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Part 4 of a series. Please read in order to get the whole story.

This is a plot driven story.
Chapter 4

Aly's eyes slowly blinked and opened, it was still somewhat dark. The light rain outside pattered on the roof and windows of the cabin. Aly's eyes adjusted to focus as she slowly looked around at the group, all laying in the big makeshift bed on the floor. To her left, Erin and Suzy were cuddled up, wrapped in a blanket. They laid on one small mattress, slightly edging off onto Aly's larger mattress. To Aly's right, on her mattress, was Alex. He was 'spooning' her side. His arm and leg draped upon Aly. Beside him was Becca, she was on Alex's mattress and half wrapped up in his blanket. Becca's mattress and blanket sat alone beside her. Aly shifted slightly and Alex snuggled in closer to her, still asleep. She felt a bit of a 'poke' on her thigh. 'Maybe it's just a button or zipper from Alex's shorts.' She thought. She breathed slow, closing her eyes and relaxed, her mind went back to the memory of the night before and she felt her stomach flutter. She smiled a sneaky smile to herself. -'Wait. Alex is wearing gym shorts. No zipper or buttons.' Her mind snapped and her eyes shot open again. She looked around subtly and made sure the girls were still asleep. Then focused her gaze towards Alex. He was breathing deep and slow, still sound asleep. She ran her hand down herself towards her thigh, she kept watch on Alex as to not disturb him. She got down to where his crotch was pushed up against her. The back of her hand brushed his lower stomach. She froze momentarily as he shifted a bit in his sleep. She slowly inched herself away to make a bit of space between them. She let out a soft breath as her curious erotic ambitions took over. She let out another breath, it was more of a moan. She moved her hand down and lightly felt the front of Alex's loose shorts. She felt what was 'poking' her. His small member was stiff and pointing straight out, tenting his shorts, previously tight against her thigh. She only brushed the tip with her knuckle, but she knew what it was and her body tingled all over. She swallowed and tried to get a better feel of his little stiff shaft. She traced the tent with her fingers. Lightly at first, and applied more pressure as she felt she could without waking him. He was very hard. His little pecker was skinny, but she was surprised at the length. She must have been moving too much or using too much pressure as Alex began to stir awake. She stopped moving and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. But she kept her hand against his stiff member. Alex let out a soft awakening moan, she felt him adjust his position and he seemed to push his groin against her more, then relaxed. She stayed still. He pressed again, she heard a very soft gasp escape him. He did this a few times before Aly couldn't help but push her hand back a bit more to feel more of him, meeting his small thrusts. This startled him and he slowly backed off and sat up slightly. Aly took this as a sign that she should 'wake up' too. She blinked and pretended as if she was just waking up. She looked up as Alex was smiling down at her.

"Good morning." Aly said in a tender voice.

"Is it morning?" Alex asked, as it was still dark out.

"I think so." Aly answered softly as she uncovered and crawled to the end of the mattress, wiggling her bum and she climbed over the blankets and pillows. She stood slowly and checked the time.

"Yeah it is. We actually even slept in a bit today." Aly said a bit louder. The other girls started to stir aswell from the sound of Aly's voice. Aly looked out the window.

"Looks like today isn't very promising for weather." She said, then turned back to the kids. Becca unraveled herself from the blanket she was in. Suzy and Erin giggled and continued to hug and cuddle under the blanket. Alex 'rearranged' himself and stood up.

"Uh, did I take your blanket?" Becca asked as she looked at the blanket she had just uncovered herself with, and saw hers off to the side.

"Yeah, we shared for a bit, but you seemed to roll up in it so I shared with Aly." Alex answered.

"Oh.. oops... sorry." Becca said.

"It's ok." Alex answered cheerfully.

"Ok, well we should get up and rush a bit, or we'll be late for breakfast." Aly announced. Becca stretched and stood. Erin and Suzy let out a groan, transitioning to giggles, and slowly uncovered, revealing their nakedness.

"I slept really good." Suzy said as she stretched.

"Told you! Sleeping naked is so much better!" Erin giggled.

"Yeah, it was also nice cuddling... except you kick in your sleep!" Suzy said and tossed a pillow at Erin. Erin laughed back and shrugged. She turned and wiggled her bare bum and scurried over to get dressed. Everyone got dressed in the open, except Alex, who struggled to change under a blanket. Aly felt bad as she watched Alex struggle, now that Aly knew why. She thought again about maybe telling the group. But then they may get even more distracted or ashamed of their own nudity. Aly thought it would be best to think about that later. The group finally dressed and rushed to the bathroom quickly before heading to the cafeteria. It was gloomy skies and lightly raining. They were a bit wet when the arrived but not soaked. Shianne was already seated, waiting and watching for Aly and the girls.

"Hey! Took you long enough!" Shianne groaned sarcastically as they approached.

"We slept in a bit." Becca replied, slightly out of breath.

"Late night?" Shianne asked, winking at Aly. None of the girls noticed, and Aly just brushed it off as if to say 'If only you knew.'

"The storm made us sleep more I guess." Erin added, trying to sound intelligent.

The group got their breakfast and began to eat. Aly sat beside Shianne. She leaned over and very quietly whispered to Shianne.

"So, I did it last night." She whispered.

"Did what?" Shianne asked, in her own quiet tone.

"You know... what we talked about yesterday?" Aly said with a coy smile.

Shianne let out a small gasp, she smiled proudly.

"You did?" Shianne asked excitedly.

Aly nodded with her own smile.

"I just couldn't wait any longer, after all that's happened." Aly added.

Shianne pumped her eyebrows.

"Would've loved to watch." Shianne said sneakily, biting her lip seductively, but with a childish smile.

Aly just laughed the sexual tension off and lightly nudged Shianne.

The group finished their breakfast and ran back to the cabin. Shianne's eyes widened when she saw how the beds were arranged. She went over and whispered to Aly.

"You, y'know.. rubbed one out with the beds like this?!" She asked, sounding surprised. Aly nodded shyly with a smile.

"Now that's hot, I really wish I was here for that." Shianne admitted with a smile.

"Here for what?" Suzy's voice broke their private conversation. Aly froze.

"Oh, umm, just for the slumber party you girls had, looks like it was fun all in one big bed." Shianne said, saving the situation from escalating. Aly breathed a sigh of relief. Shianne went and sprawled out on the bed and the girls played pile on. While the girls played on the bed, Alex came and pulled Aly aside.

"Are you going to tell Shianne our secret today?" Alex asked.

"I don't have to, we can wait if you want." Aly answered back kindly.

"No it's ok. I want her to know too. But can you tell her?" Alex asked. Aly was surprised that he wanted her to share the information so soon. But Aly agreed. She checked the schedule and saw that they were in the craft cabin.

"Well at least we will be out of the rain this morning." Aly said to the group. And the group went to the craft cabin. They made necklaces and bracelets. While the kids were crafting Aly stood off to the side with Shianne.

"I have" Aly said softly.

"News?" Shianne asked.

"I guess more of a...revelation. " Aly replied cautiously.

"Oh?" Shianne added simply.

"Yeah... but you have to promise to keep it a secret. It could potentially get us in trouble." Aly said somewhat sternly.

"Mmm..." Shianne let out a moan.

"I like those kind of secrets." She added, while raising her eyebrows and smiled sexily.

"Not like that." Aly said back, Shianne's smile faded.

"Well maybe kinda like that." Aly added, Shianne smiled again, a bit more confused looking.

"Out with it then girl." Shianne probed.

Aly took a deep breath.

"It's about the girls." Aly started.

"Did they catch you masturbating?" Shianne gasped a bit loud for a whisper. Aly shushed her.

"No. Well almost, but that's not what I'm getting at." Aly stumbled out, hushed.

"Then what about the girls?" Shianne asked, quieting her voice.

"Well maybe not 'girls'". Aly said.

Shianne blinked and gave Aly a frustrated look.

Aly took a deep breath.

"Alex is a boy." Aly outed with a quiet huff.

"What?!" Shianne asked quite loudly.

"Shh!" Aly responded.

"Sorry...what?" Shianne answered back in a forced whisper.

"Alex's parents couldn't afford the boys camp. So Alex is 'pretending' to be a girl so she - ahem, 'he' could come to camp." Aly explained.

"Wow....umm... well... that explains a lot." Shianne thought aloud.

"I know. But he wanted me to tell you. He also wants to tell the others, but I told him we should keep it quiet until the right time arises. If ever." Aly continued.

Shianne choked a giggle.

"Right time, or right 'thing' arises? She huffed an excited giggle.

Aly looked back sternly but cracked a smile.

"What? He must have some sort of 'arising issue' being surrounded in nude prancing girls all the time." Shianne tried to justify her joke.

"I guess it would be 'hard' for him." Aly giggled but then felt guilty as she joked about Alex's difficulties.

