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Lisa finally comes of age and is ready to spend her night with daddy, but after taking both of his older girls' virginities, things with his youngest daughter do not go as expected.
How Traditions Start – part 15

An original story by Starrynight.

A sleepy smile formed on Lisa's face as she slid between the covers of her own bed. It was an exciting week for her, checking out the college she would attend next year along with her mother, meeting up with her oldest sister, Molly, and returning home to find Presley and Jack already there.

Lisa sighed, cuddling a large pillow, as she thought about her upcoming eighteenth birthday. Her entire family would be home to celebrate the occasion and Lisa couldn't wait. She missed her siblings and was looking forward to spending the next few days with them.


Liz sat on the edge of her large bed and looked at her husband unsure. She was wearing an old loose white T-shirt and stripped pajama pants. Her husband was wearing a dark blue shirt, a pair of old sweatpants and was looking at her nervously, an apologetic expression on his face.

"I'm sorry, I should have asked you." Tom said, giving his wife his most sincere gaze, trying to read her. He had just told her that he had sex with their daughter, Presley, last night.

Liz kept staring at him, trying to figure out how she felt about it and couldn't quite decide. It was an odd situation, most wives would be calling the police after hearing their husbands had sex with their daughter, but Liz was not most wives, and when it came to incest, they weren't like most families. She couldn't consider what her husband did cheating. He did sleep with their daughter without checking with her, but he had slept with her before, and the last time he did it was because of the family tradition she had instigated.

"It's alright." Liz said calmly after she let Tom squirm a little.

"It is?" Tom asked surprised, expecting his wife to be at least somewhat angry with him.

"Yes." Liz said assuring. "If I told you I had sex again with one of the boys, would it bother you?" Liz asked her husband.

"Huh, I guess no, not really." Tom said, realizing it was the case after considering it for a moment. "I mean, they're your sons and you were their first." Tom added, looking at his wife.

"I am a little mad at you for not checking with me, but I'm not really angry that you had sex with her." Liz said to her husband who looked relieved. She got to her feet then moved around to her side of the bed. "I do expect you to make it up to me though." Liz added with a naughty grin. She looked at Tom as she slipped her fingers into the waistband of her pajama pants and pulled them down, exposing a pair of black cotton panties. She stepped out of her pants, looking at the amused smile on Tom's face, then grabbed her panties and removed them, pulling them down her legs and stepping out of them. She climbed onto the bed, grabbed another pillow, then leaned back against the headboard.

"Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into?" Tom said grinning and watched his wife spread her bare legs.

"It's the least you could do to make it up to me." Liz said with a naughty smirk as she exposed herself to her husband. Her mound was covered with a wild dark bush, and she ran a finger along her slit as he climbed onto the bed and advanced towards her, licking his lips.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll make it up to you good." Tom said with a grin as he moved between his wife's spread legs. He ran his hands along her thighs, spreading them wider, then dove in, tongue out, and started licking her intimate folds.

"Ugh yes!" Liz moaned as her husband licked her cunt. "And don't you dare stop until I tell you to." Liz said between moans.

"Yes ma'am." Tom said obediently, a smile on his face, and pressed his mouth back to his wife's pussy.


The following day the house bustled with activity as it filled once more with the Fletcher children. There was much chatter and laughter as they sat around the large dining room table, the one they barely used anymore, and ate breakfast. After breakfast, everyone gave a hand, helping around the farm. They were eager and enthusiastic and by lunchtime, what would usually take all day, was done.

Zach arrived in the afternoon and was greeted by his sisters shrieking with excitement. They jumped him as he entered, and he gave each a long hug. It was great having the entire family back home, each one taking a break from work and school to come home for some family time and to celebrate Lisa's birthday. Tom and Liz were ecstatic to have all their kids under the same roof, and Lisa was excited to spend time with her older siblings.

The family spent the rest of the day catching up with one another, discussing what was going on with them. They shared how work and school were going, about any current relationships, and any interesting news. They laughed and talked and had fun, enjoying some much-awaited family time.

"So, Lisa, are you excited about your birthday?" Jack asked his younger sister. It seemed an innocent question in her eyes and she nodded, grinning, but everyone else knew what it meant and exchanged knowing glances.

After dinner, one by one, the family retired to their rooms. Zach was tired from the drive and his siblings where tired from helping around the farm. They called it a day early and went to bed.


Lisa woke up already smiling. It was her birthday today and she was legally an adult. She threw off the covers with excitement and got to her feet, wondering what her family had planned. She stepped over to the mirror and studied herself, but her reflection looked the same as it had the previous day. Lisa shrugged, running her hand through her tussled blond hair, and stepped over to her closet. She was wearing only a pair of cotton pink panties and one of her brother's old shirts. She grabbed a pair of tight dark jeans, a white bra and a cute yellow top and tossed them on the bed. She looked at herself in the mirror as she pulled her jeans on, then removed her shirt. She studied her breasts in the mirror for a moment before putting on the bra, they were not as big and full as her mother's or Presley's, but she liked them. She put on the bra, shifting it into place, pulled on the top, smiled at her reflection one last time and left her bedroom to wash up.

Most of the family was already downstairs when Lisa came down. Her mother and Presley were in the kitchen, making breakfast, Molly was in the living room on her phone, and Zach was reading the paper. Tom was outside working, and Jack hadn't come down yet.

"Happy birthday!" Zach called out, looking up from the paper as he noticed Lisa coming down the stairs.

"Thank you." Lisa said sweetly, looking at her brother from the bottom of the stairs. She stopped to smell the delicious scents of her mother cooking breakfast and walked over to the kitchen.

Zach studied his youngest sister as she walked. He noted how much she developed over the past year, though she still looked younger than her age. She was 5'3 and slim with long blonde hair and light blue eyes. He looked at her, noting for the first time the slight curve of her hips and her small tight butt. She had a pair of small breasts, perky b-cups, a little smaller than Molly's.

"Thinking about what it's going to be like with Lisa?" Molly whispered to her twin brother as she slipped beside him, following his gaze to her.

"She looks so young. I can't believe she's eighteen already." Zach whispered back and glanced sideways at his sister. "It will be weird doing it with her." Zach added.

"Weirder than with Presley?" Molly asked.

"Yes." Zach said, taking a breath. "Presley isn't that much younger than us, and, well, she didn't look so…young, when she was her age." Zach added.

"Yeah, I guess I know what you mean." Molly said giggling, looking over at Presley setting the table. "But you don't think Lisa is pretty?" she asked, still in a hushed tone.

"It's not that. She's cute and she looks like you when you were younger, but she's just so…innocent. It's hard thinking about doing it with her." Zach explained and sighed.

"I know what you mean. I had the same feeling before my night with Jack, but once we were both naked, things just started flowing." Molly explained and looked at her brother as he nodded hopeful, still transfixed on Lisa. "Hey, we never got a chance to talk about Kristen, what happened, why did you guys break up?" Molly asked.

Zach blinked and looked away from Lisa and at Molly. She was probably the person he trusted most in the world. "Swear you won't tell anybody?" Zach asked in a hushed tone, his expression serious.

"Why, what happened?" Molly asked, her eyes going wide.

"You won't tell anyone?" Zach asked again.

"No, I promise. Now tell me. I thought everything was good and you were serious." Molly said.

"Yeah, everything was good, and we were serious for a long time." Zach said.

"So, what happened?" Molly asked curiously.

Zach took a long deep breath, turning his body to his sister. "I told her." He said quietly.

"You told her?" Molly asked confused.

"About my first time, about mom, about you, about Presley." Zach told Molly.

"Oh my god, why would you do that?" Molly asked.

"We were talking, a few months ago, and she got to telling me about her first time. She asked me who my first was and I told her I didn't remember. She knew I was lying, and I think at first, she thought I was embarrassed to tell her she was my first, but then she thought about our first time and realized it wasn't very likely. She kept asking, but each time I told her to drop it."

"Why did you end up telling her then?" Molly asked.

"A few weeks ago, she asked me again but wouldn't drop it this time. I told her that if she knew she might not look at me the same. It was a stupid thing to say and it only made her push more, promising that nothing I said would make her stop loving me. I loved her and trusted her, and I thought that coming clean with her would be good, so I ended up telling her everything." Zach continued saying quietly.

"Everything?" Molly asked, and Zach nodded morosely.

"I told her about losing my virginity to mom, about you and dad, about me and you, and Presley, and well, all of it." Zach said regretfully. "She couldn't believe it. Kristen came from a conservative family and it really freaked her out. She told me she needed some time to process what I told her, then a few days later she told me she couldn't do it anymore and we broke up." Zach said, finishing with a heavy sigh.

"Wow, that's rough." Molly said empathetically.

"Yeah, well. Maybe it was for the best." Zach said, not truly believing it and tried to smile.

"Zach, get your father, breakfast is ready." Their mother's voice cut them off.

"Okay." Zach said, placing his hand on his sister's leg. He gave her one last shrug then went to get their father.


Like every birthday breakfast in the Fletcher household it was hearty and delicious. Liz prepared Lisa's favorite, blueberry pancakes, along with much more food. Zach's gloomy mood from his conversation with Molly evaporated and he went back to talking and laughing cheerfully as they ate.

After breakfast, there was much work to be done around the farm. Lisa had the day off, as was customary on birthdays, but the rest of the family chipped in. Tom was glad to have his two strong boys helping him and brought them along for the more physical tasks that would have taken him much longer to do without their help.

