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Just couldn't get this out of my head, so I decided to write it down. Hope you enjoy.
When we were young, my brother and I would always hang out in his bedroom, playing video games together. As we got older, we kept up the tradition, but my brother got interested in single player story games and I would just sit and watch. Occasionally, I would offer ideas for puzzles or I might take the controller for hard parts that he was frustrated on. He was my older brother after all, so it made sense that he was the main player. I was happy with our arrangement. The year he got a girlfriend though, everything changed.

My brother wasn’t anything special in the looks department, but he was tall and played volleyball so he had a bit of muscle on him. I on the other hand was still short even for my age and people always said I got my looks from mom. I wasn’t weak or anything, but I was shy and tended towards wrestling in middle school, because the jocks of the football team weren’t my crowd.

I remember when I was really young, a friend of mine (Brent) was a typical horny boy and he would invite me over to his house to play “make out”. We acted ridiculous, really, putting our hands over our mouths and pressing our palms together… we’d moan like we were in a passionate make out session. It was silly and I laughed about it then and still now. One time at my house, Brent pulled me into my closet and he did the whole make out thing, but that time he dropped his hands to my body, grabbing my hips and rubbing my back and eventually my butt. I liked it, so playing along, I also dropped my hands and held him, I moaned and he pushed me against the back wall of the closet and his hands slipped into my shorts inside my underwear, cupping my ass with both his hands and pushing his crotch into me. I felt such a rush of pleasure from this, I remember I was breathing heavily from the excitement. But soon we both heard footsteps on the stairs and we broke off the hold and got out of the closet (I know, I know, but I swear it’s true) before my mom came up to check on us. I didn’t even realize the hickey I had left on Brent’s neck! I had been so caught up in the excitement that I had actually kissed him, for real. My mom saw, but she didn’t confront me about it till later.

When my mom did ask me about what was going on, the whole uncertainty of everything made me scared. I cried and told her (almost) everything… she must’ve felt bad because she explained it away as boys just being curious and experimenting, but she thought it was a bit too grown up for us to be making out in my closet. I didn’t know if I was gay then, because I did like girls, but I wanted to do more with Brent… unfortunately I never would. The next time I saw him I tried to initiate more, but he said he wasn’t interested anymore. I think it’s possible that my mom may have called his mom, but nothing was ever said beyond that and our friendship faded.

So it was the year my brother started dating Lisa that would bring my sexuality into question once more. I had just started High School and my Brother (Eric is his name, by the way) was a Junior. Lisa seemed pretty cool to me. She was about my height and had long dark blonde hair (similar in color to mine). She had a girl-next-door-meets-Avril-Lavigne look to her. Her boobs were maybe A cups, and she had a bit of acne, but it was high school... She was just cute, funny, and she could talk nonstop. My parents were always excited to have her over for dinner.

The biggest change brought about by her though, was texting. She was always texting my brother, for hours on end. Sometimes during gaming, he’d pause the game and just sit up in bed texting her back while I got bored waiting for the game to start up. Eventually he’d disappear into his adjacent bathroom for a while and come out to finally play again. After a week of this I got fed up and just took the controller whenever she texted him.

One day, I was away getting a soda from the fridge and I came back to him in the room, intensely typing away on his phone. The controller was in his lap, and I didn’t think much about it, I just reached for it to start playing. But when I did, my fingers brushed against his mesh shorts and I could feel his erection.

I guess I never really thought about my brother like that. Like, of course he is a high school boy, horny and all that, so of course with a girlfriend he’d start thinking about sex. But it wasn’t till that moment that I suddenly connected the dots. My brother and his girlfriend weren’t just texting, they were sexting. And every time he disappeared into the bathroom he had to have been rubbing one out. With me on the other side of the wall, none the wiser.

I hadn’t really had time to process it at that moment, so I just took the controller and sat down on the floor in my regular spot, up against a bedrest pillow. All Eric did in response was pull his knees up and refused to make eye contact with me. I guessed that since he was acting like it didn’t happen, I should too. But I just kept thinking about my brother and his hard on, and I couldn’t ignore it.

I figured after missing my chance with Brent, I wasn’t going to miss another one. It didn’t bother me that it was my brother… it probably should have, but if there is one theme throughout this story, it’s that horny boys will do just about anything.

I was hoping for the next time to come...

I didn’t have to wait too long… I remember my brother laid on his bed playing Uncharted, when the text chime rang. He paused the game, the controller landed in his lap and he started texting away furiously. Finally! This was my chance, I waited awhile, wanting him to get really turned on… I would love to tell you that I had thought this through, that I had remembered the fact that my brother didn’t really react negatively the first time, or that I considered the fact that he had left the controller in his lap again was some sort of invitation, or even that my brother and I had flirted with each other before, but the truth is I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted to badly and that desire alone took control of me. I got on the bed to reach for the controller and instead I grasped Eric’s erection through his mesh shorts. Feeling for the first time, albeit indirectly, a penis.

My brother seemed stunned out from his texting long enough to look past his phone at me. But he didn’t move. My heartbeat was so loud and fast I had no clue if he said anything. I just remember the words leaving my mouth:

“Can I see it?” I asked.

I still can’t believe I asked that, even to this day. It is so crazy that I can’t be sure he even said yes back or just nodded. But I know he gave me permission, and as soon as he did, I crawled the rest of the way onto the bed, and pulled his basketball shorts and boxers down, freeing his cock.

It wasn’t anything pornographically large, though definitely over seven inches I guessed… but to me, it was beautiful. He was circumcised (we both were). The shaft was pale at the base where it stuck out of a patch of curly pubes, the paleness was almost white just like his waist and thighs that hadn’t seen any sun, but as it got closer to the tip it got more red, actually kinda like as if the sun had burned it, the head was a almost strawberry pink-red and I thought it looked delicious. (Come to think of it, it was sort of like a bomb pop) Seriously, at that moment, my brother’s dick looked appetizing and I held it in my hand for only a few seconds before I took it hungrily into my mouth.

