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This is a story of a woman Zeenat who told me this story when I met her in the course of her business and with some added imagination, a combination of reality and fantasy which contains adult content including prostitution, exploitation, virginity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, CFNM, masturbation, consumption of alcohol, public sex, vaginal fingering, cum eating, anal sex , and hand-jobs.etc
Woman around 27 years old. Married childless after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then she tried with her old boy friend and then with Mr Vijay Kumar to have a child but all her efforts were fruitless as ever. Then she went to Her sister who was blessed with a baby girl to assist her in raising her baby.

In her quest to have her own child she visits a ashram to take a special treatment. She was given Diksha and named Maya after Diksha.

In Part 18 you Read

Master-ji: It looks far from fitting Madam. Let me check exactly how much loose it is.

As Master-ji got closer to her, she could smell the sweat of his body. The smell of male sweat made me took a deep breath. He started to check the sleeves of her blouse first. He started with her left hand and inserted one finger through the sleeve end and touched directly on her arm. He continued this for a while and was slowly rubbing his finger on her left arm while touching the cloth.

Master-ji: Ramlal, sleeves lose by 5 strings. Let me check the back now. Madam, can you turn round and face Ramlal?


Now Further

Ramlal was noting in a notebook behind her. Now Maya turned her body to him to face him and he openly gazed at her erect breasts. How irritating! The room, being small and congested, was hot also and she was sweating now. Her armpits were wet already and she lowered her eyes to note that wet patches in her armpits were evident on the blouse. At that moment, she almost stirred up at Master-ji's comment. For a while though Maya noted that Master-ji was not touching the back of her blouse despite the fact that she had turned, but she was more concerned about that Ramlal's gazes.

Master-ji: Madam, please don't mind but I must say that your panty is more ill fitting than this blouse.

Maya: What?

Master-ji: Madam, madam, please do not get angry at my words. As you turned back the light fell in such a way on your back that I can clearly see through your petticoat. If you don't believe my words, ask Ramlal to come this side and check.

Maya: No, no. No need to check anything. I trust your words.

Maya had to admit that she trust her tailor's words that he has seen her panty through her petticoat and somehow resisted Ramlal to come to her backside to check that. Her hands automatically went on to her ass out of womanly shyness and she stupidly tried to cover her round ass with her palm.

Maya: But how do you know...

Master-ji thankfully intercepted in between because I did not know what to ask actually.

Master-ji: Madam, I don't know where from do you buy these, it has shrunk like a rope.

Maya thought for a while and concluded that there is no harm telling the truth to this old man and the tailor is the only person who can find a solution for her regarding her panty problem. Thinking on that line, shedding all her shyness, she told Master-ji about it.

Master-ji: This is not a problem Madam at all. Look at that heap. At least 30-40 panties are there and none of them would curl up to the center like your one. Ramlal, bring one from there and I will explain the problem to Madam.

Maya was somewhat scared now out of natural shyness to talk regarding her panty in front of two males. She quickly tried to shift Master-ji's focus.

Maya: Master-ji, please understand my priority. Please fix my blouse first. I cannot stand like this forever. If you can get this done first...

Master-ji: Right, right Madam, I must finish with your blouse first.

Maya was breathing quite heavily and automatically standing with her legs spread a little, as she felt wetness slightly building up in her pussy. Master-ji started to stretch the back of her blouse to see how loose it was. In the process, he also was rubbing her smooth back with his fingers. Maya felt he pulled the back of her blouse and she felt his hot breath on her bare back. Instantaneously his warm touch and breathing made her nipples jump within her bra. She thought Master-ji must have been clearly seeing her bra strap inside, as he has pulled the back of her blouse a fair amount.

Maya was feeling a bit uneasy and shifted a bit and by doing that she I invited more mess, as her round ass globe directly hit Master-ji in his crotch area and she felt his firm Cock within his lungi poking its head. He also must have felt the firmness of her full ass. She blushed and giggled on her own thinking the hardness of his cock considering his age.

Master-ji: Madam, it is quite lose at your back too. Ramlal, 7 strings at the back U and 4 strings on the side U.

Maya nodded in agreement. Master-ji then walked in front of me and he took his face towards her blouse and now being so near could clearly see her mammaries going up and down. He got his face even closer to her mangoes on the pretext of checking the fitting. Master-ji was so near to me now that she could feel his breath bouncing off her boobs. She did not mind anything, as she knew his vision was poor.

Master-ji: Madam, it is lose from the front too.

He said while pulling her blouse a little in the front to see how loose it was from the front. As Master-ji pulled her blouse, Maya saw that rascal Ramlal's eyes almost popped out, as the scene was extremely sexy now.

Master-ji: Madam, now raise your hands up and be in that position as I take the measurement.

Maya lifted her hands and naturally her firm boobs exposed more over her blouse due to this stretching and more of her cleavage was on display to these two males. As she was sweating also and with her arms extended, the outline of her bra was more evident from the front also. Master-ji now put his right middle finger to the side of her heaving left breast and the thumb extended on almost her nipple.

Maya clearly shivered by this unique sensual hand measurement. This man was directly touching her boob standing in front of her in the name of measurement and she hae to allow that. Thankfully it was a swift process and then Master-ji brought the middle finger at the center of her breast where the thumb was and stretched the middle finger to the hooks.

Master-ji: Ramlal, cup one full H and quarter.

Ramlal noted that and also measured the stretched fingers of master-ji with a string and noted that.

Master-ji: Madam, now I need to know how tight you want the blouse to be so that you are comfortable.

She nodded without knowing how he would guess that.

Master-ji: You might feel a bit odd, but that's her process for first time measurements. Madam, just think as if his palm is your blouse cover. I will press slowly and you have to only signal me when you are most comfortable regarding the tightness on your cups.

Oh! Her god! What does this old thug say! He plans to cup her breast openly now! And he feels this is 'just a bit odd' for a married woman of 27 years. May would slap any male doing that to me. She decided to object to this.

Maya: But Master-ji is there no other way to...

Master-ji again tried to convince me.

Master-ji: Madam, you are facing this problem with the 36 size blouse ashram gave you. It was measured on a thinner female than you, so if you do not give the exact size, either it will be lose there or too tight.

Maya: Master-ji, actually, I would have been comfortable with a tape. Please.

Maya said in a pleading voice. She do not know what went through Master-ji's mind, but he agreed to me!

Master-ji: Okay, okay Madam, if you are not at ease, I will not force you. I will stitch it as per your cup size. It will certainly be slightly lose or tight and you will have to adjust.

Maya was so much relieved. And just then happened a frightful incident. Ramlal screamed like anything and jumped to her side almost colliding with Maya . Master-ji also went a couple of steps back and pulling her hand held me back. Initially Maya did not notice anything, but when she looked at the door, there were a couple of snakes standing there.

Ramlal: It's a cobra Master-ji. Beware.

Master-ji: Yes, I have seen that. No one should move now.

The snakes were almost guarding the doorway and if they proceed towards us there was nowhere to move, as the room was too small. The snakes were quite big and slowly moving their heads and seemed to keep a watch on us Maya was very much frightened seeing snakes so close. Ramlal seemed to be also very scared, but Master-ji was relatively cool. Master-ji said he encountered snakes here before, but never in the room like this. For the next few minutes, Master-ji tried many ways like making a move towards them or throwing an article to them and virtually left no stone unturned, but was unsuccessful to turn those snakes away.

Continued …


This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims or Hindus or any of their Gurus or ways. it is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.

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