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Tara wants a second child but can't have one medically. So she convinces Colin to blackmail the nanny to have a baby for them
Colin and Tara were a 2nd generation Irish American couple living in the suburbs of New York City. They were both 27 years old and had a daughter named Claire. Tara’s pregnancy and delivery of Claire was very difficult and their obstetrician recommended they should not have another child, as it would be very medically risky to Tara. While they were heart broken, they felt very blessed for the healthy baby they had.

They both had good jobs, but Tara had decided to take off enough maternity time to rest up and take care of the baby. They did not have any family living locally, so most of the responsibility to care for the baby was on Tara. But she wanted to go back to work and they both knew that that they would need a nanny to do that, since Colin often worked long hours on his job. She started researching nanny agencies to have a young woman from Ireland come to the U.S. to be their nanny.

“Colin, I spoke to an agency someone recommended to me about getting a nanny from Ireland. They sent me some profiles to look at. Please look at them with me. I think I found someone I am interested in.”

“Sure, let’s see which one you think might be a good fit to help us.”

They went through the profiles. Some were much older than them and Tara felt that an older woman might try to boss them around. Some were very young, and she was concerned they would be too immature, and would be a wild girl who wants to party. Tara had focused in on one young woman, Shannon.

“I really like this girl, Shannon. She is 25 years old and her profile shows that she wants to come to the United State on a permanent basis, as her parents recently passed away in an accident, so she is by herself.” Colin looked in bewilderment at Shannon’s picture. She looked like a twin to his wife. About 5’-6” tall, fiery red hair and blue eyes, alabaster skin with lots of freckles, and thin, but with a curvy build, including an ample bosom and a curvy ass.

“Tara, this girl looks almost identical to you. She is really pretty too. Are you sure you don’t want to have someone ugly so you wouldn’t have to worry about me trying to have an affair with her?” he said with a chuckle. “You always hear those stories of married men with the young nanny.”

“Don’t be silly. I trust you. You have never given me any reason to believe that you would even think of cheating on me. She is almost the same age as us, so there isn’t that older younger thing. I think that maybe I am comfortable with her, because she looks like me. Besides, if you ever go near her, I’ll cut your balls off and cook them in a nice stew and make you eat them.”

She looked at him with a smile as she said this, but he knew she meant business. Tara had a very strong personality and she often dominated the relationship. Colin didn’t mind this though, as she was a great wife and mother, a passionate lover with a high sex drive, and also liked to work, bringing in a good second income. He had a somewhat passive personality and was happy to have her make the big decisions, like when and where to get married, buy a house and start a family.

Colin agreed and looked forward to Shannon’s arrival, which would take some pressure off him and Tara and allow her to return to work. When they met Shannon at the airport, he was somewhat surprised at her appearance. While she looked like his wife, she was dressed much more conservatively, with a long skirt and a plain top with long sleeves, no makeup and long hair braided into pigtails. She was still very beautiful like Tara, but a very plain version of Tara. When Tara was not at work, she dressed classy but very casual wearing short skirts and tank tops, with her long red hair flowing freely past her shoulders, but not braided like Shannon’s hair.

“Hi Shannon, it’s great to finally meet you. Welcome to America,” Tara smiled as she gave Shannon a big hug.

“Hi Tara, I’m happy to be here to serve your family.” Shannon seemed very reserved and a little uncomfortable that Tara had hugged her, which Tara found odd.

“Shannon, you aren’t her to serve us, you are here to help us, and we want to also help you if you want to move to the U.S. But the first step is having a nanny visa and getting some work experience here.”

They drove in silence to the house and Tara finally broke the ice. “So, Shannon, what do you do for fun when you are not working?”

“Well this is actually my first job. Before my parents had the car accident, they didn’t let me work. We belong to a very strict religion that doesn’t believe that young unmarried girls should work outside the home. I didn’t really have any fun either. I had friends, but only those who were part of our religion. I wasn’t allowed to date boys and had to dress very modestly and behave properly, or I would be punished very harshly.”

Tara and Colin did not know what to say. It seemed like Shannon had been very restricted growing up and couldn’t believe she was a 25-year old girl who had never even kissed a boy.

