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Hey everyone, here's chapter 2!

-=Warning=- Outside of the sex and eroticism, This is ultimately a romance story and deals with themes of love, affection, emotions and other related mush. If you're just looking for a straightforward narrative to rub out a quick orgasm, this may not be the story for you.

Reader discretion is Advised.

I hope you enjoy the story.
--=Awkward Anne - Chapter 2=--

Anne's large, brown eyes creaked open, blinking through the early morning sun that was shining unpleasantly into her face. She groaned, arched herself into a languid, feline stretch and began untangling herself from her twisted bed sheets. The flowing, overlarge Batman shirt had ridden up past her waist, exposing her small, bare ass to the new day. The shorts she had been wearing the previous night were drying on the closet doorknob next to her plaid pajama pants; she smiled devilishly remembering how they got to be soaked through in the first place.

Anne flipped onto her back and stared at her ceiling, without the glasses that sat on her nightstand, her world was blurred and out of focus; but her mind was

wandering somewhere else entirely. She recalled the feel of Kevin's cock in her hand, how it stiffened and throbbed to attention...the feeling of the skin gliding

over it's rigid core...the warmth of his cum flowing down over her fingers...It had been the first cock she had ever felt or seen in real life; it was perfect.

She wanted more.

She raised that hand to her nose again and sniffed the faint, but still lingering scent of his cum and felt her pussy tingling in anticipation. Hungrily gorging on

his scent, she ran her left hand down her flat torso, past her bony hips and combed long fingers through her ample public hair. She ran the tip of her finger lightly over the entrance of her vagina, it came away slick and shiny in the morning sunlight.

She sat up, donned her glasses and checked her bedside clock: 6:43am. A slow smile danced across her lips as lewd thoughts coalesced into a devious, perverted strategy.

Kevin would still be fast asleep and their Father wouldn't be up for about another hour.

Anne swung her legs over the side of the bed and walked out into the short upstairs hallway as quietly as she could, her large t-shirt just long enough to obscure her nudity. She stood in front of Kevin's bedroom door, a horde of butterflies rampaging through her stomach. She turned the knob with a trembling hand and the door swung in to reveal his room, shrouded in darkness. She could see his peacefully sleeping form by the light of the hallway, his room was spotless and easy to navigate silently in the dark but her feet sat rooted to the ground; she knew what she wanted to do but her nerve began faltering.

'What if last night was all he wanted...what if he just did it because he had that can of beer? What if he just needed release from anyone and doesn't have feelings for me...what if I'm going insane and imagined it all...' She thought, her mouth dry and knees shaking as she stood at the threshold knowing that if she just walked away and pretended nothing ever happened, she could live the rest of her life with the relationship they had always shared, and one, deeply intense memory.

She gritted her teeth and steeled her resolve. No. She was tired of living in fear and doubt. He had said he loved her. Loved her more then anything else. She had to trust in love and see this through. Her life had changed forever last night; she wouldn't allow herself to run away this time.

Anne exhaled deeply and on shaking knees took the first step into the room, towards Kevin. Each step was harder then the last but she forced her legs to move until she was standing over her brother.

She put a hand on his shoulder and whispered his name in his ear.

He woke up, groggily startled and looked around in confusion. "Anne? What's wrong, are you alright? What time is it?"

Anne smiled and nodded. "I'm fine Kevin...I just needed to talk to you about something."

"Huh? Wha- yeah, ok, just a sec." He pulled himself to his elbows, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and put his glasses on, looking up through bleary eyes. "What's up?"

"'s about last night." She paused and looked down at the floor

"Last night? What?" She didn't see his expression turn to dread.

"I was awake when you did what you did..." She finished and looked up to see her brother's face blank and completely devoid of color.

She saw her brother, her rock, the love of her life utterly break down. Tears streamed from his eyes, his lip quaked and he looked like he was going to be sick.

He put his hands together and began rambling in apology. "Oh god Anne I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, it's not what it seemed, I love you, I never wanted to hurt you, I'm sorry I was wrong to do it, please don't tell dad, I'll leave the house and you'll never have to see me again."

Anne knelt down in front of him, threw her arms around her brother and hugged him as tightly as she could, whispering into his ear. "No, Kevin, no...don't leave, you don't have to leave, I'm not mad, I love you."

She felt his arms wrap around her shoulders and they held each other silently. Anne consoled her brother and lovingly rubbed her hand up and down his back as his panicked sobs settled into confused shuddering breaths.

After a couple minutes Anne pulled back and held him at arms length, staring into his eyes in the darkness. "I was awake last night Kevin...and you made me happier then I've ever been before." She leaned forward, closed her eyes and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Her first kiss. Her heart swelled in her chest when Kevin returned it, his lips soft yet firm and unflinchingly passionate. Anne felt the fire rekindle in her stomach, turning the butterflies of doubt and apprehension to ash.

She broke off the kiss and kneeling in front of him held hands in her own.

Kevin's voice sounded a bit strained and he said, he eyes lowering to the floor. "So when did you wake up...during of last night?"

Anne blushed and it was her turn to sound nervous. "Um...sometime around the beginning of the Third film...I...kind of...helped gravity put my hand in your lap..."

His head flicked up to look at her with a quirked eyebrow. "You intentionally groped my penis?" He said in mock accusation.

"You're the one who pulled you're dick out." She shot back smiling.

"I thought you were asleep!" His whispered response defensive but light.

"That's not better, you perv!" She giggled, slapping him lightly on the arm.

"Oh whatever, you liked it." He winked, his expression coy.

