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Third part of 'sweet revenge and maybe a bit more (S1)'

It's the third part of the story so you should probably read part one and two first but i really don't care. Could be a bit confusing but if you want you can start with part three and see if it's something for you.
Saturday at lunch

„You told her? Are you crazy?“

Jenny can’t believe what her step-brother is telling her. How does he not realize that this was a bad idea?

“Of course I told her.” Steve says, “You don’t build a relationship on a lie.”

In comparison to his sister, Steve seems pretty calm about the fact that he could have scared Marie of for good. And that after only one date. At the very least he is confident that he made the right choice in telling Marie about him and his sister.

“Lying is completely different from not telling her, or at least waiting for the right moment to drop such a huge bomb. I mean what did you think. If I go on a date and the boy tells me he has a BDSM relationship with his sister I’d be running to the hills in no time!”

His sister can't control herself. For a slave, she is way out of line but Steve likes it. Not that she misbehaves as a Slave but that she can still be his sister who is looking out for him.

"Marie is not like you," he says a bit amused about his sister's outrage.

“My point exactly. She is way more innocent! If it scares me off what do you think it will do to her?”

Steve can’t argue with that. His sister adds, “At least admit that you made a mistake in telling her!”

As she speaks these words her gut tells her that there is something seriously wrong with what she just said. After a moment her brother tries to explain, “For years now I took her choice, I made it for her. I ignored the way she spoke, the way she acted, the way she looked at me. I won’t do it again. If she wants me, she should at least know what she gets.”

Jenny looks in her brother's eyes; There’s a sadness. In disbelieve, she says, "You want her to reject you … Why?”

Steve lowers his head. Jenny never knew her brother to make mistakes. And that didn’t change. “But you love her, right?” she asks.

“Yes, I do …”

Trying to reconstruct what is going on in Steve’s head Jenny adds, “But you don’t think you’re good enough for her …”

That’s what it is. Steve lifts his head again. It’s painful for Jenny to look at her brother in this condition. His eyes are glassy. It’s the most vulnerable she has ever seen him. For a moment they are just staring at each other until Jenny can’t bear it any longer. She stands up, walks around the table, sits down on her brother’s lap, and hugs him. She whispers in his ear, “You think too low of yourself …”

After the hug, she says, “You got to talk to her.”

“She told me she needs some time.”

“Fuck time. Time to think of all the reasons why it’s a bad idea to have you as her boyfriend? No, no, no, you’ll at least call her!”

Again, she’s got a point and Steve knows it but he can’t bring himself to respond.

“Fine,” his sister says, “If you’re not willing to stand up for your own good, I will.” She stands up to grab her phone. Her brother was faster. He grabs her arm before she can reach it. “Don’t!” he says in this calm voice. Normally it would frighten Jenny when her brother gets that way but this time, she is too angry at him. Why would he ever even think that he isn’t good enough for Marie?

Steve sees her hesitation and adds, “I’m serious. You won’t call her. Do you understand?”

After a very intense staring match his sister gives in, “Fine. Man, you’re stubborn. I won’t call her but I still believe you should.”

And there’s the sadness again. “Come here,” she says and hugs him. She whispers in his ear, “I always knew you were a pussy.”

Oh, she is so gonna regret this statement, Steve thinks, but not right away. As his slave or his sister, one thing is for sure. He’ll make her pay somehow.

Saturday afternoon

Marie opens her door, “Jenny? Wha.” She can’t finish her question because Steve’s sister just talks over her.

"You can't leave him! It was all my idea. He didn't even want to do it at first, I mean sure he wanted but he rejected me. I talked him into it. It's so unfair for you to hold that against him! If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at me. I started it. I was so selfish but he is so perfect. It might not look that way at first but he is a really nice, I mean awesome guy." "Jenny." "I mean look at him what's there not to like. He's so handsome and good and the best brother I could wish for and he's"

“Jenny!” Marie screams. It wasn’t easy but Jenny stops talking like a waterfall and asks, “What?”

