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Paula divorced and horny stumbles upon an opportunity for a new sexlife
Paula is a 46-year-old woman, medium height and a size 12. She likes to exercise but she also likes to socialise, often having cream tea’s or prosecco lunches with her friends. She’s never been quite able to get down to the size 10 she wants to be. She is still curvy in the right places, and has long hazel hair and matching coloured eyes.

She divorced 3 years ago and has been living in a shared flat since then. Her ex-husband was amicable during the divorce and they split everything 50/50. After 20 years of marriage they had just drifted apart. They agreed to sell their house and they shared the money from the sale as well. Rather than buying a smaller place, Paula found it easier to keep the money in savings and rent using her salary.

Paula had a good job in IT and could often be sent to other cities to work for short periods. Having someone else to look after all the bills and just paying rent suited her current lifestyle. Using a shared flat, she knew there was always a risk. You never know who you could end up sharing with. Fortunately for Paula she had ended up in flat shared by 3.

One of those is Sharon, who is also in her 40s but Paula isn’t sure exactly where. She is tall and slim, blonde hair and blue eyes. Paula was slightly jealous of how she looked but at the same time didn’t want to be as slim as Sharon. They get on well but only really speak in passing around the house.

The other is Wayne, he is only 19, he’s medium height for a man, keeps his hair short and likes to jog a lot. He is quite well toned, Paula seen him coming from the shared bathroom in just a towel once and the memory had always stayed with her. Wayne is quite shy and was embarrassed at the time as he thought the house was empty.

Paula had on quite a few occasions masturbated with one of her dildos to the image of Wayne, running through different scenarios in her head. If you could think of a scenario, she’s probably already orgasmed thinking about it.

The house is on 2 floors and has 3 large bedrooms all with private locks, there is a shared bathroom, kitchen, dining area and living room which has a 50” TV and 2 sofas. The bedrooms are spacious, queen sized beds, sink, armchair and TV were all standard, they could add other items if they wanted.

Paula has been away in another city for the past 4 days and was happy to arrive home. She was looking forward to getting home and putting her feet up in front of the TV and relaxing.

She entered the house and headed straight upstairs, her room was the first you come to and to her surprise the door was slightly open. She knew she had locked it before going away. She had previously thought someone had been in her room as things had moved slightly but she never paid much attention to it as nothing was missing so put it down to her mind playing tricks after busy days at work.

She creeped up and peeked round the open door. She was shocked to see Wayne on his knees, a picture of Paula from a few years ago in a revealing bikini was laid on the floor. It was taken on holiday in Tunisia. In one hand he had a pair of her worn knickers and the other hand was furiously wanking and panting heavily.

Sharon was unsure what to do, she was angry that he was using her image and underwear to masturbate and that he had also somehow gotten into her room. At the same time, she was slightly turned on watching him pleasure himself.

She decided to get evidence first before making a decision, she took out her phone and started to record him. She could feel herself getting moist between her legs. She filmed him for about 5 minutes then he took a deep breath into her knickers and shot a load straight over the picture. Good job it was framed or it would have been ruined.

Wayne quickly threw the knickers back into her laundry basket, then took out some paper towel. He wiped the picture clean and put it back roughly where he recalled picking it up from. He tucked his cock back into his pants and pulled his trousers up. Turning around to the door his face changed to the whitest shade of pale and his mouth dropped open.

“I, I, I can explain.” He stammered.

“Go on then, this should be interesting.” Sharon replied as she stopped recording and put her phone away.

“What were you doing with that?” He asked.

“That’s none of your business, I’m still waiting for an explanation of how you got into my room and what you think you were doing with my stuff!” she stated back angrily.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” he begged.

“If you don’t give me some answers soon, I’ll be phoning the landlord and contacting the police.”

“Please don’t, do I really need to explain?” he answered back, Paula just stared at him. “It’s pretty obvious isn’t it?”

Paula continued to stare at him, “Not really that obvious, I want you to explain yourself or I start making phone calls.”

“Ok, ok. I learned how to pick locks when I was at school, my older brother taught me.”

“That still doesn’t explain this situation or give me a reason not to have you kicked out and arrested.” Paula was starting to enjoy watching him squirm.

