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A mommy has a naughty romp with her hunky son!
Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine

Story Six: Mommy's Incestuous Romps

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

I just finished having sex with my husband.

Middle of the day. Passionate. I couldn't remember the last time we had done that with all our children in the house. I had walked into his office where Michael now worked because of the quarantine. Our youngest daughter, Linda, had been in there writing at her own computer.

I had thought it was adorable that she was spending time with her father. Linda had always been a daddy's girl. Our eldest daughter, Nancy, like to spend time with me. She had spent the last three weeks of quarantine with me in my workshop. We'd been making jams, pickling vegetables, working on crafts, and having sex.

Hot, lesbian, incestuous sex.

Last week, my twenty-one-year-old daughter had seduced me into depraved passion. She had awakened me to desires I didn't even know I could have. She had done it skillfully. I shuddered at the thought of her manipulation.

Nancy was why I just had sex in the middle of the day with my husband.

He was already slipping into sleep, naked on our bed, satiated by our passion. He had gone down on me and then fucked me hard. He had dumped his cum into me. Just filled my pussy with all his spunk. I wanted him to cum in me.

Nancy wanted him to cum in me, too.

As I pulled on my panties to trap in my husband's cum, I shuddered. This was all Nancy's idea. She wanted to eat a creampie, something I had never heard of before. She wanted to lick her father's cum out of my pussy. But she also wanted to give me a treat. So she was in the garage fucking her twin brother right now.

I licked my lips as I grabbed my jean shorts next. Was Nancy really being fucked by Clancy? I didn't doubt that my daughter could seduce her twin. She had seduced me, so how hard would a young man be.

Waves of depraved lust washed through me. Clancy was growing up to be his father. Handsome. Masculine. He spent quarantine in the garage rebuilding a muscle car, a gift from Michael. Was Nancy bent over the hood of the car right now getting fucked?

No, they had probably finished up by now.

My husband let out a groan, his eyes closed. I smiled at that. I still had been having sex with Michael even after being seduced. Nancy claimed incest wasn't cheating. It was a philosophy I liked. It took away my guilt.

“Sleep tight,” I whispered and pulled on my tank top.

Michael had been shocked when I walked into his office and whispered, “I want you to fuck my brains out.”

Linda had been in the room. She had known I was taking her father off to have sex. I could see her squirming. It made me wonder about my husband and her. All alone in that office. Did they have sex in there?

This wave of heat washed through me. I hoped they did. But Linda wasn't Nancy. She was shy. An introvert. And Michael would never molest one of our three daughters. He was a good man. I sighed and slipped out of the room.

Was there a way to get them to have sex?

I frowned as I noticed Renee's door was shut tight. Had that been shut when I brought my husband into our room? I leaned towards the door. Did I hear the bed quivering? Renee, our middle daughter of nineteen, had her room right next to ours. Was someone in there? Renee was usually down by the pool sunbathing. That was how she was spending quarantine.

Doing nothing.

Was it Linda in there?

I kept going down the hallway. I glanced into the office. There was Linda's desk set up against the wall. It made things tight in here. She had her computer, her screen black. Chair empty. Had she snuck into Renee's room to listen to us?

How kinky of her.

I smiled my approval as I headed down the stairs. I wanted to eat out my eldest daughter, lick my son's cum out of her. I took the stairs fast, my big boobs bouncing in my tank top. I could feel my husband's cum leaking out of me. I had never done this before. I'd always clean myself up after having sex.

Nancy was so naughty.

I reached the first floor. We had a large house. Michael was an amazing provider. I had quit my job before the twins were even born. Then when I was pregnant with Linda, we had bought this large place complete with a pool. It was perfect for four kids. They all had their own rooms and there was still space.

I passed through the living room to my workshop. It was like a second kitchen but also had room for crafts. I loved it. I opened the door and found Nancy waiting naked. She had her hand clamped firmly over her pussy, the brown curls spilling over her hand.

I was blonde, my husband black-haired. Our children ran the gamut. Linda had her father's hair, Renee mine, and the twins split the difference with their brown locks. Nancy's round breasts rose and fell, still perky with youth. The twenty-one-year-old girl stared at me with hunger in her blue eyes. Those she had gotten from me and shared with Linda while Renee and Clancy had their father's brown irises.

“Dad lasts long, huh?” Nancy cooed. “Go him.”

“Your father went down on me first,” I said, stretching casually. “He made me cum before he fucked me and made me cum again.”

“Damn,” Nancy said, sounding impressed. “I just had Clancy bend me over his car and fuck me from behind. I should have put my brother to more of the test. Seen what else he could have done. He's got a reputation at our school.”

