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My wife and I rediscover renewed sexual adventure
After a hiatus raising a family my wife Susan and I get back into our sex lives. My wife takes dressing up to a new level.

I watched my wife Susan walk into the living room. She was in her latex cat-suit and boots. The zips over her breasts were undone revealing erect nipples and lots of flesh. She had again gone Gothic with her make-up. But that wasn’t what shocked me and left me speechless. It was the riding crop she was carrying and the 10” strap-on dildo jutting out from her hips. She saw my stunned look and laughed. “You know what to do” she said “get down and lick my boots”. In a sort of daze I did what I was told. As I run me tongue over her boots she began to hit me with the riding crop. “Do a good job or I will hit you harder” she said, her voice stern and serious.

Obviously satisfied with my boot worship and told me to stop. I sat back on my heels waiting for instructions. My cock was stiff and longing for relief. But I would have to wait. The dildo was inches from my face. “You always want me to suck your cock” she said “now you can suck mine. Do it now”. I hesitated and got hit on the shoulder with the riding crop. “I said do it” she yelled. I leaned forward and took the head of the dildo in my mouth. She reached down and pulled my head towards her. I now had at least half of the dildo in my mouth. “Oh yes my little slave, suck my cock” she moaned.

I had no idea how me sucking her fake cock was making her moan but it was. She kept pushing it in and then back to allow me to breathe. I gagged several times but she didn’t let up. It then occurred to me why she had gotten me to use her douche. She was going to ram that huge dildo in my arse. “OK you are such a great cock sucker” she sighed and told me to stand up. “Suck my nipples” she ordered and I complied, first one then the other and back again. Again she was moaning and stroking my head. Her moans and groans increased “Mmm so good” she whispered “so good”.

She pulled my head away and kissed me. “Come to the bedroom. I am going to make you my little bitch” she murmured and, grabbing my cock, she led me to the bedroom. She didn’t have to explain as I knew what she had in mind. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her coat the dildo in KY Gel. I got onto the bed on hands and knees and braced myself. I felt her rub KY on my rear opening. Grabbed my hips she pushed the dildo towards me. I felt the first inch and my body naturally tried to push it out. But then another inch and then another. I felt pain at first but as she pushed into my anal opening my muscles seemed to relax. Deeper and deeper she went as I yelled and moaned.

I felt her hips press against my bum cheeks. I had taken it all. Her moans were mimicking mine as she began to slowly move back and forth. She was fucking me and I was enjoying it. “Oh God Susan” I moaned and she slapped me on the back. “Sorry, I mean Mistress” and she quickened the pace. My cock was twitching and my whole body was shaking. “Yes, yes” I kept saying. Suddenly she pulled out and I groaned. She hurriedly pulled off the strap-on and unzipped the crutch of her cat-suit. Lying beside me she screamed “Fuck me darling. Fuck me NOW” Not one to argue I mounted her and as we both thrust at each other we came also simultaneously. I rolled onto my back and we both lay there puffing and panting. She rolled on to her side and kissed me. No words were spoken. No words were needed. It had been amazing.

It took nearly 10 minutes before we spoke. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked. “Yes” I replied. “No, did you like everything?” she asked again. I knew what she meant. “Yes honey I really liked everything” I said. She cuddled up to me. “I enjoyed it too darling. I was worried you would think it was weird” she whispered, as if she thought saying it out loud would somehow make it wrong. “Where did you learn what you did honey” I asked. Getting off the bed and telling me to follow her she went to the laptop on the desk and opened up a website with women pegging men with dildos. “Wow” I said “you liked that?” I asked. “Yes my love” she replied “it looked so sexy I ordered a strap-on online. “Well” I said “I was worried, even shocked, but it felt great”.

We continued to look at several videos all with the same theme. She noticed I was getting hard just watching the screen. She reached down and grabbed my cock. “I want it again” she said “take me to the bedroom and fuck me”. I told her to stand and bend over the chair and look at the screen and while she watched the videos of women pegging men and took her from behind. Her pussy was already lubricated with my cum so she offered no resistance. She squealed as I thrust into her balls deep. “Yes fuck me hard” she moaned and I didn’t let her down. In fact I was determined to hump her as hard as possible. “Deeper” she yelled and then shook wildly as she orgasmed. It took me a little longer but when I did cum my head was spinning.

We went into the bathroom and she peeled off boots and cat-suit. “Oh shit I am leaking” she said laughed. We got into the shower together and soaped each other up. We always had fun doing that. Getting out and drying ourselves we wandered out into the living room still naked. She put her arms around me and we kissed passionately. “I love you Todd” she said. “What, I am not your bitch anymore” I said and laughed. She slapped my chest. “Of course you are. You will also be my bitch. Particularly when my strap-on cock is fucking your sexy arse”.

I poured a couple of glasses of wine and we sat on the couch sipping them. “Do you really like me dressing up for you?” she asked. “Silly question” I thought. “Of course darling” I said. “Maybe you should dress up too” she said. “Dress up how?” I asked. We went back to the laptop and she clicked on another site. “Oh God” I exclaimed as photos flashed onto the screen. There were guys wearing women’s lingerie. “You want me to dress like that?” I gasped. “It would be so sexy” she replied. I looked further. These men were completely feminised. They wore wigs and make-up, even women’s shoes. Some it was difficult to recognise as men.

I looked at Susan and her eyes were wide and she was licking her lips. She really did want me to dress as a woman for her. “I don’t know about this” I said. “OK” she said and started to stroke my cock that was awakening. Spinning the chair around she got on her knees and began to suck my cock. It always felt great but somehow it felt better that even. I moaned and enjoyed the experience. I began to feel yet another orgasm building. I expected her to stop. The minutes clicked by and I was getting close. “If you keep going I will cum” I told her. She looked up and smiled. “Say you will dress up for me honey and I will sucked you off” she said. Trapped! “Oh yes do it darling and I will be your sissy bitch” I rasped and she took my loud in her mouth and swallowed every drop.

She smiled as she stood up. Standing behind me she told me to click onto another site. A mail order site. She had obviously already done her homework and knew exactly what she wanted. She directed me around the site picking bits here and there. The list was :

Crutchless body suit

Suspender belt and stockings

Shoes with 4” heels

A blond wig

“Is that all?” I asked. “Yes” she said “I will get the make-up when I go shopping”. I looked at the list and clicked “pay”. I got the message back that delivery would be 5-6 days. I look at Susan and I could tell she was excited. “If you are happy then I am” I said, still very unsure if I had relinquished my manhood for a blowjob. It seemed like a one sided deal – and not my side.
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