight.

Right, technically I won the fight since I was alive, but it had been by magical cheating. In practice she had defeated me aided by her magical gear and only the demon’s intervention had saved me. All my won battles along the roads had given me a sense of superiority, but when I finally encountered somebody with magical gear to match my powers I had been found lacking.

I turned away from the corpse and broke through the door to the witch lair in a foul mood. Luckily for me the witch was inside and tried to hit me some kind of magic. The sword swallowed the magic and I could hear her gasp as she saw blood that covered me.

I suppose she had hoped her spells would have more penetrating power inside her magic study.

She was standing by her spell book on the other side of the room. There was a large table in the middle of the room, but her book was resting on a special desk by her side.

I felt the sword hum in anticipation for the upcoming that was not it!

The demon was aiding my perception and making me see the subtle clues. She had prepared traps along the way around the table. Quite nasty alchemy traps that I suspected the demon power of the sword might not absorb. Her pretending to search for more potent spells in her spell book was meant as a diversion to make me run into the traps.

I smiled at the warning from the demon in the sword and aimed a massive strike at the table. The table broke in the middle and I loved the cry of disbelief from the witch as she looked up from her reading.

Just to drive the message home I kicked the remaining bits of the table away. With my super natural strength the wooden parts smashed into the wall besides her with a very satisfying bang. I advanced on her without coming near her alchemist traps and she stood there just trembling in fear.

“Your mother thought she could cheat the prophecy by using healing gear and she paid the price. Now you will turn pregnant like your sister already has,” I threatened her.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she squealed as I moved closer.

“Lift the curse or I will not settle with just making you pregnant,” I said.

“Fine, I do it. Your girl will live,” she said and did some kind of movement with her hand.

I braced myself in case she tried some kind of trick, nothing happened. Problem was just that I had no actual evidence that she had released the curse.

Besides, I realized having an actual witch on my side seemed like a good idea so I had double reasons to make her take my demonic cum.

“You want fucking or rape?” I asked as I paused within striking distance of her.

Truth to be told I had no idea if the demon could absorb spells when it was transformed into a cock so I needed her cooperation. Bashing her unconscious was of course an option to make sure she did not cast any spell. Problem was of course that her unconscious would make her unable to verify afterwards that she had released the curse.

She did not respond, but as I looked into her eyes it looked like she had given up.

“No, I did lift the curse. Don’t force me to do this, I am a virgin,” she mumbled as I stepped closer.

“How could I know you lifted the curse. Want fucking or a rape?” I asked her again with a sinister smile on my lips.

“Fucking,” she mumbled with an even more defeated tone in her voice.

I aimed a precise strike at the spell book that almost cut it in half and pushed it off the special desk. I glared at her with a nonchalant smile on my lips. She looked at me as I nodded towards the special desk.

“Seems like your reading desk is empty, do spread something wide for me there,” I taunted her.

With a visible tremble she nodded and bent down over the desk as she pulled her magical robes up.

The little bitch had nice silken underwear just like her sister the other day. I took hold of the panties and ripped them apart to expose her naked ass.

I giggled as I thought about obvious similarity between the view of her naked ass and my previous view of her sister fucking Philip Highrose. Even more funny Nadia Netter had claimed to be aware of what I had done to her sister in the armory, that meant she most likely had been watching her sister and soldier fucking.

No, I did not start to gloat about her humiliation. Making her angry was not the best way to get docile and I wanted her pregnant as quickly as possible.

I loved the wickedness of stepping behind her while covered in the blood of her mother. She had no way to know what would happen as I directed the sword handle into my sex.

Like always the magic aided the entry into my sex and within moments I had the magical cock again pleasuring my inside as it transformed into a cock. I did not want to give her the chance to try anything and took hold of her hips so I could enter her.

She gasped as she felt my huge cock touching her outer lips. I knew she was in for an experience. Magic might aid me getting the handle inside me, but when the sword already had transformed into a cock things changed. We would have to work for every inch of cock that entered her sex.