"I won't leave him," Marie says.

“You don’t?”

“But I wanted to talk to you anyway. Do you have a few minutes?” Marie asks. “Eh, of course.” Jenny answers.

Marie turns around and screams up the stairs, “Julia! I’m going for a walk, I’m back in a few minutes!”

As the two of them walk down the street Marie says, “It’s pretty obvious why you’d think I’d reject the idea of Steve … eh … sleeping with you. To be honest I expected him to come by himself and talk to me but now I found you on my doorstep. Did he send you?”

“He doesn’t even know that I’m here,” Jenny admits, “More like the opposite. He wanted to give you space and I disagreed and wanted to call you. He asked me not to.”

"Well, you didn't call," Marie says and laughs.

“Oh, if he’d knew I’m here talking to you he’d be furious.” Jenny wants to laugh too but the thought of how her brother would react if he’d see her right now hinders her from it. She settles for a nervous giggle. “You said you wanted to talk to me about something?” Jenny asks.

“Yes,” Marie tries to prepare herself for the question, “Do you like being his slave?”

Jenny blushes and answers truthfully, “I do.”

“I mean do you love Steve?”

Again, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, “I love him as a brother but I don’t think you wanted to know that. You’re asking if I love him like a boyfriend. I got to say that there is this strange attraction but no. I don’t think I’m in love with him. Let’s just say, playing with him is more like masturbating for me. And from what I can tell it’s the same for him.”

“Masturbating?” Marie asks.

“Yeah, we both enjoy it. We are living one of our darkest fantasies. Instead of just imagining it we take it a step further. I don’t see how it’s so wrong. I can understand why others might think it is but not why we shouldn’t have done it.”

Marie grins, “You know you’re talking about incest combined with things most people can’t even imagine.”

“Partial incest.” Jenny corrects her.

“You two grew up together!”

"Yeah, but we are not related," Jenny says.


The conversation takes a pause as both don't really know what to say. At some point, Jenny says, “I’m going to tell my brother that it’s over between us. You should have seen him; he really cares about you.”

Marie hesitates but then she responds, “I don’t know if I want you to do that.”

“But you said you won’t leave him. I mean, how …” Jenny realizes the implication, “Oh. I mean, of course. But how can you be ok with your boyfriend having his personal sex slave?"

"Don't get me wrong," Marie says, "There will be boundaries. I won't grant you an all-access path. I think it's alright with Steve, he told me he'd stop everything with you on my wish. I mean, I was kind of relieved when he told me about you. He started the conversation by telling me about his fetishes and I soon realized that on the pervert-scale he is way higher than I am. I even think he left out a few of his dirty secrets. I feared he wanted me to be his slave and I didn’t know if I could handle that. I didn’t know it this morning but the more I think about it the more I like the idea of him having you to fulfill all these strange desires. I mean orgasm denial? That thing can drive you mad.”

"Tell me about it," Jenny says sarcastically. Marie looks at her interested as Jenny realizes what she just gave away. Sheepishly she adds, “He teased me the whole week. But I kind of liked it.”

Marie laughs, "Anyway," she says. "If it's ok with you, I'd like you to be his slave. I don't know, I also kind of like the idea of joining you two but maybe that's a step too far."

"Oh, I don't mind," Jenny says, again realizing too late what she gave away with this statement. Her cheeks turn red. Fascinating that this didn't happen earlier.

Jenny goes on, “You two are made for each other. You think you can’t satisfy all his needs? I don’t think he wants that. He likes you the way you are right now. And he also thinks he’s not good enough for you either.”

"I know," Marie says.

“Then cut it out already. If this, oh I’m not good enough for him continues between the two of you I think I’m going to get sick. You are both incredible people with almost no flaws. You guys got nothing to be ashamed of especially in front of each other.”

The conversation takes another pause as the two of them are almost back at Marie’s house.

