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Susan and Michael had played at D/s - they'd spoken and videoed and developed their roles. She told him one day just how she craved it - how she had changed and needed to feel His control - to be Owned .. by Him. They discussed it at length and agreed the ground rules. At the end they would decide, if it was not already apparent, what would happen thereafter. Her only safe word was to say His name three times, just like Beetjuice - a film they both loved.
As she stood on the half empty bus, Susan was acutely aware that she was being looked at. She was wearing very high heels and her long hair had been tied up with strands hanging down over her face. Her make up was perfect and her toe and finger nails had been freshly manicured and painted. She knew she looked good and was just thankful that those people trying to look at her from the corner of their eye couldn’t see what she was wearing under the overcoat she had on. She was waiting – he said he would be on this bus and for her to wait .. she waited.

More people got on the bus at the next stop and it filled quite quickly. She was already standing and hanging onto the strap as she had been instructed to do. The bus started off and the movement caused people to bang into each other. As she looked down the bus she felt him – he stood close behind her, so close she could feel his breath as he spoke to her.

“Don’t turn around and don’t speak – just listen. I don’t remember asking you to wear a coat – what happens from now on is completely up to you Susan. You can walk away at any time and there will be no problem I promise you. But if you decide to stay you must do as you are told – EXACTLY as you are told. Do you understand?” … she nodded that she did.

“Good – now I am going to move away. Do not turn around. You only have one thing to think about right now and that is whether you want to carry on. Think hard but you know the first rule – there will be more. You must do EXACTLY as you are instructed. Now – take your time and think … if you want to carry on – lose the coat” and with that he was gone.

Susan was on fire now. She hadn’t expected the game to start straight away. She had played around with him on the internet – they had enjoyed their games and she had been happy to do his bidding, wanted to actually, but then it was all safe. This wasn’t as safe - not at all. She thought about what she had on beneath the coat … she would definitely get some stares if she took it off, but at least the bus was crowded and not many would see. She could put her coat on again when she got off the bus. Oh shit what should she do. If she kept the coat on she knew that she wouldn’t see him again - the game would be over. If she took it off she was way out of her comfort zone. But he had promised she could stop it at any time. What did she have to lose … her mind switched to her pussy and she knew straight away what to do. “Well if you’re that damp already you must be interested …. Let’s get this coat off.”

He stood at the back of the bus and watched. He could see the turmoil as she thought it through and then he knew – he saw her look down and he knew. He watched as she unbuttoned her coat and shrugged it from her shoulders. It dropped down her arms and she caught it in one hand. She flushed bright red as felt the people nearest to her looking around as if by instinct and she hung her head a little shamefully as she knew she was in their gaze.

Instantly he was behind her and talking to her in a whisper. “Good girl Susan – now we can begin. First of all I told you to lose the coat – do it.”

She allowed it to drop to the floor.

“Now – here are the rules. You do not look around, you do not speak to any person for any reason at all and you only speak to me in order to answer a direct question from me. Do you understand?”

She nodded

“That was a direct question”

“Yes – I understand Master”

“There is no need for titles – you know my name. Why did you hang your head? Why are you looking at the floor?”

“I’m embarrassed – I don’t usually dress like this”

“Why ARE you dressed like this?”

“I knew it’s what you wanted”

“So what does it matter what others think? You have no need to be embarrassed – you look amazing … be proud of that and look up. Do not hang your head Susan.”

She lifted her head and looked in front of her – she could feel the eyes as people watched the tableau in front of them and amazingly she felt a sharp tinge of … what? Pride? Excitement …… Power? All of those – she felt empowered and she felt beautiful.

They had been friends for some time now and had even spoken to each other on the telephone. They had developed a relationship in which she had become his submissive and they had fun with it. She had done any number of things at his bidding and they had learned about each other, or so she thought. They had decided to meet and they decided on a bus so that there were others around. He had left it up to her what she wore but she knew from their conversations how he would like her. She had dressed to wow him that morning – the big reveal would knock him over when she took her coat off. She had bought the tiniest plaid skirt which left hardly anything at all to the imagination; she had a white blouse tied across her tummy and a purple bra visible through the sheer material. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she had been freshly waxed yesterday afternoon at the parlour. IF she bent over at all then everyone would see everything she had to offer down there. The high shoes made her calves stand out and she knew she looked good – she just hadn’t planned on the bus travellers seeing it.