"Hmmm... well how did you find out?" Shianne asked.

"I gave him the new swimsuit we bought and he went on about how it 'wouldn't fit'... And one thing lead to another and-" Aly trailed off.

"And what?" Shianne pried.

"Well... he ended up naked." Aly said, biting her lip as she revealed the secret.

"You saw him naked?" Shianne gasped.

"Then what happened?" She added, enthused.

"Nothing.. well nothing much.." Aly said.

"What do you mean nothing much?" Shianne asked with a smirk.

"Well I 'helped' him put on his new bathing suit.." Aly admitted.

"Oh..." Shianne said wide-eyed.

"I'm finished!" Alex's voice echoed and he approached Aly and Shianne. They were slightly startled by his approach. He held up a few beaded necklaces.

"I made you each one." He said, handing both Aly and Shianne a necklace.

"Awe, that's so sweet. Thank you." Aly replied kindly. Shianne just smiled goofily at Alex. Aly rolled her eyes at the awkwardness of Shianne. She looked at the time and told the group they had some freetime before lunch. The group walked out of the craft cabin to see yet more rain coming down. The group rushed back to their cabin and tried to decide what to do. The girls looked out the windows with frowns, disliking the weather conditions. Shianne whispered something in Aly's ear.

"Good idea!" Aly replied.

"Ok girls, we have a surprise for you. And a potentially fun activity." Aly announced. The kids all turned and looked at Aly. Aly walked over to her suitcase and pulled out a couple shopping bags.

"Now, Alex already got her surprise, but we got a surprise for all of you too." Aly explained to the girls, and followed up by pulling out one of the bathing suit sets.

"Shianne and I got you girls all matching bathing suits!" Aly exclaimed excitedly. The girls all beamed with joy as they saw the suit Aly held up. They cheered and thanked Aly and Shianne with hugs. They all retrieved their new suits and admired them.

"Ugh, I wish we could use them, but stupid rain!" Becca grumbled and pouted. The other's smiles transitioned to frowns as well, as they processed the current weather situation.

"Well here's the deal! You can put on your suits and we can play outside in the rain." Aly suggested energetically.

The girls contemplated the idea.

"That sounds like it could be fun." Erin answered.

"We could practice our cheers?" Becca added a bit more excitedly.

"Yeah! And now we even have matching outfits!" Suzy beamed.

The group psyched themselves up and started to disrobe and dress in their suits.

Alex struggled underneath his blanket.

"Umm. I think I need help." Alex mumbled quietly towards Aly and Shianne, who watched the girls converse and dress themselves.

"Oo! I can help you!" Shianne answered back, overly excited sounding.

"Umm..." Alex shyly cowered, looking up at Aly.

Aly smiled and nodded at Alex. She crouched down beside him,

"She knows our secret now, but I can help you if you prefer." Aly whispered kindly.

Alex smiled proudly.

"Shianne can help!" He said as he relaxed and almost looked excited that someone else knew.

Shianne jumped in happily and half crawled under the blanket.

"Whoa! Excited much?" Aly gasped towards Shianne who just smiled up broadly at Aly, Shianne cuddled in close to Alex and they both wiggled and giggled. Aly stood back up and turned to the others as they modeled their suits for each other. The giggles and movement behind Aly caused a distraction and Aly had to say something to hold the others' attention.

"Ok girls, one rule though. If you see any lightening or hear any thunder, we have to come back inside. Ok?" She announced and expected a response as the girls focused on her. They all nodded and agreed.

"Done!" Alex said from behind Aly and he rushed back over with the others and they looked each other up and down. Shianne stepped in close beside Aly, sounding short on breath.

"That was fun!" Shianne whispered, exasperated.

"Are you that desperate and horny?" Aly snickered back.

"Call it what you will." Shianne shrugged.

"Oh you." Aly rolled her eyes and huffed a laugh.

"Maybe I wouldn't be so 'desperate' if you would just put out." Shianne nudged Aly with a sneaky laugh.

Aly shuddered as tingles ran down her spine ending between her legs.

"Put out what?" Suzy's voice beckoned, as the kids all turned towards Aly and Shianne.

There was a moment of silence.

"The fire within my loins!" Shianne announced loudly.

Aly's eyes widened and her stomach fluttered. She flushed red and froze in shock of Shianne's abrupt response.

"Huh?" Erin groaned, looking quite confused. Aly's shock subsided as she saw the kids' blank stares.

"Nothing, just boring adult stuff." Aly tried to brush off having to explain or open up for more discussion.

"Is that like when you're hoo-ha gets warm and tingly sometimes when you see naked people?" Becca asked in a childish, yet blunt way.

All eyes turned to Becca, then back to Aly and Shianne. Aly swallowed hard.

"In a way, yes." Shianne answered the girls.

"It means you're body is ready for S-E-X." Becca said more confidently.

The girls giggled at the 'naughty' talk. Aly felt nervous and slightly guilty about the conversation.

"That doesn't sound like 'boring' adult stuff." Suzy added, causing more giggles.

"Yeah! I like that feeling." Erin said matter-of-factly.

Aly stirred uncomfortably and cleared her throat.

"Look, they're young and learning. This should be a safe environment to talk about certain things. Otherwise they may learn it from the wrong sources." Shianne said, directed at Aly, sensing her discomfort. Aly was surprised by Shianne's mature answer, it calmed her down some, reminding her of her own camp experiences.

"I guess you're right." Aly admitted.

"Ok girls, we want you to be comfortable to ask us questions, but it will have to be later. We should get outside and play while we still can." Aly concluded.

The girls beamed and smiled, while blushing.

They all went outside and Aly and Shianne followed, still wearing their clothes. The kids played, skipped and rolled around in a field. Aly and Shianne stood under a tree, watching the kids.

"So... are we really going to have the sex talk with them?" Shianne asked.

Aly thought for a moment.

"Uh. I don't know. I don't think we should gather them and sit them down to explain the whole thing. But I think we need to make sure that they know if they have questions, we will answer them honestly." Aly explained.

"I agree." Shianne nodded.

There was a moment of silence.

"I hope they have questions." Shianne added as she thought aloud.

"Me too." Aly admitted with a smile. The two made eye contact for a second and they smiled.

"There's something just... exciting, about their innocence." Shianne hummed.

"Yeah, I kind of miss those days." Aly admitted thoughtfully.

"What do you miss most?" Shainne asked, as they continued to watch the kids play with childish laughter.

"Hmm... probably the slumber parties, and learning and discovering new things." Aly answered.

"What about you?" She added, nudging Shianne.

"I miss the slumber parties too! Especially the games I used to play at them." Shianne answered, nudging Aly back.

"Oh? What games?" Aly asked with a snicker.

"Spin the bottle, doctor, house, twister, truth or dare." Shianne listed off with a slight moan.

"Oh yeah! Remember we bought a truth or dare?" Aly perked up remembering their trip to the mall.

"Just thinking of this is making me excited!" Shianne laughed.

"What kind of 'excited'?" Aly daringly asked, leaning into Shianne.

"Oh...many ways.." Shianne giggled.

The field the kids played in began to get muddy, it was slippery and the kids started to run and slide through the mud. Soon enough they took turns treating a small hill as a muddy slip'n'slide. They started to collide into each other and looked as if they were mud wrestling but laughing hysterically.

"Such dirty girls." Aly laughed as she watched, making sure no one got hurt.

"Them or us?" Shianne giggled and swatted Aly's bum through her wet yoga pants. Aly jolted and laughed.

Then a loud crackle of thunder struck. The wind picked up and it started to rain harder. Everyone jumped a bit.

"Ok girls! We should go inside now!" Aly hollered out to the girls, who's laughter subsided and a few screams echoed from the thunder. They all ran over to Aly and Shianne.

"Oh girls, you are so muddy and wet!" Aly laughed as they hugged her.

"Mmm, wet." Shianne moaned quietly, which got her a stern look from Aly, who eventually cracked a sensual smile.

"That was really fun!" Suzy smiled big.

"Yeah! We played and wrestled and a fire started in my loins!" Erin yelled out, and caused the group to all laugh.

Aly's knees felt weak momentarily. She thought she should say something, but no one else was near and she couldn't help but feel a rush throughout her body.

Another crack of thunder and flash of distant lightning broke the embrace and they all rushed back towards the cabin. When they were almost back to the cabin, Aly changed direction and led the group in a frantic run to the shower room. They all quickly entered the door a few nervous high pitched girly screams echoed. The commotion of about 6 other naked girls blurred in the room.

"Oops!" A nervous voice squeaked. Aly looked towards where it came from, a girl a couple years older than Aly trembled and tried to cover herself as she stood naked surrounded in kids, the same age group as Aly had, all naked.

