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This is the latest in a series of stories that involve our hero, Tom.

Tom, a six foot tall, thirty something ex football player, who now travels around the world picking up odd jobs for friends or people he has met over the years.

He retired when he ruptured his Achilles tendon but he keeps himself in good shape.

Oh, and he has a thick 10 inch cock that loves the ladies!

All Characters are over 18 years old.

Tom is going to a special party at his longtime friend Maria. She lives in a big house on the outskirts of London with out buildings and an acre of land.

He has been told it is a ‘Toga Party’ with the togas being provide, so he arrives in designer shorts, an open neck shirt and loafers, with no socks. Apparently it is couples only but as a ‘special’ friend, he’s been given dispensation to go on his own.

As he arrives at the address, the taxi drops him on the street and he makes his way to the big wrought iron gates where he presses the intercom to gain access. Once security sees him on their screen they buzz the gates to let him enter.

He walks up the pebble drive toward the large Victorian house at the top, where Maria meets him.

Maria is in her early forties now and has been a single mum since her older husband died of a sudden heart attack around 10 years ago. Shortly after that she met Tom when he was still 19 and took a shine to him. She is still a looker now but she was stunning then. She could have been a porn star and she certainly could fuck like one, teaching Tom all she knew. They have not fucked for a while now but Tom would certainly not hesitate to give her one, should the opportunity arise in the future.

“Hi there.” She says giving him a peck on the cheek. “Great to see you. You’re looking well.”

Thank you. So are you,” Tom replies

She shows him to one of the out buildings where the men are to change and store their clothes for the evening. The women have a separate building for changing. She told Tom to come early, so there is no one else around. She gives him a toga and shows him how to put it on. They are special garments with a single clasp on the left shoulder; release it and the garment falls to the floor.

“Naked underneath!” She instructs as she leaves him to change and heads off back toward the house. “See you in the kitchen I a few minutes,” she shouts to him as she heads off. Tom then hears her talking to someone as she heads up to the house, but thinks nothing of it.

He gradually removes his clothes and puts them in a locker, with his boxers being the last thing he takes off. Just as he is putting them in the locker, the door opens and in walks Ruby, Maria’s 19-year-old daughter, with a girlfriend.

“Wow, Mum wasn’t kidding, you do have a big cock Tom, don’t you? Have you ever seen one as big as that Millie?” She asks her friend.

“Excuse me young lady, do you mind?” asks Tom curtly.

“Oh, don’t be a prude!” She replies. “You have got nothing different to what we have seen before, it is just bigger.”

“A lot bigger! Millie chips in.

Now Ruby is a ringer for how her Mum looked when she was younger, a real looker. About 5 8 tall, she has long legs, a tight bum, 36C tits and long blonde hair. She is dressed in very short shorts that show the bottom of her ass cheeks, a cut of vest top that hangs off her tits and shows a flat bare midriff, and a pair of white Nike trainers.

Millie is a bit shorter, has a more pronounced ass and long dark hair. She is wearing a very short shift dress with buttons all down the front and a similar pair of trainers. She must only be just18 years and Tom is a little embarrassed to think that someone so young is well worth a poke.

As the thoughts rush through Tom’s head he can feel his cock start to twitch between his legs so he quickly grabs his toga and pulls it to him, covering his potential embarrassment.

“Can I help you with that?” Enquires Ruby.

“If you wouldn’t mind, that would be great!” Tom answers as he drapes it around himself.

“Look Millie, I thing it must like one of us!” Says Millie, noticing that Tom’s cock has started to swell and lengthen.

“Sorry girls!” Says Tom, embarrassed by his reaction.

“Don’t apologise. It is a complement. Which of us would you fuck first if you had the chance?” Asks Millie as she rearranges the toga.

“I am not going to answer that!” Tom replies.

Unfortunately for Tom the front of the toga has got caught on his semi-erect cock, but before he can sort it Ruby grabs his shaft.

“We need to put this away for later.” She says tucking it behind the front of the garment, but not before she has given it a little tug.

“ There you go. All done!” says Mille, fastening the clasp. “Get you flip flops Tom and you are ready.”

“Hey we need to get ready now, will you come and help us, please.” She asks with a cheeky grim.

“I am not sure that would be a good idea.” He replies. “Besides what would your Mum say if she knew?”

“Well she doesn’t need to know. And as it is you, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind!”

“I’m not sure about that!” Tom answers but the thought of seeing these two gorgeous young vixens changing is too much to resist.

