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Main character Eddy inherits his parents wealth. What does he do with it?

This is my first attempt to write a story, not only on this site but in general. The characters as well as some events are based on real life experiences, but many things are fictional additions. Obviously, I changed the names of the characters, but the male protagonist resembles and ideal me. Basically, I tried to write out some of my teenage fantasies that I had in school. Feedback on the quality of the text, typos and general choice of words would be greatly appreciated, especially since I am not a native English speaker. If the you like and enjoy this introduction, I might be tempted to write more parts - the second one is already finished basically.


I blinked and turned around. I blinked again, shut my eyes. It was no help. The sunlight lit my bedroom and my sleep found an end. I didn’t mind the sun waking me up, but today was a different day. Something was different. I just had to find out what it was. Every single day, either the sun or my alarm would wake me up at about the same time, 7am. I had one hour until my classes at college would start. On my way to the bathroom I stood still, turned towards my king-sized bed and wondered why things are the way they are for me.

Three years ago, my parents died in a horrible plane crash while they were underway doing business stuff. I never really wanted to know what exactly they were doing, but apparently there was a lot of work for the owners of an international company with several thousand employees. The only thing I know is that it was some kind of online service which was mostly required by other companies.

Nevermind, it doesn’t matter now. After the tragedy, our mansion felt pretty empty. We had a housemaid and a cook, and these two people were now living in a house with me, but without my parents. This wasn’t so bad after all, because I had some social contacts and was cared for, while at least five lawyers that visited me every day explained to me in detail how I am now the owner of several hundred millions of dollars in stocks, what all my responsibilities are and so on.

I’m not gonna lie, I was overwhelmed, sad, emotionally hurt and, most of all, lost. My parents had loved me dearly, even though they didn’t have much time left for me, they tried to make it count. I never understood the reason why people that are very wealthy don’t just stop working but keep putting hours upon hours of their life into whatever they are doing. It seemed counter-intuitive for me, because life has so much more to offer than JUST work. That is also the reason why I wanted to leave all of this behind. The company. The stocks. The mansion. Even the housemaid and the cook. All of it.

I ordered to lawyers to manage every legal problem that would come with my decision. I sold all the stocks. Dismissed the housemaid, the cook. Everyone else who was in some way or another working for me directly. The last step was to sell the house. In order to not be homeless, I rented a small apartment somewhere else in the city that I lived in and moved there with basically nothing. After I sold the mansion, I was left with nothing but my few belongings that I brought to my new apartment (namely some bathroom and kitchen stuff, some clothes, etc.). And money, lots of it. Over five hundred million dollars. I didn’t even understand it. It’s not that the lifestyle of my parents and me was particularly expensive. It’s just that all of this felt like the start of a sandbox video game. In theory, I could literally do whatever I want, there were no limitations.

So I decided to life a „normal“ life, with some benefits of course. I changed the school that I was going to, just because the people at the former school were a bit pressing, knew me too well and wanted some part of the money. I dressed like a normal kid. I didn’t stand out because I basically never had the newest stuff, neither did I have the most expensive stuff. I tried to hide my big bank account from the people that were my age. And it worked.

I’m not a shy guy, but I find it difficult at times to keep a conversation going when it comes to small talk. The reason for this is probably that I never really cared about speaking just for sake of it, and the loss of my family further pushed me into an introvert-like behavior. However, I am a very nice guy to hang out with, thus I quickly managed to make new friends. The kind of friends that wanted to be friends with you as a person, not your money.

Hell, I don’t even know whether or not my new best friend, Phil, knew that was rich as fuck. Some of them knew that I lost my parents, that I live alone. I told them that the little bit of heritage that was left enables me now to use a car and to pay for the expenses that I have, but I would have to work in a few years. Normally, they would accept that. After I finished high school with excellent marks (I am quite a smart guy) my friend Phil and me both enrolled in the same college. There, many things changed. In general, the more innocent atmosphere of high school was gone. Suddenly, it was more common for other people to have some money available. The guys were almost sobbing for girls, the girls loved to tease the guys and get some dick. And I was just as much a part of it as Phil.

