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Mia is studying the various regions that make up the kingdom. Liana tells her there will be a test, and penalties for any mistakes.
Mia looked up from the book she was reading and sighed. She was sitting in the little private library in Liana’s chambers. The book was a record of all the different regions of the kingdom and the noble houses that controlled them, filled with long explanations of the produce of the regions and the family histories of their rulers. Liana had decided that Mia should learn more about the kingdom, and Mia agreed, but this was not an exciting book.

It was evening and the lamplight gave the room a warm glow. The princess sat nearby in an armchair reading a far more interesting book. They had been here for several hours. Mia sighed again, not a little dramatically, and Liana looked up from her own reading.

“Are you bored already?” She asked in a teasing tone.

Mia turned to look at her as she replied.

“How could I not be? These aren’t exactly exciting stories like the one you’re reading you know.”

Liana replied in a stern voice, assuming an expression of mock outrage as she did so.

“That is very important history you’re criticising. I learned it all when I was just a child and I didn’t complain.” She was looking over the top of her book and Mia thought she was having trouble keeping a straight face. She imagined there had been rather a lot of complaining. The princess continued.

“Anyway, you had better pay attention because there will be a test.”

This was the first Mia had heard of a test, but she got the feeling Liana has something fun in mind. She replied with exaggerated surprise. “A test!”

“Yes. Tomorrow evening. I expect you to remember all the family names and when and how they earned their titles.”

The princess had put down her book now and she was fixing Mia with a stern expression, just a little too stern to be taken seriously. Mia pouted and held her gaze for a moment before she replied.

“I’ll never remember all that by then, there are so many of them.” She could see a flirtatious look in Liana’s eyes but the princess maintained her stern tone when she spoke.

“Then you had better study harder. There will be penalties for any wrong answers.”

Mia was sure she knew exactly what kind of penalties Liana had in mind. She was looking forward to them.


The next evening Mia was once again in the little library with the book infront of her. An hourglass sat on the desk beside it, not many grains left in the top half. Once it ran out she was to go to Liana’s study for her test. She had, infact, been studying. She thought she had managed to memorise most of the noble families and their domains, but she wasn’t going to be doing well in the test. Doing well would be no fun at all.

When the last grains of sand fell Mia closed the book and, with more enthusiasm than any student on their way to an exam, she hopped out of her chair and headed into the corridor.

Liana’s study was one door down from her bedroom. Although they had been lovers for several months now, Mia had not often been inside. She stood in front of the mahogany door and spent a moment straightening her hair and adjusting her skirt before knocking. There was a long pause, before Liana answered.

“You may enter.”

The princess spoke slowly, with a commanding and serious tone. Mia could feel her heart beating faster in anticipation as she turned the door handle and entered the study.

The room was small. The back wall covered with bookshelves, broken only by a large window, now veiled by a silk curtain. Two covered lamps gave the space a warm glow.

In the middle of the room was a large mahogany desk with a dark green leather cover. Liana sat behind the desk, her deep red hair tied back and a stern expression on her face. On the desk were a pair of implements. Mia smiled a little as she saw them, but forced the expression away, playing her role as the nervous student.

The first implement was a small wooden paddle with a round end. The second was a cane. Mia knew the paddle, but the cane was new. It was long, straight and fairly thick. One end was wrapped around with leather to make a grip. She felt a little shudder of anticipation as she looked at it, wondering how it would feel against her skin. Liana spoke.

“I hope you have done well with your studies Mia. As I see you have noticed, I have some implements ready to make sure you pay the proper penalty if you have been lazy.” A slight, flirtatious smile crossed the Princess's face as she spoke. “Have you been lazy Mia?”

Mia was appreciating Liana’s swept back hair and the penetrating look in her eyes. The question took her a little off guard and she felt herself blushing as she stammered her reply.

“No Ma’am.”

The princess smiled a knowing smile before she continued.

“We will see Mia. I will explain the test now. I will ask you about ten of the kingdom's regions. For each one you will tell me which family rules there, when they took control and how they earned the privilege.” Mia thought she could probably do all that for most of the regions. She also thought she probably wouldn’t. Liana continued her explanation.

“When we begin the test you will bend over the desk and I will give you the name of a region. If you tell me about it correctly I will give you the next region. If you answer incorrectly you will be spanked as a penalty. Do you understand so far?”

Mia was trying not to smile, a nervous student wouldn’t be smiling. She knew Liana would not force this on her if she didn’t want it, and they had a word that would alway stop any of these games, but the fantasy of not having control sent a giddy shiver through her. When she answered she tried to sound like the apprehensive student she was supposed to be.

