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This is a story of a woman Zeenat who told me this story when I met her in the course of her business and with some added imagination, a combination of reality and fantasy which contains adult content including prostitution, exploitation, virginity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, CFNM, masturbation, consumption of alcohol, public sex, vaginal fingering, cum eating, anal sex , and hand-jobs.etc
Beautiful Woman around 27 years old. Married childless after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then she tried with her old boy friend and then with Mr Vijay Kumar to have a child but all her efforts were fruitless as ever. Then she went to Her sister who was blessed with a baby girl to assist her in raising her baby.

In her quest to have her own child she visits a ashram to take a special treatment.

In Part 11 you Read

Zeenat: Okay I am ready. But Sanjeev was saying to take a bath before the diksha... I could not complete as Nirmal interrupted in between.

Nirmal: Yes Madam, that's right, but that bath would be with special herbal water in front of Guru-ji.

Zeenat: What?

That was her instant reaction hearing the words "in front of Guru-ji" and I suppose any woman would react like that.

Zeenat: How can I bathe in front of him, I am not a little girl?

Nirmal: No, no Madam, you got it wrong. I wanted to say the herbal waters are specially prepared by Guru-ji and he chants some mantra on that before you take the bath. There is separate toilet in the diksha room.


Now Further

Listening to him Zeenat calmed down, but he probably got entertained by her reaction.

Nirmal: Madam, who says you are a little girl? He must be a blind donkey.

He paused a bit and then added, "But Madam, you cannot deny that you can look like a little girl if you get back to your school days uniform."

He smiled. Nirmal was flirting with Zeenat, She realized, but to her surprise she was enjoying his words! His comment did not irritate Zeenat. She was feeling hardness again in her nipples and her breasts getting firm hearing a male hinting Zeenat to show up in her school uniform, seemingly knowing the school uniform skirt would not even properly cover her macro-sized buttocks. Nirmal's eyes were directly on her taut breasts due to his short height.

zeenat also replied teasingly.

Zeenat: Sanjeev already said your ashram would provide sari for Zeenat. I hope you will not come up separately with a school dress.

Nirmal: Madam, ashram is like a school only. So there is no harm in wearing that. But don't blame me if you cannot wear it Madam.

He said laughingly. Zeenat do not know why she was dragging this and getting fun out of this useless conversation, but somehow this short-height Nirmal amused Zeenat. During this conversation she completely was out of her mind that why ahe have come to the ashram. It was not a fun trip and she was here for a treatment for bearing the child. But the chronology of events with Sanjeev first and now this amusing Nirmal probably drifted Zeenat temporarily.

By then, Zeenat could realize her nipples were growing to their full size and her heart beating faster. May be her standing in front of a completely unknown male in braless state added to it.

Zeenat: You have a point that ashram is like a school only. But why can't I wear it?

What he replied was the most provocative statement Zeenat have ever heard from a male concerning Zeenat.

Nirmal: So you agree that the ashram is like a school. So you should have no objection in wearing a school uniform. But the uniform will be of the size of a schoolgirl because it is a 'school uniform'. Right Madam?

He paused very briefly looking at her eyes, but his eyeballs roaming frequently on her whole body.

Nirmal: Suppose I bring a school dress for you Madam, the white top and the pleated skirt, I can bet you cannot wear it as even if you can get your legs into the skirt, it will not go up your hips. Madam, you are very plump there. And for the top, surely you will not be able to close a single button of the top even if you are braless as you are right now. So was I wrong Madam if I had said 'don't blame me if you cannot wear it'.

Zeenat was getting amused by the conversation no doubt, but at the same time was taken aback when he said he knew she was not wearing a bra directly. It seems the whole ashram knew that!

Zeenat: Umm... But I don't agree with you. I can wear the skirt surely; the top may be a problem. But thank god! You do not have the school uniform as the ashram dress code.

Zeenat giggled and Nirmal laughed back at Zeenat too.

Nirmal was gaining in confidence in his words as he saw Zeenat responding to his teasing talks. May be he leads a sage life, but the way Zeenat started showing signs of shamelessness in her conversation probably provoked him. She was really unsure what she was trying to do, her pussy was already wet and her boobs gaining in firmness. Zeenat was also breathing a bit heavily now. It was difficult for her to stand still, and so pretending to adjust her sari in front of him, she actually was rubbing her ass to the door.

Nirmal: Madam, now we are getting late, but let us do a trail after your 'diksha' is complete. I will bring you a school dress to try out and then you will agree to her words.