"I did." Anne tone turned flat and serious. She leaned in for another kiss, pressing her tiny breasts against his chest. She felt Kevin's tongue delicately probe her mouth; she parted her lips to allow it entry and met it with her own. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths, Anne could feel her brother's cock stiffening against her stomach and she pressed harder into him. She felt Kevin coax her up off the ground and laid back on the bed, pulling his sister with him.

Anne, still bottomless crawled over her brother's body, her long legs straddling him easily, keeping a teasing distance between her and his straining cock. She felt Kevin's hand touch the side of her face lovingly, holding her as they kissed passionately. Trails of electricity sprung up as his fingers traced down her long neck and over her collarbone to cup the small bump that passed for her tit. She felt him lightly pinch and play with her puffy, pink nipple through her shirt and she moaned into his mouth.

Still playing with her small tits and encouraged by her response, Kevin's other hand traced slowly down her back until it met the bare skin of her ass. She felt him pat around the area in confusion and he momentarily broke off the kiss.

"Are you not wearing pants?" He asked

"No, I most certainly am not." Her smile positively carnivorous.

"Oh my god that's so hot." He growled. His hand gripped her small ass cheek firmly and gave it a little spank.

"Quiet, Dad's still asleep." She said around the kiss.

Kevin grunted apologetically and nodded, continuing to deeply massage her ass.

Anne was adrift in a sea of unbridled passion. Letting herself be carried by the wild tides and thrashing waves of pleasure; delighting in the myriad new experiences and sensations she had only ever fantasized about.

She felt her brother's hand release its grip on her ass and gave it a much lighter, parting spank that made her hips buck; one of his fingers traced a line around and

under her hips until it found the edge of her thick pubes.

"Mmmm...Au Naturelle...very sexy." He mumbled.

His hand inched it's way tantalizingly through her bush towards her dripping wet pussy, Anne's clit was on fire, begging for attention.

She then remembered something and fighting every instinct, grabbed his wrist just as his finger tip reached the top edge of her slit; she gently pulled his hand away and he tilted his head at her.

"Are you alright, did I hurt you, am I going too fast, did you want to stop?" He asked, his breath coming in heavy gasps.

" at all." She gave him a quick peck and bit her bottom lip. "I...just haven't exactly showered in about a week...I don't want your first experience with me...down there..." She gestured, embarrassed "To be when I...well..." She hesitated, blushing a deep red. "When I stink..."

"Oh...that's what that smell is..." He laughed and tried feebly to defend himself from her sudden flurry of blows, but she was on top and had greater reach and he took a few playful whacks for his joke. "Ow, ow, I surrender!" he whispered.

Anne, now sitting on her brother's lap felt the hardness of her cock under her ass, it twitched hungrily beneath her. She looked down at him, her hair hanging in front of her face.

Kevin smiled and tucked her hair back behind her ears, looking deeply into her eyes.

"I don't care if you haven't showered in a month; you're the most beautiful woman in the world and I don't know if I can wait much longer."

She grinned girlishly and ground her butt into his crotch.

"Please Kevin...besides," She leaned down, bringing her lips to his ear and whispered softly. "I didn't say you couldn't be in the shower with me."

"Oh yessss...-wait." Kevin hooked a thumb in the direction of their Father's room. "What about Dad?"

Anne pointed to her brother's bedside clock, which read 6:55am. "Dad doesn't usually wake up until 7:30, we've got a half hour to fool around."

Kevin shrugged "It's a start." Anne swung off his lap and ran to her room to fetch her bath towel, Kevin grabbed his own and they crept into the bathroom together, Anne closed the door as silently as she could, knowing that her father's bedroom was right next door. Anne's nerves were on fire with the excitement of what she was doing...and what she was about to do.

As soon as she turned from the door she felt Kevin's hands grab her hips and he pulled her tight to his chest, which was pleasantly bare, he then pinned her body to the door; they both winced at the volume of the thud from the impact and burst out into quiet laughter.

They gazed deeply into each other's eyes, each reflected in the other's glasses. Anne leaned in first, bringing her head down to kiss her brother softly on the lips. She could feel Kevin pressing his hips more tightly into her, appreciative of his arousal which was firmly poking into her leg through his pants.

Anne broke off the kiss, put her hands on his chest and gently pushed him back. He raised a curious eyebrow to which Anne answered with a simple "Drop 'em" gesturing to the ninja turtle pajama pants he had gone to bed in; which, she was delighted to see, were significantly tented in the front.

"Then you're going to have to get rid of that." Kevin grinned hungrily, pointing at her long, baggy shirt.

Anne crossed her arms over her small chest. "I asked first."

Kevin crossed his arms in return. "Hey it's only fair."

An incredulous expression appeared on Anne's face. "You jacked off with my hand when you thought I was sleeping."

"How often are you going to hold that against me?" Kevin shook his head and hooked his thumbs in his waistband

Anne shrugged and said nonchalantly "For however long it works." Despite her flippant tone, Anne was buzzing with excitement as she watched Kevin, blushing ever so slightly, slowly slide his pants down his legs in the full light of the washroom

She saw his patch of neatly, evenly trimmed red pubes first, followed closely by the base of his hard cock. Anne bit her bottom lip unconsciously and Kevin, seeing this, teasingly slowed his disrobing, inch by inch his cock was slowly revealed to her hungry eyes. She audibly whimpered when the waistband got caught on the head of his hard dick and in response, Kevin bobbed his shaft up and down with the caught waistband, clearly enjoying Anne's frustration. Finally, he whipped the pants down hard and let them fall in a pile around his ankles; his cock, carried by the momentum, bounced up and down before coming to a stop, turgidly at attention.

