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Author's Note: I've been reading a lot of hentai manga lately, so this story isn't original, but I think I've given it enough of a "spin" to make it at least an homage...and combined it with a movie series about a board game you might be familiar with.


"What about this game?"

15-year-old Kaden turned from watching the TV. The dark-haired teen regarded his blonde cousin Kelsie, likewise 15 years old. She had a board game box in her hands that looked old...real old.

"Where'd you find that?"

She plopped it down on the coffee table in front of him. "Down in the basement. So much cool stuff down there..."

"Yeah, like spiders big enough to eat your eyeballs." Kaden leaned forward to read the name on the box. "Eroji?" He couldn't make out much beyond the name, showing in a strange,flowing, faded ***********. The box looked like it had taken some water damage.

Kelsie pulled the box top off and suddenly the room seemed to change, getting a little darker and also warmer. Kaden felt odd, tingly. Kelsie paused, her eyes half-lidded, just holding the box top.

"What'cha guys doin'?" Kaden's babysitter Ava walked into the living room, trailed by her friend Dawn. They paused momentarily as they entered, feeling the changed atmosphere in the room.

Kaden regarded the older girls. He was too old to need a babysitter, but he didn't argue when his parents insisted anyway when they went out, as he'd had a crush on tall, redheaded 18-year-old Ava for a while now. He had only met short, curvy, brown-haired Dawn just today, but he liked her, too. The two women starkly contrasted each other in height, but both had some nice-sized boobs. Damn, Kaden loved summer, with all the girls wearing short-shorts and tight t-shirts!

Kelsie seemed to snap back to attention. "Board game...wanna play?" She pulled a board and some cards tied up with string from the box.

String? How old was this game? Kaden wondered.

"How do you play?" Curvy Dawn asked as she settled down on the couch to Kaden's right. Ava sat on Kaden's other side.

Kaden realized that his cock was actually getting hard from the smell of the older girls' perfume, and did his best to surreptitiously adjust his shorts so that it wouldn't show.

Kelsie overturned the box, dropping four metal figures and a stained 6-sided die onto the board. "No instruction guide." The board was a series of boxes with arrows. She took a figure and put it on the Start box. "Looks like there's instructions for each box you land on...seems pretty straightforward."

The rest of them each grabbed a figure. Kaden's looked like a little man, while the others seemed to be female. Odd, he thought. Looking closer, he realized that each of the female figures seemed representative of their player, Kelsie's being short and slim, while Dawn's was voluptuous, and Ava's taller than the others. This was bizarre!

"Wait..." Kaden started, but Kelsie sat down on the floor across from them and rolled the die to see who would go first, like with every other board game...5. Dawn did likewise...4. Oh well, Kaden thought, taking the die to roll himself...6...yes! Ava rolled a 4...a tie with Dawn, but Kaden was definitely first, and the turns would move clockwise from him.

He rolled again...1. He moved his figure forward a step. General Card, the board space said.

Kelsie had just finished shuffling the General Cards and handed him the top one. It said, 'It's just a game. You need to finish it. Pass it on.'

Weird, Kaden thought, passing the card on to Ava. She read it, also looked confused, and then passed it on to Kelsie. Once all of them had read it, Ava rolled...also 1.

Ava took the next card from the General pile. She looked surprised. "'Kiss someone for 30 seconds?'"

"What?!" Everyone else said at once.

Ava regarded the card for only a moment. "Well, it's just a game." Then she dropped the card onto the discard space next to its pile, turned to Kaden, and planted a scorching kiss on his lips.

Kaden's cock went completely stiff as his babysitter French kissed him, her tongue slipping between his lips and licking the inside of his mouth. After 30 seconds she broke it off, leaving both of them panting.

"What kind of game is this?" Dawn asked, looking concerned.

"We need to finish it," Kelsie said, rolling...2. Wild Card. She took the top card from that pile. "Huh..." she mused, and then discarded it.