Somehow, I realized that I’ve been standing in my bedroom like a tree, thinking about past experiences. It was time to step into the shower, where I thoroughly cleaned myself. Hygiene is very important, no matter how rich you are. When I stepped out of the shower, I took a closer look at my reflection in the mirror. My wet hair now looked dark, even though it was a shade of brown when dry. The oily layer that usually covers my face after the night was washed of, my skin looked smooth and fresh, with a slight tan that gave it a great light-brown color. My black eye- brows created a great contrast to the brown hair and accented my deep blue eyes in a handsome way. My nose is not too big, nor too small, and my mouth has symmetric lips, without and marks or spots. One could say that I, Eddy, am a very handsome, good looking young man, standing 193cm or 6’2.3“tall. I only weighted about 75kg or 165lb, so I am slim, but not thin. Slim in a good way, since I have long legs and my few muscles are rather defined. I liked my appearance. I started to style my hair. I used wax that gives the hair a natural, faint look. The sides of my head were cut short to 15mm or 0.6in, while the hair on top of my head was longer, measuring a couple of inches or a few cm. I have always liked this undercut type of style and I varied it from time to time. I LOVE my hair and spend a lot of time just touching and passing through it with my hand. I was settled for the day and left the bathroom to dress myself. A pair of dark blue jeans, a black belt, sneaker socks. A normal, black hoody that had the pocket under the outer layer, giving it a very clean look. Under the hoody, I always wore a T-shirt of varying color. Nothing about me made me look expensive. I was very much a casual, average boy. A handsome boy, nevertheless.

Be it coincidence or not, Phil lived on my way to college, which is why I picked him up eve- ry single morning. It was nice to chat a bit with a good friend before the courses would start. Most of the time, we talked about some weird stuff we saw on the Internet or had just learned in one of our courses, or we discussed, in a very detailed and scientific way, girls. Obviously, being guys in their late teens, our hormones peaked, and we rarely had innocent thoughts. This day, about four weeks after the semester has started, we, again, were on our way to college while discussion the important topics.

’Have you seen Alice yesterday? That girl has amazing thighs, and her tits surely are at least a D. And she never tries to hide them!’, he said.

He was right, I thought. Alice surely was a very attractive girl. However, I only had one course with her, so our interaction was limited. Also, I wasn’t really interested in her anyway. ’Sure mate, you are right. I know you find her hot. And she is. But not so much my type. You know me, nothing gets better than Marie.’, I responded.

’Of course, I know this. Man, you are so boring, for you, everyone is less hot than Marie. I can understand it, her proportions are pretty perfect, and her face is cute. But I prefer a bigger ass and tits!’

Marie, at least for me, was a body-type goddess. Everything about her body was picture perfect for my taste. Her hair reached down to her tits, brown, sometimes with darker shades that tend to look black. There were some blond streaks that made for a fantastic color combination. She mostly wore her hair open. She has SO much hair, it always looked full, and I would have loved to feel it waft over my hand. Her face was cute in a way, but I have seen more beautiful faces in general. That doesn’t mean her was was ugly, though. Her eyebrows were tilted slightly inwards, creating some kind of pointing arrow towards her nose. They also curved around the sides of her eyes, framing them in a nice, good looking way. She had green eyes that have a sparkling, demanding look. She could also have these really seductive eyes, when she wanted to.

The tip of her nose ended just below its wings. Her smile was wide, and when she did smile, her cheeks looked rather cute and became more red. Her nose as well as her cheeks had some freckles that made her looked very innocent. All things considered, she had a cute, sometimes even slutty face. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have crush on her (I never really imagined her as my girlfriend. I only wanted to fuck her).

What did drive my fantasies wild wasn’t her face or her personality. It was the rest of her body. She stood about 5’4“ tall, her shoulder to hip ratio was exactly my preference: a normal shoulder width, her hips not too rounded, one could say she had more slender hips compared to other girls. Her pelvis was tilted slightly forwards, which accented her butt (she had amazingly firm looking, not too big butt cheeks which curved in a very natural way towards her legs. The tilt also made her belly look even better than it did anyway. It really pointed towards her pussy, with a cute belly button and zero fat. Nothing about her body was saggy, everything was firm and well defined.

Her legs especially. Her thighs were strong. The best feature about her legs was that they never touched but left this little gap just below where her pussy was. You could have placed a pen there, and it wouldn’t have touched her body. This package was topped off by a pair of, you guessed it, perfect tits. They were about C cup. Again, not saggy at all. Furthermore, she liked to wear push up bras, which made them look a little bit bigger and firmer. Obviously, she was aware of her body. She liked to wear tight, black or gray leggings which emphasized every good detail about her body, and sometimes even showed a camel toe. Her hot pants also sometimes had the same effect. On a lucky day, she may have worn a short skirt. Whenever she wore jeans, they were skintight. She also was not afraid to present her tits, some days her clothing could have been considered too revealing for college.