“Yes Ma’am. I understand.”

Liana smiled softly before she continued.

“For every penalty you suffer the next will be more severe. The first penalty will be delivered by hand over your undergarments, but if you continue to answer incorrectly eventually you will feel the cane on your bare behind. If you fail to answer too many questions you will fail the test and suffer a further penalty. Do you understand?”

Liana was speaking in a commanding tone and her expression was stern, every bit the dominant mistress. Mia was once again too busy admiring her lover and imagining what was to come to notice the question. Liana repeated herself, her tone sharp.

“Do you understand me Mia?”

Snapping out of her thoughts Mia replied

“Yes Ma’am. I understand.”

Now Liana stood up. She stepped aside, pushed the chair under the desk and, with a slow pace, walked around to stand beside Mia, fixing her all the while with a stern gaze.

“Now Mia. When I tell you, you will step forward and bend down over the desk. You will keep your legs apart and you will keep them straight. You will not move from your position unless you are told to do so. Is that clear.”

Mia’s heart was fluttering with anticipation now. She answered with as steady a tone as she could manage.

“Yes Ma’am. It’s clear.”

The princess stepped a little closer. Mia could feel her breath on the side of her neck as she spoke.

“Good. Now, bend over the desk.”

Mia stepped forward. Slowly, imagining Liana’s eyes watching her as she did so. She bent forward and lowered herself over the desk. The leather cover was cool through her thin blouse. She rested against the wide top, her arms stretched out infront of her and her chest pressed against the leather. Her legs were spread a little apart and her bottom slightly raised. She felt that she could feel Liana’s eyes on her and she lifted her behind a little higher, presenting it to her lover.

There was a long moment of silence. Mia turned her head to look at the implements that now lay beside her and imagined how they were going to feel, she was very curious about the cane. She heard Liana step forward and then felt the warm touch of the princess fingers against her legs as Liana reached down, lifted her skirt and folded it over her back, exposing her thin cotton panties and her bare thighs. Liana spoke.

“We will start the test now Mia. Remember that if you do not answer correctly you will have to endure the penalty. Are you ready?”

Mia did not let herself sound eager, she answered in a quiet, anxious, voice.

“Yes Ma’am. I’m ready.”

Liana’s hand rested on her lower back, holding her skirt in place. The princess spoke again.

“The first one is easy Mia. North March.”

Mia knew this one, she was tempted to get it wrong, but she wanted to show that she had learned something. She answered with a nervous tone, enjoying her role as the frightened student.

“The Grey’s rule North March. They took control in the year 872. The king granted them the title for their heroism in the war with the northmen that year.”

Liana was silent for a moment, and Mia wondered if maybe she had been too sure of herself, but then the princess spoke.

“Very good Mia, you are correct.” Mia thought she could hear a little disappointment in Liana’s voice, but the stern tone returned as she continued. “Now, the next region is East March.”

Mia knew this one too, but she didn’t want to answer right anymore. She hesitated for a moment then, trying to sound unsure, she gave the wrong answer.

“The Orlands rule East March. They took control in...” She hesitated and Liana broke the silence.

“That is not correct Mia. The rulers of East March are the Farrels. I am afraid you will have to take a penalty. The first penalty will be twenty strikes with the hand over your undergarments. Are you ready.”

Mia felt Liana’s hand on her back, pushing her down a little onto the desk. She shifted her position a little, then answered the princess, trying not to sound too excited.

“I’m ready Ma’am.”

There was a moment of silence. Mia pressed herself against the desk, raising her behind slightly and biting her lip as she anticipated the first blow. Liana made her wait. She could feel the warmth between her legs growing and becoming moist. She flexed her toes, lifting herself a little, pushing against the hand that held her down to the desk. Then the first slap came. It was hard, giving a sharp sting even through the cotton of her panties. She bit her lip, holding back a gasp as the blow pushed her thighs against the desk. The next slap found her other cheek and again the firm blow stung through the thin cotton.

Liana began to strike with a slow, steady rhythm. Each firm slap ringing against Mia’s behind. The blows left a painful sting and Mia began to feel heat building in her behind, fed by each stinging strike. She wanted to gasp and moan with each slap, but she forced herself to stay quiet, enjoying the struggle. She bit her lip and flexed, grasping the edge of the desk with her outstretched hands, clutching at it as the pain of each slap faded into the building heat.