Lisa enjoyed her last birthday at home to its fullest. After breakfast she went back to her room and changed. When she came back down, her mother prepared her a small picnic basket. She grabbed at and walked over to the stable where her sister helped her saddle up one of the horses. She loved horseback riding and went for a ride. She stopped when they got to the stream on the northern edge of their property and climbed off Bowie. She let the horse graze as she spread out a blanket on the ground and snacked on the content of the picnic basket while reading a book. She took a nap, enjoying the gentle spring breeze on her skin, and woke up to Bowie nuzzling her.

Lisa rode back cheerfully, unsaddled Bowie and groomed him. She returned to the house where Jack was helping their mom cook dinner and smiled at them.

"How was your ride?" Jack asked his younger sister as she took a seat at the kitchen table.

"It was fun. I rode out to the creek." She told her brother. She thought he was looking at her a bit strangely but didn't give it much thought.

"Cool." Jack said and quickly turned around as his sister caught him staring at her. "Dinner should be ready in about an hour, I think. Right mom?" Jack asked.

"An hour, maybe an hour-and-a-half, I haven't started working on dessert yet. Plenty of time for you to get ready." Liz said, smiling at her daughter.

"Okay, thanks mom." Lisa said and ran upstairs.

Lisa took a nice long shower as she got ready for her birthday dinner. She washed thoroughly, lathering up her body with a perfumed soap one of her sisters brought with her and washed it off, delighted with the lingering delicate scent. She stepped out of the shower, wrapped a large tower around her body, from chest to knee, another towel around her wet hair, and walked over to her room. She sat on the edge of the bed, facing the mirror, and removed the small towel, rubbing her hair dry. She grabbed her purple hairbrush from the nightstand and gently brushed her long blond hair.

Lisa finished brushing her hair and walked over to her closet. She picked out a pair of red panties, the cutest ones she owned, and a white lace bra and tossed them on the bed. She continued rummaging through her closet for another ten minutes before finally deciding on a light green skirt and a white top.

Lisa blushed as she let the towel drop and studied the reflection of her naked young body in the mirror. She turned to one side, studying herself, then to the other, sticking out her tight butt, then grabbed her clothes. She pulled the panties on, up along her smooth legs, then put on the bra. She thought she looked cute in her underwear and blushed as she wondered if guys would find her sexy. She pushed the thought out of her mind and pulled on the skirt, zipping it up on the side, then pulling on the top. She studied herself in the mirror once more and was satisfied with what she saw. The green skirt was loose and reached down a little below her knees. The white top was soft and tight. The fabric was almost see-through, and the sleeves were of medium length, reaching past her elbows. She gave herself one last glance, noting how her blonde hair complimented the top, then put on a pair of elegant slippers and moved downstairs.

"There's the birthday girl." Tom said, raising his bottle of beer in salute. He finished cleaning up and was dressed for dinner, wearing a pair of dark blue slacks and a black polo shirt. Next to him Zach was sitting with a beer of his own in hand, also clean and handsomely dressed. Delicious smells drifted over from the kitchen as Presley set the table and her mother was just finishing up the cooking.

"I'll open the wine." Molly said as she reached the bottom of the stairs, wearing a cute light blue dress, her blonde hair in a high ponytail. She passed Lisa, smiling at her and continued to the kitchen.

Lisa took a seat in the living room with her father and brother, relaxed, and watched as Molly came back with a bottle of wine. She popped the cork and brought out a few wine glasses, pouring the violet liquid into each one. She grabbed two glasses and came over.

"Here." Molly said kindly as she handed Lisa one of the glasses and sat down next to her. Lisa took it reluctantly, then looked at her father. She drank wine before, a few sips here and there, but never so openly with her parents. Her father nodded his approval, raising his beer, and Molly clinched her glasses to hers. "Cheers." Her older sister said. "Happy birthday." She added, smiling and her brother and father nodded, raising their bottles.

Jack was the last one to get out of the shower and join everyone, and once he was there, they all took their place around the dinner table. They ate and laughed as the family celebrated Lisa's eighteenth birthday with the traditional family dinner. Liz made all of Lisa's favorites, and another bottle of wine was quickly opened. They drank, and cheered and laughed and told stories, everyone saying how surprised they were that little Lisa was suddenly grown up.

After the main course, the family retired to the living room for dessert and presents. There were a lot of presents, one from her parents and one from each of her siblings, one of the perks of being the youngest. Lisa smiled and thanked them as she opened her presents with delight.

Presley let out a fake yawn and stretched her arms as they were finishing up. "I think I'll get to bed; I'm getting kind of tired." Presley said and got to her feet.

"Yeah, me too." Jack added with another fake yawn and got to his feet.

"Us too." Zach and Molly added, exchanging looks with terrible fake yawns, and got up. They all gave their father and youngest sister an unmistakable look and hurried upstairs.

"Smooth guys." Liz called after them, shaking her head, then looked at her youngest daughter who sat there baffled.

"What's going on?" Lisa asked, looking from her mother to her father, realizing something was up.

"Well…" Liz started saying, exchanging a nervous look with her husband.

"Your mother and I have one more special thing planned for your birthday." Tom said nervously, looking at his young daughter and watching her eyes widen with glee.

"Oh my god really?" she let out in excitement. "What is it?" she asked.

"Let's go to our bedroom and I'll explain everything." Tom said. Lisa looked at her father confused, then turned to look at her mother. Liz nodded at her, glass of wine in hand, and Lisa got to her feet.

"Isn't mom coming too?" Lisa asked as she followed her father to his bedroom, realizing her mother was not following.

"No sweetie. Come in and I'll explain everything." Tom said and opened the bedroom door, ushering her in and closing the door behind her. "You can go ahead and sit down on the bed." Tom added and Lisa quietly obliged, doing just that.

"What's going on?" Lisa asked confused. She looked up at her father and noted how nervous he seemed.

Tom stood facing his youngest daughter and fidgeted with his hands nervously. It was the third time he was doing this, with his third daughter, but it didn't make him any less nervous. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down and gave his daughter what he hoped was a reassuring smile. "Lisa sweetie, you're…you're eighteen today, an adult, a woman." Tom started saying as his daughter studied him curiously. "Well, in a few months you're going to college and starting life on your own. I know it wasn't always easy growing up here, with only your brothers and sisters as friends your own age. Now that you're all grown up, there is something I want us to do, something to help you prepare for when you leave the house." Tom said, voice leveled trying to look calm and in control.

"What?" Lisa asked, brow furrowed, staring at her father unsure.

"Well sweetie, most people you will meet in college did not grow up like you. They went to school, they had friends, the boys had girlfriends and the girls…boyfriends. Most girls already kissed a guy, and most already…had…sex." Tom said and watched his daughter blush with embarrassment. "We…we think it's important for you to also experience those things before leaving the house, and now that you're eighteen…."

"What do you mean? What kind of things?" Lisa asked, looking alarmed.

"Intimacy, what you should expect from guys, and well, sex." Tom said nervously.

"Se…sex?" Lisa asked stuttering, blushing a bright red as she said the word. It felt dirty on her tongue.

"Yes. We think that it will really help get you ready if…if you and I…had…sex." Tom said and watched his daughter's eyes widen in shock.

"You…you want us…to…to…have…sex?" Lisa asked horrified.

"Yes." Tom said nodding.

"But…but, you're my dad, I'm your daughter." Lisa said, sounding scared.

"I know sweetie." Tom said in a soothing voice, nodding. "I know it's not…conventional, and I know it's scary, having sex for the first time, but trust me, this is for you. To help you." Tom said nervously.

"No dad, this is wrong, I don't want to." Lisa said, her eyes tearing up.

"Baby, it's okay." Tom said and took a step forward, but Lisa flinched back. "I won't do anything if you don't want to, but I do think you should think about it. You should also know that all your siblings were in the exact same spot that you are when they turned eighteen, and they all went through with it and are glad they did." Tom added.

"Wha…what, what are you talking about?" Lisa asked, eyes large, lip trembling. She could not believe what her father just said.

"Yes. I had sex with both your sisters on their eighteenth birthday, and your brothers both had sex with your mother on their birthday." Tom said, exposing the dirty tradition to the last member of the family.

"Mom? Mom had sex with Zach and Jack?" Lisa asked incredulous and watched her father nod. "And she knows you had sex with Presley and Molly? She knows you want to have sex with me?" Lisa asked amazed.

"Yes." Tom said, his mouth dry. He didn't know what else to say to his daughter's response and the disgusted look on her face.

"No way! There is no way mom is okay with this." Lisa said with an edge in her voice. She had no idea what was going on, but she did not believe this conversation was real.

"Sweetie, you don't need to be scared. You know I would never do anything to hurt you, but yes, your mother really did have sex with your brothers and knows about this." Tom said and saw the uncertainty on his daughter's face.

"Where is mom?" Lisa asked, her voice shrill.

"In the living room." Tom said casually. "You want to ask her for yourself?" Tom asked. Lisa squirmed a little, looking unsure, but ended up nodding.

Tom took a deep frustrated breath and walked over to the door. This had never happened before with one of his daughters and he wasn't sure what to do. He opened the door, looked back at Lisa, then turned his head around. "Liz, could you come here for a moment?" Tom called out.

