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Hey all, this is my first story, ever...I do have plans on sequels but updating may be sporadic. I welcome all advice and constructive criticism. I hope you like it and look forward to hopefully continuing Anne's story.
--=Awkward Anne - Chapter 1=--

Anne was just about to cum when she heard the basement door creak open.

With quick, calm motions practiced over years of concealing similar close calls; she removed her hand from her worn, plaid pajama pants

and casually placed it on her thigh in order to discreetly wipe away the glistening wetness that was coating her fingers.

The dark, glossy marks camouflaged well with the fabric's pattern and were no more noticeable then any of the other myriad stains that preceded it. Thankfully the plush brown sofa she was sitting on faced the short basement stairway so she didn't have to bother minimizing the porn video on her laptop she had been enjoying moments earlier and instead could concentrate on maintaining a disinterested facade.

She saw her brother Kevin's face lean into the room from the upstairs hallway, bare chested with a fluffy white towel around

his waist.

"Hey Nerd, the shower's free" He said

Anne pushed her thick glasses back up her aquiline nose and shrugged "Nah, I'm good."

"Really?" Kevin replied with a raised eyebrow. "You haven't showered all week, aren't you getting a little ripe?" He leaned casually against the door jam and crossed his arms.

"It's summer vacation, it's not like I really need to be anywhere." Anne tried to ignore the incessant throbbing of her clit. She had been edging towards an orgasm for the last two hours and could literally feel her pulse pounding away down there. She casually swept some long brown hair behind her ear and hoped that she was keeping the arousal she felt out of her voice even as she took in the sight of her older brother's half-naked form.

He had developed well during his year away at University, he had always carried weight around his middle, which even now was hanging a little over his towel; but his chest, shoulders and arms seemed to have broadened with an appealing amount of muscle. Nothing like the ripped physiques of the two yaoi lovers she was still secretly watching fuck on her laptop, but the changes in his body still sent an unbidden shiver down her spine, causing her clit to buck slightly within the humid confines of her pajamas. Her eyes unconsciously drifted lower to the slight bulge in the front of his towel...

She wasn't sure if Kevin had caught her ogling him, but he cleared his throat and stood back up. "Well just figured I'd let you know." He said as he turned with an affectionate grin and walked down the hallway. It wasn't until Anne heard the telltale creak of the stairs leading to their rooms that she was able to breathe normally again.

"What the hell was that?" Anne whispered to herself, she had never thought of Kevin that way in the past... they had always been close, but never anything out of the was probably just from her edging session...being that close to cumming for that long -has- to screw with your mind, right? She thought to herself.

Besides, despite the bit of extra weight he carried, Kevin wasn't unattractive. He was well groomed, maintaining a clean shaven face, had neat nails and his well kept wavy red hair always looked both effortlessly and painstakingly styled. He owned multiple sets of glasses with frames to accent his chosen outfits which always perfectly complimented his kind face and expressive, blue eyes; during high school Kevin seemed to attract girls everyone thought were out of his league...

Anne closed the porn window on her laptop, setting the computer aside, and leaned back into the sofa cushions. She slid her hand down her slim hips and past the waistband of her pajamas, slowly gliding her slim fingers through her thick untrimmed bush. A flash of Kevin's bare torso entered Anne's mind and her heartbeat sped with anticipation. She recalled the casual, affectionate way he smiled at her when he left, as her fingers gathered more wetness from her aching pussy.

She imagined him walking slowly down the stairs, his eyes locked passionately on hers, crossing the small basement to stand, wearing nothing but a towel, in front of her. Anne closed her eyes tightly to make her mind's theater more vivid; her middle finger rubbed in small, slippery circles on her throbbing clit as she imagined Kevin looking down at her on the sofa. She pictured the bulge at the front of his towel growing...gradually pushing the plush fabric taut against the form of his cock as he gazed down hungrily at Anne's frantic masturbation.

"Show it to me" she whispered around soft moans, feeling her lost orgasm beginning to return in pulsing waves; the fantasy vision of Kevin smiled wider.

He rubbed a hand over his bulging cock and with deliberate, languid motions began to unwrap the folds of the towel to reveal a neatly trimmed patch of red pubic hair; Anne closed her eyes tighter as she mashed all four fingers against her hairy mound. Sloppy, wet noises issued forth from inside her plaid pants, increasing in tempo to match her quickening breath.

The imaginary form of her big brother lowered his towel revealing the beginnings of a thick, stiff cock; the pulsing of Anne's orgasm coalesced into a final crescendo, like a dam ready to burst.

*thud thud thud*

The sound of heavy footfalls walking down the hall towards the basement door her brother had left open plucked Anne out of her reverie. The illusory picture of her brother shattered with the cold shock of panic. At the very edge of orgasm, Anne once again forced her hand out of the burning warmth of her pajamas just in time to see the gangling shape of her father enter the doorway.

"Hey Poodle," Anne's dad called her by her pet name, descending the stairs quickly on long legs and striding towards their large freezer.

Of course it was at that moment Anne finally came. She clenched her jaw and stifled the urge to cry out in pleasure as her pussy pulsed and clenched in orgasmic bliss. She felt hot torrents of squirting cum splash along her thighs to thoroughly soak the crotch of her dark, plaid pajama pants. Wave after wave of pent up sexual energy threatened to betray her in front of her unsuspecting father and despite her resolve a tiny squeak escape her tensed throat causing; her father to glace at her, stiff on the sofa.