The others leaned forward. 'Remove a large article of clothing, or 2 small,' it said. They looked back up to see the slim teenager pull her tight t-shirt off, revealing a pretty, flowery blue brassiere restraining a pair of smaller breasts.

Kaden hadn't thought about his cousin in a sexual way, Well, not really -- momentary dirty thoughts when she had leaned over and he could see down her shirt, or if she bent over in those short-shorts -- but she was his cousin! Now he couldn't help but stare at her pale flesh and that bra pushing up her teenaged boobs.

"Nice bra!" Dawn said as she leaned forward to grab the die. Kaden could see Kelsie's face redden at the compliment.

Dawn rolled a 3...Wild Card. "'Rub another player's privates for 30 seconds.' Sheesh!" The voluptuous girl discarded and grabbed Kaden's package, making him jump. What was going on?! This was crazy! he thought. He wasn't about to stop her, though.

Soon she found his hard cock through his shorts and squeezed it, making him groan. Then she was stroking him through the fabric. It felt incredible.

Suddenly, she stopped and sat back as if nothing had happened, though her breathing was definitely heavier than before her turn.

Kaden felt his balls starting to ache. He reached forward and rolled a 3. Group Card. He took from that pile and gasped.

"What does it say?" Ava asked, craning her neck.

Kaden read it -- "'Everyone remove a large article of clothing, or 2 small'" -- and then put it into the discard area. He and Dawn took off their shirts, and, strangely, Ava took off her shorts. Kaden had a gander at the redhead's shapely hips, soft-looking inner thighs, and her dark blue bikini undies before she pulled her t-shirt down to cover them. He realized that with this strategy, she was less naked than everyone else! He then also realized...

He looked over at his cousin, who had stood and was holding onto her unfastened shorts, struggling to pull them down...or struggling not to?

The girl was shaking. "I...I don't..."

"It's just a game," the other three players said in unison.

Kelsie blinked for a moment, relaxing. "Right...just a game." Then she pulled down her shorts, leaving her in just her bra and a matching pair of flowery blue bikini underwear.

Kaden felt his cock twitch a little at the sight of his slim cousin in her undies. He thought that he saw a wet patch between her legs, but then she sat with her knees tucked under her so that he couldn't tell anymore.

Then Kaden looked over at Dawn. Her face had turned red as well, and the flush spread down her exposed decolletage to her large breasts. He goggled at the cleavage above the top of her bulky pink bra.

Ava rolled a 4 and got a General Card again. "'Remove a small article of clothing.' Shit." She considered for a moment, then turned away from Kaden and lifted the back of her shirt. "Can you unhook me?"

Kaden was distracted by the sight of Ava's otherwise bare back and the cleft of her ass visible above her underwear. He looked at the fastener on Ava's bra, but he had never even touched one of those before!

"I got it..." Dawn said, reaching past him and deftly unhooking Ava's bra one-handed. He could feel Dawn's bra-covered boobs press against his back as she did so. Kaden was impressed with her skill, and gasped when he saw a little of Ava's sideboob as she leaned forward to slip the undergarment from her shoulders. After dropping it on the floor, she leaned back and Kaden could see his babysitter's nipples poking through her tight t-shirt.

Kelsie looked concerned as she reached for the die, but rolled it anyway. 2 + 2 = 4, which was a Group Card. Kelsie groaned as she reached for the card, but then sighed as she read it: "'Everyone kiss the player next to you for 30 seconds, cardholder's choice first.'" Thankfully, she didn't have to remove any more clothing.

That meant that she had to kiss either Ava or Dawn. Truth to tell, she was more comfortable with that than kissing her cousin. She really liked Ava's fiery red hair, and realized that she had been staring at the older girl's nipples poking through her shirt. She went over to her.

Kaden watched as his cousin started making out with his babysitter, and then he felt Dawn turn his head toward her before her mouth was pressed against his. Kissing Dawn was different from Ava, not as tonguey, but his balls felt very full when the 30 seconds were up.

