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This is the first of what I hope will be a series of stand-alone stories all based on happening in one location. It is also an attempt to write from a different viewpoint. This episode can also be viewed as a conclusion to my Megan and Kyle series. I may develop more stories for that series in the future as I have some concepts sketched out, but I am not sure at this time. I value your constructive feedback.

The young couple just needed to get away. On the edge of a small resort town was a series of rental houses, and the couple picked the one on the end, so it would be quieter. Unlike the big house at the other end, the one they chose was one of four small houses, all roughly the same. A master suite, plus two other bedrooms with an adjoining shared bathroom comprised the upstairs and there was a modest kitchen that was adjacent to a large great room that was the living and dining area. Each of the houses was fenced in for privacy and had a hot tub strategically placed so that no other house could see it in case the guests wanted to enjoy the hot tub in the nude. The houses were about 15 years old and lovingly cared for. A small patch of lupins grew in the corner of the yard. All in all, a good setup for a small family, or in this case a couple, to spend a few days at the beach.

Now, most of the people coming to the Beach houses were excited to get away from everyday life and have fun. Play in the water, sunbathe, read a book, and maybe have a bonfire on the beach. But this couple was different. A lot had happened to them in the past year. A year ago, they were getting married and were full of optimism that a new couple has when they are first married. Since he was 15 years older than his bride, they had decided to try and start a family right away. Megan was so excited when she was late and got the test from the drug store. Her husband Kyle was just as excited when she showed him the test had the little plus sign in it. There were a lot of hopes and dreams that began that day. But that all came crashing down two weeks later when she miscarried.

They were optimistic two months later when the next test had the little plus sign but again were devastated a couple of weeks after. However, nothing prepared them for the gut-wrenching agony of it happening a third time. Following multiple tests, the doctor informed Megan that she had a server case of endometriosis. This meant in her case, that most likely any pregnancy she had would never complete, and at some point, she likely would need to have her ovaries removed. It was with this news that Megan and Kyle came to the beach house to grieve, process, and bond as a couple.


The couple slowly drove down the lane off the main road to the collection of beach houses. There was a small drive up to their unit and a digital keypad for them to gain access to the house. Like most men, Kyle had barely paid attention to the details of the place when Megan had booked it. However, Kyle felt like there was something familiar about this place, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He was sure, however, that he had never been here before. After a few trips to the car to bring in the luggage, the coolers, and sacks of groceries they had brought for their few days there, Kyle suggested they go for a walk on the beach.

The few people who were on the beach didn’t know their story, but just saw a couple drawing close to each other, one 6’6” and still packing the muscles that he used in his college and professional football days. The other, just 5’2” but whose 34DD breasts were barely contained in her bikini top. The ocean breeze blew her blonde hair in her face and she would have to brush it away from her eyes. Since the resort town was to the south of the houses, and there was a nature preserve just to the north of them, as they walked north along the beach, they were all alone.

Kyle was beginning to de-stress and decompress, not just from the medical news that was still fresh in their minds, but from work in general and a tough conversation he had the previous day with one of his employees. But walking on the beach and holding the hand of a beautiful, barefoot blond whose tits were practically bursting out of her bikini will make most men forget about everything else. He stopped and looked down as his wife knelt to check out a shell. He watched her hand brush away some sand from it. Her finger flicked it and made a little thunk sound.

“It’s amazing how hard these little things are.” Megan, still kneeling, lifted her head. A big smile crossed her freckled face. She reached up to her man, “and it’s amazing how hard these big things are as well.” Her hands rubbed his cock through his shorts. He helped her stand back up and bent his head down to reach hers. Lips meet lips and their tongues danced together. Strong arms wrapped around the woman pulling her close. He loved the feeling of her tits against his chest.

“You know babe, the only thing I like better than feeling your hard dick pressed against my stomach is that cock trying to drill into my stomach.” There was a bit of giggle to her voice.