"Umm, I was just, I, uh...please don't tell Sharyn." The counselor's voice shook in embarrassment.

Aly took a deep breath in.

"I won't." Aly said, trying to calm the older girl down.

"Tell Miss.Sharyn what?" One of the other kids asked, half hugging her councilor as she still looked very embarrassed.

"Umm, you know how I told you counselor's aren't supposed to shower with the kids?" She tried to explain.

"It's really no big deal Selina. Our girls convinced us too!" Shianne spoke up and stepped into view.

"Shianne? Is that you?" Selina, the councilor, asked as she turned and looked towards Shianne, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yeah it is! I haven't seen you in a couple years! I'm a helper this year!" Shianne said excitedly and ran over to hug the older girl. To Aly's surprise, Selina smiled and dropped her attempt of covering her body as she returned the hug to Shianne.

Aly couldn't help herself but take in the features of the older girl, though she was only a few years older than Aly, her body was more matured. Her breasts were larger and her curves more defined. Aly felt a tingle in her lower stomach as she saw more of the girl in her now relaxed state. Aly's eyes traced her smooth body, her bikini tan lines prominent on her hourglass figure.

"Oh! This is Aly." Shianne said and signalled towards Aly, she looked up Selina's body to her eyes.

"This is Selina, she was my councilor here a couple years ago." Shianne explained to Aly's awkward stare.

"Ha, hi, sorry if we are overlapping into your shower time." Selina said, waving and placing her weight onto one leg, her thighs parted comfortably and she relaxed her hand on a hip.

"Oh no, we aren't scheduled, we just got a bit muddy so I wanted the girls to rinse off before we went inside our cabin." Aly said with a smile, trying to keep eye contact and not let her gaze wander Selina's body.

"So I guess I'm not the only one who's group convinced them to shower together." Selina said, relaxing before the larger group.

"HA! Convinced? If I remember correctly, you showered with me as a camper too!" Shianne called her out with a smile.

"Well I was your favourite councilor!" Selina smiled and shrugged, nudging Shianne.

"Girls this age need to see what a real body looks like, imperfections and all." Selina stated matter-of-factly.

"Pfft, imperfections? You're beautiful!" Shianne stated and stood back to unashamedly look at all of Selina's nude form. Aly too, thought she was very attractive. Selina smiled and blushed but didn't cover up as Aly and Shianne gawked.

"Well you are all welcome to join us!" Selina commented.

Erin and Suzy already began to take off their suits and joined the other girls in the showers, giggling and chatting.

"You girls make sure you rinse the mud off you're suits too, you could have just showered in them." Aly said.

Erin and Suzy held up their suits to wash them and Becca and Alex showered in their bathing suits. Aly and Shianne stayed dressed in the centre of the room and Selina joined them, but stayed naked and they chatted while the kids showered.

After a few minutes Aly saw that her group had cleaned off all the mud and were just fooling around with the other girls. Aly looked at the time on the clock that hung in the room.

"Ok girls, we should head back and change quickly and get over for our lunch time." Aly announced.

The girls grumbled at having to say farewell to the new friends, but Aly assured them they could all hang out again soon. Shianne hugged Selina goodbye.

"Bye Aly, nice meeting you! I'd offer, but not sure if you'd want a naked hug." Selina joked.

"Oh! She'd love a naked hug!" Shianne laughed and hip checked Aly towards Selina. Aly hunched shyly, feeling herself blush, she followed her eyes up Selina's body and she felt nervous with the urge to embrace her.

Selina held her arms open and gave Aly a friendly, yet daring, smile.

Aly thought back to the conversation with Shianne about just going with the flow and feelings. She took a breath and went in, she wrapped her arms around Selina's waist and she hugged her back tightly with an audible 'Mmm'. Aly felt her warm body through her wet t shirt. She felt the curve and pressure of her breasts and the poke from her nipples. Aly's crotch tingled and she breathed in the clean, yet wet smell of Selina's hair.

"Awe." Shianne's voice echoed behind her. They ended the hug and bid farewell and everyone ran back to the cabin.

"Everyone get dressed, we have to rush to lunch. And hang up your swimsuits on the the railing outside, hopefully they will dry once the rain stops." Aly said, and the girls started to take off their wet suits, Erin gathered everyone's suits and stepped out the door and hung them up outside, still naked and scurried back inside.

"Hey you. Remember you shouldn't be naked outside the cabin." Aly said, but smiled at Erin's cute response of "Oops, hehe." And a shrug. Aly stifled a laugh and offered Shianne a dry set of her clothes, she agreed and they too started to undress.

Aly took notice of Alex, who had his back to the group and was actually changing out in the open, though he faced away so no one saw his penis.

The girls couldn't help but stop what they were doing and look at the 'new' bare bum before them.

"Cute butt Alex!" Erin said.

"Erin!" Aly snarled, eyeing Erin with her hands on her naked hips.

"What? I'm just trying to be nice. It was a compliment." Erin justified herself with her hands raised. Alex pulled up his underwear and shorts, he turned around and was smiling. Aly breathed a sigh of relief seeing that Erin didn't embarrass Alex. Aly walked over, bent down on one knee and quietly apologized to Erin for getting after her, she explained that she just wasn't sure how Alex would react. Erin smiled unfazed and hugged Aly, almost knocking her over. Her soft body pressed against Aly's bare skin. Her body tingled at the skin on skin contact.

"She does have a nice bum." Erin whispered in Aly's ear and they both giggled and tickled each other before getting up and quickly dressed.

They jogged to the cafeteria, the rain had slowed a bit but it was still pretty dark. The group met Selina's group and had lunch together. Selina's helper was there now, her name was Natasha and her and Shianne actually attended camp together for a few years, so they caught up and reminisced. Aly got to know Selina better. The kids carried on their own small talk.

After lunch, while cleaning up, Sharyn, the camp director came up and asked Aly to come talk to her.

Aly instantly got nervous. 'Did she find out about the showers? Or the muddy play? Or about Alex's secret? Was she in trouble?' She thought and got more nervous as they took a few steps away.

"Is there something wrong?" Aly asked nervously.

"No, no, I just have your group scheduled at the beach this afternoon, but the weather won't allow that. Every other group is booked elsewhere. So would your group be ok getting some board games and play in the cafeteria or in your cabin?" Sharyn asked. Aly breathed an obvious sigh of relief.

"Yeah that's no problem at all!" She answered cheerfully.

"Ok good! And we're doing a movie night in the cafeteria, instead of a fire tonight." Sharyn added.

Aly nodded with a smile and went back to the others.

"What's up?" Suzy asked, referring to the talk with Sharyn.

"Well we were scheduled to be at beach this afternoon, but because of the weather we will be staying in and playing some board games at the cabin, but tonight there is a camp wide movie that will be shown here in the cafeteria." Aly tried to sound optimistic.

"Yay! I love board games!" Alex perked up.

"Me too!" The others chimed in. Aly smiled. They finished up and said goodbye to Selina and Natasha's group. And went to a small games room attached to the cafeteria. The kids gathered a few games of interest and quickly went back to their cabin. Shianne said she was going to go grab some things from her cabin and that she'd meet the others at the cabin soon after.

Aly arrived at the cabins with the kids.

"Why don't we put on our pjs and get out of our wet clothes for the games." Aly suggested.

"My pjs are naked." Erin said with a smirk.

"And so are Suzy's now too!" She added with a giggle.

"But I'm a bit cold from the rain." Suzy said with a shiver, as she peeled off her wet clothes.

"Well ok then ya party pooper!" Erin sassed with a giggle. She quickly took off her clothes. Aly noticed she had goosebumps across her body and she shivered a bit too.

"Are you sure you're not chilly? Your goosebumps say you are." Aly laughed.

"Ok, maybe I'm a bit chilly." Erin responded. Now hugging herself, she grabbed her nightgown and pulled it on. Becca sorted through many pairs that she brought.

"Holy! How many pajamas do you need?" Erin laughed, walking over to Becca's dresser.

"I came prepared." Becca smiled with a shrug.

The kids laughed and Aly took notice that Alex changed again out in the open, but with his back towards the group. He pulled up his gym shorts, with no undies, and put on a shirt before turning to face the others.

Becca, Suzy and Erin all wore nightgowns. Becca was the only one who wore panties though.

Aly searched and also chose a nightgown. She disrobed and choose to wear panties with her nightgown.

Soon after everyone was dressed Shianne arrived. She struggled to open the door and awkwardly stumbled in with her arms full. She had a backpack, a small suitcase, a pillow and a blanket.

"Whoa! Talk about coming prepared." Aly laughed at her struggles. The kids all giggled, Shianne just smiled, not understanding the inside joke.

"I talked to Sharyn, and she said I can stay in your guys' cabin!" Shianne said and she plopped her baggage down on Aly's mattress-free bed.