“Shannon, we don’t mean any disrespect to your religion, but we are not going to be raising our daughter that strictly and also wouldn’t impose strict rules on you while you live with us. We just want you to take good care of our daughter, but also have a good time and learn about the U.S. in case you decide that you do want to move here. We don’t mind if you sleep over other boy’s houses if you start dating, but we don’t feel comfortable with them staying in your room.”

Shannon’s face turned beet red. “I am not that type of girl. I’ve never even been with a boy alone and won’t until I find someone from my own religion and marry him. I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs, and we don’t even believe in dancing.”

Tara and Colin looked at each other with a concerned look, as this totally innocent girl sat in the back seat playing with one of her pigtails. They were kind of worried that Shannon would crimp their lifestyle, as they liked to drink, smoke a little weed and dance around the living room, and could be a little loud when they made love.

Shannon settled into Tara and Colin’s home, which had four bedrooms. Tara had hoped to have a second child, but Tara couldn’t have another child, for medical reasons, which made her very sad. As Tara got ready to return to work, she tried to loosen Shannon up a little.

One day they were sitting together having coffee and Tara broached the subject. “Shannon, if you want to fit in more in the neighborhood with the other nanny’s when you see them at the park, you should really dress in a more modern style and wear some makeup too.”

“Do you think that would be okay? My religion says that women should be modest and not try to attract the attention of men.”

“Shannon, your parents are not here anymore and no one who lives here practices your religion. You are in American now and can do whatever you want. It is not my choice how you live. It is your choice. You are the same size as me, why don’t you try on some of my clothes? I can also show you how to put on some makeup. It is not like I am going to tell anyone from Ireland that you are adopting an American style,” she giggled.

“Okay. I guess it is okay if you think it is.”

“It doesn’t matter what I think, it is only about what you want to think and do.”

Tara had Shannon try on some of her clothes, including summer tops and shorts. Shannon was very shy about showing off anything above her ankles or even her shoulders. She also showed her how to put on some basic makeup, but not too much. When Colin got home from work, he did a double take seeing Shannon in Tara’s clothes. They really looked like twins now.

“Wow, what did you do to Shannon?” he asked with an innocent look on his face. Shannon stood there with her head looking down at the floor in shame.

“I just wanted to have her dress more comfortably. Her clothes would be too hot to handle an active baby. Besides, now you have two really cute and hot women living with you. But you have to keep your hands off her,” she laughed.

Tara quickly realized that her little joke made both Colin and Shannon uncomfortable. “Can’t you two take a joke? I would never not trust either one of you alone together. You both are not those type of people and I know neither of you would ever dare to cross me like that.” They looked at Tara with a little fear and Tara liked that.

After Tara went back to work and everyone settled into a routine. Shannon was very happy taking care of a baby and longed to have a husband and many children of her own someday. Colin didn’t feel as much pressure between his job and home responsibilities. Tara felt good getting back into the workforce and they were bringing more money into the household, which was great.

Some days Colin would get home and see Shannon from behind and mistakenly think it was Tara. One day Tara had even convinced Shannon to wear one of her bikinis to sit by the pool while the baby was napping, and Colin nearly fainted at how sexy Shannon looked. But he could barely have any sexual thoughts about Shannon because he would also envision Tara cutting off his balls with a meat clever.

With Tara having more time, she started getting even more sad about not being able to have a second child. She started thinking about what she could do to make her dream come true. Maybe they could adopt or hire a surrogate mother. But one day Colin came home, and Tara met him at the door.

“Colin, I’ve seen some things on the security cameras in the house that you might find very interesting.”

He looked at her with an odd look, because he knew he had not done anything wrong. She showed him the first shot of Shannon removing money from Colin’s wallet. “Tara, Shannon had asked me for her weekly salary, and I was busy on the computer, so I told her to get the money out of my wallet and bring it to me. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Tara showed him a second shot of Shannon drinking something out of a pitcher from the refrigerator and eventually staggering around and collapsing and passing out on the couch. “Tara, we had the fruit punch from the party left over and I forgot to tell Shannon that it had alcohol in it. That is my fault too.”