After ten blows the princess increased her pace. Mia squeezed the edge of the desk and wriggled under the punishment, Liana’s hand on her back keeping her pressed down firmly. The burn grew and the sting of each slap became more intense. She tried to stay quiet as the sharp pain of the slaps fed the heat in her behind. She let out a silent gasp as the princess delivered the sixteenth slap. The next brought another, the pain of the sting forcing it from her. She bit her lip and endured the next silently, feeling the delightful burn the sting left behind.

The next blow was harder, it rang against her bottom with full force, sending a wave of exhilarating pain through her that forced a little cry out of her mouth. As that cry ended the final blow found her other cheek and she flexed as she cried out anew, then sank down, letting her weight fall against the desk. Her breathing was heavy and the heat left by the slaps was burning now. She let herself smile, forgetting for a moment her role in the game as she enjoyed the heat. She could feel Liana’s hand on her behind, warm through the thin fabric of her panties.

The princess stroked her lover for a long while as Mia’s heavy breathing slowed. Gently massaging her. Eventually she spoke again, lifting her hand from the girl’s behind and returning to her stern persona.

“You endured your penalty well Mia, but the next will be more severe. If you make a further mistake you will receive another twenty strikes but you will not have your undergarments to shield you. Are you ready to continue?”

Mia forced the smile from her face, getting into character again as she replied in a timid voice.

“Yes Ma’am. I’ll try to do better this time Ma’am.” Liana gave a soft laugh at that and there was a pause before she spoke again.

“The next region is the Western Winter Coast.”

This one Mia was not sure of. She had been going to answer wrong of course, but now she wanted to know if the name that came to her was right. She answered with genuine uncertainty.

“The Western Winter Coast is ruled by the Gorlic family. They gained their title in the year 1084 after the head of their house saved the queen's life.” She was pretty sure she had got this one, and she rather wished she’d just answered wrong. Liana spoke.

“I’m sorry Mia but that is incorrect. The Gorlic family rule in the Eastern Winter Coast region.”

Mia found herself pouting, torn between annoyance that she had got it wrong and anticipation of the penalty to come. Liana continued.

“You should know these early answers Mia, these are the more well known regions. You will have to suffer another penalty for your lack of diligence.”

As the princess spoke Mia felt her fingers on her thighs, slowly they slid up then slipped under the edge of her panties. With a slow motion Liana lowered them, sliding the cotton across her still warm skin then allowing it to drop. A little shiver of anticipation ran through Mia as she felt the cold air of the room against her exposed skin. Once again she felt Liana’s hand rest against her back, pushing her down onto the desk. The Princess's other hand came to rest on her behind, the smooth skin warm against her own. She lifted her bottom, pushing against the Princess's palm, offering herself for her punishment. Liana spoke, a slightly breathless edge entering her voice.

“Are you ready to suffer your penalty Mia?”

Mia didn’t really try to sound nervous this time, she was enjoying the warm hand against her skin and the still exotic thrill of offering herself up so brazenly to the princess. She answered.

“Yes Ma’am. I’m ready for my penalty.”

Liana pushed her down against the desk a little more firmly, her hand sliding further up her back. Mia could feel her breasts pushing against the leather cover. The hand on her behind withdrew and she tensed a little, anticipating the blow.

Liana’s strike was firm, the sound of the slap against Mia’s bare skin filled the room. The sting was sharp and painful. She flexed against the desk, held down by her lover's firm hand as she gasped. The pain faded into heat and she relaxed, only to flex again as the next stinging blow rang against her. She clutched the edge of the desk, each hard slap bringing a breathless gasp from her mouth as she pressed her thighs against the wood and arched her back, enduring the thrilling pain, far stronger now without the thin cotton to protect her. The heat the slaps left began to grow intense.

This time Liana did not increase her pace after the tenth slap but rather began to strike with greater force. The pain of the blows began to break through Mia’s composure and the clapping sound of each against her skin was followed by a little yelp as she wriggled and flexed. She felt her nails digging into the leather of the desk as she clutched the edge, pushing herself against it as the blows sent waves of sharp pain through her, feeding the luxurious burn in her behind. She allowed herself to get lost in the sensation, her little yelping cries faded into soft moans before rising once more as the next blow came.

The final two strikes were delivered with full force. Mia felt the ringing slap and the sharp pain and she cried out, louder now. She flexed under the punishment but Liana’s hand held her against the desk. Before she caught her breath the final blow rang against her skin and she let out a long breathless cry as the pain washed over her, then collapsed against the desk as it faded into burning heat. Her breath came in gasps as she lay against the soft leather. She had quite forgotten her role and she let her outward breaths become soft, satisfied moans.