"As long as you all behave yourselves and it was ok with Aly." She added with a huff, as she was out of breath.

"Its ok with me!" Aly added with a smile.

"I knew it would be. That's why I brought my stuff before asking haha!" Shianne laughed.

"Awe dang! I didn't bring a nightgown to match all of you." Shianne grumbled.

"Alex doesn't have one either." Erin said.

"But that's ok!" She quickly added, not wanting to exclude Alex.

"Well usually I sleep au natural, but I guess I can put something on." Shianne laughed, winking at Aly, who blushed and smiled back.

"What's oh natural?" Suzy asked.

"It's AU natural, I think French.. but it means I usually sleep nudey." Shianne answered with a sinister giggle.

"So do I!" Erin hollered wide-eyed.

"And Suzy does too now!" She added with an exaggerated wave to Suzy.

"Best way to sleep!" Shianne stated with a broad smile.

"I agree!" Suzy added quickly.

Everyone watched unashamedly as Shianne got naked before searching her suitcase for a pair of shorts and a tank top. She exaggerated her movements as she dressed slowly, and to Aly's benefit, very sensually.

The kids started to discuss what game to play as they scattered them about on the big floor bed. Shianne quickly shoved her clothes into Becca's dresser and tossed her pillow down on Aly's mattress and sat with the girls.

Throughout much discussion, they decided to play the game of Life.

Erin and Suzy set the game up, distributing the coloured cars to each player.

"Whoever wins gets to choose next game." Becca stated, and the others agreed. They played through the game. Erin made sure to announce that when her character got married that she wanted to marry a girl. Alex played as a girl, but also married a girl. Erin and Alex smiled at each other and highfived. Throughout the game the kids would adjust their sitting positions and show glimpses under their nightgowns. Shianne definitely took notice and would nudge or place her hand or thigh against Aly to acknowledge the flashes. Aly would smile and her tummy would flutter as her and Shianne played the peeking game. The kids continued the game and talked about nothing specific. Alex ended up winning the game. The other girls all shared congratulations, and helped clean up.

"Ok Alex, you won, now you get to choose the next game." Aly said.

The girls all started giving their 'suggestions' to Alex, who listened, but kept shuffling through the pile of games thinking.

"Oh! I almost forgot! We have another game to add to the choices!" Aly jumped up and went and dug through her bags. The kids all watched expectantly and Shianne smiled. Aly retrieved the truth or dare game, that was geared for an older group than theirs, but Aly and Shianne agreed it better suited their group when they bought it at the mall. Aly modeled the game as she brought the box over and added it to the pile of games before Alex. The girls all read it and smiled. They started begging Alex to choose that game. Erin pleaded loudest;

"Oh please, please choose this one!" She then got on her knees. Alex stood up and smiled as all the girls begged before him. He put his hand under his chin and hummed an exaggerated 'Hmmm'. Aly smiled at his outgoing tease.

"Please! I'll do anything!" Erin pleaded, then leapt forward and hugged Alex tightly. But since she was on her knees and Alex was standing, her face pressed tightly against the front of his shorts. Erin nuzzled her face into his crotch as she acted to beg him. Alex blushed and stumbled to keep his footing. Aly's heart skipped a beat at their position, knowing Alex wasn't wearing any underwear and only thin, loose shorts. Shianne stifled a laugh and nudged Aly.

"Okay, okay. We can play truth or dare!" Alex giggled and submitted happily to the girls, especially Erin's, begging. Erin squealed and backed away on her knees, she looked up at Alex.

"Is there something in your shorts?" She asked. Aly could swear she gasped loud enough for everyone to hear. Aly jumped in.

"Erin, could you please move the other games off the bed to make more room?" Aly asked, hoping to steer Erin's attention away.

"Sure!" Erin said, she took one last quizzical glance at Alex's crotch before she excitedly started to move the pile of games. Suzy helped her and Becca unwrapped the new game. Aly sighed a breath of relief.

"That was close." Shianne whispered and giggled in only Aly's earshot.

"Childish distraction for the win." Aly giggled back, feeling excited anticipation for what was to come.

Everyone gathered around in a circle, Alex knelt on his knees, and sat down. Erin and Suzy sat cross legged, not attempting to cover their crotches. Becca laid on her stomach. Aly and Shianne sat beside each other, resting on opposing hips, their shoulders touching.

Becca placed the stack of cards in the centre of the circle, along with an electronic 'spinner'. It was a circle with light up arrows pointing outwards all around a button the read 'SPIN'. Aly explained that a truth answered is worth one point and a dare is worth two. Becca pressed the 'SPIN' button and the arrows lit up going around and around, it slowed down and then beeped, flashing an arrow pointed closest to Suzy.

"Ok Suzy you're up!" Aly said and pulled a card and asked; "Truth or dare?"

"Ummm, dare!" Suzy responded.

"Oo. Starting off with a dare." Shianne applauded her.

Aly read the dare.

"Close your eyes and I will choose one person to tickle your foot, you have to guess who it was. If you guess correctly, you get double points!" Aly read.

"Hehe, ok." Suzy giggled and covered her eyes. She uncrossed her legs and stuck her bare feet out to the centre. All the kids silently pointed at themselves, hoping Aly would choose them. Aly pointed at Becca. She crawled on her stomach closer and reached out and lightly tickled Suzy's feet. Suzy twitched and wiggled as she giggled. Her nightgown hem fluttering giving everyone a clear view of her hairless snatch. After a few moments of laughter, Aly stopped Becca, she sat up and now sat cross legged in the circle.

"Ok Suzy, open your eyes and guess." Aly said. Suzy opened her eyes and looked around at everyone who smiled sneakily at her.

"Umm was it... Shianne?" Suzy guessed.

"Nope! It was me!" Becca cheered proudly.

"Awe darn! I should have known that, you're sitting in a different position now!" Suzy groaned and giggled.

"Ok Suzy, now you press the button." Shianne said. Suzy pressed 'SPIN' and the lights again circled around, ending on Aly.

"Ooo.. Aly!" Shianne and the kids mocked. Shianne got a card and asked; "Truth or dare?".

"Um. Truth." Aly answered, with boos and chicken sounds coming from the others.

"Ok, ok, for one measly point; Have you ever made out with someone?" Shianne asked and rolled her eyes.

"Uh, yes." Aly answered without hesitation.

"How many?" Becca asked.

"Wasn't part of the question." Aly laughed back, Becca stuck her tongue out but then giggled. Aly pressed the 'SPIN' button.

It landed on Becca.

"Truth or dare?" Shianne asked as she drew a card.

"Can I read this one?" Erin asked.

"Sure!" Shianne responded and handed her a card.

"Dare!" Becca hollered.

"Dare to dance for all of us for three minutes." Erin read and smiled at Becca. Becca took a deep breath in and stood up. Aly waited for the clock's second hand to reach the 12 and said "Go!". Becca started by just rocking back and forth sporadically. Her hips went back and fourth and her nightgown swayed quickly.

"You can dance better than that!" Suzy jeered.

Becca slowed and added a bit of a circle motion with her hips, she shrugged and laughed as she continued her movements.

"Do a adult girl dance." Erin cheered.

"Like my sister?" Becca asked as she slowed her movements down.

"How does your sister dance?" Shianne asked.

"Like this." Becca replied and started to sway and thrust her hips with big slow movements. She ran her hands through her hair, messing it up so it hung over her face and she bent her knees, stuck her bum out and started to gyrate and bounce. She 'cooed', 'Ooo'd' and moaned as she twisted around. Aly's eyes transitioned from watching the clock to the girl's very seductive dance. She could hear Shianne moan under her breath. The kids cheered and clapped. Becca then ran her hands up and down her sides, as she brought her hands up, she purposefully raised her nightgown with her, her maroon panties peeking out. She twisted around, facing away from the circle and dropped to her hands and knees she stuck her butt up in the air, her nightgown around her waist. Her cheeky undies showing as she attempted to twerk, but she was young and inexperienced so she looked more like a dog trying to scratch an itch. This caused the group to giggle a bit. Becca stood back up and swayed again.

"Has it been three minutes yet?" She asked as she breathed deep from her dance. Aly blinked quickly and looked back at the clock, she lost track of time so she just counted down from 5, she looked back at Becca's finale. She caressed her hands up her body and grabbed her small budding breasts through the thin silky material. She exhaled "Ahh.." as she finished with Aly's countdown. The kids all applauded her. She bowed cutely.

"Where'd you learn how to dance like that?" Erin asked loudly.

"I saw my sister dancing for her computer when she was video chatting her boyfriend, except..." she trailed off.

"Except what?" Suzy asked.

"Except my sister took her clothes off as she danced." Becca concluded. The response was a mixture of gasps and giggles.

