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“Ever had astral sex with an alien succubus before?” said Olive. In this higher plane I could feel their thoughts and emotions almost as if I were them. So I could tell that both were desperately, achingly horny.

“Won’t it pose difficulties for getting into heaven?” I wondered aloud.

“Heaven’s boring,” replied Rose, drifting towards me. “They play harps and jabber about theology.”
Astral Sex With Aliens

Everything was dry that year. Even the friendly Rastafarians at the local record store were out of herb. “Sorry, mon!” they said. The pleasant lazy bump of Jamaican One-Drop faded as I wandered down the street, when someone hissed at me from an alleyway as I passed.

“Devil’s weed,” she whispered. “Twenty a bag.” Ordinarily I would not have stopped, but the situation was desperate. Everyone I knew was scraping bowls. “No paraquat,” I said, cautiously. She was beautiful, deep subsaharan black skin and a boisterous riot of wonderfully unruly curls. For a moment I could have sworn she had horns, but when I looked again it was a trick of the light.

She gave an insulted glance. “What do you take me for? This is the kind herb, man. Got a hell of a kick to it.”

From her Australian accent, I could tell she was from down under. She held out the herb for me to sniff. She was right. That lusty smell, a cross between a skunk and a pussy.

“Deal,” I said, handing her a twenty. She grinned.

I would have suggested she offer the Rasta guys some, but when I looked away for a half a second she vanished. I could have sworn I saw a momentary flickering of firelight on the brick wall opposite.

I made my way home as quick as I could, and fired up the bong. In a minute, I figured I would call my friend Lucy, but that could wait while I took a hit. Loaded it up, crammed in the herb, and the familiar crackling of the red-hot cherry sent dense clouds up the tube.

When I inhaled, it was a headrush like I had never felt before. She hadn’t been kidding. One hell of a rush. “Damn!” I said, falling back onto the couch in a faint. As I was staring at the ceiling, it drew closer. That was odd, I thought. Then I looked down and saw my body on the couch, unconscious.

I was having an astral projection! I was sure such an event would fill me with panic, but in fact I was perfectly calm. I noticed two other figures in the room that I hadn’t seen before. Both female, naked aside from their frilly lace black panties. Both were vaguely translucent, and both had little bat’s wings emerging from between their shoulderblades.

“That herb is pretty wicked,” I commented, for some reason not bothered that the two young ladies were sitting there. One at the end of the couch and the other in a chair across. Afternoon sun drifted lazily through the windows, highlighting spiderwebs

One of them was skinny with olive skin and sandy blonde hair. Her blonde highlights and her subtle makeup gave rise to longing deep in my heart. She smiled and batted her eyelashes at me. The other was pale and freckled, with long red hair. She smiled at me too.

“Ever had astral sex with an alien succubus before?” said Olive. I knew their names by osmosis. In this higher plane I could feel their thoughts and emotions as if I were them. So I could tell that both of them were horny.

Desperately, achingly horny. I could sense the moisture dripping like honey between their legs, which I felt as if they were my legs. The desire for penetration, for caresses and delicate touch. For loving.

I felt at once four nipples, alert and ready for touch, for taste.

“Won’t it pose difficulties for getting into heaven?” I wondered aloud.

“Heaven’s boring,” replied Rose, drifting towards me. “They play harps and jabber about theology.” She reached out and pulled on my penis as if it were a handle, drawing me down to where she could immerse me between her sweet red lips.

Olive drifted up to face me, her thin halo of long straight sandy blonde hair trailing after. “I love you,” she said, placing her lips against mine as the tongue of the other worked steadily below.

Her kisses and caresses were intoxicating like no other as she delicately glided her hands across my shoulders and back. Meanwhile, Rose slipped her fingers inside my butthole, and I soon realized that the astral body, too, has a prostate!

The advantages of weightlessness! Nobody’s hair to pull when you put your hand down. No awkward uncomfortable poses to keep from falling over. Olive slipped off her now-moist black lace panties and drifted up so that my face was now between her legs, in the middle of her sweet-smelling crotch. Yes, the astral plane has aromas too! And taste!

My tongue had plenty of inspiration from the tongue that sent tingles through me from below, so I dove in with barely an afterthought, devouring her sweetness as I felt my tongue on her clitoris as if I were her, hardening my resolve. I reached up and gently stroked her nipples, eliciting a yelp of pleasure, from both of us, as I felt the exact same thrill of stimulation.

Meanwhile, Rose had shifted to place the tip of my surging cock at the opening of her vagina. When she shoved her tight dripping opening down over me, sparks flashed across my vision, so intense was the pleasure.

Feeling pert nipples pressing against my back, I turned to see the young black lady who had sold me the herb, pushing a double-dildo into my butt. She grinned, and shoved. An explosion of stimulation. Her name was Angelica.

I was on the brink, I knew it. Olive flipped over, pressing her pussy into Rose’s face. The latter took it in eagerly, and the moans of pleasure continued. I could feel the tongue on my clitoris as if I were her. I could feel the cock inside my vagina as if I were Rose.

Angelica tapped me on the shoulder, and pointed to the dripping hole beneath Olive’s butthole as she bucked up. She raised her eyebrows.

I took the hint, pulling out of Rose (she already had five orgasms, all of which I felt) and placing my tip against the portal of Olive’s prim and pristine vagina, in doggy style as Rose kissed her breasts and fingered her clitoris. And pushing, with Angelica pushing behind me, and now Rose licking my balls, I worked my way in. Lubricated by Rose’s fragrant juices.

Olive gasped at every centimeter, but soon I was all the way in, and we began fucking in earnest, with the help and enthusiastic audience of the other two. “I love you!” she called out.

When the pulses came, they were unbelievable in number and size. Huge gobs of white fluid flowed into Olive’s tiny cavity, dripping out onto Rose’s nose and lips. She licked them, taking it all in.

Exhausted from all the excitement, I plummeted back down into my body, awakening with a start.

And was all alone. Or was I?


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