Once again Liana was stroking her bottom, caressing the burning skin. Gently lifting the cheeks of her behind, her long fingers pressing softly into the skin. Though the heat in her bottom was fiery, Mia was acutely aware of another heat between her legs, which grew as she felt the Princess's slender fingers against her skin. Liana continued to caress her, her fingers running across the punished skin. Slowly her hand moved down, brushing across the top of Mia’s thighs and then teasingly stroking the inside of her legs, sliding up to brush momentarily against her pussy. Mia let out a little groan, but the hand withdrew and delivered a soft slap to her behind that brought a little yelp of surprise from her mouth. The teasing touch left the heat between her legs stronger than ever.

Mia longed for her lover's touch as she lay against the desk catching her breath, but the denial was its own pleasure. Soon Liana spoke once again.

“Since you have now got two answers wrong your next penalty will be delivered with the paddle. You will also be naked from the waist down. Now, stand up and turn around to face me.”

Slowly Mia lifted herself off the desk. She stood, feeling her skirt fall back into place over the tender skin of her behind. Turning, she came face to face with Liana who was standing close. The princess looked her in the eye with a gentle expression and Mia gave a soft smile, which Liana returned, before once again assuming her stern demeanour and taking a step back.

“You will now remove your skirt and socks. You will then place them neatly beside the desk before returning to your position. Do you understand?”

Mia replied once more in her shy, nervous voice.

“Yes Ma’am”

Then she reached down to remove her skirt. Slowly she unbuckled her belt keeping her eyes on Liana, the princess was maintaining her stern mistress persona. The belt loosened Mia began to slide the skirt down over her thighs, her eyes still fixed on her lover. She was glad to see the Princess's cheeks colour a little and her stern expression waver as she watched her strip. Crouching down Mia brought the skirt to the floor, lowering her panties the rest of the way as she did so. She stood again and stepped forward, leaving the skirt and panties behind, moving closer to Liana who bit her lip a little. Mia couldn’t help but smile as she watched the princess trying to maintain her stern expression.

For a moment the two women stared at each other, then Mia turned and slowly, bent forwards to undo the little ties that held up her long socks, presenting her still hot and reddened behind to the princess. She could feel Lianas eyes on her as she slid each sock down, bending double as she did so.

Crouching to remove the socks she placed them down, folded the skirt and panties then picked up the little bundle. She placed it beside the desk and returned to stand in her position, facing Liana. The princess was blushing quite obviously now, and Mia thought she could see her nipples pressing against her fine silk blouse. Nonetheless Liana assumed her stern expression once more and spoke in a steady, severe tone.

“You have now got two answers wrong and there have only been three questions. The penalties will be harsher now so I suggest you try to do better. Now, turn around and bend over the desk. If you do not answer this question correctly you will receive ten swats with the paddle.”

Mia turned and, spreading her naked legs a little wider apart this time, she bent forward over the desk and waited for the next question.

“The next region is Greenvale.”

Mia knew this one quite well, but she wasn’t going to deny herself the paddle by getting it right. She answered in her best nervous voice.

“The Harlek family rule in Greenvale. They have ruled there since…” Liana cut her off.

“Wrong again Mia. I wonder if you have studied at all. Your penalty will be ten strikes with the paddle.”

Liana picked up the little round headed paddle from the desk. A moment later Mia felt the Princess's hand, it slid over the top of her bottom and under her blouse, warm against the small of her back, pushing her firmly against the desk.

“You are doing very poorly Mia.” Liana said, a slightly playful edge to her voice. “You will hold still while you receive your penalty. Keep your legs straight.” The paddle came to rest against Mia’s behind, pressing firmly, the wood cold against her reddened skin. Liana spoke again.

“Are you ready?”

Mia paused for a moment before replying, readying herself for the swats, then she answered.

“Yes Ma’am.”

As soon as she spoke the paddle withdrew and she tensed in anticipation, her hands gripping the edge of the desk. There was a moment of silence, and then the paddle swung in against her naked skin. The pain of the swat was intense, a sensation both heavy and sharp that forced a yelp from Mia as she clutched at the edge of the desk and arched her back. Slowly the pain receded into a fiery heat. She tensed again as she felt the paddle touch against her other cheek. It pressed for a moment then withdrew. The second swat matched the first, exhilaratingly painful. Mia let out another little yelp as she squirmed under the blow. The fire burned in both cheeks of her behind now. As she relaxed against the desk she focused on that heat, a smile spreading across her face.