Becca hit the 'SPIN' button. It ended on Shianne.

"I'll read this one!" Suzy grabbed a card. "Truth or Dare Shianne?" She asked.

"Dare." Shianne spoke with little hesitation.

"Umm.. this cards blank." Suzy said with a confused look.

"Oh! That's a wild card. That means you get to make up your own dare." Becca stated.

"Oh!" Suzy said happily and made a face of deep thought and laughed manically.

"Haha, give me you're best, I 'dare' you!" Shianne laughed.

"Oh?!" Suzy sneered with a smile.

"I dare you... to.." Suzy thought aloud.

"Do three somersaults outside." She concluded.

"That's the best you could think of?" Erin teased.

"What? I don't know. I couldn't think of anything under pressure." Suzy giggled.

"Ok. Well here I go!" Shianne announced and quickly ran outside. Everyone else communed by a window. Shianne waved at them from outside once she was in view, and did three consecutive somersaults, the last one was a bit shakey and she rolled right into a large puddle. Everyone inside laughed loudly so Shianne could hear, she stood up and shook of the excess water, before jogging inside.

"Ah! I'm soaking wet!" Shianne laughed as she entered the cabin. The kids all laughed.

"These are my only pjs!" Shianne laughed out.

"I don't think any of Becca's spares will fit you." Erin laughed.

"Well I guess a shirt and panties will do!" Shianne said, as she again got naked and searched through her clothes that were stuffed into the dresser. She got a t shirt and a pair of thong panties, and slowly dressed.

Shianne then scurried back to her place in the circle and pressed 'SPIN'. It ended on Suzy again.

"Awe, no fair, she's getting all the points." Erin groaned.

"Well it all depends on the spinner. Let's just not keep score and play until we want to stop." Shianne suggested, and the kids agreed.

"I'll do truth this time." Suzy said. Aly got a card.

"Who is your celebrity crush?" She read out.

"BEN HAGGARD!" Suzy responded quickly. Aly rolled her eyes at her answer, just another teen pop singer that it seemed like all little girls loved. Suzy hit 'SPIN', and it landed on Alex.

Suzy grabbed a card.

"Truth or Dare?" Suzy asked.

"Ummm.... dare." Alex replied. Everyone seemed shocked that she choose dare over truth.

"Dare to kiss someone in group." Suzy read aloud. Most everyone gasped, Shianne seemed to squeak.

"Who?" Alex calmly responded.

"Ummm. Erin! Because both of you choose a girl to marry in the game of Life." Suzy replied, adding reason to her choice. The girls giggled and Erin crept closer to Alex.

Aly smiled and watched, she felt a guilty pleasure surge throughout her.

"Woohoo!" Shianne cheered.

Both Erin and Alex leaned close and pecked a kiss on the lips, eyes opened and it quickly ended.

"Awe c'mon! Do a better kiss than that!" Suzy razzed.

Aly was about to put an end to it, even though she didn't want to but Alex shrugged and leaned in again. Both Erin and Alex closed their eyes and kissed again. This kiss lingered longer. Erin rested her hands on Alex's thighs. She arched her back, and pressed against him.

The two let out small moans in the silence of the room. Then Shianne 'wolf whistled' and the two broke contact. They smiled at each other and the others giggled and applauded. Erin backed away slowly, she crawled back to her place in the circle.

"These cards are getting better." Becca said, causing the group to giggle. Alex pressed 'SPIN' and it spun around and landed on Suzy again.

"Ugh, this spinner is in love with Suzy!" Erin grumbled.

"Stupid spinner." Erin added, crossing her arms and attempting to pout.

"Can we just not use the spinner and go in a circle?" Suzy asked.

"That's sounds more fair." Aly answered and put the spinner back in the box.

"How about Erin gets a turn and then we will go around the circle." Aly stated. The girls agreed. Erin uncrossed her arms and smiled.

"Truth or dare?" Aly asked Erin.

"Uh, duh! Dare!" Erin sassed and giggled.

"Dare to change clothes with the person on your left." Aly read. She let out a small huff as Erin and Suzy stood quickly and exchanged nightgowns.

The group went around the circle a couple times, Erin to Suzy to Becca to Aly to Shianne to Alex and back to Erin. None of the truths or dares seemed to be too risqué compared to the others.

"Can we just make up our own truths and dares now?" Erin asked as her turn came back around. Aly looked from eyes to eyes and nodded.

"If that's ok with everyone." Aly stated, everyone agreed.

"And every turn you should have to do a truth AND dare." Becca added. And they all agreed to that as well.

"Ok Erin, who do you want to ask your truth?" Aly asked.

"Shainne!" Erin said quickly.

"Ha! Ok. Hmm... have you ever been skinny dipping?" Shianne asked with a smirk.

"Umm no." Erin answered. This surprised the group.

"But I've always wanted to!" She quickly added.

"Of course you would!" Suzy laughed out.

"Can I go skinny dipping for my dare?!" Erin asked excitedly.

"Haha! Not right now. Dares should stay inside our cabin for now." Aly laughed.

"Oh darn!" Erin mockingly frowned.

"You wouldn't need to be dared to do that!" Alex chimed in, which caused the group to nod and giggle in agreement. Erin just shrugged exaggeratedly.

"Ok, dare me to do something Becca!" Erin changed the subject, and called out Becca to dare her. She wiggled her bottom as she sat. It was a cute scene.

"I dare you to... ummm... let everyone raspberry you!" Becca answered with a smirk.

"A what?!" Erin asked with a scrunched face.

"You know, when you blow on someone's tummy, it sounds like a fart!" Suzy explained and laughed.

"Ooohhhh! My mom calls that a bubble kiss." Erin answered back.

"And they tickle! But ok! A dare is a dare!" Erin giggled and tentatively crawled to the centre of the circle and laid on her back on the mattress.

"You have to pull up your nightgown so we can see your tummy." Becca instructed.

"Hehe, ok." Erin giggled and slowly pulled up her gown. She acted slow in nervous anticipation of the upcoming tickles.

Aly looked up and down Erin's petite body. Her legs squeezed together, her smooth legs trailed up to her puffy mound, her tummy clenched as she breathed quickly. Her arms snug against her sides as she held onto her nightgown that was ruffled up. She held it tight upon her chest. Her eyes shifted around the room and her smile never faded.

"Who's first?" She asked.

"I'll go first." Becca replied and crawled up to her side.

"Eek!" Erin squealed as Becca took a deep breath, diving down and blowing as best as her small lungs could, just above Erin's belly button. Erin giggled and twitched beneath Becca's muffled blowing. Becca moved back away and inhaled. She wiped her mouth off.

"Who's next?" Becca asked as she stared down at Erin.

"Me!" Suzy yelped and quickly scurried in close. She relaxed her forearms on Erin's upper stomach and mid thigh. Suzy took a deep breath in and blew just below Erin's navel this time, with her weight upon Erin. Erin moved and wiggled under Suzy's restraint. Suzy's mouth shifted a bit on Erin's lower stomach, Suzy took another quick breath and went back down to blow again. Erin laughed and twitched and through her movements, jolted a bit and Suzy's mouth planted upon Erin's smooth mound. Suzy had her eyes closed and didn't realize and kept blowing. Erin wiggled more, Suzy's mouth shifted around. Suzy soon emptied her lungs and opened her eyes and sat up.

"Ah! I almost kissed your cooter!" Suzy exclaimed, whilst catching her breath. Erin just smiled broadly and exaggerated a shrug. Suzy smiled and stifled a laugh before backing away.

"Me next!" Shianne jumped in and snicked at Erin. Erin squealed again as Shianne approached and 'bubble kissed' all over Erin's tummy. She did small quick blows and made her way all around Erin's belly button, Erin twitched and Shianne came pretty close to where Suzy had finished. Aly stared at Shianne's bum as she wiggled it throughout her efforts. Her thong disappeared into her tight crease and Aly licked her lips and breathed small moans as she was drawn to the girl's exposed cheeks and barely covered pussy. Aly swallowed hard as Shianne finished her turn and sat back down, sheltering Aly's view.

"Can I go next?" Alex asked to no one specific.

"Go for it!" Shianne cheered Alex on. He crawled over and kept eye contact with Erin. Once he arrived to her side he looked her body up and down a few times. Aly couldn't tell if Erin was blushing or if her face was flush from her laughter. But she had dreamy eyes as she watched Alex eye her up and down. Alex rested on his hands and knees, and took a deep breath then he plastered his lips and open mouth below Erin's belly button and wiggled his face side to side as he blew, making a loud sound. Erin wiggled and giggled, she tried to stay still but she couldn't and bucked her hips. Her leg bumped Alex's arm and he fell forward, without the support. His face slid down Erin's body and he face planted between her legs. His blow was just ending and he rolled to the side. Erin and Alex laughed outloud and the others cheered.