Unlucky for her I was in no mood to go slowly. I wanted to finish quickly so the demon magic could start to work on her mind. I started to push the cock into her sex and I could hear her grasp as more and more of the cock invaded her pussy.

I could feel my own lust build as I looked down on her cute little ass exposed over the reading desk. Her magic robe was rather wide, giving me the benefit of the robe sliding further and further down as her body rocked from the impact of my thrusts.

As I saw more and more of her body I became convinced she was the older sister. Cecile had the curves of a full grown woman, but she was more slim than Nadia. The wide robe had hidden most of it, but as the robe did slide downwards I got a full view of her lovely hourglass figure.

She had the most lovely bubble ass and I could touch it as much as I wanted as I invaded her sex inch by inch. At each thrust into her I let my hand slide down her back. It was a shame I could not reach to play with her breasts, but you cannot have everything at the same time.

There was still some of my magic cock left outside, but I could hear her whimpering as I pushed into her. I was most certainly stretching the whole of her sex. I increased the pace as I worked hard to give myself maximum pleasure.

Going by the sound of her panting she was also enjoying the sensations a lot. I hoped she had already had released the curse, but inside of me I felt fear that it would take more time for the demon to subvert a witch like her.

This thought made me intensify my effort and I fucked her with an urgency I never had felt before. It felt so very great to bang the redhead against her own spell desk.

She was panting with lust as I gave her everything I had. Finally I squealed in pleasure as I felt the demon cock deliver its load inside her sex. I kept fucking her at reduced speed. How could I possibly know if the magic had started to work?

Letting her go and having her blast my head off before the pregnancy magic started to work seemed like a too serious risk to ignore. I pondered the problem for a while as I kept thrusting into her. It sounded like she really got off more and more from the fucking.

Finally I knew what to do and spoke. “What do you want?”

“I...I….ahh...want to….see you impregnate…..ahhh...other females,” she answered through her moans and I understood I had succeeded. There was no way it could be a coincidence that all the females I had impregnated started to talk about how I should add more females to the cult.

“Have you lifted the curse?” I asked her as I slowly pulled myself free from her sex..

“Yes, your other mistress is alive,” the witch responded.

I pulled out of her and in response she moaned in disappointment. She might have become pregnant, but had not reached an orgasm yet.

I did not really care, she was just my plaything and sexual slave, not like Elenore that had a special place in my heart as my first love slave.

“What now?” she asked me as she stood up, still with her magic robes pulled up. Her hands playing over her flat stomach like she already expected to have a pregnant belly.

“You will use your magic to help me and Elenore to get out of Netter’s harbour,” I said. “We need to travel to a monastery where my target Carmen Elisa is hiding and I cannot do that if all of Lord Netter’s soldiers are hunting me.”

“If I shall keep them searching in the wrong direction I need to stay here in the capital,” she reasoned.

“That is a good idea, you also need to supply me with food, clothes and armor,” I ordered.

“I don’t have access to any armor, father will keep a very close tab on everything after you locked Cecile and Philip in the armory. The other things you mentioned should be doable,” she promised.

“Okay, I can do without armor if you keep the soldiers away from me,” I replied.

“How do you know where you will be heading?” she wondered.

“The sword handle will turn warmer when I travel in the right direction. I have also actually heard there is a nun named Carmen at the Nemthom monastery. I will go there first, if that is not right I will simply go to each monastery until I find the right one,” I replied.

“Sounds like we have a plan, let me get busy,” she told me as her hand slowly rubbed her flat belly. With a reluctant shrug she let go of her magic robe that slid down to cover her sexy curves.

“Speaking of such...” I said, but then hesitated for a while as I did not truly know if it was possible. “You might want to create some fire as diversion when we escape to fulfill the prophecy,” I finished.

“Open fire in a city setting, sounds risky,” she responded. “Still I see your point. Me and Cecile will be much more effective in taking care of the offspring if the city has not burned down and a limited fire as diversion is a good idea. Possible father will calm down if all parts of the prophecy has come true.”