"What's wrong?" Liz called out surprised and quickly got to her feet. She rushed over anxiously, and her husband shrugged at her, shaking his head as she approached. She entered her bedroom concerned as Tom closed the door behind her and looked at her frightened daughter. "What's wrong sweetie?" Liz asked her daughter.

"Dad said he…he wants us to have…sex." Lisa said, sounding scared. "He…he said that you know and that…that he…he also did it with Molly and Presley, and that…that you did it with Zach and Jack." She added in a small frightened voice.

"Sweetie, it's true." Liz said calmly, her voice gentle. "Did he explain why he wants you to have sex?" Liz asked.

"He…he said it would help me get ready for next year. For when I like, have a boyfriend or something." She answered, stuttering.

"That's right." Her mother said soothingly. "You're a very beautiful young girl. A lot of boys will want to date you. We want to make sure you're prepared, that you know what to expect, and that no guy will take advantage of you." Liz explained. "I know losing your virginity is frightening, but sex is amazing if you do it right and with someone who cares about you, someone who you know will never hurt you." Liz added.

"What if I don't want to?" Lisa asked quietly, voice shaky.

"Sweetie, we won't force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but your father and I both believe it's for the best." Liz told her daughter.

"I don’t know mom." Lisa said unsure, turning her gaze between her father and mother. "Did Molly and Presley really have sex with dad?" she asked shyly.

"Yes, they did." Tom answered, studying his daughter who still looked unsure.

"I have a suggestion." Liz said as her daughter still looked at the both of them with worried uncertainty. "How about you let your father walk you through what sex is like. You don't need to actually have sex, but he can explain it and show you…where everything goes," Liz said blushing, "and you do only what you're comfortable with. There is a lot you can learn without actually having sex." Liz explained as her husband and she studied their daughter. "How does that sound?" Liz asked her daughter.

Lisa looked at her mother, then at her father, and thought about her mother's suggestion. She was clueless when it came to sex and although it embarrassed her, she knew it is a good idea to know more about it. "Okay I guess." Lisa finally said, looking more relaxed. She and her mother looked at her father, and he nodded in agreement.

"Great." Liz said smiling and rose to her feet, turning to leave.

"Mom?" Lisa called out as her mother turned.

"Yes?" Liz asked, turning to her daughter.

"Could you stay?" she asked in her soft young voice. She felt much more comfortable with her mother there.

Liz and Tom stared at each other, Liz waiting for her husband's response. It would be strange for them both if she stayed, but they both realized it would be best for Lisa if she did. "Alright." Liz said after Tom nodded to her. "But I'll just sit here and watch, this is your father's night with you." Liz said and walked aside. She took a seat on a chair at the corner and watched her husband and daughter nervously.

"Lisa, are you sure you're alright with this?" Tom asked his daughter, trying not to look over at his wife, and Lisa nodded in assurance. "How about we start with taking our clothes off, are you okay with that?" Tom asked his daughter. She looked at him nervously, her eyes going wide, but nodded, gulping. "I'll get naked first, then you, okay?" Tom asked and Lisa nodded again.

Tom took a long breath then proceeded to remove his clothes. He pulled his shirt up and over his head, exposing his broad chest and strong arms. He tossed the shirt on the floor, then moved to his pants. He unbuckled his belt clumsily, then loosened it. He unzipped his pants, and pulled them down, stepping out of them until he was left in just his boxers. Lisa blushed as she looked at him, standing in front of her in just his boxers. He glanced sideways at Liz, the fact that she was there making it even more embarrassing, then took in another deep breath. He slipped his fingers into the waistband, then, after a short pause, looked at his teenage daughter and pulled them down.

Lisa looked at her father wide eyed as he exposed himself to her. His body was strong and muscular, his grey streaked hair cut short and face shaved. He was a handsome man Lisa thought, realizing it for the first time as she looked at her father, and it made her blush even more. Her heart thumped as he moved to his boxers, the only thing keeping him from standing naked in front of her. She watched him pull them down, gawking as her own father revealed his penis to her. She watched him slide his boxers all the way down, then he straightened up, giving her a good look at his privates. His penis was thick and soft, dangling between his legs. He had trimmed dark hair around the base, and Lisa felt a strange tingling sensation between her legs as she stared at it.

Tom let his daughter study his naked body. He was a little embarrassed about not being hard, but with his wife there and all the drama, it was not as arousing as the previous times. "Go ahead sweetie, you can take your clothes off." Tom urged her gently.

"What about mom?" Lisa asked nervously.

"What about her?" Tom asked, giving Liz a quick glance.

"Can she take her clothes off too?" Lisa asked. She was so embarrassed about letting her father see her naked and figured it would be less embarrassing if her mother was naked too.

"Ask her for yourself." Tom said shrugging, not sure how to answer that.

"Can you mom?" Lisa asked sweetly.

"Um, yeah, sure sweetie." Liz said with a light blush, surprised, and got to her feet. She gave Tom a look, then pulled the flowery blouse she was wearing out of her pants. Liz had a shy smile on her face as she grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head. She was wearing a plain grey bra, cupping her large tits and folded her blouse, putting it on the small table next to her. She slipped out of her slippers, unbuttoned her elegant black pants, and slowly pulled them down her tone legs. She was wearing a pair of purple panties, a bow in the front, and picked up her pants, folding them, before facing her daughter and husband. She pulled her scrunchy off, letting her blonde hair down, then reached behind her back. She unclasped her bra and removed it, exposing her large round breasts, then put it aside and pulled her panties down, blushing as she revealed her pink vagina and wild bush to her youngest daughter. She stepped out of her panties, picking them up, then sat back down, crossing her legs to hide her womanhood while her breasts remained proudly displayed.

Lisa noticed her father's penis grow a little as he watched her mother strip. It was still mostly soft, but was bigger, not dangling straight down but more in front of him. She felt more nervous than she ever did as she stood up, preparing to expose herself to her parents. It didn't help that they were already naked, and her heart pound in her chest as she straightened her skirt. She stared straight at her father as she grabbed the hem of her white top, then looked away as she pulled it up over her head and off. She blushed as she displayed her white bra, bunching up her top and tossing it on the bed. She took another nervous breath, then unzipped her skirt at the side and pulled it down, stepping out. Her heart continued racing wildly as she stood in front of her naked father in just her bra and cute red panties, the rest of her young body bare, her light skin showing. She cringed at what she was about to do but did not hesitate, instead moving quickly, like ripping off a bandage. She released the clasps of her bra from behind, feeling very self-conscious of herself next to her mother, and let it fall. She then slipped her fingers into her panties and pulled them down, a wave of embarrassment rushing through her as she stepped out of them. She pressed her knees together and stood there shamefully as she forced herself to look up at her father, exposing her naked body to him and to her mother.

Lisa shuffled nervously, fidgeting with her hands behind her back as her father looked at her. He ran his eyes along her naked body, studying it ambivalently. He moved his gaze along her light skin, smooth and soft-looking. He took in the image of her adorable breasts, small and perky, with small bright pink areolas and small hard nipples. She blushed as he moved his eyes down, over her flat stomach, her hips, and down between her legs. Her pubic mound was covered by a wispy patch of light hair and continued down to the tightest-looking vagina her father had ever seen, her thin lips pressed together, cute slit glowing a bright young pink. She noticed her father's penis beginning to twitch as he looked at her cunny, and watched amazed as it began to harden, getting thicker and longer without him even touching it.

Tom stared at his naked young daughter lustfully for the first time in his life. Even with her clothes off she looked so young, but seeing her naked nubile body was enough to put dirty thoughts in his head that fathers should not be having. He took a step forward, cock continuing to harden, until he was facing her from only a foot away. "Sweetie, is it okay if I touch you?" Tom asked his daughter, looking down at her.

"What are you going to do dad?" She asked shyly.

"I'm going to show you how a boy can make a girl feel good without having sex. Is that okay?" he asked softly, and Lisa nodded shyly. Tom's hands reached out and Lisa gasped as her father grabbed her tits. The skin on his palms was rough, but he was gentle, and she cooed as he softly massaged her breasts. He squeezed her perky lumps with his hands, pressing his strong fingers into her soft skin, and Lisa trembled. Her father moved closer, his body almost on hers and leaned down. He looked into her eyes, then pressed his mouth to hers, kissing her.

Lisa moaned as her father kissed her while he fondled her tits. His lips were warm and soft on hers, parting lightly as they kissed, and the tingling sensation between her legs grew stronger. His rugged thumb ran along her areola and caused a shiver to run down her spine. He pulled his lips away from hers, looking deep into her eyes, and she whimpered as her father pinched her erect nipple between his thumb and index finger, making a jolt of pleasure shoot down her body to between her legs.

"Is this okay?" Tom asked his daughter sensually, pinching her nipples again.

"Uh huh." Lisa moaned, nodding, and stuck her chest out, letting her father continued to caress her boobs. He slipped his hands up her body, grabbing her shoulders and guided her onto the bed, then took a seat next to her. He pressed his lips into hers once more, kissing her, and moved his hands back to her delicate young breasts as she kissed him back timidly.

Tom's thick dick stood tall, almost fully erect as he fondled his naked young daughter. He pulled his mouth away from hers, smiling at the dazed expression on her face, then lowered his mouth. He moved his right hand away, still fondling her right tit, and stuck his tongue out, brushing it along his daughter's nipple.