"Did you say something sweetie?" Her Dad asked.

"" She breathed deeply, desperately summoning her brain to work. "No, I just sneezed"

"Okay." He looked closer at her through glasses as thick as hers. "Poodle, are you getting sick? You look a little flush." His thin face soft with concern. "Let me see if you're getting a fever."

Anne's Dad took a few steps towards where she sat. The strong scent of her unwashed pussy hung thick in the air around her and she knew if he got too close there'd be no way he wouldn't figure out what had been going on.

"NO!" She snapped, sharply enough for him to stop in his tracks. "I...I'm feeling fine, it's just a little dusty down here." She rubbed at her nose to sell the point,

and felt a cold wetness on her face accompanied by the smell of her intimate juices and realized she hadn't had the opportunity to dry her fingers before this whole episode. Every breath she took was mingled with her own scent preventing her from getting a good reading on how far the smell was spreading. She needed to get out of here, change her soaking pants and figure out a way to survive this embarrassment.

"Oh. Alright then." Her Dad shrugged and turned back to rummage in the large freezer. "Since it's nice out, I thought I'd whip up some hotdogs and burgers on the barbecue. How does that sound?" He asked. While her dad was bent over the freezer, Anne finally saw her opportunity to flee.

She gingerly stood up from the sofa on wobbly legs, grabbed her laptop and unsteadily quick-stepped across the room, her soaking wet pants slapping coldly against her thighs as she moved. When her foot hit the first step it let out a betraying creak, alerting her father to her escape. Standing out in the open, she whipped her laptop in front of her crotch to obscure the evidence of her intense climax.

Before he could say anything, Anne just smiled as innocently as she could manage with her current heart rate and said. "Yeah, barbecue sounds great. I'm just going to take a nap in my room until then. Ever since school ended I've kind of messed up my sleep schedule."

She started to initiate a yawn and stretch to accompany her statement before realizing the movement would clearly reveal what she was so desperately trying to hide. Anne awkwardly aborted the movement and without meeting her father's eyes darted up the stairs hoping that she was in the clear.

She froze in terror when her dad's voice called up the stairs. "Hey Poodle?"

"Yeah Dad?" Anne's body was tense as a spring.

"It's just a thought, but you should probably think about hitting the shower soon." he said in his light, non-judgmental tone. Even still, Anne could feel her brain's desire to tear a hole in the fabric of reality where she could just crawl in, curl up and die. Did her father, the sweetest man in existence, figure out that she had been furiously masturbating up until the time that he reached the basement? That she had reached one of the most powerful orgasms of her life while they were in the same room? That said orgasm had been achieved at the thought of her own older brother? These thoughts filled her head and played in a neurotic loop until she reached the upstairs hall to her bedroom.

While the doors to her right, the bathroom and her father's room, stood open to reveal their empty interiors; she was relieved to see that her brother's door on the left side of the hall was closed and she could hear the thumping baseline of music playing inside. Finally thankful that something was going her way she quietly passed his door and scooted into the sanctuary of her bedroom at the end of the hall and shut the door behind herself.

Anne placed her laptop onto her rumpled bed and walked over to her dresser, finally able to change out of her uncomfortably soaked pyjama pants. She opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of loose-fitting black shorts, the only pair of clean bottoms that were left and tossed them onto her bed. Anne peeled the cold, wet pants down her legs, hung them from the handle of her closet door so they could dry out and retrieved a loose black Batman t-shirt to replace; the admittedly, somewhat pungent Captain America shirt she'd been wearing all week.

She tossed the Batman shirt onto her bed alongside with the loose shorts, pulled the baggy blue shirt she was wearing up over her head and discarded it on the over-filled hamper by the wall. Finally ready to heed her family's suggestion to take a shower, she grabbed the bath towel from it's hook behind her bedroom door,wrapped it around herself and stepped out into the hall. Thankfully Kevin was still in his room listening to music and when Anne stepped into the bathroom, she caught the scent of barbecue drifting in through the open window.

Anne removed her towel and laid it on the bathroom counter and standing stark naked in the bathroom, Anne turned to the mirror hanging above the sink a deep sigh escaped her as she examined what she saw.

Anne took after her gangling father. She was tall, between 5'11" and 5'9" depending on the level of slouch in her thin shoulders. Behind her large glasses and her mother's long, straight brown hair her face was plain and freckled, with high cheekbones, a weak chin and a slight over bite which caused her teeth to look a little too big for her mouth.

Her long body was similarly skinny; her breasts were nothing but small bumps topped with puffy light-pink nipples that only barely added a topographical change to her bony rib cage. Her abdomen was flat and straight, melding into narrow hips with a thick, untrimmed bush and flat butt. She was long limbed and fine boned, almost alien looking to her own eyes. Ugly, she thought; destined to die alone in an apartment with a dozen cats.

