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Kat goes camping alone close to her old home. After settling in, she finds out what nature can dish out.
I'm Catherine, Kat for my friends. I'm 23, attractive but I wouldn't call myself stunning beauty. I'm 177cm tall and I weight around 59kgs. I got red hair past my shoulders and nice B-cup breasts to seal the deal. I do get my fair share of attention from boys at university, and some of the girls as well.

I live somewhere in northern hemisphere where we have classic four seasons. I don't want to go in too much detail regarding my home, someone even might find me ;)

When I say classic four seasons, I mean that the phases of the year are easily noticeable here. In fall everything is in nice brown colors, in winter the ground is covered with pure white snow, in spring everything starts to grow again and in summer everything is in full bloom.

From very early age I've loved being outdoors. My family has taken me camping around year but mostly during times when there isn't snow. I've continued this tradition to my adult age and decided to go for a trip close to my old home during the spring of 2020 since schools were out for pandemic. There are vast forests around where I lived as a kid and what would be better for social distancing than roam around woods with my backpack.

Since I did not have motivation to go all out right from getting back to my old home, I decided to camp out close by. Not to mention, I wanted to properly check my equipment. I had not used those since last autumn and I did not want to have any surprises when I finally take off. So I took my gear and hiked few kilometers to the nearby woods. I did not really have spot in mind, as long it was somewhat close to water to have my first swim of the year and far enough so that I don't hear cars and other people hanging around. I did not take social distancing super seriously, this time I simply wanted to enjoy myself in peace.

I found this secluded area, 100-200 meters away from local lake. Ground was dry and large fallen birch which looked very welcoming to lean to while warming next to bonfire. The spot looked beautiful and perfect for having some time for myself. I started to set up the camp. First I finished the tent, it was not going to be cold (around 18 degrees) but there was weather report that thunder storm might hit the area. I liked my tent, it was bright red and large enough for 4 people. It had served me well over the years. Second I readied the bonfire. I wanted to have enough dry wood for the evening if I wanted to cook something. Third I unpacked my back to the tent. Sleeping bag, a blanket, a towel, some provisions, a book, backup battery for phone and for my surprise my pink backup vibrator which I had forgotten to the side of the pack. It was slightly big for me, around 15cm long but it had its uses at last year and now that I know that I have it with me... well why not at later tonight. Idea felt so wonderfully naughty that I giggled.

After unpacking everything, I went for a walk around the area. I did not really expect to find anything, I just wanted to wander aimlessly without having extra weight on my back. Including that, even familiar locations feels like new when you see them from new perspective. I walked around maybe two hours before I returned to my campsite. I started the fire before heading out for quick skinny dipping. I had not packed swimsuit with me but I was quite sure that no one would be looking. Or if they were... well enjoy the view. ;)

As I expected, it was smart call to have fire ready when getting back from the lake. Water was still quite cold this early into the year. I threw more wood to the fire, put on clean shirt and shorts and then sat on top of my blanket which I had set next to fallen birch. While waiting to warm up, I had quick dinner. Since I was only going to be here over the night, I did not bother to prepare it much. Piece of chicken from my parents place and some fruit was enough for me at this moment. After the dinner, it was still too early to go sleep, so I decided to read the novel I had brought with me. Right after I had sat down again, I heard first signs of upcoming thunder storm. By my estimation, I still had almost an hour before it would be anywhere near so I remained next to bonfire.

The novel was not dirty by any standard, however it had a love scene coming with two of the main characters. The event had been building since last two books so pages leading into the scene felt like hot foreplay. I was too focused on the pages to notice that my pussy lips had started to gotten moist. The love scene did not take long but when I snapped out of it, I found out that instinctively my hand had found its way inside of my shorts. I fondled my puffy pussy lips and I gave out a moan. I was definitely horny and I had to find out way to release the pressure. The idea of cumming outside of tent, not to mention outside of protection of my home, sent additional shivers to my excitement.

Thinking about tent reminded me of the pink toy I had laying at the floor of my tent. That was exactly what I would need to scratch the itch. While I was getting the vibrator, I saw a lighting flash and loud noise following 1-2 seconds later. Apparently thunder was upon me but I did not pay it much attention. My mind was set to pleasure myself as hard as I can. If nature wanted to celebrate my upcoming masturbation session loudly with lighting, be my guest.