“Does he?” I asked. He had never had a girlfriend, but then Nancy never had a boyfriend. Dating didn't seem to be a thing any longer. College kids just hooked up and fucked. It was so depressing that they seemed to skip falling in love.

I had met Michael in high school.

“So,” Nancy said, “I have a pussy full of your son's cum, and you have a pussy full of my daddy's cum. Whatever shall we do?”

“You are a wicked girl,” I purred and peeled off my t-shirt.

“I know, Mommy,” she cooed and grabbed my big breasts. She buried her head between them, her brown hair spilling over my large mounds. She loved my tits. She rubbed her face back and forth, squeezing them against her cheeks. She moaned as she did, her lips kissing, tongue licking.

It was exciting.

My cum-filled pussy clenched. I shuddered and unsnapped my shorts. I worked those and my panties off my hips as my daughter smooched up my left breast. She nipped me with her teeth, making me gasp.

“You little brat,” I groaned.

She giggled. “Mmm, they're just such delectable boobs, Mommy.”

She licked to my nipple and sucked on them. I let my shorts drop while my panties bunched around my thighs. I shoved them down further and they dropped past my knees. I thrust my hand between my thighs to hold in my husband's cum as I worked my feet out of the panties.

My daughter sucked my tits the entire time. She nibbled on my nub. It was so naughty. I groaned at what she was doing to me. Shivers ran through me as she swirled her tongue around my areolas. She caressed me. Teased me.

“Yes,” I moaned.

She popped her mouth off. “Mmm, let's get wild!”

I slipped onto the large, wooden worktable. The waxed surface felt cool beneath my ass. I stretched out on my back, my boobs jiggling. I licked my lips, hungry to eat my daughter's pussy full of her twin's cum. My son's jizz.

Incest had spread further.

My daughter crawled onto me, her youthful face bursting with passion. She had this wicked gleam in her eyes. I shuddered at the intensity. I hoped Michael and Linda discovered incest. I wondered if there was something I could do about it?

Then my daughter spun around over me. Her legs flashed. Her brown-furred muff appeared over me, my son's white cum matting her silky curls. I groaned at the sight. I had eaten Nancy's pussy out so many times over the last week. I had learned all about pleasing my daughter's cunt.

I licked my lips, wanting to devour all that cum out of her pussy.

She descended her cunt to my mouth. My pussy clenched as she came closer and closer. But too slow. I grabbed her young ass and pulled her twat to my lips. She gasped as I planted her cunt right on my mouth. I shuddered at the delight of her silky bush rubbing into my mouth. The cum on her bush rubbed into my face. The salty scent filled my nose, mixing with her spicy musk.

“Oh, god, yes!” I groaned and then licked at the jizz in her pubic hair.

My toes curled as I tasted my son's cum, flavored by my daughter's spicy musk. Clancy tasted like his father's. I had never shied away from swallowing Michael's spunk. His son's was just as good. I groaned and licked again, gathering up the spunk in my daughter's curls first.

Nancy, her round breasts rubbing into my stomach, did the same to me. She lapped at my pubic hair. Her tongue caressed my curls, rustling them. My pussy clenched as she lapped up her father's jizz. The very seed that had started her in my womb so many years ago.

“Oh, Mom,” she groaned. “Mmm, Dad taste good.”

“Yes, he does,” I moaned, digging my fingers into her peachy ass. I sucked off a glob of my son's cum from her brown curls.

The salty flavor soaked through my mouth. My son's incestuous seed made my toes curl. I groaned at that delight. My daughter licked through my bush, stroking at my vulva. Not my slit, but the sides. I shuddered at the touch. She wiggled her hips as she moaned her excitement.

I loved this.

My fingers dug into her rump as I licked at her slit now. Her spicy juices flavored the cum more strongly. I loved how she moaned into my twat as I stroked up her folds, caressing over her clit and then parting her labia. I scooped up my son's cum leaking out of her, my pussy clenching at the naughty thrill.

I had carried them both in my womb at the same time. Now they had united. They had mixed their fluids. It was incredible.

I loved tasting their incest.

I thrust my tongue into my daughter's pussy. She groaned, her silky walls squeezing about my tongue. I licked my tongue through her folds. I caressed her and loved how she shuddered. My tongue danced up and down through her slit. It was so much fun to please her.

I licked and lapped and pleased her. She moaned, her body shuddering from the delight that I gave her. I fluttered my tongue up and down her folds, gathering more of her brother's cum that leaked out of her, reveling in the mixed delights of my children's fluids.

