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This is a story of a woman Zeenat who told me this story when I met her in the course of her business and with some added imagination, a combination of reality and fantasy which contains adult content including prostitution, exploitation, virginity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, CFNM, masturbation, consumption of alcohol, public sex, vaginal fingering, cum eating, anal sex , and hand-jobs.etc
Woman around 27 years old. Married childless after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then she tried with her old boy friend and then with Mr Vijay Kumar to have a child but all her efforts were fruitless as ever.

In her quest to have her own child she visits a ashram to take a special treatment. She was given Diksha and named Maya after Diksha.

In Part 21 you Read

Master-ji and Ramlal both exclaimed with positive reactions at her hip movement and she had to tell them that she used to take dance lessons. Maya turned her head for a second and saw Ramlal was in close proximity now, and his eyes were glued to her swinging ass. She was feeling very, very hot now doing all this. She I continued with her movements of hips and heard deep breathing of Ramlal at her back, as there was hardly any other sound in the room. She her self was getting horny now and was feeling the tightness in her bra, as the very idea of her self moving her ass like a dancer to get a male masturbate!

After some moments May heard nothing and felt restless and turned towards Master-ji and Ramlal. She realized that her pussy had started flowing fluids due to the heat generated in mer from this abnormal, but erotic situation. She simply blushed seeing Ramlal's erect dick looking like a protruding rod within his underwear and he was constantly stroking it with both his hands. It was looking certainly very tempting to her , and for that matter, to any matured woman this is a very welcome sight. Ramlal was slightly taken by surprise by her turning to him and he stammered.

Ramlal: Its err... not done yet Madam.


Now Further

Maya was getting thrill now from the situation and she felt like being naughty. She wondered how this was happening within her she was such a simple homely housewife, so conservative in dressing and approach, so shy about exhibitionism, so sensitive to male touching and groping; little did she know that the medication was also guiding her senses now. Looking directly to Ramlal's eyes for the first time probably, she smiled.

Maya: How long will it take Ramlal?

Master-ji: Madam, I think he needs a little more assistance from you.

Maya: Tell me that Master-ji, I am not an astrologer, I cannot read his mind.

Maya could not take her eyes off Ramlal's erect dick. She was feeling really hot now seeing that 'ready rod', and she was breathing heavily, her 27 -year-old youthful body getting taut for that dick.

Master-ji: Madam, you just continue your semi dancing posture, and please allow Ramlal to touch you on your...

Master-ji deliberately left the sentence incomplete to see her reaction, he was an experienced man and readily saw that she had little objection, as by now she was in full womanly 'heat'.

Master-ji: Madam, I promise he will not touch you anywhere else. I think this will readily get his fluids out of him.

In normal circumstances, any woman would have given a tight slap if a male wants to touch her on her ass, though it's not that unknown males have never touched Maya there. In the crowded trains or buses,she had no doubt felt their hands of males over her sari or salwar on her firm globes, both upper and lower, but it cannot be compared to that day's incident.

Maya already felt like being touched . She even felt like removing her blouse and bra completely because of the heat in the room and also within her body. It not only made her bra wet with sweat, but also her heaving flesh was trying to as if break the shackles of her undergarment. She readily agreed to the proposal, but obviously tried not to show that.

Maya: Okay Master-ji, as you say, but please do it fast.

Maya turned to the wall again and started to swing her hips like a dancer holding the wall in front of her . This time she was more eager to do this action and swung her hips more in a circular fashion. She must be looking awfully vulgar being a 27-year-old woman with a matured figure doing this hip movement wearing a blouse and petticoat and hence naturally Ramlal was also up to the task in a flash and she felt his grip on her right ass check almost instantaneously.

Ramlal: What a fine ass you have Madam. It's so smooth and firm.

Master-ji: When it looks so good, must be good in taste also.

Maya heard Master-ji and Ramlal's chuckles. Ramlal was pinching hard on her macro-sized bottoms each time she swung her hips to the right and to the left. His pinches fell on her ass cheeks, just covered by the thin petticoat, as her panty had already bunched up to her ass crack and I was quite sure Ramlal could feel that with his fingers and readily identified that only the thin layer of cloth was separating his fingers from touching a 25+ lady's naked ass cheeks.

Master-ji: Madam, you are looking too sexy from the back. Ramlal, you are so lucky.