I got back from the tent, took the blanket and laid it on top of fallen birch. As much as I love to lay on the ground, I much rather not have dirt next to my lady bits, if you know what I mean. Also the idea being ravaged on the fallen tree felt exciting. I slipped out from my shorts, not elegantly if I might add, but just like dirty girl who needs her dose of fake cock. It was not cold anymore, the excitement and bonfire had me feeling hot. I took position on the tree by laying on blanket which was set on the fallen tree. I started by teasing myself with my fingers before the main even. Touching my engorged clit felt so fantastic that I felt shaky from knees. Even though my feet touched the ground, I decided to spread my legs to achieve better balance. All the hours in gym had not gotten waste and I was still quite bendy. My fingers kept playing with my young pussy lips while I imagined being the woman from the book. I pictured how the strong indepent woman would keep the control on top of her lover. Riding his dick in and out from her pussy.

If I did not have my senses flooded by my sexual excitement, I would have noticed lightning strikes becoming more frequent and closer. But I was laser focused on my clit and the idea of riding a cock of my lover. I was quickly reaching the moment to take my own lover to wet and hot cunt of mine. Nothing close of wild fire would have snapped me out from this ecstasy.

I touched my labia with my vibrator, it felt thrilling. I had to absolutely no troubles to push it pass of my pussy lips. My thighs were glistening because of wetness which was running down from my cunt so I was well prepared to have myself filled by my gentle lover. I took in what I comfortable can, which is around 10cm of the vibrator. After initial back and forth movement to "test the waters", I turned the pink vibrator on. From the moment I knew that I was destined to rolling orgasms tonight. In matter of seconds, I was already moaning quite loudly. Even if there was little to no risk to find anyone from kilometer radius, the lightning strikes would have hidden anything that came out from my mouth.

The rain had not even started yet but my shirt was getting wet from sweat. Combination of bonfire and my own horniness was gluing the thing on me. My nipples were doing their best to push through the thin fabric of the shirt and painting quite erotic picture of myself. The excitement was reaching its first climax of the evening when something I could have not thought of even in my wildest imaginations. In matter of second, quite many events occurred. The brightest flash blinded me for seconds, the loudest noise I've ever heard sent my eardrums ringing and in all confusion my legs gave in and I lost my balance. Lightning had struck a tree few meters away from me. It took me while to realize this, since in one second I had gone from "just-about-to-climax" to a person who has been momentarily blinded and deafened. Including that I felt sharp pain throbbing from my pussy.

It took me a moment to recover my sight. The tree close by had suffered extensive damage but was still up. Nothing was destroyed and I was still very much alive. My sensitive pussy was throbbing from pain and I quickly found out why. When I had lost my balance, I had slided down from the birch to the ground level while pushing the vibrator deeper to my slippery cunt. I was sitting on my right hand which probably had kept the vibrator from dropping initially. My feet were still firmly in ground due the friction. Which basically means that I had quite wide crouched position. However, the next thing surprised me even further; I could not move at all. I don't know if I was paralyzed by the electric shock of lightning or maybe the noise, but I simply couldn't move a muscle. And this made me panic a little. I was still in shock what had happened and not being able to do anything was disconcerting.

However, panic faded away quite quickly. I had just noticed that vibrator was still doing its job inside of me. Even though it hurt to have it lodged so deep, it did not take long to re-establish my previous situation of complete horniness. I had no control of how seconds changed to minutes and my loins were starting to explode. I was moaning heavily and almost laughing that I was about to cum without having any say on the matter. And then the first orgasm hit me. Even though I had no control of my limbs, my pussy was convulsing around the vibrator. I found that my legs were uncontrollably trying to push the ground but at the very second when I gave it explicit thought, I lost all the strength on them. The orgasm was so hard that I found myself panting and drooling from my mouth. The drool was dripping from my shin to my wet shirt. I recovered in few seconds, only to realize that this might go on for a while. I was still paralyzed and batteries of that vibrator were not even close of being emptied out during 6 months of not being in use.