“Go on then.” He relents and they set of to the women’s’ changing room.

As soon as they enter, the two girls are stripping off. Ruby lifts the vest top over her head to reveal her gorgeous, pert tits and long hard nipples, and the she is skinning off the skimpy shorts.

Millie meanwhile, is unfastening the buttons down the front of her dress. As she starts from the top and works down, Tom gets the occasional glance of another pair of large tits.

Ruby shorts are off now and she is not wearing any knickers so Tom is looking at a clean-shaven teenage pussy, with a bulging clit. His cock is twitching again.

“What do you think?” Ruby asks Tom, striking a sexy pose.

“Very nice.” Tom replies. “Now get that toga on before Maria finds us.”

Millie dress is off as well and she too is not wearing underwear, revealing another young pussy. However, this one is covered with a neat, thick curly dark bush, which hides her erect clit.

“Would you like to touch me?” Millie asks.

“I liked to do more than that, but we don’t have the time.” He replies, regretfully.

“May be later?” Asks Ruby.

“Let’s see how it goes.” Suggests Tom. “Now get those togas on and let’s get up to the house!”


“Ah, I see you have met the girls already!” Comments Maria as they enter the big farm kitchen. She is now in a toga and flip-flops too.

“Tom has got a big cock, just like you said, hasn’t he Millie.” Ruby blurts out.

“Very big!” Chips in Millie.

“Oh, I am sorry Tom, have they been harassing you?” Maria asks.

“I wouldn’t call it harassment, just high jinx, but they are a sassy little pair, I’ll say that.’

‘Ok, off you go you two and welcome the guests as I explained. There are a few starting to arrive now.” Maria orders and the girls scoot off, giving Tom a cheeky grin as they go.

“They are a right pair of rascals, those two. Did they get you horny?” Maria asks Tom.

“They certainly did.”

“I’m not surprised. They are both very cute!” Observes Maria.

“You can say that again.” Adds tom.


It is about an hour later and Tom is in the big main room. Subdued lighting creates a warm glow all around. A three-foot high stage has been erected at one end of the room and sofas of various sizes are spread around the area in front of the stage. There are around 40 couples now in the room, some standing some sitting on the sofas. Some are already getting to know each other a little better.

A couple of large tables have been pushed up against the long wall to the right hand side of the stage, and Tom goes to sit on the edge of the one nearest the stage.

Maria is on the stage, welcoming the guests and explaining the proceedings. As she finishes, an attractive young woman enters from stage left. Like everyone, she is wearing a toga but it looks better on her than on most. She is about 5 6 with a slim figure, porcelain skin and long black shiny hair.

“Ok gentlemen, who would like to be the first to fuck Yasmin, this evening, here on stage?” Maria asks the guests.

A buzz goes around the room.

“Let me just show you what you will get.” She says pulling the clasp on Yasmin’s toga so it slides to the floor.

There are gasps and the buzz gets louder as the girl’s body is revealed.

Shapely legs, large natural breasts, a tight round ass and a clean-shaven pussy are now on show.

Eventually there is movement in the room and three guys step forward to the edge of the stage. There is an older, grey haired guy about 6 0 tall, who looks in good shape, and looks in his 50s. There is a rather skinny youth about 5 8 and a muscle bound guy about 5 10.

“Ok then boys, let’s show Yasmin what you have to offer.” Says Maria. And with that they each pull the clasp to loose their togas.

“Wow! Such a variety.” Exclaims Maria.

Whilst the skinny youth has a skinny cock, it must be a good 9 inches long and very erect. The muscle man has a very thick cock but it is only around 8 inches long. The older guy though, is indeed great shape and has a good 10 inches of thick cock hard cock.

“Who do you choose Yasmin?” asks Maria leaning her head toward the stunning young beauty so she can whisper the answer.

“Ok Steve, she has picked you.” Maria calls indicating that the older guy has been chosen. The other two groan and head off back to their partners as Steve steps up onto the stage, stroking his erect member as he approaches the girl.

To the back of the stage is a large sofa and the girl retreats to it and sits on the edge, sliding her right hand between her legs to play with her swollen clit.

Still pulling his cock with one hand, Steve kneels in front of her and they French kiss. His other hand goes to one of her large pert breasts and cups it.

As they disengage from the kiss, he pushes her back into the sofa and goes down on her pussy, licking and nibbling at her clit. She groans appreciatively.