Nancy did the same to me.

Pleasure rippled through my body from her naughty licking. She feasted on her father's cum leaking out of my depths. I groaned, squeezing my thighs about her head. She gathered it all up. She licked it out of me.

“Nancy!” I whimpered when my daughter thrust her tongue deep into my pussy.

Her cunnilingus felt so different from her father. Not as bold and strong. Her lips not as hungry. Her tongue felt smaller, nimbler. It was a different sort of excitement. She curled her tongue in me, scooping out Michael's jizz.

She reveled in her own incestuous feast.

My fingers kneaded her rump as I licked out more and more of Clancy's cum. My son's salty jizz and daughter's spicy cream coated my lips and tongue. My taste buds soaked in the forbidden flavors. I groaned, thrusting my tongue deep into her cunt and wiggling it around in her, searching for more.

I was running out of Clancy's spunk to lick up.

“God, it's running out,” moaned Nancy.

“Mmm, I know,” I groaned. “I want more.”

Nancy sealed her lips around my pussy and sucked. I gasped at the nursing pressure. Then I felt my husband's cum rising out of the depths of my cunt to my daughter's hungry mouth. My toes curled, my orgasm swelling.

I had to do the same to my daughter.

I sealed my lips around the entrance to my daughter's cunt. I sucked. She groaned and kept nursing out the cum in my pussy. My cheeks hollowed from the suction. I put my all into it like I were blowing my husband's cock. I wanted more of Clancy's cum.

Then my son's seed spilled out of her pussy and onto my tongue. That salty delight mixed with her spicy cram. My fingers dug into her rump as I experienced the last dregs of his cum. I closed my eyes, savoring this moment, my pussy on fire.

I trembled and then bucked beneath my daughter. I exploded in rapture.

“Nancy!” I gasped.

“Oh, fuck, Mommy!” she groaned.

Her spicy juices gushed out into my mouth. We trembled through our incestuous orgasm together. The depraved lust we shared boiled out of the other's pussy. I drank her cream, reveling in that wonderful flavor.

Waves of delight washed out of my cunt and swept over my mind. My daughter lapped up the cream flowing out of me while she squirmed atop me. Our passion echoed throughout the workshop. It was incredible.


“Fuck, fuck, Mommy!”

“Oh, Nancy, yes!”

My mind drowned beneath the forbidden pleasure. I drank my daughter's cream as the orgasmic bliss flooded my body. Rapture saturated every nerve ending I had. My orgasm reached that wonderful pinnacle of ecstasy. I whimpered into my daughter's cunt.

And then fell into panting bliss.

“That was so good,” whimpered Nancy.

I nodded, my mind saturated in bliss. “So... Is your brother a good fuck?”

Nancy laughed and told me all about her romp with him. It was so exciting to hear. I wanted to try him out. It wasn't cheating with incest, after all. I wanted my husband to fuck Linda and even Renee. He could even ram his cock into Nancy.

But Nancy had plans.


A week later, I crouched outside the garage in the backyard. You could enter it in three ways. From the main doors that opened onto the driveway, from the kitchen, and from a back door that led out to the pool. The pool where Renee had been spending all her time sunbathing.

But now she had migrated into the garage to help her brother.

“Yes, yes, yes, Clancy!” moaned out of the garage.

Nancy grinned at me at the sounds of Renee getting fucked hard by her big brother. They had been banging all week. Nancy had told me to be patient. To let Clancy and Renee really bond. “She's got a crush on him,” Nancy had explained. “I think he can fall in love with her, too. So let's let her.”

At the same time, my husband and Linda had started banging. I wasn't sure what precisely had started it, but something had happened between them after I had sex with Michael in the middle of the day. Linda had spent a few days locked in her room while Michael had looked really guilty.

But then Linda had emerged and they started fucking in his office. Nancy and I would listen and then make love to each other.

“Cum in me, Clancy!” Renee moaned.

“Ooh, she's a naughty one,” Nancy whispered.

I nodded, my pussy on fire. Nancy had a plan. I would get Clancy and she would get Renee. I would find out if my son was as good a fuck as his father. I ached to have his dick in me. I had been having sex with Michael every night just thinking about it.

He had stamina. Taking care of our youngest daughter and me. I married a stud. I couldn't wait to surprise him that I knew what they were up to.

“Renee!” groaned Clancy. “Yes!”

“God, he's cumming in her,” I whimpered, my pussy on fire.

“Yep,” said Nancy. “Okay, give them a thirty count, then go in.”

