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The steady introduction of latex into our sex life.
My wife Susan wants to take her fetish further. I learn that pegging is only the start. She feminises me and now wants to name her sissy husband Nancy. The doorbell has me filled with dread.

Trembling all over I open the door. I immediately recognise Vivian, my wife’s gym partner. She shrieks and then giggles. “Hello Nancy, is Susan at home”. I can only grunt as I stand aside to let her enter. She stares down at my exposed cock. “Mmm nice” she mutters as she walks into the living room. Susan stands up and they kiss and embrace. I stand stunned. Not only does Vivian know my name but watching them greet each other makes me think they are more than just gym buddies.

They look at me standing watching them. “She is rather beautiful” said Vivian “her make-up looks very nice”. “Yes” says Susan “she looks very sexy and she does exactly what I want. She really is a slut” and they both laugh. “Nancy, got and open that bottle of wine. Two glasses only. We don’t want you to get drunk now do we?” orders Susan. They sit on the couch together as I go into the kitchen and get their wine. I can hear them laughing and I wonder what they are planning. I bring out their wine and I am told to sit down opposite them. They finish their drinks and I get up and get two more. “Nancy, I am going to the bedroom. I want you to entertain Vivian until I come back. Vivian, she will do whatever you ask. Don’t be shy”.

Susan walked off to the bedroom and my attention is on Vivian. “So you will do anything I ask Nancy”. “Yes whatever you want”. She lift her skirt and I can see she is not wearing knickers. “Would you like to lick my pussy” she says and smiles. I am convinced that I have been set up. Why else would she arrive at our front door and why else would she be naked under her skirt. “Come on then. Bring your tongue over her” she said. I crawl across the floor and bury my face in her crotch. She was already wet and squeals as I find her clit. “Oh yes, right there honey” she said I begin to lap at her sex. She moans and spreads her legs wider. “Oh that is so good. Don’t forget my pussy” she cried. While I lick and tease her clit I push two fingers into her pussy. “Deeper” she shouts and cums with a rush. “Don’t you stop. Don’t you dare stop” as her hips are jerking. I hear Susan’s footsteps enter the room. “Oh fuck” squeals Vivian. I can only guess she had spotted Susan’s fake cock.

“Is my bitch taking good care of you sweetheart?” I hear Susan asked. “Yes Susan” she replies “she is a wonderful cunt licker”. “Ok Nancy that is enough. Come Vivian honey. Come to the bedroom and I give you something better than a tongue. Vivian pushes me away and stands up. I look and she Susan naked except for her strap-on cock. They head into the bedroom. Susan looks over her shoulder and I am told to follow them. I stand by the door and watch Susan and Vivian kiss and then Susan begins to undress her. I had often seen Vivian at the gym and thought she had a great figure. Younger than us, maybe 30ish, with ample breasts and, as I now know, a sweet pussy.

Susan and Vivian tumble onto the bed and minutes later Susan mounts Vivian who squeals and moans as she takes Susan’s fake cock. “Oh darling give it all to me” Vivian shouts and I watch as my wife fucks our visitor. Was it the first time? Who knows but no matter it is obvious they are both enjoying it. “Oh shit Susan that is so big” Vivian groans but implores her to go faster. “Yes that is it’ Oh God yes” she shouts and as her orgasm washes over her she shakes and begs for more. Much more. My cock is twitching as I watch the performance. “I wish I was fucking that sweet pussy” I think to myself.

Susan slowly withdraws much to the disappointment of Vivian. “Come here Nancy. Lick Vivian’s pussy. Vivian moved to the head of the bed, half sitting with a pillow under her bum. This gives me access to not only her clit and pussy but to her anal opening. I began to lick her clit and pussy but a couple of times her backdoor. She shudders each time and I begin to do it more often. She moans and mutters something I can’t quite understand but I figure she likes it so I start to do it more licking clit to pussy to bum hole and back. She is moaning louder now. “Yes Nancy that is so good” she squeals.

I have lost sight of Susan but she hasn’t lost sight of me. She greases up the dildo and the first I know of her plan is when she slips one then two greased up fingers in my arse. I know what is coming and I want it. I don’t have to wait very long before I feel the head of the dildo opening me up. I moan my appreciation I feel it inch by delicious inch. “Oh God that looks amazing” squeals Vivian. “Yes honey. This Nancy bitch just loves my cock. She loves having her arse fucked by my big cock”. With that she sets about pegging me mercilessly. Vivian grabs my head and pulls it hard into her crutch as she has yet another orgasm. “I wish I didn’t have to go home darling” Vivian says to Susan “I want this slut to lick me all night long. Unfortunately my husband expects me home, damn it”.

It is several minutes before Susan slides her cock out of my arse. While I lay on the bed smiling broadly Susan and Vivian kiss and Vivian gets dressed. Susan slips off the strap-on and sees her to the door. She comes back and stands by the bed. “I want you to fuck me Nancy” she said and straddles my crutch burying my cock in her soaked pussy. She said she wanted me to fuck her but I am laying helpless as she rides me cowgirl style. I reach up and fondle her breasts. She falls forward and we kiss. “Cum darling. You want you to cum” she screams and she bouncing up and down until I do. She rolls off me. “Lick my pussy Nancy” she says. I don’t hesitate. I climb between her thighs lapping up my cum and she wails and cum, wrapping her thighs around my head.

We lay together and doze off. A little later we stir. “I never realised you were bisexual” I said and Susan laughs. “Neither did I until Vivian told me she was and wanted me” she said “I wish I had tried it sooner”. “Well it is never too late to start” I suggest to which she chuckles. I undress and we shower as I become Todd again. We have a light supper before making love again and fall asleep. It had been an amazing day. Vivian teaching Susan what is like to be bi. Me becoming Nancy and being used by both of them. I was fearful of someone else finding me dressed as Nancy but the fear was now gone. What was wrong with a little costume play anyway? I know I enjoyed it. Little did I realise that my acceptance would be stretched further than I could imagine and how my latex fetish would lead into unchartered waters. Maybe it was better I didn’t know. Maybe I would have said “no way” and I would miss out on amazing experiences that would follow.
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