“My Dad and Brother are locked up for burglary, they broke into some shops and were caught. I was only used as a look out and as I was still classed as a minor the judge was lenient and gave me a suspended sentence. This would breach that and I’d be locked up. Please, please don’t tell anyone.” Wayne was on his knees begging.

“That explains how you got in, not why.” Paula unmoved by his story continued “I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time either.”

“Ok,” he paused for a breath. “I find you attractive. Yes, I’ve done this before but it’s due to how much I like you. I’m really sorry, I won’t do it again and I will move out and you’ll never see me again. I don’t want to go to prison.”

Paula was stunned she thought maybe he just had a fetish for used knickers she didn’t expect him to actually find her attractive, she was old enough to be his mum. “Get out of my room, I need to think about this.”

Wayne quickly excited her room and headed back to his own. He couldn’t believe he had let himself get caught, he was sure she wasn’t due back till the following day. He sat on his bed shaking thinking what would happen next.

Paula sat in her chair; she had some wicked thoughts come into her mind. She decided to watch what she had recorded. As she watched it, she again started to get aroused, she got up and decided to get her favourite vibrator. It then occurred to her maybe she didn’t need a vibrator, she could have a new toy, a living toy.

She headed to Wayne’s room and knocked on his door. He opened it and let Paula in. “I’m really, really sorry Paula,” he blabbered out. “Can we please keep this our secret and I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

Paula decided to sit in his armchair, “Ok, here is the deal. It’s a onetime offer.”

Wayne sat on his bed ears primed. He thought to himself whatever she says I have to do, even if it means moving out. I’m not going to prison; I won’t survive in there. “I’m, I’m listening,” he stuttered.

“From now on you are my little fuck toy.” She stated bluntly. Wayne’s eyes opened wide. “Whatever I want you to do, you do. From now on you are mine. Do you understand” Wayne stared in disbelief before Paula continued. “It’s either that or I’m calling the police and giving the video from my phone.”

Wayne sat quietly for a moment then “Ok, I’ll do it,” he whispered.

“Brilliant!” Paula stated as she pulled her skirt up and slid her knickers off. She sat in his chair and spread her legs. “First job, get your face in there and please me.”

Wayne looked at her bush, it was just how he pictured it. It was neatly trimmed but not shaven, he slowly slid of his bed and onto his knees, he then proceeded to slowly crawl across the floor, when he had been wanking thinking of Paula this role had been reversed. He had no choice though really.

“Come on pup,” Paula called to him. “If you’re having second thoughts, I can still pass your details to the police.”

Wayne found his way to Paula’s pussy and started to lick at her clitoris, slow then fast then slowly again. “Good boy,” Paula said as she patted him on the head as if he was a dog.

Paula was starting to feel an orgasm build as Wayne hurriedly licked her clit, every now and then he’d slide down a little and insert his tongue into her wet vagina. He started to rub his cock as he too was getting excited.

Paula noticed what he was doing, “if you’ve got a spare hand you can finger me as well.”

Wayne came up for air and slid 2 fingers straight into her waiting hole. “How am I doing? I’ve never done this before.”

“You’re a virgin!” Paula stated yet questioned at the same time.

“No,” he quickly replied. “I’ve never gone down on a girl before.”

“No wonder you’re single,” Paula quipped whilst gasping in air, she could feel her orgasm about to release. “Get that tongue back to work boy.”

Wayne straight away started sucking and licking at her clit whilst continuing to finger fuck her, he slid a third finger in, which tipped Paula over the edge.

“Ohhh fuck, ooooohh,” Paula moaned; it was the first orgasm someone had given her since she split from her ex-husband. “For your first time I’m impressed, you’ll be doing that more often now though.”

Wayne stood up, wiping the mixture of liquid from his chin. “I never knew how good it was, shall I do it again?”

“In a minute maybe. First I want to see you naked!” Paula stated, this was a demand not a request. Her ex-husband had never been in good shape, he was always overweight and looked better in clothes rather than out of them.