* * *

I suppose you want to hear about the rest of the search. I can assure it was lovely with Elenore making each night out in wilds a lovely memory. Problem is just that I am not a big fan of nature and describing all the scenery on the many days of travel seems terribly dull so let me skip ahead to the day I arrived at the Nemthom monastery.

As I walked into the monastery I was filled with a sense of dread. Could really my quest to kill Carmen Elisa really soon be over?

Back in Netter’s harbor the sword had been slightly warm to touch, but now it was almost uncomfortably hot to hold in my bare hands. It suggested that Carmen was really present at the monastery, but there was no manual for how hot the sword would get as I closed in on my target.

Just maybe rumor had alerted Carmen to me coming and she was in truth at this moment running away from the monastery.

I had considered entering the monastery with my sword transformed into the magical cock to search for her, but in the transformed shape the sword would mimic my body temperature and not give me any hint if my prey was close.

The risk that I would scare Carmen off with a visible sword did in my opinion balance with the risk that the nuns would sense me entering with a cursed weapon transformed into demonic cock. I had a fairly strong hunch that the sword radiates more evilness while its power is active.

In truth it was not like the nuns had ever done me anything wrong, but I had to admit that I found it offensive that they were offering shelter for Carmen Elisa. Not very rational of me, Carmen might have seduced my fiance, but it was before we made any binding wows so she had technically not done anything wrong.

I suppose she might still be a sinner if they had sex before marriage, but for all I knew she could be perfect candidate to become a nun.

One of the benefits of carrying a monstrously large sword with an obscene handle is that most people freeze when they see the sword. The same applied to nuns too apparently and I took advantage of this to cut them down before they could sound any alarm.

Yes, I know, cutting down innocent nuns was a new low for me, but I knew Carmen either would take all my sins with her to hell or I was royally screwed.

Actually that thought made me wish for sex, far too long since I fucked properly. At least if I ignored the sex with the pregnant Elenore each night, problem was just that one single lover was not enough anymore. I needed lots of lovers, like a large harem serving me.

Elenore was tagging along behind me with large scared eyes as I murdered my way through the monastery. How many nuns could there be in a single monastery?

I walked through yet another room searching for more prey when the blade of sword actually caught fire. I halted in the middle of the step and looked around. I did not need the demon to tell me that my target must be really close.

There was no obvious hiding place in the room, but then I suddenly realized that there was a hidden wardrobe in the wall. Concealed to make it all but invisible, but it was slightly ajar. Like a person had hid there but been unable to close the door totally from the inside.

I looked at Elenore and nodded towards the hidden door and after a moment she also saw it.

She nodded as she stepped closer to the door. The single dagger in her hand trembled as she placed herself beside the door. I could understand she was nervous, despite all the months we had been searching for Carmen she barely knew to fight. Funny enough she had never asked about Carmen’s martial skills so she was perhaps expecting some kind of amazonian warrior nun.

I had deliberately avoided talking about my prey. I did not want Elenore to start to question if Carmen Elisa really deserved to die.

Elenore was awkward with her pregnant belly, but she still managed to place herself so she could kick the door open without exposing herself. Clever girl!

It was a walk in closet and I finally saw Carmen after all this time. She was dressed in a nun outfit and stared back at me like if I was the devil incarnate.

“Lydia Silea, are you the stranger that has been searching for me?” she asked as her gaze darted right and left; searching for an escape path past my burning sword.

“Looks like I found you Carmen,” I replied with a grin of satisfaction as I advanced on her with my sword raised.

“Why?” she asked. “It does not make sense. Philip loved me long before he met you. It is not my fault that he considered marrying you due to all all your inherited wealth. I did never do anything mean to you, but just convinced Philip that it would be unjust to pretend to love you to get your wealth.”

I paused at her words. Was it true that Carmen actually had a prior claim on Philip Highrose?

In truth I did not doubt her words. Philip had never been very passionate with me and it seemed fairly possible that my riches could have been the true attraction from the start.