It just was something about this girl that I cannot describe. She was a HUGE tease. Whenever I had the chance, I stared at her, examined her clothing, her body, her face and, especially, her ass and her tits. So that was Marie. My lucky ass shared several courses with her. I thought really hard about how to get closer to her and this is where my buddy Phil turned out be a massive help. He was the type of guy that could casually start a discussion about a random topic with any person, be it male or female. And because Phil and I were rarely separated from each other, I often found myself simply joining his conversations.

Back to Phil and me in the car. We arrived at the campus and went to our classroom. It was Wednesday, so the first two lesson would be mathematics. We shared this course with Sarah, a good, if not the best friend of Marie. I didn’t know, because Marie had far to many female connections for me to keep track of. Phil, on the other hand, didn’t care about Marie as much, but enjoyed talking to Sarah about various topics, as long as they didn’t include formulas or equations. I liked math and payed attention, therefore I never got too involved with his conversations, an occasional line here and there, nothing special really. However, it made Sarah aware of me and through her, I could potentially get closer to Marie. Later that day, during a break, Phil and I bumped into Sarah and Marie in one of the school’s hallways on our way to the cafeteria. In great detail, but quickly, I examined Marie. She wore her hair open, nothing special there. Her top was a white blouse, with the top buttons undone so that, from directly above her, one would have had perfect view of her tits. Her belly was covered today, but her tight yoga pants made up for it, creating this pointing arrow towards her intimate area, highlighting the curves of her butt and her strong, firm legs. There was no camel toe today, but the small gap between her legs was very visible and a great turn on. Even though I had very perverted thoughts and wanted to just pass them to not get embarrassed. Phil, however, immediately started a chat.

’Hey girls, what are you up to today? Wanna grab lunch together?’, he asked.

Before Marie could object, Sarah already nodded her head and replied. ’Sure, why not. It’s not like we don’t like company.'

She looked at Marie, who clearly wasn’t as thrilled about this idea as Sarah, but agreed, nevertheless. I wondered about her initial hesitation but thought that it just was because we didn’t interact often enough to really know each other well. This was to change a little bit though.

’How was your day so far? Was there anything funny that happened in your courses, because our day was boring as shit.’, Phil started as we made our way to the canteen.

The girls looked at each other and started giggling, as Marie answered: ’Actually, yes. In our geography course, our teacher Mr. Steiner sat on his chair while leaning back as he always does. Suddenly, the backrest of his chair broke and he fell backwards onto the ground. Obviously, we couldn’t laugh out loud, but holy shit it was funny!’

Phil and I couldn’t keep our laughter, we knew Mr. Steiner and his habits, and this happening to him somehow gave me a satisfactory feeling. We continued our chat, and when we finally sat down at a table to eat, we were talking about our plans after college and our big goals in life. I was sitting opposite of Marie, which gave me a great view of her breast. I tried not to stare too much, but it was hard. In order to not get a full erection right away, I took the word and told them a little bit about my plans.

’As a kid, I always admired heavy machinery, excavators, tractors and stuff. I lived near a farm, and whenever I could, I stood next to the fields and watched the farmer harvesting his crops. I think for the same reason I fell in love with planes and flying in general: I want to become a pilot after college.’

’Well, depending on the airline, we may actually meet then. After college, I want to travel the world. Therefore, I want to become a stewardess for long haul flights. I mean, why should I have to work for money to pay for the traveling, when I can get paid for it?’, Marie responded.

That surprised me at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Marie told earlier that she had good grades in the language courses, but she wasn’t interested in the scientific subjects. Also, to me, she appeared to be an extroverted person, posting on a lot on social media, caring about her looks, clothing and so on.

’Sounds like you have your life planned until you are thirty.’, Phil asked her. ’Yes, of course I do. My time is precious.’

This statement by her made be dislike her personality a bit. It was so over the top girly, it made me roll my eyes in my mind. We kept talking a little bit, but soon we finished our meals and went separate ways.

After that, the day was uneventful. Back at my place, I thought about what Marie has told us this afternoon. Truth be told, first I visualized her in my mind and instantly my dick was getting harder. I just had to find a way to get into her pants, and the conversation during lunch gave me some ideas. It was ridiculous, but, somehow, I had a feeling that it may work out. Even though there was no way that I could be sure, my gut feeling told me that Marie was the type of person who would consider it. I just had to arrange it right.