Seconds changed to minutes and my hope of rolling orgasms were carried out, but obviously not as I had planned. Tears were forming in my eyes since the constant pleasure was starting to take its toll on me. Not to mention that the situation started to feel quite humiliating. Little did I know, that the ordeal was about to become even more dire. I had closed my eyes after tearing up. Also my ears were still ringing which meant that I heard next to nothing. I had no way of noticing a dog, before it gave me huge lick on my face. In fraction of a second I was alert and was watching my assailant who was savoring the taste of my drool dripping from my mouth. The dog was big, maybe 55kgs. I think it was rottweiler and I had heard that those might be aggressive by nature.

My parents had told me that some dogs were released to wild after previous holidays season and they had been running around the area. But they had not cared to come close to any humans. Now one of those things were having field day on me. It kept going lower on my body since the drool had been soaked to my shirt. The tongue had quite wide reach, all the way from under my left boob to my shin. My erect nipple was sending shivers through my body. I could have sworn that the beast aimed for the nipple in purpose. After moment of licking my shirt, I felt something sharp on my body. Apparently the dog had accidentally teared the fabric with its teeth. It tried to back away and I could hear the shirt tearing up even more. This must've felt fun from it since it barked excitedly and proceeded to tearing the thin fabric of shirt further. In matter of moments, once a nice shirt was hanging from my arms. My boobs were hanging free and the rottweiler were ripping the pieces on the ground. I had hoped to fall down from my position, but no such luck. I was still ass to the ground, legs wide spread and vibrator going off inside of me.

The mutt was done with the shirt and resume licking the sweat and drool from my chest. My nipples were stimulated even further now that there was no shirt covering them. It did not take long for another orgasm to hit me again. It must have been the sixth or the seventh already, I had lost count. This time I felt mixute of my drool on my breasts and trickling even further. That mixed with rottweiler's saliva, reached my pussy soon enough. And the dog followed the stream. Most likely it had sensed something stronger than drool and sweat coming from down below but it had taken its time. Now it was ready for to savor this bitch who was signaling of being in heat. Even though my pussy has been experiencing a lot during last 15 minutes, my engorged clit had mostly been left alone. So the first lick on the clit made me see stars. "BAD DOGGIE"! As humiliating as this was, it only enhanced the experience which my vibrator was giving. I started to tear up from the humiliation as the situation dawned to me. I just had minor orgasm from having my tits licked, I was about to be blow up to the point of no return from having my clit licked.

The orgasm started out mildly but it just kept escalating until I was screaming my lungs off. My whole body was convulsing uncontrollably and I was losing my mind. All the while rottweiler pushing his tongue on top of my already filled pussy. My heat was dripping past the vibrator and it was licking it off at the best it can. During the climax, I noticed once again that I was able to push my feet on the ground. This time strength faded away somewhat later after thinking about it. "Was the paralysis wearing off or has the size of orgasm have something to do with it?" I did not know. But to survive and escape the beast, I had to get up.

After the orgasm started to subside and I was able to focus again, I started to push with my legs as much as I can. And fortunately my abused body is answering to my commands. Slowly but surely my ass is raising from the ground floor. The rottweiler which is still licking me off is actually helping. It is trying to push it tongue as far as it can and without even meaning to do so, pushes me up on the birch. Between the licks, even the vibrator falls off from me and keeps vibrating on the ground. This of course enables the dog have better access to my pussy but I don't have enough focus to think about that. I'm able to move my legs somewhat closer together when I've gotten my balance somewhat back. But I do not have strength nor willpower to force the rottweiler away from my pussy. It is now tongue fucking me as deep as it can. A lot of my pussy juice was blocked by vibrator and the dog is now taking the full advantage of the situation.

I've thought that I had managed to push myself as far as I can. I didn't believe that I am able to get back standing right away. But in few moment, I might be able to stop the tongue tornado that is keeping my sensitive body in full arousal. But as per my luck of today, things took a weird turn. As I was still trying to push myself little further, the rottweiler decided to give an extra push. I lost my touch of the ground, barely feeling some small branches on ground with my toes. My legs might've recovered some power but rest of my body was still limb. Not being able to find the ground, I found myself stuck on top of the fallen birch, head hanging from the other side and dog licking my cunt at my other end. At that very moment, I was able to see another dog. It was eating some of the provisions that I had brought with me. Guess the warmth of bonfire and the smell of food and bitch in heat had lured these dogs here.