I had been thrilled with the romance of having an affair with a promising common soldier that everyone claimed was future hero material. When he returned interest I had convinced myself I believed him, but deep down I had always suspected it had more to do about other reasons than any true passion from his side.

“Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone a thing,” Carmen pleaded.

“You never did anything wrong to me,” I responded. I saw hope fill her face and I loved the feeling of malice as I continued to speak. “I just need you to die for me. To carry my sins to hell.”

She opened her mouth to scream in horror, but I was already close enough. I did thrust the giant blade forward and her feeble attempt to protect herself did nothing. She was impaled on the burning sword and magical flames surrounded her.

The flames were actually not burning her, but she was screaming in terror. Her eyes unseeing as she seemed to experience every sin that I had committed. She was in for a long torment if that was the case.

Something inside her was turning pitch black from the flames. I could literally see her soul getting burned and tarnished. A powerful climax washed over me and I collapsed down on the floor.

The effort to hold the sword in position as it drank the lifeblood of Carmen Elisa was simply too much. I heard the sword handle smash the floor tile as it hit the floor after I had lost hold of the giant weapon.

Myself I stumbled backwards, falling down as a terrible tiredness washed through my body. The demon might have provided me with supernatural strength, but of course the prolonged use of the cursed weapon had also taken its toll on my body.

It did not feel like I had taken any permanent damage, but for the moment I was simply too tired to move at all. Tired like I had not been since the cottage. I cringed at that bad memory, but it could not dampen the rush of emotions as I thought about my quest to kill Carmen Elisa finally being finished.

“Is it done?” Elenore asked. I struggled to nod at her, with a happy smile on my lips.

“If they find us with the sword here it will be very bad with all the slaughtered nuns, but I don’t think I can carry both you and the sword,” Elenore said.

Her words made sense and I very much wanted to get away from the location, but the slender girl would have trouble carrying me even without her pregnancy. The huge sword might be heavy, but it was still far less weight than my muscled body.

“I have fulfilled the words of the prophecy so if you get the sword away from here everything will be fine!” I commanded. I was working hard to put what remaining energy I had into my voice, it took lots of effort. I really just wanted to sleep.

I heard the sound of her dragging the sword away from the room as I lay there with closed eyes. Too tired to watch her as she departed, I drifted to sleep happy with finally having succeeded with my mission.

* * *

I bet you now wonder if it really worked. Had killing Carmen Elisa really cleansed me of all my sins like the demon in the sword promised?

Considering all the bad stuff I did while I did carry the sword it might surprise you that deep down I was not sure up to this point if the promise from the demon was genuine. Before Carmen was dead I had no way to really test if the demon really could remove sins. This thought was on my mind as priests came to determine what had happened at the monastery.

I could see skepticism in their eyes of the priests as I claimed my innocence. I could most certainly understand why; they found me sleeping by the bloody body of a slain nun. They must wonder why I had not run away in panic.

In truth I wondered to myself, but then I recalled my purpose here; I needed to delay them so that Elenore got enough time to get the cursed sword away from here. If the priests found the cursed sword the game would be up.

One of the priests mumbled a spell to detect evil and I worked hard to keep my face even. If I still was burdened by my sins they would most likely kill me on the spot.

“She is not a sinner,” the priest said and I could not help to beam at him.

Carmen Elisa had gone to hell burdened with all my sins and I was truly free. Except the pesky detail of Lord Netter suspecting me of foul play.

The priests might be ready to let me leave the monastery, but outside soldiers belonging to Lord Netter waited and they had been told to arrest anyone suspicious. Me found by the body of Carmen Elisa that was mentioned in the prophecy was of course more than enough to qualify.

If you ask me I think the lord was going genuinely nuts about the danger from the prophecy. He was obviously obsessed with the purity of his daughters, good for me he had no idea I had already impregnated both of them.

At first I hoped he would let me go when the priests cleared my name, but when the soldiers dragged me bound to the Lord it soon became obvious that Lord Netter had no intention to do so.

