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Had a three some with Ken and Beth first time double vagina sex it was awe some
My driving job had changed as the weeks went on and soon I was working 12 hours a day and 6 days a week. The money was good but my home life started getting worse the closer Debra got to having the baby.She started staying at her mother’s because at 8 months she was told she was going to have a c-section .I would stop by after work to see her but since her mother hated me it wasn’t a long visit.

I was glad to still have Beth on my side as she brought me supper now and then ,and kept me posted on how Debra was doing. “Why dont Ken and I come up on Saturday and we can have a three some”Beth said “I could really use one”.So we agreed and the stage was set for our or should I say my first three some.

I had taken Saturday off and all day long I tried to keep my mind off what was going to happen later. I worked on the stream and had a nice fire going when Ken dropped by with some beer.He was early and came to talk about tonight “this isn’t our first time”he said “but I still remember our first.Don’t be nervous with me here”he said taking a drink of beer “just do what you always do.I like watching Beth and when the time is right I will join in”he said “Beth says you get her wet easily.”

“I am not bisexual”he said “so I wont be grabbing your junk, but dont be surprised if ours do touch from time to time.Have you done anal yet “he asked ,when I said no he said “Beth likes it but has already said you were not going there.She also wants to feel both of our cocks inside her pussy,will you be okay with that?”Saying great when I nodded my head yes.”I am pretty sure Beth will be in control tonight ,we have put off having sex for the last few days.I had to restrain from sleeping nude with her “he said and to tell you the truth I am ready too”.

I agreed with him there because I have had the urge to jerk off myself,”thanks for the talk”I said.We had another beer and continued our chat “Beth should be coming soon “he said “again I want to thank you. For the last several years our sex life was going nowhere .If it wasn’t for Debra and my sister in law Teresa needing a guy ,well you know.

About them”I said “Have you had a three some with them just recently? Not that it matters I was just wondering .Not with Debra and her mom ,no''he said “Debra and I did with a friend of mine though several times .Please don’t say anything”he said getting another beer “do you need one .”No beer and no I won't say anything”I said “tell me about it.Well Debra confronted with me once that she has never been with a black man and asked me if I knew of one”he said. Beth and I a long time ago had a friend Jamia so I made an arrangement with him to meet her.I got a hotel room for them not planning to stay”then opened his beer. “To be honest I couldn’t match his 10 inch black cock,but she didn’t want to be alone with him so I stayed.

“10 inches holy shit was she able to take it all”I asked ,Ken chuckled “not at first”he said.Beth couldn’t at first either and she only tried once. “I would have liked to see that “I said “she had to be enjoying that. I bet she was pretty loose after that wasn’t she,well I went first “he said I had to lube her up.

I was hoping to hear more but we then heard Beth coming ,”she does love to walk naked doesn’t she “Ken said . “Again don’t tell Debra I told you “Ken said “I will give you his phone number if you want “. Then got up to give Beth a hug “we have been waiting for you my sexy lady”.Beth gave me a kiss and sat down on the picnic table“who’s phone number”she asked.

”He was telling me how Debra wants to do a black man”I said “and Ken said he knew one.Oh my god ,I don't know if she can handle Jamia “she said “I couldn’t walk for days after him.He has a cock that is a foot long and about the thickness of that beer can your holding.He isn’t that big “Ken said “you didn’t have him in you”Beth said with a chuckle..

Ken then got some more beers and sat back down ,Beth had sat on the table top between Ken and I.Ken picked up an empty beer can and placed it to her pussy”maybe you're right” he said . “Never again”she said “I am sticking to young men with smaller cocks”then rubbed her pussy.”Who’s hungry “ she said already knowing the answer when I turned her around and moved between her legs.

“Jamia didn’t like to eat my pussy”she said as she spread her legs displaying her pretty pussy to me “but you do”. She was telling us how much she likes a guy that can get her off with his tongue. “It isn't the size of the cock”she said “it is the other things they can do for me”as I felt her hand on the back of my head.Ken had his hands on her breasts playing with her nipples asking her how I was doing.”Oh baby he really knows how to get my juices flowing,would you like a taste”Beth said .Hearing her ask him she released her hand allowing me to look up seeing them kissing passionately,”your turn”I said wiping her juices from my face.

Beth then turned around so Ken could give her a good licking and she could kiss me.I then started kissing her deep while Ken lowered his mouth down on her pussy. I went from kissing her to kissing her neck then down to her hard nipples.I was rubbing on her belly and moved my hand down to her clit causing her to take a deep breath and moan.”Oh how I like two pair of lips working on me , 4 hands ,2 cocks sure gets me wet,You are wet”Ken said.”lets go inside”he said with Beth agreeing “yes I want you two inside me”.

I led them in and back to my bedroom where I laid down watching Beth get on her knees and grabbed my cock.She smiled but soon her mouth opened as Ken slid his cock into her and pushed her head down .”I love watching you suck cock while I fuck you”Ken said “she likes it too “he said to me.

Now I have had many blow jobs from Beth and each one gets better than the last .I was getting close after ten minutes or so, with Beth sucking and licking on me while being fucked by her husband . I was hoping he would soon back off and give us a break in which he finally did.”Damn baby fuck him now so I can watch”Ken said sitting back sliding a finger inside her.