The new dog was german shepherd, not as big as the rottweiler, but on this situation, it was not still a welcome sight. It had clearly noticed what rottweiler and I was doing as it barked to our direction. Rottweiler did not care about the newcomer and kept sucking the nectar out from me. From my upside-down position I saw the german shepherd getting closer. It did not dare to challenge the rottweiler for the main prize, my juicy cunt lips. So it settled to explore the mixture of sweat, drool and rottweiler's saliva from my body. The rough tongue on my breasts did not go unnoticed but I was focused on the groin area of the german shepherd which was hitting my face while the new dog tried to find better access to lick my body. And that is when I noticed that my nipples were not the only erect thing in the forest. The penis of the german shepherd had started to emerge from its loins and was somewhat uncomfortably hitting my face. There was some precum on the penis and it was spraying it all over my face. The unwashed dog and precum on my face were intoxicating.

While the motion of the shepherd had started to change from climbing for the access to humping my face, the rottweiler at the my other end was about to get new prize from its job. Another flow of juice erupted from me when I climaxed once again. My body trembled in the front of the sudden and surprisingly hard climax. My moans turned to screams when I opened my mouth. And that was all it took for german shepherd to ram its doggie cock in my wide open mouth.

The taste of precum invade my mouth with shepherd’s quick forward thrust. It was trying to bury the bone as deep to my throat as possible, but so far the mutt was only able to ram it to end of my mouth. The first few thrusts pushed my feet back to ground. I was glad for extra balance but I still had mouthful of doggie dick in me and another assailant working my rear end with its tongue going from my asshole to my super sensitive clitoris. I had to close my eyes since its huge balls kept hitting me to my face. Shephard was merciless with its effort to force its member into me. It had become painful to keep blocking the cock from entering my throat. I had tried to deepthroat at college but I did not find it enjoyable. My partner had but that was not enough for me to repeat the experience. It was now dawning to me that I had to willingly degrade myself further and start relaxing my throat. This felt as only way that I could survive this experience without any injuries. Idea of submitting to this beast felt disgusting.

My saliva and shepherd’s precum had made the cock extremely slippery in my mouth. It seemed that the moment when the conscious thought of relaxing my throat muscles appeared in my mind, the dog pushed its cock as deep as it was able to. My humiliation was hitting its new heights. I was willingly sucking off dog's dick while other one was keeping heavily aroused state. The cock pistoned in and out from my throat. It was shorter than I had imagined but the pain from my jaw suggested that girth had to be quite big. I would have imagined that I had gotten accustomed of the taste and smell of the precum but the increased quantity intensified the experience.

I imagined my predicament in my mind. My helpless body, on my back on the log. Head hanging from the other side and my throat being expanding and contracting by cock of german shepherd. My exposed ass and pussy at the other side of the log being tongue fucked by rottweiler. The ripped shirt revealing my perky boobs which were going back and forth in the motion of humping german shepherd. Me moaning while having mouthful of cock while the shepherd panted and drool on top of my body. I thought that there was no way this bizarre event could have been happening. If the sexual assault wasn't currently on-going, I wouldn't even believe it to be able to happen.

I had next to nothing experience in the field of dog mating but I was about to have first experience regarding it. Knot was starting to form outside of my mouth and the shepherd was trying to force it to my mouth. However, large girth of the doggie cock was ensuring that the knot were staying outside. I had no time to think about knot when it was forming but only read about it later. Only thing I noticed when it was happening, was some pressure at my teeth, knot hitting my face and cock not being able to go as deep to my throat as minute ago. I heard the panting getting stronger while the humping pace increasing, that was clear indication for me to be ready for big and sloppy finale. The cock erupted inside my mouth. The shepherd was still humping so some of the sperm was squirted dowb to my throat while some of it I had to swallow myself. Some were able to exit my mouth and was trickling down on my upside down face. There was so much cum that at some point I had problems to shallow it all and some of it were pushed through my nasal cavity and came out of my nose. The cock slipped out from my mouth while the shepherd was still cumming and it sprayed me white. I was soaked in doggie cum. It tried to push the cock back in but I found out that I was able to block it with my hands. For my good fortune, I had regained some of the control of my body.