No wonder she was fantasizing about Kevin, she mused. He's been the only age-appropriate man in her life who's treated her with kindness and affection. Sure, she had a couple guy "friends" and dealings with other boys, but Kevin didn't just want to obsessively nitpick fandoms and gaming. He wasn't talking to her in an attempt to get closer to one of her prettier friends; he liked her for being her. They had always been close, often spending entire days hanging out, they had gone to at least 7 conventions together (always in cosplay). They hiked, played board games, shared their secrets, worries, desires; they consoled one another when their mother had run off on their dad years ago. He even offered to take her to Prom last month after she told him no one had asked her.

She refused, of course, going to Prom with your brother was a big enough faux-pas; but he had graduated from the same school. He was known there and she didn't want him to suffer the inevitable cruel, snide insults that would surely be directed towards Kevin for bringing such an unattractive date.

Even still, on the day of the dance Kevin had driven back home from University to decorate the living room with balloons and streamers. They spent the evening watching movies and gorging on pizza, until eventually, they ended up falling asleep on the sofa together in the small hours of the night

Kevin had always been her rock and she realized then how much she had missed him during his year away at school. It was all of those factors, she rationalized, that must have made her fantasize in such a way about her own brother.

She leaned her hands against the counter and closed her eyes, ashamed of her incestuous thoughts and the grim reality of her prospective love life. She had graduated high school this year and was planning on taking a year off before settling on what she wanted to do with her life. She knew that few people enjoyed the time they spent in high school, but for Anne: awkward, gangling, shy, geeky, loner Anne; it was an altogether different kind of hell.

During her first month, their mother had cheated on and left their father for her business partner. When Anne got her first period later that year, her dad tried

his best to explain and relate but she knew he couldn't understand what she was going through, not really; she had to navigate the unique challenges of developing into a woman alone. It also didn't help that by the time of her first summer break she had grown nearly a foot in height to tower over most of her classmates and several of her teachers. She had always been teased and excluded through her life but this made it get so much worse. However, when the long promised bloom of womanhood never really panned out for her...that's when the worst of it started.

Anne also had the bad luck of sharing the same name with the most popular girl in school, Anne Ramirez. She was everything Anne wasn't: beautiful, fashionable, athletic, academically successful; she was the kind of girl who held the attention and affection of everyone she met and she made it a point to meet everyone possible. Whenever someone referred to the name "Anne" it was Anne Ramirez. Meanwhile she always got a -modifier- 'Ugly' Anne, 'Geeky' Anne, 'Flat' Anne, 'Awkward' Anne. She soon became the favorite target of everyone who felt like taking someone down a peg: Cheerleaders, jocks, preppies, metal heads, nerds, geeks and even some teachers got in on the "fun".

They made it very clear to her that she was worthless. That no one would ever want her, that no one could ever love her. She felt hot tears of frustration gathering in her eyes and a hollow feeling begin to grow in her chest. She took off her glasses and ground the heels of her palms into her eyes, trying to will these negative feelings back into the partician she made made for them way deep down inside.

A knock at the door startled her from her downward spiral.

"Hey Nerd, are you gonna be much longer in there?" It was Kevin.

Anne tried to gather herself, wiping away the last remnants of tears. "Yeah, just a sec, I'm almost done." she replied, her voice fogged with sadness. Not caring about her shower, who was she trying to impress anyways, she just quickly wet a corner of her bath towel and began scrubbing at the most offending areas. She wet her brush and saw to some of the tangles that had developed in her hair, applied some deodorant as a courtesy and wrapped the towel around herself once again to let her brother do what he needed to do.

When she opened the door she saw that Kevin was wearing a linen short-sleeved button down dress shirt a matte brown belt and pleated pants made of a light fabric.

"Well it's about time, did you fall in or something?" The smile he wore shifted to concern as he saw his little sister red-eyed and sniffling.

"Oh my god Anne, are you okay? Were you were crying?..." he said

"Yeah, I'm's just allergies." She lied. Badly.

Kevin opened his arms to her and said knowingly. "Ugh allergies...well, it's a little known fact that my hugs are a very powerful antihistamine." he replied.

Anne gratefully accepted the offered hug and crossed her arms over her chest, burying her face in the crook of her shorter sibling's neck. She felt his warm, gentle arms wrap around her shoulders, pulling her tightly to him. They had hugged like this many times in the past, offering each other platonic solace during difficult times; yet now as they stood embracing in the hall, Anne was acutely aware of her current state of dress.

That only a mere shroud of cloth was separating her naked form from his touch, that her lips were less then an inch from his skin; she felt her heart begin to race and her breathing sharpened. The scent of his cologne was making her pleasantly light headed, it was gentle yet masculine, a perfect match to the brother who was cradling her to him so tenderly. Anne began trembling, vibrating with excitement, with the tantalizing taboo of her thoughts.

She gently parted her lips and let her breath brush against Kevin's neck, hesitantly, she moved closer to her brother, gradually pressing her body tighter to his; her hips started to round forward in an attempt to push against his pelvis, the desire to sweetly kiss Kevin's neck overtaking her rational mind as she realized then that she truly, deeply wanted her brother...

"Anne, I love you, but I really need to pee." He whispered in her ear, she could feel him shift his hips away from hers.

"Oh, uh yeah. Sorry!" Anne blurted out, plastering the facade of a smile on her face. "I'll, um...just get out of your way." She promptly broke off the hug, awkwardly sidestepped her brother, and rushed to her bedroom once again with thoughts of shame and disappointment surging through her mind.