Grabbing her hand, Kyle led Megan down the beach a bit further where a large log was lying on the sand. He guided her to sit with him on the log and wrapped his big arms around her and embraced her. It was not long until his fingers began to roll her right nipple through the fabric of her bikini and make it fully erect. He felt a pair of hands undo the button of his shorts and unzip his fly. He validated his idea earlier to go commando as his 7 ½ inch pecker popped out and into his wife’s hands. She stroked it up and down a few times to get it fully hard, and then he felt the soft lips of the magnificent creature sitting next to him engulf his manhood. He threw his head back as tingles of pleasure shot through his body.

Not wanting to cum just yet he lifted her head to his and let his tongue dance with hers a moment. Reaching into the day pack he had been carrying, he pulled out a large towel so she could have something to pad her from the hardness of the fallen tree. Her legs draped on either side of the tree trunk, he moved the fabric of her bottoms to one side exposing her pussy, the hairs carefully trimmed the day before just as she knew he liked. He lifted her hips as he lowered his head until he was able to kiss her inner thigh. His lips traced kisses from her thigh across her body until they found her other lips. His tongue twirled around her meaty lips that gracefully protruded from her pussy. Each time Kyle sucked them into his mouth, Megan let out a moan. Not being able to stand any longer she guided his head so it was positioned right over her clit. Knowing what she needed, he sucked on her clitoral hood and flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue.

“Of fuck Kyle, don’t stop babe, don’t you dare stop oh yes just like that, uh, uh, uh…” he knew she was close when all that came out were guttural sounds. He felt her body go limp in his hands as she began to shake as an orgasm washed over her body. After she recovered Megan sat up. Kyle thought she was going to kiss him, but despite being more than twice her weight, she knew exactly what leverage to apply and rolled him off the log to the sandy patch that was on the backside of the log. His eyes went wide with the surprise and then a smile appeared on his face as she impaled herself on his manhood.

“Oh yes babe, ride my cock” he yelled.

“I love you dick, oh it fills me up so well” she marveled again in her luck as her mate was just the right size to fill her pussy. Her small frame wouldn’t be able to take anything larger. He used his hand to help lift her hips up and down and she rode her stallion. The blonde pressed her thighs as tightly as she could, hugging her man with them to tighten her pussy’s grip on his cock. As her pace increased, her clit rub against him giving her the dual please of being filled and having her clit rubbed. The excitement of fucking outdoors and seeing the joy on her man’s face was all she needed to cum again. This time it was a deep orgasm and her cum squirted from her pussy.

His hands reached up and fondler his favorite pair of tits. They fit so well in his large hands. She continued to buck her hips back and forth and alternating clenching her vaginal muscles.

“Get ready, I’m going to cum” he growled.

“Cum for me baby, fill me, fill me with your hot sticky cum” She loved encouraging her man. His hips lifted her a little as his balls release rope after rope of cum deep inside her. Megan collapsed on top of him, both utterly spent. They snuggled together behind the log until Kyle’s dick relaxed and fell out of her pussy.

“Good thing I saw an outdoor shower back at the house, your juice is all over my cock and now the sand is sticking to me.”

“Oh da widdle poor baby is all sandy, does he need his mommy to clean him up?” there was a fake mocking tone to her voice.

Kyle playfully tossed his wife off him. “You turkey.” They both laughed. They recovered themselves as best as they could and headed back to the beach house. The house was happy to see them come back and had plenty of warm water ready for him to rinse the sand off in the outdoor shower. As the house watched the young couple it noticed something else, a presence that had been visiting from time to time the last few years. It never did anything but watch, but the house was aware and remained alert to this other presence.

The couple made themselves a simple dinner and enjoyed some wine on the patio while watching the sunset over the water.

“Kyle, I have been thinking about what the doctor said” the house heard the woman speak. “I am not ready to have the surgery, but I think we should stop trying to have a baby. At this point, it is highly unlikely that I will be able to carry a child to term.” Tears were rolling down her eyes now. This was the first time she was admitting to herself that she would never mother a child of her own. The house was happy to see the man hug his wife and comfort her. The presence also was watching intently.