Nirmal is inviting her for a lewd session she could understand. Zeenat was also equally fascinated to tease this 5 feet dwarfish male.

Zeenat: Oh really, you have a school uniform in the ashram. How come?

Nirmal: Madam, one of the devotees of Guru-ji came with her daughter and by mistake has left a packet some days ago in which there was a school uniform of her daughter along with other clothes. She never came back to take it. It's lying in the office cupboard. But Madam lets go now for your diksha, Guru-ji must be waiting.

This was going a bit too far. Zeenat never expected a school uniform of a girl in this ashram, but thoroughly enjoying this dwarf's pranks.

The diksha room was somewhat bigger than the room Zeenat was staying. There were pictures of various gods and goddesses. There was a throne-like structure where there was a small stature garlanded with lots of flowers and leaves. The whole atmosphere was smoky as there were several agarbattis burning simultaneously. There was Sanjeev and Guru-ji in the room. Zeenat did get quite nervous coming in that room. Nirmal left the place closing the door behind Zeenat.

Guru-ji: Zeenat , its time for your diksha. Let me brief you about this. You will take diksha under me, but we are all serving the Linga Maharaj. We are all disciples of him and you will also become one in a short time. Your diksha is different from us as you are taking this keeping in mind of a goal of getting pregnant. So it will also not feature the full rituals. Jai Linga Maharaj.

Guru-ji: Zeenat , Linga Maharaj is based on miniature Amarnath of Kashmir. I know you are from a different religion and it may be hard for you to accept it but for us and this ritual. We are not asking yu to change your religion but for your goal of getting pregnant it is of supreme importance. Many ladies from Western countries and Muslim Countries and Religion have also gone through this ritual and have attained their goal. Even in Rampur I have lot of disciplies from your Own religion and they have all benefitted. . Jai Linga Maharaj

Guru-ji: Zeenat , We believe that it has supreme power and if you devote yourself completely to him, he can do wonders for you. But if there is any shortfall in the dedication, you will not get the desired result. Jai Linga Maharaj

Sanjeev also chanted "Jai Linga Maharaj" and asked Zeenat to chant too. She also said "Jai Linga Maharaj", but never realized what she was chanting!

Guru-ji: Zeenat , diksha to Linga Maharaj is cleaning your body and soul. So, first I want you to clean your body. You go to the toilet, have a bath with the water in the bucket, which is a special mixture of herbs with water and roll the linga over every part of your body.

Saying that he handed Zeenat over the "linga", which she saw was a black stone made 6-7 inches long one-inch broad structure with a rather broad base at one end. It was looking like an egg roll, that we have from fast food centers, but standing on a small base. She was correlating it with an egg roll in her mind, but never could realize Guru-ji was signifying it with the 'male linga' meaning penis!

Guru-ji: Zeenat , wet your body with the herbal water and then soap with the foam in the mug. Make sure to touch the linga to every part of your body as you rub soap while bathing.

Zeenat: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Since you are taking diksha for childbirth, you chant "Jai Linga Maharaj" three times after touching the linga on your sex organs.

Zeenat nodded her head though was feeling a bit uneasy hearing the word 'sex organ' from Guru-ji's mouth, but her cheeks turned red like a teenager as Guru-ji elaborated on that.

Guru-ji: Zeenat , generally women think that sex organ is the vulva or vagina, but actually sex organs relate to much more. Let me hear first what is your idea of sex organs. Do not be shy, as you must open your mind here.

Her heart was beating fast hearing such a question. I was stuttering and searching for words.

Zeenat: I mean those organs err... which are involved I mean in intercourse.

Zeenat was unable to speak more before two males naming her sex organs.

Guru-ji: Zeenat , you have to open up, open your mind, talk freely, and do not keep any inhibition. Okay, just name the organs where you will chant the mantra.

Now Zeenat had to speak and leaving all shyness I narrated what was asked for.

Zeenat: I will chant the mantra on her err... breasts and her pussy.

Guru-ji: Okay Zeenat . I can understand your shyness. You have named only the two major organs. You said you will chant mantra when you touch the linga on your breasts, what about your nipples? Do they have any role when you have intercourse with your husband or not?

Zeenat shamefully nodded her head. She was feeling thirsty also. Only moments ago she was trying to tease Nirmal, but now it seemed she was in more experienced hands!

Guru-ji: What about your hips Zeenat ? Do you not consider it as a sex organ? Does it excite you or not when you are touched there?

Again Zeenat had nothing to say, but to nod. Zeenat was looking at the ground and her heart beating fast. But Guru-ji's voice was so clam and he was not even once looking at her braless boobs, his eyes were riveted on her face.