Anne grabbed a pillow from her bed and let out a muffled scream. 'What the fuck is wrong with you?!' Her rational mind yelled to her subconscious.

Still wearing the towel, she flung herself onto her bed and curled into a tiny ball on her disordered blankets. 'You need to sort your shit, Anne.' She thought to herself Kevin is your brother and you just weirded him out with that stunt you pulled. What the hell were you thinking? That he would just be okay with his sister. His own fucking sister coming on to him?! He's had girlfriends, he's not a desperate loser like you.

Don't pull him down into the mud you're stuck in.'

Her mind continued to berate and scold her. Now the tears flowed freely, she let herself silently cry in the dark of her bedroom, despair and self loathing joining in perfect harmony.

She didn't know how long she stayed that way, but once again, a knock at the door summoned her away from the mire of depression.

"Hey Poodle are you awake? Dinner's ready" Her dad softly called from the door.

Anne, face down on her pillow, didn't answer.

"Anne? Are you okay?" His tone shifted and she heard his hand on the doorknob.

"Yeah Dad I'm fine, just let me get changed and I'll be right down." she called, her voice somewhat muffled

"Okay Poodle, see you soon" Her Dad replied from the other side of the door.

Anne shrugged out of her bath towel and donned the baggy black shorts and Batman t-shirt. She checked herself in the mirror, satisfied that all visible traces of her breakdown were gone, she made her way downstairs to the kitchen where she was met by a platter of cooked burger patties and thick ballpark hotdogs surrounded by condiments of all de***********ion which took up nearly all the available space on their small table. Kevin was already sitting at the table eating the first of three burgers on his plate, but when he saw her enter the room he shifted his gaze to an indistinct point in the middle distance and Anne felt the bottom of her stomach fall out. 'No...' She thought, her eyes casting down to the floor. 'He totally figured out what I was trying to do in the hallway...'

"Welcome to Meat Mountain!" Her Dad cheerily gestured to the platter. He was still wearing a comically tall white chef's hat and black parody apron with

"The Grill-father" hanging from printed marionette strings as he sat at the round table to Kevin's left, a hot dog and hamburger, both piled high with assorted


Anne, head down and shoulders slouched, glad that her long straight hair hid the blush that had crept into her cheeks, grabbed a plate from the cupboard and prepared a single hot dog without condiments. She started towards the kitchen table and saw that Kevin still seemed to be avoiding her gaze, her cheeks were burning but her heartfelt like a shard of ice in her chest. Without saying a word, she turned on her heel and with long strides retreated back to the seclusion of her bedroom.

"It's official..." Anne whispered to herself as she slumped on the corner of her bed. "Kevin hates me...He'll probably want to move out soon, get his own place and never look back, he's going to leave just like mom did. A phone call here or a card there, but I'll never see him again. I've lost my brother because I'm a pathetic loser who can't separate romantic attachment from platonic, sibling love." She looked down at her hotdog; she was hungry but didn't have much of an appetite after the horrible day she was having.

Maybe she should apologize, she thought; maybe if she just owns up to her mistake and tells him plainly that she was in a low place and reacted poorly to his affection...That she took it in an unhealthy direction and it would never happen again. He'd understand, right? I mean everyone at some point has sexual thoughts about someone they shouldn't, right? So what if she tried to grind against her brother's crotch...or imagined him stripping out of a towel in front of her...picturing him dropping the cloth to let his hard cock spring out in front of her face...

Anne looked down at the hotdog again, at the long cylindrical, salty meat. She gingerly lifted the wiener from where it was nestled between the buns and examined the length of it; she closed her eyes and grazed the tip over her lips. Suddenly the fantasy image of Kevin was standing in front of her once again, but this time the towel was nowhere to be seen.

She smiled hungrily as she took in the 'sight' of what she thought his cock looked like: long, thick and veiny with a bulbous purple head. Anne ran her tongue along the entire length of the hotdog, kissed the tip and shoved the stand-in for her brother's cock past her lips. Her imaginary Kevin closed his eyes and let his head fall back, a low moan escaping his throat. He ran his fingers through her long hair as she swirled her tongue around the meat clamped inside her sucking mouth, she imagined both of his hands coming to rest at the back of her head and staring lovingly into her eyes he began to push his cock forward.

Anne moved the hotdog back and forth in her mouth, letting the smooth wiener glide across her tongue and ever so gently pushing it even deeper with each stroke; pulling it back out only when she felt the fullness at the back of her throat begin to choke her. She knew what she was doing was perverted, and wrong...and just kind of weird, but in the throes of her lust she didn't care anymore. She knew the guilt would come later, the waves of shame and disgust would carry her back into the void once again; but now, in this instant, she had the fantasy of her brother; she had a man who wanted her, loved her, lusted after her...She could deal with self-loathing and if that was the price for her imaginary dalliances, so be it.

Anne pulled the hotdog out of her mouth, giving it one final kiss on it's underside before staring into Kevin's eyes and whispered. "Kevin. I want you to fuck me." She imagined his eyes taking on a hard, burning edge as bestial lust flooded his body and caused his straining cock to buck. Anne leaned back on her bed, spread her long, thin legs and pulled her loose shorts to the side exposing her hairy pussy to the vision of her naked brother, shivering as the air lapped her soaking wet pussy.