Again, it’s Jenny that breaks the silence. “Can you please call my brother right away. I don’t think I could keep what you said in this conversation from him. I’m like an open book for him. He reeds me like nobody else and lying to him is generally a bad idea.”

“No problem, I know what you mean,” Marie says and asks, “So he knows you’re here?”

“Hell no! I told him I’d go and spend the afternoon with Natalie, she is covering for me.”

Marie raises an eyebrow, “but you said he reads you like an open book.”

Jenny mumbles to herself, “Shit, that’s gonna hurt.” As she unconsciously rubs her ass.

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring in a good word for you.” Marie laughs.

Saturday evening

Jenny enters the living room just to find her brother already waiting for her.

“Hey sis, I wanted to tell you that you’re still my slave but you already know that don’t you?”

Jenny sees Marie sitting on the couch. No idea what to think about this situation. Her brother definitely knows that she talked to Marie earlier. Should she be frightened, excited, or take some hope from the fact that Marie is in the same room as they are?

Steve grabs her chin and forces her to look at him. No doubt he is in his dom-state. “Did you know it already?” he repeats.

“Yes sir!” she answers and asks, “You’re gonna punish me for that, sir?”

Steve knows that his sister would enjoy being spanked right here and now. The fact that Marie watches would only give her a bigger kick out of this situation.

“No, I won’t punish you for trying to save my relationship with Marie. You should thank her for that. She made a pretty good argument about reinforcing behavior through reward and punishment. You know, like the things you do with dogs. We learned about it in our biology course.”

Her brother takes a seat on the couch next to Marie, king, and queen or to better put it, Master and Mistress. "Marie is going to join us today. You don't mind, do you? I mean not that it would matter much since you are such a good little slave that follows every order that I give you. Speaking of orders, I want you to lose your clothes.”

Jenny quickly follows his command. She knows better than to object and she is excited about the fact that Marie is watching her every move. Not that she hasn’t seen Jenny naked before. Just yesterday in the shower after PE but it’s still different to undress in front of the two of them when she knows this is going to lead into something sexual.

When Steve’s sister is standing there, completely naked, he stands up again and says, “I got a little surprise for you.” He takes a set of wrist cuffs from the table that Jenny didn’t even notice up until now. He grabs his sister’s arms, puts the wrist cuffs on, and locks them behind her back. Jenny looks at the table and sees a red ball-gag. She is already pretty much at the mercy of these two but with the gag. Will that be too much? It’s not her decision, though.

Finally, Marie speaks up, “She looks so helpless now. Vulnerable but also cute in a way, don’t you think? Is this part of the punishment?”

Jenny interjects a bit surprised, “You said you wouldn’t punish me for talking to Marie.”

Steve raises an eyebrow and Jenny adds, “I mean, I thought you wouldn’t punish me for talking to Marie, sir.”

"That's better," he says, "And I won't punish you for that. But do you remember what you said to me earlier? What you called me?"

Fuck, she called him a pussy for showing his feelings to her. She knew she shouldn’t have done that the moment it came out of her mouth but she thought she dodged a bullet back there.

"I see you remember, great so I won't have to remind you," Steve says.

“I’m sorry.” Jenny tries her best to still get away without much suffering. She knows if her brother thinks up a punishment it’s not very enjoyable for her. Well, that's what she likes but damn, this masochist thing is really confusing even for the masochist himself. She knows she doesn't want to live through the punishment but it is also so exciting. It turns her on like nothing else.

“Nice try, but you won’t get out of this one so easily,” Steve says. “What do you think Marie? I’d say we heard enough from her.”

“Definitely,” She also stands up, takes the ball gag, and asks Jenny with a smile on her lips to “Open wide”. From behind she puts the gag into place. Marie is way more gentle than Steve would have been but she also makes sure to properly tighten the gag up.

“Oh, look at her. The helplessness in her eyes.” Steve says and turns Jenny forcefully so Marie can look at her.

For a short moment, Marie's eyes wander a bit lower than Jenny's face but she quickly looks back up. What gives her away is this little gesture. Marie bites her lip and Steve sees it.