I grinned. Nancy was such a naughty slut. She had plans for the entire family to be fucking by the end of quarantine. She had started with me, figuring I would be the hardest to seduce. Once she had me, the rest would fall like dominoes.

She was quite the little schemer.

I loved it.

I counted to thirty in my head as Nancy moved off to intercept Renee and seduce her into lesbian passion. I hoped my daughter would be successful. Lucky her, she would get to eat a creampie out of Renee's pussy.

I hit thirty and then stood up. I stomped my feet and made it sound louder, letting my flip-flops scrape on the concrete. I heard a gasp. A curse, Clancy's, and then scrambling. I reached the door and knocked on it.

“You in there, Clancy?” I called.

“Yeah,” he shouted. “I'm, uh, working.”

“Okay,” I said and grabbed the doorknob. My pussy clenched. I could hear them darting around. Clothes rustled. I turned the knob so slowly. “I just needed to ask you something.”

“S-sure, Mom,” he said. Then a whispered, “Just shove my boxers beneath the car.”

I opened the door to find Renee tying her bikini top back on. She spun around and stared at me her face flushed and guilty. She had a growing wet spot on the red bottoms. She had such a daring cut to her swimwear. I had no idea my nineteen-year-old daughter was showing so much skin. I would never approve of her wearing that outside the house.

But with her big brother around...

He had his shorts up, but the fly was still unzipped. He straightened his shirt, face gleaming with sweat. It was stuffy in the garage. That wonderful musk of sex filled the air. They both fidgeted in that way children always do when caught being naughty.

“I just need to talk to your brother alone,” I told Renee, giving her a bright smile. “Why don't you go work on your tan some more.”

“Yes, Mom!” she squeaked. Her blonde hair danced as she headed past me, her round boobs jiggling. She had C-cups, smaller than Nancy's D's.

“W-what did you need, Mom?” Clancy asked as Renee shut the door. I glanced down at his open fly. I wanted to reach in and pull him out.

“You,” I purred, sauntering to him. My pussy was on fire. If I were wearing panties beneath my skirt, I would be soaking them. Instead, my bush contained the mess.

“Uh, me?” he asked, staring at me in shock.

“Yes, you,” I purred, stopping before him. “Does Renee suck your cock good enough? I know she doesn't have much experience.”

“M-mom?” he gasped. Panic spilled over his face now. “Listen, I didn't force her. She wanted it.”

“I know,” I purred. “Mmm, so is she a good cock-sucker?” I fell to my knees before him and reached for his unzipped fly, his boxers peeking out from beneath the car he was rebuilding. “Does she satisfy your gorgeous cock?”

He gaped at me as my hand shot into his fly and grabbed his cock still wet with Renee's pussy. “M-Mom!”

“Mmm, well she is using her pussy to please you, I see,” I groaned, eager to taste my middle child's pussy on my son's dick. He spilled out still hard despite cumming. Twenty-one-year-old virility.

I ducked my head down and kissed him right on the tip. I shuddered at the tart flavor of Renee's pussy. My nineteen-year-old had a delicious tasting cunt. My pussy clenched. A wave of heat washed through me as I swirled my tongue around his dick, gathering up my daughter's juices.

He still just gaped at me as I stared up at him. I winked at him and then slid my lips over his tip. I loved the texture of his crown. He groaned, his hands balling into fists as I slid my mouth over his cock and nursed on him.

“Jesus, Mom,” he groaned, his chest rising and falling. “That's... Your...”

I sucked on him, my cheeks hollowing with my motherly passion.


I loved his young cock in my mouth. He had his father's girth and length. Renee must be a very happy girl to have her big brother's dick plowing into her. He groaned and then grabbed my hair. He gripped me as I nursed on him. I sucked and fluttered my tongue around the crown of his dick and his thick shaft. His face scrunched up with pleasure.


I loved it.

I sucked on him. I nursed with all this passion. I loved him. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his dick. It was incredible to enjoy. He groaned at that. His face twisted in rapture as I loved his cock. I nursed on him with all that passion I had. I let him feel his mommy's love. He groaned, his head leaning back.

He ran his hand over his face as he panted. He sucked in deep breaths. His dick twitched. The tart flavor of Renee's pussy faded while the salty flavor of his precum grew. I loved it. My tongue bathed his cock while my boobs jiggled in my tight tank top.

“Jesus fuck, Mom,” he groaned, staring down at me. “I don't know what this is, but...”

He grabbed my hair. My son held fistfuls of it and thrust his dick into my mouth. He fucked me with it. I groaned, loving it. He buried his cock to the hilt in my throat over and over again. I loved it. I grabbed his hips and let him enjoy me.