Wayne started to undress; Paula watched him closely. She bit her lip in anticipation as he removed his t-shirt. His six pack came into view and her fingers disappeared from view between her legs. He removed his trousers, socks and finally his pants. He instantly covered his cock with his hands.

“Did I tell you to hide anything from me?”


“Then move your hands sweetie, let me see the goods.” Wayne moved his hands, he had an average size penis not as big as her ex’s but after 3 years without one Paula would have been happy with any size, besides his youthful toned body made up for it. “Why are you so embarrassed? you look good.”

“I’ve only been with 1 girl, and she said it was small.”

“It’s a good size and besides, it’s what you do with it that counts. By the time I’m finished with you you’ll be an expert,” Paula smiled at him. Wayne gulped, he wasn’t exactly sure what she was implying or just what he had got himself into. “For now though, I want you to go and lye on the bed.”

Wayne did as he was told. Paula walked over to the bed; she stroked his torso tracing her fingers around the lines of his six pack. Suddenly she grabbed his cock and squeezed it.

“Owe what the fuck!” Wayne gasped.

“Excuse me, how dare you speak to me like that,” Paula snarled.

“I’m sorry.” he replied like a school boy being given into trouble in the headmaster’s office.

“Good, now do you understand that this is now mine?”


She started to softly stroke his cock, “so if I want to caress it I will.”

“Ok,” now he just looked like a goofy virgin being given his first hand job.

She then let go and slapped it with venom, “and if I want to abuse it I will.”

“Why would you do that?” He gasped in pain.

“Let’s hope you never give me a reason to. If you stop listening to me though I will, if you continue to not listen then of course the video goes viral and to the police.”

“I understand.”

Paula then climbed onto the bed, she kneeled above him and placed one knee either side of his head. She leaned forward, put one hand on the headboard and her other hand behind his head. She pulled him close into her pussy once again. “Now less talking and more action.”

Wayne immediately put his tongue back into action, he reached up and started to caress her bum at the same time. Paula rocked back and forward forcing his tongue to slide the full length of her pussy and on occasion her anus.

Every time his tongue touched her anus, she felt him pull it away. It was time for her to have a little fun. She slid her pelvis forward, he instinctively pulled away. “Lick my anus, get it nice and wet!” she demanded.

Wayne knew he had no choice so started to lick at her anus. He soon got used to it and started to slide his tongue in and out. After a few minutes he decided to slide a finger in thinking she’d stop.

“Just the one? Put another in there for me.” Wayne complied and slowly started to finger fuck her anus. “Let me guess you’ve never done any anal sex either?”

Wayne pulled his face away “No, it’s not normal.”

“I’ll change your perception of normal, don’t you worry about that.” Paula replied as she moved herself round, she was still knelt above his face but now facing down his body. She leaned forward placing one hand on his stomach and the other around his cock, which was now fully erect and standing to attention.

Wayne started to lick at her clit and fingering both her holes. Paula made her way down to his cock; she took it into her mouth and Wayne gasped with joy. They stayed in the 69 position for a few minutes before Wayne exploded in her mouth.

Paula climbed off him, she leant in to kiss him and he pulled away. She grabbed his cock and squeezed as hard as she could, “aaahh” Wayne screamed out. As he did this Paula spat his cum into his mouth. “uurgh,” Wayne sat up and spat it out.

Still gripping his cock, “Did I tell you that you could cum? Did I give you permission to cum in my mouth?” she questioned him.

“No, I’m sorry, please let go of my penis it hurts.”

“Just make sure it doesn’t happen again, or next time I’ll make you swallow it as well. I’m in charge here, I decide when and where you can cum.” She laid down some more ground rules.

She let go of his cock and lay on the bed, “finish me off with your tongue and fingers.”

Wayne lay on the bed, his head between her legs. “How many holes am I allowed to use?”

“Finally, you are starting to understand your role, you may finger both of them.” She then lay her head back and enjoyed the moment. With a mouth passionately licking at her clit and 2 fingers penetrating both holes it didn’t take long before “ooooohhh” Paula orgasmed.

Wayne tried to move his head away but Paula wrapped her hands around it and held him tight against her “Keep going.” Wayne again complied, thrusting fingers in to her a few minutes later and “oooooohhh fuck” she orgasmed again.