After a while the shepherd ceased its attack and backed away. It started to lick its own cock clean in few meters away. I tried to wipe the doggie cum from my face so that I could open my eyes again. When I was able to access my sight again, I started to sob. There was cum everywhere, I couldn't ever wash away the memories of the taste and smell nor the shame I was feeling. It was hard to say that was I actually sobbing from shame or moaning from arousal, because both of those were feelings were coexisting at the same time.

I used my left hand to cover my sensitive nether regions. The rotty wasn't happy about that it could taste the cum out from my hands and was curious about that. It kept licking but now only my left hand. I used my right arm to push myself to sitting position. My legs worked almost fine so as the rottweiler was focused on my hand, I was able to block all the further access to my sore cunt lips and now tickling asshole. Even though ringing my ears had calmed, having my head upside down for about 5 minutes had me feeling vertigo. Including the vertigo, the intoxicating smell and taste of the shepherd’s cum had me feeling additional dizziness. Now that I had some control of my body, I was able to protect myself until I can enter the tent. At least so I thought. The only goal I had was get to somewhere safe to calm down and recover from all of this.

I started by standing up. My legs felt shaky but I was sure that I could manage that. After first few tentative steps, I found out the error in my thinking. I was in no condition to move anywhere just yet. I took a step back and balanced myself using my hands on the fallen birch as support. I saw the german shepherd still licking itself. Its cock was around 15cm long but the girth must've been close to as much. "How was that massive thing able to fill my mouth?" I looked down on my body and got teary eyed when I saw my breasts and stomach covering in now drying cum. "That fucking beast. I will have it shot when I get out from here."

I had totally forgot the rotty, but it had not forgotten me. It was not glad that I had pulled the hand it was licking out from its reach when I had to support myself by the log. Not to mention that, the rotty felt that it was entitled for release after carefully preparing this bitch. It was not going to be left alone with its urges. So while I was preoccupied by my thoughts for revenge, the rottweiler jumped at my back and pushed me chest first back to on the log. I screamed just before the impact pushed the air out of my sore body. This left me gasping for air and try to recover from the attack. The rottweiler did not wait and mounted me from behind. I might've recovered some of my strength but I was not going to push off beast of same size as myself. Seeing its muscle mass, I doubted that I would have even been able to do it when I was not being exhausted.

Circumstance was begun to clear to me. I was in perfect position for the rottweiler to mate me. As I said, I did not know a lot about dog mating but I do know that they call it doggy style for a reason. Rotty started immediately hump me from behind, missing it mark only by centimeters. I've been kept in full arousal for last 30 minutes, so no matter how big the rotty was, I would not be able to stop it. I had no way of knowing it from my position but the rotty's girth was at least as much as german shepherd and at the length between 20-25cm.

The cock was sliding on top my clit and I started to moan again. I'm probably not as wet I was when I was able to stand up but my body had not forgotten the feeling. I was able to feel my cunt lips dripping from my own juice in nanoseconds. In frustration of not finding the hole, the rotty backed out and readjustment was now sliding over my pussy and hitting my asshole instead. This made me instantaneously to enter the panic mode. I clenched my sphincter with everything I had. There was a real chance that the rotty's fat cock could force its way inside after being lubricated by rotty's saliva.

After not finding it mark for few minutes, I started to relax. "I might be able to survive this". And on that very moment, I jinxed it. The small jab of its had found my vaginal opening and very next thrust filled my vagina at way that no man or toy had ever before. My scream of pain echoed at the forest but was quickly covered by the lightning strikes at the sky. With one wild thrust the rotty was hitting my cervix. The dog started the animalistic pounding of my poor pussy. I did not stop shouting at any point but the initial panic like scream was quickly changing to panting and moaning of a regular bitch. I could feel my cunt muscles convulsing around the cock which was claiming me. The tight pussy of young red hair was massaging the beastly cock. This made the beast continue its savage assault even harder.

I heard the low growl and panting next to my ear. I felt its saliva dripping on back of my neck. Tongue lolling at side of my face was clear indication that there was nothing humane about this encounter. From this moment forward, I had to live with a fact that I was fucked by dog. Just like the rottweiler could read my thoughts, it barked as loud as it was able, not stopping the cruel and demanding movement of its loins at any point. The german shepherd was snapped out from its own activity by the bark and suddenly was aware what was going on. It lazily started to move closer to my face until I could smell its breath. It smelled like cum and sex. No two ways about it. It started to lick my face clean from its own cum and it found the idea great. I found the situation annoying since the tongue kept entering my mouth, every time I opened to moan and pant.