Kevin stepped forward and Anne rubbed the hotdog up and down her slit, coating the end in her juices; she spread her meaty lips and visualized Kevin thrusting himself hard into her, while she shoved the full length of the wiener deep inside her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head and a whimper escaped her clenched jaw to match the guttural moan she imagined from her brother. Slowly at first, she slid the meat in and out of her grasping sex, filling herself with it's full length to match the thrusts of Kevin's hips.

As she felt her arousal build, Anne's hand rammed the hotdog more fervently into her hairy snatch, wet slapping sounds sloppily accompanying her her short, gasping breaths.

She shut her eyes tightly and held a vivid picture of Kevin in her mind: sweat beading on his brow, his eyes locked unflinchingly on hers, his hips slamming hard, driving his cock deeper into her burning cunt, forcing it's way through the gradual tightening spasms of a developing climax. He tells her he loves her, that she's beautiful and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her; his sister. Anne's pussy felt like a live wire, humming with energy about to be released.

Three knocks and the click of her bedroom door handle was all the time she had to sit up, adjust her shorts and pretend like she wasn't -again- on the verge of cumming. 'Are you freaking kidding me?!' She thought, her arousal turning to indignant irritation.

"Hey Anne, are you okay in here?" She saw Kevin stick his head through the door and her heart jumped, her irritation melting away with apprehension as to why he had come to her room.

"Yeah, just finishing up dinner." As soon as she said the words she realized that the bun was laying empty on the plate beside her, the hotdog still buried completely inside her vagina. She slid the plate behind herself, hopefully out of her brother's view. Maybe...Kevin had come up to confront her about what happened in the hallway.

Her heart took on that cold, hollow feeling again. He had come to confront his pervert sister about attempted incest while she had a hotdog lodged in her pussy that she was using as a stand-in for his cock only seconds before.

Seriously, she thought, fuck this day.

She sat, head down, motionless and silent, waiting for the inevitable confrontation to begin. Neither of them spoke for some time until eventually Kevin cleared his throat, the sound causing Anne to startle.

"Anne...I don't know what's been going on with you..." He began

Anne cut in, wanting to explain herself before he went any farther. "Look, I know you're mad at me but I can explain..."

"Mad at you? No..." His face softened and he shifted his glasses. "I can tell that something's really been bothering you've been depressed for days now, I found you crying in the bathroom and you hid yourself away up here for dinner...I just want to see if I can do anything to help. I'm always here for you Anne... and if there's anything in my unlimited power I can do, I'll do it in a heartbeat. We're a team and I love you.

It was all Anne could do to keep from bursting into tears. He loved her. "I love you too, Kevin." she whispered when she was confident her voice wouldn't crumble. "I also want to say that if I've been weird around you today that I'm sorry...I just haven't been myself."

Kevin shrugged and said mockingly "No weirder then usual, nerd." The pillow she threw in response hit him square in the face and they both laughed.

Kevin picked up the pillow and tossed it back on her bed. "So I actually had another reason for coming up here. I was wondering, if you're not otherwise engaged of course, if you felt like binging the 90's Ninja Turtles movies. I know the heroes in a half shell always seem to cheer you up."

"Actually..." Anne fidgeted in place and shrugged. "The VHS tapes finally wore out while you were at university...It was kind of a tough year."

Kevin nodded knowingly. "Oh, I know. Dad told me...That's why on my way home from school I picked up the trilogy on Blu-Ray. All three movies plus a huge album of concept art, deleted scenes and," He paused for dramatic effect. "over 40 hours of bonus features."

"What?!" Anne's face lit up in a huge smile. "You got the TMNT Mutagen Deluxe pack?! Oh my god, you're the best brother ever!!" She jumped up off the bed to run over and hug Kevin, but the second her ass left the mattress she felt the hotdog, still lodged deep in her pussy, shift and start to slide out of her slick hole.

Anne's eyes widened in panic: she clenched her thighs together tightly in an attempt to keep the hotdog in place, which threw off the stride of her long legs and overbalanced her. She took two stuttering steps, slipped on a discarded sock, and pitched face first towards the bookshelf near the door.

She felt Kevin's arm catch her around the waist just before her face collided with the sharp corner of the bookshelf. He pulled her easily backwards and pulled her close to his chest. In the shock of her near miss Anne felt the the hotdog slip the rest of its way out of her pussy, rattle down her shorts and hit the floor

with a quiet thump somewhere behind her.

"What was that sound?" Kevin asked, looking around. "Did something fall?"

"I didn't hear anything..." Anne lied, her freckled cheeks burning red as she quickly pushed the slippery hotdog under a loose pile of clothes.

Kevin shrugged and looked at his little sister. "Are you hurt? That was quite a tumble." He backed off a bit but kept his hands at her waist, inspecting her for wounds.

Anne smiled and pushed some hair behind her ear. "Yeah, my foot just fell asleep. Thanks for saving me though."

"Just doing my duty ma'am. What else are big brothers for?" Kevin shrugged nonchalantly.

"You fulfilled your duty admirably, sir." Anne leaned down and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, something she hadn't done since Kevin was taller then her; He popped up on his toes and gave Anne a reciprocal kiss on the opposite cheek, eliciting a pleasant little tingle on her skin.