Lisa moaned softly, another jolt of pleasure hitting her as her father's tongue met her delicate nipple. It was so naughty, her father licking her breasts, but it felt good. She whimpered softly as he began exploring her breasts with his tongue, sliding and licking around, moving from one to the other. He traced it along her areolas, licked and flicked her nipples, then closed his lips around her left nipple.

Liz watched her husband take their daughter's nipple in her mouth and suck on it to Lisa's surprised high-pitched moan. It was a strange situation, seeing her husband and daughter like that, her daughter having her first sexual experience in front of her, and Liz wasn't sure what to do with herself. She wasn't sure where this was going, if her youngest daughter would agree to have sex after getting her first taste of the pleasures of the flesh, or if she would be content with just a taste. She continued to watch the two of them, not believing it was her little girl with her husband, feeling disgusted at the wetness growing between her legs.

"Oh dad!" Lisa moaned in surprise as her father slipped his hand between her legs. He cupped her little pussy with his hand, the base of his palm on her mound, and grabbed it to her utter disbelief. She looked down, her vagina tingling pleasurably, and watched her father release her vulva and gently run his middle finger along her slit, almost tickling it. "Ooh Dad, you're touching my cunny." Lisa moaned in disbelief, looking at her father wide-eyed, almost alarmed, as he continued touching her most intimate region.

"Is this okay?" Tom asked his daughter, pulling his mouth away from her tits and looking up at her face. He ran his finger up a little higher, touching her clit and Lisa jumped, shivering with pleasure.

"Oh god!" Lisa called out then moaned between clenched teeth. "Uh huh." She nodded, and slightly spread her legs on instinct. Her father smiled at her, studying the look of unexpected sexual pleasure covering her face, then leaned back in and continued suckling in her tits while playing with her virgin cunt.

Tom pulled his mouth away from his daughter's breasts and his hand from between her legs. "Did that feel good?" Tom asked and his daughter nodded shyly, face red. "Good, now I'm going to lick your…cunny, okay?" Tom asked and his daughter just stared at him shocked.

"You can trust your father." Her mother said from across the room, getting to her feet. "He knows what he's doing." Liz said to her daughter who nodded in agreement. Tom got up, looking at his wife, then moved to his knees in front of his daughter. Lisa looked over at her mom, taking in her sexy naked body, and watched her as she stepped over, large breasts and hair covered vagina fully displayed. "Everything okay so far?" Liz asked her daughter, taking a seat on the bed next to her as her father placed his hands on her knees. Lisa mumbled a yes as her father slowly pulled her legs apart. She looked at her mother then followed her gaze to between her legs.

Lisa blushed with embarrassment as her father spread her legs apart, exposing her young pink vagina to him from mere inches away. He slid his palms up her thighs in a slow sensual motion, and Lisa felt a shiver of pleasure run down her spine. Her heart raced as her father's hands rested at the top of her thighs. He moved closer, on his knees, moving his face forward until she could feel his warm breath on her vulva. She held her breath as her father inhaled, taking in her scent, then leaned in.

His daughter's intoxicating aroma filled Tom's nose as he got his first taste of her. She gasped as the tip of his tongue met her slit, not believing it was her own father between her spread legs, and Tom tightened his grip on her as he ran his tongue up, licking her glistening slit and tasting her sweet flavor.

"Here honey, lean back." Liz said in a motherly voice, placing two large pillows behind her daughter as her husband began to eat her teenage pussy. She helped her daughter ease back onto the pillows, Tom keeping his grip on her legs and watched with growing arousal as her husband's tongue caressed their daughter's virgin womanhood.

New and exciting pleasure rushed through Lisa's young body as her father introduced her to the world of oral sex. It was disgusting and wrong, her own father touching and licking her feminine flower. Her body tingled as her father continued to lick her pussy with increasing enthusiasm. He licked her delicate folds, outer lips, and slit. He kissed her all over her vulva, her lips, her thighs, her mound and her clit. Despite how disgusting it was, Lisa could not stop moaning, and she only grew louder as her father continued.

Tom hungrily ate his little girl's sweet muff. It tasted so young and innocent, a virgin unspoiled vagina, just like his older daughters before her. He ate her out eagerly, disgustingly indulging in her nubile womanhood, her tangy flavors more addictive than nicotine. The juices started flowing out of his daughter's tight twat more freely as he continued to eat her out, and he lapped them up thirstily, studying her with his tongue. He kissed her intimate folds, her lips pink and adorable, and snaked his tongue out, getting another taste. He moved up, tracing his tongue up her slit until he arrived at her clit. He stared with awe at her young bush, so cute and seductive, then gently blew on her clit, feeling her squirm on the bed.

Lisa let out a trembling whimper as her father blew out, a flow of soft warm air tickling her tender snatch. Her father stretched her legs wider, making her tight lips part slightly, then leaned in and licked her little nib. Lisa let out as shaky moan at the surprising pleasure of it, and watched her father press his lips to the top of her slit as he started licking and kissing her clit.

"Oh my god dad!" Lisa called out in rapture as her father continued his disgusting exploration of her womanhood. She shut her eyes as a surge of pleasure ran through her naked body, then opened them to the sensation of her father's fingers on her labia. He spread her pussy lips open with his hands, marveling at her pink interior, then dipped his tongue in, getting a good taste of her. He pressed his lips to her open cunt, sucking on her lips, slipping his tongue into her, then pulled away, leaving her red faced.

"How was that?" Tom asked his daughter as he caught his breath. He was surprised she hadn't cum yet, at least not very hard. Molly and Presley had cum quickly when he went down on them, but not Lisa. She did seem to enjoy it though, and because she didn't look like she was getting close, he stopped, slowly getting to her feet.

"Did you like having your…cunny licked?" Liz asked her daughter as her husband got to his feet. Seeing her husband go down on their daughter was making her so horny that she slipped a finger between her legs and carefully played with herself as she watched.

"Uh huh." Lisa let out, nodding, as her father stood up, then her eyes went wide as his penis came into view. "Oh my god!" Lisa called out shocked, placing a hand over her open mouth. "I didn't know it could get so big." She added blushing and her mother giggled. She stared at her father's manhood with awe, studying it. It was thick, almost as thick as her wrist, and about six inches long. It was covered with bulging veins as blood rushed through it, and instead of dangling it stood erect, twitching as it pointed upward.

"It's okay, you can touch it." Tom said, urging her on. She sat up straight, staring at it from only inches away, but did not move to touch it.

"Don't worry, it doesn't bite." Liz said playfully to her daughter and reached out, grabbing her husband's cock right in front of her daughter. Tom groaned as his wife ran her hand along his shaft, her soft touch exquisite. "Go ahead." Liz said in an amused tone as her daughter nervously reached her hand out, then she let go of the hard cock as Lisa brushed her fingertips along the engorged head, gasping as it twitched.

"Oh wow." Lisa said as she timidly grabbed her father's hard rod. "It's so smooth." She added, sounding surprised and loosely wrapped her fingers around it, slowly stroking along. She ran her hand along her father's shaft, surprised by how it felt in her hand. It was warm and smooth, but also hard, and she could feel her father's heartbeat on it. "Does it feel good?" Lisa asked with a shy little grin as he let out a gentle moan, and her father nodded, groaning his approval.

"Here, let me show you." Liz said to her husband's surprise and snatched his dick out of their daughter's hand. "You don't have to be gentle with it." Liz said as she tightly wrapped her hand around the hard shaft and squeezed hard. "A man's penis is quite…durable." Liz said and stroked Tom's shaft while clutching it tightly. "Men actually prefer it if you handle it…rougher." Liz added blushing and let go of her husband.

"That's right." Tom said as his daughter looked up at him for confirmation, then reached out and grabbed his dick, squeezing it in her hand. She ran her hand along it, gripping it tightly, then tried bending it back and forth.

"Does that hurt dad?" Lisa asked curious as she played with his penis.

"No, that feels good." Tom groaned as she tightly gripped the tip and stroked it slowly. She gave him a few tight strokes, then quickly released it and watched with wonder as it twitched.

"What now?" Lisa asked as she grabbed her father's penis and began idly caressing it.

"Well, you see, it's important that you know that there are other ways guys and girls can make each other feel good without having sex." Tom started saying. He gave his wife a quick glance and blushed. It was harder to stay focused with her here watching them. "What I did to you, kissing and licking your…cunny, that's one way a guy can make you feel good. He can also do it with just his hands." Tom explained and his daughter looked up at him, nodding.

"Lisa, do you ever…masturbate?" Liz asked her daughter, cutting in. Lisa blushed a deep red and shook her head shyly. She had a basic idea of what masturbating was, there were some books she read and movies she watched that mentioned it, but it was always as something shameful, something people were embarrassed being caught doing and she never considered doing it or what it even might be like.

"You've never…played with yourself?" Tom asked surprised, blushing too, and watched his daughter shake her head in embarrassment again.

"It's okay, it's nothing to be ashamed about." Liz said calmly. "But Tom, maybe instead of getting into details, we should go over that first." Liz offered and Tom nodded.

"She's all yours." Tom said and Lisa glanced between the two of them nervously.

"Sweetie, before we go into more details about how boys and girls can make each other feel good, I think we should talk about how you can make yourself feel good." Liz started saying as Tom took a seat on the bed next to her, listening intently. "Masturbating is how you do that." Liz said blushing. "You want to show her how guys masturbate?" Liz asked Tom and shifted on the bed so Lisa would be able to see her father clearly.

