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More good times and adventures with my Sorority Sisters. Maybe one that went too far?
I seem to get the reputation of a sex guru, especially to the young and inhibited.

A sister comes to me embarrassed. Her name is Blair.

She's not even one of the "IN" sisters but apparently word gets around that I'm a discrete and considerate partner. She's nice enough looking. Probably gonna get heavy in a few years.

“Sometimes I sort of pee when I have sex. It’s really embarrassing and it gets all over the bed and then we have to change the sheets. I’ve had two boyfriends that got grossed out by it I guess and sorta faded away when I did that." she shrugged "Well, they weren’t boyfriends, just guys I let fuck me.” She added.

“I’m not anybody’s boyfriend, I’m everybody’s boyfriend, and I don't get grossed out." I smile real big then. "It sounds like you're a squirter."

"That's a thing?"

"Ya, it's pretty exceptional, awesome really. Something to be prized."

“Ya, well, maybe if WE do it and it happens and if you know about it and I’m not all worried and embarrassed then I might actually enjoy it. The sex thing."

“Are you a psychology major? ‘cause you seem to have it figured out. “

“I want to try it on you first.”

"Anything for a sister."

"Come over to my room tonight?"

"I would love to." Really, I would.

I clip and file my fingernails, moisturize and exfoliate my hands. I dress pretty casual and go over to her dorm room. She's the only one there. Good thing, 'cause we're about to get busy.

She's in a terrycloth bath robe. She sits down next to me on the bed and lets the front of it fall open a little. Her tits look soft and round, hanging down towards her fulsome belly.

"So it's not pee." I tell her. " It's a liquid from a gland that you produce when you're aroused, sexually."

"I like being sexually aroused!"

"Let's make you do it on porpouse. First we need to be really relaxed. I'll start by kissing and caressing your beautiful body" She giggles. There is tit sucking and rubbing, neck and back, belly and inner thighs. Licking pussy and butt cheeks. She gets comfortable enough to spread wide open and expose herself to me completely. We put towels on the bed and then do lots of kissing and fingering to get ready. Me too especially. My cock is springy stiff as I insert my middle and ring finger. I start rubbing and pressing her g-spot. Faster and faster and she "Oh's" and "Oh's" and "Oh's!!!" She clenches up and sure enough a spritz of fluid sprays out of her vag. I congratulate her and clean her up with one of the many towels.

"Let's do it for real! With your thing inside me. Your penis."

On her back, upon entering her, she puts her legs straight up and the soles of her feet flat on my chest. That makes for a good angle and positioning, with my dick only going in her 3 inches and back out, rubbing that spot. I maintain a steady pace for five minutes or more. I like watching her tits slosh. She smiles a lot and looks comfortable and happy, which is better than worried or concerned.

"OGOOODDDDDDD!!" I lean back more and apply pressure to her spongy node inside her vagina. I wiggle my hips rapidly in and out and in and out. She gulps air and is about to scream or something.

I pull back so just the tip is inside her. Clear fluid sprays out around my shaft, I feel hot liquid on my pelvis. My balls are wet, hot and tickly.


"Oh Blair honey, that's so sexy! I'm gonna cum now, You're gonna make me squirt. Watch! Here it goes!" I've been forced out of her cunt by her clenched muscles and my cockhead is pointed up on her mound.

"OOOOOGGGGG! UH UH UH!!!! " I erupt all over her curled belly, her legs flop open and I keep pumping semen all over her


"Oh god, we're a mess! You shoot so much cum!"

"Ya, I'm kinda a squirter too."

I go down on her and taste her prostatic fluid, slather her clit with my tongue and even ingest some of my own cum since it's dribbling all over her crotch and abdomen. I want to show her that it's totally cool to have fluids exchanged as part of sex play. It's all natural and good and wonderful!

We need a shower and the one adjoining her room is available. That felt so awesome! We wash each other off and it's really fun and soapy and silly. She's very relieved and playful. I'm glad she could enjoy herself.

And my reward for fucking her is that I get to fuck her again!

. . . . . .


Quiet and small, dark brown almost black hair with curls. Puppydog eyes, really adorable like a cocker spaniel, little nose and puffy pink lips. Very soft voice.

“I'm tight, really tight and I can’t imagine ever getting a guys… manhood inside me”

"Well, we start small and very very slowly. Do you like getting oral?"