They stood facing each other for a few drawn out seconds, their eyes barely wavering from each other. Kevin, looking up at his little sister, cleared his throat again.

"Well why don't you let me change and I'll meet you downstairs?"

Anne's grin took on a shy, girlish quality. "It's a date." She waited for Kevin to enter his bedroom, retrieved the lost hotdog from under its hiding place, grabbed the bun and plate from her bed and headed downstairs to deposit the wasted food in the kitchen's garbage can. She grabbed a bag of chips from the pantry, poured it into a large plastic bowl, grabbed two cans of soda from the fridge and made her way to the living room with the big TV; putting the snacks on their glass-top coffee table, she collapsed into the plush grey sofa and tried to process all that had happened on this insane day.

'Alright,' she thought, trying desperately to access the logical half of her brain 'so you have a crush on your brother; that's perfectly normal, he's a great, sweet, handsome guy who's always cared for you. You just need to process this, get over it and do nothing else that might jeopardize the best relationship in your life.' She could feel the perverted thoughts that had been building through the day clawing their way back to the surface, offering suggestions like "Just fuck and get it over with." but she remained steadfast and beat each one of them back down into the deepest corners of her subconscious.

Anne grabbed a handful of chips to settle her grumbling stomach, she hadn't eaten since lunch, and stared into the middle distance, continuing the battle to suppress the momentary insanity of her incestuous obsession. Soon enough, however, she heard the creak of the stairs that signaled Kevin's arrival. Kevin was dressed in a simple grey t-shirt and a pair of black pajama pants decorated with an assortment of Ninja Turtle paraphernalia.

"Those are some fancy pants, Kevin. Are they new?" Anne gestured with a grin.

"When you buy the Mutagen Deluxe Pack you have to be dressed for the occasion." Kevin replied earnestly.

"Now you're making me feel under dressed." She picked at her Batman t-shirt unenthusiastically.

"Nah, you look beautiful." Kevin said

Anne could feel the unwanted tingle of attraction prickling just under her skin and decided to quash it by changing the subject.

"You know, I haven't seen Dad around, you know what he's up to?" Anne asked

"You know him, he had a few free hours to just relax..." Kevin began

"So he's going to catch up on some work in the office." Anne rolled her eyes. She honestly didn't know how their father could stay so energetic and relaxed when all he did was work. If he wasn't at the Game Store he owned and managed, then he was locked in his office, researching new developments in the industry, talking with suppliers or doing general bookkeeping. His business didn't make them rich by any means, but it kept his family modestly comfortable. She appreciated what their father did for them, but she also wished he would take some time for himself...he hadn't even gone on a date since their mother had left...

Kevin noticed the pensive expression that had taken over Anne's face. "I know, I want him to relax too...but I think a part of him needs the stimulation to be you remember when he joined us for one of our movie marathons?"

Anne laughed, her knees curling to her chest. "Oh my god! He just wouldn't shut up, and halfway through Empire he started vacuuming. Vacuuming!" She shook her head in amusement. "We never invited him back for another after that."

Kevin smiled widely "Well we better get these movies started or he might wander in and decide the furniture needs reuplostering."

In a routine practiced over years, Anne turned on the TV and ***********ed the input source, Kevin inserted the disk in the blu-ray player, turned off the lights and sat on the sofa next to his sister with just enough room for the plastic bowl of chips to be placed snuggly between them. In unintentional unison they both leaned forward, grabbed their sodas, opened them with a hissing crack and took a long sip before settling back into the plush seat.

They spent the next hour and a half watching the film in amiable silence; the crunch of some chips here, the occasional comment there. The turmoil of the day seemed to evaporate from Anne's mind as she settled into the nostalgic comfort.

When the film ended, Kevin stood up and said "I'm gonna grab another soda, you want anything while I'm up?"

"Maybe a glass of water?" Anne replied with a shrug.

"You got it, nerd." he said, adjusting his glasses as he left for the kitchen.

Anne took off her glasses, rubbed her eyes with the heels of her palms and stretched her long arms. It seemed that the tumultuous events of the day were finally catching up with her. The emotional roller coaster she had been riding most of the day, the panicked adrenaline, the bouts of depression and of course her... erotic exertions..seemed to have sapped her energy. She was in the middle of a large, gaping yawn when Kevin returned with a glass of water and a can of beer.

Kevin handed her the glass of water, winked and put a finger to his lips in a shushing action as he cracked open the beverage he wasn't quite old enough to drink.

Anne rolled her eyes, placed her thick-lensed glasses back on and resumed the film.

She took a sip of water, hugged her knees to her chest and reclined into the plush sofa, her eyelids getting heavier as she saw a mulleted pizza delivery guy

confront some masked thieves... by the time the Turtles had arrived to save the day she had decided to rest her weary eyes for just a couple seconds...

When Anne's eyes fluttered open, she found herself nestled against her older brother. Her head laying on his chest and her hand draped over the roundness of his chubby belly and his arm wrapped protectively around her shoulders; on the T.V. The Ninja Turtles had just been transported to feudal Japan. She laid there, happy and un-moving, enjoying Kevin's soft warmth, her head rising and falling with his deep breaths, letting herself fantasize that they were a couple...