“Well they are quite beautiful, Yes,” he says, “What do you think of her? She’s got a great body, right?”

Marie blushes a little but then remembers that there is really no reason any more to be insecure about anything, especially her body. "She is stunning." Marie says, "Can I … Eh … touch her?"

“Of course, I’m sure she won’t mind.”

As Marie reaches out to grab one of Jenny's breasts, Steve leans in from behind her and whispers in his sister's ear, "With the gag, it will be pretty hard to say your safeword, don't you think? As long as you got it on, your safeword will be to shake your head three times. Oh, and make some noise while doing so."

The moment of his last sentence Marie pinches both of Jenny's nipples making her jump a little. Still, Jenny manages to nod showing Steve that she understood what he said.

"Show me," Steve orders, and his sister shakes her head three times accompanied by the muffled sound of three 'no's.

“Good girl,” Marie says, “Is she always such a quick learner?”

As if Jenny wasn’t there Steve answers his new girlfriend’s question, “Can’t really tell after only one week but I got to say that up until now she is doing quite well for herself. I only got to spank her once for her to understand her place. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a quick learner or because she’s a natural submissive but in the end what difference does it make?”

“Interesting, so you’re gonna spank her now?” Marie asks.

An evil smile spreads across Steve’s face as he answers, “I had something else in mind. I’d say she would even enjoy getting spanked in front of an audience. She is really a dirty little slut when it comes to these sorts of things. She already begged me more than once to take her in a public place. Nothing against exhibitionism but I seriously dislike getting arrested.”

Jenny wants to say something in her defense but the gag prohibits her from doing so. Her brother knows full well that it’s not fair to hold this against her. He teased her for days and she got desperate.

Marie got curious, “So how is this punishment gonna work then?”

Steve smiles, “You know, theoretically this is our second date.”

“Please don’t call it that,” Marie pleads.

"Yeah, not really romantic, isn't it? The second date should be a candlelight dinner or something else fancy. The thing I wanted to say is, let's not get too focused on the punishment and enjoy ourselves instead."

Jenny is still standing gagged and naked in between these two lovebirds. Only waiting for the attention to come back to her. And that’s what happens, Marie looks at Jenny for a brief moment, studying her face. “I guess I understand what you’re saying, but isn’t that a bit too cruel? It would totally work, don’t get me wrong.”

Steve smiles, grabs his sister's neck, and forces her down to her knees in front of the couch. “Stay,” he orders as he walks up to Marie, kisses her and whispers so Jenny can’t understand what he says, “Don’t worry, I know my sister, she’ll squirm but, in the end, she’ll love it. So as long as you don’t mind, let’s show her how a healthy relationship looks like.”

To his surprise, Marie says, "Don't go too soft on me, I'm no slave but I like this side of you as much as the soft and caring one."

Nothing he needs to be told twice. Steve lifts Marie off the floor and carries her the short distance to the couch. On his way, he reminds her again, "Just play along as long as you're comfortable with it. You should know that you don't have to pretend for me, I love all about you. I'm surprised you went along this far."

He carefully puts her down and takes a few seconds to just look at her. “What?” Marie asks a bit self-conscious about her body. “Nothing, just admiring the view from up here.”

“Let me help you with that.” She says as she starts to unbutton her shirt. Other than yesterday Marie is wearing a bra. It shows as she opens the second button.

Steve finally takes some action by making it clear to Marie that he is the one that wants to unwrap the present. Not that she would mind. As he finishes to take off her shirt, he places a kiss on her naked skin for every button he opens. The feeling is amazing. Marie closes her eyes to take in the sensation, she moves around and as she opens her eyes again, she looks right into the jealous face of Jenny.

“Is it wrong for me to like to see her suffer?” Marie asks.

“Maybe a little,” Steve says as he shifts the focus of his attention away from her shirt and down to her jeans. As he opens this button too and begins to slowly slide down the zipper he asks, “I never saw her do it but was she one of the girls that bullied you back in the days.”