"well, umm..."

"You've had a guy go down on you right love?"

"Right, ya right, in High school. And I can give head too, I don't mind it. It's not that I'm scared, it's just that they seem so big. Threatening sometimes."

"well let's start on you. You are our area of concentration. Relaxation is key. There's nothing to be scared of."

We go back to her room like it's just any other day. I don't even think she's one of the "In" Sisters. I guess my reputation is more widespread.

"Have you put things up inside you?

"My finger. Guys fingers but only one and not too far. And like, a little thing..." she trails off.

"How little?"

"Just a Sharpie marker. To see what it feels like."


"I told you I was tiny."

Working together we cooperate with taking her tshirt off and then her bra. Her breasts are shy little birds. Her nipples are smaller than anything I've ever seen. The aureolas are barely the size of a dime. Her tummy flutters as I unbutton her shorts.

"Stop. I want kissing first."

It's just like kissing a little girl. I feel like I'm kissing Cindy again, young Cindy, back when she was in fifth grade. I'm really looking forward to more. After a while she wants my shirt off and then hugs me close and holds tight.

"I like skin on skin"

"It's all about touch. Gentle touch."

She takes a deep breath.

"Ok, pants."

We both stand up and undo buttons and zippers and then cotton underthings are shucked off and we're naked. My penis cannot contain it's enthusiasm. It ratchets up to full mast with throbbing intensity. I decide to tell her.

"I'm really excited by kissing you and being with you."

"I'm excited too but wow... that's really big." I lay back on the bed and let myself be examined.

"Touch it. Grab a hold. Don't let it inside until you've gotten to know it!"

"Like oral?" she asks staring down at me and my turgid member.

"If you want we can get to that, but just touch it and look at it first. Get comfortable." I looked at her frail body. Her lower labia seemed to be blushing and the white skin of her chest and belly are flushed. She looks at me with those eyes and they seemed fearful.

"Here, I'll lie down and you can get to know me." I lay on my back on the bed and she sits hunched next to me and reaches out her hand. "Touch and feel anything you want."

"It's warm. And hard! Like a solid muscle." She loosens up a bit and gives me a good looking over.

"It's nice. Kind of handsome. I like the idea of it being inside me but I still don't think it's gonna fit."

"well it's up to me to get you ready for that."

Constance has just the right amount of tufted hairs above her narrow slit. Her little lips are entirely inside her outer labia. I have to go in to get them with my tongue. Her clitoris is easy to find though.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Her hands are immediately on my head and keep light contact as I nuzzle her mound, kiss her hips and delve into her vagina. I lapp at her and suck and twizzle her inner lips and hood above her clit. I stay away from her booty hole, even though it is so darling and cute and tasty looking because I think it might freak her out. Maybe later.

"I'm scared"

"We only do what you want to do. We stop any time you say stop" I set a soft but regular rhythm on her clit with my tonge.

She starts breathing quicker and quicker and then she cums and it's the cutest thing ever. She squeeeeeks like a cartoon! Her pussy gets very moist and I think she might be ready so I start exploring her folds with a finger, getting in farther than my tongue could reach. But suddenly she pushes my head away from her crotch.

"I'm embarrassed." She curls up in a defensive position. "I think you better go now."

"That's alright Connie. We can try another time."

"I'm sorry!" she wails. I kiss her and tell her not to worry, her comfort is the most important thing. She's pulling sheets and blankets up around her so she won't be naked.

"I'll come back to you whenever you're ready"

"ok" she peeps.

It's only a couple of days before she calls me back. I'm really hyped to be back with her and possibly inserting myself inside her. She looks even more adorable now somehow. How is it that no one else notices this? Well I'm not going to let some crude Frat boy get poking around in there before me. I need to make sure her first time is totally under her control.

She draws up her courage and whispers to me;

"I want to do oral on you. I want to give you a blow job"

Oh God! Seeing that face open it's darling mouth and my cock go inside! I have to calm myself or I risk spurting all over her. There are better things ahead if I can relax myself and her as well.

I gently pull her head away fom my dick after a short but heart wrenching session of oral exploration and hold her face in my hands.

"You look so beautiful"

She blushes

"I think we have to do it now before I explode"

"Really? You want to have sex with me? But I don't know what to do."