She then showed him a third shot of Shannon sitting at his computer. She was looking at a porn site and soon had a hand down her shorts rubbing herself to orgasm while their child slept in the other room. “She asked me to use my computer before I left for work to look up recipes, and I accidentally left a window open on a porn site. I guess she got curious, and seeing women playing with themselves, she figured out how to do it to herself. Again, I screwed up and she didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Colin, I’m not saying either of you did anything wrong. I just have an idea for how we can use these recordings to be able to have a second baby.”

“I’m not sure how one thing has anything to do with the other?”

We can have Shannon have sex with you so she can be a surrogate mother for us.”

“Tara, are you crazy or something? She would never agree to have sex with me and become an unwed mother. Then you think she would give up the baby to us? That girl is a virgin for crying out loud!”

“We could blackmail her. If the agency saw the recording, they would fire her, and she would have to go back home. She could even get into legal trouble for taking money from your wallet and for endangering a child by pleasuring herself instead of watching the child, and for getting drunk another day and also not watching our baby,”

“Tara this isn’t right to do that to this girl. What is the matter with you?”

“I am not looking to be mean. I just want to have leverage on her so she can overcome her prudishness. We can pay her a lot of money to be a surrogate and her child would automatically become a U.S. citizen. It would also take some pressure off me to have sex with you all the time. I have a pretty strong sex drive, but you are insatiable and wear me out sometimes.”

“Tara, some of what you are saying makes sense, in a twisted sort of way, but I would never cheat on you. I don’t want to sneak off to her room to have sex with her behind your back.”

“Well I wouldn’t want you to fall in love with her so I would want to know when you are having sex with her. I would be there every time you are with her. I see the way you look at her sometimes. You would probably love to get with her if I gave you permission.”

“She is very pretty, but do you want to have sex with her also?”

“No, I like guys, but it would be a turn on for me to watch you two go at it. It would be like virtual reality porn, or actually just voyeurism.”

“Let’s talk to her and see what happens, but you need to talk to her. I don’t even know how I would start such a strange conversation.”

That evening after dinner they sat Shannon down sat the dinner table to have a talk with her. “Shannon, I want you to see some of the recordings we found that show things you shouldn’t have been doing while we weren’t home.” Shannon started crying when she saw the images on the computer.

“But I can explain! I was just getting money out of Colin’s wallet that he asked me to get. I didn’t know the fruit punch had alcohol in it. I never saw pornography before and was just excited to see what an orgasm would feel like. Please don’t fire me. I’ll have nowhere to go and no job if I get sent back to Ireland.”

“Shannon it is worse than that. Some of the things you did were criminal offenses, like stealing, and endangering the welfare of a minor. You might have to go to prison.”

“No, please no, I beg of you! You have it all wrong. I didn’t do anything bad on purpose. You have to believe me!”

“I am not sure if I believe you, but maybe we can give you another chance. But you have to do something for us.”

“What is it? I’ll do anything for you two. You have been nothing but kind to me and I love little Claire so much.”

“You know I can’t carry a second child due to my medical condition. I need you to have sex with Colin and have a child. Once you have the child, you can help us raise both Claire and the new baby.”

She looked at Tara with shock. “But I’ve never had sex with anyone and having sex with a man and having a baby before marriage would be a sin.”

“It would be Shannon. But that is only if you were doing it of your own free will. I am blackmailing you into it, so since you are being forced, it is not a sin. By the way, this is how much we will pay you to be a surrogate, and this is how much extra you will be paid per week more to watch both children.”

She slid a piece of a paper across the table to Shannon with the dollar amount and she couldn’t believe it. “Tara, this is so generous and I guess it wouldn’t be a sin if you forced me to do this, but I don’t want you to feel jealous if Colin is with me some nights and not you.”

“That isn’t a problem. You two are only allowed to have sex when I am present. I see the way you look at him with lust in your eyes. You shouldn’t be a virgin at your age, and I promise you will have a great time getting impregnated, but I don’t want you two to fall in love.”

“Am I going to have to have sex with you too?”

“No. I only like men, but if I did like women, I would want to be with someone like you. You are smart, beautiful and have a such a great personality. We both are crazy about you and want to help you in your life, but we need you to help us out too.”

Somehow, Tara had been able to convince Shannon that Tara’s warped idea would benefit all of them and Shannon was able to rationalize to herself that it would be okay to be have sex with Colin, if she was blackmailed into it and if Tara watched them have sex.