As Tom watches the pair, he can feel the blood surging into his member. He is about to slide his hand in his toga to stroke it when this statuesque blonde appears from nowhere.

“You don’t mind if I join you, do you?” She asks, not waiting for an answer as she sits next to him on his right on the edge of the table.

“Not at all, be my guest,” he answers, still watching the action a couple of yards in front of him.

“Got a great view from here,” the woman comments.

“Yeh,” is his single word response.

“Who are you here with?” Tom asks her, not having seen where she came from.

“The guy on the stage!”

“Ah, and you are not jealous of him fucking another woman?” Tom asks

“Not at all. We have an open relationship, probably like many here and who wouldn’t want to fuck such a gorgeous young thing?” She adds. “Who are you here with?” She then asks back.

“I’m on my own,” he explains, and before she can ask the follow up, “I’m a special friend of Maria’s,” he adds.

“Ah, so, are you Tom then?” Asks the woman.

“Yes I am. What is your name?” He asks

“ Debbie” She answers. “Is it true what Maria says about you, then?”

“And what might that be?” Tom asks, already knowing the answer.

“That you are rather well endowed, down there.” She replies nodding toward his groin.

“Might be!” he replies cagily!

“So what are you doing sat here?” she asks.

“I like to see beautiful young women get fucked by big cock!” He answers honestly. “You?”

“I like big cocks.” She replies, sliding to her left along the edge of the table, closer to Tom.


On the stage, Steve’s attention to the girl’s clit has just given her a second orgasm! So now he rises up, kneeling between her legs, takes hold of his cock, pulls back the foreskin and strokes the head up and down her wet pussy lips.

Having identified the exact point of attack, he moves slightly backwards at the hip and then thrusts forward, splicing the lips and sliding his cock into her. His initial thrust sends about half his cock up her chute. The girl squeals as his wide girth stretches her but he is undeterred. He just thrusts again, sinking the rest of his shaft ball deep in to her.

“Fuck!” She cries. “You could have warned me you were going to do that.” But Steve just smiles at her, holds his cock deep inside for a while and then starts to shaft her with long deep strokes.


As Tom and his new close friend both watch the action on stage, Debbie slides her left hand down the right-hand side of his toga, looking for a way in. She finds it so she is able to reach in and take hold of his shaft.

“Nice girth!” She comments as she gets a feel for her new toy.

“Nice of you to say so.” Tom replies, as she slides her hand first to the bottom and then to the top of his erect pole.

“Nice length too.” She adds, starting to pull his shaft slowly. He doesn’t answer this time, enjoying the feel of her long, cool, slender fingers around his throbbing pole.


Back on stage the girl has lifted her legs up off the floor so Steve wraps his arms around under the girls knees and pushes them back toward her chest. Steve stops shafting her for a second and with his thick cock buried ball deep, he moves up off his knees and rests then on the very edge of the sofa.

The girl is now beneath him and in position for a good pounding! In this position he is also able to use the full length of his cock to fuck her, so he does. With each stroke he pulls his cock right out until just the head remains before slamming the full length back into her.

It looks brutal but the girl is loving it, grunting each time he slaps home.


Debbie is still stroking Tom’s cock and feeling really horny watching her Steve shaft a young slip of a girl with his long thick cock.

“Shall we go and see if we can find somewhere a little more private where we might get to know each other a little bit better?” She suggest.

Tom, who is also as horny as fuck, didn’t need asking twice. As she pulls her hand away from his cock, he is up off the table and heading toward the door behind them to their right, in the corner of the room.

Through the door and down to hall, they head for the library. The door they enter through is in a corner and the room extends to the right. On the opposite wall the large windows are covered by the closed drapes. On the same wall as the door is a large fireplace with a roaring fire. In front of the fire is a big square luxurious rug that has three Chesterfield sofas on each of the other three sides.

Debbie goes in first and heads to stand in front of the fireplace facing toward the door they just entered through. Tom follows and stands opposite her with the fire to his right.

“No point in us wasting time!” She says as she reaches for the clasp on her toga, releases it and lets the garment slide down her body to the floor. She has a body to kill for! Long leg, nice curves and pert tits.

“Come on, don’t be shy,” she urges. “Show me yours!” She says reaching for the clasp on Tom’s toga and releasing it. By the time it hits the floor she has already made a grab for his erection, wrapping those long slender fingers of her right hand around it once again and pulling on it.