Anne marveled at her brother's hard dick, seeing it for the first time in the light and with eyes fully open. It wasn't nearly as big as most of the ones she saw in

porn, likely just shy of six inches but the shaft was appetizingly thick and even under his foreskin she could clearly see that his head flared pleasantly. A bead of Anne's wetness trickled down her inner thigh, leaving a cool trail to just above her knee.

With a shaking hand she reached forward, her fingers longing to encircle Kevin's shaft...but Kevin turned his hips out of the way, causing his swollen manhood to swing wildly.

"Nope, not until we shower. I don't want your first," he corrected himself with a wink. "second experience with me down there to be when I stink." His mocking tone mimicking her earlier words.

Anne rolled her eyes. "Fine. I'll get the water going." As she passed Kevin, her hand whipped out faster then he could dodge and playfully slapped his cock; sending it wagging this way and that.

"Oh, I'll get you back for that." He pointed at her in feigned anger.

Anne simply shrugged and bent over the tub to turn on the faucet.

She felt a sudden wet pinch on her backside which made her yelp and stand up straight. She looked back at Kevin who was standing behind her, smiling innocently.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Did you just bite my butt?" she asked, rubbing her right cheek; the faucet poured water loudly into the tub.

He rolled up and down on his toes. "No...not must have been a...goblin." His erection bounced with the movement. "You know..." he continued "I heard that butt-biting goblins are afraid of naked ladies." he moved closer to his sister and gently pulled the bottom of her shirt up. "If rid of this...he might not come back." Kevin's words were breathy whispers against her ear; Anne closed her eyes, goosebumps raising on her skin.

"Well that's a shame...I think butt-biting goblins are kind of cute." She pouted playfully and let Kevin finally pull the Batman shirt up over head and discarded it

against the wall. He stopped and studied his nude sibling, his pupils dilated, taking in every detail of her form.

Anne had the sudden urge to cover herself with her hands in reaction to his gaze but forced herself to remain bared for him to see.

"You're stunning..." Kevin's whisper cracked, his eyes flickering over her body.

"You're lying..." Anne stated bashfully, a pink hue creeping into her face.

In response, Kevin pulled her tightly to him once more, their naked bodies pressing skin to skin; he ran the back of his index finger sofly over her cheek and

whispered, looking directly into her eyes. "You're the most beautiful woman on earth..." He kissed her sweetly on the collarbone and then lightly bit the nape of her

neck, pulling her hips towards his throbbing cock and holding her by the back of the head.

Anne nearly passed out as she felt his warm breath and hard teeth on her skin; when she felt his cock slide against her thigh, she gasped loudly.

Then nearly screamed as she heard her father's voice on the other side of the door. "Poodle? Are you in there?"

Both Anne and Kevin froze in place, their bodies rigid and eyes wide in shock, there's no WAY it was 7:30 yet.

'Shit, shit, shit, shit' Anne thought. She took a few breaths to steady herself. "Yeah Dad, I'm just about to take a shower." She called out, somehow keeping the

unbridled terror out of her voice.

"Oh...hey Poodle...Do you mind if I take a quick pee before you hop in? I really need to go." The desperation in his voice was real.

"Ummmm...yeah Dad, sure." Kevin looked at her with a you've-got-to-be-kidding expression but she waved him off. "Just let me get covered up."

"Okay" She heard him say from the other side of the door as she ushered her big brother into the tub, shushing him quietly and closing the shower curtain to conceal his presence.

"Hey Poodle?" Her dad prompted.

"Yeah Dad?" She gathered Kevin's discarded clothing and tossed them over the gap between the curtain rod and ceiling. She heard them fall onto the tub's wet floor and winced.

"Where's Kevin?" She heard him ask. "His bedroom door is open but he's not inside."

Kevin pulled back the shower curtain and mouthed something Anne couldn't quite understand, so she improvised. "He went out for a run." she said, giving her brother an apologetic shrug.

"But his shoes are at the front door." Kevin raised an eyebrow at her and she waved him off. Anne's mind felt like a cloud of swarming insects. "He...uh...went barefoot." She explained. "Ummm...yeah, he was reading a thing online about how that's better for you...or something."

"Oh." Her Dad paused for a few seconds. "Alright then." It sounded like he bought it. "Are you going to be much longer, Poodle? I might not be able to hold it for much more.

"Yeah Dad, almost done." Anne said, leaning close to Kevin and whispering. "Alright, you stay here, stay quiet and wait until he finishes. Wait until he's distracted, grab some shorts from your room and make your escape outside. Come in the front door 5 minutes later as if you've been running. Got it?"

Kevin nodded in exasperated agreement.

"Good. Oh, and rub your feet in the garden or it won't look like you were barefoot." She smiled and kissed him quickly on the lips before covering him back up and opened the bathroom door. Her Dad was standing there, crossed legged and desperate. Before she could say "All yours", he kissed the top of her head and rushed in, closing the door behind himself. She heard the toilet lid open, a deep, long sigh from her father and what sounded like a fire hose unloading in the bowl.

Anne was both more nervous and terrified then she had ever been in her life...but also felt more excitement and adrenaline then she had experienced before. Kevin was barely three feet away from their father behind a thin sheet of opaque plastic, in a room where she had just left, probably naked and with no good explanation as to why he was there.

Anne leaned against the wall and reached under her towel, unceremoniously shoving two fingers as deep inside her soaking wet pussy as they could reach. She pulled them out of herself and examined the wetness that coated her; she heard the toilet flush and when she heard her father washing his hands, she pushed her slick fingers into her mouth, licking and sucking the juices off her skin. She knew her father would be coming out of the bathroom any minute, but she took her time, enjoying the strong, yet not unpleasant taste.

The bathroom door clicked open and Anne whipped her fingers from her mouth, grinning sleepily at her father. "Better?" she asked.