Liana let the heat sink in before delivering the third swat. It was a little harder and Mia’s yelp was a little louder as she flexed her body in response to the pain. The Princess's hand held her firmly against the desk. The fourth swat came and Mia arched her back and cried out, then let out a little satisfied groan as she relaxed.

The princess delivered the swats slowly, allowing the painful sting to sink in. Each blow brought a yelp from Mia and her breathing grew rapid. The ninth swat, harder still, forced a louder cry from her and she let out a soft moan as she flopped onto the desk. Her bottom burned with an intense, delightful, heat. She felt the paddle come to rest against her skin. The cold touch against her sent a little shiver up her spine and she tensed in anticipation of the final swat. The paddle stayed pressed against her for what seemed a very long time. She held her breath. Suddenly it withdrew and Liana delivered the swat, harder still. The sharp pain of the heavy blow forced the air from Mia in a yelping cry. She shuddered as the hot pain became a lingering burn, and gasped for breath as she collapsed against the desk, the tension leaving her body.

She heard Liana place the paddle on the desk and felt her fingers begin to carres the burning skin of her behind. The heat was intense, painful but wonderfully exhilarating. She shuddered as Liana’s hand massaged her. Again the princess fingers slid down over the curve of her bottom. She was conscious of the moisture and heat between her legs as those fingers brushed against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh then slid slowly upwards.

Mia lifted herself on her toes, offering herself to Liana. The fingers stroked against the lips of her pussy then pulled away. She thought Liana would deny her again but then the fingers returned. Pressing softly against her, parting the lips a little and slipping upwards towards her clit. She let out a little gasp as they brushed against it then slowly, gently, circled. The burning heat in her behind and the little waves of pleasure from the Princess's touch filled her head with a warm mist. Her breath grew heavy as she closed her eyes, losing herself in the sensation. She bit her lip as her pleasure grew more intense, building with the motion of those dexterous fingers, then the touch withdrew leaving her burning. Liana spoke.

“You don’t deserve to be rewarded if you haven’t been studying.” Mia gave a little groan of protest at the denial.

Turning her head she saw Liana pick up the paddle once again, then the princess continued in a severe tone.

“Given your performance so far I wonder if there is really any point in asking, but the next region you must tell me about is the mountains of High March.”

Mia’s head was still full of fuzzy warmth, but she thought she knew this answer. She hesitated for a moment before deciding it was more fun to get it wrong. Making her voice small and timid she spoke.

“I’m sorry Ma’am. I don’t know the answer.” There was a moment of silence before Liana spoke.

“That is very unimpressive Mia. You truly have been lazy.” The Princess's tone was sharp, but Mia could sense the edge of enjoyment in it, Liana was enjoying this as much as her. The scolding continued.

“Given your terrible performance, your next penalty will be well deserved.” Mia felt the cold wood of the paddle come to rest against her behind once again.

“You will receive another fifteen with this. Are you ready?”

Mia did not hesitate to reply.

“Yes Ma’am.”

As soon as she spoke the paddle withdrew and the first swat rang against her skin. It was hard, the stinging pain intense. She gasped out a soft cry. This time the second came quickly, another ringing blow that brought the sting of tears to her eyes. Liana did not relent. The strikes came quickly and Mia squirmed and flexed as she yelped with each stinging swat. She lost herself in the intensity of the sensation, hardly registering her own cries as the exhilarating stings fed the burning heat in her bottom. Her hands gripped the desk as she arched her back, Liana’s firm hand holding her down as she delivered the rapid rhythm of blows to her lovers behind. Mia’s cries were loud as she squirmed under the punishment.

After thirteen hard swats the princess paused. Mia collapsed against the desk, her chest heaving. She shuddered as the sharp pain of the swats faded slowly into fiery heat. It was luxuriously intense, almost unbearable, but gloriously exhilarating. She had not kept count, but she knew they were not done yet. She felt the paddle rest against her once again and Liana spoke.

“Two more to go Mia. Brace yourself, these will be severe. Are you ready?”

Mia’s breathing was still rapid, for a moment she caught her breath before replying, letting her pleasure show in her breathy voice.

“Yes Ma’am. I’m ready.”

She clutched the edge of the desk, preparing for the blows. For a long moment the paddle stayed pressed against her skin, then it swun back. Mia took a breath. The blow came with full force, sending a shocking wave of pain through her behind that brought a full throated cry from her mouth. She gasped for air then let it out in a shuddering groan as she endured the sting.

She felt the paddle rest against her other cheek and again she took a breath. It withdrew and the final blow rang against her punished skin. Again she cried out, a long wavering cry that became a moan of pleasure as she flopped against the desk, all the tension flowing out of her. Her skin burned with an intense fire as the pain of the last two blows sunk in. Her breath came in shuddering gasps and tears stung her eyes. She heard the paddle placed on the desk and felt Liana’s hand leave her back.