"Well, guys masturbate pretty much like what you just did to me." Tom said, noting his daughter look down at his erect member. "We get our penis hard and start stroking it." Tom said and started doing just that, masturbating to his daughter's eyes. "When a girl does it to a guy, like you did, it's called a handjob, and well, you usually do it until the guy…ejaculates." Tom said and Lisa nodded shyly.

"When a girl masturbates," Liz took over, "she uses her hand to touch and play with her…vagina." Liz paused, studying her daughter, then glanced over at Tom. She seemed to consider something then climbed higher onto the bed and blushed as she spread her legs wide, showing off her bare womanhood. "Each woman likes something different" Liz said, then showed, slowly moving her hand between her legs and traced her fingers along her slit. "You can touch your clitoris." Liz added then showed. She used her left hand to spread her lips open, exposing herself, then used her right index finger to rub her clit gently, unable to hold back a moan of pleasure. "And, you can do it by fingering yourself, putting a finger inside your vagina." Liz said and paused before demonstrating. She licked her index finger, slid it down her slit, then slowly pushed it into her cunt, moaning with shameful delight as she slid her finger in and out a few times, scratching the sexual itch. She was about to tell her daughter to go ahead and try it, but figured that the situation was already awkward enough for her daughter, no need for her to masturbate for the first time in her life in front of her parents.

"And, of course, a guy can also do it for the girl." Tom added as the room turned quiet. "Um, was that…clear?" Tom asked.

Lisa nodded, flooded with sexual details. She was starting to realize how much there was to sex and how little she knew. It was still awkward and embarrassing having her parents explain and show all those things to her. Touching her father, seeing him touch himself, and watching her mother show her how girls masturbated. She was starting to think that as nerve-wracking as this was, it might actually be helpful.

"So, as I was saying," Tom started, clearing his throat, "there are a few ways a boy and a girl could make each other feel good. Touching each other, or giving a handjob, is one way, and using your…mouth, is another. When the guy does it to a girl it's called…eating her…pussy, or going down on her, and when the girl uses her mouth on a guy, it's called a blowjob." Tom said and slowly got to his feet. His dick lost part of its bravado but was still mostly hard. "If you don't want to have sex with a guy but you still want to do something sexual that will make him happy, then you could give him a blowjob." Tom said as he moved in front of his daughter.

"Now why don't you try giving your father a blowjob? " Liz asked as Tom suggestively moved in front of Lisa.

"You want me to take dad's…in my mouth?" Lisa asked shocked

"Yes sweetie. You can practice on me to see what it's like." Tom said, keeping the eagerness away from his voice.

"But it's huge. I'll choke." Lisa said alarmed and Tom stifled a chuckle.

"It's true your father is thicker than most, but don't worry, we just want you to try and see what it's like." Liz said but her daughter still looked alarmed. "You want to see how to do it first?" Liz asked and Lisa nodded eagerly. "Alright." Liz said and slid to the edge of the bed, making her scooch over.

Tom watched his wife as she aligned herself with his penis and reached out to grab it. She wrapped her hand around and slid it down until she grasped the base. She moved intently, expertly, and both he and Liz kept glancing at Lisa who watched. Liz stroked him a few times, getting him nice and hard, then turned towards Lisa.

"When you're giving a blowjob, you don't have to immediately take the whole thing in your mouth." Liz explained as she firmly gripped the base of his shaft. "You can start by teasing." Liz said with a devious grin and stuck her tongue out. She pressed the tip to the head of Tom's cock and traced it around the head. "You can lick it." Liz told her daughter and started licking Tom's penis. She licked the head again, then raised the shaft up. She slid her tongue down the bottom of his shaft and licked his testicles, making Tom moan. She continued to pleasure her husband with her tongue, coating his shaft with her saliva until she stopped and looked over at Lisa again. "And once you're ready, you can take him in your mouth." Liz said and opened her mouth wide. She wrapped her lips around her husband's thick dick and sucked on it. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, then pulled off, saliva clinging to the tip of his cock. "Got it?" Liz asked her daughter.

"Yeah, think so, can I try now?" Lisa asked shyly and Liz smiled, moving aside. She watched her naked young daughter move on the bed to where she was sitting, then stare at her father's manhood before reaching out and grabbing it.

Tom groaned as his youngest daughter took charge of his manhood. She grabbed him, his shaft slick with her mother's spit, and slid her hand down to the base, just like her mother did. She leaned in, sticking her tongue out, then timidly pressed it to his cock. Tom watched with disgusting lust as his baby girl licked his dick, carefully running her tongue along it. She seemed cautious at first, slowly adjusting to the fact that she was licking her own father's penis, then she became more intent. Her eyes moved up, staring into her father's, then she lifted his cock, running her tongue down the bottom and moved to his balls. She licked them curiously, then moved back to the shaft.

Lisa felt a thrill as she licked her daddy's penis. It wasn't something a girl was supposed to do to her father, but both her parents seemed to think otherwise. She tightly gripped the thick dick as she continued to lick it, running her tongue and lips around to her father's moans. She gradually got more comfortable with it, adjusting to the feeling of his manhood in her hands and on her tongue. She pulled his erection towards her, making it point at her and held it in place. She then opened her mouth wide and took the head between her lips.

"Oh god sweetie!" Tom moaned as his daughter willingly took his member into her mouth. She closed her lips around it, just below the head, and Tom whimpered at the sensation of her warm wet mouth around his manhood. He could tell she was struggling, not knowing what to do with his fat cock once it was in her mouth, but then she started taking him deeper, pushing more of his length in.

"That's it, just like that." Liz urged her daughter on, moving closer. She collected Lisa's blond hair and moved it back. "Now start moving your head up and down, try to take as much of your father's cock as you can, but don't worry if you can't take much." Liz said and watched her young daughter slide her lips further down daddy's shaft. "You can try to swirl your tongue around it or sucking on it." Liz suggested.

"Oh fuck!" Tom groaned as his daughter took him in a little more and sucked on his cock, sending a jolt of pleasure through him. "Ugh god!" Tom moaned again louder as his daughter started bobbing her head, twirling her tongue around his cock as she did.

"Sounds like your father likes what you're doing." Liz said with a naughty edge to her voice.

"Isn't that right Tom?" Liz added.

"Oh yes!" Tom moaned, looking at his daughter's lips move up and down his shaft, taking less than half into her mouth each time. "Fuck sweetie, that feels amazing." He groaned and Liz smiled devilishly.

Lisa let out slurping noises as she continued to suck her father's penis. It was thick and filled her mouth, but she liked how she was making her daddy feel, enjoying the sounds she managed to get out of him with just her tongue and mouth. She pushed herself down some more, taking in another inch, and almost started gagging. She slid her tongue along the shaft as she continued bobbing her head, slurping loudly, and took pride in the fact that she made her dad groan even louder.

"Sweetie, I think you got it, you can stop now." Liz said and Lisa slowly eased herself off her father's rod. "We don't want to finish your father off just yet." She added teasingly and gave her husband a naughty wink.

"Your mother is right, and yes, you really got the hang of it, that was really good." Tom told his daughter who blushed at that. She slowly rose to her feet, wiping her face with the back of her hand, and sat down on the bed.

"Okay, so we went over handjobs and blowjobs." Tom added blushing, "Now is usually the sex part." Tom said and noticed the alarm on Lisa's face. "Again, we won't do anything you don't want to, but I do think it's important we talk about it and how to keep safe." Tom said to his wife's agreeing nods.

"Okay dad." Lisa croaked shyly. She was starting to feel less awkward about being naked with her parents, but it was still far from natural.

Tom took a deep breath and sat down on the bed next to Lisa. "First thing I want you to remember sweetie, is that you should never let any guy pressure you into something you don't want to do. No matter what he says, and how much you think you like him, don't do anything you're not completely comfortable with doing. Okay?" Tom asked.

"Yes dad." Lisa said with a serious expression, nodding.

"Good. Second thing that's important is safe sex. Unless you’re planning on getting pregnant…" Tom started.

"Which shouldn't be anytime soon." Liz cut in, emphasizing her words.

"Exactly." Tom agreed. "…You should always be safe when having sex. That means, you should always make the guy wear a condom. When you have a serious boyfriend, you might want to start taking birth control pills, so you don't need to use a condom. Now you should know, that if you do start taking birth control pills you won't be able to get pregnant, but you still can get STDs, so if you end up having sex with someone you don't know very well or not sure about, always make him wear a condom." Tom added, flustered.

"That's right," Liz continued, "don't let any guy talk you into not using a condom and don't listen if he promises nonsense like pulling out before ejaculating or things like that." Liz added with an intense glare. "Okay?" she asked, looking straight into Lisa's eyes.

"Okay mom." Lisa said nodding shyly.

"Good." Liz said approvingly and studied her daughter. "How do you feel about everything, a little more confident?" she asked, and Lisa nodded. "What do you want to do next, would you like to try having sex?" she asked, and Lisa shifted uncomfortably.

"I'm not sure, could I maybe…watch you do it?" Lisa asked, turning red.

"You want to watch your mother and I have sex?" Tom asked his daughter incredulous.

"Um…yeah." Lisa said in a weak embarrassed voice. "Just for a little bit." She added.