Considering I had been found by the dead body of Carmen Elisa it was perhaps not surprising that he thought I was a servant of the enemy mentioned in the prophecy. He wanted me to tell him all the details of the warrior mentioned in prophecy, and it was obvious he did not intended to let me go before he had verified any information I gave him.

I knew that it was forbidden by law to imprison me without any evidence of wrongdoing, but there is a great difference between commoners and nobles. Noblemen can do pretty much what they like if they can connect the commoner to a crime and they had literally found me bloody by the corpse of Carmen Elisa.

I considered if I should reveal that I was Lydia of house Silea, but truth be told I had no idea if my family had disowned me. I might not had given them any reason for offense when I left five years back, but if they had kept track of me I could imagine plenty of reasons they might not welcome me back to the family.

Another troublesome aspect was I could not imagine any plausible reason why a nobleman like me would come to Netter’s coast in secret to visit a monastery in the countryside.

The life of noblemen is an eternal game of building alliances and you are always expected to pay your respects to the Lord of a district when you enter their realm. If you are really occupied with something you could of course send a messenger to avoid appearing in person, but it was not like I had done so.

I had come to Netter’s coast secretly totally focused on my mission to kill Carmen Elisa without any real plan for what would happen afterwards.

In the end this all meant that my only good option was to try to act as a commoner that by bad luck happened to the present when a nun was murdered by a masked villain.

I know how lame it sounds with a mysterious stranger that hides behind a mask, but it was the best I could think of that would not force me to make up too many details about an imaginary person.

I had one hope left as Lord Netter brought me back to Netter’s Harbour. I had enslaved his daughters, what if they could convince the Lord to let me go?

Problem was just that with me claiming to be a commoner I could not realistically ask to meet any of the daughters. In the end the Lord threw me into his personal dungeon without me getting any chance to encounter Cecile or Nadia Netter. It seemed like I was alone in the dungeon so either Philip Highrose had been released or killed.

I was stuck in a prison cell while Lord Netter’s men tried to track down an imaginary male enemy. The deception meant that Elenore would have a better chance to escape, but I could imagine no way that I could escape the dungeon anytime soon with the guards out there trying to verify my false story. Making them look for Elenore seemed utterly worse so I kept silent.

Hours stretched into days as I waited in the dungeon cell.

I did some attempts to interact with the guards making the rounds and bringing me food, but honestly the only thing I could offer them was sex since Elenore had carried all my money. I hesitated about taking the whoring step. My body might still be craving to have sexual pleasure, but there was no way I could whore myself out without acquiring new sins.

The idea of meeting Carmen Elisa in hell after I die did not sound pleasant. I could imagine she would want plenty of revenge. I needed to escape the dungeon without doing anything that might endanger my immortal soul. Actually dying in the dungeon might be better than getting tormented in hell by Carmen for all eternity.

* * *

Late at night I finally saw the familiar face by the cell door that I had been dreaming about. Cecile Netter had come to visit me and I felt how hope filled me for the first time in weeks.

“You have to get me out of here!” I ordered her, but as I said the words I could tell there was no look of obedience in her eyes.

“You raped me and made me pregnant,” she said with an accusatory tone in her voice.

“I am so sorry, is the child gone?” I asked and gave her my most pleading stare.

“No...” she said as she looked at me with a look of contempt in her gaze.

“I don’t understand,” I mumbled even through I was in truth starting to understand.

“You raped me, but it was the demon that made me carry his offspring,” Cecile responded with a happy smile on her lips.

“I see, your loyalty is to the sword,” I mumbled. “Why are you here?”

“No, not to the sword dummy,” she responded. “Those who carry the offspring are loyal to the one who command the sword.”

I heard the key turn in the lock and the cell door opened to let her in. Now when I could see her body I saw that she was pregnant. Her tummy was still not very large, but for the female eye there was no question she had something growing inside her. Thinking about it like a child felt wrong, every bit of her reaction hinted that it would not be a human that was born.