My hands slid over the snap of his jeans shorts as he pounded my mouth with his cock. He growled out his pleasure as he buried his dick into my mouth again and again. It was incredible to feel. To be used by my son.

I undid the fastener and then tore his shorts down his legs. They fell to his feet. My hands stroked his muscular thighs, feeling the strength of my son. He had hairy legs like his father. I loved it. He was so much like Michael but younger.

This made me so hot. My cunt was on fire. I squeezed my eyes shut as I nursed on him. I loved him with my mouth. He groaned, his face twisting with the pleasure of this moment. I adored the expression on his face and the way his strong chest rose and fell in his t-shirt.

This was a special moment. Something for us to treasure. I danced my tongue around his shaft. I swirled about him. He groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth. I nursed on him with all my naughty mommy hunger, my lips sealed about his dick thrusting to the back of my throat.

“Shit, that's it,” he panted. “Damn, Mom! You know what you're doing.”

I winked at him, loving my son. I wanted to enjoy him in so many ways today.

My cunt was on fire. Juices ran down my thighs. He growled as he rammed his cock into my mouth. He brushed the back of my throat. Would he go for it? Would he make me deep-throat his cock. My pussy clenched, aching for him to fuck me this hard.

He gripped my hair and I could see that decision had arrived. He had taken control of me the way a man should. Twenty-one and so sexy. So hunky. No longer my little boy. Motherly pride burst in my chest as his cock struck the back of my throat and kept going.

Clancy slid down my gullet, growling, “God, you're a slut, Mom!”

I was a slut for my children. My husband. I groaned, wanting things to get so wild with our family. Quarantine would last another month at least. Plenty of time for us to get so close.

I moaned around his cock as he buried his shaft down my throat. His balls smacked into my chin. I loved it. My hands slid around to grab his ass. I gripped his muscular rump, his pubic hair rubbing on my lips and nose. I breathed in his manly musk.

He drew back his cock. I sucked the entire time, moaning. He slid out of my gullet, his shaft emerging gleaming from my lips. Then he groaned and thrust forward again. He buried his cock down my throat, balls slapping my chin.

I loved those meaty impacts as he fucked my throat now.

“God, yes!” he growled, his pants echoing through the garage. “You didn't even gag.”

I had a lot of practice with his father.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he growled as he pumped away at me.

I squeezed my eyes shut as he buried his cock down my throat again and again. It was incredible. My cunt clenched. This wave of heat rushed through me. I sucked hard on him. I loved my son while his face twisted with pleasure.

I could see the building orgasm. His fingers dug into the sides of my head. He fucked my mouth hard. I loved every second of it. Drool ran out of my mouth. His nutsack slapped my chin. My throat felt raw from his passion.

“Mom!” he snarled.

I wanted him to cum. I ached for it. My pussy clenched so hard, burning with heat. He gripped my hair and threw back his head as he pulled back his cock. I sucked so hard on him. I brushed his crown with my tongue.


My son erupted into my mouth.

His forbidden seed pumped salty into my mouth. The jizz spilled around in me. I groaned at the salty and thick cream. I gulped it down, reveling in the depravity of drinking my son's cum. I made him in my womb, and now he fed me his passion.

“Yes! Fuck, Mom! Drink it! You're a swallower! Just like Renee!” He smiled at that. “Goddamn.”

I gulped it all down. I guzzled my son's seed. His balls had a good load in them despite the fact he'd just given one to Renee. I hoped Nancy was licking her clean right now. I wanted my daughters engaged in lesbian incest.

When would Linda join that fun?

“Oh, damn, Mom,” groaned Clancy as I nursed out the last of his cum. “Fuck that was goddamn incredible.”

I winked at him.

He drew back his hips and then his cock popped out of my mouth. He took a few steps back and leaned against the workbench. He sucked in deep breaths, his chest rising and falling. He stared down at me licking his lips.

“Fuck, Mom,” he groaned.

“Mmm, so does Renee suck your dick that well?” I asked. “Is my daughter taking care of you?”

He smiled as he said, “Yeah, she does. She's eager to learn. I'm her first. But I didn't force her.”

“I know.” I licked my lips. “You love her, don't you?”

His smile grew bigger. “I do. She loves me, too.”

“Wonderful.” I smiled at her. “Mmm, it's been so hot watching you two sneak around.”

“You knew?” he groaned. “I thought we were being careful.”

I rolled my eyes. “Moms always know. Like that you fucked Nancy, too.”

“She started that,” he said. “Just walked in and begged me to fuck her. But she said it was a one-time thing.”