"I'm having trouble containing myself. Just looking at you makes me want to cum."

"I think I feel ready for you."

I work on her little slit with my mouth and open it up like a blooming flower and ensure a good frothing of pussy juices. I'm a master of Connie-lingus!

She makes me feel big. She makes my penis look huge. It is extremely swollen with anticipation. The skin is tight like a boiled sausage. She spreads out on the mattress and I position the head at her entrance. We are both gasping in sharp little breaths and twitchy body movements. Excitement level 10!

She winces a little bit but the tip is in and we both are desperate to close the distance and have our bare chests pressed together. I feel the pop of her hymen but she makes no sound, three inches of my throbbing meat is in her. She trembles and her eyes tear up but she pulls at me and another inch slips inside. I feel zings of pleasure as her vagina relaxes and lets me in.

The concern is melting from her face

"I didn't think it would fit but it fits! I'm not nervous now. I feel like a woman, not a scared kid"

"You're a gorgeous woman. This feels incredible. You are so sexy!"

"OH! You're sexy too. Ahhh I love this! This is such a great feeling."

I move real slowly. I look down at her slim pale hips and her parted lips accepting me inside. Her vagina feels like electrical impulses of buzzing static. I'm quickly over stimulated.

"I'm gonna cum Constance I can't help myself"

"Mmmm, yes, yes, do it. We did the important part, it's inside me! I want you to feel good to! I want you to, to cum."

"Uuuhhhnnnnnnn." I release with a sigh that feels almost like crying. I squeeze and scrunch and send my sperm wriggling up inside her.

"Ohhhh!" Eyes wide. "I can feel it! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I feel so full!

Keep moving, keep moving! Eeeeeeeeeeeeekk!"

Then I feel her cum on my dick. Incredible! tiny rapid contractions. I close my mouth over hers and her lips are cool and wet from her heightened breathing.

We hold still and giggle and murmer feeling the collective wetness we've made. She is indeed full of my spunk. I can tell I came a lot and her vaginal channel is so narrow and constricted. I bet I forced some sperm past her cervix and it's in her uterus now. I'm gonna need to pull out eventually and there will be a rush of cum flowing back out of her. I wait a few minutes more feeling her body clinch and squeeze. Then I emerge and there is a gush of creamy juice.

"Oh, messy" she cringes.

"We did it. We made love. I orgasmed inside you and felt you cum too" I say to her.

"I like it. It makes me feel tingly."

. . . . . .

""Hey Stewart... Kevin wants to dress up like a girl and suck your cock."

Lisa says this as I'm making chit chat with him at a Pi get together. Nobody else is listening which is probably for the best. Still ots of secrets need to be kept, especially from the general population.

"Um... Ok"

We have a threesome in her room. It's a little awkward and giggly at first but then we get into it and get into the feeling of each other. Even though she's my little sister in the sorority, Lisa has obviously fucked Stewart before. We have to share after all. And he's not acting like he's never gotten freaky with a dude, although I don't look like a dude, I look ravishing!

Wait! I forgot to tell about how I got the outfit I'm wearing right now. Lisa and I went shopping!

We drove to the Mall and headed straight to Victoria's secret. She tried to get me into the dressing room but they were not having it. A hot but bitchy saleswoman busted us before we could even get our pants off. We leave in a huff. Not shopping here! That sucks because there were some things I was dying to see her in. And try on myself! I love changing rooms!

We go to Macy's next and it's deserted. Totally nobody home. I mentioned it was a weekday morning and we were skipping class? We go through the intimate wear department flinging things into a shopping cart. We try on a mountain of unmentionable garments in the dressing room, this bra and panty set, that bra and panty set, nightgowns and teddies and chemises, swapping undies with each other and giggling. I like to pull on a pair of satin panties that are still warm from her quim. I forgot how much I like a pretty silk slip! It feels good to rub against somebody while you're wearing it. She gets stockings and a garter belt and a tight sheer teddy that squeezes her boobs together and that's all I can take. My raging cock pops out of the panties I'm trying on and I split her cheeks from behind and thrust up into her slimy poon. She's as turned on as I am! I fuck her standing up and pressed into the mirror.