With a surprised yelp I realized she was not alone, I had been looking so much at her that I had not realized that her sister Nadia was with her. Actually there was a third person there covered by a large red cape. I did not need to see her face to understand that it was Elenore that had come for me.

She was still pregnant, looking like she soon would deliver the baby. I stared at the cape wrapped around her obscenely large pregnant tummy. After letting go of the sword all positive feelings I used to have about her being pregnant with the demon’s offspring was gone. I really preferred how she looked before the pregnancy.

“Silvia, are you not going to say thank you for me coming here to get you,” Elenore said with a tone in her voice that was far less friendly than what I would have liked.

“I am sorry sweetheart, I had kind of given up hope,” I said. I was trying to put all the warmth I felt for Elenore in my voice.

She had pretty much served as my sex slave on the search for Carmen Elisa, but she had joined me willingly and served as my bed companion long before she got pregnant. I hoped those feelings could work to my advantage now. I might have raped the Netter sisters, but Elenore had joined me out of free will.

“The demon offered to clear you of all sins if you killed Carmen, ever thought about what state that would leave me?” Elenore asked.

“I thought about it, but it was not something I could do about it,” I mumbled as Cecile and Nadia stepped aside to offer a free path for Elenore.

“You making me participate actively in ruining the life of Frank and his family did most certainly tarnish my soul and make me bound for hell,” Elenore said with a flat tone in her voice.

She dropped the cape in dramatic fashion and I was suddenly staring at her nude body. Her pregnant tummy and the familiar cock below it. It was actually larger than I remembered, I could not imagine that any female could take that monster into her sex without getting hurt.

“Wait, if you command the sword the same offer is open for you. You can get rid of your sins too. Who did you name as your enemy?” I asked to gain time as I tried to decide if I should try to bolt or try to reason with her.

The chance to get free from the prison cell seemed slim with both the two sisters moving like they had been told to corner me.

“I named Marc Emer and his robbers as my enemy,” Elenore replied.

“You...all...all the robbers you knew the name for,” I stuttered as I tried to wrap my head around what it would mean to name many persons as your enemy.

“No, I meant every past and present robber no matter if I know them, I suspect the search will take me years. Trying to track down every last of them,” Elenore answered and her eyes fluttered like she did climax right there in front of me just by talking about her quest to murder the robbers.

“What if you cannot find every robber?” I mumbled as I felt myself going pale as I considered the difficulty of tracking robbers escaping in every direction.

“Then I will have more time to impregnate females,” she said as her body trembled in yet another visible orgasm.

“Are you here to impregnate me? Why not just leave me here?” I asked to try to gain more time.

“Thing is that I like girls, I never asked for you to use the transformed cock to fuck me. When I gained the unholy blessing from the sword the compulsion to serve you was gone and I have decided that you deserve to experience the same torment as I did when forced to serve in fashion you don’t want,” Elenore said.

“I never planned for this, you getting pregnant all happened by no intention from my side,” I said. “You have my fortune and the means to clear your sins. Please don’t do anything to me that you will later regret.”

“There is one more reason,” Elenore told me as she pointed at her body. I looked closer and realized her torso was covered in hundreds of faint lines. I looked at the lines trying to understand what I was looking at when I suddenly realized the lines was actually scars.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You screwed up,” she said. “You promised me you had taken care of the prophecy when I took the sword but you had neglected a big part.”

“I have no idea…,” I started saying when she interrupted me. "Lord Netter went obsessed with the prophecy since it said that he himself might die from it. You forgot that part, but Lord Netter remembered and managed to get the priests to use the link between him and the sword to find me. They surprised me while I was impregnating a farmer girl and before I knew it I was bound by the same kind of holy manacles you was caught in earlier.”

“You mean caught with the sword still transformed into the magic cock?” I wondered.