I had no clue what I was doing, I am certain I wasn’t thinking and hormones were just taking over, but I lustily sucked and licked at this delicious cock in my mouth. I think I was a quarter to half way down, just doing what came naturally to me, like a popsicle or something. Truth be told I could have been scraping it with my teeth, I had never done something like this before. I am certain it wasn’t an amazing first time blowjob, but I wasn’t thinking about my brother’s pleasure… I was actually just lust crazed to taste this delicious looking cock. I wasn’t even fully aware of my actions. Just like sucking absentmindedly on Brent’s neck, here I was sucking my brother’s dick with abandon. My brother would come to tell me later that while he watched me sucking him off, I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, I don’t even remember doing it, but he told me it made me look just like a girl and it turned him on like crazy. Probably only minutes had passed but it felt like a long time before I came up for air. My brother said I looked at him with dreamy eyes, and it was like a dream to be sucking a cock. I wanted to continue, but I also wanted to see my brother’s face. I wanted to know if he liked what I was doing.

“I wasn’t expecting that.” He said and we both laughed sheepishly. I was still holding his cock in my hand. My saliva made it glisten. I again went down on him, and the feeling… the thrill of sucking someone off, of being that turned on, overwhelmed me and I found myself sucking on him as I moaned and came inside my own boxers. I hadn’t even touched myself. I just orgasmed from having tasted my brother’s beautiful dick.

After a bit more sucking, I stood up and took off my clothes, showing him my own cock, stained with my own cum. I really should have finished the job, but I was new to this whole thing and I wanted to feel what it felt like to have a mouth around /my/ cock. I know that even though I was shorter than my brother by nearly a foot, my cock wasn’t much smaller than his, it was just above average size, and in fact, it was thicker than his, and I was somewhat proud of it.

“do you wanna try mine?” I asked him.

Wordlessly Eric stood up out of bed and walked around to me, his shorts had come off the rest of the way and he tossed his shirt against the wall. His cock was sticking out and up firmly and while I wanted it more, I was just caught up in everything. We were both naked, and I was completely acting on hormones and impulses.

I got down on the floor and rested up against the bedrest pillow that was my usual spot for gaming. I spread my legs apart and waited for Eric excitedly. I still remember to this day that for some reason, as Eric looked down on me, he laughed a bit… I don’t really know why… but he kneeled between my legs and quickly wrapped his lips around my thickness. His lips were so soft and it was almost like he had kissed my dick. Then, just as suddenly as he had gone down on me, he stopped. He got up and walked into his adjacent bathroom.

There had been so few words between us, and I found myself gripped in a bit of fear and nervousness and confusion, holding me back from asking what was going on. I rolled onto my side. Watching his naked backside as he went into the bathroom, it was my first time seeing his butt (at least as far as I could remember) and it was kinda sexy and so pale but it was gone when he turned around. Surprisingly, he didn’t close the door. Instead, he sat on the toilet, watching me, looking at my body, and he began to stroke his dick rapidly.

It seemed like a weird moment… really the whole thing was weird, I guess with all that’s happened since, it seems stupid, but when I am daydreaming about that first time, I still wish I could go back in time to that moment and crawl on all fours to him, and make him cum in my mouth...Instead, I touched myself as we stared at each other, each bringing ourselves to orgasm. I was looking at his cock as he stroked it vigorously up and down, his cum erupted from his dick and I watched from the ground in a trance as it landed on his thighs. I was filled with lust, and my finger slowly circled the head of my cock as a small drop of cum dripped out of my already spent dick and it landed onto the carpet. My eyes closed and I felt so sexy and so right.


We cleaned up, made appearances at dinner and really said nothing to each other. It was crazy, maybe neither of us wanted to break the spell. I definitely know that neither of us thought of Lisa, which was probably rotten of us, but it was lust and it was powerful.

I just remember replaying the whole experience in my head the rest of the day. Over and over the thrill of reaching for his mesh shorts. The excitement of a hard cock in my hand. The impulsive decision to put it in my mouth. It’s why I can write about it now, years afterward as if it just happened minutes ago. I loved every second of it, and wished for more. I thought my brother had the same notion, because right as I was headed for bed that night, he came up to me and whispered: “don’t go to sleep tonight. At 2 o’clock, sneak into the basement.”

We were going to do more, I thought…. I was going to see his beautiful cock again, I was going to suck on it again! There was no way I could fall asleep knowing that!

Well, dear reader, I have both bad and good news about that….

It was 2 AM and I could hardly wait… my parents had definitely passed out, and even though their bedroom door was adjacent to the stairs down to the first floor, the stairs were carpeted and sneaking was easy. I had perfected it long before high school, when sneaking out seemed the cool thing to do. Anyway...

My brother was waiting for me in acid-washed, ripped jeans, and a raggedy white shirt. Which I found out was his typical sleeping attire (really? Jeans to bed? My own brother? Haha, anyways…) I smiled really big, thinking about what I thought would happen. But suddenly he started talking. Eric told me about how worked up he had gotten by Lisa, how I had caught him off guard, and how I looked like a girl when I was sucking on his dick. He even thought I looked kinda girly when I was on my side on the floor after he had entered the bathroom. A girl with a dick. I guess with my wider hips and soft skin and my girlish face, hell even the lust in my eyes… I had “confused” him. It wasn’t something he would normally do with another guy, he said. I replayed the part where he had sorta laughed at me, and how he barely touched my dick and it stung a bit.

He had popped an old VHS into the tape player that was in the basement for home movies that my grandparents had passed down to us while he was talking to me, not really making too much eye contact as he said some things to me about what we had been doing. Soon I learned that the VHS was a porno. I think it might’ve been a hand me down from some of the senior volleyball players or something, I really don’t know where he had got it… I mean barely anyone used VHS tapes anymore. I don’t remember what it was called, but I remember some fake breasted latino woman in purple silk with black frills stroked a huge dick onto her exposed tits. The picture was grainy, the music was so tacky, she even had the big 80’s hair-do and all.