We keep our voices at a whisper but both say a lot to each other.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard"

"Your hot pussy feels so good"

We're looking at each other in the mirror real close. Our noses are three inches away from the surface.

"your cock is just what I wanted. Give it to me. GIVE it to me!"

"your tits are, so, awesome, in this outfit!"

They were!

I have her ass grabbed from behind and I'm speeding up with building extacy.

"yes yes yes!!!!!" Lisa's pussy clamps so hard as she cums that I'm pushed out and my cockhead thrusts between her hips, breaching through her gap and my spooge fountains onto the mirror in front of us.

It splatters and runs down the mirror, bringing back memories of her and Katie handing me vigorously in the dorm bathroom, relieving me of my conspicuous bulge before my session of inflicting "punishment" on cocky pledge Ellen. I toy with her clit by reaching around while I spasm out my last drips. She grunts and giggles.

She leaves a face print of sweat and makeup on the mirror

I abscond with the panties I'm wearing at the time but we buy several other items to provide a cover for our nastiness, not including a certain negligee that has cum all over it.

So then the outfit I came away with and wear for Stuart is a bustier and panty set that on hindsight looks really 80's. High cut panties with diamond stitching and lace trim, the satin in a floral print of sea foam and magenta. The bustier matches the print of course and the bra cups are small and tight and fit me ok, with out loose empty areas. I have on white lace top stockings and extra garters above my knees. I'm wearing a wig Lisa has with lots of ribbons and my makeup is ON POINT! We spent lots of time on it, us girls and it was loads of fun. I'm incredibly turned on, spending girly time with my "Little" sister. Stuart, as soon as he arrives, is suitably impressed.

"you look totally hot. really feminine. Heck ya, that's a turn on!"

Lisa makes out with me then with him. I love to feel her from the back, my hands and his hands are lifting and cradling her terrific brests and tweaking her nipples. She likes the four handed breast treatment very much. I can tell her cunt is very ready.

Then we work on his cock with our four hands, after getting his jeans and boxers off. Then I get to suck him. His cockhead is really bulbous. You have to open your mouth really wide I find out and that shortens the distance to the back of your throat. I do lots of work on the tip and the first four inches. He likes lots of suction. His dick is massive but not hard like it has a bar of steel inside it. That's how mine feels when it's ready for action.

He strokes my hair, my wig actually.

"I've godda admit you look really pretty sucking my cock."

I smile really big at that. This is great fun!

Lisa gets her tits out of her shirt and bra constraints. I have to stop and admire them. They are truly fantastic!~ I get to help peel her warm panties down over her hips and supple thighs. I tongue and nuzzle her ass crack.

She climbs on Stewart's lap and engulfs his entire shaft in her cunt and I hunker down between his legs and lick her ass and taint and his blonde hairy balls while his rod slides in and out. He just keeps bouncing her on his dick like a champ, like a piston motor. I tongue her asshole when I hear her about to orgasm and she shrieks and bellows and her sphincter pinches at the tip of my tongue.

"thats it, im about to blow guys" Stuart announces cordially when he can withstand no more.

She scoots up and straddles his abdomen, probably jamming her tits into his mouth, leaving me his tumescent boner glazed in her cunt froth. I get it all the way to the back of my throat when I feel it pulse. I pull back a bit for control and feel the spurts fill my mouth. Well maybe not fill, he doesn't gush as much as I do. His cum shot doesn't equal his thick headed dick. I swallow it down with aplomb. It was fun. I liked doing that for him.

"That was fantastic! yer... yer quite a babe."

I sit back on my heels, clean up my dribbly lips and chin and smile up at him. He really is a nice guy.

"I liked your cum. maybe if you need, sometime...I could..." I begin but he jumps in,

"oh golly, the girls keep me awful busy. Hey do I get to see your equipment in action? I've always been really impressed with your, uh, sporting tackle. And especially with the way you're dressed right now, its pretty exciting. Chicks with dicks... I gotta say... it's super hot."

I stand and Lisa sucks me with Stewart leaning forward and watching up close. I wonder if he's going to participate but he doesn't. I'm pretty charged up with all the sexiness and Lisa is a fantastic felatrix.

"Hey little sister"

Fwop! Her mouth comes off of my tingling cock. "Hey big brother"

"I'm gonna cum"

"Let me put my glasses on"

"Stewart... do you want to jack it for me?"