“Indeed, the priest with him could sense the demon magic but not tell it was tied to the cock,” she said. “The demon offspring inside me meant all of me came across as cursed. The priests wanted to kill me and burn my body due to the wickedness they detected but Lord Netter would not accept it. He wanted me tortured until I revealed the secrets of some kind of male villain you came up with. The priests could not deny the value of finding the leader of the cultists and allowed Lord Netter to do every kind of torture he could imagine to get me to talk.”

I just stared at her body in horror as she stared back at me with malice in her eyes. All the scars from so many injuries, I could not comprehend how anyone could suffer such pain without going insane. I trembled in front of her, could I really say that I was not responsible for what she suffered?

“Eventually Lord Netter made the mistake of letting his daughters come there and they were secretly my slaves. They set me free from the holy shackles and Nadia healed my injuries, After that it was just to kill everyone present and make sure that Lord Netter and everyone else present suffered more than I had done. They are all slain and the only thing that remains is to punish the truly guilty one,” Elenore said as she stared at me with cold eyes.

“You don’t need to do this,” I pleaded to gain time and then charged Nadia to escape the prison cell.

I might not be super strong anymore, but Nadia as a spell user did certainly not not have my experience of unarmed combat. For a moment it looked like I would slip past them when I felt somebody catching my hair.

I stumbled as I did not want to scalp myself, and the moment after I felt unnaturally strong fingers catch my arm and suddenly I was thrown through the room. I had a moment to be surprised at the massive strength demonstrated by Elenore before I slammed into the wall.

I might have been strong when I carried the sword, but Elenore had flung me like I was a rag doll. She was much stronger, maybe many times stronger.

As I shook my head to clear my dizziness I felt them constrain me. The two sisters pulled me up and had me leaning forward. I was still fully clothed, but I understood that no clothes would keep me safe.

It was just Cecile and Nadia holding me with their normal strength. I could actually feel their pregnant tummies pressed to me. Getting free from the sisters did not seem like an impossibility, but I dreaded giving Elenore reason to use her strength on me.

I could most certainly recall how I had broken things in the beginning before I learned to constrain the supernatural strength. There was a real risk that Elenore would literally maim me if she put all that strength into use without understanding constraint.

Suddenly there was a tearing sound as she gripped my clothes and ripped them apart like if they were mere brittle paper. My pussy was exposed to the world and I dared to do nothing while her fingers caught my hips and pushed me into a position so she could enter me despite the huge belly that made intercourse so much more difficult.

As her monstrous cock pushed inside me I struggled to relax to allow it to enter, but the magic was there and made it much harder.

It was not first time I took the cock into my sex, but when it happened before I had the unholy strength from the demon to help cope with it and now it seemed like the demon wanted me to experience it all. I thrashed around without managing to break free of the sisters hold as the demon demon cock invaded my pussy.

I could actually feel Elenore’s pregnant tummy slapping my ass as she started to pound into my poor sex. The belly meant that I did not have experience getting impaled by the whole cock and I did not know if I should be grateful or sorry for this.

The pleasure as she used me like her fuck toy was incredible. I rocked with the movement trying to take more of her cock into me, but there were physical constraints that could not be overcome.

I heard someone panting of sexual desire and could not tell if it was me or Elenore.

“I will...make you distract the old I impregnate the daughters,” Elenore mumbled through her moans of pleasure.

“What?” I exclaimed as I was partly pulled out of the passion. She was of course still pounding into my sex.

“You fuck...the fathers and the old farts,” Elenore responded through a sinister chuckle.

I froze as the meaning of her words sank into me, she knew how disgusting I found older people. Why was she tormenting me like this? Then I recalled the torture she had suffered due to the choices I had made, I might deserve this but maybe I could reason with her and make a deal.

“No. let me...” I began to say when she suddenly grunted as she spilled her load inside me. I could feel the demonic cum spreading inside my cunt, touching me in a way that made me cringe in discomfort. It was affecting me in ways I had no ways to counter.

They had actually dropped me on the ground and I lay there feeling demonic cum flowing deeper into my pussy, touching the core of my being.