“Okay. Are you going to make me do anything tonight?”

“No Shannon. We will start tomorrow night. You should just get some rest tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.” All three of them went to bed thinking about what tomorrow would bring.

At bedtime the next night, the three of them went into the bedroom. Tara looked at both Shannon and Colin and said, “take off your clothes. Shannon, we need to teach you more about masturbation, even though from the recordings it looks like you already know a little something about it,” she laughed.

Colin and Shannon looked at each other very shyly, but slowly took off their clothes. Colin was excited when he saw their nanny naked before her, with her braided pigtails and freckles contrasted with her pale white skin.

“Now both of you lay down on the bed next to each other.” Once they had laid down, Tara spoke again in a schoolteacher type voice. “Shannon, you need to make sure a man knows how to get you to come, or sex won’t be very enjoyable. Also, when you have your period, you can satisfy your man by your pleasuring each other. Now Colin, show Shannon a good time.”

Colin slowly caressed Shannon’s body as Tara looked on approvingly. He softly kissed her and started sucking on her soft tits as he started fingering her tight wet virgin pussy. Shannon looked at Tara for approval to come, and Tara nodded her head. Shannon closed her eyes as Colin continued to work on her clit, as her legs squeezed around his fingers. Her face started turning red and her breath increased until her body shuddered with a strong orgasm. She looked at Tara meekly, as if she had done something wrong.

“You did very good Colin and Shannon. Now it’s your turn Shannon to rub Colin’s cock.” She went over to Shannon and held her hand and guided it over to his thick shaft, which was standing straight up like a flagpole. Tara had Shannon wrap her hand around his cock. “Shannon, stroke it up and down, fast then slow, hard then soft. Shannon watched with fascination as his cock head turned purple and the thick member throbbed as she stroked it. Colin was writhing in ecstasy watching the surreal sight of his fully clothed gorgeous wife give instructions to a woman who looked like her twin about how to properly jerk him off. He then heard her say “and you have to occasionally tickle his balls,” which she did. He soon couldn’t take it anymore and exploded on Shannon’s face, which was very close to his cock, which she was looking at with fascination.

“That’s it for tonight’s lessons,” Tara smiled with a gleam in her eye. She loved to see that they were both under her spell, like school children in puppy love for the first time. Colin and Tara didn’t care though. They just had great orgasms and didn’t feel like they were doing anything wrong, since Tara was watching them the whole time.

The next night in the bedroom Tara announced, “Shannon it’s time for you to learn to give and receive oral sex. This is good for foreplay for vaginal sex to get the man’s cock nice and hard and to get the woman’s vagina nice and wet. But again, it is also good to be able to pleasure the man if you have your period and can’t have sex. They took off their clothes again and laid down. “Colin, give this young woman a good licking, if you know what I mean. He smiled at his wife and slowly kissed his way down Shannon’s now quivering body, ending up with his tongue at the juncture of her splayed legs. As he teased her clit with her tongue, she started to moan and rock her head back and forth. He went to insert a finger into her ass though and she got scared and tried to pull his hand away from her ass.

Tara admonished Shannon. “Shannon, you don’t refuse a man if he wants to finger your butt hole while he licks your cunt. It just makes your orgasm more intense, which is a good thing. I make Colin finger my butt when he goes down on me, so that is why he is doing it to you too.”

“I’m sorry Tara. I just heard that anal sex is very painful.”

“It isn’t painful if the man does it correctly. You’ll find that out.”

Shannon had a petrified look on her face. Did Tara just imply that she would have Colin fuck her ass?

Colin continued to sensuously slurp on her virgin slit as he caressed her breasts. She felt an orgasm even stronger than the night before building up and she looked at Tara again, who nodded her head that she could finish. Shannon’s lips made an O shape as she breathed heavily and cried out as an orgasm rocked her body, making her freckled breasts rock back and forth as her pleasure subsided. Now it was her turn, but she was afraid of putting Colin’s cock in her mouth.

“Shannon, I know you are probably afraid of giving a man head, but it is an important thing for a good wife to do. Let me show you a little first myself.” Tara bent over Colin, who was lying on his back with his manhood sticking straight up, a blissful look on his face as his beautiful wife enveloped it with her skilled mouth while their virgin nanny looked on. She bobbed up and down on his cock, stopping at times to lick the underside of it or suck on his large meaty balls. She stopped and said to Shannon, “your turn now.”