I was confused (yes, I know… mixed signals, boys being boys). But no matter how you look at it, we had just done something taboo. I had forgotten that he had a girlfriend, even though it was because of her that we had even started this thing…. I just stayed quiet as he explained about things getting out of hand.. I nodded my head in agreement a few times, and sat in a chair away from Eric while the porno played. But I do remember two things; one: he had said I turned him on, and two: he never made mention of it being wrong.

As I watched the fake breasted girl stroke the dick on screen, I thought /wait a minute, is my brother trying to get ‘worked up’ again as he put it?/ I mean, if he wasn’t interested in more, why did he bring me down to watch a porno in the basement at 2 A.M.? Especially the very night after I had put his dick in my mouth!? I looked over at him to see if I had caught on to the right idea only to find out he had completely passed out! I guess his plan of staying up till 2 A.M. had backfired.

So there I was, horny for my brother’s dick even after all his excuses, and I was watching this old but somewhat stimulating porno… and my brother was passed out on the couch just a few feet away.

I got out of my chair and crept over to him. I unzipped his jeans. I fumbled with the button. But eventually freed his semi-hard member. Unlike in his bedroom before, I didn’t immediately shove it in my mouth. Instead I looked at it again, studied it, fell in love with it. I am serious when I call it beautiful. I have compared every dick I have seen in my life to my brother’s, and even though he wasn’t gigantic like some guys, his dick still wins out as my favorite. I loved its color, it’s taste, it was always warm and it felt soft and firm at the same time. The bright pink-red head of it poked out proudly. In the dark basement den I kissed my brother’s cock, and shared a private smile like I was telling it I loved it. I licked along the shaft and sucked in the head of it, pulling my lips slowly over the ridges of the head. I kissed his balls too, I dunno why, but I was in love. It was a beautiful dick, and that night, I wanted to appreciate every part of it. I stuck my face in his soft curly pubes and smelled his scent. I sucked and licked more and my mouth was salivating like crazy I remember letting my drool drip down onto his already glistening dick and I kept going, I am sure I was moaning even then, because I’ve since been told that I moan a lot while sucking dicks, but I never remember doing it, If it weren’t for people telling me about half the shit I’ve done while crazed with lust, I’d never believe it. By the light of the porno bouncing off the couch I saw that precum had formed on the slit of his cock and I smiled again. He moved in his sleep, getting more comfortable on the couch, but he didn’t appear to be awake. Not that I would have stopped if he had been.

I licked the tip of his penis, lapping up that droplet of precum. I was kinda surprised that it didn’t really taste like anything. I thought it might be bitter or salty, like people had said, but it was just fine to me. I was getting so turned on at this point, I remember that I had sort of put myself in an awkward position as I sucked on my brother’s dick on the couch… I was like half on the couch as well as I had a knee on the ground. But as I took more of his cock into my mouth, excited at the possibility of tasting real cum, I began to press myself into the couch, rubbing my crotch against the cushion. As I continued to hump the couch with a dick in my mouth, my brother’s hips began to move. I looked up in the dark but his eyes were closed, he was actually responding to my sucking in his subconscious,or at least I thought so…it felt like he was fucking my mouth! It sent me over the edge and I pushed my hardness into the couch one last time, filling my boxers with my cum. I loved that I was making my brother dream of fucking. I hoped he was dreaming of fucking me.

Not long after he pressed his hips upward again, thrusting himself deep into my throat, and I seized the opportunity to move my hands under his butt, even though he still had his jeans mostly on, I wanted to pull him into me. He thrust again and again and suddenly my mouth was full of something liquidy. His cum! I thought it would be hot jets of jizz, but actually I almost didn’t know he had cum until he had already filled up my mouth. I practically squealed when it happened, but with a dick and cum filling my mouth and throat it sounded more like a moan…To me, his cum didn’t taste like anything else, just cum, and it was a new flavor that I was excited to try. I wanted to savor it, so I let go of his dick and tried to taste his cum alone in my mouth. I decided right then and there that I was a cumslut. It wasn’t that it tasted amazing, it was the fact that I had aroused my brother with my mouth, so much so that he had orgasmed inside me, and /that/ tasted fantastic! I would make it my mission to taste my brother’s cum whenever I could. With just the light of the porno on the screen I saw a bit more cum dripping from his dick, pooling onto his boxers, and I quickly swallowed what I had and slipped his cock back in my mouth. I freed a hand out from under him and scooped up the glob that had fallen into his boxers with a finger and deliberately licked it clean. I was in my own little world. Being an absolutely shameless cumslut and I loved it.

After a little bit I tucked his now soft dick back into his boxers and that was it. I left his pants open, because even if he didn’t remember his dream, or even if he had faked falling asleep, (I couldn’t believe at the time that I hadn’t woken him).... I wanted him to wake up thinking something happened. I went back to my chair and fell asleep.

The next day my brother woke me up early and shushed me and told me we had to sneak back upstairs. He made no comment about anything happening like I had hoped he would. His pants were zipped back up and buttoned. At least he noticed...

Unfortunately, we both forgot about the porno and we got grounded because of it. Turns out mom found it in the player when she went down to do laundry.

Whatever mom had said about my time with Brent… about boys experimenting… I knew that that night I wasn’t experimenting anymore, I was indulging. I was a cumslut and I loved my brother’s dick.


After our grounding sentence was served, my brother seemed eager to prove his straightness to me... but at the same time I still felt I was getting mixed signals. While he made more of a point to talk about Lisa around me, he also seemed to fall asleep around me more often. Taking naps with his door open, falling asleep on the floor in the family room. It wasn’t like that before that night, I thought. But I never quite felt like I could get away with sucking his dick while he was sleeping again, especially when he had actually fallen asleep and it was hard for me to flip him over… so I missed a few opportunities. The furthest I had gotten since that first night was one time when he was sleeping I decided to try kissing him, but I just sorta ended up licking his lips.