Guru-ji: So we tend to miss out so many things, you see. So every part of your body that excites you while having sex, you should chant the mantra three times. Your breasts, nipples, hips, vagina, thighs, and of course lips. You need to obey my words perfectly to attain your goal.

Sanjeev: Madam, here is your clothes that you will wear after the bath.

He handed Zeenat over a saffron sari, blouse, and petticoat. And again there was no undergarment for Zeenat to wear. Zeenat went to the bathroom and it suddenly seemed to Zeenat that since Guru-ji was sitting on floor it should be a grand view from him looking at her undulating fleshy ass from that angle as she walked to the toilet. Her husband often told Zeenat that her buttocks jerk more attractively if she was not wearing a panty. Zeenat also knew that as her buttocks are a bit heavy, the elastic grip of the panty keeps them in somewhat of a check. This made Zeenat more conscious in her walking and was feeling very, very awkward.

But her mind soon cursed Zeenat for thinking in such a way about Guru-ji. Zeenat realized that he is a male who is over these silly things. Zeenat was feeling rather guilty the next moment for thinking like that about him.

Zeenat entered the bathroom and found the water for her bath, the foam and the Linga. She closed the door only to find her self in a sea of luminosity! She was certainly very amazed at the lighting arrangement in this toilet. There were two at least 100-watt bulbs glowing in that small area, which was rather odd. She was almost feeling the heat of the bulbs in that small area. This toilet door had no top-open business like the one she experienced in her room and also there were hooks on the door, but she wondered why there was so bright light arrangement in the bathroom.

Zeenat got out of her sari, but was feeling very clumsy in that intense illumination, it was like bathing in open daylight. She unbuttoned her blouse and her mango-like boobs sprung out free and stood stiff. She was naked the next moment as the petticoat found the hook at the toilet door. She started bathing as she was instructed with the herbal water, which had a hypnotic scent. foamed her self and then took the Linga, which was not heavy at all though made of stone.

She touched it on her left breast and said "Jai Linga Maharaj" as was directed by Guru-ji. As it touched her naked breast, for a moment she felt like a male hand touching her globe. She shivered momentarily and then touched it on her right breast too and said "Jai Linga Maharaj".

Zeenat never was for a moment able to guess that this whole bathing session with Zeenat touching her naked buxom and fleshy 27-year-old body with the Linga and saying ""Jai Linga Maharaj" was actually filmed on tape and that was the reason why there were a couple of high power bulbs glowing in the toilet.

Zeenat finished her Linga action all over her body including her pussy and ass cheeks. She was feeling rather hot doing this even after the bath. she dried her self with the towel and started getting into the saffron ashram attire.

Even initially Zeenat was having doubts regarding this, now it confirmed when she tried to wear it. The blouse was fairly tight when she tried to button it. She doubted this was a 36-size blouse. The cutting etc. of the blouse though was very decent, but she had to struggle to get her twin globes into it, as the cups were rather small. She was sure if she had worn a bra, it would have been impossible to button it fully. Somehow she managed to wear it, but could not button the top hook of the blouse, it was so tight there and ample fair cleavage remained exposed over her blouse.she I made sure that the pallu covers it fully and went out of the toilet.

Guru-ji: Good, so you are done with your bath. Did you do as I said Zeenat ?

Zeenat: Yes Guru-ji. I said "Jai Linga Maharaj" three times as you instructed.

Guru-ji: Okay, now sit down here and worship to Linga Maharaj.

He started performing puja chanting several mantras and sometimes with her name and clan included. Zeenat sat there with closed hands and worshipped to Linga Maharaj about a successful treatment under Guru-ji and conceiving soon. Sanjeev was also there helping Guru-ji perform the puja. The puja for diksha went for almost half-an-hour and at the end Guru-ji came up to Zeenat and put a red tilak on her forehead and she respectfully touched his feet. As she bent down, she realized that her blouse got stretched and carved more on her matured boobs, giving Zeenat a feeling that the hook would break any moment. Thankfully that didn't happen saving Zeenat from more embarrassing moments. Guruji named Zeenat Maya after Diksha

Guru-ji: Now your diksha is complete. You are a disciple of me and devoted to Linga Maharaj. Jai Linga Maharaj! Now Onwards We all will call you "Maya"

Zeenat:( Maya) Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Tomorrow morning we will meet at 06:30 am and I will let you know of your routine in the ashram and your treatment plan. You can go now Maya (Zeenat)

Continued ..



This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims or Hindus or any of their Gurus or ways. it is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.
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