"Ya ok, that'd be cool"

Stewart's big warm hand wraps around my shaft and his touch is gentle and just firm enough. My dick suddenly looks small in his big paw. We smile at each other and he aims my cockhead at or Sorority Sister's upturned smiling face, black rimmed spectacles making her even more attractive.

I deliver a terrific facial if I do say so myself. She keeps her eyes open as I lace her face with cum. Stewart aims and frosts her like an artist. He should decorate cakes at a high end pastry shop. I squeeze more times than usual and produce copious rivulets of semen.

Good time! Go team!

. . . . . .

Spring wedding and Katie needs me to be her date.

"Well, for the actual wedding, wedding. My date is available Friday night and Sunday brunch. Ya? cool."

I spend the entire ceremony fantasizing about getting married to Katie at the end of my Senior year. It's a boring baptist reception with punch and cookies in the church basement. There's an after party for our age group and we get drunk, I remember some kissing with Katie, maybe some other sisters. We wake up on the apartment couch fully clothed. She bolts. Me in afterglow. Ah, the future...

. . . . . .

“I just like to look, I don’t want anybody touching me.”

This is Tamara, a shy sister. Long brown hair, very slim, kind of bony you could say. Her breasts make little peaks in her tshirt.

What turns you on and gets you aroused?" I ask.

“Just seeing someone sexually enjoying themselves I think would be neat. What about you?”

“Well… we could masturbate together." I offer.

"Oh yes, I was going to suggest that. What sort of things turn you on?"

“Uh, I like lingerie.”

“I could wear something. I have fancy things I like to wear but nobody ever sees them. It's a secret”

“Ya, I could wear something too."

"Like fancy panties? You like to do that?"

"Ya I do. I've been doing it for a long time."

"Neat! How about right now? We could go to my room. To tell you the truth I'm totally horny just thinking about it."

"Ya, cool. But I'd like to go change into... something different, for the special occasion." I say. She smiles and agrees enthusiastically.

I go back to my room in the middle of the day and get changed for my afternoon date.

"Look, I have crotchless..." she demonstrates as soon as I enter the room. She's wearing a violet lacy number that shows a lot of her skin through it's mesh and embroidery. "I've only ever worn this for a minute. Easy access." She hikes up one leg so I can see the moist pink opening to her vagina with it's rim of curly brown hairs.

"Your labia looks pretty

"That's weird that you're looking at it"

I slowly take off my outer clothes in a sensual strip.

"Look, my cock is really hard. It doesn't fit in the panties anymore"

"Ya, it's making me wet looking at you. Can I touch your penis?"

"Please do"

She reaches out and curls her cool thin fingers around my erection. Her face lights up. She handles me for a minute and then slowly brings that hand to her own crotch.

"I want to use a pair of yours to stroke it with." I say.

"Pick whatever you want from that drawer" she directs me to the dresser with a full drawer of her unmentionables. I rummage around in the intimate apparel. I find some very silky red ones, probably for special occasions. We sit opposite each other, legs spread and I wrap myself in her panty. I get it nice and hard and tingly. She stimulates her clitoris lightly but briskly. She is staring at me. I'm staring back at her little boobs in the lace teddy. Her ministrations get deeper and the sounds are wetter. I let myself moan audibly and she breathes heavy and rising in pitch.

I see her legs start to wobble. Her stomach is jerking and fluttering.

Her face contorts and looks pained.

"Are you alright?" I ask, still running the red satin up and down my shaft, my other hand cradling my balls. Her legs are parted wide and her vagina is opening.

"Oh Yes yes... this is the greatest feeling... uuhhhhhh" She twitches and writhes and I can see her pussy lips squirming as the passage inside knots itself up and releases over and over again. I wish I could be feeling inside there right now. There is a rush to my head as my load is about to burst forth.

"Look at me... watch me now... Aiiiiyyyyyy!" Her red panties are wrapped around my churning balls and my cockhead is jutting out. I spurt up in the air like a skyrocket.


"Uhhhhwhoooo" That was intense. I loved watching her face as she observed my cum arc up from my purple head wrapped in my fist and her panties and the white goo fly and splash down on the floor and clothing between us. I jacked and spasmed and shot four more generous streams. There was lots of cleaning up to do!

. . . . .