Breathing heavily, Dawn rolled: 3 + 3 = 6, which was another Wild Card. "'Remove a large article of clothing, or 2 small, and from someone else.' Fuck!" As she removed her shorts, revealing a pair of white hipsters, she looked over at Kelsie. The blonde looked at her fearfully. "Well, you'd be naked, so..." She looked at Ava, who shook her head, and then at Kaden. "Lose the shorts, kid."

Kaden stood, unfastened his shorts, and then pulled them down. Now they could all see his hard dick pushing out the front of his briefs.

"Oh," Dawn exclaimed, and she sounded impressed. Kaden looked at her, and then at the other girls, and they didn't look disgusted, more...curious? He sat back down.

Then Kaden had a thought. "Hey, I don't have a is this fair?"

Ava considered. "You're wearing socks and we aren't...we'll count those together as a small article of clothing."

Kaden sighed in relief. Removing his socks wouldn't matter much.

It was Kaden's turn again. 3 + 4 = 7...Group Card. He took a card and read it: "'Everyone rub another player's privates for 30 seconds, cardholder's choice first.'"

Kaden smiled. Yes! "Um...Ava, you rub mine and I'll rub yours."

He caught sight of Kelsie moving over to the couch so she could reach Dawn. Oh, right, he realized, that left those two together... Then he felt Ava's hand rubbing his cock through his underwear and he moved his hand under her t-shirt to feel for her panties.

Soon he found the damp area between her legs and he pushed his fingers hard into the satiny fabric to try to reach her treasure trove. He was so distracted by her hand masturbating him through the thin cotton of his own underwear that he didn't even consider trying to slip his fingers down the top of her panties. He could hear Dawn and Kelsie gasping behind him.

He was about to cum when Ava pulled her hand back, and he broke contact with her as well. They hadn't been counting, but somehow they knew when to stop in order to meet the requirements of the timed cards.

Kaden noticed Kelsie heading back to her seat on the floor on unsteady legs. There was definitely a wet spot between her legs, and it had grown.

Ava rolled: 3 + 5 = 8. Another Wild Card.

"There's an awful lot of Wild Cards..." Kaden said.

Ava took a card and gasped. "'Masturbate a penis with it touching the genitals of the player across from them for 30 seconds.' That's...really specific."

Kaden looked over at his cousin. HE had the only penis, and SHE was across from him! He didn't want that! Nevertheless, all of the players got to their feet. When Kaden and Kelsie were standing practically face to face, Kelsie unable to look Kaden in the eye, Ava reached into his underwear and fished out his very hard cock through the pee hole. Then with her other hand she pulled the front of Kelsie's underwear forward and down, exposing her blonde pubes, visible clitoris, and distended pussy lips. She pulled Kaden forward, nestling the head of his cock up against his cousin's pudendum.

Kelsie gasped, her eyes closed, her hands balled into fists at her sides. Kaden couldn't look away from the purple head of his cock touching his cousin's little pussy. Then Ava started to stroke.

"Oh God..." he gasped. The rubbing of his cock from the last round had left him right on the edge.

Ava continued to stroke Kaden's shaft, her eyes unable to tear themselves away from the incredibly sexy sight of the head of the teenage boy's cock bumping against his slim blonde cousin's glistening wet pussy.

It had only been about 15 seconds before Kaden cried out and pushed his hips forward. The top of the head of his cock pushed Kelsie's vaginal lips apart as he started to cum.

Spurt! That first blast of hot cum skimmed along the entrance of Kelsie's vagina, splitting into two streams, most of it shooting down into the gusset of her undies, but a smaller splash bounced upward, where it slipped between her inner vaginal lips.

Ava increased the speed of her stroking. With less control, the head of Kaden's cock slid all over Kelsie's genital area.

Spurt! That one hit directly onto the girl's clitoris and she gasped at the heat of it. She looked down and saw that Kaden's next spurt went right onto her pussy lips. This was dangerous! She wanted to pull back but couldn't. She had to play the game.

As Kaden's ejaculation settled down, Ava made sure to "accidentally" bump the cum-covered head of his cock against the opening of his cousin's no doubt virginal pussy a couple of times. Ava's own pussy was throbbing with need. What she was doing was so wrong, and yet so hot!