There was one evening when both our parents weren’t home. (Not that you care, but:) My dad worked as a restaurant manager so he usually was gone till 10 or 11 most nights. Our mom picked up writing about high school girls sports for the local paper, so she would often go to field hockey or basketball games to write about them once a week. Her regular job was as a librarian, so it didn’t really pay too much… and the writing gig kept her involved in our schooling. Though I really think she was trying to set me and Eric up with girls from school by talking us up at their games or something. Moms! Anyway, they were gone, and Eric invited Lisa over. He made a point to tell me that he was going to get lucky and that I shouldn’t hang around too long. But I was still gonna say hey to Lisa before I withdrew to my room.

However, Lisa threw a wrench in both our plans when she kept talking to me, never really letting me leave the room. What’s more, she told me that tons of girls at school thought I was cute. She wanted to set me up. I thought about it a bit, I did like some of the girls at school. But I suddenly said I liked boys.

I didn’t dare look at Eric after I spoke, and I was kinda shocked I had actually said it too, so I didn’t look at Lisa either. I mean, in our community, you never told anyone you we’re gay, it would spread all over school and you’d be bullied and you’d be called fag forever after. So I laughed nervously and said I liked girls too… which was true.

“Really?! Eric never told me you liked boys!” Lisa exclaimed excitedly, I hadn’t noticed it before, but her voice got almost playful and girlish when she was excited. She sorta swung at Eric, lightly hitting his chest in jest.

“I didn’t want anyone to tease me.” I replied, as if to explain why Eric never said anything.

“So have you been with any of the boys at school?” She asked. /She’s not disgusted/ I thought.

I hesitated. It definitely wasn’t a no, but it wasn’t really a yes either. Still I didn’t look at Eric. I couldn’t. I kinda imagined he was staring in disbelief at me, plus this whole thing was like a huge cock block to him. But what was kinda weird, was that I could tell Lisa was keeping me around on purpose. A few times during our talk my brother would sorta make sounds or start a sentence like “well…” and she would carry on talking or suddenly ask me a new question like she hadn’t heard him.

I really did like Lisa, she was a cool girlfriend, she was so talkative that she made an introvert like me feel sociable...and she just seemed at ease around me and my parents. It was kinda crazy thinking that this same sweet girl was sexting my brother all the time. Especially when on this night, while the parents weren’t home, she kept me around instead of sneaking up to Eric’s room.

“So what kinda guys do you like?”

“I dunno. I like tall guys, I guess.” /shit. I need to stop talking about this./ I thought. Only in my own mind was it obvious that I was thinking of Eric. I mean as perverted as Lisa might be, incest was probably the last thing on her mind as she talked with me that night.

“I guess I kinda like to feel like the girl in the relationship.” I said, and I blushed as I said it, finally looking their way. Lisa and Eric were on the couch in the living room as we talked that night, and I saw Lisa light up when I said those words, and Eric sorta just turned away, I guess he couldn’t make eye contact with me either.

“We absolutely have to exchange numbers! I want to talk to you about this more!” Her voice was so excited, it was like she suddenly seemed way younger. “I will get your number from Eric,” … “and hey babe, let’s go to your room now so we can /watch that movie./” Even I knew what that meant. So I took off to my room.

I had every intention of leaving the two of them alone, but with everything that had happened before we got grounded, and with my somewhat public confession downstairs, I found myself interested in Eric and Lisa’s sex life. So I decided to sneak over to his room. I was thinking about how I’d listen at the door… but I was surprised to see it open.

Lisa was on her knees at the side of the bed, faced away from me, her shirt was off and she had a neon green bra on, I knew she had smaller breasts than a lot of the girls even in my grade, but its bright color was cute and girly and eye catching. She was giving my brother a blowjob. Just like I had done two weeks before. She would occasionally take her mouth off of Eric’s dick and she’d say something in her high-pitched, excited voice. I couldn’t believe it. She was so sexy sounding. I caught words like “Cock.” “Big” “Sucking” and “Cum” each time she came up for air and other words got muffled by her saying them quietly or because she’d start or finish talking with his dick in her mouth. Lisa was this short little sweet girl with an innocent sounding voice but she was also so perverted that the combination was incredible! I found myself not jealous of her, but envious. I knew if I had her body, her looks, then that one day when I sucked Eric’s dick wouldn’t have ended with him saying he doesn’t normally do that kinda thing. Hell, I’d probably have to kick him off me. I was envious and aroused by her, and by the thought of Eric’s hard dick being licked right there only a few feet away. I was so enthralled for minutes until I saw that he was looking at me.

/Damnit, I was so turned on that I failed to hide./

He looked back at Lisa and said “I’m real close, babe.”

With that she went to work, she moved so vigorously that her shoulder length hair fell from behind her ears to cover her head as she sucked on Eric more and faster. Her face was hidden by her hair that cascaded down onto his pale thighs. I wanted to be her in that moment. I saw Eric was once again looking at me. His eyes half-lidded in pleasure.

I found myself stepping fully into the doorway, pulling my pants down and revealing my body to him. I was touching myself as I watched my brother’s girlfriend drain him dry and I hoped he was cumming at that very moment because I was exposing myself to him. Since he was coming, I knew they would be finishing up soon… so I turned, bare-assed back to my room.

I finished myself in my room, orgasming at the thought of Eric, picturing myself being the one to bring him to completion at the foot of his bed. I thought of Lisa’s girly voice as my cum shot out and covered my hand and stomach. I put my cum covered hand in my mouth, tasting myself, wishing I was tasting my brother.

I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to become more like a girl so I could entice my brother.


Since I had decided to become more like a girl, the first thing I thought to do was to get rid of body hair. But I made a terrible mistake the first time I tried to get rid of my hair with Nair. Because I put the product on my crotch and balls and I had left it on too long or something… I ended up chemically burning myself. Now it serves as a hilarious “one time I did something really stupid” stories… but at the time I was in so much pain I had to grab aloe from the bathroom to give myself relief. So while Nair had actually done the trick, after everything healed I was smooth as I ever had been… still, I decided to start shaving my entire body almost every day. I joined the school swim team as an excuse for why I was shaving so much, since it supposedly helped you swim faster… I wasn’t really an impressive swimmer, but that wasn’t what I worried about. I got manicures and pedicures too at this tiny strip mall that I could ride my bike to, but I mostly kept my nails short enough where someone might think I just hadn’t clipped them in awhile.