I spend the following week talking to the best lawyer I know, he already managed legal matters while my parents were still alive, thus I trusted him. I explained my idea in detail to him, he was very surprised and honestly, I expected him to reject this particular matter of mine, but he kept his professionalism and gave me legal advice. I finished everything up, now I only had to convince Marie to agree. The next time I stumbled upon her in college, I passed her the ball.

’Hey Marie, do you have a second?’, I asked.

’What’s up Eddy?’, she asked. ’I have to go to class, so you gotta make it quick.’

’I want to make you an offer, one that may need some consideration on your part. If you are interested, come to this place, at 6pm today. That’s it, I gotta go.’

I handed her a small piece of paper, the address that was printed on it was that of the office that I rented. I also added a small paragraph of text as a hint, as a bait so to say, in order to make sure she would actually come to my office later that day.

„Hello Marie, I want to present you an offer that will help you implement your plans for your life quicker. I don’t fool you; this is serious. You have dreams, I have a solution for it. Come to the following address today at 6pm if you are interested.“

I didn’t turn around to see her reaction, in fact, I didn’t want to see her reaction. All that mattered was that I did my part. Now it was time to wait, the hours until the evening seemed to pass slower than they normally would. After college ended, I quickly drove back to my apartment to change into a more business-like outfit. Brown chinos, white T-shirt, black knit sweater with V-collar and black business shoes. I made sure that my subtle watch was visible. Only an expert eye would recognize it was on the expensive side of things. I decided to arrive an hour early at the office and wait there. This way I also could make sure that everything was prepared.

I sat in my office chair, which had a high backrest and a very comfortable headrest. The big windows offered a great view over the city because the office was in the 15th floor and basically no other building in the city reached that height. The big oak wood desk was a little more than three feet wide and on the other side of it there were two comfortable guest chairs. They faded against my chair, however. On the desk, in front of me, there were two thin folders of the same type, with black leather bindings and my personal badge on them. The badge consists of my initials, E.R., Eddy Rose. The letters were golden. The folders looked quite noble.

I looked at my wall clock. Basically, the moment it turned to 6pm, my secretary called me on my phone.

’Mr. Rose, there is a girl here saying she has an appointment for 6pm. I can send her away if you want.’

’Let her in.’, I said, waiting for her to finish the unnecessary sentence.

I turned, now facing the windows, arms crossed behind my back, staring in the distance. I wanted Marie to feel small and intrigued. I heard the door open, but I didn’t turn around. As soon as I heard it close, I broke the silence.

’Hello Marie, please, take a seat.’ I turned around and pointed my arm towards the chair in front of the table.

I could see a massive amount of disbelieve in her face, obviously she didn’t expect this. A big office, highest floor in the city. Great, panoramic view. A long way to the desk that was intimidating, because the room had a high ceiling and the person approaching the desk looked at a massive bookshelf, full of books, in front of a red painted wall. Everything about this room made the owner of it appear bigger, more important, and the guest smaller. Marie didn’t say a word, she just silently came closer, trying to fix her posture in order to not appear too unimportant. She was dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, which were skintight, probably some kind of thin, black top and above that, as an outer layer, a honestly very pretty, but serious looking, beige sweater. She was quite a looker, especially since her black shoes had moderately high heels.

’Thank you for taking your time. I welcome you to my personal office.’ I offered her a handshake as a form of greeting.

She accepted it, and finally raised her voice. ’Hello Eddy. What is this? Why am I here?’

I sat down and gave her the signal to do the same. Once she sat down, I took one of the folders, turned it so that she could read what was in it and pushed it towards her, keeping it closed.

’Marie, this is my personal office. I may not show it at college, but I have some means available that not everyone does. Our conversation during lunch last week made me think, and I am going to make you an offer. We can both profit from this, so please take your time and consider it carefully. In this folder’, I said as a pointed towards the folder that I just pushed closer to her, ’there is a contract. In order to accept my offer, you have to return the signed contract to me. If you don’t return it within two days from now, I take it you denied my offer. I will be in this office tomorrow at 6pm, and in two days from now at 6pm. You have to hand it to me personally.’

’What is this all about?’, she asked while reaching out with her hand to open the folder. I stopped her, placing my hand on it.