“She lied.” I smiled. “I enjoyed licking your cum out of her pussy.”

His jaw dropped.

“Yeah, Nancy seduced me a week before she fucked you. We've been having fun in the workroom.”

“God, what about Dad?” he asked, looking away.

“Linda's taking care of your father,” I said, standing up. “Mmm, take off that shirt. Let me see your body. How sexy my son is.”

He just gaped, though. “Linda and Dad? But she's...”

“Eighteen and now a woman. She's no longer the baby of the family.” I giggled. I had listened to them in the office a few times. When she learned anal from her father, I had a wonderful cum masturbating to the sounds. “Now, shirt off. Mommy wants to see how hunky you are.”

He grinned. “You are just like the girls at my school.”

“What, did you think your mother wasn't a woman?” I asked as he peeled off his top. I groaned at the sight of his muscular physique. Young and strong. Michael had put on some pounds, but Clancy was all lean perfection.

I purred in delight. I had a sexy son.

“I suppose you want to see your mommy's body?” I cooed, sliding my hands up and down my stomach. I cupped my breasts. I squeezed and kneaded those tits.

He nodded, staring at them.

I grinned and grabbed the hem of my tank top. I peeled it up my torso. He caught his breath as I rolled up my flat stomach and then peeled it over my large breasts. They spilled out heavy. They swayed back and forth. He licked his lips, his hands balling into fists as he stared at my large breasts.

“God fucking damn,” he growled.

“Go ahead,” I said. “I bet you're just like your twin. Enjoy Mommy's tits.”

He groaned and buried his face between my breasts. I shuddered at the feel of his strong cheeks. He didn't have to shave every day like his father, yet, but I could feel a hint of whiskers rubbing on the inner slopes of my boobs. His strong hands, fingers bigger than his sister's, dug into my flesh.

He had strength. Passion. I groaned, closing my eyes and letting him play with my breasts. He rubbed his face back and forth. I groaned at his passion. His enthusiasm. My smile grew and my hips wiggled, my skirt rustling around my thighs. A bead of pussy juices ran out of my bush, tickling me as it descended down my skin.

“Yes, Clancy,” I moaned, hugging my son's head to my tits. “Love Mommy's big boobs. You used to love them as a baby. You and your sister both.”

He groaned, “Where is Nancy? If you and her are fucking...”

“She's, hopefully, enjoying Renee,” I said. “Your twin wants to make sure you're taking care of her. Though I think she just wants to lick your cum out of her pussy.”

“Fuck,” he groaned. “She pushed me to sleep with Renee. She set me up.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned. “She's a naughty girl and... Ooh, I like that.”

He kissed sucked at my inner flesh. This wave of heat washed through me. My cunt clenched. I was so on fire. So eager for him to eat me out and fuck me. I wanted my son to just enjoy every bit of my body.

And I still had two more children to enjoy.

He kissed up my right breast. His whiskers rubbed on my sensitive flesh. I smiled, remembering how his twin would do the same thing. He sucked on my tit, lips smacking. He came closer and closer to my aching nipple.

He engulfed it.

“Yes!” I gasped.

He sucked. My cunt clenched. I ran my fingers through his brown hair. He was getting shaggy with no haircut for a month. I could get a nice grip on him as he nursed on me. My nub throbbed in his mouth. My passion echoed through the garage.

He nibbled. His lips were so strong. His hands squeezed my boobs as he worshiped me. He fluttered his tongue around my nub, caressing my wide areola. He growled between sucks, so hungry for them.

His passion had my cunt clenching. I was so hot. So wet. I wanted to beg him to eat my pussy, but it felt so wonderful to have my son all grown up and sucking at my nipple. I shuddered at his passion.

“Oh, Clancy, that's so wonderful. Love Mommy's nipple. Mmm, you're such a good boy.”

He sucked hard on my nipple, my pussy getting hotter and hotter. Then he popped his mouth off. He fell to his knees and growled, “I bet your cunt is so wet, Mom.”

“So wet,” I groaned. “Can you smell it?”

“Yes,” he snarled and ripped down my skirt like a possessed beast. He groaned as my blonde bush came into view drenched in my spicy cream. My musk filled my nose. Did he know I had the same aroma as his twin sister?

What did Linda taste like? Tart like Renee? Spicy like Nancy and me? A different flavor?

My son pushed me back. My rump smacked into the fender of the muscle car. He growled and buried his face into my snatch. He licked and lapped at me. I groaned, savoring the feel of his tongue caressing my folds. He devoured me with hunger.