Ramlal: Master-ji, you do not see these things at this age and better keep an eye on the snakes.

They all laughed at his comment . Maya was laughing shamelessly and stirring her round bottom and getting pinched there at random by that scoundrel. She thought if someone pulls up her petticoat to her waist, her ass cheeks would surely look red by this vigorous pinching. Her pussy was all wet by now and had a heavy flowing. She felt Ramlal’s both hands on her buttocks. She realized that Ramlal had taken both his hands off his dick and was stroking her ass now. He cupped her each ass cheek in each palm and was squeezing those like an air horn, as she swung her ass with more force now due to his rough fondling.

Master-ji: Ramlal, be quick, the snakes are advancing!

There was an alert from Master-ji. Maya do not know whether Ramlal at all heard it, as he was so much engrossed in crushing her ass with his both hands. Maya was writhing in ecstasy due to this male fondling on her very sensitive organs, the ass and was muttering in sexual pain and ecstasy she just then felt Ramlal had taken his palms off her ass as he must have heard Master-ji's alert.

No way. Ramlal was now demanding more! Till such time he was touching and squeezing me and now without even taking permission, he started pulling her petticoat up from her back exposing her fair legs.

Maya: Ramlal What are you doing? . Stop. Stop. Master-ji! Stop him

Though Maya was enjoying every bit of his touching over her clothes, but now she was suddenly afraid of getting molested by this ruffian. Before she could offer a substantial resistance, he took the advantage of being at her back and lifted her petticoat almost to her thighs and grabbed her thighs with his rough hands. His fingers were touching the naked skin of her midthigh almost and he buried his face on her round ass. It was a very sensuous position for her . A male grabbing her from behind, pulling her dress above her knees, touching her on her firm thighs, and at the same time rubbing his face on her ass ! Master-ji did not interrupt and she had to be in this compromising position for some significant time meekly struggling.

Lastly Maya cried out when that rascal bit her on her firm ass cheek over her petticoat and started poking his thick nose into her ass crack. Her panty was already bunched up there and now he was thrusting his nose hard there and honestly that was a terrific feeling. Simultaneously his hands embraced her naked thighs under her petticoat.

Maya: Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Maya could not take that any more and started cumming heavily. Her whole body was writhing in sexual delight and the pad inside her panty was fully wet now. Her resistance was getting weaker and Ramlal seeing the opportunity without any delay crawled his fingers over her silky thighs and went up and up to touch her most private organ. Though she was adequately covered by her petticoat on her hips and in the front too, Ramlal's hands made her feel naked .

Maya had sexual pleasures including Anal sex with her husband no doubt, but this was entirely different, a new sexual feeling as if due the abnormal situation buildup and the people. Ramlal also in no time had his fluids coming out of his dick and this time Maya could see his Dick also as he poured that hot white fluid into a bowl. She could hear her heart beat seeing that black rod oozing the white fluid. Oh! What a site! All women love that, but not to go in waste like this, but to be in their honey pots.

She now tried to do mind control as Guru-ji advised me in the morning. She already had her first orgasm out of the total four she needed in two days as per Guru-ji. She quickly adjusted her clothing, though there was not much left to do. Ramlal stood there half naked with his dick hanging like a banana again as his erection was gone due to the discharge. Her condition was also like Ramlal's penis, fully exhausted.

Master-ji now took the bowl from Ramlal and kept a safe distance and offered his semen to the snakes and to her utter disbelief the snakes smelled the same, they lifted their heads from the bowl and thankfully turned back and left the room quietly. We all were so relieved and the whole episode ended there.

Not much happened after that, except for Master-ji did gave her a better fitting blouse tallying the measurements noted in the notebook and Maya wore that in front of these two males taking her present blouse off and giving them a clear view of her fair, smooth back and midriff, the only cover being her bra strap, and then she wore her sari, and before she left...

Master-ji: Okay Madam, all's well that ends well. We are saved from the snakes. Thanks for your cooperation. But do let me know if you feel a problem with this new blouse. I will send a couple more through Uday.

Maya: Thanks Master-ji.

Master-ji: And Madam, when you get time from ashram in the afternoon, you can come down here and I can solve the problem with your panty also.



This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims or Hindus or any of their Gurus or ways. it is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.

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