’Please read the contract at home. Take this folder with you. I will tell you this: You get something from me, but you have to give me something in return. I believe it is worth it for you. Now please leave. And think about your decision.’

I stared her in the eye. There was nothing more to say on my part, everything was written down in the contract. It’s not that I would not have been able to tell her what the contract was about. It’s that I was afraid that the content would shock her, and my presence would impact her decision-making in a negative way - from my perspective. Confusion was written in her face. And I could understand why: whatever she was expecting, something completely different has happened. I guess that she was nervous about what was to come, but I didn’t resolve anything. I left it open, the question „What is his offer? Why does all of this happen?“ was not answered, yet. In fact, for her, it must have been even more confusing now, because of the unexpected atmosphere - richness, in every aspect. There was no way she anticipated that. It was exactly what I wanted to achieve. A question mark in her face, but my offer in her hands.

’Ok, so I’m gonna take this home with me, read it there, and then bring it back to you in case I accept the offer?’


’That is weird as hell, but alright. Goodbye, have a nice evening then.’

’Thank you for coming, Marie. Have a nice evening.’ With that, she left the room.

I couldn’t stop myself but to carefully watch her butt wiggle on her way out. She looked back at me after opening the door, just to find me staring back at her. She broke the contact, and left the room, the black folder in her right hand. I could hear a soft ’Good night’ to the secretary, and with that she was gone. My plan was now rolling.

The contract was ridiculous. Honestly, I was surprised about myself when I first had the idea, because I never imagined that I could have such naughty thoughts. If Marie was to accept it, my assumptions about her personality were right - a girl that wanted to live her dreams above ever- ything else, even when it that means you have to sacrifice something. An extroverted, attention seeking but also confident young woman, that perhaps still felt like there is something that is missing - a purpose. On the other hand, I would expect any normal thinking person to reject the offer. It was complete insanity. I opened the other leather folder that still was on the oak desk. Once again, I wanted to read what all of this was about, even though I knew it word by word.

„This contract (from now on called ’agreement’) is concluded between Mr. Eddy Rose (’Eddy’) and Mrs. Marie W. (’Marie’).

Marie binds herself by contract to offer the services defined in §2.

In return, Eddy binds himself by contract to pay for these services according to §1.

The following paragraphs explain the details of the payment (§1) for the services (§2).

§1: a) Eddy has to pay monthly payments, a yearly bonus and has to provide Marie with means to pay for everyday costs, e.g. shopping. The amount of money for each of these points is defined in subparagraph b).

b) For everyday costs as well as daily expenses Eddy will provide Marie with a credit card. The monthly limit for this credit card is 20,000$. This is also the limit for a singlE purchase. The yearly bonus is the amount that Marie spent over the year with her credit card. The more she spends, the higher the yearly bonus is. The maximum Bonus therefore is 240,000$. The monthly payment is transferred to a bank account that is managed by Eddy, and re-registered to Marie as soon as this contract ends. The monthly payment is 1,500,000$.

§2: a) Marie has to offer services to Eddy defined in the sub-paragraphs b) and c) while the contract is active. In order for her to fulfill these services, Eddy can order Marie to move into his apartment, living space, house or any other place. She can not to object.

b) Marie, upon signing this contract, immediately gives up her autonomy. She has to allow physical contact of any form at any time with Eddy, as long as her body is not damaged. This includes the right to object to any form of physical violence without reason. Disregard by Eddy leads to immediate cancellation of the contract and instant payout of the accumulated monthly payments. Physical contact includes any form of touching and penetration of Marie’s body, within reasonable extent (i.e., normal sexual intercourse, inserting a leg into the anus is not reasonable). Eddy may order Marie to do things or to stop doing things and Marie has to oblige, as long as the things are compliant with the aforementioned conditions. If Eddy chooses to, he may order Marie to wear clothes of a certain kind, be it in public or in private.

c) Marie has to take birth control pills. This is both in her as well as in Eddy’s interest. A pregnancy during the run-time of this contract must be aborted. Marie is not allowed to have intercourse of any kind with any other person. Marie may not tell anybody about this contract without Eddy’s agreement.

§3: This contract is active for 24 months. The contract starts the moment the following criteria are fulfilled.

1. Both parties must test themselves for STDs.

2. Marie must proof that she is on birth control (e.g., a doctor signs a statement).

3. Eddy must hand a credit card in accordance with §1 to Marie.

4. Both parties have signed this paper.

The contract may be terminated by either party at the end of its run-time with at least a 3 months’ notice.