I gasped, arching my back as my son feasted on my pussy. He licked and lapped his tongue through my folds. I groaned, my face contorting with delight. I grinned at him, loving the way he devoured me. This was incredible. I shuddered, humping my pussy into his lips. He had such boldness to him.

“You eat me out like your father does!” I moaned. “Do you love pussy, too?”

“Yes!” he growled. “But you're my first MILF.”

I smiled at that then gasped as he dragged his tongue boldly through my folds. My son was no stranger to eating cunt. I grabbed the fender of the car, my back arching. My boobs jiggled as my son devoured me.

He licked me with such passion. I groaned, my face scrunching up as I enjoyed his tongue stirring through my folds. He brushed my clit. I jumped, sparks flaring. He chuckled and then swirled his tongue around it, knowing just what he did to me.

“That's it,” I gasped. “You're going to make your mother cum!”

“Good,” he growled. “I'm going to ream out that cunt!”

“Yes!” I groaned, loving every second of his licking. Lapping. This was incredible.

He thrust his tongue into my cunt. He swirled it about in me. I groaned, reveling in this moment. His passionate licking and sucking were so wonderful. He knew just how to pleasure me. How to make me explode. I loved every moment of it.

He fucked his tongue into my depths, his strong lips working on my folds. He massaged them as he ate me out. I groaned, my body trembling as my orgasm built and built. My son drove me closer and closer to that incestuous bliss.

“Oh, Clancy!” I groaned, my pussy clenching about his tongue. “That's so good.” My boobs jiggled. “Mmm, you're going to make your mommy cum!”


He fluttered his tongue through my folds. He brushed my clit again. He swirled his tongue around my bud. Pleasure burst from it, feeding my orgasm. I came closer and closer to that wonderful moment of erupting as he did that.

My moans echoed through the garage. They resounded back and forth as he danced his tongue around my bud. Then he kissed it with his strong lips. Nibbled on it. The moment hurtled closer as he latched on and suckled. He nursed on my clit.

He pleased his mommy.

“Clancy!” I gasped as he sucked hard on my clit.

I gasped and bucked. My boobs heaved. The car's shocks groaned as I leaned against it. The pleasure exploded from my naughty bud. My son sent me over the edge into orgasmic bliss. I threw back my head, my rump rubbing on the fender of the muscle car.

“Oh, my god, Clancy!” I howled. “Oh, yes, yes, you're such a good son. Oh, my god, you're amazing! You eat pussy like your father!”

“Mom!” he groaned as he lapped up my juices.

The pleasure flooded through me. I shuddered, savoring his masculine lips on my twat. Male or female, so long as they were my family I wanted them on my twat. My husband, son, or daughters. I wanted to love them all.

He drank my juices. They gushed out of me and into his mouth. He groaned, drinking them down. I shuddered, smearing my snatch on his face. My boobs heaved. They jiggled together. Flesh smacked into flesh. Stars burst across my vision.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I gasped, hitting that peak. “I want you in me, Clancy! I want you to fuck me!”

“Oh, I'll fuck you,” he growled, standing up.

I gasped as he grabbed me and then spun me around. My big boobs heaved. Then he bent me over the car. I gasped, thrusting out my rump at him as my tits pressed down on the metal. My nipples drank in the cool surface.

“I'll fuck you hard just like the mommy-slut you are!” he growled.

“Mmm, I am!” I moaned. “Such a slut for my son's big dick. Fuck your mother hard. Fuck me like your father does! I know you have his passion. I heard Renee moaning as you pounded her!”

“Goddamn, you are so hot!” He pressed his cock into my bush. He rubbed it up and down my wet folds. “Is that what you want slamming into your pussy, Mom?”

“Yes,” I purred with all my throaty passion. “Fuck your mommy's pussy. You came from my womb. I want you back in me, Clancy!”

“Shit!” He thrust.

I gasped.

My son's cock slammed to the hilt in me. My aching pussy clenched down on him. I had just cum once, but I wanted more. I wanted to explode on my son's big dick. He had his father's girth. I trembled there, loving every moment of his dick being in me. He drew back.

I clenched down on him. He groaned, planting his hands on either side of me on the hood. He slammed back into me. His crotch smacked my rump, my butt-cheeks jiggling. He panted and drew back again. And again. My pussy clenched about him, holding him tight.

“Mmm, fuck me like you fucked Nancy!” I moaned. “Pound your mother's pussy!”

“Yes!” he panted, drilling into me. He fucked me hard. Fast. He rammed his cock into my snatch with such force. “Mom!”