This time she released her grip on Wayne. He sat with a smile on his face, his chin and cheeks soaking wet. “Was that ok?”

“Ok, it was marvellous,” she replied as she rolled off the bed and found her knickers. “I think that will do for today. Tomorrow we will continue your training. Give me the spare key to your room, I’m not a criminal like you and need to enter rooms properly.”

Wayne nodded in agreement, he thought to himself “I might be a slave but at least it’s fun and to a decent attractive woman and not some prison thug.”

Paula left him and headed back to her room. She revelled in her victory for a while then started to search the internet for cougar videos and slave dominating videos. She wasn’t into BDSM but was happy to have a pet at her beck and call. She fell asleep a happier woman.

5am and Paula was awoken by noises outside, “Bloody cats fighting again,” she thought to herself. She tries to go back to sleep but is unable. She starts to recall her shenanigans the night before and starts feeling horny. She wants to feel a cock inside her.

Remembering she took the key for Wayne’s room she decides its time for a little morning fun, she doesn’t have to be at work until 9am so she has time to spare. She lets herself into his room where she finds him fast asleep.

Standing next to his bed she slides of her nightie and then removes the cover off of him, he sleeps nude she was surprised to see. Paula takes hold of his cock and starts to wank him off, he rolls onto his back still asleep. She pushes his legs apart and kneels between them. Leaning forward she slowly takes his cock into her mouth and starts to suck.

Wayne wakes up groggily and looks down, he can’t believe she has sneaked into his room, to give him a blow job. He decides to pretend to still be asleep in case she stops.

Paula starts to suck him deeper as she feels him get harder. Sliding her spare hand down to her clit she starts to rub. She’s already feeling her body become excited, she removes the cock from her mouth and crawls up the bed. She slowly inserts his cock into her wet waiting vagina.

She slowly starts to rock back and forth with both hands planted on his chest. “I know you are awake, it’s time to please again!” she states.

Wayne opens his eyes, doesn’t say anything but grabs her by the waist and thrusts upwards. Paula let’s out a moan, he slowly builds into a rhythm thrusting as deep as he can go. “Faster,” moans Paula.

Wayne takes a tighter hold on her waist and starts to thrust faster and faster. Paula hadn’t been fucked for at least 4 years she recalled to herself. Suddenly though he stopped. “What the hell are you stopping for?”

“I was about to cum and you haven’t told me if I can cum yet.”

She’d almost forgotten about her role as his master, quickly getting back into character, “That’s right, you better not cum until I do.” She climbed off him and knelt on all fours, “C’mon fuck me boy.”

Wayne knelt behind her and slid his cock back into her waiting vagina. He knew he wouldn’t last long so had to improvise. He spat on his fingers and started to massage them into her anus, “Is this ok to continue?”

“mmmm, oh yes,” Paula moaned back as she felt the fingers penetrate her backdoor.

Wayne started thrusting faster and faster with both his hips and wrist making sure his cock and fingers were going as deep as possible.

“That’s it boy, don’t stop.” Paula could feel an orgasm building within “Fuck me, harder,” she continued.

Wayne knew he was minutes away from exploding himself, to his relief Paula started to jitter on the end of his cock and let out a long moan “oooooohhhh fuuuuuccckkk.” It was best orgasm she was able to recall.

She collapsed forward onto the bed, Wayne’s cock slid out of her pussy and “ooh, ooh, ooh,” he started to cum as well firing streams of hot white jizz all up Paula’s back.

“That was good boy, but we will need to work on your stamina. Now get something to clean this cum off of my back.” Wayne grabbed a dirty t-shirt that was laying on his bedroom floor, and cleaned her up best he could.

“Good job I need a shower before going to work or you would be in big trouble.” She smiled at him, “I need a copy of your work pattern so I can plan in your training sessions.”

She rose of his bed and Wayne smiled, she looked amazing, her curvaceous figure gleaming in sweat. He was starting to enjoy this new life. He wrote down his next 2 weeks of shifts and handed them to her.

“Excellent, we have almost every evening to train you proper.” Paula left his room; they were both smiling and both enjoying how the future was looking.


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