Of course, she thought, 'if we were a real couple I wouldn't have to stop at cuddling.' With that, the incestuous thoughts she had fought so hard to suppress found purchase in her exhausted mind; slowly clawing, bubbling their way back to the surface, forming into a subtle, devious plan...

Kevin didn't know she was awake...a predatory grin spread in her subconscious. Her hand was mere inches away from his one would blame a sleeping person's hand from following the laws of gravity, right?

Anne closed her eyes again and with the smallest, undetectable amount of effort, in conjuction with the pattern of her brother's rising and falling belly...her hand found itself, inch by inch, sliding over the circumference of his abdomen until it fell limply onto the front of Kevin's crotch. She could feel him jump in surprise as her palm cupped, for the first time, the soft bulge of her own older brother's cock; she could feel it's smooth contours easily through the thin fabric.

A lightning storm of arousal set every nerve on fire and she had to use every ounce of her self control to suppress her trembling urge to squeeze and massage her forbidden payload. To coax him to throbbing hardness, to open her eyes and see the taboo boundary she had finally crossed with the love of her life. She could feel a deluge in her shorts as her pussy got wetter, faster then anytime in her life; her entire body tense and vibrating; she nearly yelped out loud when she heard her brother's voice.

"Um...Anne?" He sounded a little strained but she didn't move a muscle.

"Anne?" He shook her shoulder gently and she limply complied with the jostling.

"Anne, you're hand fell in my lap..." He shook her more forcefully this time and she let out a short, snorting snore.

She felt him sweetly kiss the top of her head and squeeze her shoulders, then felt him gingery lift her arm by the wrist, peeling it away from his lap.

Anne felt the familiar cold trickle of rejection begin to replace the tingling fire of arousal as she resigned herself to the reality of the situation; 'He's your

big brother, he -does- love you...but of course not in that way... You need to get over these feelings and be happy for the relationship you actua-'

Kevin shifted in his seat and, still holding her wrist, lowered her hand down slowly. She felt her palm make contact with was soft, smooth and velvety...cylindrical in shape with a tapered bit of soft skin on one end and a bristle of short, stubbly hair at the other.

A cock. A real cock...Kevin's cock.

Anne's mind derailed like a cartoon train; doing impossible, comical flips over a crowd of confused, by standing thoughts. 'What the FUCK?!' her mind screamed as she remained physically immobile, extremely curious as to this turn of events.

She felt Kevin's hand envelope her own, gently squeezing her fingers onto his genitals. She could hear his heart thudding loudly in his chest, could feel the reciprocal pulse in his smooth penis, she felt it stir under the applied pressure and then to her began to grow.

Anne was a long-time veteran of porn; she had seen most of what there was to see and masturbated to it. She had long ago popped her cherry with a hairbrush while fantasizing about Mike Walton, a cute boy in her class. She had been experimenting with and exploring her body and its functions for years; but she had never seen, let alone touched a penis in real life. Now here she was, pretending to be asleep and feeling her brother's cock engorging under her hand.

She risked opening one eye in a squint and saw his cock standing straight up in the air, her fist now gripped around its base, enfolded in Kevin's hand. It poked out a couple inches from the top of her hand, between five and six inches long and was girthy enough that her long fingers only barely encircled it. She could see the foreskin slightly retracted from the head, exposing his cute little pee-hole that was already glistening with precum.

She felt the fires of her libido rage into an inferno at the new, unexpected yet longed-for stimuli. She felt her pussy spasm pleasantly and some of her overflowing juices dribbled down her inner thigh. Kevin kissed the top of her head once more and slowly, carefully slid her hand, gripped in his up and down the length of his hard-on.

Anne closed her eyes, fearing that if he knew she was awake that he would lose his nerve and stop; besides, in the darkness she could fully appreciate the feeling of his stiff manhood. He was a pillar of steel wrapped in the softest silk, warm and smooth yet varying in texture through his length.

She carefully, slowly crept her hand past the waistband of her shorts, adjusting slightly to allow her fingers to wriggle their way between her legs. She nearly laughed out loud at the sudden tensing of Kevin's body when she shifted and could swear she heard his heart skip a few beats. He waited a few seconds after she stopped moving, hand at her wrist to abort the incestuous fondling he had initiated.

"Anne?" He called softly.

She didn't respond.

"Anne??" A little louder, yet still she remained silent.

Confident that his sister was still dead to the world, he resumed massaging her hand up and down his prick. Anne, in turn pressed her fingers into her hairy bush and in slow, hard circles; secretly rubbed her swollen clit.

She could feel a slick wetness begin to coat the end of her brother's cock. She risked opening one eye again as Kevin squeezed her hand gently and milked her hand up towards the head. She saw, reflected in the light of the Third Ninja Turtles movie a thick bead of precum blossom out of his little hole and join the rest of the leaking liquid that was now wetting most of his penis.

Anne's fingers worked methodically over her clit, using pressure and small movements to elicit the beginning spasms of a powerful orgasm. She could feel Kevin's breath coming in shorter gasps, his heartbeat thumping quickly within his chest. He kissed the top of her head again. His cock twitched, seemingly expanding further, straining the tight confines of his skin. She felt him inhale deeply, his nose buried in her scalp and whisper. "I love you more than anything Anne..."