“If you are ok with it then I will be ok as well hon.” He kissed her forehead. “I had an interesting conversation with Dwayne yesterday in the shop floor breakroom.” Megan nodded her head. “He was all worried about his niece. She just finished her freshman year in high school and is seven months pregnant. They thought they had a good family lined up to adopt the baby, but it fell through…” his voice trailed off.

Megan looked at her husband, her eyes wide open. “Are you suggesting…?”

“I am not sure, but I am open to it. You?”

“Yes, but I need to think about it.”

“Agreed” Neither of them spoke for a while, but Kyle knew his wife enough that he could predict what she would do.

As the sunset over the mountains across the water, they were kept warm by a small propane fire pit on the patio. Finally, they headed inside and snuggled together in the bed. Sleep soon overtook them both. In the middle of the night, Megan woke from a dream and sat straight up. Shaking Kyle awake the house heard her say, “I just had the strangest, most vivid dream I ever had. Vivid, yet misty at the same time. I hear a voice saying over and over ‘This is something that just can't be understood.’ I could make out the shape of a person but no features or anything else, just that it was a person”

“That is weird” he pulled her in close to him. The warmth of his bare chest comforted her.

The next morning, he let her continue to sleep as he went down to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. After waiting a few minutes, he poured a cup and walked out into the small yard of the house. The morning sun was poking above the trees. The cool breeze felt good. He began to shudder as he thought he might not be alone but looking around he saw no one. He could feel the presence but was not afraid. He felt oddly comforted by it. The breeze subsided and the presence went away. He looked around but still saw nothing, just the lupins swaying the remnants of the breeze.

They spent the day strolling through the little resort town, checking out some art galleries, the book shop, and having a quiet lunch in a small café. They relaxed, made a small dinner, and slipped into the hot tub, and enjoyed some more wine. After sunset, the couple went upstairs and the house watched them make passionate love to each other. Megan wrapped her legs around her man as he thrust his cock into her missionary style. Kyle had figured out exactly what position he needed to be in so his bride would open her womb and fully take him in. Both of them loved that feeling. The whole house rang out with the sounds of their lovemaking and it smiled as each of them came. Sleep came easy to both of them as Kyle had his arms protectively wrapped around Megan.

But yet again, in the middle of the night, Megan was woken by the dream again. As she awoke, he also woke up.

“Did you have the dream again? Are you ok?”

“Yes, …and yes, I think. Someone is trying to comfort me, I think. Again, I heard her say, very calmingly, ‘This is something that just can't be understood.’ Although this time I could tell it was a woman in my dream.”

The house watched over the couple as the went back to sleep, and it noticed the presence carefully watching them as well. It watched them the next morning as they packed a day pack after breakfast and headed out through the meadow of wildflowers into the nature preserve. They picked up the trail through the nature preserve and followed it as twisted and turned. They had reviewed the pamphlet in the house about the trail and were headed to a bluff it described. It took over an hour to get there, but when they did, the view was spectacular. At the edge was a giant rock sticking out. Megan noticed that her husband was starring at it for a while.

“What is it dear?”

“I’ve seen this rock before, I know I have never been here, but I know this rock.”

They sat on the ground watching the world go by. Megan broke the silence “I think we should call Dwayne. Tell him we will adopt the baby.” She felt her husband wrap his arms around her and squeezed her. The sun was out, and they basked in its glow for a while and headed back to the house.

As evening approached the house watched the couple get ready for a dinner out. They had seen a nice seafood place in the little town and decided to check it out. Megan wore what had now become her trademark, a plaid knee-length skirt, a tight sweater that made everyone know she was stacked, and some knee-high boots with 3” heels to lift her small frame.

“I see someone already has a bulge in his trousers” she chuckled.

“Well, when I see you in a skirt with stockings on, I generally know you have something fun underneath that tight sweater.”

She smiled. “You’ll just have to find out later” and gave him a pat on the cheek.