“It looks as impressive as is it felt!” She compliments, as Tom reciprocates her attention to his cock by reaching forward to slide his right hand into her thick bush so he can frig her wet pussy.

He steps closer so they can kiss and as their tongues wrestle he slides a couple of fingers into her chute and rubs her swollen clit with his thumb, as she continues to pull on his long shaft. She moans her appreciation as he works her pussy.

Tom is ready to fuck now. He is ready to replace his fingers with 10 inches of throbbing cock but he sense that she may be on the verge of cumin. He slides his fingers out and applies then to her clit. It is not long before her body starts to tense so he rubs frantically quickly pushing her over the edge. She lets go of his cock to concentrate on her own pleasure. She moves her legs slightly further for better balance.

“Oh yes! Rub it, rub it, rub it!” She begs as she shakes and she moans and then as her whole body starts to shudder. Tom stops rubbing her clit so he can frig her again with a couple of long thick fingers to perpetuate her climax.


“Jeez. That’s a good start,” she says as she comes to. “My turn now,” she adds, dropping to her knees in front of him. She wraps the fingers of her right hand around the thick shaft, pulls the head down towards her mouth and pulls the foreskin back.

As she starts to wank his shaft she takes the throbbing purple head in her mouth to suck on it. Her head bobs up and down as she slurps and sucks it. Occasionally she pulls it out of her mouth as she sucks, making a sexy popping noise.

As she continues to fellate him, the door behind Tom opens and Ruby and Millie enter the room. Debbie can see them but she carries on, enjoying her task. As they are behind Tom, he doesn’t see them until they pass behind the sofa to Tom’s left, on the opposite side of the rug to the fire.

“Hi Tom, having fun I see!” Ruby teases as the girls go to sit on the sofa facing Tom. “You don’t mind if we stay to watch, do you?” She asks rhetorically, as they both settle back in to the sofa with no intention of leaving.

Tom doesn’t care though! He is currently getting a BJ and is about to fuck a stunning blonde, so why should he!

Ruby continues to stare at Tom and he stares back as Debbie sucks and slurps away. After a couple of minutes watching, Ruby gets up off the sofa and releases the clasp on her Toga. It falls away to reveal her perfect teen body.

Still staring at Tom, Ruby sits back down again with her ass right on the edge of the sofa. She leans back into it, opens her knees wide and starts to stroke her hairless pussy. Tom imagines what it would be like to get between those slender legs and slide his long cock into her teen pussy.

Still watching the antics of the horny young vixen, he takes hold of the back of Debbie’s head with both hands to hold it steady and starts to fuck her mouth with his shaft. He closes his eyes and imagines it is Ruby’s pussy he is fucking.

And with that fantasy in his head, he decides it time to fuck Debbie now. He bends down to kiss the top her head. He moves his hands onto her shoulders, pushing her back off his cock, so it bobs up erect, and urges her to lay on her back.

As she does, he kneels between her legs and she slides her feet up toward her ass so her knees rise up by the side of him.

Tom sits back on his haunches and shuffles forward until he is near enough. He then takes hold of his throbbing cock at the base, pulls back the foreskin and slaps the bulbous purple head down on her erect clit, as he likes to do.

“Yes!” she moans as it hits and the tingles radiate out from the point of contact. Then “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she cries each time he slaps it down. Then “YESSSS!” she squeals as she shudders and her latest climax rips through her body.

Tom moves quickly now. He slides the tip of his shaft down between her pussy lips until he feels her opening and then with a thrust of his hips he sends three to four inches of cock into her chute. Debbie’, who’s latest orgasm is just starting to subside, shudders again as his huge girth rips into her.

With the base of his thick shaft in his hand he pulls it right out of her, and hold it in place so he can thrust it back into her.

She loves it! She squeals each time he thrusts back in. And with each thrust he goes a little deeper until he is reaming her gaping hole with 6 or 7 inches of thick shaft.

“Uhh,” She moans, each time he slides back in. “Uhh, uhh, uhh!”

Two thirds of his shaft is now covered in her white juices so Tom reckons she is now ready to take the rest of his pole and he can’t wait to ram deep into her.

So with his cock lodged safely inside her, he kneels up, slides his arms under her knees and wraps his arms around her thighs, pushing her bent legs up toward her shoulders.

With him now over her, she is completely at his mercy and he is going to take advantage. He thrusts down into her sending his pole ball deep into her hot tube.

“Fuuuuck,” she cries as he bottoms out for the first time.