Lisa started texting me all about boys, and I found it fun to talk openly to someone about my desires, she didn’t make me feel judged at all, even though I kinda felt bad that I was mostly thinking of Eric when I texted about boys.

She and Eric seemed to sext even more and more after the night she gave him head while I watched. I couldn’t forget the fact that my brother was looking at me and had not said anything about it since. In fact, Lisa hadn’t come back, even weeks later… and I kinda got the idea that sexting was my brother’s only means of release.

I knew then, after all that had happened, no matter how little we talked about it, no matter his protest that fooling around wasn’t his normal thing, my brother was interested in me, or at the very least he knew that I was willing to suck his dick and that he wasn’t always prepared to say no to that. So one day I walked into his room and just asked him straight up what sort of stuff they texted about so much.

“I don’t want to tell you, because you’ll just make fun of me.”

“Eric, I had your cock in my mouth! What could I possibly make fun of you for?” I asked, reddening a little from actually admitting it out loud and I was exasperated at this point; I had to see how Lisa was making him so horny all the time.

“Fine, you can look.” He said, and he handed me his phone.

Lisa’s text thread was so long, it dated back to almost the first time that they started texting each other... at least, I guessed it did by how small the scroll bar was… it must’ve taken up half his phone’s memory! The more recent texts confirmed that Eric was starved for sex, I wanted him so bad that I was hoping that would be the case. So I kept scrolling up, to older messages. There were hundreds of texts between the two of them, and some pictures. Pictures my brother had sent her, dick pics. I stopped and looked up at him and smirked. He laughed. I noticed an interesting trend as I read more; he was always asking her what panties she was wearing. Almost daily… and after a while she had started sending pics as if preemptively guessing that he would want to know… but to my surprise he actually texted her [don’t show me, tell me.] so then the pics stopped and instead she detailed her every undergarment in loving and de***********ive detail. My brother definitely liked lingerie a lot. I guessed by how insistent he was to know what she was wearing. I suppose that I could’ve made fun of him for that, being obsessed with panties of all things, but I didn’t. Lisa was incredible with words… her texts were arousing. Each one teasing out more information. I realized that my brother really liked how those words on the screen made his mind race. His sexual imagination was being fed daily, and Lisa seemed to like doing it as well, because the messages went on and on, back and forth. I kept reading and found myself more turned on the more I read. My brother described what he wanted to do to her, and Lisa replied in kind.

There was one particular series of texts that I saw that I loved so much that I stopped scrolling. I was turned on to an extreme, I knew my brother was starved for the real thing, and I was going to make my move right then. I gave my brother the phone back and I said “read this one.”

He started to read it. “Oh yeah. This was really hot.”

“No, read it out loud.” I said and I immediately got down on my knees in front of him. I didn’t even wait, I just pulled his shorts down.

“Bro, what’re you doing?”

“Read it aloud.” I said, ignoring his question, my eyes were transfixed on the object that I desired, just inches in front of me.

If there was any further hesitation from my brother, it disappeared. He couldn’t help it as his cock started to become filled with excitement. I was right that him and Lisa hadn’t hooked up since that one night weeks ago, and the thought of my mouth taking him in overwhelmed the part of his brain that claimed he was a straight dude.

“[I take your cock in my mouth slowly]...” he began to read, and as he did, I mimicked the words of the text in real life. “Oh wow.” Eric said.

“Read.” I insisted sternly before returning my mouth to his cock, my lips were wet from my saliva having licked them after pulling his shorts down, and I ever so slightly parted them as the pinkish-red skin of his head touched them. I took as long as I could bear to part my lips a little further each moment, and took more of him into my mouth.

“...[wanting to savor the feel of it in my mouth. I love your cock, and I want you to know that I do.]” He read. I moaned an affirmative sound and I looked up at my brother. He looked past his phone at me long enough for our eyes to meet. I wanted him to know, of all the texts that she had sent him, this one resonated with me the most.

“God… umm, [with my tongue outstretched I push my head down until my face is buried against you, and your cock is fully in my warm mouth.]” Again I was already mimicking the words in real time. Lisa’s words, but they were becoming real through my actions. I was the one doing the real thing with my Brother.

“Jay, you’re amazing.” he said.

At that point I had deep throated the full length of him, I was practically drenched in lust, but I didn’t want to hear my name. “MMMmmm!”. I managed to muffle out angrily as I almost gagged from the sensation against my throat. He knew I was pissed, though I don’t think he knew why. So he went back to reading. “[With my tongue]… [I]... [lick your balls]... god… [while you’re still completely in my mouth].” this proved harder to perform than the words made it seem, and I definitely was forcing myself to try it. My eyes watered and I made gurgling noises as his cock was pressed past my uvula. My hands were up, each acting to stabilize the cock that was going in my mouth. I was drooling so much so that it would slide down my throat easier. I was like a bitch in heat at this point and I can’t be sure how much more I did as I carried on sucking off my brother in the middle of the afternoon.

“I’m gonna come.” Eric barely whispered, and hearing that was great too, because he both meant it in that moment, and he meant it when he had texted her from his bathroom weeks before when Lisa had actually sent the original message. I knew that the way my brother reacted to Lisa’s texts meant that he was turned on by the written word. Sexting, cybering, erotica… it had a strong effect on him, and I wanted to take advantage of that… I really just wanted to taste him again. I wanted to be the one to make him cum again, and this time I wanted him to definitely be awake when I did it.