Summary: Marie agrees to give Eddy her body in exchange for a lot of money.“

I had to smile at the last sentence. It was perfect. The amount of money I offered her was insane, this wasn’t about having sex. This was a statement, that if I wanted something or someone, I could get it. Or her, in this case.

The next evening, at 6pm, I was sitting in my office again. I could only imagine how loud Marie must have laughed, or cried, or whatever, when she read the contract. The first thought surely was disbelief, but then she probably realized just how much money I offered her. Also, she just had to wonder HOW I could offer her such a deal. My thoughts were interrupted by my secretary.

’Mr. Rose, the girl from last evening is here again. Shall I ..?’ ’Let her in’, I interrupted her.

My mood changed, somehow, I got nervous. I wanted to know what she decided upon. The same long walk towards my desk. The same strong, firm legs, the same hair, the same perfect body walking in my direction. Soon to be mine, I thought. Marie didn’t say a word until she sat in the chair. I just looked her straight in the eye, not wanting to break the silence. She just stared at me, all the way. The moment she sat down, she raised her voice.

’This is beyond ridiculous.’, she pointed at the folder. She continued: ’Are you stupid? Why would I ever accept something like this? How can you even afford it, you are just a college student!’

I responded in a calm, soft tone: ’That wasn’t polite Marie. The fact that you came back today proves that you consider accepting it, otherwise there wouldn’t be any reason for you to be here. After my parents died, I inherited their wealth, the amount of money that I offer you is more than you will ever be able to acquire otherwise. Think about it. As a stewardess, you will make how much? 50k a year? In your lifetime, you will earn less than in two months working for me. I am not evil Marie. I won’t lock you in my basement, you will have a lot of freedom.’

’If this amount is so little for you, then offer me at least twice as much before I even consider signing this bullshit!’

Without even blinking, I pulled out another folder with the same leather binding from under my desk. It contained a new version of the contract, only that this one offered her double the money. Of course, I was prepared for such a request. It was easy to foresee and anticipate. She was kinda surprised for a moment. Momentarily, I thought she would ask for even more, but somehow I managed to give her a look that said „don’t push you luck too far.“

The new contract was pre-signed by me. I didn’t say a word, I just looked her straight in the eye, awaiting a reaction. She opened the new leather folder, quickly read the new contract and I could see her eyes basically falling out of her face. I believe that she slowly realized that I wasn’t joking or pranking her, but this was a serious offer. If she were to sign, within two years she would be a multi-millionaire. When I saw that she was looking at the pen that lied next to her, I knew that she couldn’t resist this anymore.

’Just to be clear, I’m only doing it for the money.’, she said, while taking the pen. And then she wrote her name on the paper, giving me what I was desiring for so long.

Free access to her body, whenever and wherever I want. I won.

After she put the pen back, she looked at me, in some way questioning what was to happen next.

’Very well, great decision. The contract will start as soon as you bring me the documents that are described in §3. Once you bring them, I will hand you the credit card and all other necessary stuff.’

To my surprise, Marie opened her purse and pulled out two papers and handed them to me. One was the negative STD test, the other one was a statement by her doctor saying that Marie has taken the pill for several years already. It became clear to me that this girl was a little slut who knew exactly that she wanted to do this. I looked up to observe her face, and she just smiled in a seductive way. She probably would have settled with the initial amount that I offered her. Obviously, I was prepared as well. I pulled out my, also negative, STD test, and gave her an envelope.

’This contains the credit card, the code, as well as the account data. Feel free to do whatever you want with the money.’

The situation was extremely weird, I you think about it. A 19-year-old, rich boy that lost both his parents, basically hired a 18 year old female classmate from college to be his sex object and gave her an insane amount of money in return. And both people were fine with it.

’So that means the contract has now started?’, Marie asked.

She was right, though I didn’t verbally answer her. Instead, I just had to enjoy this magical moment. I got up from my chair, always looking Marie straight in the eye. I could see this seductive smile on her face once again, she knew exactly what was coming. And probably she was eagerly waiting for it. I made my way around the desk, not saying a word. I stopped right beside her, my hips were level with her face. I pulled down both my pants and my underwear in one go, exposing what was waiting for her for so long. My dick was already semi-erect just from the expectation of what was to come.