"Better." He blew out a sigh. "Thanks again, the bathroom is all yours now."

"Thanks! By the way, why are you up so early on a Saturday?" She asked, leaning against the door in her towel.

"Oh, Steven texted me, said he's been in the hospital with his mother all night so I'm going to open the store." He said, his expression grave. Steven had worked for her Dad for years, an older divorced man who had his mother move into his apartment when her health began failing last year. He was a kind, exuberant man who, whether intentional or not, modeled his look after Gary Gygax.

"Weren't you working the closing shift?" Anne asked.

"Looks like I'll be there all day now." He sighed with a shrug.

" know I'm not doing anything. I could close for you." She offered.

"What, really? Thanks Poodle, I'd really appreciate that. You're sure it's no trouble?" He asked, his smile accentuating the overbite he shared with his daughter.

"I've been rooted to that sofa downstairs for a week, let me earn my keep." Anne said

"It's a deal. How does 1:00 to 7:00 work?" Her Dad asked "That way we can double team the afternoon rush."

"1:00 to 7:00 works just fine!" Anne pouring some of her nerves out into the enthusiastic response.

"Great! I'm gonna get dressed, grab some breakfast and be off, then." He Dad said with a bit more pep in his step realizing he didn't have to pull a full Saturday at the shop alone; he went back in his room and closed the door to get dressed.

Anne sprinted into the washroom, Kevin was already dressed in his now damp nightclothes. She relayed the conversation she had with their Dad and ushered Kevin out the door with a quick kiss. His eyes widened and jaw dropped as he recognized the taste on her lips but Anne put a hand to his chest and pushed him towards his room, mouthing the word 'quickly' and he ran off quietly to play along with the deception.

Shaking her head in amusement, she pulled off her towel, set her glasses on the counter turned on the shower again and hopped in.

Anne closed her eyes, bent her head and luxuriated as the water flowed through her long hair and over her skin. The water was hot enough that it caused her skin to itch but that's how she liked it; she breathed deeply of the steamy air and reached for the soap and her frilly loofah. Alone, in the enveloping heat, Anne allowed herself to process recent events as she lathered her lithe upper body.

She knew she should feel shameful, she had felt those things yesterday...but that was before she discovered that Kevin was feeling the same way too...she

realized that her guilt and fear had stemmed from the fact that she was afraid these feelings would drive a wedge between her brother and herself and oddly not from the fact they were related...the fear that she would lose him...but it looked like it was going to bring them even closer.

She smiled to herself and bent at the waist to soap up her legs, working upwards from her feet, she soon reached her thick patch of pubic hair. Anne knew that most people found such an unkempt bush to be off-putting but to Anne, this was kind of the only promise that puberty had actually followed through on; well the only one that didn't hurt for a week every she felt a certain attachment to it. Her smile grew wider when she ran her fingers through the soapy hair, playing idly with the curls; besides Kevin said it was sexy. He said she was the most beautiful woman in the world...she knew he was being overly generous though...He probably told his other girlfriends they were beautiful too...

She felt the dark tendrils of self-doubt slithering into her mind but managed to take control and banish them back into the abyss of her subconscious.

Anne rubbed the loofah up and down her slit, enjoying the soft scratching sensation and when she was well lathered, her fingers joined the fray to massage the suds around and between her lips which were slippery from the morning's erotic escapades. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as her ring and index finger, pulled back the tiny hood obscuring her clit; Anne's middle finger found the stiff little button and flicked upwards, causing electric tingles to jolt through her body. She held a picture of Kevin's cock in her mind's eye, now accurate and vivid, then continued to flick her soapy digit upwards along her bare clit. Her other hand, holding the loofah, swooped down between her ass cheeks, lathering up her skinny posterior as she maintained the vision of her brother's penis, engorged and throbbing in her imagination.

It wasn't the huge porn-dong she had envisioned in the past, had imagined pounding her pussy or gagging her throat; but it was longer then her trusty brush handle and girthy...she knew when the time would hit all the right spots.

It was perfect and all hers.

...I mean, she thought to herself, he probably also used it on some of his exes...she didn't know how many exactly. Until now, sex was often a subject avoided in the household. With a divorced father who didn't date and a hopeless loser for a sister, Kevin hadn't exactly crowed about his conquests...conquests...was she just?...Her hands slowed to a stop...

No. Anne opened her eyes, borrowing some of the fire that burned through her pussy to immolate further incursions of insecurities, using the memory of Kevin's cock in her hand the night before, she forced her imagination to struggle against the swirling current that shew knew would drag her down.

Anne needed more stimulus to break free of the undertow, so she unceremoniously dropped the loofaha she had been cleaning her ass with and probed her other hand's index finger into the hair-rimmed pink pucker of her asshole. Anal play wasn't a thing she was necessarily unfamiliar with, but it was a rare enough treat that the added sensation helped bring her mind back to the reality of the present, lifting it out of the mire into which it was threatening to sink; the finger on her clit continued its efforts and she felt the familiar, deep quiver of a building climax.

Staring blankly at the blurry wall of the shower, it occurred to Anne that Kevin's cock was larger then the single digit pushed halfway into her asshole...she gathered soap on her middle finger, relaxed herself and inserted its was nice, but she still didn't think it was quite there yet. She repeated the same with her ring finger, slipping the tip of it alongside the other two in her ass. 'That's probably more like it' she thought.

She gritted her teeth and let out a groan as she slowly pushed her three soapy fingers deeper into her backside, reveling in the stretching sensation that danced the line between pain and ecstasy. She allowed her stretched pucker to adjust to the fullness inside while she rubbed her clit more frantically.