I think he expected me to pull away after he told me he was going to cum, but instead I looked up at him one last time, hoping to translate into words that I had every intention of swallowing his cum. My tongue withdrew back into my mouth and I dropped my hands so that I was holding the backs of his legs. He came like never before. God, he must’ve been pent up. It was so much, or maybe I am just saying that because the whole thing was so crazy. I mean, here I was a boy sucking my supposedly straight brother’s dick while making him read his girlfriend’s sexts. I had gone to my knees before him, and fortunately he was horny enough that he had given in to me… It was thrilling, it was exactly what I wanted and exactly how I saw it happening in my head when I had handed the phone back to him with Lisa’s text front and center.

If the first time was just a brother acting impulsively because of incidental contact, then this time was a clear message that I had been thinking about my brother ever since, and that despite his protest that it wasn’t normal for him, /I/ wanted to suck him off. Just like the night Lisa had come over and I had watched from the doorway, and when he caught me I didn’t hide then… I definitely wasn’t hiding now. But it really did feel like he had cum more than the night I sucked him off in front of the porno. I felt like my mouth was overflowing. I had to swallow it almost immediately as I felt like I would lose some of it otherwise. I didn’t get to enjoy the flavor like that first night, but some of it lingered…. But that wasn’t even really on my mind, truth be told I was overcome by the rush of what I had just done. Without much thought I stood up, and my hands wrapped around my brother’s now shrinking cock, like I didn’t want to let it go... my fingers just caressed the sides of his balls and shaft, and I stood on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek. “You seemed like you needed that.” I said and I smiled up at him. He replied with an exaggerated “yeahhhhh” that sounded like a sigh almost. I looked down at his cock in my hands. He wasn’t recoiling from my touch now. “Jesus, Jay.” he said. I was still admiring his beautiful dick, the thing that I had wanted for weeks. “Anytime, Eric. I mean it. Anytime.” And with that, I left his room.

I immediately texted Lisa a story of the boy that I seduced, with details changed, of course. She said she really liked the story. I thought she was just being kind. But I mentioned how much I wanted to look more girly for my man, so I could entice him more. I know it’s pretty awful to text my brother’s girlfriend asking her to help me seduce my brother… but I was obsessed. I had done things that were impulsive and bold and sexy. I felt sexy. I felt so good about having Eric’s dick in my mouth. It felt good knowing he couldn’t help but cum so quickly as I performed fellatio on him. I made my intentions known to him, that I wanted to do it more and to be used by him more, for his pleasure anytime he asked. When those thoughts are running through your mind, it’s kinda hard to think rationally. I probably would have sucked his dick in front of mom and dad if he wanted me to. I wasn’t thinking straight at all. Not to mention that Lisa had this power over him that I wanted to have. She was going to help me become the sexy thing I saw myself as.

Luckily for me, Lisa was willing to help. I didn’t know why she was so willing to help. But she offered to buy makeup for me, and to buy me panties that she thought would look good on me. I was never going to be caught dead in a store, because I didn't know what people would think of me, and I didn’t want word spread around town, but maybe if I was safely alone, I could put makeup on, or wear panties. That seemed okay. It wasn’t like I was getting girly for anyone else… it was all for Eric, my brother, with the beautiful dick that made me so horny that I wanted to become a girl just for him. I went to stores and bough clothes that were a bit more androgynous. Stuff that I knew were girls clothes, but could be mistaken for boys. Like deep V-neck shirts, boy shorts that were the trend for girls, I got these tank tops from American Apparel called “Racerback” tanks… they were definitely girls only, but with my frame I could pull them off. I was only doing it around the house anyway. And when I wanted to entice Eric, if we were alone in the house, I would roll the waistband of the shorts up so that they’d show off the bottom of my butt or the pale tops of my ass cheeks and crack when I bent down. When he was gaming in his room, I found more excuses to sit on his bed with him and I’d pose girlishly whenever I thought he was looking at me. I started doing yoga in the basement wearing girls yoga pants. I was hard almost all the time, and sometimes I’d just do yoga in pants that were soaked with my cum because of how sexy I felt. I had sucked my brother off until he had come in my mouth, and this time he was awake! It was a dream come true, it was so erotic and I was riding the high of it for days. Unfortunately, Eric started to avoid me again. He still wasn’t quite ready to admit that he liked having a cumslut for a brother.

One day after school I found a pair of panties that Lisa bought me in a bag in my locker. Lisa texted me saying she couldn’t drop them off, but she hoped I liked them. I thought it was strange that she had really withdrawn from Eric so much, never coming over since that one night. I was kinda wondering what was up, but I was way more excited about my panties. She got me these teal colored boyshort panties covered in frills. I was so happy about them, especially because they fit so well, and because they were boyshorts my fat cock wasn’t just sticking out of them like they would a thong or whatever… although I admit that I couldn’t help but get hard when I saw myself wearing them. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but I took a picture of myself wearing them and sent it to Lisa. I wasn’t fully hard when I did it, but you could definitely see that I wasn’t some normal girl under all those frills. I guess in my mind I thought Lisa would want to see what I looked like when I wore them...since she had helped me get them in the first place. I thought she might reply “they look so great on you.” or “you’ll definitely win him over in these.” But instead she just sent back “Oh wow.” and nothing else… only then I heard the chime of my brother’s phone. Then I heard him walk into his bathroom.

Right after I sent my picture to Lisa, she had texted Eric! I couldn’t believe it. What was that about? My mind sorta raced. I was thinking all sorts of things… like had I crossed the line? Or maybe they were making fun of me together for feminizing me. Then after nerve racking minutes I got a text message from Lisa. [I am not going to lie, Jay, that really turned me on. I liked seeing you in those panties I got for you. I am so glad you sent me a picture. Sorry it took so long to get back, I was just too horny.] I could almost read the text in Lisa’s excited voice. I was turning her on!? I didn’t even know girls could find sissies like me sexy.

Me: [I guess now that I know that, we can start being more naughty when we text each other.]

Lisa:[well, what do you mean by that?]

Me:[Just that I like the idea of being treated like a girl. So you can call me Danni.]