Beth kissed my cock then smiled while she moved up and straddled my hips “are you ready”she said. Her pussy was really wet and easily slid down on my cock,”yes ,I like how he fills me “she said to Ken.I felt Ken slide two fingers in along side my cock “oh baby I need to fuck you too”and moved back up behind her. Beth looked into my eyes “is that okay “she asked me “fuck her with me Ken” I said . I took a deep breath when I felt for the first time in my life another cock beside mine in a wet pussy.

Soon Ken had pushed hard on Beth and I felt his cock all the way in and his balls hitting mine when he began fucking her. Beth was down on my body moaning in my ear as she began having a series of orgasms.After a while I finally couldn’t hold back and cried, I am cumming releasing my load deep in alongside Ken's cock. He kept fucking her as she was cumming her self with Ken soon to follow . “Oh fuck” I said over the cries from Beth as she could feel his cock swelling and jerking inside her .

None of us wanted to move, feeling the warm cum around our cocks felt fantastic .Ken finally pulled out with a pop and a flow if cum following Beth as she pulled up and kissed me. She then sat on my groin leaning back and getting kisses from Ken. Her nipples were hard and her smile was from ear to ear when she rolled off beside me. Her hand immediately cupped her pussy “damn you guy’s filled me”she said slipping two fingers inside herself.

She held up her hand showing our cum dripping from her fingers,then moved that hand down to the pool of cum on my groin.Beth scooped up our cum and started giving me a hand job”he’s still hard “I heard Ken say “he is young”.Beth said “that's why I like this young man ,he will stay hard now for a long time.Get me a washcloth Ken”she said then kissed me “I need a break too”.

Beth thanked Ken then began wiping our cum off both of us softly then kissed my cock and sat me up. We followed Ken back outside and sat by the fire again and talked about how much fun we had.”That sure was a lot of fun” I said taking a beer from Ken “I can’t wait to do that with Debra. Maybe you can invite Jamia” I said “well I will have to be here to see that”Beth spoke up. We all laughed with Beth saying there is no way she could handle him,Ken said “want to bet”and winked at me.

Well the talk turned to Debra and they both said they couldn't wait for her to have the baby.”I am sure she cant wait either”I said “I think she is getting tired of just giving blow jobs.She is getting more practice and is getting better.I have Beth a kiss “but she will never be as good as you “ I said to her.”Aw thanks , but I have many more years of practice,on that note both of you stand up”she said.With that she took a cock in each hand and started stroking us both.

She put our cocks together and that was when I noticed that we were almost the same size .I was a bit longer but he was thicker,”yummy “she said then started licking them both.Ken had collected her long hair and held it away so we could both see her sucking us. I had my hand on the side of her head as she continued from one to the other. She did try several times to get both of our cocks in her mouth but failed.

Finally Beth said “enough one of you can fuck me ,I will suck on the other”and stood up.Ken moved in and started kissing his wife as she backed up to me. Beth reached under and guided my cock into her warm pussy then lowered her head down onto his cock.We started to get a nice rhythm going with one in and one out ,she was really enjoying it.I could tell she liked it because after a while I could feel her cum being pushed out and running down onto my balls. I had both hands on her hips Ken had his on each side of her head.

This went on for quite a while until he let go and she stood up and started kissing him while I continued fucking her.”Oh he feels so good in me “she said to Ken as she braced herself against him and let out a long moan. “My turn”Ken said and kissed her as Beth made a couple of last jabs before turning around taking his cock inside her.I sat down holding her big breasts as they flopped around with his thrusts. We kissed deeply then she lifted up enough to where I could suck on her hard nipples while he fucked her.

I couldn’t believe the stamina that Beth had as we were fucking her for almost an hour.Then Ken let out a growl”fuck I am cumming” and held onto her hips tight.His legs jerked a few times then stopped as he unloaded his cum deep inside or her dripping pussy.Beth waited until she felt his cock stop spewing cum inside her then pulled out and sat down on my cock.They kissed “thank you sweet heart “she said to him”I love you”then licked his cock clean.

Ken stepped away and grabbed a beer as Beth turned her head to me still impaled on my hard cock “are you close”she asked. I smiled “of course you're not,but that is okay you feel so good in me”she said .She took a drink of Ken’s beer, “he’s going to be a while”she said to Ken, wiggling her butt on me. “Oh to be young again”Ken said “I used to last all night too” then we went inside and came back out dressed.

We were still there with Beth sitting on my cock just enjoying the feeling of Ken’s cum seeping out below us. I was rubbing both of her nipples as she laid her head against me when Ken kissed her “I am going home”he said. He then said “you can spend the night” then kissed her again “have fun”he said to me rubbing my head as he left.

We sat there together talking as she was telling me stories of how she used to screw guys when she was young. How she sat by many fires,many nights with a cock embedded inside her like this. They would cum in her and stay inside her until they were ready to do it again.It kept me hard feeling how she could squeeze my cock with her pussy. As the fire started to get lower she said “go ahead cum for me “and started lifting herself up and down on my cock.”Do baby give me your load “she was saying to me urging me to cum. Well it didn't take long when I told her I was cumming and moaned. The night didn’t end there but this story has
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