Anne felt another pulse from deep within and she gasped louder then she had meant to as her asshole contracted around her digits, she knew if she kept up this pace she would be cumming hard in no time.

"Oh god, Kevin...fuck my ass..." Anne moaned. Her three fingers thrust in and out of her ass, pushing to the point of pain just past her second knuckle, complimenting the utter, knee-shaking pleasure radiating from her clit.

"Oh, Kevin..." she said...her thrusts and flicking slowed...her breathing was hard and heavy, her body at the very edge of orgasm. She blinked some water out of her eyes and against every natural impulse in her body, slid her fingers away from her clit and out of her asshole. Her entire body was trembling like an addict going through withdrawal but she remained steadfast in her sudden decision.

She had woken up with a plan. Today she was determined to share her orgasm with the love of her life. Her quivering pussy complained to her, mewling that he wouldn't mind if she had a quick cum in the shower. Her tingling asshole added its voice to the mix; he'd think its sexy that you came pretending the fingers in your ass was his cock...

No... Anne closed her eyes, trying to stamp out the enticing flames that threatened to push her over the edge, her quivering hand combed back down through her bush. Just a few more seconds...she thought to the cheers of her libido. She stopped just before she made contact with her clit, annoyed at the realization she had been maliciously tricked by her own body. She breathed deeply and steadied herself, forcing her hand away from her erogenous zones.

She finished her shower and toweled off with professional, medical detachment. She donned her Batman shirt from the previous night, picked out the least offensive pair

of pajama pants from her laundry pile and headed downstairs for a quick breakfast with her father.

She was halfway through her cereal and talking about a newly released TTRPG her Dad had shown her on his laptop, when the front door opened and Kevin walked in: barefoot, sweaty and panting. Anne glanced at the clock on the wall, 8:15am, and realized he had been gone for an hour.

"The Butcher of Bakersfield returns!" Their father called triumphantly to Kevin. "Did Sub-Zero give you any trouble?"

"Yeah." Kevin grumbled in his best Schwarzenegger impression. "He was a real pain in the neck." He wiped his feet off on the front mat before walking into the house.

"That must have been one hell of a run you took," Their Dad said, "how did it feel barefoot?"

Kevin leaned against the wall and sighed. "Not gonna calves are on fire, I've got blisters on blisters and for the first half of the run I kept pounding my

heels on the ground...I can see the benefits, but I doubt I'll do it again."

"Well, either way you did a good job." Their Dad raised his coffee mug in salute and took a long, relaxed sip, idly reading more about the new game on his laptop.

"Hey Dad?" Anne asked coyly.

"Yeah Poodle?" He took another relaxed sip of his coffee and leaned back in the chair.

"What time do you have to open the store?" She looked at Kevin who shared her amused grin.

"8:30, why-?" He stopped short, his eyes popping out behind his glasses. "Oh, hell!" Anne couldn't help but laugh as her dad shot back from the table, causing a small puddle of coffee to slosh out of his mug.

He stood in the kitchen, darting back and forth but not quite committing to a direction. Finally he opened the fridge, shoved some of the leftover barbecue from the night before into a paper bag, dashed to the front door, retrieved his car keys, slipped on his shoes and bolted out the front door.

Anne rolled her eyes and picked his laptop up off the kitchen table, walked to the front door in time for her Father to return, handed it off to him with the power

cord and received a kiss on the forehead and a rushed "Thanks!" for her effort. She saw him start the car, back hurriedly out of the driveway and speed off in the direction of his game store.

Anne closed the front door and felt Kevin's arms wrap around her waist. She smiled and leaned back into him, sighing lightly as she felt him kiss her neck.

"I didn't expect you to be gone for so long." Anne said as Kevin's fingers trailed up and down her flat stomach.

"Well I was already pretending to go for a run, so I figured why not do it for real?" She felt him shrug "I've actually been trying to get in better shape lately."

"Ohhhh, I noticed." Anne purred.

"Yeah, fit guys get all the ladies." Kevin chuckled.

Anne stiffened at the comment. "All the ladies?..." She said, her shoulders settling back into their customary slump.

"You alright, Anne?" Kevin asked as she wove herself out of is embrace, insecurities from the shower rushing back into clear, prominent focus.

"Kevin..." she started. "Are..." she faltered, "are this thing happening between us just..." she trailed off.

"What is it, what's wrong?" Kevin's eyes were filled with worry.

"Am I just another conquest for you? A hole to keep your dick warm while you're away from University?" she crossed her arms over her midsection and let her gaze fall to the floor.

"What?!" Kevin's voice was laced with shock and pain. "No! Anne, I love you!"

"You probably said that to your other girlfriends too..." A dense fog of sadness clouded her mind.

"I actually never did..." He whispered.

"Well you slept with them." Anne shot back.

"Yeah...a couple of them...but they were all just placeholders..." He replied.

"Placeholders?" Anne's voice turned bitter at his choice of words.

"Yeah" Kevin's voice took a harder edge, doubling down. "Every girl I've ever dated, I did do because they reminded me of you. You, Anne. The one woman in the world I love above everyone else, the one woman I thought I could never be with; so when I found a girl who reminded me of some aspect of you, I convinced myself that a little of what I wanted was better then none at all. That if I found someone who I could believe, even for a moment, was you that it would be enough...but it never was."

"You're girlfriends were nothing like me..." Anne spat back.

"Katie" he said flatly.