Shannon looked at her for a moment with hesitation, but then opened her mouth and imitated everything she saw Tara do. As Shannon sensed Colin’s orgasm building, she looked hesitant about keeping Colin’s cock in her mouth while he ejaculated. Tara bent over Shannon and put her hand on the back of her head to keep her sucking on Colin’s dick. “You need to swallow your man’s cum. It’s only fair after he goes down on you and gives you pleasure. Men don’t like women who spit it out.” Colin’s cock suddenly erupted in Shannon’s mouth and although she at first panicked, she was able to swallow it all. She looked at Tara who nodded her approval that she learned another lesson well.

The next night Tara told Shannon that before Colin would take her virginity, she first wanted Shannon to have anal sex, since this is also something she could do with Colin if she was on her period and Tara was not in the mood for sex with Colin. Colin and Tara took off their clothes, but Shannon looked at Tara defiantly. “I don’t want to have anal sex. It will hurt. Besides my religion says that anything besides regular sex is a sin. I shouldn’t had even had oral sex last night.” Colin looked at Tara and knew she was going to get angry with Shannon.

“I don’t care what your religion says. You are living in our house and we have done a lot for you financially and also did not press charges against you for all the bad things you did. Were you ever spanked as a child?”

“Yes, I was spanked many times. What does that have to do with anything?”

“In this house when a request for sex is not obeyed, an over the knee spanking is administered.”

“So, you want me to get over Colin’s knee and be spanked?”

“No, I spank Colin when he gets out of line. Now come over here and get your punishment.” Shannon meekly walked over to where Shannon was sitting fully clothed on the couch and laid over her knee. Tara immediately started spanking her hard and quickly. Shannon tried to block her with her hands and Tara grabbed her hands with one hand while she spanked her with the other. Shannon started wailing in pain as Tara mercilessly reddened her ass cheeks as they quivered with each blow. Meanwhile, Colin’s member got rock hard from watching the nanny being punished by his wife.

“Please stop! I’ll do anything to make you stop. Colin can fuck my ass, just please stop,” Shannon sobbed.

“Now you have come to your senses. Get on your hands and knees and rest your head in my lap. Colin go get the lube, so you don’t hurt the poor girl.”

Shannon rested her head in Tara’s lap, while Tara stroked her hair lovingly. “It’s going to be okay. You are going to love this. It is one of my favorite things to do, so Colin does this to me a lot.” Colin got behind Shannon and lubed his cock and massaged Shannon’s anus with his fingers until her asshole started gaping open. As he inserted his cock into her, Shannon winced, but Tara kept reassuring her and as Colin got into a rhythm, Shannon felt the slight pain being replaced by a growing pleasure. Tara instructed Shannon to rub her clit while Colin butt fucked her and Colin and Shannon both soon came with heavy breathing followed by a low growl. Shannon looked up at Tara and Tara mewed at her, “see my dear, I told you it would feel nice. Now don’t disobey me again and you won’t get spanked again.

The next night Shannon was very nervous about finally losing her virginity and starting the process of getting bred by Colin. Tara had Colin and Shannon take off their clothes and then Tara laid on the bed with her clothes on. She summoned Shannon to come lay face up on top of her, with Tara cradling Shannon in her arms. She held Shannon’s arms tight as Colin got on top of her. Colin kissed Shannon softly and deeply and then sucked on her breasts. He rubbed her virgin hole to make sure it was nice and wet and lined up his erect penis to it. Tara told Shannon to close her eyes and Colin pushed forward, as Shannon tried to struggle away from Tara. “It’s okay Shannon,” Tara whispered in her ear. “You’re becoming a real woman now and you’re going to love the feeling of being filled by Colin to make a baby. We never deny each other’s needs in this house.” Colin broke through Shannon’s hymen as she cried out a little in pain. But as he started pumping in and out of her, she started to get tingly feelings throughout her body.

