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The fascination with latex continues
My wife Susan dresses me in latex and invites another couple to join with us.

I kneel on the couch, gripping the back of it and brace myself. I feel a finger exploring my anal opening and then two finger. I can’t deny that it felt pleasant. Fred grabbed my hips and aimed his erection where his fingers had been. “How do you like that Nancy you slut” he yelled as he entered me balls deep in my arse. While not as big as my wife’s strap-on it takes several minutes before my muscles accept the intrusion. I moaned and he realised that I was now enjoying his actions. “Yes tell me how you like it bitch” he yells. “Oh I love it Fred darling. Fuck me harder” I scream and I was not faking. It was wonderful. Then he yelled again as he filled my anal canal with a load of sperm.

I had lost sight of Susan and Sandy so I assumed they had snuck off to the bedroom together. Once Fred withdraw I looked around and heard moaning in the distance. With cum trickling down my thighs I headed to the bedroom to find Susan wearing her weapon and Sandy playing with it. Fred headed into the bathroom to have a shower but my cock was still stiff and longing for relief. Susan looked at me and blew me a kiss. “On your hands and knees Sandy” she said and Sandy quickly complied. “Hand me the KY Nancy darling” she said and I gave her the jar. A liberal coating was applied and Sandy squealed as Susan moved in and began to feed that big dildo into Sandy’s welcoming pussy. “Oh shit it is so big” moaned Sandy “give me more. I want it all”. Susan was more than happy to oblige.

Sandy looked over and saw me standing beside the bed. “Ooh two cocks would be fun” she gasped and finally I was going to get relief. Kneeling in front of her she lifted her head and opened her mouth which I was only too happy to fill. She was gasping and gagging as Susan and I fucked her at both ends. Fred walked into the room fresh from his shower. I was surprised to see his cock was already showing signs of waking up again. He stood on the bed and aimed his cock at me. “Suck my cock Nancy. Show me just how much of a slut you are. I reached up and grabbed his still semi hard rod and pulled his towards me. There we were. Susan fucking Sandy who was sucking me who was sucking Fred.

Loud moans and groans filled the room. I was close to unloading and Sandy showed no sign of stopping. I told her I was close but she wasn’t fazed. Perhaps 10” of dildo pumping her pussy had something to do with it. Regardless she took my orgasm in her mouth and swallowed and then came herself. Fred’s cock had grown in my mouth and I began to fondle his balls. He started to tremble and I assumed her was close. As his wife had sucked me dry it was only fair that I reciprocate and swallowed every drop as he pumped cum into my mouth. Susan pulled out and we all collapsed in a heap on the bed. It had been a wonderful experience.

We recovered our senses and Fred and Sandy said they had better get home to relieve the baby sitter. We all had showers and a final glass of wine. Sandy thanked us for a great night and said that they were members of a latex and leather group which meet monthly. One of the members had this huge house and there was a lot of “mutually satisfactory activities”. She said she would send the details to us. Looking at me she said “they would love you Nancy honey. You would be the belle of the ball”. I did say I wasn’t sure about being out dressed in public but she said not to worry. Again the conflict of concern vs excitement. I said we would think about it.

After they left Susan was very excited with our first foray into couple sex and said we should talk about this group idea. I was less sure. Dressing up for Susan was fun. Inviting Fred and Sandy was also fun, even with my initial concerns. But dressing as Nancy and being with who knows how many strangers was quite a leap. I had no doubt that Susan was interested. She would have to convince me. “OK” she said finally “let’s sleep on it but first you need to fuck me Todd darling. I am as horny as hell”. I was up for the challenge and had her moaning and squealing as I first licked her sweet pussy and then fucked it hard and fast.

During the next week we debated the idea of joining this latex and leather group. Sandy did indeed send details and this get together was to be in two weeks’ time. I guess that gave us plenty of time for debate which naturally ended up in bed. There was no doubt that Susan was all for us attending and finally promised to suck me off several times until I finally agreed. Sexual blackmail was always going to win out. Susan texted Sandy and said we were going and she sent back that she and Fred were also going. At least we would know someone there. That made me feel a little better.

Cometh the day we did the shopping and had lunch. Susan was extra excited and so she dragged me into the bedroom twice during the afternoon to “calm her nerves”. Sex is a great way to ease the tension. We had an early dinner and then got ready. Susan did my make-up and Todd became Nancy in her cat-suit, high heels and wig. Susan did her gothic-style make-up and dressed in her cat-suit and boots. We thought about driving but Susan said we should take a cab. I am not sure what the cabbie thought when he picked us up but he did spend a lot of time looking in the rear vision mirror.

We got to the house. Did I say house? It was a mansion. It reeked of old money. I rang the doorbell and this guy answered. All in leather, the jacket covered in studs. “Come in darlings” he said staring at me. “We are Susan and Nancy” Susan said “friends of Fred and Sandy”. He smiled “well I am Rodney” he said “Fred and Sandy are already here. Do come in”. We entered the main living room and there was maybe two dozen people there all dressed to the nines. “Susan and Nancy everyone” Rodney announced. Lots of hellos followed and I was getting plenty of stares. Maybe I was worried about nothing although I did notice there appeared to be more men than woman.

We were given drinks and we met up with Fred and Sandy. Susan delved into her bag and pulled out my slut collar. “Put this on darling so everyone knows” she said. Sandy laughed and whispered “I think you will get lots of attention tonight Nancy darling. Most of these guys are bi”. My cock was already swelling and that did it. “Susan you will get plenty of offers honey but save a spot for me” Sandy added. Fred was already touching my arm or my shoulder. I wondered how long it would be before he made a move on me. My bum hole twitched with the memory of him fucking me. But was he going to be the only one who would use Nancy before the night was over. Time would tell.


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