After a moment she saw Liana walk around the desk. The princess crouched in front of her and gently wiped a tear from her eye. Mia’s bottom burned as she looked up at the Princess's beautiful face. Liana’s expression was tender. She placed a warm hand against Mia’s cheek and leant in close, her own smooth cheek pressing against her lovers. She whispered softly.

“Are you enjoying your punishment my love?” She stroked Mia’s hair as the girl replied, her voice still breathy.


Mia turned her head and softly kissed Liana’s cheek. The princess spoke again.

“Would you like to continue?”

Mia answered quickly.

“I would.”

Liana returned Mia’s kiss, her warm lips pressing against her cheek before she stood, her expression stern once more. She paced around the desk, out of Mia’s sight as she spoke.

“If you cannot answer the next question your penalty will be five strokes of the cane.”

Mia turned her head to look at the cane and saw Liana lift it from the desk. She had never been canned, but she had heard it was very painful. She was looking forward to finding out. A moment later she felt it pressed against her bottom. Liana kept it there as she continued to speak in her commanding tone.

“You will now tell me about the rulers of the Western Summer Coast.”

After a moment of thought Mia realised she didn’t know this answer. She was sure she’d read it, but it was gone from her head. It didn’t matter though, it just meant she didn’t have to make up something wrong.

“I don’t know the answer Ma’am.” She said, making her voice small and timid.

Liana removed the cane from her bottom before she spoke.

“Then you will pay the penalty. Are you ready for the cane Mia?”

Mai shifted her position a little. Her heart was beating quickly as she imagined what the cane would feel like. She lifted herself on her toes, presenting her behind and answered, not managing to hide her eager tone.

“Yes Ma’am. I’m ready.”

She felt the cane press against her once again, then it pulled back and Liana gave her a quick pair of soft taps. Mia tensed as the cane patted her skin, even with this gentle touch it sent a little sting through her. It swung back and, after a moment of tense silence, Liana delivered the first stroke. The cane made a whistling sound as it cut through the air and a loud crack as it struck Mia’s bottom. The pain was intense, a thin line of fire across her behind. She gave a loud cry, arching her back as she endured the pain. It burned intensely, slowly fading, but leaving a thin line of heat on her skin. She felt the cane come to rest against her once more and readied herself for the next stroke. She wanted to feel more of that exhilarating sensation.

It swung back and again whistled through the air, making Mia cry out as it burned a line across her bottom. The pain brought tears to her eyes once more. She gasped for breath and shuddered as her cry faded, but she lifted herself on her toes, offering her behind for another stroke. The next fell lower, drawing another thin red stripe across her as Mia yelped and flexed.

Liana delivered the fourth stroke, bringing another loud cry from Mia and making her arch her back. She gasped for breath, supporting herself on the desk as the fiery line of pain faded into a lasting heat. She felt the cane again, pressing against the line it had just drawn. It swung back and she tensed. Liana delivered the stroke along that already burning line and Mia’s cry was almost a scream as she bucked under the impact. Pain seared across her skin and sent the building tears tumbling down her face. Her cry became a long moan as she collapsed against the desk, the pain still fiery, lingering for a long time before slowly fading to leave a lasting burn.

The pain of the caning had been unlike anything Mia had felt before, it was sharp and focused, almost unbearably intense, but she had loved it. It was truly exhilarating, and as she lay against the desk she was aware of a throbbing heat between her legs, almost matching the enduring sting of the cane in its intensity. She felt Liana’s warm hand against her skin, massaging her, brushing over the stinging lines that striped her bottom. She groaned softly and shifted against the desk, getting comfortable as she enjoyed her lover’s touch.

Liana massaged Mia for a long time, her smooth fingers pressing softly. Slowly the fire in Mia’s behind faded to a softer burn, the heat between her legs only grew. Liana spoke, still caressing Mia.

“You have now failed to answer correctly five times Mia. Once more and you will have failed the test. The penalty for that will be ten more strokes with the cane.” Liana gave Mia’s bottom a gentle squeeze, drawing a little gasp from her lover's lips before she continued. “If you wish you may give up now and I will allow you to go without a further penalty. Would you like that Mia?”

Mia felt that she would not like that at all. She answered almost immediately.

“No Ma’am. I want to continue the test.”

Liana gave Mia’s bottom another squeeze then stepped away.

“Very well Mia. I appreciate your dedication.”