I'm working in the darkroom one evening developing prints for photography class and somebody comes in through the light safe door. I have the red lights on but before I can turn around she turns them off and it is pitch dark and there's a body suddenly close behind me. I know it's a she because I feel tits pressed against my back. Hands are rubbing me and one soon swims into the waistband of my pants. Of course I'm getting hard. I can hear, smell and feel but see absolutely nothing. It's true about your other senses being heightened when your sight is turned off, even momentarily. There are lips on my neck, breaths in my ear. My guess by smell is Heather, my big sister, but I'm not 100%. Her murmuring is not a voice I can identify yet. Chelsea? Jamie? All of them are in the art dept often. I reach back and find a skirt. Under it is a tight pair of panties, very warm at the crotch. The lips are in my ear.

"Fuck me"

There are no available surfaces in the darkroom so this is going to have to happen standing up. Her hands are on my face and lips are on my mouth. It must be big sister Heather. I unbutton my pants and push them and my satin boxers to the floor. We stumble and bump around and back up to an available empty spot of wall. Her leg hikes up and I feel it curl around my lower back and with one hand I guide myself into her wet slit and thrust upward, engaging her hips and trying to lift her. It must be Heather, I swear I can identify the muscles of her vagina. I buck and hump into her in a rapid motion becoming frantic.

"Fuck Me. fuck Me. Yes!"

She feels astounding. My eyes are wide open but I see nothing but spots, illusions of shapes and imaginary colors.

"fuck me Hard little brother!"

I'm not even surprised as she identifies herself, I was completely certain it was her cunt I was plumbing. Her breathing is getting quick, blowing in my ear. I'm feeling an sensational tingle in my face and stomach and groin. She is squeezing my cheeks and chewing my lips. My wide eyes are useless but I'm halucinating and it's like I can see inside her body to the place where my cock is thrusting. It's pink and red and squishy and textured and overwhelming! I'm smashing her body against the wall to try to keep her up as my legs are screaming at me and feel like they are going to fail but my hips buck harder and she bellows in my ear.


I feel those equisite vaginal muscles clench and pull at me hungrily as she groans incomprehensible orgasmic syllables and with no volition left I surge and erupt within her.


I see spots and flashes and explosions going off in the dark and I think for a second that the lights have gone on or the door has opened but it's all happening behind my eyeballs. I'm whimpering and wobbling as I pump out my cum. Her leg slides back down because I'm not able to hold us up any more and we crumple to the cool cement floor. We're still attached somehow and I sprawl out with her body on top of me. She is kissing my sweaty face and her hard edged erotic noises have turned to soothing sighs and soft breaths.

"Sweet Sweet Boy. Oh my god you are so sweet little boy oh wow oh thank you, mmmmmmmm"

I fight for my breath but then I feel her arms move and she is pushing up away from me.

"Um, I gotta go" and she stands "I love you little brother"

. . . . . .

Katie wants to meet up for some fantasy role playing in the trysting room. She wants me to dress up in drag which is a new thing for us. I get there late at night in a trench coat and finish off my hair and makeup. I'm wearing a black and turquoise corset and panty set with black stripped stockings held up with the belts from my garter. The black lace on the panties match the tops of the stockings. A tiny tiny ruffled skirt complements the ensemble. I've got black satin gloves to my elbows and a lace choker and a black wig. I've done my makeup really well for her, I hope she's pleased. I'm thrilled that I can let her into this part of my life where my gender and sexual tastes are more fluid. This bodes well for our relationship!

She isn't in any kind of costume, she just gropes me a bit and makes comments that if I were an actual girl and she were a boy would be super sexist. But ok, if she wants to treat me like a whore I'll go along and play the role. I'll be the cocksucking slut she's describing. I'll do whatever she wants me to. I'm excited that she likes this cross dressing side of my sexuality. We have several drinks and mine seem pretty strong 'cause I'm feeling a bit spinny. She wants me blindfolded and puts me on the bed. I'm turned on by her forcefulness and I can't wait to see what she wants to do with me. I'd love to taste her cunt. I'd love her to fuck the shit out of me. I'd love...

I'm waiting there for a while. Anticipating.