The rotty seemed to want to join some of the cum licking action. It started to lick it off from back of my neck. The sprayed cum of german shepherd must've flowed there and rotty wanted to have some of that curious taste while burying it bone to the bitch below. I felt the cock hitting cervix entrance but my subconscious mind must have been doing its best to block the access. It certainly wasn't because of rod not being long enough, solid ~10cm were still unburied.

Either by sudden need to ascertain dominance or cheer playfulness, the rotty bite down the ripped shirt on my back and started pulling it. Sudden re-adjustment of my body pushed the cock past to cervix entrance and made me gasp for air. The full length of the cock was now pulsating inside me. Every stroke from that point made me groan first in pain and then soon after in pleasure. My mind might still be struggling but my body was broken in. My face kept switching between shameful agony and blissful pleasure. It was probably because of previous climaxes that I had not cummed during this savage fucking but there was about be fireworks in few minutes.

When rotty had pulled my body back, the german shepherd had moved its licking from my face to my body. Rough tongue on breasts and nipples send additional waves of ecstasy down my spine. The rottweiler was starting its final part of the mating session, impregnation. I felt the increased, somewhat painful pressure at my pussy when the knot started to hit my labia. I realized that this must've been the same thing what had hit my face during my forced deepthroat session. The looming danger made try to reach the knot with my hand but I was nowhere near. I could only wait and ready myself of being knotted. After what felt like minutes but must've been seconds, the rotty was able to push the knot inside of my pussy. Few times the knot slipped out but sure enough at the end, it was safely secured inside my expanded pussy.

The cock itself was embedded inside my womb through the cervix and knot was blocking vaginal entrance, the rotty was ready for insemination. It released its teeth from the sorry excuse of the shirt and suddenly my upper body fell forward on the log. The pulling had been adding pressure to my body, which now free, was about to release. Saying release does not do it justice, my body was about explode. The rotty opened its hose and started to spray my insides with its cum. The stimulation was too much, I blew up right there. This was most earth shattering orgasm that I had ever experienced. My eyes were turning at the back of my head, while I was screaming animalistic noise out from my mouth. My whole body was shaking and I kept clenching and releasing my cunt muscles without any control. All the while, I felt copious amounts of dog sperm being shot deep into me. I had no time to recover from the previous orgasm as the next one rolled to it. I gasped for air since at some point since I had forgotten to breath. The rotty had time of its life while it shooting the bitch up with enough cum for pack of dogs, the bitch kept massaging and milking the cock with its pussy.

The rottweiler kept cumming for next few minutes almost non-stop. When it was finally done, so was I. I had no power left in my abused body, so I laid there and waited. I realized quite quickly what the knot was for. The rottweiler couldn't dismount me since the knot was making sure that the bitch stays inseminated. I could feel the cum resting inside me, it felt fascinating but it not take long as I remembered how disgusted I was regarding all of this. After around 15 minutes, the rottweiler tried couple times to pull out and pain from that kept me awoke. Suddenly I felt the sweet release as cock started slowly pull out from used pussy. I heard loud pop as the knot was pulled out and I felt cum gushing from inside of me. It kept flowing from my cunt lips to my thighs. Adding final insult to injury, both dogs started to lapping the cum out from my cunt.

When they were done, I knew that I had cummed at least once more. I did not want to fall in sleep where I was, I was afraid that I would wake up soon enough to find something else taking advantage of my sore state. As I now had full control of my body, I moved slowly to my tent. Cum dripping out from me at the every step. I didn't mind, I didn't care. As long as the dogs had left me alone, I was fine. I arrived to tent right when I heard first drops of rain hitting leaves above me. I closed the entrance to tent behind me and fell on top of the sleeping back. While I was about to pass out, I remember thinking "It is odd that it starts raining this late into thunder storm. Thunder storms are funny".

I woke up several hours later finding surprisingly large puddle of doggie cum on the tent floor. And tent smelling like monkey house... or more likely as dog house.


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