Lisa:[OH! Danni! I love it. ::heart emoji::]

It was a name I thought of for myself, since my middle name is Daniel, I figured it was just androgynous enough that if people heard me being called that, they wouldn’t get as suspicious. Every time I tried to define myself, I realized that as much as I loved my brother’s cock, sucking it, and tasting it’s cum, I didn’t want everyone to know that part of me.(Duh, incest?! But…) I liked that it was our secret, not just because people would flip their lids if they learned we were incestuous, but because I didn’t really want something like that to be what I was known for, it was hormones and impulses… I like to think that it could’ve honestly been anyone, if some other boy had given me the opportunity to suck them off, maybe Lisa would be helping me seduce them… instead she was helping me seduce Eric, and she didn’t even know. Again, I know it’s bad, and I am not really condoning the behavior, but it happened, and I can’t excuse it, I can only admit that I was crazy with lust. And now that I knew she liked it, I had another opportunity to seduce my brother.

I started wearing the panties Lisa bought for me underneath the clothes I wore around the house. I put on eyeshadow and lip gloss when I was in my own room. I was hornier than ever, and I knew my brother must be getting horny too since Lisa still wasn’t stopping by. I was seriously thinking about walking into his room as I was; dolled up and wearing girls underwear and just letting him do whatever he wanted. But I couldn’t do it. Revealing Danni to Eric would be a big step, and since he had decided to avoid me, we hadn’t talked enough about what we were doing for me to feel like he wouldn’t just change his mind suddenly... leaving me feeling exposed and totally depraved.

Meanwhile, Lisa opened up more to me about all that she knew about the sissy lifestyle. I can’t say that it all appealed to me, but I was so horny I made excuses for lots of it.

It wasn’t long before I got new panties and a matching bra from Lisa that were so sexy that I couldn’t wait on my brother any longer. Sheer black silk that was see-through covered my butt and what Lisa had dubbed my “boi clit”... and purple spandex material squared over my hips, making them appear wider. At the same time the bra was black with purple cups that made my almost completely flat chest look like it had a bit of volume. And my favorite part: black silk strips wrapped around my waist attached to the bra, it was tricky to get into, but when I finally did, I felt like a tied up present. I couldn’t believe Lisa had sent me something so sexy, so feminine. I had to show it to someone, and I knew if I showed it to her, she’d get horny and text Eric, and I wanted her to… so I took a picture, one that showed my boi clit through the panties, at that point I probably could’ve been considered guilty of seducing my brother’s girlfriend too since I knew she got turned on by seeing me all sissied up.

I picked out a pair of short jean shorts with frayed ends, and an oversized sweatshirt that had the collar cut so it was wider and would slip off my shoulder at certain angles. I put on just the slightest bit of makeup, some lip gloss. Just in case I needed to hide later, or if mom and dad came home. But I felt so horny and sexy that I couldn’t resist trying to complete the look.

I heard the chime of Eric’s phone and I waltzed into his room and jumped onto the bed next to him. I scooted my butt over so that I was right next to him. “Is that Lisa?” I asked, knowing full well that it was. “Yeah…” he tilted the phone towards me and we both read it. For a while we just read the phone together, and came up with responses, thinking of things to turn Lisa on, sexting with her. It was kinda fun, but I was thinking about turning Eric on most of all.

I don’t know if it was the way I was dressed or if Eric had been so starved for the real thing, but for the first time ever he looked at me and said “Do you want to…” Okay, sure, he didn’t really finish the question, but for how little Eric talked about these things with me, it was the go signal I had been waiting for. He was actually asking me to fool around with him! I wanted to alright, right then and there, I wanted to jump on top of him, straddle him and kiss him. (God, remember how I started this story out by saying he wasn’t even hot?) I had become a girl and was thinking of kissing this handsome man. I couldn’t help but bite my lower lip thinking about how my lust for my brother was driving me crazy, but I held myself back just a bit. Instead of jumping him in that moment, I reached down to his crotch and found his hardening cock was straining to escape his pants. I reached for the button, and he started to help by scooting his butt so I could pull his pants down.

“Wait.” I breathed, barely able to contain myself, “She might get suspicious if you don’t respond,” I said. “So I want you to keep texting her, I will take care of the rest.” (Damn Lisa, I feel like such a slut for using you in this way, but it was the only way to get him to lower his inhibitions.)

Eric agreed and soon my brother was sexting with Lisa while I gave him a handjob. I spit on my hand and went back to stroking him as we read the sexy messages from Lisa. The more I got turned on, the more I salivated and covered my hand so that his dick was streaked with my saliva. It brought back memories of the times I had sucked his cock and it turned me on more, I felt precum forming on the tip of my thickness just from this moment, from feeling sexy and feeling like my brother was finally asking me to please him. I rested my head on his shoulder and stroked him faster. I admired how my longer nails made my hand seem passibly feminine. He started to breath heavily and I could tell he was going to cum soon. I think he expected me to suck him off because he lifted his arm that was closest to me and put it over my head. But I only scooted in closer, allowing him to embrace me as I stroked even faster. “I’m gonna cum.” He said breathily.

I knew that, and as much as I wanted to taste my brother’s delicious cum, I also wanted to see it shoot out again, like it did the first time he touched himself while looking at my body so many weeks ago. I wanted to watch, but the instant that he came, it shot up into the air and I closed my eyes, because the feeling of my hand being the reason that he came filled my entire body with ecstasy.

I straddled my brother’s legs only for a moment, then got off the bed.

“Ugh, you got cum all over my clothes.” I said as I stood next to the bed… it was a lie I came up with just so that I could drop my jean shorts to the ground. There I was in just the see-through black and purple panties. With my cum soaking through the sheer fabric, my boi clit was still a bit swollen, but I saw Eric looking at it. Staring at me in panties. I then took off my sweatshirt and threw it on the ground next to my shorts, revealing the matching bra with the silk strands that crossed around my waist. I felt so sexy and so feminine then. I just turned, allowing Eric the chance to see my butt and legs, and walked to the doorway.

“I’ll be in my room if you want anything.” I called back to him.