“Is it done?” Elenore asked and I turned to look at her. I wanted to be disgusted by what she had done to me, but could help myself in delivering the same content smile on my lips as the Netter sisters.

I realized that I had my hand on my still flat tummy, comforting it as my body anticipated the demonic child that would soon quicken inside there.

“You will distract the old guys as I impregnate their daughters, right?” Elenore asked me. Her body made me crazy horny as I looked at her mix of female attributes and the demonic cock.

“I will do it,” I heard myself answer with a silly smile on my lips, but it was not the real me talking.

Inside myself I was screaming in disgust at the thought of what she was proposing, even middle aged people had always made me cringe with discomfort. Problem was just that I could not voice my concern, the demon magic had me mastered and it made me join the harem of cultists that serve the wearer of the sword. The wearer was currently Elenore and she wanted me as her slave and I could not say no to her.

“What do you desire?” Elenore asked.

“Watch you impregnate girls,” we answered in union and I understood it to be commanded by the magic. Actually just saying the words made excitement wash over my sex. I did not doubt I would climax myself if I watched Elenore adding more females to the harem. My body was going into heat by just the thought of our harem expanding.

“Good, but we need to leave now,” Elenore commanded as she awkwardly bent down to pick up the red cape.

Nobody made any move to offer me replacement for my torn clothes so I understood they had not thought to bring me any replacement.

As I watched her awkward movement due to the pregnancy I wondered what would happen if we got into a fight. No level of super strength would help her get the balance needed to prevail in open combat.

I recalled that I had never trained Elenore in combat with heavy weapons. I had restricted our training to knives since she was too short and too weak to use any heavy weapons. She had really no training for full scale combat.

As I thought about it I realized I was not some mindless slave, the magic might direct my behavior in specific situations, but I did not feel any compulsion to warn Elenore of my concern. I was free to decide if I wanted to work hard to keep her safe or wait for her to make a fatal mistake.

If the wearer of the sword died anyone nearby would be free to grab the weapon and name their enemy to get to lead the show. A wicked smile played over my lips.

I would have no choice to do my part in Elenore’s mission, but I would make sure that there was a chance I would not let anyone of the other cultists get control of the sword.

At the end of the corridor we saw soldiers assembling and I wondered if I would get my chance soon. Honestly the situation made me nervous as hell. I had no weapon and the risk seemed high that I would be unable to defend myself if Elenore died and I could not get the sword in time.

I looked towards the soldiers and noticed they had loaded crossbows and I wondered if even I would have had a chance if I had been the wearer of the cursed sword. Charging disciplined soldiers in the narrow corridor as they fired crossbows would be suicidal for anyone no matter their skills.

“Seems like it is time to make a certain prophecy come true,” Elenore said and put her hands on the cock below her cape.

I wondered if the sword would year a hole in the cape when it transformed, it always burst forward in such violent fashion that I had seen it impale itself in sturdy wood.

What came free from the cape came explosive like usual, but it was actually not a sword but something wooden. A long wooden staff that ended in a massive dildo head, it looked plain ridiculous in all its obscene glory.

Elenore made a lazy stab with the staff towards the soldiers as they raised their crossbows to aim at her.

The response was a roaring storm of fire that extended from the staff and enveloped the soldiers and split out in nearby corridors. I actually felt the return heat as the fire reflected on the wall despite the great distance.

“Opps, too powerful again,” Elenore giggled through the screams of the dying soldiers.

Numbly I watched the carnage in front of us, none of the soldiers survived the fire for more than a few moments. It was obvious that Netter’s Harbour was doomed if Elenore was to battle her way outside with such powers at her command and so little control.

I had been foolish to think I would get the chance to pick up the sword anytime soon. Elenore had promised the demon to kill lots and lots of robbers and the demon had granted matching power.

It seemed given that we would experience lots of carnage and many pregnant females before Elenore’s quest ended in success or death. I could not help myself from smiling happily at the thought of more women getting impregnated by the demon cock.

The End

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