It was a cozy little restaurant, and the couple began to make plans for a new member of their family. They had called once they got back into cell coverage and their offer to adopt the baby was warmly accepted. They even got a text from Dwayne’s niece showing off her bump and a couple of ultrasound pictures of their future son. Kyle got a bit suspicious though when he saw a wry grin appear on Megan’s face and then she darted from the table to the ladies’ room. A pair of moist panties were dropped in his lap as she came back to the table.

“Remember the first time I did that to you?”

“How could I forget? Especially what came after, I was a lucky man that day.”

“You want to be lucky again?”

“What do you think” a big cheesy grin was plastered on Kyle’s face. It didn’t take them long from that point to finish up and head back to the beach house.

The house could tell they were happy, their mood was very different from when they had arrived. As soon as they entered, he pulled her into the living room and tossed her onto the couch. Flipping up her skirt he dove into her moist folds, inhaling her scent and thrusting his tongue in and out. This was not gentle passionate lovemaking like the night before but done with an intensity of wild animals in heat. Megan was in full lioness mode, making guttural purrs and growls with each movement of her stud’s tongue.

He paused for a moment to remove her sweater. Underneath, she was wearing his favorite purple corset, the same one she had worn a couple of years prior on their first official date. She pulled her tits out over the cups of the corset and he dove in to suckle on them, while he continued to pleasure her with his fingers. It did not take her long to reach her pinnacle point.

As she recovered, the house watched as the man carefully scooped her up and carried her up to the bedroom and laid her in the bed. He helped her out of her boots and skirt and undressed and cuddled next to her. His hand wandered all over her body and enjoyed the feel of her stockings and the satin and lace of her corset. They made out for a while until she regained her strength. Megan climbed off the bed and bent herself over and presented her womanhood to him.

He slipped his large cock into her pussy and began to fuck her. Both were vocalizing their lust for each other. He reached an arm underneath her and lifted her torso off the bed, so she was standing with her back still to him and his cock still filling her snatch. He pulled out and spun his petite bride around. Lifting her off the ground she wrapped her arms and legs around him and impaled herself back onto his cock. He bounced her on his rod with ease as she kissed him with every ounce of passion she could muster. She began to nibble his ear but stopped when another tidal wave of orgasm crashed into her.

But there was no stopping the man this time. He laid her out on the bed prone and straddle her legs and resumed thrusting away. He knew just how to hit her G spot this way. Not only did this send her into her third orgasm but put him over the edge as well and he filled her with his baby batter. He rolled off and she half rolled onto him as they enjoyed a post-sex cuddle.

After both showed, they climbed back into bed and snuggled in for the night. All the worries of the past were forgotten for the moment and they fell asleep satisfied.

The dream came back to Megan. However, this time it was more clear, it was a pregnant redhead who talked to her. She felt the redhead touch her belly before she awoke. As she sat up, Kyle was already sitting up and shaking his head as if to clear the cobwebs. He looked at her, “It was Emily wasn’t it?” She nodded at the realization it was Kyle’s first wife who was pregnant when she was killed in the car crash a few years back that has been visiting her dreams. It made sense to him now. He knew that her family came here every year as she was growing up. He knew she loved to play in a meadow of wildflower and that lupins were her favorite flower. He told Megan of the pictures he had seen of her as a girl by the big rock on the bluff.

The house was pleased to hear that the presence it had been feeling for three years was now at peace with her fate. He listed in as the man explained that the redhead in his dream had told him she loved him, was happy he found new love and would look after her for him. They slept soundly the rest of the night with his hand wrapped around her belly.



The house was happy to see the family return the next year for a vacation. It watched as they got out of their SUV and how the man went to the seat behind him and pulled out the car seat with his son. What surprised the house, was when the woman also pulled out a car seat, this time with their daughter. For it was Emily that guided the egg that was fertilized her the prior year to a safe spot and protected it as it developed. And even though red hair was not to be found in either family going back generations, neither parent was surprised when their daughter Emily had red hair.


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