Tom and Liz exchanged questioning looks with each other. It was a strange request on Lisa's part, one that neither of them expected, but they could see the sense in it. "I don't know." Tom said nervously. "Liz, what do you think?" he asked.

"Um…well, I don't know, I guess maybe we can show her a little." Liz said nervously, blushing. She was still very turned on from watching her daughter give Tom a blowjob, and as disturbing as it would be to have sex with her daughter watching, it excited a small part of her.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Tom asked Liz. He found the concept of having sex with Liz while Lisa watched, quite disturbing.

"No, but if she doesn't want to have sex, at least this way she will see what sex is." Liz said, explaining her logic.

"Yeah, I guess I can see your point." Tom said with a sigh and looked over at Lisa. "Okay fine, but just a quick in-and-out." Tom said to Lisa and she nodded understandingly. "How do you want to do it?" He asked Liz nervously.

"Um, I guess with you on top?" Liz offered and Tom nodded. "You want to do it with you on the bed or standing up?" Liz asked.

"With me standing up I think." Tom said and Liz nodded.

Lisa's heart was racing as her parents debated something she didn't quite understand. She was about to watch her parents have sex and the thought was both disgusting and exhilarating. She watched her mother get comfortable at the edge of the bed as her father stepped over. Her mother pulled a pillow and slipped it under her lower back, then grabbed another one and placed it under her head. She leaned back until she was laying down, her legs off the bed.

"Sweetie, come closer so you can get a good look." Liz told her daughter.

"Liz!" Tom said in an incredulous tone.

"What?" Liz asked innocently.

"This is awkward enough without her watching from up close." Tom said.

"Oh, what's the difference?" Liz asked dismissively. "She's already watching, she might as well get a good look." Liz said back. Tom shook his head but did not object further.

"First thing I'm going to do, is to make sure your mother is ready." Tom explained to Lisa as he grabbed his wife's legs. He slid his hand under each knee and raised them, folding her legs as he spread them wide, completely exposing her mature twat. He slid his hands up her thighs, then started rubbing her slit with his right thumb. "If the girl is not aroused before having sex, and her…vagina is not wet enough," Tom said blushing at his words. "it will be much less pleasurable and could even hurt." He said as he continued to touch his wife. Liz whimpered shyly, then moaned as Tom stuck his finger out, holding it to her opening and slowly slid in. His wife was indeed wet, and his finger entered her easily. "Now your mother is already quite wet," Tom said, sliding his finger in and out of her a few times, and Liz giggled nervously between moans, "which means we can move on." He added. He pulled his finger out, licking it on instinct, then grabbed her thighs and moved closer.

"Of course, your father also needs to be hard for this to happen." Liz added, giving his hard cock a glance. "And once we're both ready, he just needs to put his penis inside my vagina." She said and waited for it.

Lisa watched from up close as her father aimed his thick shaft to her mother's plump lips. He grabbed it with his right hand and her mother gasped as the tip met the top of her slit. Her father moved his hips forward, pressing his penis to her mother's vulva, then rubbed it up and down her slit. He did it a few times, making her mother moan softly, then locked his eyes on hers and she nodded. He slid his penis down her slit. Slowly. Sensually. Until he reached her opening. He pushed forward, the tip entering, and her mother's lips began to part. He used some more force, her mother's labia stretching until her father's dick penetrated, the head slipping in. Her parents both held their breaths as her father breached her mother, both staring at each other lustfully. Tom thrust his hips forward, and with a single slow motion he pushed his dick into Liz, stretching her pussy with his thick shaft.

"Oh god yes!" Liz whimpered as her husband penetrated her with his thick dick while their daughter watched. It was such a surreal situation, but her pussy screamed with familiar pleasure. Tom sank himself into her, plunging into her velvety depth, then held it there. He said nothing to his daughter, feeling strangely more ashamed for letting her see him and Liz, than he ever did having sex with Molly or Presley. He slowly pulled his cock all the way out, then slowly pushed it back in, the pleasure of his wife's cunt amazing. Liz moaned in pleasure as he gave her a few more plunges, slow yet powerful, then pulled out reluctantly.

"We can continue later if you want Liz, I think that was enough for now." Tom said and Liz, though she wouldn’t mind getting a few more thrusts, did not object, nodding understandingly.

"What did you think sweetie?" Liz asked, still on her back and legs spread.

"Wow! I wasn't sure how it was going to fit but then dad just pushed it in. Didn't it hurt, mom?" she asked wide eyed.

"Not at all, it felt amazing." Liz said with a smile. She wasn't sure why, but she found herself wanting to see her daughter lose her virginity to her husband.

"Do you want to try?" Tom asked, voice leveled, hoping she changed her mind. He hid his disgusting eagerness.

"I don't know. I mean I can tell it felt good, but my cunny is a lot smaller than mom's. I'm afraid it will hurt." Lisa said blushing.

Liz glanced over at Tom who looked frustrated, then over at her young daughter, and a thought popped into her mind. "I have an idea of something else you can try."

"What is it?" Lisa asked suspiciously as Tom too gave her a questioning look.

"How about I just show you." Liz said and turned to Tom. "Honey, can you please get on the bed and lay down on your back?" She asked. "Trust me." She added softly as her husband gave her another questioning look.

"Okay." Tom said, shrugging and climbed onto the bed. He moved to the middle, then turned around, laying on his back with his hard cock sticking up.

Liz moved to the bed, getting on her knees next to her husband and looked at her daughter. "Come here sweetie." Liz said and grabbed Tom's dick, giving it a few strokes to keep it hard. She looked at her young naked daughter as she moved over cautiously and sat on her legs across from her. "Here, I want you to sit on your father's penis." Liz said as she pressed Tom's shaft into his stomach.

"You sure about this mom?" Lisa asked nervously.

"Yes, you won't be having sex, you will just be rubbing your vagina on your father's penis, it won't be inside of you." Liz said and watched her daughter move. Lisa continued timidly, moving closer to her father before swinging her leg over and straddling him. Liz was still holding Tom's cock in place, and Lisa carefully lowered herself down until she was sitting on top of her father's thick manhood, her lips pressed to it, daddy and daughter's privates touching. "Now honey, just start sliding along it." Liz said and moved her hand away.

Lisa gasped as her father's cock pressed into her pussy, between her tight lips. It was a strange sensation, but the pressure felt good. She looked down at her father, his body strong and big under hers, then started moving. She slowly slid her hips forward, moving her pussy along her father's manhood, and moaned as her clit rubbed against the thick member, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. Lisa moaned as she moved, the pleasure of it surprisingly intense. She slowly slid back, watching more of her father's shaft stick out under her, then moved forward and watched it disappear under her with more delightful pleasure. "Oh my god you guys." Lisa whimpered. "This feels so good." She added, and whimpered as she began moving faster, grinding her tight virgin pussy on her father's cock.

Tom groaned as his baby girl rocked her hips on top of him, grinding her snatch into his dick faster and faster. Her lips spread as she moved, sliding down around his dick, and he looked at her little clit as it rubbed onto him brazenly. Lisa squeaked with delight, obviously enjoying herself, and a wanton smile of forbidden pleasure formed on her young face.

"Oh yes!" Lisa squealed as a small, yet intense pleasure suddenly hit her, better than anything she felt before. She froze and closed her eyes, an uncontrollable shiver running through her, then opened them, looking down at her father amazed. "Daddy?" Lisa mewled as she went back to sliding her pussy along his cock, the pleasure visible on her face. "I think I want us to try sex." She said shyly.

"Are…are you sure?" Tom asked surprised, trying to hide the excitement in his voice.

"Yes." Lisa whispered, moaning as she rubbed herself on him. "Is that okay?" she asked in a rasped voice.

"Of course." Tom assured her, feeling his cock twitch with excitement under her. Tom moaned as Lisa slid her pussy lips along the top of his shaft, grinding it on the head. She whimpered as she kept moving, her clit rubbing on the ridge. Tom reached out and grabbed his daughter, putting his hands on her hips to make her stop. He was seconds away from cumming and needed to stop her before it happened.

Lisa blinked as she looked into her father's eyes, then slowly climbed off him. Her father's face was red, and he had a focused expression on his face as he took a series of deep breaths. His cock shot up the moment she moved away, and she watched it throbbing, her father's eyes on it as he steadied his breathing.

"Are you okay honey?" Liz asked worried as her husband sat there frozen, breathing steadily. Lisa meanwhile climbed off and sat to the side, studying her father.

"Yeah, that was close." Tom exhaled. "A few more seconds and I wouldn't have been able to hold back." He said and Liz nodded, glad for her husband's self-control.

"What happened?" Lisa asked clueless, staring between her father and mother.

"You almost made your father cum." Liz said amused.

"Cum?" Lisa asked not understanding.

"Ejaculate." Her mother explained.

"Oh." Lisa said blushing. "Sorry." She added.

"You don't need to be sorry." Tom said chuckling as he moved to his knees. "That's usually a good thing, but you did say you wanted to try having sex also." Tom added but Lisa still looked at him quizzically.

"Men, after they…ejaculate, it usually takes some time before they can get hard again." Liz explained to her daughter. "The older they are the longer it usually takes." Liz explained, making Tom blush as Lisa nodded, finally understanding.

Tom kept breathing deeply, calming himself down as he climbed off to the side of the bed. He opened the top drawer of his nightstand and grabbed the sealed condom he put there earlier. He took another deep breath, getting his arousal under control, then sat down at the edge of the bed.