Her heart felt close to bursting. All the doubt, the self-loathing, the guilt and shame evaporated in the heat of those words. More then anything else, she wanted to sit up, tell him she loved him too and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Yet she remained still, allowing her brother to jack himself off with his sister's hand, feeling his hardness swell and buck under her grip; feeling her own orgasm ready to burst forth in a passionate explosion.

Kevin's cock throbbed from somewhere deep within him and she felt his head roll backwards, his back arching slightly. Caught in erotic euphoria, Anne opened both of her eyes just in time to hear Kevin stifle a grunt of pleasure as ropes of white, thick cum shot and flowed from the tip of his bucking penis. It pulsed and kicked in her hand, pushing more of his semen out to run warmly over her fist.

From the moment her brother's burning cum touched her skin, Anne's orgasm, built up and ruined multiple times through the day finally gushed out in a torrent of squirting waves. Her entire body felt like it was on fire, her muscles arched terribly, yet she couldn't move a muscle lest it destroy this perfect moment.

She allowed her toes to curl painfully tight and her legs to squeeze around her soaking wet hand but rode out the rest of the buzzing, anguished energy that coursed through her in forced stillness.

The third film ended with the turtles dancing in front of a ladder to the surface world in celebration of a job well done. The music an odd compliment to her own celebratory thoughts. When of course, with the day she was having, she heard their Father's footsteps creaking upstairs from the basement.

"Shit. shit, shit, shit." Anne heard Kevin whisper. She felt him lean forward, heard about a dozen tissues get ripped from the box and in quick, panicked movements he mopped up the thick cum that was quickly cooling on their joined hands.

Had she actually been asleep, she thought, there is no way she wouldn't have woken up to this. She couldn't help but giggle internally, remaining still and silent; allowing Kevin to clean his mess in peace. She heard her father open the fridge door and rummage around inside, buying them both a bit more time.

She felt him left her hand by the wrist once more and heard the dull snap of his waistband as he hid his naked cock. He placed her hand, still a little damp with cum back on his belly, threw the wad of soiled tissues into the waste basket across the room (an impressive shot to be honest) and reclined in feigned innocence just as their dad walked in the room, holding another hamburger.

"Did you guys have fun?" He asked enthusiastically. Anne could her her brother's heart jack hammering.

"Shhh...Anne's out of it." Kevin whispered.

"Oh, sorry..." He said more quietly.

"Were you drinking beer?" Her dad's tone hardened a little. If only their Dad knew what else he had been up to before he got there, Anne thought in giddy amusement.

"It was Anne." He replied, a light, joking tone masking his nerves.

"Kevin." Their Dad's tone turned reproachful.

"Just the privacy of our house...and I'm nearly of age anyways" Kevin said

"Yeah...well...Don't make a habit of it. Clean up and get to bed, okay?" Their Dad said in a normal volume.

It was at this point that Anne stirred and stretched, rubbing her eyes and yawning for effect. She shifted on the sofa to sit on the large wet spot she'd created,

thankful that the upholstery was dark and the lights were still off.

"Oh hi, Dad..." She said groggily and turned to Kevin. "Sorry for falling asleep, Kevin...I hope I didn't ruin your fun." She said, a coy edge slipping into her


"Oh," Was all he managed to say.

"Poodle, why don't you head up to bed, Kevin can handle the clean-up." He said dotingly to his daughter.

She nodded and sat back in the sofa, waiting sleepily in the uncomfortable wet spot, until her dad climbed the stairs to his room and Kevin began carting the dishes and garbage to the kitchen. She turned off the TV, plunging the room into near total darkness before finally moving from the soaked cushion.

The feeling of the cold, wet shorts no longer felt uncomfortable, but tantalizingly thrilling; they were the tangible results of the most intensely sexual experience

of her life. She shivered, her stomach filled with fluttering butterflies; she had given the first hand job of her life to Kevin, her truest love. I mean sure, he

thought she was asleep at the time and then there's the fact he's her brother...but...those facts just seemed to turn her on even more. She brought her hand up to her nose and inhaled deeply; the scent of his imperfectly cleaned cum lingered strongly on her skin and made her light headed.

Oh yes, she thought...this changes everything.

Kevin returned from the kitchen and noticed her standing in the darkness of the living room.

"Oh, Anne, I thought you'd already gone to bed." He said, his voice thready. He cleared his throat.

"I wanted to wait up for you. To thank you for turning a really bad day into something wonderful."

Kevin smiled brightly at her. "That's the power of the Mutagen Pack."

Anne giggled and stepped closer. "That's the power of a brother." She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, nearly touching the corner of his lips.

She turned and finally headed upstairs to her room for the night, her shoulders no longer hunched and the scent of both their orgasms lingering on her fingers.


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Loved the story. Well written and easy to read. Very much looking forward to seeing where Anne (and Kevin) go with this.


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Cypriano: Yaoi = is essentially a Japanese genre of homoerotic fiction
(Anime, Manga, art etc...) Thanks for the clarification tip.

Also, I think this site might have censored your other comment lol


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Early in story==="yaoi " lovers????? needs definition

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It’s refreshing to see the beauty in imperfection. Great beginning and I hope for more!

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