Marie supports herself on her elbows to look at what Steve is doing down there. She doesn’t want to get Jenny in more trouble than she already is and stays silent. After all, his sister wasn't that bad compared to some other girls. Steve smiles, he knows exactly what Marie is doing. He faces Jenny to get his answer elsewhere. Naked and gagged she watched what is going on in front of her carefully. As her brother directs that question to her, she can only nod as she shrugs ashamed.

Guess there goes the last hope on getting fucked by her brother today. Still, to lie to him would have been way worse. That much she knows.

And from one moment to another Steve goes back to ignoring his sister entirely. Instead, he focuses all his attention on the half-naked girl that’s laying under him. He gives her a dirty smile as he slides down her jeans.

Marie's breathing quickens as she helps Steve to get rid of her panties too. After that, he makes his way back up to her face. He comes so close she can feel his breath on her lips. Expecting him to kiss her she closes her eyes. Instead, he only reaches around her and unhooks her bra. With all the clothes out of the way, the show can finally begin. Instead of undressing himself, Steve starts to caress her neck. Then her breasts but that's not his final destination. This time he is going to finish the job. Like yesterday he starts off with a kiss on her clit but today he takes his time. Starting off slow building up the tension. Needless to say that Marie is totally into it.

She grabs his hair with her hands, trying to guide him but there is not really much to correct. After a minute or so it just feels amazing, like he knows all the right spots.

The moment he feels that she is close to orgasm he slows down a bit keeping her on the edge.

Marie’s moans get louder. As she realizes what he is doing she begins to move her pelvis on her own. Steve smiles and mumbles, “As you wish.”

He speeds up again, goes all out and Marie finally reaches her orgasm. It drained most of her energy so she just keeps laying there waiting to regain her strength.

“You’re alright there?” Steve asks.

“That was awesome!”

After she has recovered, she gets back to supporting herself with her elbows. She is surprised to see that Steve is still wearing all his clothes. This thought didn't stay long on her mind because quickly she realizes something else. Jenny is still kneeling next to her, her hands bound behind her back, naked and gagged. Somehow Marie feels guilty for her orgasm as she sees Steve’s sister’s pleading eyes. Then she remembers that it wouldn’t be a punishment if she didn’t suffer a little bit.

Back to Steve, how is it that he didn't just rip his clothes off and started to fuck Marie. He probably has a reason. Guess it's not over yet.

Steve smiles at the beautiful woman that is trying to get herself back together after she climaxed. “What’s going on in this beautiful little head of yours?” he asks as he takes a bottle of water from the table.

As he begins to drink it, Marie says, “You. I was thinking about the fact that you are a bit overdressed, don’t you think?”

“Oh, that’s nothing that can’t be solved.”

He hands Marie the bottle and begins to undress. Both of the naked women in the room are watching his every move.

As his erection pops out of his boxers Marie notices a little squeal coming from her side. Guess someone gets a bit frustrated.

Steve notices it too. He walks up to his sister and helps her stand up. “You don’t mind me focusing on my sister for a moment?” He asks Marie.

She doesn’t say anything. She only leans back and gives him a gesture that says, ‘go ahead, I don’t mind.’ She starts to drink some water. Her sense is that she isn’t over the hill for the night, nor does she want to be.

Steve leads his sister to the middle of the room, putting on a show for Marie to enjoy. With one hand he grabs her chin to make sure she looks at him. “I’m very well aware of the fact that I only told you to not call Marie,” he says, “but don’t think for a second that I wouldn’t punish you because you found a loophole. You lied to me, went behind my back and did something that I specifically told you not to do. That makes me angry but as I told you earlier that’s not the reason why I punish you. To be honest, I don’t even punish you because you called me a ‘pussy’. It's been a joke and I know how to take a joke. I didn't even intend for this to be a punishment at all. I only wanted to show Marie how things work between us.”