The princess retrieved the cane from where she had placed it on the desk and returned to her position. Mia felt it pressed against her skin.

“The next region is Southwall.”

Mia knew this answer, and she considered giving it to prove she could, but she was eager to feel the stroke of the cane again. She could feel it pushing against her, lifting her buttocks slightly. The red stripes it had given her still burned with an aching heat. She hesitated for a moment then spoke in a small voice.

“I’m sorry Ma’am. I don’t know the answer.”

Liana pressed more firmly with the cane. “Then I am afraid you have failed the test Mia, but it was brave of you to try. Your penalty for failing will be ten strokes. I want you to count each one then properly present your bottom for the next. Do you understand?”

Mia shivered with excitement at Liana’s stern tone. She tried to keep it out of her voice as she replied, playing her role as the penitent student.

“Yes Ma’am. I understand.”

Liana gave her a soft tap with the cane.

“Then we will begin. Present your bottom Mia.”

Heart beating quickly, Mia lifted herself on her toes, presenting her naked, red striped behind to the princess. She gripped the desk firmly, bracing herself for the stroke. A pair of soft taps sent a shiver through her, and then with a whistling crack the cane whipped against her naked flesh. She let out a long cry and pushed her hips against the desk as the stinging pain burned across her, slowly fading into a throbbing heat. She spoke in a breathy voice.

“One Ma’am.”

Slowly she lifted herself on her toes and again the cane tapped against her. She braced herself. The cane cracked against her skin and, biting her lip, she endured the stroke with a low moan. She sank back onto the desk with a shiver and spoke.

“Two Ma’am.”

Again she lifted herself. This time there was no warning tap. The stroke whipped against her skin and she let out a yelping cry as she flexed against the desk. She gasped for breath as the fiery pain faded. Her voice wavered a little as she spoke.

“Three Ma’am.”

Two more strokes came. Mia cried out as each one lit a burning line against her flesh, counted each in a breathless voice then presented herself for another. Now she felt the cane press against her once more, pushing on the path of an earlier stoke. The pair of taps Liana gave her stung and made her gasp as they traced the already burning line. The cane swung back and when it smacked against her flesh with its whistling crack, following that thin red line, she screamed, a loud cry of pain that wavered into an ecstatic moan as she sank down onto the desk. She gasped for breath as the searing pain faded into a luxurious burn. Her chest heaved and she felt tears on her cheeks as a satisfied smile spread across her lips. She spoke in a breathless voice.

“Six Ma’am.”

She was acutely aware of the throbbing between her legs as she lifted herself once more. The intense sensation of the cane filled her with longing for a different release. Once again Liana traced the line of an earlier stroke and again the searing pain of the impact made Mia scream. She didn’t know if she could endure three more as she lay against the table, gasping for breath, but she wanted to. She lifted herself again, speaking in a trembling voice.

“Seven Ma’am.”

Liana pressed the cane against her burning flesh, but she did not strike yet. She spoke in a gentle voice.

“You are doing very well to endure Mia. Would you like to stop now?”

Mia’s breath was still heavy, but she replied in a steady voice, grateful for Liana’s concern.

“No Ma’am. I want to finish my punishment.”

“Very well Mia.”

Liana tapped her once again. The cane swung back and then whistled through the air to crack against her skin. She let out a gasping cry, pressing her hips against the desk, then sank down with a long shuddering moan.

“Eight Ma’am.”

She lay against the desk breathing heavily and the intense pain of the stroke slowly faded. Her legs shook as she lifted herself, and she wondered at her own endurance, but she wanted to feel the sting again.

Liana spoke as she pressed the cane against Mia.

“The last two strokes will come together Mia. You do not need to count. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready Ma’am.”

The cane tapped against her skin and she tensed, then it swung back. The whistling blow swung in and again the fire seared across Mia’ bottom, bringing a gasping cry as she flexed against the desk. Almost immediately the next stroke came, Liana’s skillful hand lashing Mia once again along the same line and sending an overwhelming jolt of exhilarating pain through her flesh. Her cry became a long wavering scream. She arched her back and clutched the desk tightly as all the air left her lungs and then she collapsed against the leather cover. Gasping for air, shuddering with the overwhelming sensation as tears flowed freely down her smiling face.

Liana let the cane drop out of her hand and hurried to her lover’s side. This had been an intense game and she was filled with an overwhelming urge to comfort Mia. Gently she lifted the girl from the table. Mia turned to her. Her face was wet with tears, but she wore an expression of deep satisfaction. She looked at Liana with shining eyes and the princess pulled her into a close embrace, stroking her hair and whispering in her ear.