Then 30 seconds were up and she let go. Kaden stepped back and Kelsie's underwear snapped back into place. As they all sat back down, Kaden tucked his shrinking penis away and Kelsie could feel her tight undies pressing her cousin's warm sperm insistently into her vaginal lips. She tried to remember when her last period started. Two weeks ago? She wanted to remove her underwear, to clean the dangerous sperm away from her pussy, but she'd need a card to tell her she could do that.

Then she reached for the die. She had to finish the game. 4 + 4 = 8: Wild Card! She shook as she took the card, and whimpered as she read it: "'Masturbate for 60 seconds?' Nooo..."

She dropped the card onto the discard pile and reached into her underwear, easily locating her engorged clit. She would just play with that for the required minute, avoiding doing anything that would increase the danger she was in. As she manipulated her clitoris she felt her finger getting wet from Kaden's sperm as it cooled inside her panties.

She had almost cum when the time ran out, but the feeling of danger had kept her from getting there. Still, she was breathing heavily. She wiped her spermy finger on the outside of her panties.

Kaden hadn't been able to take his eyes off of his cousin as she played with herself. Despite having just cum, he was hard again.

Dawn rolled, 4 + 6 = 10...another Wild Card! "'Dry hump someone for 60 seconds.'"

The voluptuous brown-haired girl dropped the card and pushed Kaden onto his back, climbing astride him. She lined their private parts up through their underwear and started to rub.

Kaden looked up at Dawn's pretty face as she rubbed her crotch against his. He wasn't anywhere near cumming again so he enjoyed the friction and pressure until time was up.

Dawn rolled off of the boy and sat back up, huffing. She had gotten so close! After seeing Kaden inseminate his cousin's pussy lips, she was practically overheating.

Kaden rolled...4 + 7 = 11. Group Card. He read it out: "'Everyone remove a large article of clothing, or 2 small'...again." Then he dropped the card and quickly shucked his socks and underwear so that he could watch the others.

He first watched Ava as she struggled not to follow the card's command before she pulled her shirt off. He gasped as he saw her fantastic breasts, round and firm but not too big, with pointy pink nipples. Then he looked over at Dawn as she pulled her bra off, allowing her bountiful orbs to bounce joyously. He barely noticed when she slipped her underwear off, those boobs were so huge and amazing.

Then he looked over at Kelsie. She had scrambled to get her panties off and was examining the spermy mess between her legs as she bent over and slipped her bra from her shoulders. Kaden looked at her breasts, small but firm, and then looked down between her legs. Her pussy lips were covered in a sheen of his cum.

"Well, at least I still have my underwear," Ava said, looking at the three naked players. Dawn stuck her tongue out at her.

Ava rolled: 1 + 8 = 9: General Card. She read it, sighed, and then plopped it down: "'Remove a small article of clothing.' I should have 'knocked on wood'." She lifted her hips and slid her panties down and off, giving them a good look at her wet pink pussy lips underneath a landing strip of short, fiery red pubes.

They were now all naked.

Kelsie rolled: 5 + 8 = 13: General again. She tilted her head as she read it: "'Skip your turn.'" She looked relieved.

Dawn rolled: 5 + 10 = 15: Wild Card. She nibbled her lip as she took the card. "'Give oral pleasure to the player across from you until the end of the next player's turn.' That's new." She got up and knelt in front of Ava as her friend spread her legs, and then she brought her mouth to Ava's pussy.

Ava gasped and lay back, closing her eyes. "Oh, Dawny..."

Kaden was in no hurry; he was enjoying the view, and they had to keep going like that until the end of his turn. Still, after Dawn gave him some side-eye he rolled: 4 + 11 = 15, so he was on the same Wild Card square as Dawn.

He took the card and read it...then he read it again, eyes wide. Smiling, he tossed it down on the discard pile and pushed the coffee table back to give himself enough room. He knelt behind Dawn and guided his hard cock to her vulnerable womanhood.