"She was a foot shorter then me and her breasts were enormous." Anne replied

"She had freckles and wore her hair the same way as you. Matilda." He served

"She was a blond cheerleader." Anne bounced it back

"She had your nose and face shape. Bronwyn." Kevin returned the shot

"She was a two hundred pound glee club member!" Anne drove hard

"She had your eyes and the exact same laugh." Kevin stated simply. "And not that quiet little giggle you offer up to the general public. The one you bust out when it's just the family hanging out together and something really got you. Like the time you and Steve managed to demolish the stronghold of one of Dad's NPCs in D&D with a fire bolt and some creatively placed black powder."

His tone had softened considerably. "I still remember the exact moment I fell for you. The precise moment when I knew I would be doomed to never be happy unless I was able to spend my life with you."

The edge to Anne's expression dulled and she hugged herself tighter, remaining silent. Kevin continued speaking.

"Mom had been gone three weeks and it had just then fully dawned on me that she was never coming back. You came into my room and found me bawling my eyes out in bed. I screamed at you to go, to leave me alone, that I hated mom, that I..." his voice cracked. "...that I hated you and dad...that I just wanted to be by myself forever...and this was back when I was bigger then you." He flashed a quivering smile, stopped and swallowed around a lump in his throat. "You didn't leave though. You stayed by the door for an hour and let me cry myself out...when I was done I remember you crawled into bed with me and cuddled as close as you could get...You said-"

Anne cut him off. "I know you're sad mommy left but I promise I'll be with you forever." reciting the words she had spoken so long ago.

Kevin nodded, a tear dripping from his eye. "You had my heart from that day forward...Hell, I missed you so much when I went off to University that I spent most of my free time in the school's gym; I found it easier to deal with not being away from you when I was exhausted. I didn't even bother dating anyone. There was even an Indian bio-chemistry major who was nearly the spitting image of you, but I knew by then that nothing would ever fill the space where you belonged."

Kevin voice trailed off and they stood, facing each other, but apart for what seemed like an eternity.

Until, in the blink of an eye that Anne launched herself at her brother, wrapping her arms around his chest, burying her face in the crook of his neck. She felt

him return the embrace, squeezing her tightly and heir lips met in a kiss that made Anne's knees go weak.

"I don't know how...but I promise...I'll be with you forever." Anne repeated and clutched at his shoulders, pushing her lips tightly to her brother's. Their mouths

opened in unison and once more, their tongues swirled and danced in each other's mouths. Anne could feel the sweat from Kevin's run begin to dampen her own clothing, could taste a mild saltiness as she bit and kissed his neck but it only served to drive her passions on.

Kevin grabbed his sister's ass through her pajama pants, lifting her onto her tippy toes, in response, Anne slid her arms around his neck and hopped up, wrapping her long legs around his somewhat ample waist; he held her weight easily...despite her height, her thin frame didn't carry much mass.

Hands still on her ass, Anne felt Kevin turn around and walk them both up the stairs, he strode right into his open bedroom door and still holding onto each other, lowered Anne onto his rumpled bed sheets.

Kevin thrust his pelvis forward and Anne felt the hardness of his cock poke against her thigh. Untangling her limbs from her brother and panting audbily, she sat up, grabbed his damp shirt and pulled it up over his head. He similarly disrobed his sister, knelt on the bed and without wasting any more time, Kevin leaned forward and sucked one of her tiny little buds fully into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the puffy nipple. Anne's eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped at the sensation; "Holy shit." she breathed, she felt Kevin smile and then he did the same to her other nipple.

Anne, emboldened by his forwardness reached a hand out to rub Kevin's cock through his running shorts, she grabbed his hard thickness in her hand and tried to stroke him through the nylon fabric, he grunted on her nipple and with a free hand tugged his shorts down his legs; she saw his cock bounce free of it's confines and slap against his belly. She wrapped her fingers around his dick once again, gliding her hand up and down its length the way she saw them do it in porn videos. She felt a satisfied vindication when she saw he older brother's head roll back as he arched his spine and thrust his hips forward to allow his sister better access to his throbbing knob.

She felt a wetness beading at the tip of his cock and used her palm to spread it over his head, causing it to glisten in the dim light. Anne leaned forward and dragged her front teeth down Kevin's neck, nibbled at his collarbone and kissed his chest, again tasting the damp sweat from his morning jog.

Kevin's head snapped back down to earth and he guided her backwards with a gentle hand on her shoulder. "lie back" he mumbled, she complied.

Her fully naked brother leaned over her, trailing a line of small, pecking kisses from her lips, down her long neck, stopped to make little visits to both of her tiny

breasts and continued down her torso. over her taunt stomach, her bellybutton and down to the edge of her pants. Anne looked down to meet his eyes and watched intently as he hooked his fingers into the wasit band and slid the pants down the length of her skinny legs. She popped her butt off the bed to make the job easier and her breath hitched in anticipation as Kevin slowly, teasingly spread her legs wide. He looked down at her exposed pussy a blank look of blissful disbelief plastered on his face. She saw him grab his cock and deliberately stroke it a few times to the sight of her hairy snatch and she spread her legs wider to give him a better view, even spreading her inner lips with her fingers. No one but her had ever laid eyes on this intimate part of her body before now...before she had spread herself open for her brother.

With visible effort, Kevin's hand released his dick, smeared precum glistening around the tip, he laid down on his stomach and planted a delicate kiss squarely on his sister's clit.

Anne's body shook at the contact and following the encouragement, Kevin lapped his tongue over her clit's hood. He licked her hood a few more times just barely grazing the sensitive skin that covered her tiny bundle of nerve endings. Finally, he ducked his head lower and slid his tongue over the utterly soaked opening of her pussy, grazed her little pee hole and finished with an upwards flick to the underside of her bare clit. He looked her straight in the eyes, kissed to either side of her hairy outer lips and buried his face between her legs, lapping at her voraciously.

