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My descent further into latex domination.
My Susan shares me with her friend Vivian. Dressed as Nancy they use me for their own pleasure.

Susan and I are eating breakfast a week or so later when she says that she has found a contact site on the internet with couple who are into latex and leather. I nod as I am sure she will show me after we finish eating. Sure enough she loads the site and she shows me couples who want to meet other couples. I tell her that our time with Vivian was fun because she knew her but contacts with strangers were a whole lot different. She answers by telling me she is already exchanging emails with a couple close by. “They seem nice and like to dress up” she says “I think we should invite them for dinner and some dress-up play”. I see its pointless arguing as she seems to have already decided.

“Of course we may need to get Nancy some new clothes” she says “I have already been checking the internet to see what will suit”. Again, it’s pointless arguing. “Just what do you have in mind?” I asked her. “Oh something in latex I think” she said “something that suits Nancy”. Her wide-eyes and lip-licking has gotten me both nervous and excited. “So how do we find something online?” I ask. “No, we need to go to a shop and make sure whatever we get fits. I know just the place” she replies “we can go tomorrow night. The place is open until 10pm. “What sort of a shop is she talking about?” I wondered. I nod again “whatever you say sweetheart” I said and we headed off to work.

It is Thursday and Susan tells me to meet her at her office. “I have the address” she says when I get there. It is on the edge of town, well away from the commercial centre. I hope she isn’t going to be disappointed as I have doubts. When we reached the address it looked like it was just a house. “I think it is the wrong address” I said. “No” Susan replied “I rang them today. We have to walk around the back.” We head off and sure enough, there was a separate building behind the house with a sign above the door “Creative Clothing”. We go inside and I was blown away. It was filled with everything needed. There were sex toys and videos, of course, but also a range of sexy underwear and latex and leather wear. “The woman salesperson came up to us. She was decked out in bra top and leather skirt. “I am Sharon. Can I help you my dear” she said.

Susan tells her she is after a cat-suit. I was surprised as she already had one. “They are over her” she says and leads us to a rack of them. “This should be your size dear”. Susan smiles “Oh it is not for me Sharon it is for my husband”. They both look at me and I turn red. “Mmm….I think I have a couple which may fit. Here honey, try this one on”. I take the suit and go into a change room at the back of the shop. I struggle a bit but it fits. It is the same as Susan’s suit which a zip that opens the crotch and two which will reveal my nipples. I immediately realise at my cock, now hard, is rather obvious. I walk out and Sharon turns to Susan “I can see he likes it” and they both laugh. “We will take it” Susan says and she pays for it while I peel it off.

Back home we have a late dinner and Susan demands I put the suit on. I try to tuck my cock down between my thighs without too much success. Undo the zip honey she said and my manhood pops out Mmm perfect and she starts to fondle me. Undo the other zips and as she grasps my cock she begins to lick my nipples. It feels amazing. “Make love to me in your suit” she said and minutes later I am doing just that. It probably looks very weird and I am so turned on I last less than 10 minutes. “Oh yes, that is perfect darling” she says with a sigh “Nancy will look so sexy in that”.

I can see that Susan is determined to invite the couple she has been texting with to come to meet us face to face. I suggest a café or the pub. “Don’t be silly” she retorts “they will be dressed up and so will we”. I realise that she has already made up her mind. “I will invite them to come here at 8pm on Saturday” she goes on “they have already said they love to dress up so it will be fun”. I know what is coming next “I think Nancy would love to show off her new cat-suit” she smiles “I promise it will be fun darling. Trust me”.

We have an early dinner and we start to transform me into Nancy. Susan does my make-up after my shower and “flush” and while I wriggle into my cat-suit, wig and shoes she dons her cat-suit and boots. My cock is already rock hard and I realise that the latex suit is turning me on. Susan hands me a leather collar with the word “SLUT” imprinted on it. “I got this at the shop the other night” she says and kisses me on the cheek. “You are MY slut darling and don’t forget it”. We are ready for whatever happens. The doorbell rings at 7.45pm. “Oh they are early” Susan says “they must be as anxious as us for the night to begin. I will get it honey. You just stand there and looks sexy”.

Susan came back with our visitors. “This is Fred and Sandy” she says “and this lovely creature is Nancy” pointing at me. Fred is about my age, same height and build and dressed in leather pants and a skin tight latex top. Sandy is about the same age, slim, tall in her stilettos, in a latex dress which is low cut and revealing large breasts. They look at me and I swear I saw Fred lick his lips. The three of them sit down and I get the wine. “Are you really a slut?” asks Sandy. I smile. “Yes honey she is. She will do anything you want. You just have to ask”. Sandy grins “oh I am sure we will find things for her to do tonight”. Concern and excitement wash over me. I have a feeling things are going to get weird.

They had brought 2 bottles of wine with them and we had several so after finishing their two we started on ours. I noticed Susan was just sipping her wine while the rest of us was giving it quite a nudge. I was pouring Fred a drink when he reached out and rubbing my crotch through the cat-suit. “Looks like you have quite a package there Nancy. Care to share with us?” and before I could respond he was unzipping the crotch of my cat-suit. My cock escaped and Sandy moaned. “Oh Susan you lucky duck” she said enthusiastically “why don’t you play with it Fred. I bet she would love it”. Sandy was right. As Fred began to stroke it I moaned and moved closer to him. “God she is a real slut” he cried “she loves it. Let me suck that for you sweetheart” he said and began to lick and suck my cock. It felt incredible. I kept saying “I am not bi. I am not gay” but made no attempt to stop him.

“Oh fuck Fred she is loving that” shrieked Sandy and then she squealed. I looked over my shoulder to see Susan sitting next to Sandy fondling her breasts. Sandy and Susan began kissing but my mind was elsewhere as Fred’s administrations grew more frantic. “I want to fuck you Nancy” he said “I want to ram my cock up your ass”. Yes, I had taken Susan’s dildo anally but this was different. He licked my cock and looked up at me. Then he turned to where Susan and Sandy were undressing each other. “Look at those bitches getting it on” he grunted “come on Nancy honey bend over and you will love it”. He reached down and continued the zip until my arse was exposed. “Kneel on the couch you slut” he yelled and pulled down his pants. I was about to be used.


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