With that, he begins to rub her pussy. A nice shiver runs through Jenny's body. She really wanted to feel her brother down there again. It feels as amazing as she remembered. She begins to moan but her gag makes sure the only thing you can hear is some muffled sounds.

"Still, I learned something new today. You bullied my girlfriend. And I think that's definitely deserving of punishment."

Steve’s rhythm fastens as his sister gets more and more aroused. But suddenly Steve just stops.

“That’s why I won’t finish you off,” he explains as he walks back to the couch where Marie is waiting for him.

“That’s cruel,” she says. Jenny is still standing there in the middle of the living room. With her head facing the floor she accepts to be denied this evening.

"You're right," Steve says and kisses Marie. He lays down next to her, takes a pillow, and throws it in the direction of his sister. "You're lucky today. If you want you can finish yourself by humping the pillow."

Jenny looks at her brother in disbelieve. He on the other hand goes back to Marie. “Ready for round two, baby?” he asks as he lifts up a condom. Where did he get this? He is practically naked. A strange thought pops into Marie’s head as she begins to laugh.

“What?” Steve asks.

“Nothing,” Marie responds as she takes the condom from him, opens it, and begins to put it on Steve’s fully erected cock.

Guess that is a yes then. As much as he’d love to just jump on her he has a better idea. “You’re gonna be on top.” He says. Marie raises an eyebrow but Steve is serious about it.

With amusement, she climbs in his lab. She grabs his dick and guides it to where it should be. Slowly she lowers herself. It's a very different feeling to be in control, to decide how deep she wants to go. Steve has a massive cock. He smiles as Marie stops to take a deep breath on the halfway mark.

“You don’t need to go all the way you know.”

“I know she says with a dirty grin.” She almost takes it all before she decides to go up again. She starts off with this very slow rhythm until she is used to the feeling. As she becomes more confident, she quickens the pace.

In the background, you could hear muffled moans again. Steve doesn't care much since Marie is doing such a great job with riding his cock.

He sees that Marie gets closer to orgasm but suddenly her movements become slower. She looks into his eyes and says a bit sheepishly, “My legs.”

Steve laughs. He grabs her with his dick still inside of her, stands up, and puts her on her back. He takes the lead and starts to fire away. His thrusts are rapid and hard. He remembers what Marie told him earlier, 'don't go easy on me'. Well, he lives up to that. He isn't sure if she really likes it because her reaction is quite different from the last time they slept together. He was just about to slow down a bit as her second orgasm of the night hits Marie. Looks like she liked it.

Steve thinks she needs a moment to recover again but this time she is back on her legs in no time. There is still a job to finish for her. As she suspected Steve didn’t cum with her, so she decides that it’s the right time for her to add to her experience.

She grabs his dick and says, “I want to taste it. Tell me when I’m doing something wrong.”

Marie gets rid of the condom and begins her blowjob by licking from his balls all the way up to the tip of his dick. It’s great and almost gets Steve over the edge. He tries to hold back as hard as he can. No chance he’ll ruin the first blowjob Marie has ever given by ejaculating early. Although it could boost her confidence quite a lot …

In the back, the muffled moans become louder. Seems like someone got what she wanted, Steve thinks.

Marie is trying her best and for a first, it's really not that bad but there is room for improvement. Hopefully, he'll have many more opportunities to teach her one thing or another about giving head. It still feels amazing, though. Steve warns Marie that he’s about to come but she doesn’t seem to mind. As she said, she wants to taste him. She takes his tip into her mouth, trying to catch his cum, and keeps on working his shaft with her hands.

Steve can’t hold it any longer. He ejaculates into her mouth and Marie swallows his load. Overly proud of herself she opens her mouth and shows Steve that there is nothing left.

He lets his hand slide through her hair down to her neck as he says, “Good girl,” like he was talking to a cat. Marie’s cheeks turn bright red as she realizes how much she enjoys this little gesture from Steve. There is amusement on his face.