Anne's head flew back, her back arched off the bed and her fingers gripped the bed sheets tightly as a veritable storm of amorous lightning strikes ignited inside her loins. She moaned through gritted teeth and breathed loudly through her hooked nose. "Oh my god Kevin, that feels does it feel so good?"

He kissed and sucked her clit before raising his head, releasing it with a little pop. "I'm glad you approve." He paused before adding. "This is by far the best

breakfast I've ever had by the way." Anne was experiencing too much pleasure to respond, she let herself get lost in the sensations of her older brother's tongue darting and flicking around her clit. The work she had done in the shower seemed to rush back and add itself to Kevin's oral ministrations.

She moaned weakly, "Kevin, stop...stop, hold on..." Her pleading only seemed to make Kevin redouble his efforts, her body bucked of its own accord. "Oh god, Kevin...I want...I...I wan..." Her trailing words finally made him look up, his face from nose to chin was shining with her wetness. "Are you okay?" He asked, kissing her inner thigh, causing her to twitch. She laid there breathing heavily for a few moments before gasping out. "It's not fair."

"What's not fair?" Kevin looked concerned.

"I want to make you feel good too..." Anne whispered.

"You always make me feel good."

She grunted and hoisted herself up on her elbows, rolled off the bed and stood in front of Kevin who sat up to regard her, his eyebrow raised quizically.

She guided him backwards with a gentle hand on his shoulder. "lie back" she mumbled, he complied and she knelt on the floor between his knees.

Anne kissed his right thigh and Kevin's head shot up. "Anne, I haven't showered since yesterday and I just went for a run..." He sounded a little nervous, Anne found it cute.

She kissed his left thigh, higher up and he continued. "We can wait a couple minutes for me to wash up."

She walked her fingers up his leg and encricled them around his cock, it twitched in her hand and she smiled. "I've waited long enough." She squeezed and pulled her hand up his cock, forcng another little bead of precum to sprout from his tip and sink into the stuff that was already there. She brought her face down to his cock to study it up close;she marvelled at the way the skin slid over each and every straining vein, the variance in visual and tactile texture, the way that Kevin sighed when she rubbed the little bridge of skin on the underside of his head.

Anne licked her lips, butterflies suddenly flapping about in her stomach...she planted a sweet kiss on the little lips at the tip of his cock, a string of his precum

trailed from his tip, it was salty and slippery, different from her own juices but pleasant.

She wanted more.

Anne gingerly opened her mouth and popped his head inside. She heard Kevin gasp loudly and when she looked up at him he was biting the back of his hand, his eyes locked on the ceiling. She decided she liked the effect this was having on him and pushed more of his rigid shaft into her mouth, delighting in another muffled moan, Anne withdrew Kevin's cock from her mouth by an inch or two and pushed it back in farther still; she wrapped her lips tight around his shaft and slid her face down until she felt his cock just pushing at the back of her throat, her nose was pressed into his soft hips and her tongue slid around his full, enclosed length. She filled her lungs with his scent and raked her fingernails down his legs.

She heard Kevin say. "Holy crap, Annnnnnnne..."

She pulled her throat off his cock, rested her chin on his thigh and smiled up at him. "That felt good?" Her question was genuine, as she had a vast theoretical knowledge but had never been able to test it in the field, so to speak.

He just nodded, his eyelids heavy; she saw his cock throb near her face and kissed its side with a little smack.

She got up off the ground and crawled up on the bed. Kevin reached out a hand to stroke her face and she nuzzled into his touch. She gestured for him to get fully on the bed and when he was in position she turned around beside him, still on hands and knees, and straddled over his body.

"Oh my god..." Kevin said, his hands immediately sliding up and down the outside of her thighs; she felt him spread her small ass cheeks wide and she felt her butt hole wink at the exposure.

Anne rested herself against his body, lowered her butt down to Kevin's face and immediately she felt his tongue dart straight into her tight little pussy. She let out a tiny squeaking cry and squeezed her knees against his shoulders. In response, he spread her hairy lips wide and began lapping at her sex more urgently.

Her pussy was on fire and not wanting to waste anymore time herself, Anne gripped the base of his cock in her fist and engulfed the tip in her mouth, rolling her tongue around his head and causing him to moan deeply into her pussy. She let go of her brother's cock with her hand to give her enough room to start bobbing her face up and down, her long brown hair shrouding her face and bouncing with the motions. Anne moaned on her brother's shaft as it slid in and out of her wet, sucking mouth, remembering to take extra care to use her lips and tongue as a buffer for her teeth and judging by Kevin's reciprocal moans, those tutorials she read online were paying off.

Gaining confidence, Anne's head bobbed up and down faster, pushing his dick past her tonsils with each down-stroke; it took her a few tries to properly coordinate her breathing while accommodating Kevin's dick but she soon hit a rhythm she could maintain and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The siblings licked, nibbled and sucked at each other and Anne felt her orgasm rising once more; throbbing, humming deep inside herself. "Oh Kevin, yes...yes..." she gasped, his cock slipping from her mouth. Anne's body went tense on top of her brother, she gripped his thighs, her mouth twisted in anticipated ecstasy as her brother's swollen, wet cock pulsed next to her face. "Oh Kevin...I'm gonna cum...keep going...oh my god..." Her voice pitched up into a squeak.

Kevin peeled his mouth away from her pussy just long enough to beg. "I'm close too...please don't stop..."

Anne nodded and sucked her big brother's cock back into her mouth, rolling her tongue and moaning around the head while her fist pumped his exposed shaft the way she saw the porn stars do it online when they were trying to get their costars to cum, she felt his cock pulse in happy appreciation.