Marie didn’t hesitate long, she just said ’Fuck yes!’ and went to work. Carefully but firmly, she grabbed my dick with her left hand, while she placed her other hand on my balls, gently massaging them. In a slow but steady motion, she went up and down my shaft, thus stimulating my blood flow. The sight of her touching my cock, her seductive and slutty look from below, her slightly tilted head in order to look me in the eye. It was so hot.

’Suck. It.’, I ordered her in a calm, but demanding voice.

’Anything that you wish for, I will do.’

With that she opened her red, soft lips just a little bit and touched the tip of my penis with her mouth, kissing it lovingly. She really knew what she was doing. Every now and then, she would stop her kissing actions to lick my glans with her tongue, lubing up my dick very well in the process. She never stopped to stroke my shaft and massage my balls, which drove me wild and made my cock as hard as it could get.

’Fuuuck, this feels soo good, my dick is so hard it nearly hurts. Don’t stop Marie!’

The moment I said that, she went to the next level by pulling her mouth over the tip of my cock, pushing it down her throat. The heat of her throat, the tightness of it, her dancing tongue and her sucking lips provided insane stimulation. Even though my dick measured about 6.2“ in length and 6“ in girth, she didn’t seem to struggle taking it deep down her throat. After just a few seconds, I pulled out of her mouth because otherwise I would not have been able to hold it much longer.

’Your dick is soo big Eddy, and it tastes delicious! Definitely the biggest one I had so far!’, she said with a slutty smile, saliva running down her chin and dropping on her unfortunately still covered tits.

’You almost made me cum already, you really know what to do don’t you?’, I asked her.

’I guess you could say that I have some experience. Give me back that dick!’, she said, again going back to sucking my cock.

The view that she provided me with was too much in the end, her relentlessly working tongue that caressed the tip of my dick made quick work of my stamina.

’I’m gonna cum, yees, keep going!’. She didn’t give an answer, instead she pushed herself down on my cock, touching my belly with her lips. The resulting sudden tightness and heat drove me over the edge. ’AAAAAH!’, was the only noise I managed to produce.

My body clenched; my balls contracted. I felt my dick spasm, ejecting load after load of hot cum down her throat. Marie reached behind me with her hands, pulling herself even further down my cock. She swallowed everything without any effort whatsoever.

’Mmhhh, I already love your cum, luckily I will get much more of it!’

This girl is completely nuts, I thought. ’I seriously didn’t expect you to be such a whore. Holy shit you take cock well!’

'You call me a whore, but you didn’t even see me naked yet!’

’Lets change that then.’

Boy did I want to see her naked. I only now realized what she was wearing, even though I examined her before. The jeans and the sweater from yesterday were gone, as were the noble shoes. Instead, she had a more sporty, younger look. Orange sneakers, tight black leggings that didn’t leave much to the imagination, and a white top that highlighted her breast in a fantastic way. I could see her bra through her top, pushing up her breast a little bit. Her neckline was surprisingly small, so her tits were covered by the thin fabric.

’Stand up and turn around!’, I ordered her. She did as asked, presenting me with a view of her perfectly shaped butt. My pants were still around my ankles, I haven’t moved since I pulled them down. I removed them entirely, and stood right behind Marie, who already had turned her head to see what I was doing. She giggled when my exposed manhood pressed against her butt cheeks, while my hands started to explore her body.

I placed them on her belly, enjoying the feel of her firm, strong abs. In the meantime, her hands moved towards my head, touching my hair, trying to get a grip of some sort. I reached towards her tits, and finally was able to cope them with both hands. Their shape was so round, there size was just a bit more than a handful, they were perky and firm, but very soft. I could have massaged them all day long, but by now I haven’t even removed her top. I could hear soft, silent sighs and moans coming out of her mouth. She started to press her butt stronger against my groin, and her tits more against my hands. I felt my dick becoming hard once again, erecting into the gap between her thighs. What a nice place to be, I thought.

’Seems like someone comes back to live, huh?’, she asked with a kink in her voice. This girl made me so horny. I decided that I would have enough time in the coming two years to explore her in detail, I just had to fuck her now. I pushed her over the desk, parting her legs with my feet. This came as a surprise for her, as she squeaked from my sudden actions. I didn’t waste any time. My dick was hard as a rock again and waiting to penetrate a tight, young pussy. In one go I pulled her yoga pants and her panties down to knee height, exposing her most private parts. This was answered by even more giggling from her and a ’Yes, please, fuck my tiny pussy! Put that huge dick of you into me!’ request.