"Oo, baby." Shianne moaned out and made eye contact with Aly before joining in the laughter.

"Aly your turn now." Becca added as the laughter subsided. Aly crawled over and took her time to look up and down Erin. Her belly and mound glistened with saliva.

"Ha! You're all wet!" Aly laughed. The kids responded with laughter and Shianne, who was near Aly, leaned in.

"Mmm, me too." She whispered in Aly's ear. Aly's stomach fluttered as she looked over at Shianne. Shianne smiled and winked at her. She patted Aly on her bum as she continued her crawl and arrived beside Erin.

"It's just slobber, it's no different from making out with someone." Erin sassed and the group laughed.

Aly playfully stuck her tongue out at Erin who replied by doing the same. Aly smiled and looked back down. Erin now had her legs parted slightly where she lay, Aly placed her right hand on the mattress between Erin's open thighs and propped herself up, she leaned over Erin's body and planted her raspberry on Erin's opposing side. This was a very ticklish spot and Erin twitched and convulsed beneath Aly. Erin shifted and shook, her crotch gently bumping Aly's forearm. Aly loved the feeling of the naked body wiggling beneath her, but soon enough, she was out of breath and sat up. Erin huffed her breathing and relaxed beneath Aly. Aly backed away and sat in the circle, leaving Erin sprawled out, mostly naked, breathing heavily in the centre as the group surrounded her.

"Urgh." Erin exhaled exhausted and rolled over and crawled back to her place, her gown unraveled and draped back over her slim figure. She sat back in the circle and huffed in completion.

"My turn!" Suzy broke the silence.

All eyes went to her.

"Umm. Alex! Ask me a truth!" Suzy said.

"Hm. Where is your most ticklish spot?" Alex asked.

"Hmm. That's a tough one." Suzy thought aloud.

"Oh c'mon. I tickled you last night! You're very ticklish." Erin stated.

"I know I am! But I'm trying to think of my MOST ticklish spot!" Suzy laughed.

"Umm, probably my sides or..." Suzy added then trailed off.

"Or where?" Becca pryed.

"Ummm... between my legs... like between my cooter and my bum." She answered shyly, followed by a giggle.

"Ooo! I'll have to see what place is the most ticklish later!" Erin laughed out loud and teased Suzy, who just giggled back at her.

"Is that my dare?" Suzy asked Erin.

"No, that's just fun later. Do you want me to think of a dare?" Erin replied.

"Go ahead." Suzy said.

"Hm. I dare you... to... um..." Erin thought aloud.

"Do a headstand for 2 whole minutes." Erin said.

"Oh that's easy!" Suzy smiled and walked over to the edge of the room, so she wasn't on the mattress. She placed a pillow down and rested her forearms on the floor. She placed her head down on the pillow, it took a few jumps but she finally got vertical, she held herself up with a slight lean to a bunk bed frame. .

"Time starts now!" Erin said. Suzy's nightgown fell and her body came into view, the gown gracefully fell and covered Suzy's face.

"Oh darn!" Suzy laughed out as her face was now covered and her body was on display for the onlookers she could no longer see. The kids laughed and giggled at the funny sight.

"Haha! I knew that would happen!" Erin cheered and laughed.

The group made comments about how good Suzy was at doing her headstand. Suzy showed off, waving her legs around and doing the splits upside down. Her sporty curves looked so sexy. Her muscular legs and bum flexed with her movements.

"That's so hot. Wish I could do that!" Shianne whispered to Aly.

"Me too!" Aly responded.

"Wish I could or you could?" Shianne said and nudged Aly.

"Maybe both." Aly answered back without thinking. She bit her bottom lip at her honesty but felt a surge of sexual pleasure course throughout her.

"Mmm." Shianne moaned back, inhaling sensually.

"How much longer?!" Suzy asked, muffled from behind the clothes in her face. Her body was shaking slightly.

"Like 15 more seconds." Erin answered.

"You can do it!" Becca cheered her on.

Erin stood up quietly and signalled to everyone a 'Shhh'. She tip toed over to Suzy, trying not to creak on the wood floor. She turned and gave the group one last smile before reaching out and tickling Suzy right on her perineum. Her fingers brushed her pussy lips and the start of her bum cheeks. Suzy wiggled and giggled her balance unsteady. Erin gripped one of Suzy's legs and held her upright as best she could as she 'tickled' her. Aly's eyes widened and her own pussy tingled at the sight. Shianne audibly gasped and moaned. Suzy then came crashing down and Erin tumbled with her. They laughed and the group joined in.

"You are really ticklish there!" Erin stated through laughter.

"See! I told you!" Suzy laughed back.

"Did I make it two minutes?" Suzy asked as she untangled herself from Erin.

"Close enough." Erin giggled and they rejoined the circle.

"Oh man. This game is getting interesting." Shianne whisper moaned and nudged Aly again.

"Mmhmm." Was the response she got, as Aly was still in shock but loving it.

"Becca, you're next." Suzy said, unfazed.

"Ok. Shianne, ask me a truth." Becca replied.

Shianne was caught up in the sights and cleared her throat before answering.

"Hm. Have you ever. Seen a naked boy?" Shianne asked with her eyebrow raised. The kids reacted with 'Oos'.

"Yes I have." Becca stated proudly.

The group gasped and giggled.

"Who?" Erin added quickly.

"That wasn't part of the question, but if you must know. My sister's boyfriend." Becca stated.

"How?" Suzy asked. Becca knew that her truth was done but she added more depth, she liked the responses she was receiving.

"My sister showed me pictures on her phone." Becca answered.

"Well that shouldn't count. It was only pictures, not real life." Erin opposed.

"It was real life." Becca sassed back.

"I mean not in person." Erin answered back.

"Well fine. I also have seen a naked boy in person." Becca added and crossed her arms to prove her point.

"Who?" Suzy asked again.

"My dad." Becca said, a bit less proud.

"Now that counts! Did he know?" Erin asked. Becca smiled.

"Yeah. I've seen him change his clothes and while he was in shower. He didn't seem to mind." Becca explained.

"So you would go to a naked beach with your parents." Suzy said, half questioning, half stating.

Becca just blushed and shrugged.

"Ok! Dare time!" Erin said excitedly.

"Ok. Um. Alex! Give me a dare!" Becca said and eyed Alex.

"Hmm. Ok! I dare you to dance like your sister." Alex answered shyly.

"I already did that." Becca answered back.

"No. Like your sister does." Alex added even more shyly and blushed.

"She means naked!" Erin beamed.

Alex blushed more and nodded with a smile.

"Ok." Becca agreed and giggled. She stood up and started to sway her hips again, like she did before. She slowly turned in a circle and ran her hands up and down her body, she pulled her nightgown up and down, flashing her panties. She turned again and slowly pulled down her panties. She almost tripped as she tried to dance out of them. She giggled. She continued to sway and continued to pull her nightgown up and down.

Aly watched without blinking and her pussy tingled with the seducing strip tease. She felt urged to act on her sexual cravings, but held off. Then Shianne gripped Aly's thigh. Shianne squeezed and caressed Aly's bare leg. She edged closer up to Aly's snatch and Aly didn't stop her. She could hear Shianne moaning under her breath as she kneaded Aly's thigh.

Becca twirled in a circle and pulled up her nightgown, and in one fluent movement she tossed her nightgown off to the side. She closed her eyes and messed her hair up as she swayed her hips, free of clothing. She bent her knees and dipped low and back up. She ran her hands up and down her exposed skin. And completed her dance. She bowed to the applause of the group. She threw her gown back on but chose to not put her panties back on.

Shianne kept her hand on Aly's thigh for a moment, and then quickly cupped her hand and brushed Aly's panty covered pussy, with enough pressure to cause Aly to shudder. Shianne smiled and placed her hand back on Aly's thigh.

"Aly, you're turn." Becca said as she returned to the circle.

"Ok. Hmm. Shianne? Give me a truth." Aly responded. She wasn't sure why she didn't ask one of the kids. Maybe she subconsciously thought Shianne would ask a good truth. Also with Shianne touching her, she was the only one Aly was currently thinking of.

"Hm. What's a recent regret you have?" Shianne asked. Aly was shocked by the insightful question, but Aly's mind was flooded with small regrets, most though were too sexual to share. After a few moments Aly conjured up an answer.

"Umm. I guess back when we saw Selina and her group in the shower. I, uh.. hugged Selina goodbye, I uh..." Aly second guessed her answer and tripped over her words.

"You regret hugging her?" Shianne asked sounding saddened.

"Oh, no, well.. Not exactly." Aly stammered. The group looked at her confused.

"I mean, she was nude and I was, ahem, clothed." Aly mumbled.

"You are upset you hugged a naked girl?" Erin asked, sounding shocked.