“That’s it, Shannon you’re doing great,” Tara encouraged. “You are going to make a beautiful baby with Colin, and you are going to do a great job helping us raise the baby. “You can open your eyes now and watch Colin impregnate you.” She opened her eyes to saw a look of lust and bliss on Colin’s face. Tara was not holding her down now, she was just holding her with love and affection. Colin soon released his seed deep into Shannon’s womb and Shannon felt such love for Colin and Tara.

Starting the next night, the sleeping arrangements were that Colin would sleep in between Tara and Shannon. Tara would decide which of them would have vaginal, oral or anal sex with Colin that night. Colin would always have a variety of six warm holes to fill with his fluids, but he was allowed to skip a night if he wasn’t up to it. Shannon soon became pregnant and after she got well into her pregnancy, Colin wouldn’t have vaginal sex with her, as Tara felt it would be risky, but Colin often had oral sex with Shannon, or put his cock in her waiting ass. Tara took up the slack and showed Shannon how she would ride Colin hard in cowboy position.

Shannon soon became pregnant and they had a celebratory dinner. “Tara, I don’t know if you realize it, but the baby you are going to have will automatically become an American citizen.” Tara didn’t know that.

“Wow, that is great. I can’t wait to have the baby. The four of us are going to be one big happy family.”

After Shannon had a baby girl, they named her Kerry. Tara and Shannon became best friends and looked like sisters with their babies when they went out in public. Colin and Tara didn’t act like one child was Tara’s and one child was Shannon’s, and they both helped each other with caring for Claire and Kerry. Colin was in heaven continuing to have hot sex with either Tara or Shannon whenever he wanted, depending on who Tara decided would service his needs that day. Colin and Tara both were making a good income and had truly become one unusual but happy family.

After a few months Shannon became worried and came to them very upset one evening. “We can’t stay like this forever. I am going to have to go back to Ireland when my visa is up.” Shannon started sobbing as she spoke in a quivering voice.

“Tara, we have some good news for you. We both love you and the children so much that we have figured out a way to keep things going the way they are. Colin and I always thought that a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. We never got legally married. If you and Colin get legally married, you can get a green card and stay here with us. We can’t bear the pain of losing what we all have.”

“You guys would really do that for me?”

“If you will agree to it.”

“Nothing would make me happier.” She excitedly hugged Colin and Tara and they all cried with joy.

One day the three of them were sitting having coffee and Tara jokingly said to Shannon, “I guess I have taught you how to be an American with our customs and sexual style.”

Shannon smiled at them and replied, “well I got you two to adopt part of my religion too.”

They both had a puzzled look and asked her what she meant. “My religion believes in men being able to have more than one wife, but it is against the law in Ireland, and of course in the United States. Even though legally Colin isn’t married to both of us, we are both just like his wife. Tara we are sister wives and I couldn’t ask for a better one.”

“Shannon, I feel the same way about you.”

Colin interjected, “I am the luckiest guy in the world to have two great sister wives. Since we have two incomes I don’t have the pressure of being the sole financial provider, but it is a lot of work to support you both emotionally and sexually, but I hope to stay up to the task.”

Shannon and Tara looked at him smilingly and both said at the same time, “don’t worry we’ll make sure you do.”

“One thing, girls. Are we ever going to have a threesome?”

Tara replied, “we are not sure about that. Shannon and I are not sure if we are bisexual or not but trust me you will be the first to know if we decide that.”

Shannon started to become more confident and got more assertive with Colin. Colin didn’t mind having two gorgeous redheads dominate him a little, especially when one of them decided to ride him or asked to be ass fucked.

One day Shannon coyly asked Colin to speak with him alone. He became worried what she wanted, and she calmed him down before she slowly told him, “Tara and I have been talking, and I want to get a job outside the house. I have a cousin who wants to come to the United States, and she would make a great nanny. She looks just like Tara and I do. She is not a virgin and loves to fuck and suck even more than Tara and I do. She wants to have a child too. But she is a strong-willed Irish gal just like Tara and I are, so I am not sure if you could deal with the three of us. Would you consider her moving in with us?”

Colin looked at her with a smiling but also slightly frightened look and replied, “I have to think about that. I also need to check with my doctor to see if I am in good enough physical shape for that. At my last visit he told me to stop smoking and to lose weight, which I did. He also told me to get more exercise, but I am not sure having more than one wife is what he had in mind!”
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