Kelsie grabbed the card and gasped.

"What's it say?" asked Ava between gasps.

"Mm? Mh!" Dawn grunted as Kaden managed to slip his cock into her very wet pussy.

"'Unprotected vaginal intercourse and cum inside!'" Kelsie dropped the card, shocked.

Kaden's cock felt incredible, buried in Dawn's hot, moist insides. Ava's pussy was busy from the last card, so Kaden's choice had been Kelsie or Dawn, and the older girl was right there with her butt sticking out, plus she wasn't his cousin, so the choice had been obvious.

"Nnn! Nnnh!" Dawn moaned into Ava's pussy as she was fucked. The power of the game compelled her to continue giving her friend oral pleasure even as her unprotected pussy was plundered by the 15-year-old boy's bare cock.

Ava looked at Kaden as he sawed into her friend's pussy from behind, even as Dawn continued to lick her clit and pussy lips. "Oh my God, you're going to cum inside her?" She had already been turned on by jacking Kaden off into his cousin's underwear. At the thought that he was going to sperm her friend, she began to push her cooze up into Dawn's face. "Oh God...oh God..."

Kaden watched Ava's face as it contorted in pleasure. Then her hands flew to her breasts to pinch her nipples as she gasped and shook in orgasm. Upon seeing this, Kaden felt his second orgasm crash upon him and he sped up his thrusts.

Dawn felt this, and heard Kaden grunting. "Nnn! Nnnn!" she complained, her face full of orgasming pussy. Then she felt the boy thrust hard, and a warm wetness spread deep inside her. "Nnnnnn...!"

Kaden fell backwards, his cock slipping out of the voluptuous young woman. She pulled her face back from Ava's pussy. "Noo...shit..." Her period had finished a little over a week ago, so this was the exact wrong time to have unprotected sex!

As Dawn returned to her seat, Ava, breathing heavily, rolled. She wanted this game to be over! 2 + 9 = 11. Group Card. "'Everyone dry hump for 2 minutes, cardholder with the player on their right.'" She looked at Kaden, whose penis had shrunk down but was still covered with sperm, and shivered.

Kaden got up between Ava's thighs and pushed the head of his soft penis around her pubic area. She gasped.

Dawn jumped up, pushed Kelsie back onto the carpet, grabbed one of the girl's legs, and shifted into a kneeling scissor position, pushing their pussies together. Kelsie had never done anything like this before, and she marveled at the pleasurable effect the friction had on her clit and pussy lips. Then she gasped as she felt a warm wetness between her legs. She could feel her own pussy lips opening up as they ground their vaginas together, and realized that gravity was causing the dangerous sperm Kaden had deposited inside Dawn's vagina to drip down nto her own possibly fertile pussy. "Ohh..." she moaned.

Dawn pushed harder and faster, feeling her clit grind along the younger's girl's pussy lips. She had been so close earlier, and the thought that she might be transferring some of Kaden's dangerous sperm to the inside of his cousin's pussy turned her on even more. She looked over at Kaden and Ava, the boy thrusting between his babysitter's thighs, and came.

"Uh! Goddd, yesss..." As her insides convulsed in pleasure, she reached down and manipulated Kelsie's clit.

"Noo--oooohhhh!" Despite the danger she was in, the erotic evening and the clitoral attention finally overwhelmed the slim blonde's sensibilities. She orgasmed, and her immature reproductive system sucked some of her cousin's dangerous sperm further inside her fertile body.

"Mmmm!" Dawn moaned as, deep inside her, some of Kaden's sperm slipped through her spasming cervix and into her own uterus.

Finally, the 2 minutes were up and the couples disengaged, panting, everyone's genitalia a spermy mess.

Kelsie rolled a 6. She moved her figure, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...and she was at the end! "I won!" The square indicated some instructions...

She read it aloud. "'It was just a game. Forget, and tell no one.'"

Then they got dressed, packed up Eroji, and put it up on the shelf. Then they forgot, as commanded.


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