"No. I guess I just kinda wished... I was naked too." Aly finally blurted out.

"Ooo! Naked hugs!" Suzy cheered excitedly.

"Naked hugs are the best!" Erin shouted.

"I agree!" Shianne added and smiled at the group and Aly.

"Well maybe you will get another chance." Becca added hopefully. Aly's stomach fluttered at the thought.

"Can I ask the dare? I thought of a good one!" Suzy asked quickly.

"Um, yeah, I guess." Aly answered back, in her state of sexually fueled confusion.

"I dare you to naked hug Shianne!" Suzy stated boldly.

"Mm. That is a good one." Shianne whispered. But the others over heard and giggled.

"Umm." Aly said while looking at their expectant faces then to Shianne's smile.

"C'mon! You know you want to! I do too!" Shianne said and smiled sensually. She jumped to her feet and stripped down quickly. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at Aly. Aly smiled coyly at the group and stood up. She stripped off her clothes and stepped close to Shianne. She closed her eyes as she reached open armed towards Shianne. Shianne responded by leaning in and wrapping her arms around Aly. Once they had embraced each other, Aly realized she wasn't too close to Shianne and they both awkwardly leaned in to hug. Their chests were close but there was a significant gap between their hips and waists. Shianne nudged a step closer and Aly stepped in even more. Their lower stomachs and waists made contact and they tightened their hug. They gently squeezed each others soft nude bodies. Shianne exhaled a small closed mouth moan in Aly's ear. Aly responded with a moan of her own. Her body was warm and surges of heightened tingles coursed throughout her body, ending between her legs. She felt herself moisten and her pussy felt like it was twitching. Every feeling seemed more intensified, from deep within her, out to her nerve endings and exited at the skin on skin contact. Every breath Shianne took in and out was felt through Aly's chest. Shianne slowly started to run her hands up and down Aly's back, and Aly responded by mimicking the action. Their touch going lower and lower every move. Until they both made contact with each others upper bum cheeks. They moved a bit lower and mirrored each other's touch. They gave each other's pert bottoms a quick squeeze before stepping a half step back and ending the hug. They opened their eyes and looked into the opposing gaze. They smiled sensually and Shianne bit her lower lip lightly.

The sounds of their surroundings slowly came back to reality and they glanced around and peripherally saw many other eyes upon them. Aly felt an electric shock travel up her spine. She had goosebumps. She felt a thrill from the contact and the display. She swallowed and accepted the exhibitionist accomplishment. Aly knew then and there that she wanted more from Shianne. She smiled to herself as her mind raced with inevitable possibilities.

The mood was then lightened as the kids clapped and applauded the completion of her 'dare'. Aly sat back down in the circle lost in thought and within her obliviousness, forgot to get dressed again.

"Are you staying naked?" Erin asked.

"Oh, oops, I totally forgot." Aly stumbled a creaky voiced response.

"I'm not complaining." Shianne said in a sultry tone.

"Me neither." Erin added with a cute innocence.

Both Shianne and Aly dressed, reluctantly. Aly opted to not put her panties back on.

"Ok Shianne, you're turn!" Becca brought the duo back into 'the game'.

"Ok. Becca, why don't you ask me a truth." Shianne replied as she sat in the circle, almost cuddling Aly.

"Have you ever had..." Becca started to ask.

"S-E-X?" She finished in a whisper.

Aly coughed out and cleared her throat in anticipation of how Shianne will answer.

"With a boy or a girl?" Shianne asked back without skipping a beat.

"Girls can't have sex with other girls." Suzy stated quickly and loudly.

"Actually, yes they can." Shianne calmly responded.

"Don't boys have to stick their, you know, wiener, in a girl to have sex?" Erin followed up.

"That's one way, but there are many different ways for people to have sex. Boys with girls, girls with girls and even boys with other boys." Shianne said teacherly.

"That's weird." Erin said, scrunching her face.

"But kind of interesting." She added with a hopeful grin.

"But you need a boy and a girl to make a baby." Suzy stated.

"Yes. But sex isn't just for making babies." Shianne answered back.

"My mom and dad have sex all the time and I don't have any brothers or sisters." Erin said matter-of-factly.

"Yes, people have sex because it feels good." Shianne added which caused sly grins around the room.

"So have you? With boys or girls?" Becca reasked her 'truth' question.

"I haven't with a boy." Shianne answered honestly.

"But I have with a girl." Shianne added, and the kid's eyes and mouths widened.

"So you don't like boys?" Becca asked.

"Haha. I actually like boys and girls." Shianne laughed out.

"This is a lot of truths!" Shianne giggled again.

"Well I think I like boys and girls too." Erin added.

"Me too!" Suzy added. The group laughed out again.

"Now, hmm. Who to choose to give me a dare." Shianne thought aloud, she looked around the room. The kids all gave her pleading eyes.

"Well Aly hasn't dared anyone yet." Becca announced, referring to 'fair game'.

"Well Aly, wanna dare me?" Shianne looked at Aly with a sensual smile.

Aly's mind was numb for a dare. She knew she wanted to 'dare' her to do a lot, but most she deemed improper. Or selfish.

"Hmm. Any ideas girls?" Aly looked around the room, trying to calm herself.

Some of the kids started giving suggestions, most were blurred out by all the voices and Aly's subconscious.

"Why don't you all just go in order and come up with a dare by saying the first thing to come into your head, one word at a time?" Shianne suggested. This was a very ballsy thing to suggest but Aly agreed and hoped for a good result. She just wasn't sure what 'good' result she wanted.

"I'll start!" Suzy perked up.

Suzy: "We-"

Becca: "Dare-"

Aly: "You-

Alex: "To-"

Erin" "Sex-"

Suzy: "With-"

Becca: "Pillow!"

"Pillow!?" Suzy yelled then burst into laughter.

"I don't know. I panicked and that was the first thing that popped into my head. There's pillows everywhere." Becca laughed out and picked up a pillow and buried her face in it as she continued to laugh.

"How is she going to have sex with a pillow?" Erin joined in laughing hysterically.

"Maybe we shouldn't have her have sex-" Aly's statement was cut off by Shianne 'shushing' her.

"You know you want me to demonstrate how to masturbate with a pillow." She whispered to Aly, not audible to the others as they laughed. Aly held her breath for a moment, trying to compose herself.

Shianne stood up.

"A dare is a dare." She said and winked at the on looking crowd.

"How can you have sex with a pillow?" Suzy asked.

"I'll show you." Shianne replied back, she pulled off her panties but left her top on. She grabbed her pillow and placed it on its side in the centre of the circle. She brushed out the wrinkles and slowly lifted her leg and straddled it. She looked downwards as she started slowly rocking on it. She closed her eyes. Aly assumed she was using her imagination to aid her arousal. She started to take deeper breaths. The group was silent as they watched. Shianne gyrated her hips and started to moan out quietly. After a few moments in this position, she leaned back a bit and placed her finger against her clit and massaged herself. Her mouth hung open slightly, her moans more audible. She gripped the pillow tightly with her other hand. She put more weight on the firm pillow and continued with a mixture of her hand and pillow against her pussy. Her eyes stayed shut. Aly looked as best she could to see the contact, but she was behind Shianne. She got a good view of her bum though as she tensed her cheeks with her rocking. Then in one fluent movement she removed her hand and bent forward, she humped the pillow more aggressively as she planted her hands on the mattress in front of her. Aly stared directly at her snatch from behind as she bent forward. Aly felt the urge to reach out and touch her, but didn't want to end the demonstration. Aly looked around at the faces staring at Shianne. Everyone was focused on the display, oblivious to everything else. Aly shifted her position and sat to her side. She lifted one leg up and planted her foot. She reached down under her open nightgown and lightly ran her hand over her pussy. She shuddered with the touch and put more pressure on herself. She slid her finger up and down her slit, she was wet. Very wet. She cupped her smooth pussy and stuck her middle finger inside her as deep as she could in this position. She lost most of her control of trying to be sneaky and fingered herself as she watched Shianne. Because of where Shianne was, no one in front of her could see Aly and the ones who sat closest to Aly had their eyes locked on Shianne. Aly moaned more audibly then she expected but didn't hold back her movements. She took her wet finger out of her pussy and circled her swollen clit. Her spine tingled and her body shook with the intense pleasure. Aly's jaw dropped. Her moans became louder.

Then the panic set in. 'What was she doing?'

She was masturbating while watching another girl masturbate in front of a group of kid campers.

But to Aly's surprise, the panic transitioned to pleasure and fueled a deep guttural groan.

Aly exhaled.