He was talking to her now. “We will get off at the next stop. When you get off walk straight in front and stand by the bus stop sign. Face the bus stop and wait for me to fetch you. Remember the rules Susan and remember this, at any time you can stop this. You only have to say my name three times, (just like in the movie he smiled) and tell me that you want to quit. I promise you that it will be over. Do you understand?”

“I understand”

Then he was gone. The bus arrived at the stop a few seconds later and she reached down for her coat … “Oh shit it’s not there” but the bus had stopped and she had to make a decision. She did – she walked to the middle exit of the bus, stepped off and walked directly to the sign. She stopped and turned to face the bus stop and she waited. After a few minutes of agony she heard him approach. She looked at the plexi-glass and saw him. It wasn’t a great image but she could see that it was him and she felt herself relax a little, reassured that this was the man that she had been so intimate with in a remote way. She felt his hand on her arm and he told her that a taxi was waiting around the corner and to walk with him. She let him lead her, slightly in front of him but always he had hold of her arm. She saw the taxi drivers eyes light up as they approached and he actually gulped when she was shown to the front seat of the vehicle. She sat down and heard him get in behind her.

“You know where to” he said and the car pulled away.

They drove for a few minutes clearly heading out of town, to the suburbs at least. The taxi driver glimpsing sideward and down often and she looked straight ahead as she had been told. She knew he liked her to flirt with other men, she had done so often at his bidding, but did he want her to flirt with this driver? She thought about the rules - he had given her rules. If he had wanted her to flirt he would have told her. Suddenly the driver asked, “Are you alright Miss?” and she was caught off guard. Before she knew it she had answered him “Yes – I’m fine thanks.”

“Driver do not speak to the lady, please address any comments or questions to me” and she could tell by his tone that he wasn’t pleased.

The driver said quietly, “Sorry Miss” and she smiled a little to show him it was ok.

After what seemed like an eternity he said, “Just here will do driver” and the car pulled to the side of the road. The back door opened and he went to help her from her seat. He walked her a little way in front of the car and told her to stay there while he went and paid the fare and the she felt his hand on her elbow and they began to walk. She was getting a little concerned now – this was getting a little spooky and she was thinking about getting out. She’d take her chances on the bus and she had her bag over her shoulder so she had money. How long would she let this go on? She wasn’t damp anymore now – not damp at all.

As they walked he began to talk to her, as if sensing that she would be getting scared. “Relax Susan – you can walk away at any time. You know what to say. We have played at this over the net, we have talked about this on the telephone, but this is for real Susan. This is who I am and I want you to experience life as my partner. There are names for this and labels, we have used some ourselves, but this isn’t about labels nor is it a game, this is about a lifestyle. There is no need for titles like Master or Dom, it’s not about titles. You are not a sub or a slave – you are my partner for the day and that means giving control of your life to me. That means trust and devotion, honour and love, support and nurture. We will take what we have done remotely to a new level but first you have to continue your training, because training is what you have been doing since we began.”

They arrived at the gate to a pathway and he opened the gate and told her to wait. She waited and then he asked her for her right hand. She held it out and he placed a key in it. He asked for her left hand, in that he placed something else. “In your left hand is a blindfold. I want you to walk to the door and unlock it and open it. I want you to put on the blindfold and walk through the door. If you do this your training will continue, if you decline we will have a cup of tea and I will arrange to get you home. The choice is yours.”

Susan walked to the door, she put the key into the lock and opened it, she pushed open the door and paused. He waited; delighted that she was thinking about it and not rushing into decisions. After fully two minutes – she reached up with her hands and placed the blindfold over her head. He waited while she made it comfortable and then he walked towards her. As he reached her he took her arms in his hands and urged her forward and she allowed him to manoeuvre her through the door and into the house. She heard the door close behind her and he said “Welcome Susan – welcome to my home and perhaps to the beginning of your new life”.


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