“You did so very well Mia.”

Mia let Liana support her weight, collapsing into the warm embrace. Little sobs shook her as the princess ran her fingers through her hair and spoke comforting words in her ear. Mia thought she never wanted to leave her lovers arms. The pain still throbbed in her bottom, a glorious burning sensation. She was filled with gratitude that she had found someone who understood her desire.

The two lovers held each other for a long time. Mia sobbing softly into Liana’s deep red hair as the princess gently stroked her. Slowly Mia’s tears dried and she turned her face and planted a kiss on Liana’s cheek. As her lips withdrew the princess pulled back a little and turned to gaze into her lover’s eyes. She spoke in a soft voice.

“I think you should be rewarded Mia. Would you like that.”

Mia leant forward again and kissed Liana on the mouth, it was a long, passionate kiss and when they pulled apart both women’s breath came quickly.

“I would like that very much Ma’am” Mia whispered.

Now Liana lent in for a kiss, her warm lips pressing over Mia’s mouth. Then princess pulled back and spoke in a breathy voice.

“Get up on the desk.”

Mia gave an excited grin as she stepped back and lifted herself onto the desk. Her bottom throbbed as her weight pressed it against the soft leather cover. Liana stepped towards her, placing her hands on her thighs and gently parting her legs. She could feel the moisture between them. Slowly the princess sunk to her knees, looking up into Mia’s eyes as she lowered herself down between her open legs.

She lent forwards and slowly ran her tongue up Mia’s inner thigh. The girl shuddered and pushed her hips forwards, feeling the sting in her bottom as the pressure shifted. The princess licked each thigh in turn, slowly moving inwards. Mia lent back, supporting her weight with her arms as she let out a long sigh. Liana’s tongue was teasingly close, slipping slowly over her skin, brushing the sides of her pussy. She could feel Liana’s warm breath as the tongue began to press against her pubic mound. Again she pushed her hips forwards and felt the burn in her behind, she moaned.

Liana slid her soft hands along her lover’s thighs as her tongue continued to massage her, warm and wet against her tender flesh. Mia’s breathing was heavy as the tongue withdrew. She felt the princess's hot breath against her and Liana lowered her head and placed her tongue against Mia once again. Slowly, she ran it up the length of her pussy, the firm pressure parting her lips a little. Mia gasped as, for the briefest moment, the tongue brushed against her clit. Again Liana brought it back then began to run it upwards. She repeated the pattern, slowly running over Mia’s pussy coming achingly close to her clit before pulling back her tongue.

The Princess's hands gripped her thighs, squeezing softly. Mia arched her back as once again Liana’s warm tongue brushed against her clit and pulled away. This time, as it slid upwards over her pussy, it pushed in, slowly parting the lips and entering her. Mia’s breathing was heavy now, she throbbed with desire as the tongue slipped deeper then withdrew, running over her labia then pushing inside her once again. Linana’s hands slid over her thighs then released them. After a moment Mia felt the soft touch of the Princess's fingers against her pubic mound, pushing softly as her tongue continued to explore her.

Liana pushed her tongue deep inside Mia, her lips pressing against her pussy as her fingers pulled softly upwards, exposing her clit. Mia threw back her head and gasped, her head full of a warm haze as she felt the warmth of Liana’s tongue insider her. Slowly it pulled back, slipping out of her then gently running upwards. Mia was ready, her chest was already heaving as the princess placed her tongue against her clit. She gasped and moaned as Liana rolled her tongue, circling then pushing. Her breathing grew quicker, she could feel her climax coming as the warm pressure sent shivers through her. She pushed her hips forward, faintly aware of the ache in her behind as it shifted against the leather.

The tongue circled, pushed, ran over her clit then circled again. Mia let out two little gasps then Liana pushed once more and she cried out as the climax washed over her. She arched her back, gripping the sides of the desk as her body shook with the orgasm, waves of pleasure pulsing through her as the princess’s tongue continued to circle and press. She gasped for breath, then cried out again as another wave rolled over her. She shuddered, her hips locked as the orgasm shook her body and a warm haze filled her mind, she could feel only the pleasure and the delightful touch of Liana’s agile tongue.

Slowly the tide of pleasure receded, her breath came in quick gasps as she felt Liana slowly run her tongue over her a final time. The princess planted a soft kiss between her legs and Mia gave a long, satisfied sigh.

Liana stood, her face flushed pink and her lips moist. Mia slid off the desk and threw her arms around her lover, who pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Thank you Ma’am” she whispered.
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