“Hey!” Marie says angrily, but has to laugh, “I’m not your pet.”

“No. But you liked it, right.”

"I liked everything you did," Marie says and grins.

Steve lays down on the couch and Marie cuddles herself up next to him. They both take a moment to relax near each other. At some point Marie speaks up, “Did you hear about the new student?”

"Yeah, as far as I know, his first day should be Tuesday, right?"

“That’s what they told me.” Marie says, “The principal wanted me to give him some guidance so his final exams won’t suffer from the school change in the middle of the year. He politely declined the help of a guidance student.”

“Well, he wouldn’t if he knew anything about you. You’re wonderful”

"I know," Marie grins, "but that's not what I meant. Strangely, he doesn't want to accept some help.”

“Maybe he is introverted and simply doesn’t like people. Do you know his name?” Steve asks.


"Shit, what time is it?" Marie asks. She told her parents that she'll be home at 10 pm, they really don't like it if she's late. They are already angry with her because she didn't come home last night.

“10:30, you need to go?” Steve answers.

"I should have been home half an hour ago!" She says as she jumps up from the couch. Hectically she searches for her phone. No messages. "Give me a minute to call my parents," she says to Steve as she walks out of the room.

"I'll drive you home!" He shouts after her. She gives him a thumbs-up as she starts to diel and leaves the room.

Now he’s alone with his sister. She is kneeling in the middle of the room, naked, gagged, with her hands fixed on her back and a pillow between her legs. It seems like she didn’t know what to do after she reached her orgasm. Steve hasn’t said anything about a second one so she only watched how Marie and Steve were cuddling on the couch.

"You made a mess there, sis," Steve says. Salvia is running down her body and onto the pillow where it mixes with her pussy juice. Her brother removes the ball gag. It hurts a little to move her jaw but it’s not that bad.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she says.

“I’ll drive Marie home and I expect that you’ve cleaned up here when I’m back, do you understand?” he explains as he unhooks her cuffs.

“Yes, sir.” Steve spots something in her voice but he can’t tell what it is.

“You’re alright?”

“Yes,” Jenny says but Steve is only reassured that something is wrong.

“You have to be honest with me,” he says, “I’m going to drive her home real fast. When I come back, I not only expect you to have cleaned I also want you to tell me what is wrong.”

Jenny sniffs, “Yes, sir.”

“Steve,” he corrects her, “You’re dismissed.”

As he says that he stands up and puts on some clothes. Marie comes back into the room as Jenny leaves, probably to take a shower.

“Everything settled with your parents?” Steve asks.

Marie grabs her clothes and starts to dress. "They didn't even notice that I'm late. Guess I overreacted a bit."

Steve smiles, that’s what he thought but he doesn’t say anything. No need to tell Marie that she is sometimes a bit too concerned with following the rules. It’s cute really.

Saturday night

As Steve comes home Jenny is already dressed in her pajamas. Ironically, she’s on her phone, relaxing in the living room.

“You got to tell me something?” Steve asks.

Jenny puts away her phone. She hesitates but then begins to explain. "It was nice to see you happy," she says. Steve doesn't stop her; she's probably going somewhere with this. "I was just so jealous. You two were so happy with each other and the way you ignored me. To be honest I kind of liked it. And it confused me even more. But then I realized that I don't have anything like that. I envied you two. The relation you have and I thought I wanted this too. Not just the pleasure Marie was feeling. Well of course I wanted you to do the same with me as you did with Marie, but this special connection. I wanted it too.”

“With me?” Steve asks.

“I don’t think so,” Jenny says and blushes.

There is something she isn't telling her brother. He lets it slide. She'll tell him when she's ready. He walks up to her and hugs her. In her ear, he whispers, "You'll find your special someone. Up until then, we'll have some fun together."

Jenny’s heart rate quickens from the sweet promise her brother just made to her.

“I loved the thing with the pillow. It was so humiliating at first but at some point, I really didn’t care. Especially since you two had better things to do than to judge me.”


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