In my room, I had gotten ready for my brother. I was hoping we’d go all the way this time, and though I had never used anything to get ready. No toys or anything like that. I knew I wanted my brother inside me. So I put extra lubrication in my ass crack, I was way too nervous to go to some store for lubricant so instead I found that you can use sweet almond oil, which I could play off as having needed for some reason like cracked skin or even cooking.

I laid on my bed in just the sexy underwear I had gotten from Lisa. I knew she was my brother’s girlfriend and she was trying to help me be comfortable being the girly me, but I couldn’t bring myself to reveal to her that I was also an incestous cum slut who had used all her help to make a pass at my brother. I was facing away from the door to my room, so when it opened, I hoped that it was Eric and not my dad or mom, otherwise there would be a lot of explaining to do.

But when he jumped on the bed and grabbed my ass in my panties with both his hands like he was kneading dough, I knew it was my brother. I bit my lip and turned around so that we were facing each other. He was completely naked and hard again.

“God Jay, you look so hot.” Eric said.

“Hold on. Before we go any further, it’s Danni. D-A-N-N-I. Not Jay...that’s… well it’s my girl name” I stammered, feeling a bit silly…. “It’s uhhh… only for you.” I said and I am sure I was blushing. “I want to be treated like a girl. I want to be desired, and made to feel like a girl.” My hand was at first pressed against his chest to hold him at bay, but as I looked at him, and he regarded me honestly for a moment, I sort of wavered. “And I don’t want to be a replacement for your girlfriend… I want to be your girlfriend.” I couldn’t really believe I had said something so open like that, but I knew it was what I wanted to say. I turned back around to hide how exposed I felt. I then slithered out from under my brother, and got up onto my hands and knees. /No turning back now/ I thought, and I reached back and pulled my panties aside, showing my brother my shaved and lubricated asshole. I wanted him to fuck me, and I couldn’t go back on that desire now.

But I did not expect my brother’s reaction, he suddenly buried his face in my ass! He was licking at my asshole! His hands were again reaching for and kneading the sheer fabric of my panties. I couldn’t believe it, it actually scared me a little, it felt slimy and the pressure of his wet tongue was so new and unexpected and taboo that I sorta pulled forward and clenched my ass cheeks, briefly letting go of my panties.

I guess my brother tasted the lubricant, and luckily for both of us it was sweet almond oil, because he probably would’ve gotten sick on something that wasn’t edible… but I think he realized then that the invitation was clear. No one lubricates their ass for no reason.

I didn’t know if he had ever done it with Lisa. But I wanted my brother to be my first. I was hoping that my desire for him would be enough to make the first time perfect. However, when he got up on his knees on the bed and entered me, I felt an intense pain… I guess I should’ve known that the first time would be really tough. It felt like he ripped me open, and tears made my eyeshadow run, I didn’t say anything for a while, I tried not to move really, and I didn’t want to let him know how much it hurt, because it was supposed to be sexy. But I guess he figured it out. Because he reached up and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up straight. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “You’re okay, just relax. Breathe. If you relax, it won’t hurt as much.”

I turned my face to him, and I knew I probably looked a bit less sexy with the makeup smearing on my face. But I kissed my brother’s lips. And as I did, he entered me fully, and the sensation was so warm and filling inside my ass. I kinda felt like I wanted to let it out of me, but it felt good at the same time, like I should hold it in. So at first I didn’t do anything and didn’t want anything done to me. There was still lingering pain, and truth be told, I felt like I wanted to shit myself. (I know it isn’t sexy to talk about it like that, but it’s the truth, that’s what makes anal sex so different. Well, even if I dress up like a girl, I’m not one, so I don’t know.) Luckily my horny brother was too enraptured to let me have my way, because he began fucking me, and it was then that I realized that the in and out pressure was exhilarating, I felt exposed from the sensation of my ass being filled and pulled, and I also felt complete like I could hold Eric in me for an eternity and it would be exhilarating, sexy, perfect. But even still I realized I felt so anxious and there was the sensation as he pressed against my prostate that radiated into my boi clit. My thickness reached its fullness and I was ready to orgasm from my brother’s cock burying itself into my ass.


I smiled when he called me by my girly name. “Yeah?” I could feel myself squeezing my ass around his dick, I wanted to have him close to me and not let him go as he whispered my girly name in my ear.


“What is it, Eric?” I cooed, I thought he was just enjoying calling out my name as we fucked. Which aroused me to no end.

“Let’s cum together, Danni.” I bit my lip just hearing my brother say that to me. “God, I’m so close bro, if you keep talking like that I won’t last.”

“Good.” was all he said, and I felt him thrust into me once more, pushing all of his weight into my ass, and he came inside me. I just knew he had, and it drove me wild with lust, I squeezed his cock with my ass and bucked forward myself… wave after wave of lust hit me and I came inside my panties, my cum pooled on the outside of the sheer fabric and began to drip out onto my mattress. I collapsed into the puddle of my own cum, overrun.

Eric had to follow since I hadn’t let go of his cock, my ass still pulled on it tightly and though he was beginning to soften and he withdrew, he still collapsed onto me.

“That was incredible, Danni.” Eric confessed, exhausted. I swear, If I wasn’t a boy, I would’ve cum again, just from hearing him say that. I still replay it in my head. My own brother treated me like a sexy girl and I loved it. His delicious cock was buried in my ass and he laid on top of me twisting up my panties in his fingers like he needed to keep feeling them. I am so glad my brother likes panties, because I enjoyed wearing them for him.

“I really need to come to more of your swim meets.” He said later, while looking at my body. I had rolled over and we were just laying next to each other, looking at each other. Eric’s fingers grasping the edges of my panties, tangling in the silk ribbons around my waist.

I was laughing as I said “If you /did/ show up, you’d be so obviously staring at me, and I’d probably get so turned on… that would be trouble.”

“Mmmm. Maybe you should be wearing a one piece while you’re at it, to cover these breasts.” Eric teased as he grabbed at my chest and kissed my neck.

I couldn’t believe it, we went from barely talking about things to him flirting with me like I was actually his real girlfriend. I felt so incredible….

I was finally my brother’s girlfriend.
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