"You sure about this sweetie?" Tom asked as he looked down at his daughter's eyes.

"Yes." Lisa whispered, voice breaking. "Will it hurt?" she asked.

"It might hurt a little or feel uncomfortable, but only at first," Tom said calmly, "but don't worry I’ll be gentle with you and go slow." He added and Lisa nodded. "Before we do that, let me show you how to use a condom." Tom said and patted the bed next to him, gesturing for Lisa to come closer.

Lisa crawled on the bed and took a seat next to her father. She was so nervous about what they were about to do, even scared, but also excited. She looked at what her father held in his hand, a silver wrapper, then he handed it to her.

"This is a condom." Tom said as Lisa grabbed it, studying it. "Like your mother and I said, if you're not on birth control and even if you are, but you're having sex with a guy you don't know too well, always use one. You can go ahead and open it, take it out." Tom told his daughter and Lisa fumbled with it as she tore it open. She cautiously took the rolled-up rubber from inside and held it up.

"How do you put it on?" Lisa asked, studying the light-yellow rubber.

"Like this." Tom said, taking it away from her. "You put it to the top of the penis, then roll it down." Tom rolled the condom down over the head of his cock then stopped. He grabbed Lisa's hand and moved her to his penis, gesturing for her to continue. Lisa looked at him shyly, then took over and slowly slid the condom down her father's erect penis, wrapping it completely. "Got it?" Tom asked his daughter with a smile as she pulled her hand away.

"Yeah, got it." Lisa said grinning.

"Good. Go ahead and climb on the bed. Get comfortable." Tom told his daughter. "Liz, can you make sure she's comfortable?" Tom asked and Liz mumbled her approval. He sat there, his cock hard and tightly wrapped and watched his daughter climb onto the bed. He looked at her young tight tushy as she moved on all fours, her pink little cunny peeking between her legs as she moved.

Liz moved next to her daughter and studied her as she sat down in the middle of the bed. She grabbed a pillow, sliding it behind her back, then grabbed two more and placed them under her head. She continued to watch Lisa as she laid down nervously, getting on her back and looked up at her.

"You sure you're ready?" Liz asked with a shaky voice, tearing up, and slid a hand up her daughter's leg.

"Yeah mom." Lisa croaked nervously and looked over at her father as he climbed onto the bed and moved over.

"I can't believe my little girl is about to become a woman." Liz said, tears starting to stream down her cheeks, putting a hand to her quivering lips. "No, I'm fine." Liz said sniveling as Tom placed his hand on her shoulder and she wiped the tears away, calming herself down.

Tom stared down at his baby girl feeling both disgusted and excited about what he was about to do. "Try to relax." He told his terrified looking daughter, and placed his hands on her knees, running them up. He caressed her thighs as he looked at her, taking in the image of her slim hips, her tight lips, wispy bush, cute little tits and her young pretty face.

Lisa's legs were folded at the knees as she lay on the bed, her father next to her. He slid his hands down to her knees, then gently pulled them apart. She watched her big strong father as he moved between her spread legs, getting on his knees between them, then pulled them further apart, completely exposing her womanhood. Her breathing was rugged, her heart pounding, and she closely watched her father as he moved his right hand between her legs. A cute little moan escaped Lisa's lips as her father touched her, placing his thumb on her slit and rubbing it tenderly. He touched her clit gently, rubbing his thumb up and down a few more times, then whimpered as her father inserted the tip of his index finger into her sacred hole.

"Good sweetie, you're still wet." Tom said with satisfaction, his finger up to the first knuckle inside her, and pulled it out, glistening with her juices. He moved it to his mouth, inhaling her young aroma, then put it in his mouth, tasting her.

Lisa looked up at her father wide eyed, her body nearly trembling with frightened excitement, and watched as he moved his hand down between her legs. He rested his palm on her pubic mound, ruffling her light bush, then slid his hand down. "Are you ready?" Her father asked, placing his thumb at the top of her slit, on her clit. He looked almost as nervous as she did, and she moaned as her father began to slowly rub her clit, sending tingling waves of pleasure to her cunny. She watched her father move closer, his menacing manhood moving towards her until the rubbery tip touched her slit. She gasped as her father grabbed his hard member with his free hand and guided it down her slit. He moved it, still rubbing her clit gently and positioned it to her opening. Lisa shivered as her father nestled the head of his manhood to her forbidden hole, her virgin flower, then gently pushed forward.

"Oh god!" Lisa whimpered as her father pressed against her virgin lips. She could feel them begin to stretch, the tip slowly entering her sacred depth, then clenched her teeth tightly as the head entered her pussy. Her father paused, looking down at her, and tears filled her eyes. Her father took a deep breath, still rubbing her clit, the pleasure easing him into her. "Ugh dad!" Lisa called out grimacing as her father tried to push in deeper but met resistance. "Ouch dad!" Lisa whined as her father tried to apply more pressure, a sliver of pain along with it.

"I'm sorry sweetie, this might hurt a little." Tom said, hating to see his daughter in pain but knowing there is no other way. He paused, easing his pressure, and rubbed her clit faster, then took another breath and thrust himself into her.

"Ouch dad, it hurts!" Lisa called out, grimacing as her father pushed himself into her. Her vagina resisted, trying to keep him out but his dick persisted. Tears filled her eyes as her father thrust harder, pushing into her, trying to penetrate her virgin snatch. She closed her eyes, gritting her teeth at the pain as her father continued to push, then a sharp pain hit her, making her body tremble and she felt her pussy stretch wide as her daddy breached her.

"I'm so sorry sweetie." Tom said genuinely as he breached his daughter's innocence, shoving his thick cock inside her as tears rolled down her cheeks. He watched her tight pussy continue to part and pushed himself in, his heart breaking from the pain on her face, until he pushed himself all the way inside of her.

Liz was crying as she watched her youngest daughter losing her virginity in front of her very eyes. She could feel the pain on Lisa's face like it was her own, and cringed, unable to look, and yet unable to look away, as her husband penetrated their daughter. She watched her virgin vagina stretch, the tight pink lips opening to reluctantly accept the cock that made her, inside. Liz gasped as her husband thrust himself in, pushing his shaft all the way in, then froze.

The world seemed to spin around Lisa as she felt the sharp pang of pain at losing her virginity. She blinked away the tears, letting out the air she held, and took in sharp breaths. The pain quickly turned into a dull ache as her father stayed still, and she looked down to see his pelvis pressed to her, his thick penis buried inside her cunny. It was a strange feeling, her own father's cock filling her up, stretching her virgin muff, but as the pain began fading away, she realized it was not an unpleasant one.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Tom asked with a worried expression, looking down into his daughter's eyes. "Does it still hurt?" he asked.

"No, not really." Lisa said softly, voice raw. He stopped rubbing her pussy, and just held his cock inside of her, not daring to move.

"I'm going to start moving now, okay?" Tom asked his daughter, and Lisa nodded.

A single red drop covered Tom's penis as he slowly pulled it out of his daughter's deflowered pussy. She grimaced, a little pain still there, but kept quiet. Tom stifled a groan as he moved back, unsheathing his shaft from Lisa's twat. Her virgin cunny was so tight, Tom could not stay quiet as he pulled out, her vagina powerfully clinging to his thick shaft, wrapping around it as he pulled out. He had never felt a pussy that tight.

"Ugh dad!" Lisa grimaced as her father slowly pushed himself in, stretching her snug snatch again. This time there was nothing to stop him and he sank his meat into her slowly, stretching her once more. There was still pain as her father penetrated her, but it was weak, enough for her to feel the pleasure of their act.

Tom moaned, looking down into his daughter's eyes as he slipped his manhood deep into her cunt. She whimpered, biting her lower lip, and closed her eyes as he filled her, thrusting his erection deep inside, but not stopping this time and slowly pulling out. "Is it starting to feel good?" Tom asked his daughter as he breached her a third time, the pleasure of her tight snatch around his cock unbelievable.

"Yes!" Lisa called out in a whiny moan as her daddy pushed his shaft into her again. "Oh my god dad it's so big." She moaned as he filled her up. "I can feel it stretching my cunny." She added with a growl.

Tom held his daughter's waist as he started moving rhythmically, ever so slowly thrusting his hips. "Oh god baby!" Tom whined as he moved, pushing his dick in and out. "Your little cunny is sooo tight, it feels so good." He moaned, barely noticing what he was saying. His motions were gentle, slow and tender, holding his daughter in his hands as he moved his hips, making incestuous love to her for the first time in her life.

Liz watched amazed, looking at her husband as he had sex with their daughter. Her emotions changed with each passing moment. The horrifying sensation she felt as her daughter cried while Tom penetrated her virgin womanhood was gone, making way to relief, and now, watching the two breaking the father and daughter taboo, she was starting to get aroused.

Tom moaned and groaned as he continued thrusting himself into their daughter's pussy. It was incredibly tight, but he could feel it adjust with each thrust, needing to stretch a little less each plunge, and accepting him more eagerly. Lisa no longer seemed in any pain, quite the opposite, and now each thrust was awarded with an adorable little moan on her part.

"Ugh daddy!" Lisa moaned loudly, leaving her mouth open, as her father sped up just a little. Her eyes were on his, nothing but bliss on her young face, and her body started embracing his, instead of shying away, meeting each thrust with disgusting expectation.