She could feel her pussy contracting, her skin was both on fire and completely numb. She felt like at that moment, she didn't exist outside of her nervous system and her hips bucked wildly against his mouth as she felt her pussy begin to drip some of her juices onto Kevin's face; her brother grunted in pleasure. However it was then she realized that in the whirlwind of the moment she had completely forgotten to tell him she was a squirter.

She removed her mouth from his cock to warn him of the coming storm, when she saw Kevin's toes point down, his own body tightened under hers and he let out a long, moaning. "Oh my gooooooddddddd...." She looked down at his cock just as a thick jet of sperm shot out and splashed across her upper lip, a second caught her on the cheek and a third smeared over her thick glasses. His cock continued to pulse, spurting smaller spurts with each throb which ran over the hand that still gripped the base of his dick.

The feeling of his cum splashing against her lip finally sent Anne over the edge, like a damn bursting, her juices rained down onto Kevin's unsuspecting face in a sudden rush. She heard his animistic sounds of pleasure turn to sputtering coughs as her juices splashed up his nose and into his mouth.

"I'm sorry, Kevin I should have said som-" she stopped mid sentence as her cum-drenched glasses slipped off her face to land on his crotch. Even with her

poor eyesight, Anne could plainly see the absurd tableau. The weight of her thick pre***********ion caused them to land lenses down on his balls, making it look like

his dick was wearing her glasses and that his pubes were a neatly-trimmed beard under the still twitching "nose"

Anne snorted in amusement, accidentally sniffling some of his cum on her upper lip into her nose. "Uggghhh!" she cried, trying to wipe it out; it burned terribly. after a while she just collapsed on top of her brother in a fit of uproarious laughter with the ridiculous of the situation. Kevin, regained his composure and joined in wholeheartedly. They laid there, wet from each other's orgasms, laughing in pure, unadulterated joy.

After a while, Anne retrieved her glasses, crawled off her brother's body and asked in feigned exasperation. "Can you pass me some tissues? I..seem to have made a mess over here." He passed her a few tissues from the box beside his bed, took a few for himself, chuckled and said "Yeah, you made a bit of a mess over here too."

Anne sat naked, cross-legged beside her brother, her pussy still tingling happily and wiped her brother's rapidly cooling cum off her face. "Yeah..." she started to blush. "I'm...really sorry about ruining...all this...I really didn't know what I was doing...I should have said something sooner, I..-"

"No!" Kevin said, cutting her off while patting dry some of the dampness from his face and chest. "That was absolutely I knew some girls did that but I just didn't expect it...I loved it though."

"Yeah?" Anne smiled girlishly, her blush rising for different reasons now.

"I really did." He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and took hold of her hand.

"But did I wreck know...orgasm?" She hunched a little.

"What?? No. Oh god was incredible."

"But I know that most guys like to finish inside the girl's mouth...I was planning on that, but...I guess I got my timing wrong." She chuckled a bit and shook her head.

"Anne...that was the first orgasm of my life that actually felt complete. It was absolutely incredible."

"Yeah?" She repeated.

"Yeah." Kevin confirmed. They sat, panting heavily, silently dealing with the errant fluids that had been haphazardly sprayed in the bed.

"So..." Kevin eventually prompted.

"What?" Anne asked.

"Does that every time?" He grinned at her, motioning to the wet spots on his blue bedspread.

She pushed some hair behind her ears, suddenly shy in front of a man whose cock she had just sucked. "Well...not always like that. I almost always squirt a little bit, but big ones like that usually happen when I've been edging."

"Edging?" He asked.

"Yeah, you know, like if you' know...masturbating or something and you get yourself close but then back it off and then, you know... bring yourself to the

edge again..." She shrugged, her face nearly glowing red now. "It just...builds know?"

"Oh, I get ya." Kevin nodded before realization dawned on him. "Were you edging today then? When??"

Anne shrugged, and hid behind her hair.

" got me all hot and bothered this I kinda...masturbated in the shower." She said before adding "But! I didn't cum, I wanted to save that for...well... for you..."

Kevin kissed her on the lips. "I appreciate it." He said as he sat back and yawned.

"You alright?" Anne asked

"Yeah, just a little tired..." he laid on his back in the bed, still beside his sister, his finger tracing little circles on her thigh as he listed off the events of

the morning:

"I was woken up before 7:00am this morning by my sister, who nearly gave me a heart attack, made out with my pantsless sister, nearly got caught with my sister by our father, hid in the shower with no excuse as to why I was there in the first place, escaped the house like a ninja, went for a run barefoot." Anne shrugged apologetically. "Professed my undying love for that very same sister, made out with her again, ate out the best pussy in the world, had the most intense orgasm of my life and...yep," he looked at his clock it's barely twenty after nine in the morning."

Anne leaned in, kissing his cheek. "Don't forget, you also stayed up late last night and jacked off with your sleeping sister's hand." She kissed him again, snuggled up to his side and laid her head on his chest. Kevin wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

"This really has been one hell of a day...and it's barely even started..." She murmured, feeling a sudden comfortable drowsiness weighing down her limbs.

"If the day ended now, it would still be the best of my life..." Kevin mumbled back. They laid there, both succumbing to the weight of their exhaustion.

"Hey Kevin..."

"Yeah Anne?..."

"I promise that I'll be with you forever."

"I promise that I'll be with you forever too."

With that, brother and sister finally surrendered to their weariness and fell asleep in each other's embrace.


2020-08-04 17:27:01
Excellent continuation of the Anne/Kevin saga. Looking forward to seeing where it goes next.


2020-08-04 17:26:21
Excellent continuation of the Anne/Kevin saga. Looking forward to seeing where it goes next.


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Boys!! Look! Real sexy girls --

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