Her eyes widened as the group of eyes shifted to her. Erin and Suzy, who were previously hidden by Shianne also tilted their heads and looked directly at Aly. Shianne lifted her head to look over her shoulder at Aly. Shianne's face was flushed, her eyes now open, and she smiled lustfully at Aly. Shianne continued to rock herself as they all stared back at Aly, who couldn't force herself to cease her own display of self pleasure.

"Shianne started a fire in Aly's loins!" Suzy cheered.

Shianne dismounted her pillow, Aly noticed the wet spot on the pillowcase. Shianne crawled seductively towards Aly, who continued her fingered onslaught on her pussy. Aly's eyes and expression were glossed over. Shianne crawled close, exhaling upon approach, leaned in, and kissed Aly on her lips. It seemed like all the nerves throughout her body congregated on her lips and her clit. She shuddered and hazed back into reality. Her movements slowed and her hand stopped, still cupping her bare pussy. Shianne ended the kiss, and backed an inch away.

"Later we will continue." Shianne seductively whispered, her warm breath lingered on Aly's wet lips.

The group slowly gathered back comfortably in the circle. Aly's blurred reality came back into solidified conciousness. The group smiled awkwardly at eachother.

"Umm. Alex it's your turn." Becca cleared her throat and brought the situation back in order after a long awkward silence.

Aly's mind cleared and she got very nervous.

Alex's turn was next. And with the way the game had been escalating, Aly felt like his 'secret' was in danger of being revealed.

"Umm. Maybe we should pause our game because dinner is soon." Aly said, with uncertainty in her voice. The kids responded by begrudgedly groaning.

"Can't Alex just take a quick turn?" Becca pleaded.

Aly looked at the time and saw they still had about 20 minutes. She hummed and hawed.

"Just a quick turn?" Alex asked.

"Are you sure?" Aly mouthed back, even though everyone was looking at her.

Alex nodded with a cute smile.

"Umm, Erin- ask me a truth." Alex said, turning to face the rest of the group.

"Hmm." Erin started.

"What are you hiding in your shorts?" Erin asked. Aly jolted her head back at the shock of such a direct question.

"Umm." Alex stated, just as shocked as Aly. Shianne huffed a giggle.

"I mean, I saw something poking out earlier. And once and awhile I still see it. I just want to know what it is." Erin asked innocently. Aly felt as though her heart was going to beat right out of her chest. Her eardrums echoed to sound of each beat.

"I uh, umm." Alex stumbled out and was the only one to make a sound.

"Aly can I tell them?" Alex whispered, but was audible to the others.

"Umm." Aly panicked her response. She wanted to be prepared to tell the girls, but now that the time had seemingly come, she wasn't sure how to explain it intelligently. Especially in such a current state of sexually fueled expression and experimentation.

"Or you could just show us? That could be your dare." Suzy added, thinking that it was something that could just be removed and shown.

The kids had no idea.

"Can we just tell them?" Alex asked again in more of a plea.

"Tell us what?" Becca asked.

"Ok girls." Aly attempted her teacherly voice and continued.

"If we share a secret, it needs to stay a secret. No one beyond this cabin can know." She said as she looked throughout the group.

"I'm really good at keeping secrets." Erin professed proudly.

Aly smiled as the girls promised in turn.

Aly took a deep breath.

"Ok girls. First off this won't change anything. But there is something, different, about Alex." Aly explained calmly.

"Everyone is different, everyone is special." Erin insightfully added. This caused Aly to smile.

"That's right Erin. And as friends, we all should love each other, every special part of each of us." Aly drew for a lesson, but also was negligent to jump right to the point.

"No matter what Alex, you are our friend and nothing will change that." Suzy spoke to Alex, who blushed and smiled back.

"So we all know that camp is fun right? And we wouldn't want anyone to miss out on all the fun right?" Aly questioned.

"Camp is really fun!" Becca said.

"Wait! Are we in trouble?" Becca added with a panicked frown.

"No no, not at all. But we need to keep a secret so no one does get in trouble, ok?" Aly answered.

The kids sat silently, nodding and looking between Alex and Aly.

"Alex's family couldn't afford another camp so Alex came here. And Alex isn't like the rest of us." Aly spoke honestly.

"She's poor?" Becca asked.

"She's shy?" Suzy added.

"She's not a she." Shianne blurted out. The girl's all reacted silently, with confused faces.

"What?!" Becca spoke, breaking the silence.

"Alex is a boy, not a girl." Aly said.

The kids registered the new information.

"Really?!" Erin asked, sounding almost excited.

"Yeah. My parents told me to keep it a secret, but Aly found out and I wanted our group to know." Alex said shyly.

"He's seen me naked!" Becca stated with wide eyes.

"He's seen all of us naked." Suzy added.

"Now girls, that shouldn't matter. I know it's new but you didn't care before and you shouldn't care now." Aly tried to reason with them. Not knowing if they were mad or not.

"Please don't get upset. It's a difficult situation for Alex and he just wants to experience camp, the same as all of you." Shianne added, helping out as best she could.

"I like Alex, I'll keep her, I mean, his secret. I don't want him to get kicked out of camp!" Erin said and crawled over to Alex and gave him a big hug. He tilted his head and smiled, hugging her back.

"Yeah! We shouldn't be mad, it's not his fault." Suzy added and smiled kindly at him.

"I'm not mad, it's just..." Becca trailed off.

"It's just what?" Alex asked concerned.

"Well it's's just not fair." Becca answered back quietly.

"What do you mean not fair?" Aly asked before thinking of possible answers.

"Well you've seen us naked, but we haven't seen you, y'know, naked." Becca replied directly to Alex.

"Yeah! That is not fair." Erin leaned back from hugging Alex and glanced at him sternly before smiling and giggling.

"Now we shouldn't pressure Alex into anything." Aly stated.

"But I kissed him, what if I only kiss girls." Erin gawked looking back at Aly.

"Ok, but we-" Aly started to speak but was cut off.

"It's ok. They know now, so I guess it doesn't matter." Alex said with confidence.

All the kids giggled and smiled joyfully.

Alex stirred in his sitting position, since Erin was pretty much on his lap. She leaned off him and knelt before him as he stood up. Alex glanced around the room and blushed a smile.

"Don't be a scaredy cat now! Show us your willy!" Erin giggled out. Alex smiled bigger and blushed more. He fiddled his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts.

Everyone was staring directly at his crotch, except for Aly who looked at his cute blushing face, unable to speak.

"C'mon already!" Erin blurted out and quickly reached forward and pulled his shorts down. She sat back wide-eyed and smiling as his little flaccid member wiggled from the shuffle of Erin pantsing him. All eyes focused in on his smooth boyhood. Aly flashed her eyes down and back up to see Alex coyly smiling, without a hint of embarrassment. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked back down at his package. Silence surrounded them as they all intently took in every detail of the new sight.

"I like your wiener Alex." Becca said.

"Me too!" Both Erin and Suzy said at the same time.

"Well girls, as much fun as this was, our game is over and we need to head to dinner." Aly announced and the girls groaned in displeasure.

Alex smiled and leaned down to pull up his shorts. Just before he had them back in place Erin reached out and stopped his hands.

"Just wait." She said.

"I'll see you later." Erin whispered close to Alex's crotch and she giggled. Alex chuckled and pulled his shorts up to cover himself. The girls quickly dressed back into clothes for dinner.

"Alex do you want to wear a dress? Girls wear dresses." Becca asked as Alex was still wearing shorts and a t shirt.

"Yeah. I think you should!" Suzy added.

"I guess." Alex agreed with a shrug. All eyes watched him as he undressed before them, with no inhibitions. He pulled on a pair of bikini type panties, arranging his willy in them. He held out a hand to Becca, who broke her stare and handed him a summer dress. He awkwardly put in on.

"I've never worn a dress before." He giggled at he modeled.

"Very cute!" Shianne added with a light hip check. Then the group headed out to the dinner hall.

To be continued.


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BTW, I’m a writer, too! Hit me up in the forum and I can show you a few places where you can add just a few more details to really punch up the eroticism and sexiness of this series.


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I looove this story. It’s so cute and the girls are al so funny. It’s very teasing and tempting to continue reading. I agree with Hannah, though, the erotic parts need more detail, but so do the girls’ bodies. I know they’ve been described before, but it wouldn’t hurt to recap why Aly and Shianne are obsessed with their campers’ little bodies. Really wish Aly and Shi got to cum this chapter, they got so close! So I hope it happens soon. Also, some of the older boy counselors from the other camp need to make an appearance. I know this is a lot to ask, hehe!


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L-T-S, I love this story line, the innocence, the banter, and the curiosity of young people. Alex is such a dear. Erin and Suzy remind me of my daughter, always running around naked in the house and arguing about putting clothes on. Please continue the story chapters. I really enjoy your writings.


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Some feedback: love the stories but would it be possible to make the erotic parts a little longer or more drawn out?
Looking forward to part 5


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