"Does it feel good sweetie?" Tom asked with a perverse grin as he fucked his youngest daughter. He could clearly remember the nights he spent with each one of his daughters, taking Molly's, Presley's, and now Lisa's virginities and turning all three of his girls into women. He remembered how disturbed and disgusted he was the first time his wife brought up the idea, but now, all these years later, he felt little of both, and was able to take pleasure in the act he was committing with his own daughter.

"Uh huh." Lisa let out, moaning as her father's thick shaft made its way into her, slithering into her sacred depth so willingly.

"Yeah, you like daddy's cock in your tight little cunny?" Tom asked as he started moving faster, overtaken with lust, watching her little tits wiggle as he plunged his dick into her impossibly tight pussy.

"Oh god, yes dad!" Lisa cried out as her daddy started going even faster, sliding his big penis in and out of her hole, her tight pussy clinging on each time he pulled back. "Oh my god it feels so good." She whined and rocked her body in rhythm with her father's movements.

Liz moved a finger between her legs and could not stop touching herself as she witnessed the eager display of incest before her. She spread her legs wide, her left hand on her clit, and slid her middle finger into her wet vagina as she watched her husband fucking their daughter. Her finger was soaked with her juices as she pulled it out, and Tom gave her a passionate look as he watched her pull it out and immediately stick another finger in, fingering herself with two fingers as she watched with perverse arousal.

Tom thrust his hips, moving back and forth, fucking his little girl's snug muff with endless delight as she squealed with pleasure. He clenched his teeth at the pleasure, taking in deep breaths, and continued to plow her cunt. "Oh fuck sweetie." Tom groaned as the pleasure of fucking his daughter was becoming unbearably high. He tried slowing down, using long slow strokes but it was no use. He sped up, making Lisa squeal, and thrust his thick penis as hard into her as he dared. "Ugh yes!" Tom growled as he fucked his little girl. He fought the impending climax, knowing it was inevitable, but cherishing every last moment, until he erupted with a primal groan.

Tom's naked body trembled with divine pleasure as his orgasm hit him. He whimpered shakily and looked into his daughter's eyes as rapture engulfed him. He pushed forward, sliding his penis along her young lips, deep into her tight cunny, and moaned as he exploded with ferocious ecstasy. He shot his first load deep inside her virgin twat, feeling her vagina clamp around his cock, and the spurt was so strong he felt it would tear the condom. Tom groaned, loud and deep, still feeling just a tiny bit disgusted by how good it felt after all these years. He slipped his cock out, his body on fire, his shaft rubbing along her pussy lips as he whipped it out, then he plunged it back in as he filled his condom with another load.

"Oh my god dad, what are you doing?" Lisa asked as her father groaned like an animal on top of her, his naked body trembling as he thrust his penis into her tight hole like he was possessed. It felt good though, the way his thick shaft was entering her, rubbing along her forbidden hole, and she moaned as another wave of surprising pleasure made her body shiver.

"Your father is cumming!" Liz called out, feverishly touching herself, rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy like a madwoman. "Oh my god!" She whimpered as she brought herself to an orgasm. "Your daddy is cumming inside your little cunny!" She shrieked with disgusting arousal, body spasming in orgasmic bliss as she watched her husband cum while fucking their daughter.

Tom lost all sense of reality as he thrust himself into his daughter's tight pussy. His body moved on its own, pure instinct guiding his movement as he did what came natural to every male since the dawn of time. His vision blurred as he kept going, shoving himself into that tight young cunt, his penis throbbing as he shot his seed, filling the condom, each squirt sending an excruciating wave of pleasure through his body. He groaned at the pleasure, body trembling, then his vision cleared, and he was looking down at his youngest daughter as he shot his last load of spunk. He slowed down, breathing heavily and continued to move slowly, sliding his dick into Lisa's vagina as a few last orgasmic shivers trickled through him. He pressed himself as deep as he could inside her, pressing his body into hers, basking in the glory and disgusting pleasure of the tightest vagina he had ever entered, then slowly pulled out.

Lisa breathed heavily, her naked body red and beaded with sweat as her father pulled his thick penis out of her. She was dazed, trying to take it all in, and watched her father as he slipped his dick out of her vagina. She could feel the emptiness between her legs as her father sat on his knees, looking down at her. She looked over at his heavy cock, wrapped in a condom filled with his incestuous sperm, and watched it begin to soften as she felt her stretched cunny closing inside of her.

"Are you okay?" Tom asked his daughter, his voice raw, and looked straight into her eyes. The poisonous lust that coursed through his veins all night was now splattered inside the condom, and he was left with love and concern for his little girl. She nodded shyly and Tom sighed with relief. He looked over at his wife, looking at the both of them silently and noted the expression on her face. It was the same stupid grin she always had on after she had an orgasm, eyes distant and her skin almost glowing. He smiled at Liz as she shook out of her daze and rose to check on her daughter. Tom moved back on his knees, giving his daughter some space, and Liz grabbed her, slowly helping her up.

Lisa still looked disoriented as she sat up on the bed, looking at her father, then sideways to her mother. She blinked tiredly and Liz took her in her arms. Liz spread her legs, pulling her daughter in, and embraced her young slim body. "You're not a little girl anymore." Liz whispered into her daughter's ear as she wrapped her hands around her in a motherly way. She slid her hand up her body as she kissed Lisa's neck with pride, gently grabbing her tit. She caressed her perky breast, burying her face in her neck, and slid her hand down her body. She tenderly touched her daughter's pussy, not in a sexual way, but in a motherly way, caring, noticing her lips weren't as tightly pressed together as they were before.

"I'm alright mom." Lisa said after she caught her breath, feeling slightly less exhausted, and unwrapped her mother's arms from around her, crawling to the edge of the bed. Her father smiled at her, peeling the used condom off his manhood and tossed it away. His penis was mostly soft again, dangling between his legs and Lisa looked at it as he walked back, then looked up at his face and smiled at him.

"So, did you, um, like it?" Tom asked his daughter shyly, taking in the naked image of her. He looked down at her teenage pussy, almost back to its original tightness.

"Yes dad, and I'm sorry I didn't believe you at first." Lisa said sweetly as she stepped over. "I know you did this to help me. Thank you." She added and wrapped her arms around his naked waist.

"Oh, um, sure sweetie." Tom mumbled shyly as he returned her hug, feeling her perky tits press into his stomach. "I hope it didn’t hurt too bad." He added. His daughter seemed to be in much more pain then his other daughters when he penetrated her, but she did enjoy having sex, at least for the most part.

"It's okay. I still feel a little sore, but it felt good after you were in me." She added softly.

"I'm sorry I hurt you." Tom added and looked down at his daughter as she let go.

"It's okay dad, it wasn't your fault." She said looking up at him with big eyes. "I'm glad we did it." She told her father. "I'm glad you were my first." She added with a weak smile.

Lisa was in her own little world as she got dressed next to her parents, not believing what they had done. She was no longer a virgin, she was a woman, and it was her own father who had done it, her own father made her into a woman while her mother watched. Her head was spinning with all these thoughts as she pulled her panties back on, not noticing or caring if her parents were watching her. She put her bra back on, her nipples feeling sensitive as they rubbed against the cups, then she slowly put on her skirt and shirt. Her hair was matted, and she flipped it behind her as she turned to her parents fully dressed. They were both still naked, sitting next to each other on the bed watching her, her father's arm wrapped around her mother's shoulder.

"Good night." Lisa said with a shy grin.

"Good night sweetie." Her mother said smiling and her father nodded. Lisa turned around, heading for the door, then stopped and turned back around.

"Wait, what about…Zach and Molly and everyone?" She asked as it suddenly occurred to her. "Why did they go to bed so early, what did you tell them?" she asked curious.

"Oh, yeah, they know sweetie." Her father said, seeming amused.

"They…know?" Lisa asked, eyes going wide with terror, voice cracking.

"Like I said, we did the same thing with them, all four of your siblings knew what we had planned tonight." Tom confided in his daughter who seemed even more disturbed by that than she had with the concept of having sex with him.

"Oh my god. I can't believe they know." Lisa whined in embarrassment, turning red.

"Don't worry about it." Her mother said. "Remember, they went through the same thing when they turned eighteen. It's nothing to be embarrassed by in this family." She said boldly.

"Yeah, I guess." Lisa said unconvincingly. "Good night." She said again and slipped out, hurrying up to her room blushing, hoping none of her siblings would see her before she went to bed.

Lisa felt soreness between her legs as she made her way to her bedroom, relieved she did not run into any of her siblings. She striped out of her clothes and tossed them on the floor. She then stood in front of the mirror, looking at her naked body, studying it with a new perspective. She slid her hands along her bare skin, shivering as she touched her nipples. She slid them down her waist and stomach, over her bush, running her fingers through it until reaching her cunny.

A strange tingling sensation took hold of her as she studied her pussy through the mirror. She was not a little girl anymore, not a virgin, she was now a woman, she had sex, and it was her father who put his big cock in her little cunt. The thought made her tingle as she touched her pussy, still amazed that his thick member fit inside of her, then she slipped into her bed.

Her sisters, they also had sex with her father, and her brothers, they had sex with their mother. Lisa thought to herself, finally getting a chance to think about it. It was a disturbing thought, her sisters alone with their dad, her big brothers having sex with their mom, and as she slowly drifted off to sleep she realized she would never be able to look at any member of her family in the same way.

To be continued...


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