Three people come into the room. Three guy people. I can't see anything but I can tell by the energy. I feel gentle hands on me as I'm on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed. A hand is on the back of my neck and guides me towards the edge and suddenly my mouth is filled up with dick. I feel it pumping with blood and getting hard as I swish it with my tongue.

The repositioning of my body gets more forceful and my panties are pulled away. My brain is buzzing and I have to work to breathe. The drinks I had are having a really weird effect. I'm not panicked about the others seeing me or even using me for this game. If it's what Katie is into then I want to play along. I don't mind a cock in my mouth, certainly not now with my head all spinny and floaty.

Something insistent is bullying my back door.

Sounds are muffled, I can't tell what they are saying but I'm sure they are frat boys and that I'm about to get fucked. I should just go with it.

The cock makes its way past my anal ring and then with a surge I'm roughly filled with meat. The fucking starts to get fast right away and I'm feeling a bit of pain. I can't lie though. My dick is hard. The insistent ramming is sparking some nerve endings. I'm making girl sounds onto the dick in my mouth. I'm being spit roasted.

I suck on that thing hard. I want it to cum. I want the one in my ass to cum. Where is number three? Where is Katie? With closed and blindfolded eyes I picture myself as a hot chick getting worked by two porn stars. In my head I look really sexy.

My lovers change positions.

Different taste, longer cock. Much harder fucking in my ass and grunting over my shoulder. Good thing I'm relaxed back there and seem to be lubricated. I'm drunk as shit.

There is yelling and the cock in my ass hammers into me spasmodically and then cums. It burns. The cock in my mouth goes down my throat and I gag. Hands are on my head. I'm making squealing, bubbling sounds. The cock keeps battering the gag spot at the back of my throat. My eyes are watering. My nose is running. Then my mouth is awash with cum and I swallow as much as I can but I cough. It pulls out and I let a lot of sperm and saliva slop out and run down my chin. Then I feel another intruder pressing into my anus and I'm getting dicked again. He's sloshing in his buddy's sperm up there in my ass. I hope he likes it.

I put my head down on the mattress and just try to take the butt loving from behind. He's hammering my prostate and I can feel a thrill in my penis. Just as I think I might be on the brink of orgasm I'm hauled up on to hands and knees and my mouth is being used again. I taste myself, my ass, on the dick that's in my mouth.

The aim of my butt fucker suddenly gets very precise and I spit out the cock in my mouth and howl as my dick erupts inside my panties and spews all over the bed.

There is cheering and jeering.

The guy behind me is about to cum, I can feel it. It's hurting, it's hurting. He slams me so hard I collapse on the bed and him on top of me. I feel his weight crushing me down and he bucks uncontrolably, yelping and I feel his semen searing my insides. He pulls out immediately and wipes his dick on my skirt. More cheering.

Number three guy still has to cum and his cock is back in my mouth. I'm laying on my side but he's bridged over me and fucking down into my face. The blindfold is loose and I could open my eyes and see them but I don't open my eyes. I don't want to see them. I don't want them to look into my eyes. He grunts like a pig and cums on my fighting tongue, tasting more sour, almost fishy. He slaps my cheeks with his wet dick when he pulls it out. I burble the froth back out of my mouth and it flows down my cheek. I can hear them saying things to me but my ears are ringing, also there's loud music. I'm in a daze. I keep my eyes closed. They burn with tears and sweat. My nose is stuffed up and my face is wet. I'm sure my makeup is slimed all over.

I feel sore and sick. I don't know where Katie is. Everybody seems to have left the room. I think I'll nap for a little while until she comes to get me.

Hours later.

"YOU have to go. Come on get up!"

It's Jamie. She's pushing the trench coat I wore here toward me. My wig is off. I don't know where my heels are. I'm sticky and crusty. I feel like throwing up.

"Go wash your face. Get that makeup off. Pull yourself together.You have to go back to your room." My legs are rubbery. My poor booty hole is raw and sore. My head is really fuzzy and I don't really feel like this is real.

Jamie seems different. Not warm. Not sympathetic. My former lover is not even my friend now.

It's morning. Daylight. It's too hot and sunny outside. I hobble back to my room and bury myself in my bed. Then I take a shower. Then I go back to bed.

I feel like shit but I'll be ok in a day or maybe two days. Maybe I'll just stay in my room and not answer the phone and study for a few days.

But I'm OK. Really, I'm OK.
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