I just groaned, savoring his youthful passion. His virile strokes reamed my cunt. He fucked into me with such passion. I loved it. I savored every second of his thrusts into me. He buried to the hilt in me again and again and again.

I whimpered out my delight. I savored the feel of his big dick slamming to the hilt in me. He fucked me with all that passion. Such strength and vitality. I groaned, my face twisting with the ecstasy of this moment.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, squeezing my cunt down on him. “Oh, that's good. That's amazing. You're fucking me so hard. Oh, my god, yes!”

He groaned, slamming into me. I shuddered, my face twisting with ecstasy. His strokes were so hard and fast. He plunged into me with such passion. He buried to the hilt in me. I groaned, squeezing my cunt around his cock.

My pussy swelled with pleasure. My son's every stroke brought me closer and closer to cumming on him. I wanted to explode on my son's big dick I wanted to just burst with all the virile passion he could give me.

“Oh, god, Clancy!” I moaned. “Mmm, Renee is such a lucky girl to get this cock! Her big brother's cock!”

“She's amazing!” he groaned. “So are you, but...”

“But I love your father and you love your sister.” I squeezed my cunt around his cock. “Nothing wrong with that, because we love each other, too.”

“Yes!” he growled, his hands sliding up and down my back. “Mom! You're so hot. So tight. I can't believe I'm fucking you.”

“Mmm, you are,” I groaned, clenching my twat down on his cock. “That's it. Fuck me. Cum in me! I want your jizz in me, son!”

“Yes!” he snarled, his hands gripping my shoulders. He squeezed them, almost massaging them, as he fucked into my pussy with his big dick.

He rammed into me with such youthful force. My son fucked me with passion. I loved it. I reveled in the force of his thrusts burying his cock into me. Pleasure rippled through me as he slammed into me again and again. I trembled, my pussy melting from the force of his thrusts. He fucked me with such passion.

I loved it. I savored it. I reveled in every last thrust of his cock into my cunt. he buried to the hilt in me. It was fantastic. Amazing. Outstanding. I groaned, my pussy clenching down on his dick. This wonderful passion surged through me.

“Oh, my god, this is amazing, Clancy,” I moaned. “I'm going to cum! “Make your mother cum!”

“Yes!” he growled, thrusting harder and harder. He stirred up my cunt as he held me pinned to the hood. My nipples throbbed. “Explode on my dick, Mom! Let me feel that naughty mommy cunt writhing around my dick!”

Those words sent me over the edge.

My pussy clenched down on him. I groaned and gasped. Then I exploded. My pussy went wild around my son's cock. A mighty explosion of bliss shot through my body. A tsunami of rapture washed into my mind.

I drowned in the incestuous passion of his dick plunging into me. It was incredible. I loved every second of it. I savored every last moment of his cock burying into my snatch. This wonderful bliss blazed through my mind.

“God, Mom!” he groaned, churning up my spasming cunt.

“Oh, god!” I gasped and came again on his cock. A second orgasm that spilled into the first.

Stars danced before my eyes as he buried his dick over and over into my spasming pussy. My mind drowned beneath the depraved ecstasy he gave me. My pussy sucked at him. I hungered for his cum to flood into me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Cum in me, Clancy!”

“Almost there!” he growled. “God, Mom! Yes!”

My son buried his cock into me. I groaned as his hot cum jetted into me. I shuddered, my nipples throbbing against the hood of the car. His jizz pumped into me again and again. The pleasure blazed through my mind. Stars danced out across the world.

I shuddered, breathing in that wonderful passion. My twat rippled around his cock. This amazing bliss swept through me. It was fantastic. I smiled at the heat that burned through my mind. Rapture danced over my thoughts.

“Mom!” he grunted as he dumped the last of his jizz into me.

I quivered there, my pussy rippling around his cock. I shuddered on the hood of the car, loving that he had filled me up with his cum. I panted. He groaned, releasing the pressure on my shoulders. He gasped in deep breaths, both of us coming down from our orgasmic highs.

“Oh, Clancy,” I groaned, my body buzzing on euphoria. Forbidden and wonderful bliss. “Oh, you're amazing. Thank you for that. Mmm, thank you for that wonderful pleasure.”

“You're welcome, Mom,” he panted, stroking his hands up and down my back. “You're amazing, you know that?”

“Mmm, thanks,” I purred. I hoped Nancy had seduced Renee because the next step in her plan was wild. I was so eager for it.

My family would emerge from Quarantine closer than ever. Open and loving and united. Nothing could tear us apart. Nancy was so right to start us down this road. I couldn't wait to reach its end. It would be incredible.

To be continued in the next Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine...


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