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This is a story of a woman Zeenat who told me this story when I met her in the course of her business and with some added imagination, a combination of reality and fantasy which contains adult content including prostitution, exploitation, virginity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, CFNM, masturbation, consumption of alcohol, public sex, vaginal fingering, cum eating, anal sex , and hand-jobs.etc
Women around 27 years old. Married childless after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still, she has not been able to become a mother.

Then she tried with her old boyfriend and then with Mr. Vijay Kumar to have a child but all her efforts were fruitless as ever. Then she went to Her sister who was blessed with a baby girl to assist her in raising her baby.

In her quest to have her own child she visits an ashram to take special treatment. She was given Diksha and named Maya after Diksha.

In Part 15 you Read

Guru-ji: Maya, you will get the guidelines regarding your massage from Rajkamal. You have probably not conversed with him because he remains busy most of the time, as he is the ashram cook.

Maya: Yes Guru-ji. I have not talked to him though saw him yesterday when I came here.

Guru-ji: And now for the mind control part. This is very important. You keep this special soaking pad and wear it for the next couple of days whenever you go out of the ashram.

Guru-ji handed me over a small white square-shaped cotton pad, which looked like a big handkerchief folded to form a square. Maya was in a dilemma what to do exactly with it though Guru-ji said to 'wear it'.


Now Further

Maya: How do I wear this Guru-ji?

Maya probably asked the silliest question of her life!

Guru-ji: Maya, I already told you that I must know how much discharge you are having when aroused and this is a specialized pad with a measuring litmus paper within it, which will enable me to gauge that. You will have to place it within your panty over your pussy hole.

Her ears turned red instantly hearing this. Maya avoided eye contact from Guru-ji out of womanly shyness. Hearing the words "panty" and "pussy" directly from a male made her condition worse, as the nipples grew more and so were her copious upper treasures giving me a tighter sensation, as her blouse was already stretched enough.

Guru-ji: Put it within your panty in such a way Maya so that it does not get shifted. It needs to soak every drop so that I get the correct measure. I hope you can manage that.

Maya nodded right away looking at the floor and wanted to end this discussion desperately. She felt like she allowed more on this topic, Guru-ji might ask to lift her sari to her waist and he would actually put his hand within her panty to show me how to wear this pad.

Maya: Okay Guru-ji. I got your point.

Guru-ji: Fine. Maya, I want you to have at least two orgasms per day for today and tomorrow. Remember, every act that you will face might seem to be highly outrageous, but is actually a part of your treatment. So you must be taking it sportingly and allow for the incidents to happen in its natural path. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Maya: Jai Linga Maharaj.

Guru-ji: Maya, I also want you to participate in daily chores that we do. If you feel, you can help in the kitchen. Similarly, if you feel, you can participate in pastimes like yoga, swimming, etc. in the afternoon.

Maya: Okay Guru-ji. I will definitely do that which would suit me.

Guru-ji: You can go now, Maya. You will get instructions from me via her disciples what to do, where to go, etc. Have faith in Linga Maharaj.

Maya: Thanks Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Maya went out of his room and went back to her room. She was still tense about the mind control part. As Guru-ji said, She has to 'take it sportingly', but obviously being married was pretty much worried to experience two orgasms in a day without her husband. She only had such intense sexual pleasures in the early part of her marriage days. She consoled herself at the same time that there is no other way out, as Guru-ji needs to know if her discharge is normal or not.

At around 10:00 am Nirmal came tapping at her room door. By then Maya already had a herbal bath. It was so refreshing and bathing in front of the life-size mirror in her toilet was as if making her more shameless. The general 10-minute long bath got extended, as she stayed nude there for some more time appreciating her youthful figure in the mirror. Before that, she went to the kitchen and got introduced to Rajkamal and helped him with some vegetable cutting also.

Nirmal: Madam, please get ready. Guru-ji said to take you to the tailor as you are having problems with your blouse fitting.

Maya: But I did not tell Guru-ji in the morning about this. How did he know?

Nirmal: Meenakshi told Guru-ji.

Maya thanked in her mind to Meenakshi. She saved me from taking such an intimate issue to Guru-ji. And the way Guru-ji asks direct question would have been another blushing episode for me.

Each time Maya saw this dwarf she felt amused. She noted that his eyes were roaming more on the lower portion of her figure. Realizing that she consciously avoided turning her back to him while talking.

Maya: Where is the tailor? Does he stay in the ashram?

Nirmal: No Madam. But not far at all, it's only five minutes walking from here. Madam, I will not go with you; Uday will come and take you, as he is dedicated to outside visits.

Maya: Okay Nirmal. You can send Uday.

Nirmal: Madam, please make sure to take the medicine before going out of the ashram and to wear the pad.

He left the place with a wicked smile. Maya was again taken aback. This nitwit also knows that she needs to wear the pad within her panty!

Maya closed the door and had the medicine as per dosage and then went to the toilet with the pad. Since she needs to place the pad securely, she decided to get out of the sari and petticoat completely. So again she had to strip to an almost bikini posture as she had her bath only some time ago. She pulled her panty halfway down her fair buttocks and placed the pad covering her pussy hole and pulled the panty up again. The touch of a foreign body on her pussy instantly gave her a turn on. But she tried to distract her mind from it and quickly wore her petticoat and sari. Her blouse as usual clung to her tight boobs with the upper hooks open, but at least she felt assured that she would get a proper blouse to wear, as she needs to stay here for 5-7 days now.

Uday had a charming personality, but with a very well built body. He told me he teaches yoga here and is very active in sporting events like kho-kho, kabaddi, swimming, etc. Any woman would like his physical structure and Maya also appreciated in her mind his physique. They went out of the ashram and took the way by the big pond just outside the ashram. She noticed there were not many residences, only a few and very scattered houses here or there.

As Maya tried to walk swiftly to match Uday's steps through the grass filed, she began facing her common problem. She clearly felt her panty sliding off her smooth buttocks and getting shifted to a side due to her speedy walk. she knows in no time it will roll into her ass crack if she does not walk slowly. Though the pad was secure in the front, she felt very uncomfortable within even though this was nothing new to her, as it's the same story with almost all panties she wears. She had no other option but to walk a bit slowly and thankfully Uday did not ask her why she decelerated.

Soon they reached the tailor's place. It was a small hut, so to say. As we knocked an elderly man came out. He must be at least 55-60 years, almost her father's age. He was wearing thick spectacles and was wearing a lungi. He appeared very feeble.

Uday: Master-ji, our Madam is having some problem with her blouse, can you see if you can correct that.

Masterji: But I right now I am busy taking measurements. It will take some time.

Uday: Okay Master-ji, she will wait for a while.

The tailor looked at me. His eyesight seemed to be weak, as he looked quite a while at me through his thick glasses. At that time another man came out of the house, he was middle-aged, maybe around 40, very thin, also wearing a lungi.

Masterji: Ramlal Please take Madam inside. I am coming from the toilet.



This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims or Hindus or any of their Gurus or ways. it is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.

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