His weight is now supported by his arms, which are wrapped around her thighs, so he can really fuck her deep. He doesn’t wait for her to get accustomed to his size he immediately starts to shaft her long and deep.


In his new position Tom is only 2 or 3 feet away from the sofa that the girls are on, and he is looking straight at them. Millie now has her toga hitched up around her waist and is rubbing her pussy too, as Tom shafts Debbie hard.

“That’s it, fuck her. Give her that big cock,” Ruby commands, rubbing her clit even more frantically as her next orgasm draws closer.

“I’m going to give you some cock when I’ve finished with Debbie!” Tom threatens, looking Ruby in the eye. And he imagines her sitting on the edge of the sofa as she is, and him kneeling between her legs, feeding his big cock into her tight teen pussy.

“Ooh, Yes please mister!” Ruby squeals impishly, as she shudders and shakes as she starts to cum again

“And then I’m going to fuck Millie too!” Tom adds, wondering just how much of his thick shaft the cute little Millie would actually be able to take in her teen pussy.

“Hey, I have not finished with you yet!” Debbie pipes up.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere yet, just planning the rest of the evening’s fun,” says Tom as he continues pound his cock down into her. The angle of penetration with him above and ramming his cock down is rubbing her G-Spot with every stroke so she is rapidly approaching her next orgasmic high.

As she does, Tom returns to his Millie fantasy. Whilst she is the same age as Ruby, she looks a good 2 or 3 years younger. And the fact that she is only 5’ 2” and no more than 90 pounds only adds to the image of a younger girl. With his strength and her small, slight frame he would easily be able to hold her in front of him to fuck her in the ‘Piston” position!

They would start with her sitting on the edge of the sofa and he would kneel between her legs and get the end of his cock into her, if she could take it. She would put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and he would then place his hands under her ass, lifting her as he stood up.

Once stood upright, he would hold her in place, pistoning from the hips to fuck her with the 2 or 3 inches of cock she had been able to take. As he felt her ease he could gradually lower her and feed more cock into her! Ecstasy!


Back in the real world, his fantasy was bringing him close to shooting his load so he quickly dismiss it to focus on fucking the very lovely Debbie.

As her latest orgasm subsides, he moves to change to the ‘Pretzel’ position.

He turns the semiconscious Debbie on her left side facing away from the dying fire. He gets her to straighten her left leg and he pushes her right leg up along the rug until it is nearly perpendicular to the rest of her body.

Then kneeling, he straddles her left thigh, and settles down on to it. He pushes the head of his cock down and slides the head back into her eager pussy. This is one of Tom’s favourite positions as you can get your cock even deeper than in some of the other positions.

With that in mind, he proceeds a little slower than he really wants to. First he places one hand on her tummy and one in the small of her back to support. He slowly pushes another 4 or five inches into her and then he starts to fuck her, thrusting back and forth from the hip, occasionally easing more shaft into her.

He is not able to move much shaft in and out in this position, but that is not the point. The benefit comes once your cock is all in and then you can fuck really deep with each thrust.

Pretty soon he is nearly all in and then he can’t help himself. With his next thrust forward he rams his whole length into her

“Fuck, that is deep!” She yelps, as he holds it in ball deep.

“Glad you like it,” he answers withdrawing slightly before slapping it home and holding it in deep again.

“ I have never done it in this position before; it really goes deep!”

In this position, long strokes are not possible but the thrill is in pulling back 3 or 4 inches, then driving back in hard and listening to her squeal! Also her pussy seems to have a stronger grip on his rod and as he is driving from the rear he is constantly stimulating her G–Spot on the front wall of her vagina.

So as she gets closer to her next climax, so does Tom.

“Fuck!” She cries as his latest deep thrust pushes he over the edge once more, and she goes rigid before shuddering uncontrollably!

Tom is close too as he rams it into her time and time again.

Suddenly he pulls out and as his cock is released from her sheath it rears up and his first lot of jizz squirts some two or three foot in an arch up over the prone Debbie.

Quickly, he grabs his shaft, pulls back on it and yanks forward. “Ugh!” he grunts as another lot squirts out over her. Then, “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” until his sack is empty and Debbie is covered in his cream.

“Jeez! That is some load mister,” pipes up Millie, “Is that usual for you?”

“So, so!” Tom replies, pulling on his still rock hard cock.

“Which one of you two beauties wants to go next?” He asks, getting up on to his feet and moving toward the two girls………


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