Who was I to deny her her wish? Her pussy was completed waxed, no little hair anywhere. Her labia covered the hole of my desire, creating a small line between them. This was a perfect example of a young pussy. Her body had produced a lot of juice, her entire vagina was reflecting the light from the ceiling because it was so wet, obviously she was very horny as well. I maneuvered the tip of my dick between her pussy lips, which made her inhale sharply.

’Pleeeease fuck me Eddy, please, I’m so wet and horny and waiting for you!’

I couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as I felt her entrance, I pushed forward. Her pussy was so incredibly wet that I manged to push all the way in one go, smashing against her bottom with my hips. ’Fuuuck, it’s so deep, so big, fuck, fuck, me!’, she moaned in ecstasy. I needed a moment to feel her. Even though I manged to fully penetrate her in one go, her tunnel was incredibly tight. It literally squeezed my cock, I never felt anything like this before around my dick. She was hot, tight, wet and horny, begging me to fuck her. I started to pull out, just to push in deeply again. And again. I picked up a slow rhythm at first because I wanted to enjoy her young teenage pussy for longer. I felt she could make me cum very quickly, so I had to hold back. Every thrust was answered with a loud moan by her. She grabbed the other edge of the desk to support her body.

’Fuck, Eddy, you are gonna make me cum. Fuck me harder just like that. Yes... YES... HHHMMMMMMM.. AAAAAAAAH’, and with that she came.

Her legs started shaking, her upper body trembled so hard that some stuff fell of the desk. I kept going with my rhythm, but her orgasm made her pussy nearly impossibly tight to penetrate. Her pussy walls literally milked my cock, and after only a few thrust I came as well, pumping hot seed into deep into her vagina. The feeling of cum in her pussy pushed Marie over the edge again, even though she didn’t quite recover from her last orgasm. She was basically whimpering at this point, not being able to say anything, just silent, lustful moans came out of her mouth.

’Marie, your pussy is so fire. Fuck, you made me cum so hard. You have such a nice teenage pussy.’ With that I pulled out of her. It didn’t take long for some of my cum to drip out of her, falling down towards the ground, but actually landing in her panties that were still on knee height. I pulled them up, covering her intimate parts and drenching them in cum. She only just now managed to lift her head from the desk, turning around to face me. Her hair was a mess, the makeup in her face was smudgy. Her eyes were the epitome of lustfullness, after having „survived“ two insanely hard orgasms.

She reached down to her pants to pull them up a bit, when she said:

’I’ve never came so hard, not to mention twice in a row. You are really good at fucking my tight little hole.’

’Well, then you can look forward to the two years to come.’, I answered. I also dressed myself again, I was done for today. Soon, I would dismiss her, but there was something left to do.

’I want you to move in with my by the next week-end. Take only the necessary stuff that you really need. Everything else we will sort out after that.’

’Where do you live?’, she asked.

’I don’t know yet. My current flat is too small for two people to live in, but it will do for some days. I will look around and try to find something that is suitable for two. If you want, you can join me during my search.’

’I would like to join you, not only during you search’, she said with this kinky smile again, suggesting more adventures to come. ’I like the sound of that! You can go home now, sleep tight and we will see us tomorrow.’

’Wilco, tight like my pussy!’ With that she grabbed her purse and started to make her way to the door. She stopped after a few steps and turned around. I gave her a questioning look, and she answered by walking straight towards me, stopping right in front of me, pulling my head in towards a kiss. I was taken by surprise, but her warm mouth, her delicious taste and her invading tongue got me going. We engulfed in a deep, passionate French kiss that lasted for some minutes.

’I needed that as a finale’, she said. Then she turned around and left the room.


2020-08-05 04:19:04
Very good start. I'm looking forward to reading more of Eddy and Marie's adventures.

Two things bothered me, though. Firslyt, in English, quote marks are ALWAYS at the top of the line. For Instance... "I like your DD tits," Joe said to Francine.

Secondly, five hundred million dollars American would be written as $500,000,000US, with the dollar sign in front of the number. The US designates the currency as American dollars, not Australian dollars.

I hope that helps a bit. The only reason I mentioned this is that, in your introduction, you asked for help along those lines as English isn't your native tongue.


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Great first story. Keep up the great work.


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Excellent beginning to what could be a very successful story. I look forward to all the future chapters. Erle M.


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Hey boys! Look! Real sexy girls --

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Excellent first story! Can't wait to see how this continues!

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